Christie “I got a crazy sign “on vacation” that Kat was supposed to be the first one to go.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV Host was Tommy. Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. We’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony. The “house” is planning on evicting Ovi tomorrow. 

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie AKA mickey (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

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8:10pm Boat room. Jackson and Kat. Jackson – My ex-girlfriend went crazy. I wonder if I’m the reason why they go crazy. Kat – you might be. Jackson – I’m dead a$$ serious. Kat – I do think its one of your more adorable qualities. Jackson – what making people go crazy? Kat – being a little sh*t. Jackson – how am I a little sh*t? Kat – you just are, you’re so charismatic and flirty? Jackson – how am I a little sh*t? Kat – I mean that out of love. I can tell you have a good heart.

Outside the HOH room. Nicole and Cliff. Cliff – he (Ovi) practiced his eviction speech on me. I was like oh this is so sad. But if it goes that way we have to protect ourselves and vote with the house and realize that before too long it might be our turn to go. Nicole – one step at a time. Cliff – we’ll protect who we can. We’re not allowed to say for certain. Not today but probably tomorrow I will say I’m not so sure this is going to go… I don’t know but ..I’m not sure and just leave it at that. Cliff heads to the bedroom and chats with Ovi. Cliff – its Kat, Christie, Nick and Jessica (who they think aren’t voting to keep Ovi). Ovi – yeah I’m worried Cliff. Cliff – yeah I am too. Not because I’ve heard the other way but because I haven’t heard either way. Ovi – I’m worried that its going to come down and no ones going to know what to do at the last minute. I’m worried that the people that said they were going to say stuff like Jack and Tom .. that they won’t. Cliff – They’re all so busy painting toe nails. Everyone we talk to say we’ll see. Ovi – when? Cliff – people have already made up their minds. It makes me worried that Kat’s not nervous.

8:30pm Bella and Kemi. Kemi – I feel like I can’t trust Nick. My gut is telling me to trust him but to be cautious. Can Jess keep her f**king mouth shut? Jess told me that Jack is trying to flip the house and get everyone to vote for Ovi. Where did Jess get this from? Who told Jess and why hasn’t Jess told us? And Jess told us early this morning so unless someone told her early as f**k this morning .. then she already had this information yesterday. Bella – that Jack was trying to flip the votes? Kemi – yeah. Bella – I think Ovi is just doing his rounds. Kemi – I think he is telling everyone that he has the votes because everyone is saying they’re voting with the house. I’m not f**king voting for you!! You’re going home! Bella – I don’t care even if everyone switches last minute .. I’m voting for Ovi (to be evicted). Kemi – would you put Jack up? Bella – I don’t know. I wouldn’t put him up unless I was positive I had the votes. Kemi – I would have to put him up next to someone I know he would go home next to. Bella – you, me, Christie, Jack .. like most people in this house . most of the aggressive people in this house Type-A’s .. we wear our emotions on our sleeves and we get mad when people do sh*t to us. Kemi – don’t group me with you guys. I am playing a very reserved game. Don’t let anyone know that I’m not a nice girl. Bella to the camera’s – are you getting this right now. Kemi – I don’t care what they see, people can see it when I win. Bella – I don’t understand why no one sees it. Kemi – why don’t you understand. That’s the game I cam in playing. Bella – I don’t think you’ve been low key. Kemi – because I’ve been with you. Bella – I can’t pretend to be low key. If I try, I won’t win. I can only win if I’m myself.

8:40pm HOH room. Nicole, Tommy, Jack, Christie and Ovi. Christie – I just want you both to be prepared that it could go either way. Ovi – I’m prepared for that. Everyone wants to win this game and I can get you further because sooner or later I am going to win a competition. On my word, I will self-evict before I nominate you guys. Ovi – I just want a little more time to represent my people. I really think that I have the votes behind me. I think that Nick would follow what y’all say. Christie – I think Kat is going to be happy being the pawn. Ovi – and she will float down to the end. Christie – and no one will vote for her in the end. She will never win in the end. Ovi – I will fight for you. Kat won’t. Ovi continues to push for votes. Tommy – I don’t think you’re going to get an answer tonight. Christie – If I can give you any advice just don’t corner anyone else tonight for their vote. Ovi leaves the HOH room.

9pm HOH room. Christie, Jack, Tommy and Nicole. Tommy – he makes a great point. Jack – He does make a great point. Down the line he is a true threat but he is a number. Tommy – he is going to win more over her. Christie – I don’t know what to do. Tommy – and she doesn’t want to be here as much. Nicole – I think that’s where my hang up comes in. Christie – I got a crazy sign “on vacation” that Kat was supposed to be the first one to go. Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitchen.

Christie – Ovi just said that he has Cliff’s vote .. so do I want to keep him knowing that him and Ovi are like this… because I put Cliff up. My gut tells me to send Ovi out but my heart .. I don’t know. Nicole – the heart is personal, the gut is the game. They all agree that if they had to vote right now they would all still vote out Ovi. Christie – it would be dumb to vote Kat out. She would be an easy pawn every week.

9:27pm Bedroom. Nicole and Kemi. Nicole tells Kemi that she feels like the consensus is to vote out Ovi and that she would be shocked if it went the other way.

9:36pm Bedroom. Nicole and Ovi. Ovi – what do you feel? Nicole – its leaning towards.. Ovi – Kat? Nicole nods. Ovi – do you think Christie wants Kat here? Nicole – I don’t think its about people want Kat here, I think people are afraid of you. And it kills me to tell you but you’re my friend but I don’t think its leaning in your favor. Ovi – do you think Jack and Tommy would vote to keep me or they wouldn’t? Nicole shakes her head no. Jack was expressing his concern of doing damage control so that people don’t think that he’s aligned with people. Ovi – and I’m that person. Nicole nods. Obviously I don’t know but that’s the way the lean is going. Nicole starts crying. Nicole – you deserve it more. No one can say that you didn’t go down with out a fight. They think that Kat is not as smart and wouldn’t win anything. Ovi – do you think if I flip to the other side and see if they’ll keep me? Nicole – that would look bad and make people not want to keep you even more.
The Long Island Nicole wants to go up there and say you guys are a$$holes he should be here. He deserves it more. But the player Nicole knows I’m out numbered.

10:27pm Storage room. Bella and Ovi. Bella – it could be beneficial to you for you to just ride it. But if that’s not you then do it the way that is most true to you. Say your peace but then be comfortable with what happens.

10:40pm – 11:10pm Bedroom. Ovi and Tommy. Ovi – if I were able to get 3 more people would you be the tie breaker for me? Tommy – oh yeah. You know I want you here but I have to do what everyone else is doing. I have to at this point. Ovi – I know. I’ve accepted my fate. Ovi – can I trust Jack? Tommy – its not about a matter of trusting any one person. Everyone is on the same page. We want to all vote together. Its up in the air. I don’t think anyone is going to bed with their minds made up. Everyone is on the same page that they all want it to be united. Ovi – who should I talk to to get those three other votes? Tommy – I really think you should let it go tonight. You have to come up with strategic reasons why its better to keep you here. If you have any secrets let them out. Not that people think you do, but if you do let them out. You have to convince people gaming-wise why its better to keep you. Cliff – at the end of the day there’s a big difference between begging and keeping your head held high. But if its a matter of your big brother life.. its a matter of getting emotional.. you just have to be real careful with that. Ovi – I don’t want to get too emotional. I don’t want people to see me cry.

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Houka Inumuta

Nicole is the best big brother player of all time. She is guaranteed at least final 2 and it’s only week 1


that’s a bold statement. Of all time?

Janey Haze

HAHAHA Nicole is the BB GOAT after 1 week!?


Absolutely, she knows not to lie about the fries.


How long until Kat can’t take the Jackson/Holly cuddling anymore?


Just waiting for her to blow up and freak out. Maybe she will pull an Audrey.


those two are gross like that sloppy hippie boy and that old lady with the black hair who were intimate on cam all the time. ALLISON AND TAKE A SHOWER BOY U STINK


I’m afraid for the rabbit…or could there be a Bobbit moment coming? Kat definitely seems to be the emotional nutcase this season.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Seriously, at 29, how does she not know that you never shower a hot guy with complements to get his attention? It’s painful to watch those two.


girl is getting her some prime angus beef ! i give her a standing ovation ! why all the hate for two grown people having fun ? i guess it depends on who it is and if the public like the people.


Or, “Shower” with a guy and have sex.. And, she thinks he is into her? Jackson is as gross as Jack.. They blatantly abuse women by relying on their supposed looks.


I’m starting to like Sam and Nick more. Getting some vibes that Cliff is going to follow the bros around now that he’s made that alliance with Jawson

Janey Haze

So flaky Christie “got a crazy sign “on vacation” that Kat was supposed to be the first one to go” even though she didn’t know Kat before coming in the BB house?

another name

I’m not sure what on vacation is code for… but in past season’s they’ve used ‘the doctor’ when talking about d/r information.


Yes, I got the impression she meant the D.R.


That’s how I took it. She’s probably referring to the DR session.

Franks fumes

I think she was referring to the DR….


Pretty sure “vacation” was code for “DR”

Butters Mom

She is referring to the D.R. They are trying to influence the game. As usual. haha

Diane Talbert

Most definitely the d r is the vacation she’s talking about!!! I wonder if bb gave them that word to use??


Now that I saw the actual conversation, I think she meant when they were in sequester prior to the start of show. She said they accidentally slipped a piece of paper under her door that had Kat’s picture on it, not hers. I think she meant the door at the sequester hotel.


She was talking about time they were sequestered. They’re not supposed to see each other to know they are bb houseguests. They got their outfits mixed up as to what each was to wear.


she is a big ole bag of cra-cra ready to be released. if you cry in week one you need to get help


No strong alliances so far this season. Nobody in Gr8teful trusts everyone else in their own alliance. Still not the level of stupidity that we saw with FOUTTE last year, but it’s no Level 6.


I wish that Kat will be voted out instead of Ovi. Neither of them add much to the game, but at least Ovi knows how to play the game. Kat is there for all the wrong reasons and these players will just make an a$$ out of her by repeatedly putting her on the block every week using her as the dumb pawn. More crying from her each time she goes up. Can do without it! Don’t like Kemi either. She talks way too much.


The Karma is that they will have to put up with her histrionics… week to week..

Alex P. Keaton

Nicole is too emotionally honest to ever win this game.

another name

or to ever let us have nice things. like an actual blindside. she’ll expose every single one.

another name

gee. will tomorrow be a waffle wednesday?
will twitter still be sending out kemi amber alerts because she wanted alone time in a hallway?
will anyone pick up that jackson’s motivation regarding ovi is to get himself week two safety (week one was enough thanks) and a chance to get away clean with trading kat for holly? make him feel the same risk as everyone else and see if he has time to conspire to play hide the other square head with his new one.
didn’t group 2 play the next whackadoodledoo game on monday?
will the jackholes realize christie didn’t want to save ovi because it’s example 2500 of the house members deferring to the jacks instead of the hoh? considering she’s been quietly conspiring to get rid of jack with sam and nick… and verbal vomitting her every thought to everyone for days?
note. when it comes to conspiring and backstabbing jackson is all up in there. but when it comes time to do the actual lying part “can’t talk…eating.” Just to be clear. Jackson wants nothing to do with Kat, wants Holly now, wanted to keep Ovi for the power… and just snuck out of bed with Jack and into bed with Kat to get what could be his final round of hit it and quit it. All class.
listening to Sis and Holly with Christie say they have to win the next hoh at bedtime and i’m thinking how will they sleep what with the jokes. like the world’s best best friend and her pillow case have any intention of winning an hoh. I’m thinking Christie may just have to sh!t brains out of her ass like she promised when those two don’t deliver.


I wish it would go back to where people vote on their own and not this “what the house wants”! I watched the feeds when Ovi was making his arguments and he has so much passion. I also like the way Christie expresses herself, she seems to be a “smart cookie”. Much rather Ovi stay over Kat.


she needed to tell Jack i hear u but this is MY hoh . plus the crying already is over the top and shows mental weakness.


We really need someone to step up and make the DR sessions more entertaining. I’m really missing Brett and JC.


I hope Ovi took a chill pill. His constant campaigning was going to get in people’s nerves. When he said goodnight to the girls in the HOH, he should of made it short and left the room.

I know he’s fighting for his life in the game but. Several people gave him great advice. “Sleep on it” and talk about it in the morning.