Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Jason did not use the Power of Veto the nominations stay the same.

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9:30am Jason and Alex HOH
Jason says Kevin was stiring the pot last night.
Jason says Kevin use to be 100% pushing for the veto to be used and then all of a sudden last night Kevin was telling him not to. When Jason asked him to explain the reason for the flip Kevin didn’t have an answer.

Jason mentions how Kevin asked him last night if he was in Jury would he have sex with Christmas.
Jason – I was like NO are you being real right now..
Alex – he’s freaking me out dude..

Jason – Christmas is a catfish..
Alex – she needs to get out
Jason – she likes to get people to damn near cry.. she likes to have heart 2 hearts then inject game
Alex – I don’t cry I don’t give a sh1t

Alex says she’s starting to trust Matt and Raven more and Jessica less.
Alex says Kevin use to be loyal to them but now she’s feeling that Kevin is closer to Paul.

Jason – I think Paul is the one.. going around saying.. I think they are going to use the veto.
Jason says he only told 3 people but everyone knew.
Alex says he told Jessica too that was his mistake.

Alex – should we use it and surprise everyone
Alex – Josh is driving me nuts
Jason- Why.. That kid is dumb. Leave him alone
Jason tells her not to worry about Josh worry about people like Paul.
Alex – Kevin’s a snake dude..
Alex says they can get him out now but later on they won’t be able to because the only people left in the game will be a small number hand picked by Paul. (then get Paul out OMFG)

Jason – everyone thinks Paul will be there (in the end)
Alex – he’s the veteran DUH
Jason – that is a reason he should be gone
Alex – we can’t get him out till next week..

Alex says Elena/Mark can flip their vote.
Jason – he gave me his word.. If Mark flips I’ll put him on the block the following week.
Jason – I think we’re finer lets stay solid and not use it..
Alex – you better tell Paul
Jason – I’m not telling him f*ing sh1t what does he have to do with anything.. iS HE OUR PARENT. (Jason is the best)
Jason says Paul is probably telling them that they should use it but telling the rest of the house he’s trying to get them not to use it.
Jason – so he looks like the Hero and I’m looking like a loonie bat toon

Alex – Christmas I want her f*ing out
Jason – I think Mark and Elena will be on board with that

Jason- I don’t think you should trust Paul with 100% certainty all the time
Alex – I don’t..the safe guard I have is he can’t lie in front of America (you’re not as smart as I thought 🙁 )
Jason – Yes he fucking can
Alex – If he breaks that friendship promise, If you remember the friendship bracelets was the whole reason he came back this season . it would totally destroy his fan base
Jason – No it wouldn’t cause they are already fans
Jason explains Paul will just tell his fans he did it for some game reason.

Jason – I like that Paul as a person but I don’t like that son of a b1tch in this game.

12:17pm Feeds come back

Sounds like Dom called Elena out..

Paul’s Snake outfit..

12:23pm Dominique tells Christmas that they did it to her they are going to do it to Christmas..
They start arguing in the Kitchen.

Dom goes back into her bedroom asks god for help because she’s going to go Ham on them.

12:20pm Jason and Mark
Mark – me, you, Paul, Alex and Elena
Mark says he doesn’t know what Paul thinks Of Matt and Raven but they don’t do much
Mark – they only support the majority of the house I don’t like that
Jason – they’re like a josh without the unpredictability..

Jason says josh can’t remember one minute to the next but Matt and Raven do
Elena joins them says that Dom came after her.
Elena boasts that if this was the real world Dom would have ran away crying..

Elena says that DOm is telling people that the lord told her she did these things that she factually knows was incorrect.
Mark – Dom is going home but the votes won’t be what you expect..
Mark says he might put Kevin up if he wins HOH.

12:33am HOH Alex to the camera
Alex – I don’t keep Promises with Liars
Alex – I know you know I know You’re lying
Alex – Kevy kevy kevy.. You shouldn’t have tried to play me
Alex – Now I’m going to have to play you
Alex says she can tell Kevin voted out Ramses last week.

Alex – not yet Kevin but I’m going to send you home because you’re a liar, promise on rosaries no.. you’re very specific not to
Alex – lying to my face about Jillian, I know now… there will be retribution I will send you home directly or indirectly I’m sending you home

12:38pm Alex and Jason
Alex says Kevin was promising a final 2 and wanted to promise on her rosary
Alex – he needs to go
Jason – But He’s so much fun though
Alex – he’s playing you
Jason – I know..

Jason – Kevin needs to cool down.. he asked me if I would hump Christmas..
Jason mentions that Mark and Elena are talking about putting Kevin up.
Josh comes in..

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The houseguest are dumb as FUDGE! They’re literally making it so easy for Paul to cakewalk into the finale. I miss Cody so much, he knew how much of a snake Paul was. That stupid pendent of protection was so rigged by production, how the FUDGE do u get 3 weeks of protection & still play in the HOH & POV smh

Paranoia at it's best

BB invests a lot to bring back a player like Paul. Of course he will instantly be targeted like Cody tried to do. BB did not want a 1 week and done for a vet. The 3 week protection has given him time to form connections in the game and to his and BB’s fan bases to enjoy his antics. Now after his protection is up after next week, there are already grumblings and some are questioning his methods. From here on out he will be fighting for his life and should make for some good game play. Really now…Did you really want to see Paul leave the 1st week…even from those that don’t like him? That would have been too predictable and too boring!!


Thinking back to week one…..If Paul wasn’t in the game, who would you of voted for to get the pendent of protection? I think I would of voted for Cody – I really liked him in the beginning. LOL!


I don’t think it is fair to the new house guests this year or any other year to bring back a guest from the year before I think that they have the advange over the new one .


Paul deserves to win. Show me a better BB player – any year, any country. You can’t do it.


Umm……. Dan

Capt. Obvious

It’s funny you mention Dan.
In this super sensitive, ‘my feelings were just hurt’ world we live in now, I bet Dan would be hated just as much Paul.
Go ahead and disagree with me, but it is a FACT!



Bunny Flop

Tim, BB Australia/BB Canada, better manipulator, much more charming, just as agrivating


Um, Dr. Will is the best all time player EVER.


Dr. Will and my all time favorite Dan would see right thru Paul. He’s no where close to being a Big Brother great.


Evel Dick


Evel Dick won because Eric was Americas Player. Eric said that if he wasn’t Americas player he would have kept Dustin over Evel Dick.


Alex isn’t as smart as I thought. She is just buying into everything Paul says. At least Jason seems to be figuring out what Paul is doing.


I never thought Alex was smart. You do not tell the reigning HOH who is trying to extend you an olive branch to work with him that you are going after him. Then what does she do, protect all of the romances and goes after people who have no allies. First, she is insisting she does not trust Jess – so original Alex, neither does the rest of the house. You do not trust the one person that is completely alone in this game and who has shown loyalty to a fault in the past. Then she moves on to Dominique – you are attacking the bottom of the totem pole – easy there, don’t go into this HOH gunz blazing. Lastly, her obsession with Kevin is irritating to the max. Sure Kevin is stirring up sh*t but Kevin is not coming after you, and I do not see him winning an HOH any time soon. Your “big” game moves are going after people who are alone where you would face no repercussions as opposed to actually targeting the big groups. Cool, take a seat in the loser corner.
Also, Jason is showing more and more that he has a good understanding of the game and a good read on the house guests. He told her to not put Jess up and he is telling Alex about Paul’s shenanigans. Too bad Alex believes that she is in a super secret power alliance with Paul. Idiot.


Paul is the best


The houseguest are dumb as FUDGE! They’re literally making it so easy for Paul to cakewalk into the finale. I miss Cody so much, he knew how much of a snake Paul was. That stupid pendent of protection was so rigged by production, how the FUDGE do u get three weeks of safety and can still play in the HOH & POV!


I take offense to that!


Jessica is gone and Paul’s crew runs Jason, Alex and Ramses OUT the next three weeks. Dumb move by Jason and Alex. I’m pulling for Alex but she is nowhere near as smart as I thought she was. I hope I’m wrong but I think Dom will turn it around with Mark’s help. Jessica could have been a member of your crew and you just blew it!


I can’t stand watching Raven anymore. Constantly being fake and watching herself in the mirrors. Her deception about her having a terminal illness is disgusting. She is a waste of space in the house. Both her and Matt are useless. I know Cody fell for her pitiful act and said he would never vote her out. I hope when he comes back he sees the true Raven.


Jessica isn’t going anywhere, she gorgeous. Dom Dom has done too much, she’s made her bed now she has to lay in it till Thursday. Dom went looney toones.


“That kid is dumb. Leave him alone.”


I bet you Paul is fuming that he can’t Mind F*ck and control Jason at all in this House or game right now. Not to mention, I would bet that Jason is a way better competitor than Paul when it comes to Vetos and HoH’s right now.
They might not trust Kevin right now but Kevin has a way better personality than Paul plus Kevin just did what Paul told him to do – So Kevin has that going for him !!! ( Team JAK )


What are you basing the assumption that Jason is better at comps than Paul? Or anyone else in the house other than a few people? I don’t see it. Plus he doesn’t know jack about the game. He’s a recruit. He figured out the ridiculously obvious fact that Paul shouldn’t be trusted. That doesn’t make him some great player. That means he has the ability to state the obvious.


I bet Jessica goes home. Its like the other side won HOH. Fools!!

Spartacus Jackson

Jason might not be a “SuperFan” but he has common sense. Guys…Alex is just scared to pull the trigger. That’s all there is to it. She’s still holding a grudge against Jessica instead of swallowing her pride., and bring her in the fold. Secondly, Alex has yet to fully articulate why she’s putting up Dominique, who poses no threat to her game. It’s a good old fashion Cop Out. By the way Alex might like Paul on some “Rocker/Band Boy” type of groove. You should’ve used your instincts and nominated Kevin and Raven…then all of your questions would have been answered regarding your houseguests. 2 RULES of Big Brother. Number 1: Never trust a freak or geek (Ian, Steve, Andy) and Number 2: Always smoke out and get rid of players playing both sides (Ronnie, Matt, Paul, Frankie)

Spartacus Jackson

Please get back in this game Cody. This is getting ridiculous…Alex with the classic wasted HOH! You can’t win Big Brother with a cowards mentality Alex, after all of that tough talk.


Oh but people kiss her a** not the other way around remember. “rolls eyes” so hard at her self-proclaimed tough talk.


Cody is the worst keep him out he sucks and is stupid


is raven actually a scam artist? I wanna know what she’s done!

Cindy Withanesse

Yes. She and her mother have set up several gofundme campaigns to assist with their ‘medical’ ailments. Instead they purchased vehicles and property with said funds. They seem to be quite seasoned at taking advantage of good-hearted people.


And her illness is not terminal It’s all a lie


Kevin should cut the sex talk out. not a good look for him. asking who would hump Christmas, if Jessica would date him if he were younger. too much. I think he is a riot but he should be more respectable to his wife and kids


I love Kevin, but I totally agree with you.

Kevin claims he is playing dad and schooling Ramses to “be a gentleman”, but he’s better off serving by example. IMHO!

Resist the Twist

Watching Paul compete against this crew is like watching a Rhodes Scholar compete against 2nd graders in a spelling bee

If you remember last season, Paul had to play from behind because his alliance got blown up very early. This year Production gave him a huge head start so we are seeing his true personality, which is pretty nasty

But ask yourself this. Who in this cast can beat him based on the gameplay we have seen so far. Options are pretty weak


Really thought Alex was smarter than this. And Jason! He’s all over the place! Focusing on Kevin when it’s Paul that’s controlling everything. Alex: “I don’t like liars”. Yikes! WTF are you doing in the Big Brother house??? Why are you aligned with the biggest liar in the game? So you now want to get Kevin out? Well, I guess that’s as big a move as getting Dom out. Don’t pay any attention to the couples….ssheeesh! You are definitely not as bright as I hoped you were.

Vote Kevin for the Hex Temptation & watch the house blow up!


Fk Alex. She can wait around all she wants and think Paul can’t lie. She has no clue what “friendship” was about. He said it to friggin’ everyone last season even ppl he manipulated and voted out. Which is going to be u little fast talker.

He has lied 475 times already this season you dumb twat. She thinks she runs sht. Even Jason starting to think she has no clue which she doesn’t

When u gone dumb ass then say oh fk “Paul is good he played me like a fiddle”

Thank god Kevin can get away from your self righteous horrible at the game fool self. Please try and take him out. Please. You will be done.

Bye Dom.

Go Jess! Go Cody! Go Jason!

Bite me Alex.



So Alex thinks because Paul gave out the friendship bracelets that he won’t like to her? OMG this girl is not as bright as everyone thought she was.

Matt's 2 Shirts

They seem to forget that #Friendship was followed by #nevercared.


Finally !! I may be in the minority but with the potential for Cody to come back, I am hoping Jessica gets evicted this week. I see so much more potential for things to go crazy with Jessica being evicted. Then Cody comes back and can play a much better game without her. Can’t stand him but I think him coming back will make things much more interesting. Jason, Kevin and Alex are going to have to mend things because they will need each other and I don’t want those 3 going anywhere anytime soon. Jason and Kevin are my favorites for entertainment value

Dumber than fudge

I agree, Cody without Jess could make for an interesting game.

Cowboy Needs TO Go

I don’t know why everyone likes Jason. He is as much of a bully as Paul is. He keeps trying to control Alex and telling her to leave people alone. At least you know what you get with Paul but Jason is just coniving and will backstab you, I can see him doing it to Alex. If Jason doesn’t win the HOH next week instead of going after Ramses, Kevin or Jessica I think they need to take out Jason!!!

Hank Hill

So, it turns out lovable acerbic Kevin is just another creepy old perv from Boston.

Paul's Going Down

Jason, Alex, Mark & Elena are close to figuring out Kevin being the rogue voter. Hopefully Kevin will steer the blame where it belongs (Paul convinced Kevin to vote out Ramses and not tell anyone), would be fun to see Paul get outed as the one who is stirring up all the crap in the house. Kevin and Jason seem close, so all it will take is for him to tell Jason.

Pee in my mouth

Dominique sank her ship with that talk show.


I can’t thumbs down this because I agree. However I refuse to give a thumbs up to PEE IN MY MOUTH. :/


F**k y’all.


Dumbest cast ever! #teamKevin


Paul is going to win and I love it right now he is playing the best game Paul and Cody final 2

Paul is a caniving little snake

Compared to last boring and predictable week, I’m liking the intense drama that this week has brought to us.
See you never Dom, have fun watching the season at home and regretting you ever made that talk show (lets be real, even if she competed in the buyback there’s no way she’s return)


Definition of connive
connived; conniving
intransitive verb
: to pretend ignorance of or fail to take action against something one ought to oppose The government connived in the rebels’ military buildup.
a : to be indulgent or in secret sympathy : wink The captain connived at the smuggling of goods aboard his ship.
b : to cooperate secretly or have a secret understanding officials who connive with drug dealers
: conspire, intrigue accused his opponents of conniving to defeat the proposal
conniver noun


Who’s going? I know they all hate Jessica but could Dom leave the house, since she’s causing so much drama? I really thought Alex and Jason would be smart and use the veto. Guess not! What good does it do if they evict Jessica for Alex and Jason’s game? I really thought they would put up 2 in that alliance. WTF are they concerned with Kevin so what if he is shady what can he do? They need to target the big alliance. Also if Dom was smart she would just be quiet her alliance’s best move is to get rid of Jessica.


Paul and Kevin’s world is soon gonna crumble.
Alex will pull the thread that keeps it together.
She see’s and will purge.
Jason will be onboard as will Christmas.
The Liars will be laid out.
Go Ramses Go!
Pau’sl gotta go, sheeze!!
Dum… Mother…….!


players like Alex and James are proof not all Asians are smart.


I did not know people were searching the globe for proof of dumb Asians.


I’m Asian and I agree to this. Lol


So Alex first tell us that she’s after the couples.
Then she tells us she’s onto Kevin and plans on sending him home.
But when she has the golden opportunity to do either, she does neither.


Disappointed to say the least. She’s all talk, no action.

At least Jason knows what’s up. He had the right idea to keep Jessica around as a potential ally, and can see through Paul. It’s just too bad he doesn’t have the focus or the persuasiveness to convince Alex otherwise.

Watcher On The Wall

Lol Paul made it on TMZ

Watcher On The Wall

I keep trying to post the article but for some reason it won’t let me, if you want to read it search “TMZ Big Brother Paul Blackface”

Team Nahbuddy

I’m just loving the fact that Paul campaigned hard for two days but the veto still wasn’t used. That’s gotta hurt ?

Just relax it's Reality TV

Dom is leaving because she’s on to Paul. The talk show really has nothing to do with it .All those already paranoid people read way more into her show questions than she intended. Paul used this and Cody’s lies to turn everyone against her. Also BB is a social experiment so her being religious is just her. Within the Black community she would not be consider unusual for her strong beliefs and convictions. BB casts her as the token black religious woman, why is anyone surprised .


she didn’t ask the questions that Paul is complaining about and the house is paranoid about. The floor was opened up, and it was actually Paul that asked the question that started the brouhaha. Paul asked if anyone else was involved with Cody’s decison making process. Cody answered that two people were always aware of what he was planning, and Jessica wasn’t one of them. Mark went gung ho.
So Dominique is taking the fall for the line of questioning that Paul himself initiated and blamed on Dominique. All he needed to do was walk off disgusted and talk to Raven, who agrees with his every word. Raven is a little gossip that will run Paul’s line through the house faster than Big Brother over a loud speaker.


Finally a voice of reason. People are so easily duped. Paul exaggerated that whole talk show and next thing you know everyone is parroting his talking points. Plain and simple he needed a target. My only problem with Dom is she’s playing the religious martyr. Its a turn off to most people (nobody wants to feel like they are being looked down on and preached to).

She signed up for BB so she should know that a certain level of out of character behavior is required to make it further. Isolating herself so much too hasn’t help.

I think she’s at the point of no return. The best she can do at this point is try to sow doubt about Paul in as many players as possible.


Dom’s problem is she keeps saying that God told her Elena was trying to get her out of the house. Elena DID NOT throw her under the bus. Elena was fighting for Dom to be SAFE. When Dom says things like God is talking to her and revealing things to her, it makes her look like a “pretend Godly woman”. I’m sure there are others in the house that love God, but they don’t carry a bible around acting like they are God’s chosen. I don’t think God is taking sides in the house. God is not telling Dom the behind doors conversations and it makes her look crazy to suggest that He is.


When cody comes back. Cody Jason and Alex should team up and take out paul.