Paloma – “I feel like a pull pork sandwich getting pulled by everyone”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael Taylor & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used. Taylor nominated
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Michael used the Power of Veto on himself. Daniel nominated Taylor in his place.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


11:08 am Daniel and Terrance
Daniel – just so you know because I love and respect you. I do want you to stay and I do want us looking out for each other. My biggest concern as a person outside of this game. You guys know me and I know strategically and gamewise it make sense but Since Michael won and I have to put someone up.
Daniel – Before that little blow up. Before I was pissed and all that stuff.. Before throwing Paloma under the bus whose not at risk at all from my position.
Daniel – Umm.. Everyone was on board with sending this other person home (Taylor) YO no vibing.. not vibing.
Daniel – I told everyone I prefer you to stay everyone has their own vote do your thing.
Daniel – then the blow up happened. Throwing someone under the bus that I enjoy being around. Who I wouldn’t mind if she was here for a few more.. a couple weeks.. Paloma Sweet Zero threat.
Terrance – for real
They joke about what Paloman’s HOH would be like.
Daniel – imagine hearing her speeches they wouldn’t have enough Gigabytes.

Daniel – we know the reason right.. but I am aware how it looks on the outside. After sleeping on it and talking to Monte a lot. He helped me a lot and it was him who came to me about the infr0omation.
Daniel – my worry and fear going into this is first week a white guy puts up two black people. I know how shitty that looks. you guys know me
Daniel – It is game you know what I mean
Terrance – the narrative is not to me personally it’s like.. It doesn’t look that way to us. It looks like you (Taylor) have very poor game play and colour had nothing to do with it. I had very poor gameplay that’s it and that’s all.
Terrance – She (Taylor) put herself in that predicament. To me it’s not colour it’s poor ass gameplay.
Terrance – some people had left some clothes and sunglasses outside. We knew the backyard was going to close so I was like YO maybe people just forgot. People walk away we should collect them so the gate doesn’t close.
Terrance – she (Taylor) was like NO leave their stuff.
Terrance – I was like.. me and Nicole. Nicole was washing. We were like are you f***ing serious
Terrance explains they didn’t want peoples shoes and glasses left outside during lockdown because production goes through to prep for competition it could go missing.

Terrance tells him if he wins HOH Daniel has nothing to worry about. Adds he’s comfortable with Ameerah or Nicole winning.

11:40 am Paloma and Brittany
Paloma says if she’s looking at their games Both Terrance and Taylor are “Bottom barrel” players so far.
Paloma – if you are just looking at STATS that’s what it is.
Brittany – Who are the people in the house that we like the most. That is my strategy before we go to Jury I only want people in here that I feel like I am close with.
Paloma going on about how this isn’t “typical Big Brother” because everyone is getting along.
Brittany – if you have a chance to talk to Monte get his read on that and let me know what he thinks.
Brittany – Michael.. Literally we were talking and asking who do we want to bring into this and I was like Paloma and Monte. Paloma and Monte. They are the strongest those are the ones I like the most. It just makes sense.
Brittany – I’m not saying a final four thing we can wait until we get to jury. We can date before we get married.
Paloma – you’re a freaking savage.. You’re a freaking Savage.
Paloma says Pinky promises are outdated they now Fist bump
They fist bump.
Brittany – this doesn’t negate our Girl thing I just want to emphasis. It’s on top of it. It’s a nest egg alliance.
Paloma – you’re thinking like 6 moves ahead.. it’s who’s the best chess player.. it’s basically whos thinking 20 moves ahead at this point. At this point we are already thinking about Noms Taylor’s not even out of this house and we’re already thinking of next week. When has that every happened in Big Brother when they think of next week? It doesn’t happen (Happens all the time)
Brittny – how can you and I get far?
Paloma – listen to me there’ s chessboard in there I want to use it.
Paloma says she has a good relationship with MOnte and Michael wand will talk to them tonight about this deal.
Paloma – “I feel like a pull pork sandwich getting pulled by everyone”
Paloma – this backstage thing is a blessing it allows me to be friends with everyone and create these strong relationships

Paloma – can you believe I think I have the strongest relationship with each person
Brittany – why do you think I am talking to you beside someone else?

11:51 am Paloma and Daniel
Paloma going on about how everyone wants to talk to her “You know why? this (backstage shirt) has allowed me to be HOMMIES with everyone at the same time I’m like YO I need to breathe”
Paloma – have you seen how much I’m talking it’s honestly not because I want to f***ing talk it’s because people are stimulating my brain and I have to respond
Paloma – this is basic stimulation science
Paloma starts talking about how everyone in the house feels like family now.
Paloma – I want to go to bed at 10. We need them (Production) be like YOU GUYS NEED TO GO TO BED. we need to start being reprimanded by the voices above. I’m telling you it’s turning in a frat house.

Paloma now starts talking about reading through the rule book in the storage room. Going into detail about the chapter filled with legal stuff. “We’re savages right now we’re all like monkeys.. I believe that it’s chaotic”

Daniel laughs
Paloma – IT’s chaotic.. can I have a snake or something I haven’t had time to eat. You know what I had for dinner last night? I had a piece of cheese with Mayonnaise. I love Mayo but I’m sick of this.
Paloma – we broke reality TV.. They want us to be vengeful and be like OH MY GOD F** that BEEOTCH
Paloma points out how friendly they have all been to each other, “With Taylor they (Fans) are probably like OHH SOME JUICE they’re probably like ohh my god everybody hates Taylor.”
Paloma – Do we Hat Taylor? no we still love her because she’s a Raw human being at the end of this
Daniel – she’s doing great to Vibing
Paloma – She’s vibing. Her social game sucks but beside that she’s still a nice person it just took longer.
Daniel – we’ll see how she react to it. (Being nominated)

Daniel laughs because Paloma cannot stop talking.
Daniel – I want you to win HOH cause I’m going to die.
Paloma – imagine if I win HOH all you guys will be sleeping up here that’s my worst nightmare.
Paloma – I’m not HOH right now and everyone is bugging me. imagine if I am HOH. I’m throwing that shit next week
Daniel – I may be wrong but I think you walked into this room saying you don’t want to talk game.

Paloma – I’m realizing we’re all the same person and Terrance was like about the structure of the wall and how to break it down… I’m like what the f** that’s how I think
Paloma goes on about all these similarities between the houseguests.
Paloma – I’m going to turn an atheist into a believer right now with all the coincidental shit that is happening right now. The Dove, the tattoo arm thing the cardinal.. The Tea bag I got a message yesterday..
Feeds cut..

11:59 am Veto Ceremony starts

1:26 pm Feeds return Michael used the veto Taylor nominated in is place.

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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Wow. So ugly. I need a shower just *knowing* what just went on. Apparently, they’re all – as of now at least – respecting Monte’s wishes, that “Taylor doesn’t deserve to know to know why she’s going home”. Yuck.
Coming back to feeedds of Paloma hugging Taylor, crying. Out of compassion. I can’t. As BB Can Kyle wouuld say, a truly Oscar worthy performance.
The worst part is: Unless some major external interference, the HGs won’t know what happened until they come out of this house. They’ll mutually reinforce each other in “having been righ” for weeks. And of course, the show has a long history of whitewashing that kind of stuff, so they’ll just get away saying “you didn’t see ALL”, like Big D would always fall back on.
I think I’m done with this season at least for a while.


Bye Felicia


On the internet, you can be whoever you want. Yoou choose to show your ugly a$$. Sorry if I don’t enjoy racism and mob mentality enough to earn your approval.

un autre nom

Post veto ceremony alliances pairs and stats.

BB24 WEEK1 b.jpg
Biff Tannen

Even though she is clearly a cartoon character, I love how crazy Paloma is for reasons of drama. I just wish it wasn’t coming at the expense of Taylor, who would’ve brought her own drama + hotness. Send home one of these boring people instead.

Reality TV

Im getting the suspicion that this unannounced twist for Thursday is going to be “Taylor-made” to save her from a backdoor which seems pretty rigged for the show to pull out a last second announcement if they are trying to stop a backdoor.


I am hoping that it is like another person is guessing and there is a competition involved between the unsafe Backstage people and the nominees to see who goes home

Reality TV

No matter how much people don’t like Paloma or Alyssa they don’t deserve to go home on a vague twist that saved someone from a backdoor. If Taylor stays and one of those girls leaves for unknown details about Thursday it’s proves that this show has its own agenda to make up twists at the last minute to save a particular houseguest. This is why no one deserves to be saved from a backdooring because it ruins the authenticity of the rules and it’s players who are actually playing this game.

Dixie Lee

Remember though that they were told that even though they couldn’t be nominated, they weren’t safe. Those girls seem to have forgotten that.

Reality TV

That doesn’t matter they shouldn’t have to compete and save their lives on a island at the last second out of nowhere against a backdoor evictee especially when the backstage twist is completely faulty!
On top of the fact that it makes no mention that those girls would have to do something like that.

Girl's Girls=Karens

This game has never been fair. Some people get their game ruined for superficial reasons. Backdoors are not fair! lol


Remember Jody?

She left first day, first comp – it was arbitrary and felt completely unfair at the time – at least in this case Julie did say before Pooch chose that although they would be safe (& couldn’t vote Thurs) one of them COULD be evicted (so he knew/as did they when he picked the trio — it’s WHY he didn’t pick guys).

Reality TV

She didn’t say evicted and she said doesn’t mean you’re safe which is totally different.
The people in the backstage twist shouldn’t have to compete in last second competition to save themselves against someone who’s going to be backdoor evictee.


100% agree!

The Beef

So it’s official, Michael of course used the Veto on himself and Taylor was named as the replacement nominee. So other than a house implosion, what do I wish for now? Since it’s pretty clear Taylor will be voted out over Terrance, I’m hoping for a Texas cage match between Taylor and Paloma for the right to stay in the house (Brittany having been voted safe by the fans, and Pooch “choosing” Paloma as the “Backstage Champion” to represent the group).

And yes, I hope Taylor mops the floor with Paloma’s lying arse! Oh, and I’ll take Alyssa as a sub for Paloma in a pinch, if it means Taylor get’s a shot to stay and get her vindication for telling Monte the TRUTH about what “Palomino” said.

Reality TV

No one ever deserves to get saved from a backdoor especially on a vague suspect twist since production can up with something at the last moment. It puts everyone else on a uneven playing field.

The Beef

The last moment? Where do you get that information? I’d bet the Backstage Pass twist was part of this years game from the get go, so no, production didn’t insert it “just to save Taylor”, or anybody else, although I do agree with you that some of these twists do put people on uneven playing fields. However, that’s always been part of the game, and whoever adapts to those twists and takes advantage of them moves along. Whoever doesn’t…..hello Julie!


A Fencing comp?


It would be funny if Paloma was the first evicted. Do you think that she saw it in her playbook or on the chess board lol


I’m with you with one small tweak – Taylor gets to pick & b/c she knows (from Britt/Monte) it was Paloma who put the target on her back she automatically chooses her.

Ally isn’t innocent BUT she has made overtures toward Tay & tried to talk to Nicole (b/c she knew how close she was to Daniel) saying it seemed unfair that Taylor was being judged for things everyone was doing & that she wasn’t being given a chance (ie: a chance to explain herself). But Nicole who is so aptly paired with her equally coward F2 partner Daniel said ‘we’re the only ones who like her – we just need to go along”.

The Beef

Hell, her calling her out would make it even better! Kind of like Dusty Rhodes calling out Rick Flair! Woooooooooo!

un autre nom

Some of the house is going into protect Monte mode.
They have realized that Paloma says one thing, then the opposite the next time you speak to her…. and know that Paloma was naming male targets, but haven’t put together that she said Monte’s name…. even the ones present when she said Monte’s name. eyeroll.
However, even if they conclude Paloma lied… too late to put the toothpaste back into the tube, so let’s continue convincing Taylor she’s been vile and evil to everyone she speaks to. She’s been cold and prickly to them at times, and maybe a little condescending… but they’ve got her thinking she’s a foul mouthed insult machine.
So it sounds to me like they are saying we have to keep Taylor from finding out Monte got the ball rolling to coalesce the hatewagon into the fine cowardly mob they are.

My question: why? Why protect Monte when he’s your competition to win?
Oh, I’d ‘accidentally’ be ‘slipping up’ and ‘inadvertently’ mention it in a group while Taylor was present… and then play shockface oh i didn’t realize oops. Just me? If she stays, give her a target. If she doesn’t stay play oh so apologetic for the ‘didn’t notice she was there’ accident.

Aaand… Ameerah just dropped the bomb.
She asked Taylor directly if she told Monte that Paloma was out to get him.
It’s no longer Paloma’s word vs. Taylor’s.
It’s now Taylor’s word vs. Monte’s.
What are the chances that Monte eats crow? NONE.
Britt is also there. Telegraph, Telephone, TeleBritt is there. oh.
The three women are saying maybe there’s a chance all the woman can stay this week.

un autre nom

I’m reminding myself of the strategic why behind the current status quo.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember.

  • Why did Monte bring up the Taylor talk on Saturday night when they all thought veto ceremony was Sunday morning and Monte was worried one of his guys could be the renom? Oh. asked and answered all in one.
  • Monte didn’t go to Paloma first, then the house. He went to a group first, then pulled in sleepy Paloma to get everyone up in arms to create a scapegoat and keep himself and the boys safe.
  • Daniel had already caved to demand before the Taylor stuff. The house pretty much knew this before Monte started telling people.

Taylor was always the easy scapegoat.
90% of the house has heard Paloma say guys as targets (Joe defending Paloma is a laugh riot, she named him as the first person going home on… like day 3).
Monte was in defense mode and since the women already disliked Taylor, that made her the sacrificial lamb. Now that he’s got what he wanted, he’s trying to make sure nobody questions his motives.


The Joe part is crazy right?

Even after Monte tells him Taylor meant no harm & they see how insane Paloma is Joe says but she (Tay) has to go b/c she would blame/come after you if she won HOH.

The other takeaway from this (unless I missed it) is Monte has never told Joe that Paloma said he (Joe) would be the first guy cut & she was putting the target on him b/c she had Daniel wrapped around her finger.

Monte sees Joe as his loyal soldier but he doesn’t share sh*t with him (only seems to share intel with Kyle).

Girl's Girls=Karens

It’s ironic! Everything they accuse Taylor of is actually describing the Palm Oil chick: sneaky, arrogant, loud, aggressive, rude, liar, etc.


I am hoping the rug gets pulled and chaos ensues. Can you imagine Paloma not being able to hold in her reaction!


Paloma is so freaking cute. Amazing player. This Greek Goddess RUNS this house

P. Taynt

If you can compartmentalize the fact that Paloma NEVER stops talking, she most definitely is very cute.

Girl's Girls=Karens

Paloma = loud, aggressive, sneaky, liar, paranoid, arrogant, delusional = considered CUTE
Taylor = quiet, confident, smart, respectful, introverted = considered BAD.

Society is backwards!