“He probably has some names in mind. If you haven’t been playing the social game and you go up you’re shooting yourself in the foot.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight


8:57 am Daniel, Nicole and Kyle
Chit chatting about how sore their throats are from all the talking.

9:27 am Chit chat throughout the house. Kyle shares a story about being a Mormon and having an elder rejected him from doing the 2 year missionary. On the other camera Ameerah shared a story about being nicknamed “Fudge Packer” by “Some guy” in middle school. It wasn’t until much later that she found out about what it means by watching Office Space.

9:32 am Daniel and POOCH
Daniel – Michael brought it to me, what if worse case scenario. What if Backstage
Pooch lists of his three ideas what the backstage could be.
POOCH – they send one of the people home .. which is absurd.
Daniel – that would be insane if there’s two people going home
Pooch – Competition.. A quick one to be the third nominee
POOCH – they make me or you pick the third nominee.
Pooch – that’s why I’m really not worried what else could it be beside those three that you think?
Pooch – Say I pick a nominee to take down.. I take down Terrance ..
Daniel – The only other option I want you to be prepared for. Do what you have to do but we are working together.

Daniel – Michael brought this up.. Michael is pretty f**ing smart. He builds escape rooms.. and he’s a super van.
Daniel – He was like what if.. One of the three backstage people.. the three girls. In the event the veto is a forced replacement by your choice of the three.
Pooch – which is easy.. Brittany
Daniel – that’s what I wanted to hear.
Daniel – the positive for me is I don’t have to put anybody else up.

Daniel – if it’s Brittany or Terrance who do you think goes home or who would you want?
POOCH – I think Terrance might go
Daniel – Exactly I think we could use Terrance more
Pooch – I’m good with Terrance…
Daniel – the problem with Brittany she’s been very open with me.
Pooch – yes same

Pooch if he won HOH he would put up Indy and Brittany. “If someone won the veto that’s not Indy because Indy would be the target.. We keep nominations the same… Worst case Brittany wins and we have to put up somebody to make sure that Indy will go home”
Daniel – it will have to be someone so sweet like Alyssa or Paloma
POOCH – For sure
Daniel – I think Indy would go home.. she’s such a wild card
POOCH – she’s talked game with nobody
POOCH goes on about how tight their 6 person alliance (The Oasis) is.

Terrance joins them. They fill him in on some of their Backstage speculation. Tell him that they want to keep him in the house Taylor is the target even if there’s a third nominee. The entire house wants Taylor gone so he’s safe.
Terrance – I’ll still do campaigning

9:56 am Terrance and Ameerah
Ameerah says Taylor came to her asking how she was feeling about the nomination ceremony.
Ameerah – I said I don’t know because.. like I can be put up there’s not many of us that can. Like 4 people are out that’s crazy. big deal
Terrance – HUGE
Ameerah – she was like I think I’m going to be put up.
Ameerah – she was like you don’t think they will put up two black people right?
Ameerah – I’m like I don’t know ..
Terrance – Like you just said the crop of people we got to choose from is very small.
Ameerah – it is what it is
Terrance – He’s got a certain selection he’s gotta pick from and he’s got people that have been rocking with him and talking to him. YOU got to respect his game play to.
Ameerah – It’s like she doesn’t have any leverage.. I don’t think anybody is riding with her. It’s an easy out.
Terrance – Ain’t nobody going to fight ain’t nobody going to feel a way
Ameerah- its not hurting anyone’s game. Nobody is going to go after Daniel
Ameerah – I think people could try to put Daniel up because he was the first HOH. I wouldn’t vote for him to go out
Terrance – I wouldn’t either. I couldn’t because of the energy he gave me. During this whole situation.. (LOL)
Terrance – to me he’s totally protected. If anybody felt a way just like he did for me I will campaign against situation cause I just respect that. You know what i’m saying?
Terrance – He didn’t have to lend his voice to saying I would prefer Terrance to stay .. you know what I’m saying No matter what.. you know what I’m saying. Keep that energy. He cool for me.
Terrance – he’s a number for me
Ameerah – same I feel that he’s a number
Ameerah – this next HOH I’m scared about
JAsmine joins them.

10:16 am Terrance and Jasmine
Terrance saying if he wins HOH he needs her help with who to put up Says he can’t put Daniel up.
Jasmine says if he puts up Michael he wouldn’t have blood on his hands “You have to get a threat out”
Terrance – we got to make that HIT though and I’ll need the whole house to make that HIT
Jasmine – do you feel close with the other guys?
Terrance – I feel close to those guys. I got Turner and I got Kyle.. I don’t know about Joe.. We’re cool.
Jasmine – would you GUN for any girls?
Terrance – would I put up any girls? we would need to talk about that but I wouldn’t put up someone you are close to I wouldn’t put them up.

10:33 am Taylor and Alyssa
Taylor says she doesn’t think Daniel knows who the replacement will be. “He’s just so stressed by it he doesn’t even know”
Taylor – he probably has some names in mind. All people have right now is he social game because it’s been so early. If you haven’t been playing the social game and you go up you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You should have been playing the social game from day one no matter what happened
Alyssa – 100%

10:43 am Ameerah, Brittany, JAsmine, Taylor
Friendly Chit chat about Big Brother 23 and 16

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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Reality TV

Does anybody have any idea of what the twist entails on Thursday Or is this literally a last chance
“Taylor-made” situation to save her from a backdoor? This twist seems pretty sketchy and rigged for the show to pull out a last second announcement especially if they are trying to stop a backdoor.


A lot of guesses but nothing definitive


it looks like the backstage people will have to compete to stay in the house. one (very likely brittany) will be saved by america. it’s unclear if the others compete against each other, themselves and the evictee, or will have some sort of task they must compete that could eliminate one, none, or both of them.


With regards to this twist for Thursday.
My thoughts were from season 14 to save Frank from a backdoor plan- production and Julie Chen during the live show in 2012 failed to ever mention anything about the eviction being cancelled until one minute prior to voting which was utter garbage then…..
In this case the backstage pass is literally a complete mess of a twist that I don’t even think CBS has fully thought this twist through for Thursday’s eviction and how it will impact Daniel’s nominees or the two people who aren’t saved by americas vote. If Palo and/or Alyssa somehow end up on the block for a live vote or have to compete in a competition where they potentially leave FIRST would be completely rigged and ruin the legitimacy of the show as the lack of details from this twist are becoming more and more obvious for Production trying to piece together a plan at the final hour Thursday to save a particular houseguest and in this case it is trying to save Taylor from a backdoor in the hopes that the backstage will send Alyssa or Palo home week 1! To save someone from a backdoor unannounced is unfair and rigged; why even have an HOH or veto anymore when this backstage twist is completely FLAWED.


While the full details remain uncertain Julie did say when Pooch picked the trio they couldn’t be nominated or vote but THEY COULD END UP EVICTED. And on the site where you vote it confirms one of them could be evicted. ‘

Beyond those minor points, you’re right, the details are sketchy. Clearly, one (Brit?) will be safe leaving Paloma & Ally unsafe. Will they have a third nom? If so who picks that nom (Pooch presumably right?).

OR will they go through with the votes for eviction & then allow the evictee (Taylor) to choose one of Ally/Paloma to battle for who leaves the house & perhaps the winner becomes the new Back Stage Mgr.

B/c of how this week has gone down, I wouldn’t mind the latter occurring. It would be great if Taylor actually exits the house & gets to see her good bye messages (since it would serve up some vitriol – likely from Paloma for sure & possibly Monte).

If Tay picks who she would battle whether she exits the house or it happens prior presumably she would pick Pal over Ally given Monte & Brit told her P was the one who put the target on her back. Ally has also been one of the few who’ve been nice (in comparison to the other woman) to Tay. She had a convo with Nic on Sunday about how no one was opening up immediately so it seemed unfair Tay was the only one getting punished for it — & didn’t it seem like T was being unfairly judged.

Personally, I’d be thrilled if the karma was Pal being the first evicted by Tay’s hands & her being safe as the next BS Mgr to give her a week to re-establish herself in the house. I’d also pick Michael, Indy & either Britt (maybe Terrance) as the Back Stage pass holders since those 4 are the most commonly mentioned to nominate either as pawns or targets.

Even better would be Tay saying to Pal as she exits “enjoy the summer on your couch, we’ll laugh about it on a yacht after the show.” (that’s what Pal said to Tay today right after noms).

Unfortunately, I fear TPTB want Pal on TV/feeds b/c they’re enjoying her manic overplaying b/c they aren’t even trying to shut down her openly discussing splitting the money via investing in businesses of the other hamsters (which past house guests confirmed is against the rules & in the contract).

Just a viewer

Terrance is annoying.

un autre nom

The rule book is out?
Oh. Right. Paloma’s bribery plot. Yeah, Toots, saying you can’t offer to split the prize, but you’ll invest in their businesses? Same thing.
How did it take so many days for people in the house to start to think she’s a bit…. makes siren noise then eyeroll.
Oh right, because Monte hadn’t decided she was a little bit… yet.

Pooch confirms for the third time (at least) since Friday, that as Backstage Boss, he’ll put up Brittany for whatever twist comes their way. That won’t make episode.


Let’s hope Pooch has no say and that you are right in regards to guessing how the twist will evolve

un autre nom

Ceremony seems to be taking a while.
Daniel plans to make the nomination “informative”.
In other words, he’s either gotten script notes, or he’s mitigating by saying it’s not because of race and that’s supposed to be informative. How much he goes with ‘so many people in the house said your name’ (which is true but makes him look spineless considering last night’s talk).
As feeds return…. Paloma is talking to Taylor. You could hear the sigh, right? It’s going to be about how Taylor’s nomination affects Paloma moment number 25. Oh good, the woman that has trashtalked Taylor for five days is kissing up to the feed viewers by saying Taylor has made a friend for life in Paloma.
Meanwhile Daniel is doing everything he can NOT to speak to Taylor and explain his nomination. Oh heart of a lion, that one.


Hey – are you buying Terrance saying he wouldn’t nominate Daniel & how great he is? Or is this just block talk?

He literally put him in harm’s way & T is really going out of his way with everyone he speaks to kissing Dan’s ass.

Does he think Dan has any say still? Is he delusional regarding Dan’s standing in the house? I can’t figure out if Terrance is that far off the loop, naive, or just playing possum.


If Taylor goes i am so done with Big Brother. Never missed a season but this mean stuff is too much

un autre nom

Post veto notes:

  • Taylor is talking to Paloma. Daniel says that’s an admission of guilt.
  • Paloma to Taylor and Alyssa says she doesn’t want Taylor to leave this week to get bullied by the public.
  • Daniel thinks Paloma is taking it so well and he’s proud of her. WHILE she’s sobbing.
  • Taylor has concluded that she has to have been saying offensive things that hurt people’s feelings because nobody has told her ANY of the reasons she is actually on the block.

The reason Taylor is nominated is for telling Monte that Paloma said she is targeting guys.
That’s the supposed big egregious lie, and Taylor is picking on sweet innocent little defenseless Paloma. It wasn’t a lie. And MOST of the house KNOWS it wasn’t a lie.
Even the reason is a lie. Daniel had decided to capitulate to the men and Paloma to put Taylor on the block because the house was afraid of her or didn’t like her. THE DECISION WAS MADE BEFORE TAYLORGATE.

SOMETHING ABOUT BACKSTAGERS WAS MENTIONED AT THE CEREMONY. The part about could be the first to go home.


He also said in his speech something along the lines of “you rubbed people the wrong way, hurt people but this will give you an opportunity to apologize for your actions’

What a dick!