Nomination Results “We have to win the veto like have to.. seriously” -Elissa

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


Elissa and Helen nominated

6:28pm Storage room Helen and MC
Helen says she’s talked to Aaryn and her and Elisa are going up and if POV is played she will put up Spencer.
Helen says if it’s Spencer against Helen Aaryn told her she wants Spencer gone and if it’s Spencer vs Elissa she wants Elissa out.
Helen says either way they have to get rid of Spencer either way.

Helen warns McCrae that Amanda might want to “backdoor” her they have to make sure that doesn’t happen. ( In this conversation Backdoor equals vote out)

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6:33pm Cockpit Helen and Amanda
Helen says the same thing to Amanda that she just said to MC.
Helen stresses they need to get Spencer out this week.. Amanda: ‘Ya I Agree.. 100%”
Helen: “This week is the final week we only need 3 votes..”
Amanda: “Ok… “
Helen says if Spencer stays him and Ginamarie have the votes next week. Helen adds that Ginamarie’s birthday is coming up she is going to be fired up to win the HOH.

Helen says Aaryn might want Elissa out but the house wants Spencer out.
Amanda tells just nodes and says she agrees.


6:40pm HOH Andy and Aaryn
Aaryn says McCrae and Amanda have no idea they are allied.
Andy asks her if she thinks they will try and cut her before final 4. Aaryn sas no.
Aaryn says she doesn’t want McCrae to f*** this all up. Andy: He won’t .. he’s smarter than that he’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for”
Aaryn I know he’s smart but I also know he’s only looking after himself”
Andy: ‘Ya”
Aaryn: ‘He’s looking out for us but at the end of the day.. “
Andy tells her not to act like that at this point.


6:44pm Cockpit Andy, McCrae, Amanda

Comparing notes about Helen. Andy says Helen is never suppose to know she’s the target. Amanda agrees, says he doesn’t. They all conform Helen is the target but they are telling her Spencer is. If POV is used and Elissa is saved they will vote out Helen but will tell Helen that Spencer is the target.
MC: “I hope she doesn’t throw that Veto to Elssa “
Spencer rolls in
Amanda says their one priority is to make sure Helen does not win POV. If elissa wins if then Spencer goes up and Helen goes home. Best case is if the POV is not used. Spencer says the best case is if he wins it..
Andy tells them if Elissa and Helen are out he is going to throw the POV he doesn’t want to win it.
Amanda brings up how shitty it is that she has to eat head cheese for a week. “it smells like gamey butthole. “


7:46pm Kitchen Helen telling Elissa they have to win the veto and get Specner up or one of them is going home.
Elissa: “We have to win the veto like have to seriously”
Helen: “I’ve been telling you that”
Helen drags Andy into the cockpit. Andy says he’s out of the loop right now.. he mentions that Aaryn wants Spencer out. Helen thinks Spencer is working with Aaryn after the HOH compeition yesterday. Helen is counting her votes she thinks she’s safe, GM’s vote depends on Aaryn and Helen thinks Aaryn wants Elissa out. Helen told McCrae he better get Amanda to vote to keep her. With Gm, Andy and McCrae’s vote she’s covered. Helen says Spencer has to go this week, “If Elissa or I leave this week we do not control the votes”
Helen: “Amanda and McCrae don’t know math good enough to understand the vote count.. It’s critical Spencer goes home this week critical ”
(Helen doesn’t know about the 3am alliance she assumes Aaryn, Spencer and GM are a team and her, Andy, Elissa are a team. Amanda is in the ether somewhere)
Andy says she’ll start spreading the word that Spencer is dangerous. Helen says that Aaryn thinks Andy, McCrae and Spencer are a team.

McCrae comes in Helen tells them that Aaryn thinks McCrae, Andy and SPecner are working together.
Andy: “That could be incentive to get out Spencer”
Spencer joins them


8:17pm Cockpit MC, Spencer and Andy

Andy says that Helen is assuming he will use the POV on her. He’s going to have to throw it. McCrae and Spencer are fine with that as long as Helen/Elissa doesn’t win it.
They strategize about the competition if it’s luxury/punishments. Andy says he’s going to take luxuries, Spencer is going to take punishment. Andy makes it clear he will ensure Elissa and Helen won’t win the POV before he starts taking luxuries and throwing comps.

Amanda comes in.. doesn’t take Andy long to bring up he’s going to throw the POV.
Andy: “after talking to Helen I cannot win the POV there is no fucking way”. Andy adds that Helen will do whatever it takes to win the POV she’ll take all the punishments he doesn’t think Elissa will take punishments.
Amanda says she told Elissa the only way she will stay here is if she wins the veto. Amanda is going to say this to Helen later tonight. Amanda tells him Helen is going home. Andy says that for his game he cannot win the veto this week, he knows Helen is going home.

Amanda says she starting to get closer to Elissa. Andy has been playing dumb about the whole thing he’s been telling Helen he could be the replacement nominee

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147 thoughts on “Nomination Results “We have to win the veto like have to.. seriously” -Elissa

    1. This has been bugging me for some time. It makes them all seem like noobs, as if they have never even seen a season before.

    2. Not to mention some of the commenters on here who don’t know what a backdoor is……Nakomis’ 6 Finger Plan was the best backdoor in BB…imo.

        1. to backdoor someone: to not originally nominate someone, in the hopes that they cannot play for veto and then nominate them during the veto ceremony by removing one of the nominated HGs and voting them out. aka not allowing them the chance for veto and “showing them the backdoor”. to backdoor, the HG must NOT be nominated at first, which helen was. thus, no matter what she won’t be “backdoored”, she will simply be voted out. i think helen just meant that amanda was going to “blindsight” her by her vote, which means telling someone they are safe, when in actuality you are voting them out.
          the 6 finger plan was a little more strategic because they had everyone on board and knew that jace, the target, could not play for veto, as they had 6 players involved including hoh (they might have been able to even pick the players back then). a backdoor can happen even if they do not have all the players on board, for example, the hoh can win veto and backdoor someone alone, although of course it helps to have other players on board to then vote them out. just saying technically, there is a difference.

      1. i liked Jase, so i didnt like that back door, best BB backdoor in history is easily Kaysar backdooring Cappy in S6.
        ~’i didnt seal your fate, i sealed your partners’ classic!!

    3. Just for MORE noob clarification to the HG’s. If Helen wins POV and takes Ellisa off the block Helen can STILL be voted out.

      MC: “I hope she doesn’t throw that Veto to Elssa “ OK this is MC talking about Helen throwing the POV to Ellisa. 1st pizza boy she would NEVER throw POV when on the block. Is MC kidding I thought he had 1/2 a brain! MC see above^^^ She throws POV Helen goes home MC! That’s this weeks goal!

      “Helen says Aaryn might want Elissa out but the house wants Spencer out.” This is Helen’s pure brilliance as a player. With an IQ like this idiot she should just go bake(burn) cookies and cry some more fake tears!

      Helen: “Amanda and McCrae don’t know math good enough to understand the vote count.. It’s critical Spencer goes home this week critical ” I couldn’t stop laughing. Jessie doesn’t know the game but she(Helen) does! Yup that’s why the votes to save you are all out of the house you douchebag, backstabbing idiot! You can’t count as it’s goig to be unanimous unless, and only unless the POV is used. Helen it isn’t enough for Ellisa to win moron! You have to win POV.

      Well pretty obvious POV is super important. My take is slightly different. I want the noms to stay the same for a selfish reason. See if Helen thinks she is going not Ellisa I think she will do everything in her power to get Ellisa to quit so she gets saved on a reset. If you think Helen has been a nasty douche up to now watch her play games with Ellisa’s emotions to get her to quit. Potentially some of the nastiest play since Dam last season if we are lucky.

      1. If Helen won the POV and took Elissa off and not herself, then got kicked out, it would be super funny. I think I’d piss my pants.

      2. How can Amanda do the nasty with someone like MC. She must be desperate for someone to like her. He is just using her for a dumping spot.

    4. The ideal back door is when all the POV players want someone out who isn’t on the block. The two house guests on the block are pawns, then as long as long as the true target doesnt win the veto, the POV player would take off one of the pawns, and put the real target in their place since they can’t play for veto and “back door” them out of the comp. it’s hard to pull off unless all the chips fall in your favor, so they initially put at least one pawn they wouldn’t mind getting out if things don’t go right.

      1. The way theyre throwing comps and not wanting to get blood on their ineffectual hands it’s becoming a form of backdoor. HG morons.

    5. Oops! I’m sorry… I just realized you meant this to be rhetorically about the house guests…. I thought a new viewer was wanting to know. My bad! And yeah, I agree, putting your two biggest target alliance at once will not ensure you a back door since they get to play for veto. Lol sorry, I should probably be sleeping.

    6. The real definition:

      After the veto competition, one of the nominees is replaced with a new nominee that was not been picked to play for the veto competition therefore did not have a chance to win and is given the back door/true blindside due to the fact they had no idea they were the target.

      These people do not use the definition of backdoor properly – they keep refering to it as the person leaving, it’s fuckin stupid.

    1. What if Helen wins PoV? Spencer will go up and the whole house will vote out Spencer and Judd will come back.

    2. Yes……but she could re-enter the front door again next week………all the work going in this week to get Helen out might all be for nothing if she wins the right to re-enter.

      1. It would suck if she comes back… but knowing she’s going to be miserable these couple of days is a small but satisfactory victory for now… Ok… Can’t stand her shoulder flipping… Ok…

    1. Backdoor-to eliminate someone from the game without allowing them the chance to play for veto.

      Both helen and elissa are being given the chance at veto, so neither is being backdoored.

    2. Umm, come on, since when does no one ever try to get out a couple….hello! Amada is gang to win this whole thing unless someone opens up their eyes!
      This season sucks!

      1. That’s the beauty in this stuck on fucking stupid cast of house guest!!!!! I really hope this is the script that the house guest are post to follow because if this season is for real man I see why people around the world call us stupid Americans how can they not!!!!

    1. That’s what I have been saying don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Ellisa I just feel she shouldn’t be on the show just because her sister is Rach but other then that I like her and she is a NC chick but fair is fair and she shouldn’t be able to dye her hair n2 she wins Hoh or when she wasn’t on the have not’s she should be able to use Gm left over hair dye but that wasn’t the case when she dyed her hair because if it was her hair would be lighter not darker and when she was telling Amanda and McCrea that she was going to dye GM hair and she was going to dye her hair to Amanda said how are you going to do that and Ellsia said hummm oh hummm because I brought some stuff with me that will dye it now I cant stand GM but if she had to wait to get hoh to dye her hair then the same should go for Ellisa!!!!!

      1. I usually despise when people do this, so i suppose i am a hypocrite, but DAMN i haven’t realized how important punctuation was until i read your paragraph. It actually gave me a headache to read. On the plus side, your spelling is great.

    2. AP……To answer your question, in an episode of BBAD, she mentioned that she bought something with her to make her hair darker because she was tired of its current color. I believe this was prior to GM’s dye job. The conversation lasted like 2 minutes. By the following week, her hair was dark.

      It must be something that she could do in the shower, but someone with the live feeds would have to verify that if they caught it.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Elissa dyed her hair as she was finishing up GM’s dye/root job. If you go back to when Elissa is taking the foil out of GM’s hair, you hear Elissa talking about dying Elissa’s hair at that moment. You actually see/watch Elissa dying her hair–I think that’s what I saw.

        I think she used something out of GM’s gift basket or some of the hair dye GM had left over–not real sure on that.

        But Elissa dyed her hair the same night GM did hers. What she used? You be the judge. :)

        1. You bleach your hair to make it lighter

          You dye your hair to make it darker

          I know, as I hi-light my hair with bleach to keep my darking blonde hair light!

          Apparently GinaMarie has very dark hair but bleaches it out to be a blonde!

  1. Helen has been licking Aaryn butt for the last month “you are a better version of janelle” and Aaryn still put her up. That is exactly what you deserve Helen every week you were saying “it is not the right time to get rid of Amanda” well looks like Amanda is getting rid of you first.

  2. Even when the obvious is before her (like the ability to get out a power player) she doesn’t get it. Helen, they are doing to you, what you have been doing to everyone that left, following what the house wants, your out,

  3. Hi Helen, I had a heavy hand in your eviction this week HAHAHAAH OMG PLEASE GO HOME. Then nasty disgusting pig face Elissa. lol Howard,Jessie and Spencer were the only ones who realized that this game resets every week basically and you DON’T have to follow the house every week. How boring these players are. Dan would have eaten these guys alive.

    1. PS it drives me nuts that they do NOT understand wtf a backdoor is. When someone is a target but NOT ON THE BLOCK UNTIL AFTER VETO so they do not have a chance to win it. THAT IS A BACKDOOR. DUM DUMS! Just so over Floater pig mouth Elissa and Heavy Handed Helen or “I think I am amazing at this game and will explain to Julie Chen on live TV how it should be played” WTF. Cannot stand Helen.

  4. I liked that Jesee found out she was the target but in Helen’s case I hope she never finds out she’s the target until the very last second.
    This is a blindside I will very much enjoy.

      1. How is putting up Amanda and Helen a big move?? Helen would still go home and Mcrae, Andy and Amanda would be on a mission to get you. Helen and Elissa together is a big move. Mcranda up together is a bigger move. Putting one each of two different couples is a dumb move. No matter who gets evicted you still have one couple still intact and you just put yourself on the top of their hit list.

      2. NAh because then if one of them wins veto there is a chance that neither of them go home. You put up a power duo so even if one wins veto the other is still on the block. SO putting helen elissa=power move. In my opinion.

  5. Oh well, Helen. Coulda, woulda, shoula put up dear leader when you had the chance. Still think it’s too early? HA!

  6. Helen sure does need to go this week. But I am still waiting for someone to grow the appropriate amount of stones to take out Amanda. I think that Aaryan should probably be too big of a threat with her competition wins to keep until the final 3 for anyone at this point. So all in all, I think that if Spencer, Andy and McRae are in the best shape to survive until the end of the game. And whomever can pull out some competition wins among them until the final 2, is likely the most deserving to win the game. Even if that is Spencer, the simple fact that he survived 5 nominations is quite impressive, but he needs to earn some wins and make some big moves still.

    1. Someone PLEASE be sure to tell her on her way out how much the whole house just LOVES her. She told this lie to so many people, it was ridiculous!!

  7. good grief helen, plz get a clue.

    #1 its obvious that demanda is targeting you
    #2 spencer should be your best friend right now, not your target. you team with him and hope he wins POV. he takes one of you off and then aaryn will be forced to put up rat bastard andy, mcpussy, or demanda. aaryn won’t put up GM. team with GM, spencer and whoever of the duo that come off the block, and the house will be flipped.

    for someone that likes to throw out the comment about other people not knowing how to play the game, you need to figure whatever out. of course, i’m still waiting for her to figure out rat bastard andy told demanda about the previous vote out plan. hello, you think jess spilled the beans? if not her, who else. get a clue.

    course i dont really care. between her and demanda, just look at her as a lesser of 2 evils (which isnt saying much)

    1. Spencer takes off Elissa and Aaryn puts up Amanda. Everyone is passed at Spencer. GM, McRae and Andy vote out Helen and are gunning for Spence next week. There is NO WAY Spencer will do that without Andy and Aaryn telling him to and I don’t see that happening.

      1. thats why i said team up with GM before.

        yea i know GM probably won’t do it (due to sheep syndrome and it not like helen could think of it anyway) but its a better plan than what she’s trying now.

        1. People keep throwing out these pipe dream solutions like they’re just magically going to work. I know what you getting at but you might as well say “then they can team up with Mcrae” because GM is as likely to vote against Aaryn’s wishes on these noms as Mcrae would. The ONLY way this works is if Andy/Aaryn decide they are better off getting Amanda out now. Spencer and GM are not going to go out on a limb to save Helen and piss off Mcrae Andy and Aaryn.

  8. I hope the HGs actually manage to keep Helen out of the loop this week. A blindside of such a big power player would be AWESOME!!

  9. How do some of these people even know how to breath without someone telling them to? Helen still hasnt realized a big threat all along. I hope they arent all this “bright” outside the game.

    1. I don’t even know what she’s doing on the show. She’s basically taking a spot that could have been given to a real competitor. I think Aaryn may have been right when she said Elissa is doing this for publicity. She thinks she’ll become some sort of celebrity which will open things up for her, maybe even improve her yoga ‘business’. She’s utterly useless in the game. Not to even mention that fact that this is the third time she has fucked Helen over, and this time it’s for good. The previous two times were when she decided on her own to go and sabotage her alliance’s agreed-upon plan and to instead go after Aaryn. She’s a giant imbecile and is selfish beyond belief.

  10. Best case scenario: Helen leaves, she comes back by winning competition that brings a juror back. Helen or Elisa wins hoh, they put up Amanda and McRae one of them wins veto and puts that fucking rat Andy up so we can watch the little bitch cry

    1. And what’s up w everyone being ok w rat Andy throwing POV he doesn’t have blood on his hands??? These people just suck!!! I can’t believe how casting managed to assemble the worst people ever in one group (ok, minus Jessie, Howard, Candice(albeit the whole candy land thing was just stupid), and Judd). Elissa has the depth of a mud puddle and yet we are left pulling for her?? Sad….Restructure your casting department BB!!!

  11. Hey all u dummies!!!!
    Don’t forget about the 4 evicted house guest who have a chance to come back next week.
    So either Helen and or big “E” might win that comp, and come back in the house:)
    So be careful what u wish for.
    I think it would be so cool for “E” or Helen to come back after getting evicted and see the look on there faces .

    1. Exactly, you pass up a chance to take out someone that influential to the entire house, you deserve to be evicted by that person.

    2. You know… I just didn’t know how to play the game… okay okay… I think everyone loves me you know so i should be safe you know

  12. I was hoping Andy would go on the block, he and MC are the only one’s that haven’t been on. Andy and Spencer are getting too smug, especially Spencer. He’s back to thinking he’s a big shot, like he was at the beginning of the game. Rather see Both those tools go before Helen and Elissa.

    1. a bb with majority black, hispanic, indian, whatever, not white contestants or equally dispersed mixed races – 4 red skins,4 white skins, 4 black skins, 4 yellow skins – i thought the us was the melting pot.
      is it racist to want to see that?

      1. don’t rate it, explain it.
        wouldn’t you like to c a bb with jamacians, Puerto Ricans, muslims (love u kassar), indians (east), aboriginals (west), etc.all play instead of an always white majority
        u thumb me but you don’t say why

  13. “Amanda brings up how shitty it is that she has to eat head cheese for a week. “it smells like gamey butthole.”

    She does paint a pretty picture doesn’t she.

    No one will ever accuse HER of being a lady, that’s for sure

  14. Don’t get your hopes up! They might not be taking out Helen this week- they have their eyes on two bigger threats. Elissa and/or Spencer! Imagine if one of them got evicted? That would be the biggest move in BB15! ahahahahhaha

  15. The 3AM have the numbers to do anything they want. Unless there is some big twist, the next few weeks are going to be sooo boring omg

  16. I hope she does find out that she is the target. I would love to see her squirm, beg, cry until Thursday! She needs to feel what Jessie and Candice had to go through.

  17. all production has to do is tell aaryon that this season sucks balls, so she should backdoor amanda,
    every year they rigg this shit ,so why not this year,

  18. Helen is delusional. She believe she can sell the idea that they “have to get Spencer out.” Really? Why? Why would anyone who is seriously playing the BB game waste an eviction on a slug (Spencer) who A) Never wins anything and B) Has no real allies.

    Bye, bye Helen.

  19. Helen is getting exactly what she deserves.

    Howard, Candice, and Jessie would have never came after Helen but she betrayed them because the Mean-Girls targeted them and wanted them evicted.

    Helen had the numbers, her and Elissa needed Jessie they should have targeted Spencer but this house only moves based on how Amanda moves which is why poor Judd was evicted soley on Amanda’s paranoia over MVP.

    Did Helen think she was helping her game by keeping the racists in the house over the non-racists? Did Helen forget that the Amanda, Aryan, & GM have all mocked her as being inferior to them?

    “Shut up and go fix me some rice” -Aryan
    “She should be kissing our asses and serving us rice” -GinnaMarie-
    “Hey Chinaman were are all the kittens and pussies, why didn’t you bring them”?

    Why did Helen ally herself with the people who view her negatively based on her ethnicity instead of allying and fighting for the people who accepted her and befriended her and treated her as if her ethnicity didn’t matter?

    They say that BB is a “social experiment” and I agree becuae some of the scientific data that we I derived from this TV experiment is that racist-bigoted people are vile by nature and once they are in power they prefer to surround themselves with people who reflect their own character and banish those who refuse to reinforce their behavior or speak against their behavior.

    Poor Helen tried desperatly to bond with Aryan by bashing her faux-friend Candice, Helen coddled the little nazi and heaped praise on her as if she was a long lost daughter but in the end it meant nothing because Helen was never one of them to begin with.

    In closing let me quote Aryan: “No happy ending fo yu” *Asian voice*

    1. Wonder why Helen sided with the people she did…is she aware of all the comments.. Of their impact…was Helen ever present when disparaging comments were made? And out of sociological curiosity does anyone know who were smokers going into the house and who picked up smoking in the house?

    2. EXACTLY! Well stated. At least Howard, Candice and Jessie left the house with their pride and self respect…Helen sold her soul to the Amandevil & well leave the house looked down upon by America and dishonored by her family.

  20. Reading the conversation between Helen and Amanda made me think of The Break… the mystical “the House wants”…

    Brooke: What are these?
    Brooke: [holds up a bag with 3 lemons]
    Gary: You asked for lemons. What my baby wants my baby gets.
    Brooke: There are 3 lemons. I asked for 12. Baby wanted 12.

  21. Like Ive said on this site a million times before…why do people not understand the concept of breaking up the power couple?? I just do not get it…grrrrrr

  22. I’m not excited about Helen getting blindsided, just shows how stupid she really is… she has worked with Amanda this whole time! She knows how she works!! how does she even think Aaryn is working on her own with GM. Is she blind and deaf? :o

  23. After helen gets eliminated and is sent to the jury house she will immediatly confront jessie and tell her she ruined her game, when in reality she was the main catalyst for her demise. Helen is one delusional annoying 2faced individual and i will be happy when she leave. Its funny how i liked her in the beginning guess you cant judge a book by it’s cover.

  24. Once and for all these “people” do not know this game at all. Backdoor is when the veto is used and your target is put on the block, not when you put your target on the block to begin with and give them a chance to play for the veto. Blindside is what they tried to do to Jessie , lied to her about being safe and vote them out. Only problem with that, is that these dolts got busted trying to do that.

    I wouldn’t even call getting Helen out a big move.
    1) She is not as smart as some people think. She voted out everyone that would have helped her get Amanda out.
    2) No one is really following her lead. It’s all Andy or Amanda they are following.
    3) Plain and simple, in her mind, there is always next week to get out a big target.

    Not smart game play, and easy to take her out.

    I know this game looks easy when your not in the house, but goodness gracious……it’s all been said already.

  25. This is the worst season ever. Amanda is controlling this whole game (AG running shit again). So pathetic. Every vote has been a straight vote. Nobody can think for themselves. And come on Amanda, you are one disgusting b****

  26. Thats what Helen gets she turned her back on everyone that was loyal to her thats why she will voted out unless she wins Veto

    1. So praying she doesn’t win veto! Another thing, I hate it when she says “my game” “my game” “so and so is ruining my game”. Please. Her only game was to pick off weak people she could have used right now to help her.

      1. Or her so called friends in the house that were all very loyal to her and kept her and Elissa from getting voted out (Howard, Candace, Jessie and Katlyn) then as soon as the cool kids (not) let her come play w/ them she stabbed them all in the back by making up lies. Helen in the first month was my Fav to win boy has she changed my mind

  27. Helen is an idiot for thinking anyone is still on her side. Come on, weren’t you supposed to be a super fan? Fans would see this shit ain’t real for you

  28. I would rather have a house full of UGLY people that know how to truly play the game then a cast of good looking that have no idea whats going on!!! How many of them actually knew what BB was before coming on half

  29. I don’t care who goes home or whatever else happens. I just want to see Amanda go out that door and see the look on her face when Julie tells her America hates her.

  30. Amanda was on the block twice and both times she was on the block she was there with two of Helen’s closest friends (Candice & Howie).

    Helen had Candice, Jessie and Elissa in her pocket for a solid 4 votes to make a push to save Howard and go after Amanda but she bowed down.

    Helen had Elissa and Jessie in her pocket for a solid 3 votes to make a push to save Candice and go after Amanda but she bowed down.

    ….part of the reason why the cowardly Helen bowed down is because she feared the wrath of Aryan/GM if she didn’t help evict the African-American HGs, she even admitted to Aryan that she made judgments based of her fear and intimidation of the mean-girls.

    This is a beautiful study on human behavior, mob mentality, and racism, the BB experience is a microcosm of society and we should all take notes.

  31. Helen was so stupid she bad talked people that was close to her to be in an alliances with Amanda and MC…………. I’m laughing inside because it was always to early to make a big move for her but know it to late you should have taken your chance

  32. Helen is really stupid to think she’s safe. Elissa needs to man the hell up and win veto! McCrae should probably win but because he’s with that nutty woman I don’t care for him to. Andy should win cause he’s at least playing the game but he whines too damn much.
    Amanda, Ginamarie, and Aaryn DOES NOT deserve the money, period! I don’t care how many times Arayns won HOH they were easy simple wins nothing to brag about. Comps have been so basic that’s why they all still suck. This whole season has sucked! BB needs a new plan of action.

  33. Right now I’d like to see Spencer continue to slide on up. He’s been on the block so many times without too much of a temper tantrum. He has the best DR posts right now. He’s the only one left that has seen through it all for a while now.

  34. I think a number of the HGs have what is know as narcissistic personality disorder.

    Hallmarks of this disorder are…

    1) Total absorption with self and the belief that they always know what is best.

    2) The inability to recognize that their actions have consequences for others and that those consequences may be negative for others and that others may oppose those actions (a lack of empathy.

    I think Amanda, Aaryn and Helen fall into this category.

    Typically, people with this disorder rise to positions of power based on their self-confidence and lack of remorse over their actions.

    However, their weakness and possible downfall is the inability to perceive the consequences of their actions have on others behavior toward them.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out in this game.

    1. I’m sick of people calling me a delusional narcissist.

      Although I suppose when you’ve cured cancer and aids, won gold in the Olympic 100 metres and are the King of the New Utopian Society of Galactic Champions, people will say anything to spite you.

  35. I don’t hate Helen, but it’s impossible to feel sorry for her at this point. Big Brother, when played right, is ultimately about pulling the trigger first. Helen had Amanda handed to her on a silver platter -TWICE! – and could’ve swung the votes to get her out. But she sat back, complacent, and now it’s biting her in the ass big time.

  36. Helen is so naive it reminds me of my daughter

    When my wife got cancer, my daughter said “Daddy, does that mean you might catch it off Mummy too?”

    Bless her, she says the most naive and silly things.

    “Of course not honey, I’m not going anywhere near her”.

  37. This show must have the worst actors on here… Helen yeah you big dummy you had ample opportunity to get Mandy out but it was always too soon. Now your getting sweaty, and if you had some balls you could of beat Mandy and took down other players …No, no, no it what the house wants….

    also you threw Jessie under the bus, but I hope Jessie, Judd, and Candy could compare notes and target Amanda not Aaryn or GM but get Amanda out next…I would rather Jessie or Candy come back and be bitch on wheels….These goof troop HG finally saw Jessie was telling the truth about Helen…SHOCKER…. also Andy not running hide mouth that another SHOCKER who would of thought…..

  38. At this point all Helen can do is pull a Jessie & go listening thru doors.

    Then again we’d get an I’m DONE I’m DONE meltdown :p

  39. I really liked Helen in the beginning of the season, but then she flipped on her own alliance and ”friends” to join the LOSERS who have been making fun of her…calling ARIAN errr I mean Aaryn a better version of Janelle? that’s beyond laughable!!!!

    Ain’t nobody got time for Helen’s stupid ”pick me up” speeches! I hope her so-called friends give it to her in the Jury House!!!!

  40. we are at a total RUM DIARIES point…
    we should be handing out the small lil
    hotel licquer bottles as we then ignore
    the way the bill is going to really add up…
    i think we know what happens next.
    Helen wins PoV + Elissa steps down
    and to Helen’s horror Amanda goes up…
    Helen then is voted out by everyone but
    Elissa. She enters the JURY + is furious.
    She battles valiantly and is allowed to return…
    To her dismay, ultimately she’s voted out in
    more than 10 days time with a humiliating finality

  41. Big Brother won’t actually allow horrible, homophobic, racist Amanda to walk away with 500,000 dollars will they? I never thought I would say this, but for the love of God BB. Stick your hand in the cookie jar and stop this madness.

  42. Kudos to Simon and Dwag! I just watched the ‘Big Brother after dark ” for the first time and after 20 minutes I was totally bored. I would much rather wait and read Simon’s updates. Good night!

  43. Elissa or Helen will go home this week, by putting them both on the block it guarentee’s that even if one of them win the Pov the other will go home. The 3am alliance has secured this. As much as I hate Amanda she has been able to puppet master her whole way thus far and convince the house to evict anyone who has been a personal threat to her.The only way to flip the house at this point will either be to give the returning jury member hoh , coup d’état or a week safe of elimination.

  44. When helen is evicted and show the goodbye messeges she will see herself saying:
    Hi helen it sucks you had to go but it was what the house wanted and when you see the tapes you will se ei had a heavy hand in you eviction.

  45. my only hope is for elissa to win pov Helen leaves beats Candice judd and Jessie elissa then wins hoh endurance and puts up mcpussy and hoemanduh I really like judd but considering he blamed it all on Helen and elissa and left with a classless attitude towards them I like Jessie too but it wasn’t Helen and elissas fault she got put up she could of easily went with plan to throw hoemanduh and mcpussies name up got aaryn gina Helen and elissa to get rid of spencer done but no she blamed most of it on Helen and took it all out on elissa so that leaves me with Candice if we lose Helen at least Candice will bad mouth and stir the game up against vagina marie and aaryn so hopefully one of them make it either way I hope somebody takes out the mcnasties and the racist

  46. Well….if Helen is such an expert at this game…wouldn’t you get your enemies out of the house first. She really deserves to leave the house….she spent the whole game protecting the wrong people….I would think if you have no real distractions and not much to do for hours on end, wouldn’t you think….wouldn’t you notice that everyone that wanted to work with you and get the bigger threat out (Amanda), suddenly became the most dangerous person in the house… She didn’t even listen when a few time Elissa even thought it was time to get out Amanda…I think that’s why Elissa has been sitting back so much is when she did have ideas it ” wasn’t time for that ” . Well when Helen gets home and watches everything she might realize she isn’t as smart as she thinks she is. I don’t know ..I’m just thinking out loud….why did this season have to be the longest ever??

  47. If Helen goes out this week she has a chance to come back into the house this week as well. So don’t count the chickens for they hatch.

  48. I hope all the cast members end up doing extensive research of BB commentary of this season so they can all find out what terrible players they are. I hope they see how many viewers hated this season. I hope they are all knocked off their high horses (ex. Helen telling Aaryn she’s a better version of Janelle) and they can all just shut up.

    I HATE THIS SEASON. I get so frustrated just watching/thinking about it.

  49. they won’t read anything on the internet.. rule number one in Big Brother contestantdom..don’t read about yourself on the Internet when you get out of the house. as for your frustrated comment…I would say this don’t take it all so seriously, its just a television show. don’t let it get to you.

  50. Now it is finally getting good, get Helen OUT!!! And pray Judd is ready to win and be the one back in or Aaryn’s game is in trouble. Hopefully Judd will be forgiving to her….. well, maybe. She did get him out (they all believed Helen when she said the House wanted him out, never realizing she was the “house”)and Aaryn did take his spot in the Andy/Amanda/McCrea/Judd alliance.

  51. Andy is such a chicken$hit! He wants to throw the comp so that he dosen’t get his hands bloody. There is going to come a point in time, and it’s coming real soon, that the backstabbing will have to stop, and you are going to have to look the person that you want out of the house dead in the eyes and say “I need you out of here. You are going on the block. I will not use the veto on you.”

  52. Amanda is the most out of shape female in BB history. She walks around in her panties with her fat ass flopping around. Have can she live in South Florida area and not take care of her body. She is always eating especially on HOH’s snacks. She is a PIG.

  53. I think one of the funniest comments out of Helen’s mouth was her saying to Andy, “With me gone, we won’t control the votes.” As if. She has never controlled the votes ever since she cooperated with The Red Queen in voting out the people who could have formed an alliance with Elissa and her. Again, Helen is a classic case of ego controlling thought process. The Red Queen has cornered the market on this.

    I don’t mind seeing Helen voted out; but if it comes down to a tie and Aaryn has to choose, I’m inclined to believe she’ll vote to push Elissa out rather than Helen. Elissa would only being kept (like a pet) for her usefulness in casting a predetermined (by The Red Queen) vote, much like they kept Jessie until she started to make waves.

    It would be interesting if the twist this coming eviction night was either the person on the block in the house gets evicted OR “someone” from the jury house comes back into the house. I don’t think the house would want to risk having Candice or Jessie back, even if for a short term, because there would always be the possibility of either one of them winning HOH. That would definitely throw a wrench in the works for Team Red Queen. She could promise them the moon and neither would believe her. Also, if Judd came back into the house, he’d be out to get the one(s) who masterminded his eviction. Right now he thinks it was Helen; but he could be persuaded to acknowledge the fact that The Red Queen was behind it as well.

  54. Wouldn’t it be classic if Stoolie the Toad and Adderall Witch ended up in the final 2? AW would pitch the jury with how she won several HOHs and made big moves; and Stoolie would say “I personally never got my hands bloody but I was right there in the midst of all the plotting as I crawled under the radar.” Knowing what a b***h the Adderal Witch is, I’m sure the people in the house would rather give the grand prize to someone who had the better social game. Stoolie the Toad, as loathsome as he is, could end up winning the $500,000.

    Of course, this is written on the [large] assumption that the check wasn’t made out to The Red Queen even before she entered the house.

  55. Dawg, Simon, can you please explain to me why everyone is calling Elissa a floater. I just don’t see it. Is there something I’m missing? She might not exactly be playing a power game or anything, but I don’t see how she’s a floater. If anyone in the house is a floater its deffinantly Spencer.

  56. Amanda brings up how shitty it is that she has to eat head cheese for a week. “it smells like gamey butthole. “

    …and she’s one that knows butthole inside and out….

  57. Helen: “Amanda and McCrae don’t know math good enough to understand the vote count..

    …they don’t need to because Helen blew it with the ” we’ll get rid of so and so next week ” over the last couple of weeks. Thursday will be epic unless Helen wins. And knowing the whole of BB is scripted ….. It’s up to production to figure out this mess and how to keep the masses entertained.

  58. Andy is such a little weasel-faced punk. He should fight for the veto and just say NO! Tell Helen the house doesn’t want him to.

  59. The way I see it Helen will get exactly what she deserves if she actually does get evicted. Her only skill was constantly fawning over Aaryn who really only just tolerates her. She aligned herself with Elissa, who is at least loyal, but horrible at this game.

    She started to fancy herself some expert manipulator who forgot that just maybe other players were just as easily swayed against her as they were against all the other people she helped out the door.

    I also find it ironic that GM and Aaryn who have been horrible towards other people are so easily offended by (in my opinion) mild insults that Elissa hurled their way.

  60. I have neen a big fan. I really hope Mcrae wins. I think he has been a light overcome with darkness. Helen has wanted to control the people since day one. Aarin is mean and somehow she manages to win hoh four times. I can’t wait for her to get blindsided. Gm is a mess. Amanda well she is staight up playing the game. She has aligned herself with just the right people. E has been a target since day one because of her sister. I think she has earned the right to be there.

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