Paloma to Taylor- “If you have one friend out of this it’s me. . I’m here for you serious.” ** Updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael Taylor & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used. Taylor nominated
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Michael used the Power of Veto on himself. Daniel nominated Taylor in his place.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


1:14 pm Paloma and Taylor
Feeds return in on this conversation.
Paloma – we’re breaking the internet with this sh1t we’re breaking it because we are RAW and REAL. These tears are real tears.. we’re not actresses’ trying to be fake.. I feel so F***ing bad for everything that is going on like.. At the end of the day. We’re going to be on that Freaking yacht in Greece. We’re still a family. Even if you are on your couch watching this we’re a family just know that and be comfortable with that.
Paloma – Make the imposable possible.. you still have time, Okay?
Paloma – you never know.. you have time. I don’t even know what day it is.. Monday? you have time and time is on your side you know. It’s going to be a lot and the anxiety is real
Paloma – If you have one friend out of this it’s me. I’m here for you serious. I’m here for you if you are stressed out. If you are worried I’m here For you. I’m here for you
Taylor – I love you thanks
Paloma – Yup .. I’m serious.. I’m serious
They both cry
Paloma – I can’t imagine what you are going through.
Taylor – I kept saying everyone is a good vibe there’s no bad vibes.. I’m the bad vibe
Paloma – you are such a BOSS BABE.. when you walked out with that beautiful model walk. I was like I want her on my team. You didn’t come to me you went straight up to the boys. I was like DAMN. You know you walked straight up stairs the girls were like what is going on we like Taylor but she’s upstairs.
Paloma – I’m so sorry.. I got you ok

1:30 pm joe, Kyle and Taylor
Joe – there’s still an anomaly backstage passes are still a thing. Obviously that is still causing paranoia and stress throughout the house. So just.. Keep your head leveled keep you head in the game.
joe – you are a boss b1tch literally you know this. This wouldn’t be your first cut throat situation. I’m sure this is the first time you’ve been put in a tough spot. so keep your confidence high but clearly some slight adjustments need to be made otherwise you wouldn’t be here.
Joe – try to narrow in on those adjustments. I love you so I’m not someone .. so I’m not the greatest person to critique this.

Joe – I love the vibe and I love your energy.. you’re a boss you really are.

1:49 pm Brittany and Monte
Brittany pitching her final 4 with Monte.
Brittany – let me prove myself to you

1:54 pm Kyle and Pooch
Pooch – Paloma gets a little bit annoying
Kyle – I think she’s going insane.. I think her mind is breaking a bit(LOL YUP)
Pooch impersonates her talking “Everyone shouldn’t talk game right now.. dah dah dah dah ”
Pooch brings up how they were talking not putting a scale in the house because they wanted to promote body positivity (of course they would)
Pooch – Dude I want to weigh myself I want to get stronger.. Have whatever body you want. I get body positivity. certain days I wish I had less chub here.. I’m with yeah
Kyle – we’re on the same page
Pooch – If I just want to weigh myself..
Kyle – do we have scale
POOCH – NO! if we did they would probably throw it out

2:00 pm JOe and Monte
Joe – no eyes are on you
Joe – as much as I think Taylor is going home if she’s here and she finds out for any reason the backstage thing saves her ass. If she finds out you had anything to do you’re ass is grass with her
Monte – it’ll be some backdoor.
Joe – she can make things happen. She can grab everyone. I have a lot of respect for her.

Monte – I was talking to Brittany about the whole backstage thing and the potential for them to get eliminated this week. I think they were under the assumption they were safe. If there’s a competition because there’s only two seats there. For nominations on the block. If there’s a competition between the three of them and then Taylor and Terrance are put into that competition then it’s like whoever are the last two. That is a messed up situation”
Monte – that is why i was telling Daniel to keep it under the radar and wait until our goodbye messages. “It will be really clear why she left and I can explain everything clear as day”
Monte and Joe say “And call it a day”

Monte – I love Paloma and we’ve been tight every since day one because of the whole porta potty deal. We’re all HOMMIES
Monte – my thing with Paloma is. I’ve been noticing that like Verbally she’s been going off like crazy. I don’t know if it’s sleep deprivation or anything like that so in that conversation she had with Taylor I asked her what did you share with her?
Monte – she said all I said was that thing between the two of us have not been as tight as they could have been. that was the end of that.
Michael joins them.
Joe – right now Taylor has incentive to go after Paloma. You have no business being involved in this.
Monte – I would put my mothers name that it happened. I couldn’t believe she said it to me. I was like why when this is the first time we’ve ever talked game you would throw somebody’s name under the bus so I would approach them about it.
Monte – I can’t understand what her intentions were. this has to be something with lethal intentions

1:13 pm Taylor, Brittany and Ameerah
Ameerah – I thought you were working with the guys.. since day one I assumed you were working with the guys
Taylor – I have not been able to get into their heads.
Ameerah – that is why I never opened up. In my mind you’re the OP (?). I’m going to be honest.
Taylor – I kept going into rooms to find people to hang out with.. I’m entering everyone is exiting Honestly I was trying to find the girls. I said from the second I was in the process of this ‘I want to play a girls game’
Ameerah – I said that too did you say that too?
Brittany nodes
Taylor – I wanted them to feel I was a guys girl but I didn’t do a good job of communicating that to you all. Cause you know I don’t want to lay out the whole plan from the jump.

Ameerah – Did you tell Monte that Paloma was gunning for them?
Taylor – NO NO.. I told Monte to talk to the girls because they might feel.. Cause all the guys are up here . that the guys are coming for the girls. That’s all.. Cause Paloma talks the most. I said talk to Paloma Specifically because she knows that you all (Guys) are not gunning for them.
Ameerah – ok that makes sense.
Taylor – No I didn’t tell Monte that Paloma is coming for you. No I said REACH OUT.
Ameerah – Funny how you say one thing and it’s perceived one way.. You take thing the way you want to hear them.

Brittany – is sounds like the guys ultimately didn’t feel you were with them and the girl ultimately didn’t feel you were with them. So I totally get where you are going at. If there was more weeks before this first thing. There’s a lot that can happen.. there is one scenario. There’s still a chance for the girls to get back and track and do what you intended to do.

Jasmine joins them.

2:24 pm Monte, Michael and Joe
They’ve been talking about how to keep it under wraps that Monte was the person that told Daniel about Taylor spreading a lie about Paloma. Monte says everyone in the house knows it was him expect for Taylor.
Monte – I told Daniel it doesn’t make sense to tell her why (She’s on the block)
Monte – he’s (Daniel) is super paranoid. I don’t know who planted this idea in his head
Joe – it was Taylor. about the two black people on the block.. It was Taylor
Monte – Ohh about the two black people..
Joe – I heard Taylor was making those comments. I don’t know who relayed it to him.
Joe – I heard that Taylor said to somebody and that is how it got to Daniel .. like.. There’s no shot Daniel puts two black people on the block this week
Monte – ohh wow
Joe – to give Daniel incentive not to
Monte – That’s even more f** up. You are playing that card to keep yourself safe when that’s not cool
Joe – yeah
Monte – I want to talk to her to be honest. A a black man I understand what the game is.. You know what I mean? If you put me and another black person on the block and there’s game reasons why?
Monte – Daniel is not a racist.
Monte adds that now Daniel feels like he has to tell Taylor the reason she’s on the block to feel justified.
Joe – BRO do not underestimate that girl Taylor
Joe – if it wasn’t for that one comment we could’ve have said we just don’t VIBE. campaign for votes.
Indy joins them.

2:49 pm Terrance and Indy

T – You are a power house. you know what I’m saying..? Powerful strong you can go a long way in the game FOR real
Terrance – you are one of the strongest girls here. you see what i’m saying
Indy – yup
Terrance – I want us to .. like stay together. that is the same with him we were the last ones coming in.. POOCH feels that way we should at least have each others back.
Indy – I don’t want to set up alliance but the moment I can protect you. I don’t know about him (POOCH) cause I don’t have that connection and I’m going to honour whatever my heart tells me.
Indy – When I saw you
Indy – even if I had a good connection with Michael I would have save you with the veto competition I want to be clear about that.
They get up to hug
Terrance – Coo da ta
Terrance – what does that mean.. thank you?
INDY – Be careful.. Take care.. no not be careful.. take care.
They laugh
Indy snorts “Ohh English” (LOL)

2:50 pm Joe, Jasmin, Turner and POOCH
POOCH – if Taylor wants a one on one conversation we can.. I don’t want to lie to her and tell her she has my vote.
Joe – neither do I

3:17 pm Paloma and Alyssa. Taylor is also in the room
Paloma is whispering again after ‘Frenchie-ing’ her vocal cords.
Paloma – I have no idea what is going on I’m so disorientated
Alyssa – it sounds like you’re always scheming because you have no voice
Paloma – I was very concerned for my health.. I am still concerned for my health.
Alyssa leaves
Taylor – It’s a long three days
Paloma – Dude.. dude .. insane.. insane..
Taylor – I just want to say.. Hindsight 20/20 I never wanted to make you feel like I was with the guys.
Paloma – you don’t have to say anything ..
Taylor says she doesn’t want to play with the guys.
Jasmine joins and they chit chat … Taylor says she’s “So gassey right now”

3:30 pm Brittany and JOE
Brittany – nobody wants to be associate with me because they don’t know if I’m here..
Brittany – You know what they are going to want to be associate with me when I’m here and I get HOH
Joe – I don’t give a f** I talk to everybody
Brittany – that is why I am so solid with you
Brittany starts to cry..
Joe – Brittany .. don’t cry. Crying isn’t going to get you any where I know you came here to play.
Brittany – It hurts.
Joe – it’s not supposed to be easy it’s supposed to hurt take those feelings and start working. Stop crying this isn’t going to get you anywhere.
Brittany says she’s worried that POOCH will get to evict one of them.
Joe – I’m not going to lie he’s closer to the two other girls. That’s a man whose here to play the game.
Brittany – I hope he see that.. it just sucks cause it’s week one I feel he’ll see that week 7 .. Week one we’re all having fun they’re cute.
Brittany – I have better skills to offer.. He’s physical I’m mental.. the other girls aren’t going to win comps for you

3:40 pm Joe and POOCH
POOCH going on about Indy winning HOH being the worst case scenario for them because there is no way she will put up girls.
Joe warns him about how smart Ameerah is. POOCH agrees. they share some stories about Ameerah noticing things.
Joe – that girl is a freaking Genius

POOCH says Ameeraha nd INDY have to get evicted ‘Sooner than later”
Joe – how close are you with Alyssa and Paloma?
Pooch – very, Paloma is a big of a Wildcard
Joe – 100%
Pooch brings up Paloma not wanting scales in the house
Pooch “I don’t agree with that if I’m a guy that wants to gain muscle I want a scale” (LOL the mass one could have built on the show if only there was a scale
POOCH about talking with Paloma “It hurts my brain”
joe – Alyssa and Paloma are together?
POOCH – I know I know it’ll get to a point ..
Joe – that’s an alliance Alyssa and Paloma
POOCH – lets keep them together for now
Joe – if they add Brittany
POOCH – they don’t have Brittany
Joe – then they have Jasmine and Nicole

POOCH – If Ameerah is here longer than three weeks then we’re f***ed
Joe – she’ll figure it out.

POOCH – In the next three weeks INDY and Ameerah have to go whatever we do it’s crucial.
Joe – Paloma
Pooch – Paloma, Sooner rather than later
Joe – if Paloma, Alyssa, Indy team up that is a real
POOCH – In competitions BRO We’re f**Ing beast. we have..
Joe – Michael is another anomaly.
POOCH – I talk to Michael a lot
Joe – so do I..
POOCH starts talking about building some alliance with Michael. He’ll start throwing Joe’s name out there saying the three of them.
Joe – just so you and me can control Michael a little bit
POOCH – I don’t think Oasis is going to sink but if it sinks we have an extra guy ..
Joe – Oasis isn’t going to sink the only reason it would sink is if someone figured it out and put two alliance members up

4:00 pm Ameerah, Paloman, Alyssa and Jasmine
Ameerah is relaying her conversation with Taylor earlier today.
Ameerah – she said she trying to get in good with the guys. She throwing it out as an idea like you might want to check with Paloma if the girls are trying to get out the guys
They all say “OHHHHH”
Ameerah – she said she was always trying to with the girls. How she got on the show is she was wanting to form an all girls alliance.
Jasmine – why didn’t she try harder?
Palomine – she ran up there with the boys..
Ameerah says that Taylor admits she “F***ed up”
Paloma – she has to go home
Ameerah – there was a lot of opportunities for her and she seize take it.
They agree Taylor has still got to go.

Jasmine asks Paloma if she won HOH who would she nominate
Paloma – I’m not winning HO H
Jasmine – If you were though?
Paloma – I am going to drop like a fly… Do you not see my body right now? My brain. I process like an Apple 2008 computer
Paloma – My brain processes really weird.

Jasmine – we would make history if all girls make it to the end.. Like an all girls alliance.
Paloma – Girls are going to run this show.. period..
Jasmine – we gotta be truthful with each other
Ameerah – they ‘res some strong guys here.
Ameerah says if another guys wins HOH they just need to focus on them eliminating another guy.
Jasmine says Brittany has Michael “Wrapped with a bow and sealed with tape”
Jasmine – even if I don’t make it to the end a girl better make it to the end.
Ameerah – I’m going to ask Nicole if she is in an alliance with them. Is that ok?
Paloma – yeah.. I don’t get the vibe she is
Ameerah – I know she’s working with Daniel, Pooch and them.
Paloma – I don’t think she is but you can talk to her
Ameerah – she wants to do an all girls alliance but she wants guys to get her there.
Ameerah suggests they pull Nicole in with them and having her still with Danil but a number for them.
Ameerah – I talk game with Daniel
Paloma – POOCH and Turner
Ameerah – we have problems right now and it’s POOCH and Turner
Paloma – POOCH and Turner are problems and you know who else agrees? Monte
POOCH – Monte also wants them out?
Paloma – he’s like they are low key all over the place.

Indy back from the Shower joins them.
Paloma – Turner and POOCH are next (LOL)
Jasmine – how do you feel about that?
Indy had forgotten her microphone so she runs back to get it.
Paloma – Turner and Pooch are targeting INDY we have to tell her

4:07 pm Monte and POOCH
For house unity INDY is the target next week.

4:24 pm New girls alliance name
Indy – Six in the city .. it’s like Sex in the city..

4:26 pm Brittany tells jasmine that POOCH and Turner want Michael gone.

4:42 pm POOCH and Brittany speculating about the backstage twist.
Brittnay – I have already given you two pieces of information about Ameerah. There’s way mor ewhere that came from.
POOCH – she’s strong and she’s intelligent
Brittany – she’s also.. her mouth I’m like why are you telling me this.. why are you saying these things out loud..
Brittany – I don’t want to scare you but I might be the only girl you have.. I’m sticking my neck out by having this conversation with you right now


5:25 pm Michael and Kyle
Michael – I would love to see a conversation between POOCH and Paloma when they both have an idea..
Kyle – and a cup of coffee in the hand

Michael – POOCH is very much the same way
Kyle – very similar

Michael says Turner is going to put him and Terrance on the block next week “it’s the least amount of blood on his hands”
Kyle – Turner can be persuaded.
Michael – if POOCH is out of the game Turner won’t know what to do. I see those two together all the time.
Michael – I even tried to talk game with Turner and I didn’t get any game from him
Kyle – really
Michael – he said we can work together but not in an alliance.
They agree Paloma and Monte are playing similar type games where they are friends with everyone.
Kyle says it could be a blessing in disguise to have Paloma put together this strong 6 person alliance and then go home next week.

5:31 pm Ameerah and Monte
Ameerah – Brittnay told POOCH that I’m trying to get him out and he confronted me and I can’t put him up now if I win
Monte – how did she get that information
Ameerah – I don’t f***ing know. He said he thinks she’s making it up because she’s getting desperate.

5:40 pm Taylor alone in the HOH
Taylor – Who did I hurt to the point where multiple people are telling him (Daniel) ?
Taylor – Why do I have the worst gut feeling about MONTE? I feel like i’m going to throw up

5:47 pm Paloma, Jasmine and Indy
Paloma – She’s (Nicole) in an alliance with turner and POOCH
Jasmine – I thought you were going to bring her in
Paloma – NO she’s in an alliance with Turner and POOCH
Indy brings up a Scenario in BB Brazil where they put “Gabby” in a room and told her “We can’t deal with that”
Paloma – Indy understand this game is different than Big Brother Brazil we don’t want to blow it up. You know what I mean?
Paloma – shit’s going to go crazy if we do that..

Paloma – she was never in the girls alliance.

6:00 pm

6:01 pm Ameerah and Jassmine
Ameerah fills her in that Brittany told POOCH that she’s targeting him.

Jassmine – I don’t know what to do.. This is why this all girls thing never works.

6:11 pm Paloma, Kyle, Michael and Alyssa
Paloma – POOCH and Turner are telling Jasmine ‘Brittany is saying your name”
Paloma – Jassmine comes running here having a panic attack saying in the corner we cannot trust BRittnay we cannot trust her.. all the Girls are supposed to have each other’s back why don’t we have each other’s back. Brittnay is f***ing that sh1t up.
Alyssa – You’re confused Brittnay went to POOCh and said Ameerah not Jassmine

Indy joins them points at them “steak or Chicken”

6:22 pm POOCH and Monte
Pooch is going over Brittnay telling him about Ameerah. He knows Ameerah isn’t targeting him he had talked to her in the storage room where they shook on being good for next week. He points out it’s obvious that BRittnay doesn’t know he talkes with Ameerah. It’s great she told him this “Bullshit” cause he’ll now use that as an excuse to put her up next week.
POOCH says Indy would be his target but he would put Brittany up beside her.
POOCH asks him who outside is in Monte’s pocket.
doesn’t answer.
Monte – Brittnay and Indy make easy targets.
POOCH warns that Ameerah will be the one girl that figures out Oasis.

6:41 pm Hommies
Monte is relaying his conversation with Taylor.
They agree if Taylor wins HO she’s putting up two of Paloma, DAniel and Monte. “She’s got to go”

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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What the hell is with all this “vibe” talk this season? Is this this season’s drinking game? Is it like “manifest”???

Reality TV

Simon if you can Give your opinion on this if Paloma or Alyssa leave week 1 due to a vague and unannounced twist at the last moment Thursday that saves Taylor from a backdoor how would you feel?

Yes to whom it may concern it’s unannounced what will happen Thursday because Julie described everything else but wanted to leave everyone in the dark including the audience about what will happen at eviction which is sketchy as Hell as if production is still to trying configure the jest of this twist still in order to save a particular houseguest. My point is that they probably wanted options to not announce it instead of doing the Mon Won power they probably think oh let’s do a battle back competition catered to Taylor that will save Her from a backdoor since she won’t win a vote this week. That’s what makes this twist completely unfair to those involved in the backstage.


The twist itself was announced but the details were never fully explained to the audience as to how Backstage people could still leave the game

Dementia Joe

The real question is who does Grod want to go?

Reality TV

Does anyone else not see the problem in how faulty this backstage twist actually is?

un autre nom

There are 3 backstage people. You don’t seem to express any concern for Brittany. Odd.
The show has a history of sketchy behavior.
Jodi. The banishment comp in season 21. the cancelled eviction in season 14.
won’t even go into the sketchy canadian version stuff beyond saying instant evictions (no veto, just nom and gone within the hour).

Reality TV

Because Brittany is being saved everyone knows that lol and that is my point is that this backstage twist is just as sketch as compared to what happened in big brother 14 when an eviction got canceled because like Frank it appears that big brother is trying to save Taylor from the backdoor last second which is why this advantage is not right and completely faulty!

un autre nom

Not so sure. Non feed watchers vote counts for more than feed watchers. The edit on Sunday was Brittany who, while the entire episode was one big Paloma d/r.


It’s Woodstock the Big Brother version, lol


Brittany is a snake. Paloma is a crazy person.


Listening to Brittany right now, not a snake. The therapist in her is coming out to play in her talk with Taylor

Dementia Joe

Terrence has no alliances. Not looking good.


he’s set himself up pretty well to be the perpetual pawn. it can actually get him to midgame if he’s lucky, but it’s not a strategy that’s likely to get him much further.


The small line from a particular movie keeps coming to me right now with this : “The shitteth has hitteth the fanneth”


I can only wait for further insanity that is going to ensue when Paloma gets put on the block 🙂


For house unity INDY is the target next week.”

This it the problem with modern BB play. Prioritizing “house unity” over personal game.


Maybe but as was seen in the matter of days when they get fickle they get vicious. Don’t know whether to compare it to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland or Jekyll & Hyde


All of a sudden people are creating waves. Did Ameerah say that to Brittany?

un autre nom

Britt’s verbal diarrhea has been exposed.
What took them so long. She’s been a taco bell porta potty of words every chance she’s had. Oh right, they were too busy making excuses for Paloma and keeping the Taylor secret. Plus Pooch had a quiet day yesterday.
To say that the Girl’s alliance doesn’t work because of Britt is funny though, since Ameerah, Paloma and Alyssa have decided the girl’s alliance extras are their plus ones (a la cookout), and Indy has already gone to Kyle saying she’ll report the girls movements to Kyle and Monte if they keep her safe.
Pooch? idiot. thinks Britt was lying. Of course. All of the men think the women are lying when the women warn them. Look at Taylor.

Girl's Girls=Karens

I am so glad that Taylor didn’t give them what they wanted. They looked dumb by assuming she would be the stereotypical “angry black woman” trope about being nominated. She’s not Bayleigh or Dayvonne. Black women are not a monolith. Black women are individuals. Some are feisty, some are shy, …human beings. Enough with the annoying stereotypes and assumptions.

Paloma's Meds

Paloma needs to chill out. If she doesn’t calm down and shut up, she’ll be home well before jury.






Please send her home. Beyond irritating