Paul “Mark is one of those guys that won’t fight but if you could get it out of him.. its scary.”

9pm Kitchen – Josh, Mark, Alex, Paul, Christmas and Elena.
Paul – Josh – you can’t pay me 5k to fight you. Matt – you out weigh him by 90lbs. Raven – its not the size of the dog it the fight in the dog. Josh calls Mark a meatball. Mark – yeah, I’m a big a$$ meatball! Paul – I feel like Mark is one of those guys that won’t fight but if you could get it out of him.. its scary. Mark says the Josh is like the Kevin Heart act where all he is is talk. Paul – Josh will swing. Josh – I will swing. Paul – He will scrap, he’s knows he’s not that good but he’ll scrap. Josh – I’ll scrap anybody! Like I’ll scrap two of you. Paul – he will lose but he’ll scrap you. Josh – I’ll lose but guess what I’ll be remembered for scrapping two of you. That’s my legacy meatball! Remember that! Josh – I don’t like to fight. I like to share love. Mark – we would need a lot more than ref to keep me off of you.

10:40pm HOH room.
Paul if we step in to vote them out… you vote out Jessica.

12:45am Backyard – Josh and Mark playing pool.
Josh – If I win HOH, someone else is going to need to read my letter from my mom. In her writing I can tell how shes saying it. I can’t even read a letter from my mom because I will lose it. I know that you said after what happened with your mom you get into these .. Mark – yeah, its an emotion that comes over me. There’s not to much I can do about it. Josh – In this place we’re going to feel 500,000 emotions. In the normal world we won’t. Its going to happen to me, Its going to happen to every single one of us. Even in the top three in this house. When you feel it, you need to get yourself out of it, even if you don’t want to. People don’t want to socialize with me, I don’t give a f**k. That’s what works for me. Paul said its only gong to get worse. Mark – I know that. Everything has just piled up. You make connections in this house. I made two close ones off the bat and then I made another one. They’re all kind of F**ked right now for me. It is what it is but at the same time its just a game. Josh – Like I said, I still hate you but I love you. Mark – I appreciate that. Take your f**king shot. Josh – but you’re still a meatball.

Kitchen – Paul, Matt and Raven.
Matt – so she can use it when she wants. If she wants she could have used it at noms right? Paul – before the voting begins. Matt – but if she wanted to use it at noms, could she have? They talk about voting out Jessica.d Matt – best case scenario Cody losses his sh*t. We could be like bro, you just cost your girl $500,000! Congrats! Paul – I went like, $500,000 is one expensive date. (in his goodbye message.) At this point it doesn’t matter, its pre-jury. Matt – yeah. Raven – you want to say I did something shaddy. F**K YOU.

12:50am Bathroom – Paul and Josh.
Paul – keep this to yourself.. tomorrow vote to evict Jessica, not Cody. Okay?! Josh – okay.

1:35am Bedroom – Paul gets choked out by Mark.

1:50am Paul, Alex and Jason saran wrap Josh’s sheets into a person. Josh – this is awesome! Are my sheets in there?! Who did this!?

2:45am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Who cares.

I care

Typically when I don’t care about something, I don’t take the time to comment on it.

Lou Skunt

But you took the time to respond to this. Which means you’re a butthurt little bitch.


ive done SOOOOOO MUCH TROLLING on JODY since week2. calling jess a gold digging cum guzzling bimbo and CODY an arrogant asshole and douche bag. my opinion hasnt changed much about jessica bc she strait up is a bottle service tip whore looking for a sugar daddy stupid enough to buy her birkins which cody could never do. thats why i think shes trash casue she’s totally leading him on. but with cody ive come to understand his attitude and i respect our vet’s so much more now. he’s such a prick bc of what he has done. he had to be like that to make it out of a warzone alive and that attitude is apart of him now. i still dont like him but its not his fault he’s being a homophobic, passive aggressive child. if he doesn’t get his way he only knows how to fight. he needs anger management classes and Jessica is so bad for him. how is he gonna handle her in real life. her job is to serve rich dudes that get drunk and look at her tits and ass all day long and some even feel her ass sometimes when its crowded and she takes it bc she takes home huge tips off huge bills. mandatory20% gratuity which rich guys sometimes tip on top of by more. im assuming that she works at a club like the roxbury and not some empty watering hole


If anything I think you need anger management haha. You act like you know these people personally. What a joke. You have no idea what Jessica and Cody are like outside the house. I’m not a fan of theirs but I think you’re being way to harsh with your opinion of them outside the house. Chill the hell out.


1967, holy shit man shouldnt u be watching matlock or golden girls.


Holy shit my head hurts after trying to read that.

Tiny dictator please go home

I honestly can’t believe the rest of the season (if Jody doesn’t pull out a long shot) is going to consist of these classless idiots. Too tough to watch.

Evil Alex

Since Alex is so obsessed about her cat ears.. I hope to God at the aftershow Jeff tells her it was Raven that took them and dumped out her Coke . Would love to see her response. What a foolish little brat she is. Full of jealousy and hate.


Does anyone know who actually hid the ears and poured out the coke? Was it Raven or Jessica?

50 shades of Raven accents

The were hidden by “half an hour hand-job” Raven.


I thought it was Jess. Simon, dawg can you clarify


i think it was raven


It was Raven … it was on the feeds


And she looks like a 2 year old at a Chuck E Cheese’s Birthday party wearing those dumb things.. Also, didn’t Josh, and was it Jason, who(m) broke two pairs of her expensive glasses? She’s not mad at that, but pissed over some Dollar Store juvenile headband (which she got back)… Ridiculous.


The cat ears were cute at first. Now they gotta go.


Jeff should give the minion a set of dog ears!


Alex is also obsessed with Jason.

Alex lay off of Jason. He is married. Stop following him everywhere. Stop touching him. Let him shower without you watching him. You look desperate.

Evict Them All

I’m not sure who is worse….Paulhole, Joshole or Alex.

Smitten Kitten

Raven dumped out the coke AND hid Alex’s cat ears, both on the live feeds.

Alex should’ve been able to tell just by the way that Raven lunged at Jessica like a rabid dog when she was accused.

When someone is telling the truth, they deny it.
When someone is lying and gets caught in their lies, they freak out about it & then rant on about it never ending, to whoever will listen.

It’s psychology/sociology 101

Zakiyah's used maxi pad

Paul is the best player ever.


Based on reports and updates Cody can’t or won’t pull out any long shots


Paul is not going to win this game. Cody or jess will not win this game. The last time the “obvious” winner won was BB16 with Derrick, and that is recognized by many as the worst season ever. Big Brother will not make that same mistake again. Someone else will win. I just hope it’s not Raven.


That’s true. But I do feel like if Paul does somehow make it through, it’ll be because he has a way to use his celeb status to wrap these house guests around his finger. If they vote out Jessica if she happens not to use it, Cody is still a bigger target, then you have mark going for josh. The only two I’m concerned about going for Paul are Jason and Kevin. If Paul survives two more evictions after this week, the guy has a good chance of making it.


So hope not


The definition of celebrity really has changed since I was young…granted that was pre-internet so we weren’t inundated with a million stories about celebrities so that the news folks had to scrounge to find monkeys to amuse the masses.

Dance monkey, dance!


I want to agree with you, but I don’t see any group capable of turning against him and then beating him out in comps. In the past a lot of people were convinced Amanda and Grande were picked by BB to win and they didn’t, but maybe only because they were not perceived well by fans as the show progressed. But slime balls do make it to the end like Andy and GinaMarie.

With the show’s concept that not only are people are watched, but are controlled by BB, production can write the script however it wants. Right now with Paul’s decline in popularity and Jody’s climb, they might be looking to keep that storyline going longer to retain viewership. Once the hex is used, they can say whoever was on the block is safe from being nominated this week. Or, give Jody the strategy for winning tonight’s comp. Right now they have antagonist, protagonist, conflict, drama, romance, etc. so I’d be surprised if they are OK with one of Jody going next week.

Anti Paul Puppet

In my opinion, there really isn’t anything Production can do to save Jody if they don’t win HOH. Yes, one can possibly win the safety and one could possibly win the veto, but Christmas has the ability to switch a veto player. 100% Paul would convince her to use it next week to insure one goes home.

I’m praying for Jody to win HOH and go after Paul. Actually I want them to further sink their ship by putting the “biggest” targets in the game up there. I will let you know when I figure out who the “biggest” targets are.

My favorites – Jody because they are the underdog and would go after Paul
Jason – He is starting to figure out the game, I think he might eventually target Paul, plus hes funny

I’m sad that I lost Kevin this week. I really was enjoying him, but this Christmas thing is not cool.


i dont think she can switch a player for another player.. I think she can take the place of another player… am I wrong?

Anti Paul Puppet

If Jess or Cody were playing in the veto (just one of them), Christmas would use her Hex to switch with them so they would not be able to play insuring that they were not safe.


Xmas cant switch out a nominee

Unsure which one to hit

Only giving the thumbs down because I don’t want that to happen!! Sorry.

Everybody has one. (An opinion)

That’s my understanding.


I think that is correct.


Hasn’t the time elapsed for Christmas’ Power? I thought it was only good for 3 weeks not the whole game
Simon Dawg?


With all her meds, is there anyone in the house who remember that Xmas has that power? Does she remember?


I want them to stay in the game to see Paul combust as well as get people on the block like some combo of Raven, Alex and Christmas. That would force a division among Paul and his puppets and avoid the next several weeks of them implementing their hit list.


Not having the feeds, has there been anything further with Kevin and Xmas other than his joke about falling in love with her and her flirting with him?

I’m fairly certain Kevin truly doesn’t like Xmas, so just wondering. Because if there’s some truth to his honestly being into her, I’m going to have to switch to Jason for #1.



i don’t think paul will win either. he has no jury management strategy (which is what sank him last year). i don’t think cody or jess will win either, but there’s a very good chance one of them becomes first member of the jury and paul’s game is pretty much sunk should that happen as every subsequent jury member will then be soured on paul by jody.


I would rather Cody win, because I’m more sure that he would go after Paul. Jessica would target Alex and probably put Josh next to her.


Cody would most diffently go after Paul or josh with Alex on back burner. I really hope they lose hog and are put on block again can’t stand them( Jessica or Cody)


Yeah when Paul has a target set, he makes it his mission to make their life miserable, and though he tries to make it seem like it’s the house’s doing, it always becomes very clear that Paul is the head of the snake. When it was already set that Dom was going home during Alex’s HOH, Paul did not have to initiate a late night argument. He did so anyway because he thrives off of making scenes. Don’t think Paul will get a lot of votes if all of his evictions continue to be so hate fueled. After all a bitter jury is what cost him last season.


Or maybe he just does for Entertainment. This is a Game and a Reality Show at that. I’m sure he was brought in for that reason, otherwise this would a snooze fest. He’s mentioned it several times. Paul Fan or not, there is no Entertainment in watching people joined at the hip, if you want that kind of Entertainment, then there is the Bachelor for that. It wasn’t so much a bitter jury, but all the girls made it clear they wanted a girl to win. It’s pretty clear from last night, right before the Veto, in the DR when they gave them their Names, Cody just shook his head like, I’m not doing this. He must be a producers night mare, trying to get some personality to come out, after all, they are putting on a SHOW!


Season 16 was not the worst Season ever…. The worst Season ever is the Season that shall not be named…. if you say it you find a cross burning on your front lawn, Racheal and McKay will having sex in your bathroom, your house or apartment becomes covered in garbage… there will be a weird racist woman in your bedroom creating an alter for the man she is stalking….. Season 15 did not get close to that mess.


The only people who sre even playing are: paul, jody, jason and maybe kevin. Thats literally it. Everyone else is there for twitter followers.


You can include Jessica on that list for twitter followers. She has stated on the live feeds that she is there for exposure.

Jimmy 64

Kevin is going to win .
If Paul wins it will suck!
When are the sheep going to wake up and eat the shepherd.


Never cared. About Paul.

Evict Them All

Hate him. No friendship at all.

Praying to the bb gods for a Jody hoh, and please production dont bs fans in the Thursday edit

Production, on Thursdays show, either show what happened on Monday in full without trying to edit it in a way to make people like Paul, Raven, Josh and Alex look better or be prepared for backlash from the bb community.

My ideal Thursday episode –

CBS actually show the events of Sunday to Monday properly to show everything from Jess calling out Pauls game and rattling him and telling him she is using the hex, to Paul telling Jason to be mean to Cody in his veto speech after Jess asked Paul not to make his speech personal, to Jess catching Raven being dodgy, to the pre planning to get Cody to snap and hit Josh so he would be removed from the game(including mocking his marines history with xmas getting involved), to it escalating with Jess slaying allcomers in the kitchen under a barrage of verbal attacks(shades of her hoh comp win where she triumphed after 3 hours of bullying distractions and punishments), to Paul rallying the bully attack dogs to follow Cody and Jess outside where the group think bullying continued. Then show Cody and Jess contemplating walking, but then saying they will ride it out, especially as the fans gave Jess the power.

Then speeches are allowed before the hex is used. Cody gets up and gives a shout out to his daughter, and says how proud he is to have served his country. Jess gets up and points out how Paul is controlling everyone and the person most likely to prevent everyone else from winning and that the longer they leave him in the game the more difficult he will be to get out, and he is a for sure winner if he gets f2, and explains he is using animal training techniques on all of you, rewarding you when you follow his orders and putting you in the dog house when you dont, then calls out Paul and his minions for their bullying so that cbs cant edit it to make Paul look good. Halting Hex Rise, Eviction Night Dies, Halting Hex Rise, Eviction Night Dies, Halting Hex Rise, Eviction Night Dies, then Cody and Jess make out. Julie reveals nobody is going home, and everyone has made jury but theres a jury twist to be revealed finale night(this ensures max drama for jury house, having both Cody and Jess will be way more feisty v Paul and the minions). Then Paul cant play hoh. Cody or Jess(or maybe Mark) win hoh and are safe for the week and the 3 form a final 3 alliance as they will remain loyal and are 3 of the best comp players. Everyone else scramble and chaos reigns, people throwing each other under the bus.

Production – dont bs the fans in the episode, we know what happened, its a reality show and we have seen real live feeds…show us the real story without sugar coating, it would be greatly appreciated.

BB Gods – now I pray for you to help this hoh be won by Mark(if he truly is with Cody and Jess) or won by Cody or Jess.

wow! so cody and jess do no wrong? What about jess and cody talking bad about alex? Saying shes a man and talking about her fat stomach. They definitely are just as horrible as the rest of them.

My ears are bleeding

The sound of ravens voice is comparable to nails on a chalkboard. Not sure how anyone inside the house tolerates it.


Instead of Maven, it should be Ratt. Raven thinks she is the greatest player, seriously her constant eating,side looking and checking herself in the mirrors it overload…..When they all see the actual way they played the game it will be like Game of Thrones …….shame,shame,shame.

The Raven Idiot

Do you love the way she exaggerates stuff to make everyone “Notice” her???


My goodness! You heartless monster! She has a DISEASE! She has just a short time left…maybe a little more…ok just a tad more…alright, maybe a couple more years or 50. She could drop dead any second with her stomach unable to even push out all the crap she’s shoved down her gullet. She throws up all the time…ok we’ve never seen it or heard her mention actually throwing up in the house…but she throws up a dozen times a day but these last few…dozen days she’s been…lucky and not had to…even once. Hmm…well…but that other mysterious illness the doctors don’t have a name for…is bad? She needs to win to pay off her medical bills…that should be covered by insurance…we’re supposed to feel sorry for her, right?

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Yeah, that’s a prescription Rolls Royce she’s been driving.


Not sure you want a Naked parade that went along with it

The Beef

I gave you a thumbs up based on your first sentence alone! Ratt is perfect for them!

Tonight's gonna be LIT

Paul is dumb, THEY WON’T EVEN BE ABLE TO VOTE once she uses the Hex. I just love how he’s so paranoid that he talks about Jody and the temptation all the time. Yesterday Jason and Kevin were talking and he just busted in their conversation and started blabbering about them out of nowhere. Like get the f*ck out of here little gnome.


Do you love it or do you like love it-love it?!?


They are cracking me up, do they really believe there is a snow balls chance in hell that Jessica will not use her hex? Gosh I really hope Jess or Cody win HOH. They are the only ones that will make a move to bust up the gnomes control of the game. I cannot even trust Mark to make a move.. If one of the sheep win, I am done with the season.. I am not going to a bunch of dumb asses had the gnome the game..


It is so frustrating Jody thinks they deserve to be in this game more than most of the other players because they have “worked their butts off”. This past week they haven’t been doing anything strategically to try to position themselves better in this game unless someone happens to walk by & make small talk. How can you improve your chances in case you get power by isolating yourselves & cuddle all day.


Are u frustrated? I would be happy to see more of that


True that!
Everyone has forgotten including Jason, that he is a third nominee.

Everybody has one. (An opinion)

Paul used the veto to take Jason off.


No not at all, they tried to mend fences the week she had the HOH, but they did not hold to their end and never had any intentions in doing so. They straight lied to her face and entire week. That group has no intentions of working with either of them, so why should they try just to keep having the door shut in their face over and over?

What is frustrating to me is 6 people think the gnome is the end all be all in the game, all the while tanking their own shot at the $500k. He has them all so set on just making it to jury. Seriously, the day Paul walked in there were 2 people that said he needed to go in their DR’s that was Cody & Elana. At least Cody made an attempt the rest can’t see past Paul’s shit that is on their noses.. They will further him, then vote for him to win just because he took them to jury, you have got to be kidding me. So yes there are many levels of frustration with #19. When you add spineless cowards trying to push a fellow gamer to physical violence you lost me. I was team Alex, Jason and Kevin, but not anymore.. So who does that leave me with? 2 that are at least playing the game.. And I was in no way rooting for them prior to this..


I know your a Jody fan, but be serious…
During Jessica’s HOH she was not trying to “mend fences” she was trying to get them to do what she wanted taking out Josh which was clearly for personal reasons not game. They unlike Jessica chose to play the damn game & take out an actual threat Rameses. Jessica as usual played personal during her HOH instead of taking Rameses off the block & taking a shot at Paul hit or miss, & she could’ve potentially rallied the house to betray Paul & take him out, a GOOD player would’ve at least tried, but she’s not a good player, she thinks she’s on a dating show.


Ramses? A threat? What? Are you drinking Paul’s koolaid too?


I haven’t been lumping Kevin and Jason in that “mobbing” scenario, because I saw them entirely on the sidelines. However, they didn’t step in to cool things down either. I didn’t like that Kevin suggested to Josh that he revive his pots and pans thing. I don’t like what I heard of Jason’s POV ceremony speech (that Paul asked him to make) but haven’t seen it yet. I might have to accept I no longer have horses in the race.


What do you call Ratt, or as you may call them “Maven”?


They have worked their butts off compared to everyone else except Paul and Kevin. Jason and Alex (historically), have worked for it about the same as Jody.


Really by throwing the comp to Paul not once but twice !!! ??? they are surly working hard !! ???


That bearded pig should stop saying “never cared” because it’s quite obvious he cares…a lot. His obsession with Jody is scary. I’ll never understand why BB players get mad at other players for trying to play the game when they themselves are trying to make moves. Cody trying to get rid of Paul would have been a good move if production hadn’t set him up for a month. To be so outraged over someone taking a shot is ridiculous. Paul thinks he’s the only one who should make moves. He’s despicable and his minions are bottom feeders.

And I just have to add this… I haven’t done any research on Raven’s issue because I don’t care to, BUT…for someone who has trouble digesting food, she is ALWAYS stuffing food in her mouth. I’m confused. ????

Last thing…for these people to be so concerned about how the “outside” sees them, they sure have an odd way of showing it. Jessica’s finger in people’s @$$hole is certainly a good look, but she’s more worried about a hot head who says what’s on his mind. I’m still confused.


agree with you 100%. OMG that last paragraph had me laughing so hard. I like jess and cody but she did overreact to Cody defending her.


it’s cause she’s a tramp lol


Now Paul knows MMA and trains with “world champs”? He thinks he is that dude from those beer commercials? The international man of mystery. I sure hope Kevin, Jason, Alex “stab” him in the back sooner rather then later. (based on some of the commenters here I want to be clear by stab I am only talking about betraying him and turning on him, voting him out of the game.) I fear BB may no longer be allowed to be aired because it will be considered inciting violence, hate speech, bullying, and just plain not fair! The pu$$ification continues.


I think Kevin and Jason would. I loved watching them talk about Paul’s napoleon complex in the yard.

But watching Alex’s DR sessions, she is convinced that her and Paul are a pair. Don’t think she would betray him.


So, no more “Throw someone under a BUS?”


in the words of Triggly Puff (google it) “Get your hate speech off our campus!”


Paul is 23 years old and still lives with his parents but has done and seen everything the world has to offer, just listen to him. Anytime anyone tells a story Paul has one about the same thing just bigger and better. It so annoying to watch.


Sound a little jealous there bud.


Same reason I couldn’t stand him last year. Such a poser!

Bob Saget

If only Mark kept squeezing that neck…

John Stamos

My thoughts exactly.


You sound like you would fit right in with the houseguest this season. You should’ve applied.


I respected paul at the beginning for being the ONLY one playing the game, thinking strategy and ahead of the game BUT now i can’t stand him! He’s obsessed with cody and constantly telling the others to mentally attack him!????? Then says ” i dont mind taking the heat? Lmfao taking the heat means doing it yourself not getting everyone else to! And it’s disgusting knowing cody is a veteran ( whether you like or hate him) you should have respect not to break this guy by constantly messing with him, this could be very dangerous to his mental health. Def not cool to do this to a war vet! Ya some shit talking ok cool but enough is enough paul!! And these houseguests? THE WORST what a bunch of loser followers! Every one of you, act like pauls little bitches and act like he’s god. Good job casting ” picking all followers haha only one i like now is kevin. This guy will take a shot at paul come 4-6 ppl left trust me he’s no dummy! He even said pauls like a mini charles manson with followers, hes gonna play the game then strick.


It’s too bad Kevin told Paul about that 25,000 dollars because Paul is going to use that against him at one point. Paul will probably pin blaming Ramses for it on him too.


True, but Kevin can turn that around as an example of how Paul lied to everyone in the house saying he knew for a fact that Ramsey took it and used them to take out Ramsey.


It’s too late for Paul to use it against Kevin. It’s Paul’s secret now too. Kevin will surely point out that Paul has known for weeks and only brings it up when Paul is threatened. Of course, Kevin could go with Paul is making it up, he’s already said Ramses won it and that’s why we voted him out. Seems like everyone Paul wants out took the 25K! Paul’s a liar. That could work, especially if some of Paul’s other alternate facts come up.


These people believe everything Paul says. Paul will tell everyone he just found out and that it was Kevin that told him it was Ramses. Then he’ll tell everyone not to tell Kevin they know and they will blindside him and tell him at the eviction they know. If shit starts to go south on Kevin he better confess to the house before Paul does and tell them Paul has been holding it over him since the first week and Paul lied about Ramses cuz he wanted to get him out. If Paul tells them first he’s screwed.


Paul will use it against Kevin if they both make it to finale. That’s a sure fire way to turn them all against love able Kevin, “Kevin LIED to you all and let Ramsen be evicted for it!” Paul is keeping that secret to use when he needs it.


I honestly think that is the only thing preventing Kevin from speaking up about the things he does not agree with! If he goes against Paul, then Paul spills is secret about the 25 grand and he looks like chit for allowing Ramses to take the heat (even though it is just a game you know they will hang him out to dry for that) Kevin finds himself between a rock and a hard place at the moment! Although on a side note, his fascination and fixation on x-mas is not paining very good look on him right now, as I am sure wifie would confirm!

Bolt Uprite.

Paul already stated unequivocally that Ramses took the $25K. That horse has left the barn, there is nothing he can do about it now, because Kevin can just deny it and that is that.

Big brother or big bust

This season is so for Paul winning and it really makes me wish this show was like it used to be. #BB or BS #Big Brother or Big Bust


Show should be renamed Big Babies.


good one!!! 🙂


I think the “others” were instructed by their leader not to speak to Cody or Jess so even if they tried (and I think they have) would it make a difference? There only hope, at this point, it to win HOH then let the dogs scramble and see what happens.

Oh also, FYI – Alex won’t work with them because of her petty hatred towards Jess.

What a bunch of babies

But after she opened her mouth about Cody and the marines, why would he want to eork with her. I was rooting for her but now I find her pathetic.


Jess and Alex are oil and water.
Jess wanted Alex evicted. Jess seemed to want Alex evicted because Cody and Alex talked to each other.
Alex doesn’t like or trust Jess because Jess wanted Alex evicted because Cody and Alex talked to each other.
Now Jess doesn’t like or trust Jess because Alex nominated her and Cody and Alex used to talk to each other.
It’s childish.
To say that Alex won’t work with them because of her petty hatred towards Jess discounts that Jess won’t work with her because of her petty hatred towards Alex. It’s not one or the other, it’s both.


Jessica has never liked Alex even in very beginning . She was jealous of Cody talking to Alex out in the backyard that time before he was evicted first time. Then her throws the first POV to Alex so she could pull herself of the block and Jessica got jealous of that. Then to top it all of he accidentally called her Alex in the HOH room. Jessica is more jealous of Alex than Alex is of her.


Ya bc drowning someone is just so loveable
The petty hate came from jealous Jess


Awww, how cute! (Not) I guess they’ll play nice with each other until they have to start picking each other off.

Interesting recap of BB on Since CBS has only aired the beginning salvos of the harassment, the recap mentions Josh’s part in it and the commentary that BB allows the harassment as part of the entertainment and shame on Josh and BB for allowing it. It’ll be interesting to see how much BB shows and how it’s slanted.


Let’s see if they show the attack on Codys Military service. It started with Christmas and Paul then Alex really bashed him as an American. It was disgusting and disgraceful. Jason and Alex questioning his service and accusations of Cody being a thief. It’s beyond words.. nothing to do with playing a strategic game. I doubt CBS will air that. We shall see.


I’ve bought a bottle of Kraken in preparation that they give Paul a positive edit.


Last night the 2 portrayed in a bad light were Josh (easy to do) & Cody. Once they show Paul winding up “The Toy”, the rest of the public will be like “Whaaat!”


I do not believe one bottle will be enough Simon. =-)

Club H.O.H

I was at work and actually laughed out loud and everyone just looked at me like what the?! Lol

Still Confused

Actually, no, it didn’t start with Christmas and Paul. It started with Jason saying that he wasn’t sure Cody’s tags were real because they have his SSN. Please don’t put incorrect information about what’s happening. It just ads to the crap and hearsay that’s going on.


It was Jason but Cody’s SSN would be on his dog tags since he got out of the Marines in 2012 and the military didn’t stop putting SSNs until June 2015. Jason is full of sh**.


They will show the stuff before it since I believe the Explosive Night didn’t really include that


Also, they now have some of the goofing off to use to soften the attacks. Mark and Josh joking around about fighting, Mark “choking” Paul, and some bland conversations. They’ll use the post fight calmness and lighthearted play to make the harshness of the attacks seem less threatening and caustic.


Jason questioned his service too? Genuinely asking, I must’ve missed it. I was under the impression that Jason said nothing that entire time, and respected him for it.


I did hear Cody thank Jason for not getting involved in the attack on him (on After Dark). Jason replied, “yeah, but I started it.” Some times Jason’s filter falls off!


Me too. I’d like confirmation on that as well.


Who cares, it’s all part of the game. Jarheads aren’t immune to the nuances of it.


I like mark and really hope he and elena are planning on staying with jody because if not they r just gonna be #3 and # 4 evicted. Its time to remove numbers from that monsterous majority and play a good game.


Cathy, that is what I don’t get about Cody and Jess. They should be PLAYING THE GAME, talking to the ones they think are #6-7 or 8 on the gnome’s pegging order and try to move things around. You would think them seeing ok 2-shirts and death walking are solid ground worshippers but you have a toe hold with Mark and hot lips. I would think they would be trying to grab a couple more like Kevin and Jason and even Alex although Jess’s petty hatred won’t allow that? They just stay by themselves and think the only thing they can do is hope they win HOH? I would be working these people now in case they win HOH


I think they are not talking to others because they know the lemmings will run to manson. Perhaps waiting it out to see who gets HOH. The house proved during Jess’s hoh that they lie to her and follow paul so i think not talking to anyone else at this time is right move for them.. Jess is more a player than Cody…i feel if jessica is evicted…cody will walk out with her since he knows being in there with the remaining crew is an effort in futility.

One Brain

How the heck can they talk to anyone Paul has made it clear not to! They do what he dictates. And of course they all share Paul’s brain so they don’t think for themselves. At this point their best strategy is to keep their thoughts and game to themselves. If by a slim chance they win HOH they should keep all of them in the dark of who they will nominate. They can’t trust or believe anyone of them. Let them self destruct with speculation. IMHO


Remember Jess tried to play nice before and mend fences and got burned so I don’t think she trusts anyone in the house now. Maybe if things hadn’t gotten so heated she would have tried but I think it’s like beating your head against the wall with people that are so entrenched in playing Paul’s game rather than their own.

I keep hoping that if there’s a double eviction everyone would realize getting Paul out would be the best thing for their game.


They are playing their game. They are choosing to be in an alliance with Paul like they have from the start. How is playing Jessica’s game playing their own game? Why would they change their loyalty to Jody who put up Paul and then Christmas without consultanting them. it would be stupid for their to change alliances.


The problem is everyone thinks they are number 1 or 2 in Paul’s pecking order. Paul has promised the whole house jury like he’s got the inside and it’s his to offer.


Sorry Paul but your HOH was a waste. Josh will never gonna win anything ,not possible with a brain size of a pea.

Christmas is Cancelled

It’a cringe worthy watching Halloween try to give encouraging words and pep talk to anyone anymore after her vile and bullying comments earlier this week.


Paul brings to mind Kurtz in Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness. Civilized exterior when he enters Africa, then turns into a savage demigod to the natives and keeps heads of those he cannibalized on poles around his hut. Maybe Paul will utter those famous words when all is done…”The Horror, the Horror”.


That or the colonel in the Walking Dead who kept his victims heads in glass jars on a wall behind his desk! lol I think either one would depict Pauls mental state at the moment! (just joking folks I am not inciting violence)

The Governor

I’m just trying to do right by the people I care about.


Hahaha The Walking Dead perfect Paul is Michone with her zombies on leashes and their mouths and arms cut off…

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

I don’t know. That quote seems to to fit more Paul as the Governor. Everyone following him like he’s got their best interests in mind but really, he’ll leave them all in a pile along the road in his mad quest to get Rick. Problem is Cody is more like Shane than Rick.


Where’s Lucille? (Just a joke folks)


That’s a GOOD one! Fits more accurately than Lord of the Flies.

Not a Character

When the show is over, I am curious if Paul tries to defend his abhorrent bullying by saying he was just acting and playing a character on a tv show. I ain’t gonna buy it!

Bullies Rule

Guess what .. He doesn’t care whether you buy it.
Especially with $500k in his pocket !!


josh is a gay but he will never admit that


Pot Kettle.


my thoughts too


What does this have to do with anything. Are you trying to use that as an insult?


People who are concerned about such things are CONCERNED about such things.


Who the f**k cares? Maybe he is maybe he isn’t but it is irrelevant

The Truth

So much for Paul’s “mental crack” strategy of keeping Cody and Jessica up all night.


It was only a strategy if someone else would do it. Paul is not a boy of his word.


I’m actually starting to like Mark a little…..I think he is turning into a sweet guy. The way that Elena is treating him is awful. But when did Mark and Josh become BFF’s?

I think that Jess or Cody have to win HOH tonight…..Anyone else will put them up. I was thinking on the way into work this morning, what if because of the HEX that Jess given HOH and then the rest competed and the winner would be Jess’s co-HOH? That would be interesting. Then they would each get to put someone up. And then if Cody wins safety from the temptation comp…… I just I just want a week where Cody and Jess ARE NOT on the block. Then we wouldn’t have such a boring week. I don’t know, the odds are stacked against Jess and Cody……But hopefully they can pull out the win.


I’m so sick of that pr!ck Paul… I can’t wait until he gets evicted.


I cant stand him either. I think kevin will be the one to send him home. I really hope so.

So predictable

Josh has no depth just verbal diahrea.
Paul commands Josh to jump and he responds by saying how high.

Christmas and Paul will chew him up and spit him out but it won’t even phase Josh.

Please someone put him up as a pawn and then send his meatball @zz home! 😉

Linda Kaye

Does anyone know why Cody has tape covering the dog tag he wears? Is there a significance to this? Maybe it’s not his?


Dog tags clanging against each other are bad for the mic they’re wearing. I’m sure they told him to do it. They also used to put they SSN number on the dog tags


i’m pretty sure it’s the ssn thing. these are likely cody’s actual dog tags, which would have his ssn on them, as opposed to just novelty ones that likely wouldn’t.


Probably because there is a lot of information he doesn’t want millions of people to know on it?


They are taped because his SSN is on them so his number isn’t revealed


Do we never get updates about Cody and Jessica because all they do is sit in a room and talk shit about the other players completely isolating themselves but yet they’re great game players ???


Competitively, I think they’re great for the show. Of course they’re terrible socially and that’s they’re downfall, but I like having them because they make the game interesting.


Jessica was ok socially. Cody came back and suddenly it’s isolation again. Cody doesn’t have it in him to feign interest in the other house guests so the others easily ostracize him. Paul is quite capable of faking his interest with these guys so they think he’s genuine.


THEY SIT AND TALK CRAP ABOUT PEOPLE!? Have you read these posts…they are all about Paul and his minions talking crap about jess and Cody


6/10 of the dialog on the feeds is Paul taking at his minions about Cody and Jessica being the shittest people in the world.
2/10 is Kevin and Jason joking
1/10 is COdy and Jessica playing grab ass
1/10 is everything else.

that 2/10 make sit worth it 😉


Kevin for the win!!!


Kevin is a criminal (indicted by his own words).

The Truth

Being a “criminal” means one was convicted. Indicted (usually by a grand jury) means charges have been brought against that person.

Innocent until proved guilty. And, to my knowledge, he’s never been proved guilty in a court of law.

Kevin is good for the feeds, but little else.


Kevin said he lost the house after his father was arrested, and that he had to get money together for his dad’s defense. Could he have lost the house because it was paid for with illegal funds? That would be laundering money – an indictable offense, yes?

I like cheese

Everyone F–is up. He Was punished for his crimes. People shouldn’t be constantly judge on every mistake they have made.


Paul has little man syndrome ! He is such a vile ugly person and a shame BB aid such a coward it will not show him acting like someone with a Hitler mentality!!!

cherry cola

tell us how you really

cherry cola

tell us how you really feel…lol


My thoughts exactly. He reminds me of the instigators that are causing riots all over America right now. (Sorry Democrats).

Honestly, Is this an American thing?!

Now I get it! It is an American thing, this Jody nonsense. Vets can be bad people, too. You know like the people defending Jody on this site. Your outrage about the bullying while bullying?! ( Wanna call Elena fat again, how about Josh is gay) Paul is playing a game. Don’t like it. Watch Fox News! Sorry Republicans, Democrats……..Americans!


Come on Hitler? Nazis? If you got that from CNN it is FAKE NEWS! I can’t stand the “Paul show” but Hitler? Now where did I put those jackboots?


BB will find a way to make Cody and jess look like the villains tonight.


If Zingbot is back, he will have a field day with this crew. Don’t know who would get the worst of it: Josh, Mark, Matt/Raven, or Jess/Cody


The problem is they’ll have to work hard for the zings to get past the censors considering the content. If Zingbot sticks around for the feeds it could be awesome as there is a lot of material to work with for each of them. Except Andrew, Zingbot will never zing him.


nah, just have zingbot zing paul for manipulating everyone. then a zing saying i’d zing the rest of you but what’s the point all you do is listen to paul. then keep zinging paul until hopefully the house turns on him.


If Zingbot Zings Paul for being the ringleader.and them being his followers …I wonder if lightbulbs will visibly appear in their heads?


Everybody hate on Paul! So sad! These are all real ppl, with real lives and family. They may not like each other much in that environment (Paul and Cody mainly) but that’s there deal. They both are guilty of childish or inappropriate behavior. I blame BB production. To be fair, Paul was the only vet brought back – that’s a first. And in order to ensure they didn’t evict him immediately (which as we know, he would have been out if not for that temptation) they give him a crazy amount of safety, and consequently screwing up Cody’s game and demeanor. I don’t blame him for being pissed! Now there’s another temptation that clearly was given to Jessica by production, it screw up Paul’s game. You can’t actually be good at this game when its so controlled by BB production. Feel bad for Paul and Cody, regardless of which one you support.

Paul's Mouth

I hope today’s wake up music is Reveille (the Military wake up call) followed by the Marines Hymn. Encourages Cody and BREAKS Paul!!!

Club H.O.H

That would be epic! The house would conspire and run like chicken without heads thinking Cody got some new power. Meanwhile Cody is drinking his coffee in his room. Cody is going to freak that TMZ praised him and did a story on him. Even BB Alumni are disgusted with the house and their treatment towards #TeamCody #TeamJess


I highly doubt Paul, Jessica or Cody will win this game. I’m not a very big fan of anyone this season but I hope Jason or Kevin win out of everybody. Everyone else this season is spoiled brats. I couldn’t stand it if Raven, Elena or Christmas wins it’s cringeworthy. No one seems to really be playing the game except Paul, Cody and Jessica as much as their personalitys suck this season.


i like kevin and i’m rooting for him to win. i could argue most of paul’s minions are playing (except for josh), just they’re playing a ride paul’s coattails until stabbing him in the back strategy. i think kevin, jason, matt, and raven all don’t intend to take paul further than final 3 (though that’s still far), and possibly xmas too though i can’t get a read on her. alex and josh on the other hand seem to delusionally believe taking paul to final 2 would be a good idea.


I commend Cody for taking a shot at Paul, but since then all him & Jessica did is play personal & isolate themselves from the rest of the house after 1st week. Instead of throwing a tantrum & getting mad they should’ve been working on getting close with their former alliance to prepare them “mentally” to take out Paul when his temptation was over. Cody’s reaction I over his alliance not doing what he told them(HOH is not good, they don’t have to do what they say), he could’ve planted seeds after they voted out Jillian, but he went into a rage. Jody never really play the game, all their moves were personal. Jessica going after Josh an emotional floater? Really? Now wants to target Alex? Put Paul’s ass up til, the minions get the picture. Jody are not good players, they would need powers all season to have a chance. I don’t like the way Paul controls the season, but let’s face the FACTS, had Cody taken out Paul 1st week, Jody would’ve had the safe control over the house with a similar chaos that happened this week. BB15 on side had power most of the season, they ran the sheep, this season has a similar physicallogy. I see Paul winning, I don’t see the house taking him out, he got them on lock.

I don't mind Cody

How is that going to happen no one is allowed to talk to them because Paul said they couldn’t.


Last year I wanted Paul to win (Well, after Victor was voted out) and I really think he should of won but this year, I can’t stand him and I hope he is voted out sooner rather than later. He lost me as a fan with trying to make Cody crack. I think that part of his game is sick….


Anonymous, I saw Mark touching Josh on TV and I thought he was going to knock him out yesterday. You thought Mark should be evicted for that behavior


Paul has a bad case of Broken Record Syndrome………he says the same thing over and over for hours!


Simon and Dawg, I’m happy your enjoying this season. Do you think they’ll be time in the BB schedule to have a double eviction or fast forward or Jury Buyback this year or more than one of these?


I think there will be a double if not 2.


Maybe 3.

First time poster (this season) long time reader

This is one of those weeks that I can’t wait to be over. It’s a waste and I need some action. It’s hard to really pull for anyone right now, this happens every season but eventually we will rally behind someone, usually an underdog giving it to the majority. My hope is that Jason and Kevin stick together and wreak havoc on the Paul brigade. I think Cody should go, just because I don’t think this game is right for him and I think Jessica could play a decent game once freed from him. He’s a loyal dude to her but he’s not in it to win it. I’d like Matt and Raven out because well it’s obvious right, annoying voice, always stuffing their face do nothings, not to mention their stomach churning make out sessions. Alex and Jessica putting aside their differences and taking on the house could be fun. Josh coming out of the Paul Mist and aligning with someone else and doing his pan routine on Paul would be entertaining. Anyway, I have hope that this season will get good once we get past this week.

A big thanks and shout out to Simon and Dawg for all you do! Love you guys and your site, you’ve got a fan for life right here!


I think Cody is so fine, and i love his ‘I don’t give a bleep attitude.’ He has been through quite a bit with his two deployments with time in Afghanistan. I do believe he needs to talk to someone and heal, but I see manly man when i watch him. He handled that weather comp like it didn’t even phase him. Loved it. He is dang sexy too me, and if I was in that house I would love on him and Jessica’s fine self!


I think i just lost some brain cells listening to these morons all talk about jessicas power…. Lmfao there going on an hour of repeating the same thing over and over “noo only one of them is safe” ” yess thats why she didnt want both up” ” thats why she didnt care if i took her off with the veto” hahahsha i feel so dumb watching them try to guess what’s happening because they all act like they know yet say the same thing


Simon/Dawg just curious? Do you guys watch several hours of feeds and then type out a post, or do you transcribe while watching off and on in real time and then post at a later time? Also, how does his effect your “normal jobs”? Totally inexcusably answer, I’ve just been at this site for several years now and I am very curious. I would never have the time to transcribe all the live feeds.


It always depends on what is happening in the house but most days I watch 10 hours of feeds. At least 8 of those are live blogging. As the conversation’s take place I write down what they say or write short hand to fill back in. I try to update the site every 2 hours. Sometimes things come up that we miss so we go back to fill it in.

How does this affect my normal life/job? just look at it like this. My day is only 14 hours long. In that 14 hours I fit Sleep, a day job, eating and family time. I’ve been doing this now for 10 years and know how to structure my life for a BBUS summer season. It’s tough but I always have so much fun I couldn’t imagine spending my summer doing anything else.


Classical shorthand?


And it is so very much appreciated! I have been here pretty much since you started and I have such respect for the time and he dedication you two put into this site! So thank you very much!


Do you think maintaining this blog and being a fan would give you an advantage if you were a house guest or does luck and chance have more to do with winning the game?

Thanks for what you guys do for the fans here.


NO.. I have zero knowledge of the competition and generally not super skilled socially. While some of my strengths would benefit me in Big Brother i would probably be a complete embarrassment.

with that said I could probably survive in a BBCAN type season (For a bit anyways) but BBUS I would be dog shit.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Well, there’s always the dream of an all first evicted cast.


Everyone please continue to donate. Go to Support the site!! Simon Dawg I appreciate all you do. I’ve watched your site grow over time and it’s wonderful:)
Thankful from Arizona


Thanks Lizzie ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 : ): 🙂 :


I feel like even if Cody or Jess win HOH the entire house will continue to bully them because they “took away their shot at jury” as if it should just be handed to them. I mean why does every person say, “I just want to get to jury.” It’s as if no one wants to win the game. All I hear is, “I just want to make it to jury then you can get rid of me.” Seriously people! You all stink! So much annoys me this season. I could go on and on about the sad cast this year that just blindly follows Paul because they don’t have the balls to play their own game. Or how Paul won’t allow any houseguest to even talk to Jess and Cody, saying it will make them a target. Ugh. I just want someone to be like FU! I’m my own person and I do what I want! But sadly no one in this house is a leader.

Please BB, can we just have one season where we don’t bring back a loser from a previous season!


didn’t Paul take away someones shot at jury too on the 1st night ??

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

That was Kevin. Paul is just the curse.


BB 19
Paul Speaks
Cast “Yes Master”


I agree with everyone about Paul and his minions behavior the other day. The way Raven/Matt are up Pauls butt is so annoying. Raven’s real personality came out during that fight, and it wasn’t pretty at all. Christmas, I think is being misjudged a little. This woman came into the house and expected to do well, and IMO should have gone home after having the operation. She chose to stay, which was her right. I think all the pain meds she has been on and the extreme amount of pain she has been in has skewed her personality somewhat. How can it not. I had an earache for 4 days solid and turned into a complete monster with the constant pain. Can we imagine what its been like for 3 weeks? I hope she gets her act together or she will be going out very soon.

Little Tike Paul

Bottom line: Paul fears for his life. And he did it all to himself. Yes he wants Cody out because he fears him for his game. But he also fears literally for his life. You see the fear everytime Cody is around. Cody wouldn’t touch that little irrelevant fool but little Paul still scared.

Hex will be used tonite. Sorry little tike Paul your “game play” is crumbling and may be totally down in a week. Bye Mommas boy. “Never cared”

LOL for real

PAUL & JOSH FINAL 2 yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I don’t think Cody or Jessica would even vote

Chi oak

So disgusting that Jess keeps drinking from the jugs and bottles in storage.


I thought that was Cody?

mrs w

Paul’s idea about getting Jess to question keeping Cody in the game was good strategy. I can respect moves like that and having Xmas and Elena, who are Jess’ friends, reiterate that to Jess made sense. All the power to you for playing like that.
On the other hand, sitting around and preplanning insults and personal attacks isn’t cool and I have no respect for a houseguest who plays that way.
Personally I just don’t think Paul is a nice person, so I’m not surprised by this, but do believe in his mind it’s all just game, I don’t like it, but I do think he’s just playing the game. On the other hand people like Matt and Raven and Xmas outright spoke to each other that it was going too far, but then still took part in it, to me that’s just as bad, if not worse. They’re aware that it’s too much but don’t have the balls to stand up to Paul and say I’m not taking part in it.

Alex is a POS

I don’t see this talked about much on here, but I am still mortified that Alex was screaming at Cody about how he is a disgrace to the Marines, saying he wasn’t a true American, and so on while everyone just stood there and said nothing! And last night all Paul did was obsess over Cody, non stop, I couldn’t take it anymore. Raven has no class, a complete following idiot. Why do these people suck so much?


You get the line and I will grab a pole. We can meet down at the old fishin’ hole


And people saying jess & cody only sit in there room and are not trying? I think they know every person is brainwashed by paul, jess has tried and been backstabbed how many times?? Be real…. If they did go and talk/try to make deals the BB fans would be calling them idiots for trusting them! Granted yes cody does seem to have awful social skills and jess is sticking it out with him but i dont think if they were anybody else they could convince this group of sheep followers to ever turn on paul. They have 0 mind of there own and allow paul to talk down to them like there stupid, common we see mind control and no that he’s got these ppl on lock. Lol sad casting BB!

Mister Ed

Cannot wait for tonight when they play mini golf on the Tv!


The problem with this cast is that they were chosen from social media. They all live online (with the exception of Kevin) and so have no idea how to actually deal with people. Their way of dealing with Paul is just to watch him like they are watching a video and then leaving their comments after he is done talking. For someone like Paul who is a super extrovert this just leaves him feeling like they aren’t really hearing him because they are not actually engaging in a conversation with him, just watching and then responding. So he keeps on just repeating himself, thinking that they are just not hearing him.

It makes me appreciate Vic from last year. He knew how to listen to people and actually engage them in a conversation. He made Paul actually feel valued and heard so Paul didn’t feel like he needed to keep on going bigger and bigger just to get some attention. Great job baby sitting Vic.

Everybody has one. (An opinion)

Perfect! I’ve been thinking about the difference of Paul last year and this year, and have come up with a few theories, but I think you nailed it.


That is spot on! It is amazing how they all end up repeating an idea Paul gave them. I know everyone on here hates Paul, but he does have the gift of the gab. I wish they had put Victor in there with Paul, may have softened things between Paul and Cody.