Jessica “If this veto competition has a temptation with cash in it, I’m going to go for the cash.”

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9pm Bedroom. Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – I have to say something.. if this veto competition has a temptation with cash in it, I’m probably going to go for the cash. Cody – absolutely. Hell yeah! If there is anything I’ve learned in this game is that you have to take what you can get, when you can get it. Jessica – MMMmmmHHHmmm. Cody – what if we both have the chance at a Vacation and cash? Do I take the veto to secure my safety so that you don’t have to sit here while the vote me out. Or do we take the vaca? Jessica – I think we should just go for the prizes and f**k the veto.. let the chips fall where they may. Cody – agreed. Jessica – at least if one of us is going for the prize.. then we should both go for the prizes because only one of us is going home. So if we get two f**king prizes out of it then I’ll be happy. Momma needs a vacation. Cody – hashtag baby rumors. Jessica – I really wonder if I was pregnant if Julie would announce it to you. You don’t know, its an unprecedented event. She could be like during the eviction process be like well this is a first… Cody you should know that you’re a father. Cody – yeah that wouldn’t happen. That’s so ridiculous. Jessica – I mean if I was pregnant and evicted out of the house.. I feel like they would tell you. You would know before you came out of the house. Cody – I would kick the door down. Jessica – I would kick you back in. Cody – because we would need the money. Jessica – yeah, we got to buy diapers. Cody looks at the camera and says – she’s not pregnant. Jessica – hashtag is she?

9:10pm Kitchen. Josh and Matt.
Josh – Elena lost it .. she looked like a defense attorney because the house voted to evict me .. she didn’t know it was the best for your game not to get me out. You (Elena) were mad close with them (Cody & Jess) and campaigning to get me out. She did say that she could tell that you lied to her. Matt – I did. I’m going to tell Elena she’s good but I’m going to f**k with Mark.

9:40pm Bedroom – Paul, Kevin, Jason, Alex, Mark, Josh, Elena and Christmas.

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10:17pm Josh comes out of the diary room – Who wants to see my HOH room? Everyone heads up to the HOH room to see his HOH room. Jessica and Cody head back downstairs after visiting.

10:50pm – 11:35pm Matt, Raven, Kevin, Alex, Paul, Jason and Josh. Kevin – I am so f**king happy you won. It changes the disposition. Paul – Mark havenot 100%! Josh – oh yeah. Did you hear he asked me? Am I going to go up as a havenot? And I said I really don’t know. Josh asks Matt if he will be a havenot so that he can collect some intel. Paul – I was going to do it but they ain’t going to say sh!t in front of me. Matt – we need to draw Elena as far away from it as possible because we want her working for us next week. Josh – I was going to pull her up here and be like I did feel some sort away about your vote but just know you’re safe this week. Paul – this is why the point I am making – Jessica goes before Cody because Elena is more tied to Jessica than she is to Cody. She wants nothing to do with Cody. Mark is the only idiot that goes back to Cody. Lets keep it ambiguous. Best case, lets win the safety tomorrow. Paul – we let it get to Jessica that we’re voting Cody out through a reliable source… then we vote out Jessica. Blindside and send Jessica home. Josh – Cody will f**king lose it. Matt – I still don’t really trust Elena but I think we should be really nice to Mark. As long as one of them doesn’t win tomorrow, one of them is going home.

12:10am – 12:50am Elena, Josh and Paul.

Josh – that was my only worry about you. I think everyone knows my objective is to get Cody out. Elena – as long as you understand why I voted the way I voted and that it was difficult for me. It was nothing against you. My vote lied with the house and ironically voted that way because I was lied to. Paul – Maybe we should tell her that we didn’t tell her because we didn’t want anyone to get emotional So I think that if we had told her talk she would have absolutely voted with you. Josh – I look at you separate from him. The only concern I had about you was the vote. Elena you and I are good and if you have any concerns we can talk about it. Elena leaves.

1:05am HOH room. Christmas and Paul.
Paul – did they give you a date? (For when her veto player replacement temptation expires.) Christmas – I get to trade. Paul – right, but for how long? Christmas – I’ll have to double check, I don’t think it had an expiration. Let me know your plan. Paul – we put up Jessica and a pawn. Then when veto comes if Cody gets pulled .. a strong pawn .. if Cody gets pulled then you swap. He doesn’t play, Jessica is alone with it being 5 vs 1. Christmas – I don’t understand why wouldn’t we put both of them up. Paul – if we put both of them up the its 4 vs 2. I think it would be better to just put Jessica and Alex up there because Jessica hates Alex. And Alex can turn around and say F**K you b***H you’re not winning the veto. Then in the off chance Cody gets picked to play in the veto the you can go wait!! (Use her replacement player veto temptation. Christmas – it might be too early for me to use it. I’ll find out the details. Paul – if we put up Jessica and Alex it will further confuse them (Jess & Cody) and make them think that we’re trying backdoor Cody.

1am – 1:40am Havenot room. Elena and Mark bible time.

Josh tells Alex – I want Jess and Cody as my targets and I want Elena and Mark as backup.

2am Josh gets ready for bed.

2:05am – 2:15am Havenot room – Alex, Christmas, Mark and Elena.
Mark – I am pigging out tomorrow night. If I am f**king in here (Havenot) I am picking the key (Havenot temptation). I am going to because I can’t do it again. Alex – Mark if you get two weeks, you’re going to die! Mark – that would be 5 f**king weeks (As a havenot). Alex – that’s like half the game. Mark – lets just set a record. Christmas – you’ll be shredded as f**K! Mark – I don’t know what I would do. I’ve never been on any diet like this before. Christmas starts talking about crossfit.

6:06am Everyone sleeping..

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Ladies, don't be a jessica

so cody’s plan is to use the veto on himself instead of saving jess. What a prize.
Poor jessica, cody slips it in raw, ruins her game, and doesn’t let her socialize or have friends. What a catch


Jessica told him that she wants to go home
And would rather him be in the house. Jessica is ready to go home bc she is over all the bs. Cody was going to save her but she doesn’t want him too.


Sure, he’s a real Prince.


and your a real DWEEB

Go for broke

Let’s see Paul got a temptation did with it what he wanted. Jess got a temptation and Paul tried to get her to use it the way he wanted to use it. Now xmas has a temptation and instead of saving it for herself to save herself from a back door later in the game. Paul getting her to use it to ensure one of Jody goes home. I guess they should of just gave Paul all the temptations. He does know what’s best for everyone after all.


Why did Jessica throw the temptation challenge?


There’s still hope if Paul gets his way and only one goes on the block. Christmas can only use the replacement if she hasn’t already been picked and not if Xmas participates in the Tempatation and goes on block.

Also if (Jody) play in the next temptation and one of them wins that one can’t be nominated. And there’s always the veto to save the other.

If one wins the temptation and one wins the veto then Mark or Elena goes home. Unless They try to backdoor the one not safe and that one wins the veto and saves Mark or Elena.


He wants to take her to Iowa after the show. Are you kidding me? They won’t last three months in the real world. Jessica wants to leave to take care of the unwanted pregnancy.


I guess there is no point to watch this weeks updates unless Jody doesn’t go home

Bully vs Bully

Wow, like they’re not even gonna try? I usually root for the underdog but it’s hard to get behind these two….yeah, slow clap for the standing up to Paul but what a huge letdown for the fans who wanna see them rise from the ashes. Jess is in for a bite of reality when she sees Cody in his natural habitat….. from what I’ve read….he’s a door to door salesman…good luck selling anything with that personality….Jess doesn’t strike me as the barefoot and pg type living in a trailer park


Sorry, but you’re wrong. Not all of us feel that way. They have been through more than enough. Time to just face what’s going to happen and have fun the rest of their time there. Sometimes things aren’t worth what you have to go through to get them. Obviously neither needs the money.


I think your correct. Jody have accepted neither is going deep. The house is so unpleasant they both want out. Think of it this way…. would you want to be at a jury house with Josh? Full stipend isn’t worth it IMO. Just let these 2 tortured souls go. Now were at jury and it becomes interesting. The 1st of likely 2 doubles right off the bat. Will anyone of the lambs actually come up with a backbone? Can they get enough votes to send Paul to jury. Does Andy the rat even exist this season? I think that’s the style of game it’s gonna take to send Paul out the door.
If your Paul you target physical threats after Jody is gone. Lets see that’s Whistle Nut and Alex. Mark and Elaine are easy targets but Paul will go after the 1st 2 if he has a chance. The F4 deal with J/A/Kevin and Paul is an illusion in their minds. Paul’s not taking Alex F4 as she could win endurance F3 as an example. Paul wants Josh, Maven F4 IMO.. Season is over at that point.
Lots of pathetic game to come unless someone rocks the boat. Mark and Elaine go in the double then maybe we have a little fun for a few HOH’s.


Stan has the game plan and I agree. Chop the head off the snake (Paul) after they get whomever out this week and then it is game on.

Go Watch Sesame Street

I disagree. Why spend all the energy trying to be on big brother, only to be all “well, only if certain kinds of people are in the house will I play and they aren’t playing nice…boo hoo hoo.” …. you get the hand you’re dealt. You don’t get to pick and choose who you are in bb with. And saying “obviously neither of them needs the money” is just so disrespectful for the game. So they don’t need the money, don’t want to be there, complain when they don’t get their way. Oh, but wait…they’ve been through so much so we shouldn’t have any negative opinion. Please, many other houseguest have been through far worse. And if you need a few examples, please don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂


I thought you were a Paul fan?


That is my complaint. Like more of what Cody did when the had Raven in there. Plant them seeds, “hey are you playing for Paul or for yourself” Even Josh if Jess got him alone last week and was planting the seed maybe about bullying (SO OVER USED) telling him “hey Paul is just using you and you are looking bad not him” “you see the way he treats you telling you to shut up or get out of the room” IF they showed a bit more strength the have the 4 of them (with wreck it Ralph and hot lips) they really just need one more to have a decent voting block.

Now if nothing else I would still at least be walking around talking “yup everyone follow what Paul says” “just give him the $” “who or how many of you have final 2 or final 3 deals with him” …………… Even if I got voted out at least someone may start thinking and make a move on him at some point. To just lay around banging and thinking of kids names and all the other crap they are talking about. How some people think they are playing a good game. Cody took that shot week 1 and went about it all wrong but since then nothing. She put up two people and one of them would have been a number for her side! How dumb was that? I guess a bunch of people are done watching? I saw some goodbye comments? I wonder why the need to announce it? I stopped watching CSI after a couple of seasons when it got to be the same-old crap. I don’t think they or anyone cared, hell there has been like 5 spinoffs since then. Oh well I bet we see them later down the trail BB is like a car wreck, it is hard not to watch


I agree with you Dan. At every opportunity if I were them I would reinforce to Paul’s minions they’re just doing exactly what Paul wants and the longer they wait to get him out the harder it will be. Not sure it’s possible to form a sub-alliance at this point but I sure would try. I think everyone’s attitude is as long as it’s not me up on the block and going home, that’s one more week they’re in the house.

I don’t think anyone but Paul is really thinking ahead. Too bad that Jody has given up. It would be nice if they would at least try and shake things up.

Mary Ann

I said to my Husband last night so if and when Jody gets voted off, then what ?????? It was all fine and good when the whole house had targets other than themselves but if and when that’s when the shit is gonna hit the fan. Mark may be in trouble and maybe Josh but then these guys are going to have to start really playing this game. They will have to turn on each other and that will be hysterical !!!!!


mark and elena will be targeted after jody’s gone. elena thinks she can move up the pecking order though which is unfortunate because at best she can get past matt and raven (who are next down the list) and i don’t think she can even manage that. everyone’s keeping josh around as long as possible as a meat shield/goat. no way in hell the jury votes to give him the money, so why not carry him as long as possible?

paul’s pecking order is: himself, alex, kevin, jason, josh, xmas, raven, matt, elena, mark, jody (switches day to day whether he wants out cody or jess more). unfortunately everyone thinks they’re two or three on paul’s list though.


D. totally agree. But can you imagine what Paul would do if Elena actually got backdooored? That would mean that the servers are not happy with the cook who gave all the instructions to the staff.
Paul would put Josh on his nonChristmas card list and watch who he is talking with and why he successfully got Elena out before Jody.
Then we have a game again. Right now we have sheep being led to slaughter and every lamb trying not to grow wool.


Well you “Jody” followers can thank your sweet innocent Jessica for ruining everything. She had the best temptation, and Cody even pulled through for his fans and came back into the house. Cody even wanted to change his whole game and be nicer the second time. What does Jessica do? She starts acting like she is all high and mighty because she has the hex. Then turns her back on their only true alliance, Jason and Alex. I don’t think they even talked game with them. Because Jessica is so jealous of the whole “Alex and Cody” thing. Which isnt even a thing. Instead they start talking game with Mark and Elena. They could’ve had Mark and Jason and Alex. They could still have that now. Jason has a loyalty to Alex. Mark and Jason have a secretly loyalty to each other. So stop blaming Cody for ruining Jessica’s game. Jessica ruined it herself. Now she wants Cody to just get prizes and give up too. Jessica’s insecurity got the best of her. And I really hope she goes home next week. Cause I honestly think Cody can win anc will try and align himself with Mark, Jason which will hopefully pull in Alex.


I agree!!!!!


Telling the minions they’re minions? Right. Kinda insulting to tell them that when they probably already know it can look that way to many viewers. That will go over well for Jody. No future allies then. The minions actually think they’re playing a smart under the radar game. Paul’s a vet who they think is taking the heat off them. “So long as it’s not me” is a strategy that has won games in the past.

Just saying

I am with you, nothing more dangerous than 2 pepole with nothing to lose, they could really shake things up. They have been so osticized that no one will really listen to them, but seeds could be planted.


Yes, you may know one of the 2 is going but now is the time to blow up Paul’s game. Just start throwing stuff out there. Kevin of all people still has his ears open. I would not just lay down. If Jess and Cody hate Paul so much then blow him up. Unless because the rest of the house are idiots then maybe they want Paul to win….looks that way when you don’t try anymore.


Cody is not sociable to people he doesn’t trust. In the first week he was sociable to those he trusted. Being a Marine (info provided on a ‘need to know’ basis) he made a slight mistake by not providing his alliance with more info about trying to get Paul out. He was trying to make sure Paul would not get a heads up. That’s probably his military training that such maneuvers require secrecy as much as possible. He is also staying out of the line of fire by not engaging with the mobsters. And hoping by doing so that Paul and his minions will move on to another target. Once the target is off his back he’ll get more involved. Besides didn’t Nicole win by just lying around last year? It’s a strategy that works. Cody’s personality provides an interesting dynamic in the house. I like it instead of all the fake niceness to each other in the mob from these ‘sociable’ Paul-ass kissers. If they’re so good with their social skills why can’t they draw Cody out? Why are none of them ‘trying’?


It wasn’t the Paul thing that put him on the outs, it was when he put up Christmas after Paul used the temptation that really did it. Yes, he had already gone through 4 people, but there were still 2 other outsiders that his alliance would have been ok with.


Paul is so milking the first week over and over again. So what if Cody put up Christmas? Others have done worse than that and didn’t face the obstacles Cody faced (eg four Noms and Paul’s unknown safety) and survived and gone on to finals. But Paul makes sure his minions never forget that or are allowed to move on. He’s whipped them up into a state of frenzy against Cody and his first week because he so fears Cody for initially targeting him.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Seems like a good first move would be to do some recon and find out who had the first temptation. He didn’t pay any attention to his environment though and his target was able to escape him and now he’s just waiting to be released by his captors.


What does Kevin having scored the first temptation and only Paul knowing that have to do with Cody and where he’s at now? Cody hasn’t been captured. Making jury means he’ll win the battle.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Paul was awarded the first temptation of 3 weeks safety. You might recall Cody trying to nominate him blindly and it backfiring into the current mess.


Despite Paul having the 3 weeks safety he’s still been unable to capture Cody. His two HOH’s were duds. Paul’s recce on Jess’s hex was also a dud.

Come On!

Why should the other players draw Cody out? This is a game. It’s not real life. I get he’s not a social person. that’s fine in life but not in this game. In the beginning he was only nice to a few that he thought he could control. He isnt different from Paul in that way. He was crappy to most of people in the game. I appreciate he’s service to this country but that has nothing to do with this game. I know plenty of people from the military that could play the hell out of this game. The way he is has very little to do with the military. It’s just him. I wish him the best in life but he’s game playing sucks. But there are a few others that their game sucks too!


Why should Cody try to be sociable to those who have screwed him over? If you read the comments before you’d see many people saying he should be. These people believe that the sociable people win the game. I’m asking that if these people are so great at their social skills why can’t they put them to work on Cody and turn him into a number for them? Maybe they’re not so great after all. Nicole won off her back last year. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. People expect him to try harder. Well I think the others should try harder. So stop blaming Cody for not ‘trying’ to engage with Paul and his minions. Cody hasn’t given up. He’s as I said earlier simply staying out of the line of fire. Once the target is off him he may give up on the others using their so called social skill Los on him and he will have to be the one to make an alliance outside of Jess. Similar to Nicole’s very small tight alliance.


I totally agree with everything you just stated. They are not doing anything spectacular and Jessica did exactly what she is telling everyone else not to do. She put up Josh and Ramses to be safe and “get on the good side” of people. It was not a big move and probably the stupidest one in the house so far IMO. They together have only won Three Comps and no I do not count Cody’s battle backs…. These people who claim to be “bullied” and “left out” have said horrible things about everyone in the house starting the first week before they really knew anyone and have secluded themselves from the very beginning. Then people start dishing it back and all of a sudden its too personal and being bullied. All this talk about how everyone has lied to them multiple times, umm hello do they know what game they are playing. I would never get caught rooting for either of the two. They are literally trying to get pregnant in the BB house after knowing each other for two seconds. Yes, I know they got birth control…then decided not to use it right. Do I want Josh or Paul to win? Hell no! Do I think its funny that he might be the one to send one of them home?? Yes, Yes I DO!! I was shocked to find them moving up on the Ranking Grid… They have not “fought to be in this house” as Jessica often states, half of the time they are laying in bed giving up or packing to leave because they are letting the house get to them. Wake up people!


I agree. I think Paul was right when he said they’re making a mockery of the game. It’s not like they’re just defeated at this point – they haven’t been playing it much at all. It was personal for Cody since Paul walked through the door. All he wanted to do was kick him out – not because of the game or threat but because he didn’t like him. He had no strategy and totally screwed his alliance over for his personal desires. Worst player ever.


You say to keep the conversation civil but allow the horrible behavior from thurs night. Was a disgusting show with such inexcusable behavior from adults. Have watched big brother since season one and found yesterday’s show appalling. Reminded me of a bunch of kids in middle school ganging up and picking on two people. Truly tasteless. Hope this isn’t what big brother is headed to for the future as I for one will have to not watch.

I agree, not sure if I will be watching this show anymore. It was unbelievable. Where are the producers in this show. It should have been stopped and the threat of removal for players. Bullying is terrible. Used to be a fan, but not anymore. I guess I have to find something else to watch. Do not like Cody, Jessica, Paul or Joshua. Cannot believe the others stood around and went along with the bullying. Hope this show gets pulled off the air.


I love Paul! He deserves to win.He should’ve won over Nichole last year but I think he’s the only only one playing the game. He’s playing smart and thinking ahead and not playing personal. So #GoPaul #BB19winner #CodyIsAQuitter #JessIsAStuckUpBitch

Kid Rock

I told y’all they were a bunch of bullies 3 weeks ago but I got a bunch of thumps down because of my screen name!!!! Now all of a sudden you guys are appalled! It was ok when DOM was the target….


I agree. That behavior was despicable. Where do they find adults willing to act like that? So disappointed in the cast the season.

This season is lit

Oh come on… you kept watching even after the “Evil Dick burns Jen with cigarettes” episodes. You’ll be fine.

Karen S

And you saw the watered down version. It went on for days.


Big Brother producers should bring these 2 back for a future season like they brought Rachel and Brendan back when they had their redemption. I really like these two and they seem like a good couple. It’s nice to see this side of Cody once in a while.

Min O'Pause

I thought Cody’s tears were as fake as her eyelashes.


What side Cody only has his side, he talks about loyalty and truth and he lied right to her face about keeping Alex & Jason to get her and Raven out and he has been lying and bullying people since day one. He has no personality thinks he is so much better than everyone else. NASTY PERSON IF I WAS RELATED TO HIM I WOULD BE ASHAMED AT THE WAY HE ACTS
Hopefully they will never bring him back. Jessica is an idiot if she can’t see that because of him she has no chance he ruined her game.


Cody told Jessica the truth about telling Matt that but cbs didn’t show that go figure. She told him she had the same convo with ellena about getting the guys out during week 1.


Cody has been a bully since day one. He talks about loyalty and truth but has lied to Jessica’s face about keeping Alex & Jason when she asked him. She is an idiot for keeping him in the game he ruined her game, and she had a good chance of winning, but even if she does make it to the end (which I doubt) they will not vote for her because of him. HE IS THE BIGGEST BULLY & LIAR IN THE GAME & HOPEFULLY HE GO HOME SOON


What show are you watching BOBBA, Paul?? Josh???, WTF catch a clue


Actually hope they get offered a shot on the Amazing Race. Jessica and Cody have grown on me and think they would be a great couple to compete and watch on that show. As a bonus the other ‘meatballs’ in that house would probably be raging with envy as their 15 minutes of fame was over.


Let’s hope not! They would be bickering the whole time and wouldn’t be able to look at cody stone cold face. Rachel made that season of AR horrible with her voice! Please please don’t do that CBS!!!!

ThisHouseIsThe Worst

Not a fan of Cody in any way.

Jess has grown on me as the season has gone on.

If Josh had a clue he would realize that since Jody have no chance, he would be better off finding a real threat to evict.

But the entire house just does what Paul tells them.

We're all adults here

I think it’ll make for good tv if they do get Cody out this week. Jessica seems like she could adapt and rally to get Paul out. I could see Kevin and Jason seeing the light and turning on Paul. I would love to see Josh do the pots and pans routine on Paul down the line because, well…. karma.

I know I’m going to get roasted for this but I see some redeeming qualities in Josh. He’s a hothead, emotional follower at times but he knows deep down when to stop. I mean when he was doing pots and pans on Cody the other day he was smiling and Jessica was laughing playing around with him. I didn’t really like Victor last season but turned around and became a fan and was rooting for him, I can see getting behind Josh if he aligned with Kevin, Jason and Jessica and took out Paul, Matt, Raven and others.

Who knows though, Josh could act like an idiot and I’ll have to eat my words, that’s what makes BB so great you start with liking certain people and hating others then down the line your view totally flips and the person you wanted out week 1 becomes who you want to win it all!


That would be so cool , I would love to see Cody on survivor.


He would be voted out first time his team lost. He can’t socialize and the team aspect of Survivor is socializing. Once it’s individuals then his strength would keep him in.


The thing I took from yesterday’s show was watching Alex, Josh, Christmas and Raven faces knowing America gave Jess the final temptation. The facial ticks and twitches they had knowing that America likes Jessica more then them was priceless.


What Redemption? Production brought Rachel & Brendon back, then partially helped Rachel win.

1.Rachel’s 1st HOH win, where Julie stalled clock her more time to get the correct answer, when she clearly got it wrong & was about to be.knovked out the comp.

2. The infamous DR manipulation to get Shelly to flip the house into NOT voting Rachel out.

3. Unplanned Pandora’s Box that reactivated the duo twist that saved Rachel & Jordon.

Some “Redemption” there. LOL

Kid Rock

They didn’t use the Hex to their advantage! They could have easily flipped the house against Paul! They basically have Mark n Elena already! All they need to do was work Kevin and Jason…. Jason already knows Paul has to go and would have been on board with flipping the targets to paul , Matt and Raven…. they didn’t even try though!

Bolt Uprite.

*easily*? On what planet?


Cody only has one side, military prick. He’s even told her he’s like that outside the house and then looked up some of the articles on him. He’s extremely not mentally in his right frame of mind and that last thing you do is put a more than likely a ptsd person who just got back from overseas in a cage with no outlets so he’s gonna be in someone’s face within 24 hours especially with Josh being hoh And then they just hide from everyone. They are not playing the game, I done think Cody has ever played a game he likes cuz he hates everything&everyone. He’s gotta go, don’t hate on Paul he’s actually playing the game and part of that is making people go nuts and he can’t help the fact people follow him, why we blaming him, he didn’t do anything. Its a game people.


Cody was probably that kid that quit in the middle of a game when he wasn’t winning only to say he didn’t lose.


I would prefer if no one came back from this season


Josh only won out of pure dumb luck – emphasis on the dumb. He’ll otherwise never win anything. AND…everyone (whether you like them or not) that had to go after slow poke Christmas should be in the DR complaining they were rushed through their turns because of her. I personally think because the injury was HER fault, she should’ve been told she had to leave the house. She’s a literal burden on her society.


a little bitter cause josh won? lol note* he also went after “slow poke xmas” didn’t seem to affect him, but your rant is not about how unfair it was that she took so long but because josh won! you are right that he and a few others don’t have a chance at winning anything that is physical, that is why they have other types of competitions to give all houseguests a chance to win. sorry you didn’t get your way…maybe next week!

Feeling Uncomfortably


This is very sad to me. I have been watching sense season one and it was hard for me to watch with all of the hurtful things they were saying.. it really made me feel uncomfortable. I think moving forward you shouldn’t allow this type of banter in TV. There are too many kids out there that think this is ok to bully people. Big Brother you need to take this into consideration and set some guidelines for next season.


Not watching any more. Worst group ever.


See ya


I agree! There is not one person who is enjoyable to watch. Mob Mentality with them all but Mark but he is boring.
They all are playing for Paul and Paul is playing way too hard for what? Anyone who wins HOH is just going to do what Paul wants. I’m over it. I don’t watch afterdark anymore. I have better things to do. I’m bored and appalled.

Big Brother Production

I’m not gonna sit here and say that I won’t watch the upcoming week’s episodes/follow the updates. What I will say is that at this stage of the game, it’s just not fun anymore. We already know the outcome of the next 3 evictions, and once Jody and Mark are out, it’s gonna be the same stuff over again. One of the sheep win HOH and get Paul’s guidance. I think if Jody wins safety and veto, they’re still going to stay, so it’s not as if they are completely giving up, but other than that happening, there’s really no reason to waste any energy on trying to game, it’s just not worth it. What will be interesting is to see if Jess or Cody flip the script on the house and start blowing people up left and right. It will be a long time coming for the despicable, nasty games of Paul, Josh, Christmas, Alex, and Raven.


In my household we were shocked that Big Brother would allow that bullying against Jessica and Cody. This week was the worst yet. Unacceptable. It.s time someone says something or kick bullies out if it continues. We are very disappointed.


Are you kidding? They’d never kick out their star Paul! Why they made sure to give him 3 weeks of safety at the beginning to make sure he’d stay in. They had their talks with him and that’s the only nod you’re going to get.


They should have been stopped by production right then and there on live TV.

Returning fan

If they go ahead and vote out Jess, will Cody even stay? He may just grab his bag and follow.


I’m so disappointed in this season. Cbs only showed a little bit of what really transpired and left the worst parts out of the show. Disgusting human beings Paul, Josh, Raven, Alex.


Don’t forget Christmas…..


OMG her scootering to the backyard to pick on people was too much for me!!


I don’t think Josh is a disgusting human being. I just think he is an idiot who will do anything that anyone else tells him to do


Cody has totally ruined Jessica’s game. The only question is whether or not he ruins her entire life!


Does Jessica realize how desperate she appears. cooing ad snuggling with Cody during the show was disgusting and frankly, embarrassing. One of them has to go!

Just saying

She thinks she is in love and running away with it. Not embarrassing or desperate. Desperation is Mark pining after Elana, which is sad cause he seems like a decent guy. Embarrassing is Raven playing house with Matt when he is clearly not all that into her.


HAHA I noticed that as well. The way she was sitting with her back arched sticking her boobs out like she was posing? Julie had to interrupt her face sucking I was like WTF! Said she was dressing like Arian Grande? Not surprised she likes the donut licker. Hope her clients liked her look she does not impress me.


Josh said last night that she was holding little Cody when Julie Chen was talking to her. To say that this is the worst cast ever is not right. They are all the worst cast ever, isn’t that the point. Unfortunately for us, Jessica thinks America likes her, so , she is insufferable. There were some voters that were probably holding their little ones while voting.


I am disappointed in the players in Big Brother this year.They acted like children with Paul being their leader.Why can’t they see Paul is in it to win it! They need to start thinking on their own.They need to realize that Paul is going to take them out one by one.I think he should not be in the game to began with.He lies to them like crazy.Cody and Jessica are the only ones attempting to play the game.They are not too good at it.Then you have a big fat ugly nut in the house that shouldn’t be there.He needs help.REAL Help.Not a good Big Brother so far this season.(lazy no thinking people on it this year)


It sounds like Jess Cody are quitting…come on..think positive and scare the


yep, they have decided to lay in bed and talk babies. Way to throw away your game.


I have loved BB from the very first season! At times, I have hated, loved and even vowed to stop watching more times than I can count, but I never did. Instead I would bite my lip, while rooting for my favorite player (which would change when that player got evicted), year after year. However this year, I can’t say the same. Obvious Production interaction and altering has been more prevalent this year than ever before. The disregarded to antics while caring more about Ratings has overtaken the show. This is the first year that I really will not care to watch after what I have seen. To me, the Big Brother I have came to love, is no longer a great show, and what would make me come back year after year is no longer there.


I can’t believe the bullying on BB Thursday night….Love the show but they need to put a stop to the bullying. Why would BB think this is okay??


Big Brother has falling to an all time low. It’s starting to look like this is scripted. What a disgusting show this has become.

Youtube Videos

Just go on youtube and search big brother scripted, there are many clips from past guests and even guests while on the show talking about how production scripts and influences the show. This reality tv is the farthest thing from reality, its all scripted and no reality.


They are destroying BB with this group of teasers – unacceptable. We cannot even watch anymore. When they gave Paul safety for 4 weeks they should have changed the name of the show to Paul’s house.

i wish cam had come back into the game

jesus I want to like Jessica and cody but I just cant. I mean after what happened to them this week I want them to keep winning just to piss off the other followers in the house. but it sucks because week after week they are on the block and they never do anything socially to try and fix things, they just sit by themselves and have sex, oh and talk about getting Jessica preggo after knowing each other for like a month. I want to face palm at how stupid these 2 are. Jessica wake the f up…but I do think its a smart move going for prizes if they have a chance because they know there is basically zero chance either can win the game (since neither of them have any social game) so getting something is a great idea. I hope they do get the chance to win something that would be a nice thing for production to do for them. and maybe they can go and make babies together on a tropical island or something.


If BB producer don’t change the way this game is going there will be no one watching, I for one am out and I know of a large number of people who loved BB but not this one. A few of the girls are teachers and are teaching there students how wrong bullying is and then night after night on BB the whole show and all about the idiots bullying two people and showing how they are getting away with it.


As long as we pay for access they will continue this crap. Imagine the money CBS is making of of the live feeds. I finally caved again this year & paid. Now I regret it. I think I’ll just watch past years episodes. Go Janelle & Howie (BB6). 🙂

Don't Cave In, Just Google

I watch the live feeds also but I don’t pay CBS, there are a few sites out there that the feeds can be found on, this way absolutely no financial support goes to CBS from my pocket and I can walk away from the feeds at anytime if I’m not resonating with productions story lines.


Simon or dawg what did y’all think of that bs edit cbs/production did on last night episode. They didn’t show Paul, or xmas coaching josh and Jason what to do. Also didn’t show them going after Cody saying he is a disgrace to the marines and other stuff. The only good thing is they showed Ravens true colors finally.


Thursday night’s show was horrible but at least now the general public know just how nasty their favorites act. They are all so immature & disgusting. I’m starting to think I’m getting too old for this show. I’ve been watching since season2. I enjoyed the early seasons. I thought that BB was a really interesting & entertaining experiment in human nature. Now thigh, it’s bullying & disgusting sex talk. I aboy vomited when I heard Jess talk about “fingering” Cody & they were so excited to share that they had done it. YECH!
I can’t stand any of those losers!

online player

Anonymous, wait until Jessica goes home and sees Cody tell a houseguest about keeping Alex and Jason in the game to take out Raven and Jessica when Cody said he was loyal to Jessica 110 percent. Then, I think their romance would be diminished.


Do y’all not know that Cody told Jessica he said it during week 1 but also a lot of shit was said week one. So much has changed for those two since he said that. It’s funny cbs edited it to look like that but didn’t show him saying he said it but never made a deal with Alex and Jason to do that.

Just me

She already knows. He admitted it to her. It was week 1. Things change. He hasn’t said it since.


This show has been stuck in a holding pattern b/c everyone has been trying to get rid of Cody for an ENTIRE MONTH and he keeps getting saved by production. He needs to go so that the game (that he refuses to be any part of) can continue!

Oh and him and Jessica have ZERO chance in the real world. It’s beyond obvious …

online player

Paul told Josh to up the level to a 30 in the kitchen and Josh started banging pots and pans outside where Cody and Jessica were sitting in the first 20 minutes of the show.


Wow I finally just watched the “jessica vs the whole house video” and i can’t believe how many followers/spineless losers they casted this season! Love or hate Jessica you gotta give this girl credit?!! She stands alone and looks 1000x tougher than all of them combined with speaking her mind and than being strong enough to sit there and act unfazed by a bunch of barking dogs! She DID NOT have a man to back her like a lot of woman do. Whether she’s trying to keep cody calm or he just wouldn’t stand up to them since all of them were ganging up on ONLY her, its a very admirable quality that she’s showing! To not be a follower, speak your mind but also carry on and act like a lady. Pops girl, you held your own!!!!! P.s raven shut the fuck up, your only yapping because Paul told his dogs to bark!!!


Here’s what I can’t understand for the life of me. Everyone is jumping on board with the whole Jody thing. With regards to game play, they are some of the dumbest players in BB that I have ever seen. They lie in bed all day, make stupid decisions (do we need to mention Jessica’s HOH and veto!?), get it on on TV, Jessica tells other women to show their lady parts on TV to get more famous, and Cody makes the most inappropriate comments about women (the dog comment, etc). I tell ya, last night was hard to watch when Jessica and Cody were on the block. Jessica was in a BRA, and she sat sideways peering out of the side of her eyes and I think she thought she was some sort of model getting her glam pics done. She’s only there to show off her body to the viewers and get pregnant by a guy she met a short time ago. Go Kevin and Jason!!!


and some people on this board have called her a lady….lol


For the sake of the game, I hope Jody survive the week and if so Mark goes home. Sad for the guy. He’s not cut out for the viciousness of this group and has no shot at winning. Paul wanting Jess out is a mistake that I hope bites him in the arse. I presume Cody had training in the event he ever became a POW. This situation would be a zillion times easier to handle. Without having to protect Jess, he’ll place himself in solitary confinement and be Ok with slop and any mental torture they try to dish out. Plus knowing Jess is watching will keep him from engaging in altercations. His need for payback will be strong and fight tooth and nail to inflict damage on the group before leaving. Can you imagine how bad Paul would freak out if Cody won HOH, refused to talk to anyone and gave no indication of what he was going to do?

The End Is Near

If they don’t, the only pleasure I will have is watching the other’s turn on themselves. Can’t wait to see it. I will have ZERO compassion for their asses when they get the opposite side of the stick, like they gave it to Cody and Jessica. Guaranteed, that is when they start thinking on their own, which will be too late. IDIOTS

Everybody has one. (An opinion)

This may be the beginning of a crack among Paul’s minions. . .I don’t think there’s any way Josh will put Alex on the block. He may; I could be wrong but right now, I don’t see it. A lot is going to depend on who wins safety today in the temptation comp.

As far as Jody being back next year, I don’t think so. !) I don’t see them lasting six months outside the house, much less a year. 2) If anything, Cody may be asked to be on Survivor. . .a game he’s much better suited to play.


This is who Paul reminds me of Eddie Munster


Everytime I turn on the feds Raven has her mouth full of junk and her hand in a bag. I thought her diet was very limited and gets sick if she eats certain things. She is always eating. I never see her not munching on something. Has any of the HG ever questioned this?

Anti Paul Puppet

I don’t have feeds but I read the OBB pretty regularly, so I knew what all when down in the fight Saturday. My husband only watches the show. Obviously, he had no idea why I was so irritated about the production of the show. After explaining the marine bashing, my husband thought the reason for the edit was they didn’t want to be promoting that behavior as a network…. I immediate think the opposite, that they promote the behavior by not calling it out and making those people accountable for their actions.

What are your opinions… does CBS edit promote or discourage this behavior???


I think CBS was afraid of airing the Marine bashing because they could also be guily of ‘inciting violence’. It could start a huge backlash and lots of death threats to Paul and his minions. Maybe after the racism in BB15 CBS is trying to be cautious. The producers did get involved with the cast to tell them to stop ganging up on Jody. They probably learned they need to step in earlier now after what happened in BB15. But I agree they did let Paul and the others off the hook too easily. But they may have weighed the pros and cons and decided the consequences were too serious.

CBS the paradoxical station

After the past few days and reflecting on the whole bully issue, the only true instigator is CBS. CBS preys on the heartstrings of the audience and tries to have controversy in the house for ratings purposes, that is pretty clear and obvious. For CBS as a media outlet, they have a social responsibility to uphold their integrity, they have programs like 60 minutes that has done specials on bullying and anti-bullying, so for Big Brother a CBS summer darling show to actually condone bullying was my final straw.

The producers of Big Brother are the ones who are disappointing and condoning bullying by allowing it to happen (just for ratings). Also the editing that CBS/Big Brother gives Paul/Christmas is laughable. I watch the TV show with a friend that doesn’t watch the live feeds and it is amazing how different of a perception he has of the house guests, but that is exactly what CBS wants, people that just blindly tune in Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday for those ratings.

To be honest, it seems like CBS and the big brother series is a perfect reflection of the times we now face, people just blindly follow others in todays society. The house guests blindly follow Paul and the CBS station just blindly follows those ratings and has no moral compass and sends out paradoxical messages to its audience.

Everybody has one. (An opinion)

If, in fact, Paul really wants a strong player on the block next to Jessica, why doesn’t he volunteer to go up? “Things that make you go, ‘Hmmmm. . .'”

I'm outy

Last night at 9:30 pm EST I cancelled my DVR recording and Live Feed Subscription. Every year the behavior seems to just go where it should not. The editing to protect a bunch of mindless drones following the orders of a garden gnome is terrible. I am not going to waste my time watching this crap anymore. Cannot stomach it, I am not a Jess and Cody fan, I just am not a fan of how 7 people behaved and were rewarded with a great edit by production, then to have Julie say meatball only told them what they did was supported and liked. So it will only get worse from here. The drones only care about jury, they will push the gnome to the finale and then vote for him to win because he took them to jury, all the while be painted like they are some kind of super group. Rewarding people for plotting to push a fellow gamer to the point of violence by using his service in 2 branches of military and 2 tours of combat is beyond anything I want to witness.


I agree that the behavior in the house is extremely bad, but Cody did some horrible nasty things to people early on in the show. He has no sympathy for others, can’t get along with anyone, he has already admitted he has no friends, and we can all see that he has no social skills whatsoever, and a temper that is extremely volatile. The other day for example, he and Jess went into the storage room and drank straight from bottles of pop and chocolate milk, then he later goes and cooks himself up 9 eggs, leaving 4 for the rest of the people. Last night he went again into the storage room and drank again from the container and put it back afterwards. That is also disgusting. He has stated several times that he liked killing people. I have know 3 people in my life who served in the war. They don’t even like to discuss it. They are horrified that they have taken lives, not proud of it. So is Cody a saint undeserving of the treatment he got from these people? I think they went overboard, but yes he did deserve some of it. Even Dominique was shocked on his treatment of Christmas, and their spreading lies that Josh tried to hit on Kevin? There is no one without blame these past weeks, and I don’t see it stopping till he is out of the house.


Where in the feeds did Cody say himself that he liked killing people? If he did I hope that was just for game purpose and strategy. Otherwise he’d be a sociopath and BB screens out such people in their psych tests. Also he knows the others have been putting Vaseline in his coffee and who knows what else they’ve done. They don’t respect his stuff so he obviously doesn’t respect theirs.

You're killing me smalls

Show me where Cody rallied people to push someone to a violent end.. He told the blue haired girl he did not like her big freaking deal. That is not Bullying, she was bullied by Josh within 20 minutes of the show starting, then he cried about it and that is when Cody told him to go make victim noises. He tried to back door Paul big freaking deal. His alliance turned on him and ran to hide under Paul’s coat tails all because he had safety. If he did not have that safety they most likely would not have done that. So yes when they betrayed him he was a little salty. But he never once went into the DR and talked about breaking someone mentally. What they did was not justified in any way shape or form, and for them to be rewarded for that disgusting display is just beyond comprehension. So in short Paul’s 3 weeks of safety is what set the train down the path to last week. They would have never abandoned ship if it were not for that. And I think what he said was he enlisted specifically to kill terrorist, they are freaking terrorist who blow up little girls at pop concert. So yayyy for Cody sniping terrorist. Thank you Cody! He did not say he just enjoys killing people randomly or just for the heck of it. Hell I had the feeds and I have read every post here and I never read or watched him say he enjoyed killing people.


Finally some clarity

carlos grullon

this season sucks worst bb ever hopefully Cody and Jessica find a way to stay safe this week. Production please stop bringing vets to play this game worst decision ever


This may have been addressed but somehow I missed why and how Jessica had cat-ears on. Was it a jab at Alex? Where did they come from? Very curious. I thought Julie would comment on them but didn’t. Anyone know? Simon? Dawg?

The End Is Near

As much as I was rooting for Jess and Cody at this point, I realize that there is no hope. The inevitable is that every single person that gets HOH is gunning for them, until they are gone. With that said, I wish I could flash forward 4 weeks (after Elana and Mark are gone too), because we know that they are next… I CANNOT wait for these IDIOTS to turn on each other! It’s going to be EPIC when reality hits them in what ever little piece of a brain they have in their heads, that there can only be two at the end.

Who's the bigger person?

Paul, who nonstop brags about all the trite things he’s done and important people he knows
Cody, who never mentions the numerous medals and commendations he received while serving out country?

Shannon Hoon

First.. I love when people say they looked up some information on the houseguests they don’t like then write some bs they made up and or read on some BB forum or gossip site. Hey I “looked up some info” on you. And it turns out you are a miserable with your own life moron jealous of people on a T.V. show.

Two…Cody and Jess have not “given up” they only have so many options at this point. I hope the doofus troop does Xmasass idea and put’s up Alex and Jess. Then Cody wins POV takes Jess down and they flip the house and get Alex out. Yes one of Cody or Jess will be up but things can flip. The only people 100% with Alex are Jason and Paul.

Stranger things have happened.

And the Safety comp can flip things first also. A lot of game left folks. Don’t be such debbie downers. I never see “reality” show junkies get this way about Survivor. For some reason BB your addiction is also the devil to half of you. It’s a decent show every year. Better than 90% of the trash on the 300 channels we all have. Be Chill enjoy the show for what’s it worth..smoke a fat one and move on.

Also the Canada vs. U.S.A. crap on this site is so chilidish. Border countries that love eachother and every season a few douche nozzles embarrass themselves and talk sht.


I never seen more people relentlessly in pursuit of two people out… Week after week, it’s the same story, just a different person with one common denominator… Paul in their ear. Every time someone new gets in there, I hope that they will think on their own, and it’s just been one broken record after another, “I’m putting up Jessica and Cody”. I hang on week after week looking for one person of that stupid bunch, to think on their own, just one! UGH


For the first time in a while I haven’t watched the last few episodes. I only read the updates on here now as it really isn’t entertaining to watch people simply treat each other horribly instead of playing the game.


I feel like I’m going crazy reading these Cody and Jessica are “amazing” post, It just shows that how unlikable this entire cast is when you are rooting for those two crazies. Lets face it Cody is far from stable and Jessica is about as interesting as a wet blanket. Some of you are acting like they will be the next Jordan and Jeff… LMAO


Once Cody or Jessica leave the game will open up a bit. Hopefully we start seeing some opposition to Paul.


For sure people just seem to forget how much Cody and Jessica alienated themselves from the rest of the house. Cody’s first move in the game showed he couldn’t be trusted and hides his plays from even his allies and Jessica is just Jessica… Once one of them are gone the house should start targeting Paul.


Hi Simon! Do you know how and why Jessica had cat-ears on last night? I can’t find anything about it but it was new. Thanks!


All I heard was her telling Cody she was going with the “The one that can’t be named” sister look.


Oh, okay then. Thank you!


Simon you called everyone out on your last post except for that SIMMON dude! He is the one who starts most of the trouble and should be evicted first. I like Andrew and his space suit was the bomb digity.


SIMMONs the worst I would rather not even bring him up..


Gozer the Traveler

Just start referring to SIMMONS as “He who shall be nameless” and you can blast SIMMONs without actually using the screen handle and the byproduct would be an extra laugh for us 🙂

Gozer the Traveler

Kevin is playing the perfect game so far. Sitting back and getting tons of info while making everyone think he is on their side. So far, he does not seem to be making the mistakes that many people trying similar game play make and overplaying and overthinking. To those who think Paul is simply running the game without opposition do not realize that Kevin, Christmas, Matt, and Alex all have the smarts to blow Paul out of the water when the numbers get to their favor. Paul will no longer be useful to the group once Jody is gone. Paul will be out the back door sooner than later.


Simon said it best, ” This all makes me very SALTY. ”
Of course you won’t see Paul compete in the temptation challenge?! He just sends all of his Followers out to do it. And no one questions him as to why he won’t do it !!!! These people are a bunch of IDIOTS.
I can’t wait till Josh finds out what all of those Safety Deposit boxes do in the HoH room this Week. Maybe open Pandora’s Box ??? I have a feeling it is on it’s way. – You just know Production would love to TOY with Josh a little and make him look a little foolish to the rest of the House. – Well, we can all HOPE a little !!!


Why are Jess and Cody just lying down and giving up. Does Cody not remember how he stirred the pot right before he left last time…he threw Mark and Dom under the bus and it worked…Dom left, not Jess. Come on Cody…this is a game…you and Jess can start stirring the pot even if one of you two leaves. You signed up for a game, now play it. Don’t just hand the money to the rest of the players….make them work for it. I don’t care for Jess and Cody, but I’m all for game play.


Paul = best player on big brother
hit that like if you love him


I despise Paul, Raven and Alex. I dislike Christmas, Elana and Matt. Feel sad for Josh and Mark and neutral for Jody. Best of the bunch, and that’s not saying much, is Jason and Kevin.

No Even Close

Players such as Derrick, Evel Dick, Dan and Dr.Will come to mind well before Paul even pops in mind for best player. Can you imagine Paul in the house with those 4, they would eat Paul alive. That I would tune into, grab my popcorn and revel in!

The Wil Show

Wil Heuser’s The Saga ep 4 on YouTube is pretty funny, particularly diary sessions of Kevin, Christmas, Elana and Raven. Interesting that he hasn’t done Paul yet, but how can he not when he does episode 5. Has a lot of material to work with. Wish we saw more of this talent during his season.