Ovi “I won the nightmare power. If someone tries to put you guys up, I will use my power to take you guys down.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV Host was Tommy. Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. We’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony. The “house” is planning on evicting Ovi tomorrow. 

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie AKA mickey (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

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11:26pm Bedroom. Cliff and Ovi. Cliff – part of your path should be Kat seeing you talk to people and acting happy. She getting paranoid and Jackson is getting frustrated with her continually asking am I good, am I good, am I good. And I think one of the ways for this to happen would be if she kept getting so paranoid that Jackson finally .. the damn breaks. And Jackson says screw it, I’m tired of messing with it. Ovi – so she could still blow up. Cliff – or talk about the power you got .. let her wonder. I’m feeling like that might be your path.

11:32pm Bedroom. Ovi, Jack and Jackson. Ovi – I know you’re in a hard position but you know I’m good for your game. And you’re (Jack) in a hard position, you have to do damage control by you showing support to me, makes you a target. Kat doesn’t help y’all’s game. She’s a floater. You need shields. So I am going to tell you one thing and I ask that you keep it in this room. Can I trust y’all for that? Jack – yup! Ovi – I can be y’all’s shield. I won the nightmare power. And that power means for the next 6 weeks if are.. if at any time during the next 6 weeks if two people are put on the block. I can decide to have them come off the block so that they’re safe that week. If you keep me safe this week. If you bring in Sis (Analyse), if you bring in Holly. I have Tommy, Cliff and Nicole. That’s seven. Next week if someone tries to put you guys up, I will use my power to take you guys down so that you will have safety that week. And then the HOH will have no other choice than to choose someone randomly. And if that means that I have to be randomly picked, I will take that. But I can guarantee you that power and if they don’t put you up, I can use if for next week whenever they try to put you up. And then they will come after me. You guys are guaranteed safety next week. Jack – that’s big! Jackson – that’s f**king huge! Ovi – and that power is only powerful if its a secret. I couldn’t tell you, unless we needed it. I couldn’t use it because I was back doored into this. And no one thinks I have the power because I would have used it by now. You are the only two people that know about it. Once people know about it, it loses its power. If there is someway you can convince Sis and you can convince Holly… I can keep you safe. I have up to 6 weeks. That power is in your back pocket because I’m in your back pocket.

Ovi – this is an advantage guys. Jack – obi one kenobi. Ovi – and if I leave, the power goes with me. Jack – I’m sh*tting my pants. Ovi- and I wanted you guys to have a night to think about it. Jackson – sh*t just got interesting! Jack – you sand bagging son of b***H. Jack – Cliff doesn’t know about it. Ovi – no. You can go into the diary room and ask if its real. Jackson – shake his hand. Jack shakes Ovi’s hand. Ovi leaves so that they can talk.

12am Jack and Jackson. Jack – how do we convince our squad to keep him without letting them know he has the power? Jack – Sis might flip. Jackson – Cliff already told me. Kat is freaking out even more. He said he is going to vote with the majority he says. Jack – you lose Gr8ful if you do this. Make it 6. You have to tell Bella and Holly. And Bella and Nick are out at that point. And the problem is he is only guaranteeing to use his power for you or I and not Christie, Not Sis, not Holly. And how do you convince them to make that move? The only way you can convince them.. the only way we can do this without getting blood shed .. because Nick and Bella are going to be coming.. is by telling Christie, Sis, Holly that he will throw it up.. but Tommy has to know too. If he had just told us 3 hours ago before we made our decision. Jackson – I think that we both know that people are going to be coming for us and that it is naive to think that Gr8ful is going to last all the way til the final. I think we both know that if given the opportunity Nick and Bella would strike first. Jackson – I think we call him on his bluff. Jack – he doesn’t have to use it though .. we could be on the block and he say sorry dude. Jackson – I would like to think that handshake means something. Jack – or we bring him back in here and tell him he has to use it on six. Jackson – how can we sell our alliance without telling them. Jackson – what if he doesn’t use it on us. Jack – we are both going up if they win HOH. Jackson – I know, we have to. Jack – we have to tell the team. Jackson – we have to keep Ovi. There are no guarantees in this game and we have to fight for survival 1 week at a time. And right now we have week 2 in front of us. We can’t think about weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6. We have to get through week 2 first. Right now we are guaranteed safety for week 2 and we have to f**king take it. Jack – so we’re not 4 anymore .. we tell him that we’re going to take it and then just send him off? Jackson – what other choice do we have? Jack – knowing that the power isn’t f**king out there. And telling the team we sent them off. Jackson – if we’re going to send him off we don’t tell them about the power until after he is gone. Jack – f**k I want this power bad but its not the play. We got an offer on the table and we didn’t take it. Jackson – are we going to look like the dumbest players that we had guaranteed safety and we didn’t take it. Jackson – I think we need to talk to Holly and Sis before we talk to Christie and Tommy. Jack – I don’t trust Holly .. she already ran her mouth that I tried to make an alliance outside the alliance. Cliff comes into the room and breaks up the conversation.

12:16am Boat room. Tommy, Jack, Jackson, Christie. Jackson – we’ve received news. Ovi has the power and he just shook both of our hands and swore on god that .. he told us that power and it is this .. he has the power to take two nominees off the block and force the HOH to make a panic renomination but it can only be for the two nominees, not after a veto. That’s why he couldn’t use it. It is available from weeks 1 – 6. He is on our side and will use it on us. Christie – he didn’t tell me that and I’m HOH. That doesn’t fly with me. It shows me that he would never use it on me because he didn’t tell me about it. I don’t feel comfortable with a power like this .. so get the f**k out! I’m sorry, I’m not changing my mind. Jack – we’re going to tell him he got him. We take the deal and then we’re going to vote him home. Jackson – we’re going to bluff so that way he doesn’t go to the other side. And here is the kicker .. if he comes back into this game .. that power comes with him. Christie – yeah but its 6 weeks.

1:13am Kitchen. Jack, Jackson and Ovi. Jack tells Ovi that he has Christie’s word that if its a tie break she will vote to keep him. Ovi – did you tell Christie. Jack – Christie is the only one, she is sacrificed for me in this agreement. Ovi – okay, if that’s what you want. You have my word. Jack – she takes my place. Ovi – okay, if she is up. I will use it. Did you tell her about it. Jack nods. Your best bet is to play it like you’re going home. Ovi – so I need to play it like I am going home tomorrow, okay.

1:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Poor Ovi, you should have gone to someone other than the two jackholes.


he’s made very bad decisions on who to go to.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Poor, precious Ovi 🙁


This granny isn’t getting much sleep these days. I can’t even rank right now….this is tossed salad and scrambled eggs. Love it!

Tom A

I highly dislike Christie. Talking about how she doesn’t want it to be the Jack show, yet you can just tell she’s the most selfish person in that house.


I like her! She’s playing a decent game, and she is honestly smart to not invest in Ovi and his power…even though I hate to see him go! (no, I did not downvote you. I don’t bother with that anymore. I keep things positive and just vote ones I like with a thumb’s up).


I like Christie, it’ll be tough to see her not do well in this game. Having Tommy really helps. I do think she was smitten with Jack pre-feeds going into the first couple days.


It’s certainly possible.

All the girls minus Bella/Kemi (Bella hates his hair) have expressed that he is mega attractive….and many of the guys. Heck, even I was like, Whoa! (and it is seriously hard to live up to my “Grampy”). Yet, I was worried his interior may not match the exterior. Oh well…. Jack is who he is.

Christie’s breakdown was cringe worthy, but I have to wonder if she psyched herself up for that to make her “play” and not put Kemi up. She’s claims to be upfront and transparent, but I see her as more calculating than I expected. Christie has not had HOHitis, but last night (early morning) she did catch herself after JJ shared the news saying “I’m sorry…I’m still voting him out.” then later saying, “I’m not gonna be a dictator” and saying it needed to be a group decision. She’s slick.


Christie reminds me of Vanessa – a complete control freak who goes completely off the rails if she’s left out of the know in any way, shape or form.


I thinks it’s smart for her to get rid of Ovi and the power. Get rid of it and get it out of play.


Powers often annoy me. I just want people to play the game without crazy powers changing the dynamics of play. So I’m kinda glad he doesn’t get to use it. Sorry to see him leave though. I think Kat will become entertaining to watch when the power changes. I can see her and Christie having a blow up.


I don’t get Christie… complains about “mansplaining” and yet when she has the power to send a mansplainer out, she cowards and puts up Ovi… what a hot mess. One meeting with the girls in the house and she would send Jack out with no problems. Go figure…


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Thanks for your suggestions gamewise. We’ll attempt an appeal.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Sorry to hear this, guys. Keep Calm and F Amazon! Support OBB, people!


Thanks, fruit loop Dingus and thanks for becoming a member.

Guy From Canada

Hamsterwatch just went rheoug by the same thing….not sure if she got her status back to not…..


Yeah, I followed that. It’s getter tough for us small sites. Maybe the appeal will go through..


I know I tried to support you through Amazon purchases several years and it never went through for your credit. 🙁 But, I cannot see how they cannot owe you/monies accrued, under your agreement. Did you have a contract? Can we campaign for your site in any way with them?


They say we breached the contract by doing something we weren’t supposed to but had been doing so for about 6 years. I’ve appealed and if that doesn’t work I’ll drop it and look elsewhere. I’ll focus on the spoilers.


Interesting… Wonder if they can void your contract if they were accepting “it” for 6 years.. I watch too much “Judge Judy!” Sounds like they were in agreement…. and voided those issues… But, if you were making money/PAID, I don’t see how they can now opt out paying you monies owed before dissolving your agreement.


Oh no ..ovi ..so sad.


I wonder why everyone is poor ovi this and poor ovi that? If it was kat or kemi they would be using all the derogatory names they could come up with. They’re already doing it in the chatrooms, smh. So many double standards, hypocrisy and judgments about the BB21 players from the viewers.


agt vs bb?


I was rooting for Ovi until he tried to get in with Jack, who very obviously does NOT like him. Now he can go home.


Not only that, but Ovi has promised everyone he will be loyal to them. It’s like Jack with all his final “2’s.”

Ovi's Pitch....

“So what are my chances?”
“Not good”
“Not good, like……1 in a hundred?”
“More like 1 in a million”
“So………..you’re saying here’s a chance………..YEAH!”


I like the fight at least… have to value that.


I like that Ovi gave it a shot. I think he fiquered the Jacks had the best chance of persuading the others. I am actually surprised that the Jacks took it to Michelle.


Oops I meant Christie, (brain fart)


just bring on love island hould be intereting with being on 5 nights a week!

another name

While I’m not sure if there’s any flippflopping afoot this morning:
IF Ovi had gone to his (fake to everyone else) alliance and told them about his power as a group before the 11th hour i think the information would have been more useful to Ovi’s cause. What if he’d taken the opportunity before the veto meeting (during any one of his drop ins to hoh, they were numerous) to tell them? It wouldn’t have been a desperation move then. It wouldn’t have alienated any of that alliance.

If you listen to the d/r from last night’s episode, you can see why Christie would believe the travel guides were showing signs while she was on vacation that Kat should go. But, if that is her belief, why is she fighting it? Ego. Ovi didn’t drop the secret in her lap. He went to the Jacks. I think (almost hope) Christie’s tumultuous emotional breaks are explained by the frustration of not only the Jacks being the alpha’s in the house and being quite pushy in their need to dominate conversations and decisions, but also the d/r suggesting and inferring in order to try to fix the show’s p/r woes. I smell a strange mix of competitive and control freak from her, so psychologically her buttons have been pushed like an accordian (I’m not sure if that makes sense or not… accordians have buttons, right? accordian sounds always remind me of whining). Part of me wants to see how she plays the game outside of the HOH room / wants to see if either Jack gives a whit about her opinion after today, let alone if Holly and Sis give a damn once Christie doesn’t have the vip bed.


how do you without being emotional wreck?

another name

how do you _____ (?) without being emotional wreck? I want to answer but i think i either misuderstand the statement or there is verb missing in the query.


how did nicole rachel and josh all win without being in emotional wreck?

another name

Nicole had the d/r telling people not to target her on six separate occasions on her side (mentioned on feeds by house guests on multiple occasions), and obliviously practiced giving herself carpal tunnel with her showmance for hours on end while yelling out his name like a bullfrog on helium in a blender projected over a bullhorn. Rachel was an emotional wreck that’s her natural state… and Josh? Josh WAS cracked trying more than once in the first three weeks to self evict. He only stopped being an emotional wreck when he became part of the bully crowd and production pandered to his crap and then fed him strategy in the final three weeks.

another name

i wouldn’t have time to be an emotional wreck. I’d be first voted out. Either because i don’t fit the stereotype niche of who belongs / deserves to be there (hate the growth of that modern trope), or because i’d say things that offended too many people due to a deadpan dark and crude sense of humor.

another name

It says i’m judgemental. Never said i wasn’t. I’m also petty, bitchy, not incredibly compassionate and i feel quite comfortable behind a keyboard saying any old thing that crosses my mind.

another name

in the past, some have successfully used their perceived lack of emotional control strategically in order to have the rest of the house so afraid of their reaction that they won’t nominate them. It’s been very successful in those cases in terms of getting the person people view as emotional to the jury portion of the game. Others, who have behaved in a emotionally wanton way, have been considered too much of a hassle to the house, and have been voted out post haste. It’s a crap shoot.
I’m not going to pretend i have the secret formula. I don’t.
I’m not going to ignore house guest’s volatility nor their reaction to being in a pressure cooker sociological petrie dish. That’s part of the point. It isn’t about whether or not they are emotional. it’s about how they can successfully make their way from week to week through a dog eat dog game, warts and all. They are being paid to be presented to us and offered up for judgement.


are you from another planet? Rachel might be the biggest emotional wreck in big brother history. And josh also cried all the time….


Rachel was a tornado of all the emotions a human can express and then some extras from another planet.

Butters Mom

Christie is Productions Pet this season. I say that because Production gave she and Tommy an advantage by putting them both in the game even though they knew each other outside of the house which gives them an advantage over everyone else as long as no one knows. Production can use these two players to try to guide the game in a direction they want to happen for whatever reason and guaranteed if Christie or Tommy go rogue on Productions “hints while on vacation”, then Production will “out” Christie and Tommy to other houseguests when they are “on vacation”. Christie doesnt like being manipulated by anyone. Not the Jerks, (I mean Jacks) and not Production so Im sure she is frustrated and reacting accordingly. Ovi tried to sell his soul to the Devils last night and he didnt come up with that idea on his own either… It is still yet to be seen who will go home tonight because Production has all day to send messages to the houseguests before the vote.

another name

Christie and Tommy are not the only ones that know each other.
The show has hinted that other house guests may have pre-existing relationships with a wink wink more to come.
Social media has already pointed out that Holly and Kat already knew each other.


I believe that this seasons cast was randomly selected from a public bus at Disney Land.


wow Time Show Adults 18-49 rating/share Viewers (millions)
8 p.m. America’s Got Talent (NBC) (8-10 p.m.) – R 1.0/5 6.74
Big Brother (CBS) 1.0/6 4.46

another name

Just how many control room editors peed themselves when Jackson told Jack that Nick and Bella aren’t playing with morals?
Jackson. talking morals? He should go back to trying to put the square peg in the round hole.


1 peed, 2 crapped themselves, and 3 didn’t notice because they were busy looking for Cliff nipslips.


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Ovi’s still leaving in Case you were wondering.


Who do you want to win the Head of Household tonight?

For me Jack, any of the Black widows sans Bella, Or Sam (added same as a edit.)

I say Jack because it would be over the top douche canoe down the river and then back up and would give us endless material to post. if we survived. 🙂

I don’t want Cliff, Sam, Holly, Sis, jackson to win. Not because I don’t like them I’m just thinking their HOH will be predictable.

Bella and Nick are my wildcards.

another name

how many of them are actually trying to win it tonight?
Seems like the winner will be ‘who is worst at throwing it.’


yeah, you’re right. I think the black widows will all try.

another name

side eyeing. So them trying vs. everyone else throwing could possibly provide a good barometer for their longevity.


I feel like Nick would actually try to take out a big target “full send”, but I agree Jack, Sam, Bella would be good too. I’m just interested to see what kinda comp it is!


Why did Ovi tell them exactly what the power was? That puts a bigger target on his back. He should have said that he won the nightmare power and it could really effect their game if they try to evict him. I mean, it is called the nightmare power. He definitely played that wrong.


Hey all,

First post this season (been mired my work with Raptors title, draft, lit NBA free agency start & the Kawhi watch) but just wanted to say hi to all & note a few quick thoughts.

* the flip-flopping of early alliances is crazy – so much so that it’s hard to tell what is truly genuine & just lip service for positioning.

* So far I’m a fan of Bella, Cliff, Tommy (although my initial impression wasn’t as strong due to the over the top energy) but he’s smart & likable. I agree with Granny about Christie she’s smart/savvy/social. I like Kemi but fear she’ll be targeted b/c she keeps it real & doesn’t massage her comments plus she’s very astute in her reads. Think I like Nick more than others & see him going far. I want to like Sam – but vacillate on him. Holly/Nicole are sleepers who could surprise. Analyse, Jessica, Ovi — meh, & by far dislike the Jackholes/Kat the most

* AND my big question — didn’t Julie say David would have an opportunity tonight never done in a prior season? Will he have a chance to return tonight? How will that shake up the Jackholes? Will Julie tell house before the vote & will that change the vote with JJ’s pushing to keep Ovi in fear of his return/winning to potentially target them? Maybe it will be you can vote out one the two nominees but then David returns or keep the two noms & David is evicted for good.

Anyway, enjoy the show tonight. Looking forward to interacting with you all this season. 🙂


It could be like the season with Victor. Each week the previous evictee and the current evictee fight to the death or compete in a comp and the winner sticks around to face the next challenger then after the 4th person is evicted the winner reenters.