Johnny Mac tells Steve “We’ll just let this blow up and then see where everyone lies”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 09-35-31-308
AFTER the veto meeting there are going to be fireworks: Watch the next week for FREE with the 7 day Trial!

9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Johnny says we’ll just let this blow up and then see where everyone lies. Steve agrees. Becky comes out and Steve goes inside. Becky tells Johnny that Steve knows. I told him last night. Becky says Vanessa whole heartedly believes that I’m putting you on the block. She came to me after the veto and said that I wouldn’t put you up because you were my person. I said Vanessa, don’t worry. Three glasses of wine deep. Don’t worry, you’re always so paranoid. I said I don’t feel like I’m putting Johnny Mac at risk. You only need 4 votes this week and I control Steve. That’s not a vote I even have to ask for. I was like so without a doubt I have his vote. And she was like oh?! So guess who she started spending a lot of time with … STEVE! Johnny says she made my bed for me. Becky says I’m going to tell Austin. Becky asks Johnny to go ask Austin to come talk to me. They head inside.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 09-33-32-105
In the bathroom – Steve comments that the veto meeting will be in 45 minutss. Vanessa says to Steve you stay up all night and you have no idea what’s going on today? Steve says no. Vanessa asks are you sure? Steve says he doesn’t know.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 09-35-56-871

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9:35am – 10am Austin comes up to the HOH room. Becky says just to tell you real fast I am putting up Vanessa. Austin asks oh you are? Becky starts telling Austin the reasons why. I caught her last week playing all sides of the house. She’s really a chameleon. I have this theory she is trying to play all sides and isn’t with anyone in the game. When she realized it was a cardio HOH comp she pulled me into a room and said you need to make sure everyone in your group follows this plan. She was panicking. Then she freaks out when I win. Telling me I need to make sure I follow the plan. She said she would raise hell in the jury house. Austin says I’ve seen that too and its worried me. Becky says she keeps telling me not to tell Shelli.. telling me that I owe here. I don’t owe you sh*t. You put me on the block. Big brother blocks the feeds. Becky says I know that she might come back into the game. The first 4 people into jury might come back. This blood is on my hands. Austin says so you don’t want Shelli out, Vanessa is the plan? Becky says it has been the plan. I see Shelli as someone that is trustworthy to have in the house. Becky asks are you upset at me? Austin says no, no no… I just want to make sure going into Double Eviction .. you still want to work with us. Becky says absolutely. Austin says so are you afraid of Vanessa blowing up your game? Becky says yes. Do you realize we feel we owe her? Both times she was HOH we were her target. You were her backdoor target and I was on the block. And we feel we owe here .. do you know how f**ked up that is. Becky says we don’t need your votes. You can do what you want. Do what’s best for you game. She might be coming back into the game. Do whats best for you and the twins. Austin says I’m going to keep it a secret and it doesn’t change our double eviction status. What’s the point of me coming up here going nuts. You have the votes and have a lot of points that I’ve been thinking about. Austin asks does Shelli know this is going down? Becky says no (Lie). Austin says after we will have to come up and pretend to demand answers. Becky says I’m going to keep my mouth shut. I don’t care what she says. James, Meg and Jackie have their reasons why they don’t like her. She is going to blow up my game but I don’t care. I will take full responsibility of not wanting her here. I hope she doesn’t blow up anyone else’s game. Becky heads to the diary room. Austin says to himself… SH*T! What do I do!? I’m always put in these situations.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 09-44-30-511

10am – 10:20am Austin tells Meg that Becky told me what’s going on. I’m going to pretend I don’t know anything. I know Vanessa is going to come hard at us. Meg says she is going to come hard at all of us. Johnny Mac has so many issues with her too so thats 4 votes (James, Meg, Jackie, Johnny Mac + Becky as the tie breaker). Austin says I want to help as much as I can, she tried to backdoor me. Meg says I think Shelli is going to be shocked too. The thing is I don’t know where Vanessa would stand if she won double eviction. She is going to be coming after James like a crazy person. I think that whole meeting was the tipping point for her. Austin says that was bizarre that she (Vanessa) was hosting it. James joins them and Austin says I am just going to act surprised. James says that Steve just told me that she hit up him asking him if he knows anything. James says its the buddy system right now. Austin says I don’t want to get cornered. James says If you get cornered you’re f**Ked! Austin leaves. James says everything is going to plan. All we need to do is win. In the kitchen Austin tells Liz .. things are about to happen but not with us.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 10-07-28-394

Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is going home. Liz says no she’s not. Austin says yes. She is going up and Becky doesn’t even what or need our votes. Johnny Mac is going to vote her out. She have the four votes.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 10-21-35-300
10:20am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the veto meeting.

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YEAH…iT’s GoiNg DoWn fOr ReAL

Double D

Man I can’t wait for Wednesday’s show !!!
This has been the best season in years.


i’ve been saying this same thing. even with these feeds recaps and after dark, come eviction night i still feel like I’m in the dark about who is going to go. Or on Mondays, who is really going up lol. it’s pretty great.

re: how Austin handled things, it was pretty cool. I think Liz has been setting the stage for a let’s get distance from vanessa kind of thing, even just last night. The twins attitude about vanessa and their sorority thing about Shelli just gave me the impression that either way, their votes would seal the deal for shelli staying anyway, no matter what Austin or Steve ended up doing.


They should have something where if you pay for the live feeds for the whole season…you should be able to see the power of veto ceremony and the aftermath….incentive people incentive

Bible Phase:Live by the Sword, Die...

How many ways did Vanessa kill her own game, let us count…by turning all her alliances against her. Strong-arm tactics, threats lies videotape…then they’re were none…God can I please have a sympathy vote?

Right up till the end, she’s staging fights against her own alliance members, Steve, JMac, already backdoored Austin, staged Jason witch hunt for Julia comments even he was negotiating to get Twins in for extra vote. Liz Julia call her crazy, weird, lie & pretend to follow Vanessa. Even Production has to step in to tell Vanessa to stop cheating at comps and lying about her meds. Spin your s**t somewhere else DJ, it don’t play here no mo!

Time to hunker down, put on hazmat suits, crap is gonna fly til Thursday. Becky staying is strong taking high road and letting everyone blame her when Vendetta I mean Vanessa explodes. Everyone is gonna take some shrapnel. But the more damage she does to everyone’s game, the fewer votes she’ll get. She’s gonna die my her own sword (the Bible would day), hoisted on her own petards (her french teacher would say) Master outsmarted by her so-called students (Steve would say).

TorontoVegan (the real one)

It was smart of Becky to wait until the very last minute to tell Austin that she was putting Vanessa up as the replacement nominee. If she had told him yesterday, he would have told Vanessa. That would have been disastrous. Becky knew that if Vanessa had enough time, she could persuade her to change her mind about putting her up on the block.


This is going to be “must-see tv”. you think Van goes bat shit crazy in other instances… I think her head might literally explode this time.


I can’t wait to see that green beanie go flying off her head in a rage…lol This is going to be must see, grab your popcorn folks and get ready b/c she is SO going to act like the poor victim when it was her OWN BULLY TACTICS that is getting her fanny on the block!!!


Becky about to flex on the green beanie.

Becky's boobs

So how bad will Vanessa’s meltdown be? I think flinging poo is a real possibility.

Double D

I bet the producers are ready to have an orgasm.


Hell yeah…take some of that dookie home and sell it on eBay…it make a great mantle piece or paperweight

I survived last seasons BB

Ok..Let’s get this out of the way first..Becky has gone a bit far with the Vanessa situation

But,,I can understand where She and the others are coming from

Just go back and read so many feeds..Where Vanessa was being Vanessa,,She rolled over/bullied a lot of people. It is human nature to want to see someone get back what they give out

In school,the workplace…etc…When someone like Vanessa meets their match, gets beat at their own game..It is admittedly fun to watch

Vanessa is a poker player..What is ironic is bluffing is a form of lying,,Vanessa has NO problem lying to, and manipulating, other people,..But now She is gonna go SuperPostal Meltdown when Becky puts Her up..I am 110 percent HAPPY She is getting blindsided

So for those of You who dont understand,still, the Anti_Vanessa movement,,Go back through the last several weeks updates. The answers lie there


i see V telling James Meg and Jackie that Becky was with Shelli and Clay


It wouldn’t matter though because no one cares/believes whatever comes out of Vanessa’s mouth at this time.


James will believe her I guarentee he will. And James is the one Becky was dumping on. First she tried to backdoor him, then she threw him under the bus. After vanessa and James little interaction the other day during the jmack thing, I think he’ll believe her.


Oh AND James was the only one smart enough to believe audrey lol. Everyone else blew her off, but he knew she was telling the truth!


James/Jackie/Meg need to realize that if they don’t vote out Shelli this week, Shelli has Becky, John, Austwins in her pocket, with Steve being more ok with her. Plus she has Jackie believing her and loving her. I don’t think James/Meg are actually into Shelli at all, but I know Vanessa is also on their shit list.

Shelli is going to go very very far after this week. James is crazy if they think keeping Shelli is better than Vanessa after Vanessa basically makes herself 100X more crazy after the veto meeting.


That’s exactly what I’ve been saying, except I got a bunch of thumbs down by a bunch of dumbasses.


Thing is, Becky already opened up to them about that. She explained that Vanessa made her doubt her loyalties. And it doesn’t really matter because her actions during her HoH prove who she’s really with.

train wreck

Becky will be the next one out the door. Nobody trusts her either! What goes around comes around!


As of right now she’s good BUT if vanessa decides to out her on throwing James under the bus to clelli and trying to backdoor him before that, some things will change lol. Becky told on herself for a couple small things but left a few big ones out.

I'm so Sexited

Omg I wanna drop my panties
But I won’t
It’s electrifying

Linda C

Exactly…that’s why Vanessa is going up…only 1 person can win and that’s why there is so much manipulation, but she just got outplayed and it’s about time…for some reason Vanessa thinks she’s the only one to lie & withhold information…she HATES liars as long it’s not her…Becky just played the first few weeks quietly until she had it figured out and knows that if she makes it to the end, she got the big player out of the game which she should get cudos for with the jury member, if not, at least she made the effort which is basically what she’s said since she doesn’t want anyone else to take the blame.

The Real TMZ

Oh Shit! Its going DOWN!!!! gonna be EPIC to see the look on Vanessa’s face!


Hoping for fireworks on the feeds today!!!


YES!!! This is going to be great!


I hope Becky is ready for the wrath of Vanessa. lol I’m excited to watch.

About Time

It’s time for a girl to win. It’s been too long. A man plays strategically and he’s a master player. A woman plays strategically and she’s a bitch. It’s been too long. A woman needs to pull out the win.

Luke Dizzo

Yep, its going down foreal!


A girl should win because she played the best game not simply due to her gender. If a man plays better he should win.
No to quotas and no to affirmative action. May the better PLAYER win.

I survived last seasons BB


You Guys are gonna have Your hands full the next 72 hours !!! LOL

Keep up the great work !!


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.


WOW! I am so excited, its like a Very Big Brother Christmas Eve for all of us. I liked Van at the beginning of the game and thought she was playing well, but like many before her, she has overplayed the game. Van is going to know that everyone but her was aware of the backdoor plan and she is going to erupt. I can’t wait she the fireworks. I am getting my popcorn and sitting back to watch a show.
On another note…can someone target Austin and the “I KNOW” twins. Need to break that group up.
DE should be great if we have another shift of power. I dont like Shelli, but her winning the first HOH would be really funny to watch James and the Angel’s scattering like cockroaches!
In the words of one Rachel Rielly. “Floaters grab a life vest!”


Shit is about to go down!!! I just watched the feeds and very pleased that Austin told Liz the plan and that he was for it. He told Liz there is nothing we can do about it either. I hope that Big Brother does not give this bitch (Vanessa) a coup de’tat like they did to that idiot Jeff just because they had Jeff/Jordan as there favorites for that season. I am actually happy that this cast is actually playing the games and there are small groups and sub-groups working together toward a common goal. It sure makes it interesting TV and much better (as a fan) to watch it then have a large alliance of 5-6 people controlling every single HOH week after week (like Derek last year). Vanessa – stick to poker – if you played this house a little more how you play poker than you would have probably won but you talk TOO DAMN MUCH and need to CONTROL and BULLY every single person / HOH reign that does not belong to you. I commend Steve if he is truly going to turn on Vanessa. It is about time this kid wakes up and realizes that Becky is NOT the enemy and Vanessa has been using him he entire time. She has used every single person in this game and has called every single eviction since week 1. Enough is enough. Thank you Big Brother!! Please keep the momentum going and I swear to GOD if you try and get into the heads of any of these people to change their minds, I will never watch this show again. Seriously, she has burned every single bridge with James, Meg, Jackie & Johnny Mac. There is no way they would turn based on the past events. Becky is the tie breaker so if the twins/Austin/Steve want to throw Vanessa a bone, so be it,–who cares. It would be poetic justice however if twins/Austin/Steve actually voted to keep Shelly as well. I hope to hear Julie say, – by a vote of 8-0,—Vanessa you have been EVICTED. But, if it does come down to the TIE BREAKER for BECKY to evict, we know the girl will not waiver and Vanessa will be GONE. Adios!


I just watched too but I don’t think Austin is saying he’s “happy” about it. Becky told him she already has the votes with or without Austin and the twins, so he is saying there isn’t crap he can do. But there’s still a couple cards to be played here and Thursday is a long ways away in the Big Byother


This is awesome!


This is what big brother is all about!!!!

This is going to be a wild and crazy day!!


Liz “no she’s not”. Lol


That was one of the funniest lines so far!! Liz is really paying attention to what is going on in this game. ROFL

Golden power of cheeto

The feeds for the next 48 hours will be amazing

Golden power of cheeto

The feeds for the next 48 hours will be amazing


Can’t wait to see what happens after the veto! Vanessa WILL go crazzzzzyyyy!!!!


I cannot wait to see the veto meeting Wednesday. I’ve been waiting for the past couple of weeks for this moment. Vanessa has been such a disappointment. I thought she had major potential after the first week.

BB ever

Great! Vanessa is up! I don’t really care if she or Shelli goes home. either of them go home is good! as long as they both up!


BECKYYYYYY! Yessssss 🙂


This is going to be one hell of a day! About time. Say what you want but James and Becky have made the BIGGEST moves thus far. If you disagree your just being a hater! Vanessa has over-played her game, she should have known better being a poker player. I honestly think the meds whack her out. If it wasn’t for Adderall she might have been alright. Adderall before a comp should not be allowed. Everyone knows it is only effective treatment for CHILDREN with ADHD. For adults is no different than speed. Its a frign amphetamine people!!!! She is a cheater and needs to go! Oh and Adderall is also used by college kids just before taking a test to give them an EDGE. I think its hilarious that production gave her the med after comp. They knew what they were doing. She cant say much because it will totally expose her “issues” with pills. The cheating by putting Crisco in the cup during the endurance comp should tell everybody VANESSA WILL CHEAT ANY CHANCE SHE GETS!!!! Check out her bowl during that comp there were clumps of grease in it. I read somewhere that she was called out for doing it and had to stop. Buh Bye Nessa.


Wrong. My brother is 26 yrs old and is still prescribed that but he has a serious case of adult adhd. Besides she can’t help that she has that. Focus on her gameplay if you want, but kicking her when she’s down by blasting her bc she has a medical issue is sad.


Wait..what did she do during the last comp? Where is the crisco? Wasn’t the entire point to fill it up with liquid?? How is putting CRISCO in the cup helping her? And do you mean the stuff that was on the floor after a fall? She was picking up the crap on the floor (CRISCO) and putting it back in her cup?? What a fuc%in cheater! Bitch need to get her ass out of that house.

AKA Twistin'...

Liz doesn’t want their house “mama” to go. She might have to actually start playing the game. I don’t dislike the twins at all but they easily beat out the pool shark at floating!


Hehe…the shark. I do love julia though!


It’s like waking up on X-mas morning. I can’t wait….Let the Van melt down begin-this is fantastic!


I love that Becky and James both are scared to make big moves…..

Can’t wait to see Vanessa freak out…..:)


I’m giddy, this will be good. I liked Van in the beginning but she plays a little cut throat and except people to fall in line to HER plan every week!. She has fame, money and love. She can get evicted chill in jury possibly come back and be set in life still. But knowing Van she will go out blowing everyone up. She’s going to be clawing like a cat getting thrown in to a bathtub. I can only imagine the variety of hard and shades we will see till Thursday.

I survived last seasons BB

I wonder if they will play Phil Collins “In the air tonight” during the veto meeting…lol


Like Becky’s style. She isn’t worried about the drama or what Vanessa is going to do. Ready to own it and take it on!!!


Can’t wait for the F-WORKS today!!!

Merry F'ING Christmas!

Show some class Vanessa, because #Audrey was right. Go find Jason that job you promised him after you backdoored his a$$. Give up your game to Shelli like Clay was forced to do after you staged that fake fight with him, and took over their HOH with your lies.

Who am I kidding, I wanna see war with everything throwing their best S**T back at Vanessa without fear she’ll stay. She’s not chiming back in she’s terrible at physical comps, brain too scrambled. Hope everyone gets to say what they really think. Shelli isn’t gonna win anything either. Don’t get intimidated! The next 3 days are gonna be HELL, Vanessa take out that Bible that you just dug up and lead a prayer.


Do the Veto meetings usually take this long? I’m holding off my nap waiting for the results. Can’t wait to see a picture of Vanessa’s face and Wed episode will be epic.


Hey Vanessa I guess Becky is getting you before you get her.


OMG this is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!! Man the poker player (Vanessa) got duped. I love it.


Can’t wait to see Vanessa’s reaction when Becky tells her she’s the replacement nominee !!!!!!


I just realized that this is the first time a secret actually remained a secret.

Chill this Town

I really hope Big Brother is ready for those reaction shots

not because people will be surprised, but because there are so many people who know the plan who will be “acting” like they are surprised. this may be some of the most acting I have ever seen at a POV ceremony. Meg, James, Jackie, MAC, Steve, Austin, Liz, Julia, Shelli ALL KNOW. its kind of awesome. and I totally appreciate Vanessa’s early game…it was SLOW, she and Shelli were playing the game and it was nice to have something going on, a lot of strategy talk.

well, Vanessa you messed with the wrong guy. J-MAC was quietly floating along and you just had to push it. couldn’t let it go and let Clay walk out. J-MAC and Steve being totally underestimated by everyone right now. In fact Steve/MAC/Becky would be a stronger 3 than Austin and Twins, and Meg’s group(even with Jackie). too bad Steve hates becky so much…smh.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Johnny MAC OPEN YOUR EYES! Ssssssssteve the Snake is the worst!

Who cares

I felt the same way but these girls are just mean immature girls. Go Johnnymac or Steve!

Canadian Kevin

I’m suitably impressed with how Austin handled that. And how he told Liz.