“Don’t think because I have blonde hair & my name is Christmas that I won’t f***ing cut your throat open!”

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2:30pm When the live feeds return the house guests head out of the HOH room. Its time to pick the havenots for the week. Mark – alright, I’m going straight for the key again. Paul – are you really? Mark – I would unless someone else wants it. Christmas reads the card. Christmas – as head of household I must choose 2 havenots for the week. Alex – oh my god thank you!! Josh – only two? Christmas – she thinks she’s safe? Alex – I had mercy on you when I was HOH. Josh –
I’ll be one of them. Christmas – any other volunteers. Mark – backdoor and havenots, Okay Christmas! Christmas – and remember the havenot temptation is back in play.

HAVENOTS: Mark and Josh

3:10pm HOH room. Christmas and Raven.
Raven – so after Mark who is next Matt? Christmas – he is losing his f**King mind! Raven – if Mark loses the veto we vote out Matt right? Josh said that and he’s like we’re good right?! Christmas – He is within an inch of getting backdoored too! Raven – Josh said if Mark wins the veto it will be 3 vs 3 and you have to decide. Christmas – when you know which way that will go. Raven – just so you know he is talking. Christmas – follow the f**king plan motherf**ker!!! I will tell you what, if I had f**king known that I would have f**King put him as a havenot. You want to see me f**king come out!!! Mama’s been playing real nice this game. I’ve been able to play nice, I haven’t had to get f**king sh**ty with anybody. But don’t think just because I have blonde hair and my name is Christmas that I won’t f**king cut your throat open! You’re not HOH. (Kevin) You want to f**King make decisions, you get f**king HOH! Get the f**k off my sh*t and my people! I’m ready to f**king ready to play. We’re all F**King going for it! WE have to get Mark out. He is too dangerous. He must have Kevin in his back pocket. Raven – t!ts to the wall.

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3:30pm – 3:40pm HOH room – Paul and Christmas.
Paul – she just f**King comes everywhere. (Raven) Christmas – well she’s a f**king collector. And she needs to go reassure Matt because not that he’s heard Kevin campaigning against him. Paul – I would say that is good because every time Matt hears someone is coming for him he sets his sights on them. Christmas – I really think, thanks Kevin for making my anxiety go. Paul – worst case scenario Mark wins veto and we get rid of Kevin. Best case scenario we get rid of Mark. Second best case, we get rid of Jason and we tie in Mark. Christmas – I second guessed myself on putting him as a havenot but I needed to stack this veto because if he does get it we need him drained. I felt a little remorse but then I thought NO, he didn’t have any when he campaigned for me to go. He didn’t even know who the f**k I was. He just didn’t like that I made something because he is super f**king sensitive. Paul – you’re doing a good job. We need to make Raven and Matt feel comfortable. Paul – they definitely feel closer to us 3 than Alex and Jason. But don’t let Josh say sh*t like that. Kevin joins them and the conversation ends.

3:40pm – 4:10pm Paul, Matt, Raven, Alex, Christmas and Mark are in the kitchen eating. Meanwhile – Kevin is laying in bed with his sunglasses on.

4:40pm Big Brother gives the house guests containers to put their food in so that the rat can’t get to it. Raven – I like these, these are FUN! Paul – Matt is having a boner right now all this cereal being poured out.

5pm – 6pm All the house guests are lounging around chatting about past events of the season / random things while they wait for the POV competition to begin.

6:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto….

8:20pm Still nothing..

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Being a Southern NC girl myself, I was raised to be humble and not full of myself. Can’t stand Xmas at all or Raven. I hope Mark wins the veto and wouldn’t be mad at all for Matt going, he is the most useless most boring bb player to ever make jury.


I hope Mark wins the veto and keeps nominations the same!
I need mark and Kevin to team up against paul.


And we know Mark isn’t going to win POV. He’s going. Enjoy the rest of the season with all these pathetic players.


Why couldn’t Mark will POV? He’s totally capable. He’s won definitely 2 maybe 3, right? So, totally feasible. Go, Mark. Win it and keep noms so one of those nimrods goes home.


I have no idea where Kevin’s head is at

Big Mistakes

He is regretting all his cuddle time with Christmas, trusting Paul with his $25,000 secret, and picking Jason as his best buddy in the house.

Just Sayin'

He’s probably regretting he didn’t wait and go on next season when the house isn’t full of a$$holes and guppies. Most seasons become ” BB Family” but Kevin got stuck with the cast of Deliverance.

I hate BB19

The house guests are getting worse and worse each year and CBS seems to think Paul was a fan favorite, do you really think it will get better next year? I am at the point that I watch it in 15 min because I fast forward 75% because I can’t stand to listen to their voices.


This is the worst season Big brother ever!!!! why don’t they just hand the money to Paul… and Christmas don’t get me started on her she seems like a horrible person with horrible language!


This is the worst season Big brother ever!!!! why don’t they just hand the money to Paul… and Christmas don’t get me started on her she seems like a horrible person with horrible language!

So predictable

Neither does he ;) At least Kevin has a brain and says what’s on his mind. Unlike the followers in the house.


Kevin’s head is in Chrismas’ lap.


Zi like Paul in the game.

Harry Knipple

Am thinking Christmas may like other women. Nothing wrong with that but I sense she was lesbian from the first week. There is something about her vile self.


You forgot POWERHOUSE form BB14… LOL

Jeezus & Nem

Where’s “The Dragon Queen” Daenerys Targaryen when you need her!!

Burn the BB house down now!! Dracarys!!!


kevin is the most useless, he is just a creeper perv


I would think this would be considered a threat to someone! She really doesn’t deserve to be there as all she is doing is being a vote for someone that Paul wants out. If Paul wins this I will not be a happy person. They need to quit bringing these past players back, altho I’m thinking that’s the only way they think their ratings will be good. This is a poor cast and Josh is a big bully!!!!!


Raven and Xmas think they humble too.

Zinbot's mistress

Christmas’ real name is Krampus.


I had to look it up…LOL!


Krampus Woe


I hope CBS shows Xmas rant about cutting someone throat. But we all know that would never happen


Ironic that if Cody or Jess has made that statement , it would be considered a threat and bullying. But because it wasn’t, no one has anything to say about it.


No kidding.. just like Alex saying she wanted to break their necks!! Twisted shit!!


I’m pretty sure nearly everyone agrees that Xmas is a tool. Not sure why you think the viewers are giving her special treatment…

Harry Knipple

aka Thunderpussy!


That asshole Paul looks pretty comfortable in the HOH bed. Would someone please knock him off his pedestal?

Just Sayin'

Looks like those pesky kids kicked over my garden gnome again.


And her hair isn’t really blonde!

Paul's Beard

This is a game! Not just you but everyone calling the house guest vile and then picking apart their appearances. Sit back and enjoy or stop watching. Such hate.


Uhh… Did you even read the title of this post? She is the one bringing up being blonde. I just stated what is obvious. Over react much? LOL


I get not picking apart their appearances but they opened that door when they state it themselves. BUT, they are vile. If you don”t think anything Paul and his puppies have said or done is vile that is on you. We’re all allowed our opinions just as you are. Look at this group, remember what they have said or done…Josh with his pots and pans threatening he is going to ruin (whichever one is getting evicted) until they leave the house – said directly to Cody and Mark. Paul saying he will ‘sic’ Josh on the house guest they are trying to rattle when it comes to HOH or Veto…All the puppies going on about how they doubt Kevin/Cody even have kids – questioning cody about even serving his country (though, I don’t agree with everyone claiming the HGs and all of us should show him respect – he was crap in the house – nothing to respect in that aspect). All making comments about what others eat/cook/clean/don’t clean..etc etc. All talking about each-other regarding their real lives- they don’t talk about how the others play game wise. Yeah great group of people right? not vile/ignorant/bullies are they??? You tell others to stop watching if they don’t like it – well, maybe you can stop reading the comments if you don’t like them…don’t be hypocritical.


That’s why Raven is all up in Christmas
She wants to know who’s next after Mark.
She can’t expect anyone to say it’s Matt
To her face. So obvious. So Raven


Feeling sorry for any wall Raven puts her tits on


Christmas is so damn ugly inside and out, mostly inside. Vile biotch!


I can’t stand her. She shouldn’t even be there.

Just Sayin'

It’s nice that Christmas got off the drugs and into Crossfit but, unfortunately, her personality is still back in an alley with a needle in its arm.

Double Standard?

I absolutely LOVEEEEE that when someone posts that Cody is racists or supports racists views it gets a ton of down likes on this site…even though it’s absolutely true…..but when someone mention Christmas being a druggie and says “her personality is still back in the alley with a needle in its arm” and it gets that many up likes…really shows just exactly the fan base that is the majority on this site. Two words: Hypocrite and shame.

At least the fans here are consistently shady.


Xmas always talking about Cody being a mean asshole to people. Look in the mirror bitch.

Jeezus & Nem

They should have given Xmas a Broom to ride. F the scooter


Oh, that poor Christmas….the things that come out of her mouth…

“Mama’s been playing real nice this game. I’ve been able to play nice, I haven’t had to get f**king sh**ty with anybody. But don’t think just because I have blonde hair and my name is Christmas that I won’t f**king cut your throat open!”

She is a delusional, strange girl. Yes, girl. That gal has a long way to go in the maturity department to be considered a woman. It’s very interesting that she becomes the very thing she accuses everyone else of being with her “nice” words.


Harry Knipple

Christmas is a slasher! Such a disgusting demented human

Just Sayin'

Christmas Evil


For all the people that don’t think there’s bullying going on Kevin talks a little game to someone cause he suspects he’s next on list (which he is)and Xmas who by the way was breaking his marriage up last week goes on her rant and wants to cut his f@@king throat. Wow

Botox Pelosi

Great point. I bet Cody and Elena don’t bully any of them when they get to the jury house.


Wow now I see how xmas is a motivational speaker!! (sarcasm) . Krampus is the best name for this bitch! So fed up with Paul and his attacks on Kevin. First he would say Cody has small man syndrome – deflection since it is very obvious turd was jealous of Cody and now it is obvious turd is jealous of Kevin. Every time Kevin is talking Paul has to jump in and try to one up Kevin or one up everyone. He is the epitome is napoleon complex. Paul says Kevin has to be center of attention….no turd thats you and America has seen it for weeks now, the gig is up for you! Carolina girl – Im in Wake County and xmas is an absolute embarrassment to this area!


Paul doesn’t like that Kevin is funny with his stories/one liners and is better at “friendship”
with the other houseguest. Paul thinks that’s his role.

Harry Knipple

Gnome can take that ‘friendship’ shit and repack it up his hairy a-hole. Can’t wait til he read comments from all media. May be salvageable and an awakening.

Smitten Kitten

Unfortunately, only some of America has seen it, as Christmas, Paul & Alex (the screeching banshee) get a squeaky clean edit from CBS.

Friends of mine only watch the show & they don’t get all of the hate online for those three.

It truly is unfair & frustrating… show everything the way it truly happens, not simply what fits the producers agenda for their golden boy.


After watching how Paul talked to Mark Friday (on air) and Xmess tried to cut in as well as Josh, I have such utter disdain for these three, Karma should hit so badly when this is over, that we see it on the news. Xmess has such a vile mouth and she is a positive speaker, in what universe, she’s not smart enough to see this is on TV for most of us (enough of us to see), if she can do to Kevin what she has planned after pawing, rubbing and sweet talking with him for weeks then she is not smart at all, and trying to be like Paul won’t help her at all. Josh tries that and we see how Paul treats him. They all drank the kool aid?? ate the mushrooms (manson). Will anyone stand up to them??????


Last week the dr told them no more teaming up in arguments that’s why both Paul and Xmas shooshes Josh


EVERYBODY has been been vile in some form this season. Well maybe not Jillian. Was she nice? IDK?… That’s why I said while it’s obvious Paul will win, Dom should get AFP.

I hate BB19

Not only was Paul pathetic in the way he spoke to Mark, he acted like going against him was a mortal sin and Mark coward down to him. I HATE paul, he is a total jerk but from day one they have acted like Paul is the savior. I wonder if these people realize how horrible their season is because of paul, Christmas, Alex and the most annoying of the bunch, Josh.


Its no surprise Christmas is still single.


I know she`s a such a bitcheeee …no woman will put up with her crap

Hi Im Paul and I'm 5'2"

not to mention the shitty tattoos and her clit is probably as big as your thumb from all the roids she takes.

lol@being mean to someone i see on tv.


Oh my hell! I can’t stand watching the live feed because other than Christmas, every single one of them EAT WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN AND CHOMP THEIR FOOD!!! It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me! And for real they don’t stop eating and they are so loud when They do it! Nasty! Matt is the absolute worst, I didn’t even know it was possible when you’re eating ice cream to chew it and make it sound like you’re eating potato chips! I am not even sure if I mad, it’s kind of impressive!


Ahahahahaha! I’m with you, the open mouth chewing is the WORST >.< It's gross when anyone does it and the microphones just amplify it…makes me stabby.


I was wondering why no one had commented about their bad chewing habits! It is almost as disgusting as their treatment of their fellow house guests.


Christmas does eat with her mouth open! Gaaaaaag

Kevin be cool

Kevin’s ass is grass I’m afraid… I like him but his paranoia is going to do him in


It’s not paranoia…they are after him and he can sense it! At this point I think when Paul makes it to F2, I’ll be happy if he gets 2nd again. He lost to a vet last year and this year being the vet he loses. I think that will be the high light of the season.

bb19 sucks

Pretty sure that blonde hair is dyed. And I saw a post that referred to you as Shitmas – which is completely on point!


I’m really hoping Mark can win POV and stay safe this week. He’s the last hope between the minions and a Kraken season!

bb19 sucks

Pretty sure that blonde hair is a dye job. Saw a post where someone referred to Christmas as Shitmas – that’s completely on point!


SHITMAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ololololololololololololol


Has Matt ever been a have not. Make him a have not, if he can’t have cereal he’d probably self evicted


Great point. And hopefully he will take Raven with him

Kid Rock

I wonder who does MATT THINK IS NEXT AFTER MARK??? So he thinks him and Raven is Solid with Paul? Xmas Josh also think they are solid with Paul and Alex n Jason think they are solid with Paul!!! It’s Damn Shane theee groups of two think they are all solid with 1 guy….. None of these fools see this


That’s because they aren’t allowed to talk to anyone else or Paul will put the target on your back. Paul has caused this game to be boring because no one can talk and try to make a move. Thanks Paul…you suck!!!

Kim Jong Paul

tee hee


I think he has in his contract that he must have access to cereal 24/7. Did you see how many bowls he ate in 20 minutes? Wow LOL


I just realized I really don’t like these people. This is a perfect example of how we have turned into a nation of mean people. Paul has turned into some sort of dictator and the minions bully whichever houseguest he tells them to. Christmas is just crazy and mean. Pity poor Kevin as he appears to be next on the hit list.


Xmas – just make that clear because other people we don’t want to have a wonderful time..
Jason – like dumb a$$ (Cody)

Matt says Cody is the worst player in the history of the game..
Xmas thinks Cody is a sociopath and a compulsive liar.
jason – and just a mean man not a nice man.
Jason – the kinda guy that hangs out in a group thinking he’s the smartest, best looking and toughest. he doesn’t talk annd inject himself in every conversation..
Jason – zero social skills
Matt – you can’t not care about people .. that’s really shitty..
Matt goes on about how Cody has no class.
Matt says they’ve spent half the season trying to get Cody and Jessica out of the game.
Xmas – Jess thinks we did a poor job, we did an excellent job.
Matt – “His name might not be Cody”
Jason – Julie chen called him Cody
Matt – Lied about his age.. lied about his time in the military

Please Big Brother Gods give Cody AFP!!!!!!!!
I don’t want anyone of these people to get it and I love to see the look on their faces that Cody got it over them. They more they trash him the more I want to vote for him for America’s fav just to give them the finger.


Come on Kevin, open your eyes, get your crap together and do something. Anything. If history has shown us anything this season, it’s when Paul sours on you, you’re pretty much done so screw it. He has to see and feel the change in vibe towards him and if Mark wins Veto and Christmas decides to put Kevin up, Kevin should just start spilling anything and everything he’s seen and heard in all his time there. If he’s put up on that block there’s little chance that he’d be the one staying so go nuts, talk talk talk, spill it all, who gives a sh*t. You can always try to plant a seed in an eviction speech but at this point it’s got to be apparent that isn’t having the intended effect so start that sh*t a few days early! You’re going to jury anyway, may as well try to make people as uncomfortable as possible.
Speaking of, gotta love that the people most comfortable in the house are the ones talking about how others need to feel the heat because they’re too comfortable. Woof.

BB Fan

Mark’s not on the block so if he win’s veto why would he take anyone off? If he does so they can put up Kevin then that would be the stupidest move ever and he’d deserve to go next week. Lets see which couple Paul is really with Maven or Alex and sidekick.


I meant if *Mark doesn’t win Veto* and it’s used to take someone down and put Kevin up instead of Mark. (I’d hope if Mark won he wouldn’t use it…I hope) Not that I think that would be the case since it seems like Mark is out if he doesn’t win the damn thing, but dumber things have happened in that house so who knows. Kevin is quickly becoming the next pariah, maybe he forgets to say good morning to Alex and she flies into a rage about what a d*ck he is. Maybe he stops the awkward cuddling with Christmas and she shanks him in his sleep. Maybe he sits down in a room with Paul and has the audacity to breathe in the same air as his highness, forcing his bearded grace to move Kevin ahead of Mark in the line of fire. Stranger things have happened. And if Kevin did end up on the block rather than Mark and didn’t immediately worry about his time in the house coming to a very quick end, then Kevin would deserve to be evicted. People need to start taking their game seriously, ugh.

Ino Yamanaka

What would happen if Mark wins the veto and keeps noms the same? Who do you guys think would leave?




No man would marry that foul mouth Xmas….she’s like a man……..and that stupid pie face banchee that giggles and jumps up and down is the most immature ass kisser I have ever seen…..and little greasy Napoleaon Paul is pathetic….has probably never had a girlfriend in his life…..I think he’s in the closet……Matt and Kevin just stay silent and hope for the best from their buddy Paul…………….and Josh………..omg…is he 5 years old and just big
for his size ? ? ? ? ? Raven…..strange……….whatever……………..Please Mark win the veto……he’s the only normal
one left in the house ! ! ! ! CBS needs to pick better contestants………..most of these were horrible ! ! ! ! !


Pretty sure Paul was dating an actress from Disney.


Anyone else notice that when Josh was hoh Paul was always talking to him and now not so much same with Alex and watching bb after dark he’s sleeping in xmas’s bed”……how does the house not see this



My 2 cents

Was just a matter of time before Christiana’s power trips.. she’s got some serious mental health issues. I would love for Alex to get herself deprogrammed, win hoh again and put up Christmas and Paul! That would be epic!

Real Housewives of Big Brother

“Clip” makes me think of Dorinda Medley.

Suitcase sally

Dorinda medley would make it nice for them lol

Just Sayin'

I feel like the BB house is what it must be like in Trump’s White House. Bullying, fighting, ass kissing, people constantly tossed out the door, never to return. Full of scammers, clowns, one religious nut speaking tongues, and the occasional escort.


Sometimes I wandering which drama I should watch. The competition is fierce.


No need to bring politics onto this board.


Now Paul is telling the minions about his modeling career. They’re all sitting in rapt attention in the APSR listening to his bs. The only funny part is Kevin is trying to compete with his own modeling stories, lol.

Just Sayin'

What does Paul model for? Tattoo removal services?

Jessica's Birth Control

He was a model in gay porn and starred in “Lumberjack Tails pt. 3”. He played the role of Hitchhiking Twink #2. I believe he got an AVN for best supporting male role.


twink #2 priceless!!!


Did anyone get a screen shot of the big rat ? It’s the most interesting thing they are talking about now.

Just Sayin'

There are lots of screenshots of Paul.


Actually, Christmas’s is really known “As the Nightmare before Christmas”.


I definitely saw the rat on the feeds….oh wait no that was just Paul.


Xmas- Botex much?


That was Elena who did the Botox.


The mist Paul is using on the houseguests must be toxic because these folks are becoming delusional, paranoid, and ready to sacrifice anyone at a moment’s notice.
Maybe I read it wrong, but is Raven actually okay with Matt being evicted next? If so, sounds like she is the one whose loyalty has an hourly rate.
Whoa, Christmas has turned on Kevin with a vengeance. Did he dump her, or is she distancing herself from the next target? And she has alliance members spilling her plan, but MARK is the bigger target? Okay….
A lot is hanging on this VETO comp. I hope whoever wins it plays it wisely.

Wally Gator

Xmas is super insecure. Hard to like anyone except Kevin. Hope Mark wins POV, but he too is spineless. Wish I could fast-forward to BB20.

Jessica's Birth Control

“Kevin joins them and the conversation ends”.

WILL YOU LAZY BLEEPS ACTUALLY GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND START TRYING???? What exactly is the game strategy??? Hope that you stay on paul’s good side. And if not, you simply lie in bed and wait for eviction night? Thats the game now?

Hi Im Paul and I'm 5'2"

Paul, Jason, Alex, Josh, Chrimmus, Raven, Matt
against Kevin and Mark


You said the same thing about Cody and Jess. The numbers aren’t there and no amount of ass kissing will change that capslock boy.


Does anyone have screenshot of the rat they have been talking about? It was one the most interesting thing they talked about today! Maybe we can vote him as America’s favorite player

Jessica's Birth Control

Yes they show him every episode, his name is paul.

Who is G@y Paul, Alex

Momma’s boy clothing designer who enjoys putting on makeup and longs to see Matt’s boner.

Jessica's Birth Control

This bitch (xmas) is starting to give all crazy chicks a bad name…..And I gotta admit that once in awhile I love me some crazy! But this ho may be keeping a shank in that foot cast. And when a ho has a shank, nothing good can happen. I never let my girls carry shanks, but thats a story for another day….. Back to xmas. This season may redeem itself when these jackals start turning on each other. I want a good old fashined, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly street fight. But I think all we are gonna get is a big cry fest, with Josh blubbering the most.


Seems like they are not happy unless there is someone in the house that they can shit on……That’s pretty sad. I can’t stand any of these people……Well maybe Mark but I think he can still be easily fooled by Paul.


Really.. you like Mark?? You like 6ft 5 men that weigh 300 lbs and cry at the drop of a dime? He is pretty unlikeable in my book… maybe if he had some balls and pride he wouldn’t be such a big ?


Yeah. Mark has this quality that I cant put my finger on? Oh. he is a big pu$$y who isnt man enough to defend himslef, lay down some smack, and let these cereal eating jabronis know what is cookin’.Nevermind.


At least he has feelings unlike Paul and from the sounds of it…you!!! Give the guy a break. He lost his parents when he was young.


After watching how Paul talked to Mark Friday (on air) and Xmess tried to cut in as well as Josh, I have such utter disdain for these three, Karma should hit so badly when this is over, that we see it on the news. Xmess has such a vile mouth and she is a positive speaker, in what universe, she’s not smart enough to see this is on TV for most of us (enough of us to see), if she can do to Kevin what she has planned after pawing, rubbing and sweet talking with him for weeks then she is not smart at all, and trying to be like Paul won’t help her at all. Josh tries that and we see how Paul treats him. They all drank the kool aid?? ate the mushrooms (manson). Will anyone stand up to them??????


These comments are soooo funny ! ! ! ! I’m sitting at my computer and totally hysterical reading them ! ! ! They are all so TRUE ! ! ! ! Josh blubbering all the time……greasy little man Paul…..won’t come out of the closet and the other ones following him around like he’s Svengali or somebody ! ! ! ! How stupid are they ! ! ! ! ! Mark and Kevin are the only ones left to even like in the house……Kevin’s just hanging in there and at least Mark is trying ! ! ! ! So Mark……….please……miracles do happen ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !


you people think the house is full of bullies, read the comments


You spelled “WAH” wrong.


The more I read about what’s going on in the BB house, the more I am coming to the realization that Paul is hoping to take Raven to the final 2. They knew each other prior to BB19, and I think her laying low is part of the plan. Matt has already said he wants her to win, so he’s on board with it. From what I’m reading, Paul is all in favor of getting rid of Matt, but he never mentions getting rid of Raven. He makes negative comments about Raven, but I think that’s to cover his intention of taking her to final 2. Now he’s working to get rid of either Alex or Jason and will use Josh and/or Christmas to accomplish this task. At final 2, he knows that so many in jury can’t stand Raven because she’s done nothing. His goal is to win. But to save face if he doesn’t, he’ll say he wanted Raven to win because of her “disease”.


Mark wins veto Jason is going for sure no way Paul is going to get one of his minions Matt this early on. He will make up something to get Jason out! Great play Alex evicting Cody didn’t help and she could be losing her other Allie Jason! My question is how stupid are these house guests Paul never even goes up as a pawn…such bs!


Paul is so different from last season, I liked him last year but true colors came out and there’s nothing special about him. I bet his clothing line will need huge sale soon.


If…..big if the POV is not used who goes with Matt versus Jason.
Jason- Alex and Kevin
Matt- Mark and Raven
Josh does not matter Paul matters. 3 gets the tie and Xmas will do what Paul tells him. Whoops meant her. hehehe Before today I would have bet Matt. seems maybe Jason is in some trouble. Think POV gets used Mark up and out. Big win for the sheeple. Interested to see if Jason warns Kev he’s in trouble. It will show the length of his stupidity if he lets a vote go to jury that he needs to flip the house(maybe). Or is he so stupid he thinks his F3 with Paul and Alex is solid.

Paul's Mouth

I’m not sure King Paul has thoroughly this through!
IF Mark wins POV and leaves nominations the same, and IF Jason is evicted; I think the real GAMER in Alex will show. Alex teams with Kevin and Mark and IF they can win the next HOH and nominate TWO of the ‘other side’ (hopefully Slutmas and Josh) they will be forced to vote out one of their own. As much as I dislike Alex and as MEAN (bitchy) as she has been, I don’t think we have yet seen the true GAMER BITCH she can be! Come on….some dreams can come true…………..right?


Mark giving Paul safety is the dumbest move everrrrrr in BB history.

Shelly's Chompers

What is up with Christmas? She needs her meds! God, chill out!


She need a dildo…


You guys check out the rat link: http://imgur.com/wpz0iVv


I don’t know how CBS can justify giving any one of these players any money. They should end this season now and send them all home with just what they owe them for their time. CBS is sending the wrong message to America; that you get rewarded for horrible, horrible behavior! This season has been nothing more than personal attacks on people.

Pickle juice and hot sauce

Please please mark win veto again. it’s the only way to get the game moving. Guarantee Paul will go after Jason since Alex doesn’t know how to keep things to herself and announced to the entire house that Jason is her ride or die. She is suppose to have a final 2 with Paul. Guess she forgot about that. Only way I don’t see him going after Jason is if xmas puts Kevin up. But I think Paul will start after Jason and everyone will follow. Then maybe Alex turns away from Paul and we can get this house divided up some. Let’s have more even numbers than everyone ganging up on one person.


Another TOXIC, gaping rant from Christmas, in which she thinks she is Cleopatra sitting on top pf the Pyramid. I keep waiting for a Serpent to slither out of her Gaping mouth while she is SPEWING all of this hatred towards others. Paul And Josh the little Sphinxes, right by her side feeding her little black beetles.
You can’t make this shit up !!!
In regards to the Rat in that House – I don’t think I’ve seen one person clean in that House this Season, other than Matt and that was with a c*m soaked rag. And he used it on the kitchen counters. I just hope the Rat takes up residence in the HoH this Week that would be so much fun !!!


So are we to assume Miss Christmas is putting Mark up to replace Jason?

Bolt Uprite.

That’s my guess, she complimented him on how civilized he’s been about being such a good loser and how he isn’t taking getting stabbed in the back personally because of course it’s all just game.


Jason wins HOH so I wonder if Christmas is going through with putting up Kevin in his place.