Big Brother 15 Have Nots Results Head Cheese and Habaneros

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


5:51pm Kitchen GM, Helen Elissa

GM: ‘This sucks”
GM is claiming she hurt her ankle in the competition she’s also bummed about being a have nots on her birthday.
The have nots get head cheese and habaneros


Andy: “we should turn the rainbow room into that mancave.. poon town”
MC: “farts vile”
Anady: “ya farts vile usa”
(The guys are sleeping in the rainbow room and the girls are all havenots)



6:07pm Elissa and Amanda
Elissa: “Amanda who is the target”
Amanda: “I dunno Specner .. I don’t even know who is going up”
Elissa: “ ok..”
Amanda: “did you talk to Aaryn”
Elissa: “ya she just said I wasn’t the target. “
Amanda: “EWwwww I can smell the head cheese shit from here”
Elissa: “i know it’s disgusting”


6:13pm HOH Amanda, Andy and Aaryn
Amanda tells them Elissa asked her who the target is and she said Spencer.
Andy says America really screwed them over this week with the food choices. Amanda says this week is the worst. Andy says it was Spencer that really won the Have nots challenge for them
Aaryn tells her the nomination speech she has planned.
“I nominated you Elissa and helen.. because you are a very powerful duo in this house.. and I also have a powerful duo that I need to look after and I need to do what’s best for us.. “
Amanda: “Perfect.. Like you and Ginamarie”
Aaryn leaves

Amanda asks Andy if he’s talked to Helen lately. He says kinda he thinks she knows. Amanda: “knows that she’s the target” Andy: “No she’s going up”


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Itty Bitty Britty

The havenot food is vile! I predict a lot of grumpy girls this week. I hope that Judd wins the comp to get back in the game. It seems like everyone still thinks he was MVP which should shake things up.


yeah & I hope they tell em America was MVP, they let em redo their good byes to Candice “to be fair” cause they didn’t know she was going to jury so they need to tell em about the MVP being America not JUDD, “to be fair”.

Roisin Dubh

I think the only reason they made them do that is because they said some really nasty things to her and got scared if she came back, she would start whoopin some ass screaming “Worldstar”. That 9 person jury wouldn’t have happened if they knew Candice was stating that week.


While I think GM alone could and would beat the wheels off of Candice, I do think that your comment.. “if she came back, she would start whoopin some ass screaming “Worldstar” is pretty hilarious.


if the past is going to be a repeat…the ousted one who comes back…gets put out the next week, people feel their game was over and no second chances…too bad they did not allow America to choose who comes back…I am watching the BB after dark on Directv 273 not bad ….better than paying big money to not see all, the Production Guru’s love to silence the house when they start to talk I so love it when anyone sings…used to be they made them stop because the network would have to pay a royalty to the owner of the music………..but now Production stops them from any singing…doesn’t stop MC too funny. well this is the most dumbest BB in the history of it …and I have watched them all….I think getting Helen out is HUGE and glad to see someone has the guts to do it…she tried to run everyone’s game next please please house guest send Amanda nastiness home she thinks it is okay to do private things anywhere anytime…the powder dusting the other night…I too lost my lunch and notice how whenever she is laying or sitting she has her legs open toward the camera. I want to Zing Bot to come into the house and do some Zings….that’s all.


I agree i hope judd comes back he was totally wronged.

Kayla J

ewwww… no one wants cowardly Judd back in the game.
He is an idiot

Danity Kane

I know right! Candice or Jessie please!! :)


Remember Judd could have help flip the house to get Amanda out. So no I don’t want him to come back. Give the ones who were trying o flip th house Candice and Jessie. 3 rd Helen since he was going after her his week. But ok Helen it’s to Late!


vile food for vile people


Vile people indeed, Lurker007; Indeed!!! :D


The best part about HaveNot this week is knowing that McManda get to separate for an entire week and spend the night in different rooms.


Wishful Thinking, They Will Just Go Have Sex In The Cock Pit And Stay Up Till4Am.


Hey the head cheese I would just toss in the trash but the habeneros could give the slop balls a nice kick ;<)


I am sitting here reading about their reaction to the head cheese and habanero with a big smile on my face. America! We really do not like these house guests. I am so glad that Amanda is one of the have nots. Enjoy your miserable food that we chose for you!


Can hey make deep fried cheese balls? Mae with that slop stuff. Lol

Kayla J

who still thinks Amanduh is 28 yrs old and Mccrae 24?
lmao! what a joke! the heifer is 38! and her boy toy is NOT a 24y/o pizza delivery guy.
they must think we’d be stupid enough to buy that BS

Roisin Dubh

If she’s 28, that is one shot out looking 28 year old woman.


So what’s the real McCrea supposed to be?


guessing 27


I just watched the episode where Judd got evicted and it just broke my heart, and you could tell Aaryn was heartbroken. I so hope he comes back and kicks some ass in that house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh Puh-leez, honey! Nobody wants to see Judd and his drugged-up, cowardly self in the game!
He could have changed the game but he choose to snivel up to McManda, instead- so he absolutely got what he deserved!
Also, You said Aaryn was heartbroken? hold up… Adderall-head Aaryn, has a heart? lol

Skidd Marks

Actually, Head Cheese isn’t that bad; it’s pretty good in fact, depending on what it’s made with. We eat it a lot here in New Orleans. The have not food choices have all included things that I eat out here in “the real world”.


Have Nots get Head Cheese and Habaneros and the Have Nots are Elissa, Amanda, Helen, and GM? And Helen is possibly going this week? ROLMFAO This is shaping up nicely to be a good week.


The only thing that could make this week any better is if, they were forced to eat the Head Cheese and Habaneros.


Amanda on slop and not sleeping with McMinute for a week is going to make for one grumpy b*tch. Add psycho GM in the mix and this could get really ugly.


Ummmm….Did I just read that? Did Elissa believe Aaryn and think she is not the target?

Simon….was that a typo?

Pinocchio Obama

Those are some nasty have not food choices.


Aaryn will hopefully will put Spencer because he is much a threat.

Have Nots

Head cheese and habaneros that must suck. LOL

Roisin Dubh

Aaryn the only broad that’s not a have not putting Helen on the block. The rest of them are gonna be pissed about being a have not, but have to listen to her campaigning and fake crying on top of that? Someone’s getting stabbed in that house in the next few days.


amanda deserves all that head cheese!!
i actually voted for one of the other choices.
last week people agreed with me on the
mackerel and mung beans. helen and
elissa are in for one long rough week!!!
at least GM is a good sport about things!


Guess Amand’uh and McCrusty FINALLY have some REAL competition since her Hoo-Haa smells like Onions, and that McCrusty doesnt shower that they must smell just as great as the habaneros and head cheese…..LOL


dunno why


its pointless to watch so tired of amanda and her ruling everything.since aaryn thinks she is really protecting them.they are not going to protect her at all.Now helen can see how it feels to be kicked out.she got rid of all the people that would have been there to get rid of AMANDA in the first stupid does she look now.she really thought she had good game play.she should have won that HoH this week.Shes f****d now and cant do anything.Amanda for some reason thinks she is gonna win the Americas vote she got another thing come.It aint happening at all.she is the lamest person on this show.yea,she getting everybody to do her dirty work but at the end those that she has gotten rid of have to vote in the end.and if its her and Mccrae he is gonna win it over her.I think he is playing the smartest game right now because he knows that everybody in the house doesn’t like her and he’ll get their votes over her.Dumb BITCH!!


agree Mc is playing a good game, just wait until he cuts AmanDUH loose and she is dumped inside and on the outside I cannot think he really is in love with her she was just a easy lay in the house


I want Jessie back in the house!

Big Sister

I want Candice back in. Do you think they have let the three in jury talk with each other so they can compare notes or are they separated from each other? Also, I just wanted to say, Simon and Dawg, I have dropped in on other BB sites and no one else comes close to you guys.


No chance the evicted house guests are in the jury house together. The plan was to give one a chance to return, and that means they are isolated from the game and anything that could give them an unfair advantage returning to the game. That is just the way it is…and the only person who can make a dent in the end games of these people is Judd, that is already out.


Thumbs downing because I am bursting your delusional bubbles, classic!


Ok I wanted to say this for a couple of weeks so I will say this once: I am starting to grow to Aaryn and like her. The things she said and only once she said were the ones they actually broadcasted. GM’s were live and obvious.

Ok now:
Amanda they kept silent and she pretty much said the worse things that any human can say about someone and my question still remains, “Why the fuck is she still in this house. Why do they all continue to listen to her absolute bullshit and lastly, I love this show and will continue to watch – no boycotting here but I lost respect when I realized Amanda was friends with production.” She is rich and narcisisstic. but she continues to be broadcasted like a sociallite. Ok what now? Aaryn wins hoh and does what she says…Amanda and McCrae sleep in the HOH room…Next person wins…..Amanda and McCrae back in the HOH room….

Bottomline – now is the time to step in production.


i feel like elissa and helen should know the tactics they pulled on jessie are being used on them now.

HOH: youre not the target. just the pawn.
HOH talking to demanda: jk they are totally the target. lets just blindside the intended target because i dont want her to bitch all week.


I agree and Helen should take a page out of Jessie’s play book and listen through doors.

helen is clueless

Helen is crying and trying to save herself and Elissa saying that if one of them go then the f5 won’t always be assured of having the numbers. She’s whining to Andy that she told Amanda and Amanda didn’t seem to care. Wow Helen you’re only the pawn, you’re safe, why do you need constant affirmation??


I don’t know why but I went from hating Aaryn to tentatively routing for her. She’s really gonna need that money more then anyone else when she gets out!


Aaryn would yes but wouldnt Ginamarie also?


GM will need it just as much but I don’t want either of them to get it. Aaryn has said how hard it is trying to be nice but you get her and GM in a room and they go back to being ugly, racist b*tches. The rap they made up about Candice was disgusting. The only thing that makes Aaryn and GM not look so bad is Amanda. If one of them wins there’s nothing we can do about it but that’s no reason to root for them.


It also helps quite a bit that AG has rigged it for Amanda to win. It is not hard to be a bad ass when you already know the answers and production keeping you in the game.


I am not a big fun of Aaryn, but if she will HOH her way to the end, then hey she deserves to win especially if next to Amanda. If next to anyone else, some jurors will consider the other person for the win


Me too. I think I only really like two people this season, Aaryn and Judd. Didn’t like Aaryn early on when Jeremy was here, but I think his personality had a really messed up effect on a lot of people. Aaryn’s been a sweetheart since he left.

I used to like Elissa, now I think she’s nuts. Andy is OK. Liked Kaitlin a lot, but she turned out to be a ho and her attitude was too close to Jeremy’s in the end.

Not much else. They did a poor job with the casting this year.


A perfect week would be:

Helen gets evicted by unanimous vote.

Then she loses the evictee competition to get back into house by Jessie eliminating her.


jessie then teams up with aaryn, gm, spencer. one of them wins hoh puts up amanda, mc and if either 1 wins veto put andy in the mix


I know alot of ppl want Amanda out as I do too!…but at this point in the game and going forward doesn’t she have the votes to keep her like Mc, Andy, Aaryn, GM so it’s highly likely that she will go to the end whether she wins which I don’t see because I think alot of the jurors don’t care for her and won’t give her their votes. Just wondering if anyone else had the same thought.


Helen should be happy, Amanda will not be on the block this week, so she gets her wish as now is not the time to vote out Amanda.


The fact that people go to Amanda to ask who’s the target speaks volumes about Amanda’s gameplay.


She is obnoxious and intimidating no gameplay there,

Roisin Dubh

Completely agree. If she didn’t have Andy ratting out everybody to her, she would’ve been gone a long time ago. Andy’s kept the stinky couple in this game. All they’ve done is lay around the house spreading their cooties all over every piece of furniture.


Completely disagree. From Week one Amanda has outplayed many of her competitors. Through slick talking, strategic thinking, intimidation and just mist she is playing the best game. Her number one competitor was Helen and she probably going home this week! Elissa is the biggest floater in history and Aaryn has turned into a BB beast.
Helen or Elissa goes home and Amanda/McRae run the table. Great game play really.


As a vegetarian I despise this choice, what are people thinking?


No matter her attitude, obnoxiousness, looks, voice, etc.

She is bad ass, and running the shit out of that house.
Call it whatever you want, looks like gameplay to me ….
Is it not keeping her “in the game”?


The only reason she is “running” this game is because she was thankfully grouped up with a bunch of idiots.


Helen is out – Candice is back in – Girl is interrupted. Stupid play AG! We’re not really buying your finally.


i do not know why everyone thinks head cheese and habaneros is a bad have not meal. sounds delicious to me although not quite as delicious as seeing helen leave the house this week will be.


Why are mccrae and amanda always in the HOH room. They seem to spend an awful lot of time in there,


What the hell is “head cheese” ???


Google is your friend


Seems like “cheese” is a big misnomer. It shouldn’t be possible for a cheese to be no nasty!

Butters Mom

Elissa will turn her nose up at that Head Cheese for sure! lol…. can you even imagine!!


As much as I don’t like these house guests, I would not wish these meal choices on anyone. Gag! Especially for a week. Who comes up with these ideas?


Head Cheese is a meat jelly cold cut. An animals head (pig, calf, sheep, what ever) is boiled and the meat off the head is gellied by the gelatin boiled out of the skull. When cooled it is then sliced as a cold cut. Hmmm… TASTY! lol


Head Cheese is meat jelly that is made from the flesh of a cow or pigs head. I didn’t know what is was either and had to look it up. I almost threw up from reading about and seeing the pictures. Couldn’t happen to better people.

Skidd Marks

Hey, don’t knock it till you tried it; Hog’s head chesse is pretty good stuff.


The cheese that’s in charge.

Zavia's Grammy

Head cheese is souse, it’s all the leavings of the hog congealed. In the south we eat it as a sandwich.


Goodbye speeches to Helen,,,”Bye Helen, Its what The House wanted”….

VA Vet

It wasn’t time to get Amanda out so we booted you instead.


HAHA Pearl would LOVe that! Hate helen. Or say: When you hear this you will know that I had a heavy hand in your eviction…..vomit lol


I hope they work on Elissa and she decides to leave before the Veto comp!


hey simon men do you think candice should come back in win hoh too so her an elsssia could say safe alot of people want that


i wish next year big brother america send you they want to go home give america the power in the ratings ago sky high cause now everybody talking about bb canda you know simon an dawg


This won’t be that bad of a week for Amanda
since she’s used to having Head Cheese


That was pretty funny… It made me gag but deaf funny


I agree with most posts here. No one is playing the “game.” After being together in the house this long you would think someone would have a handle on what is going on and who is locked into who. Does Aaryn actually believe she has a chance with Amanda, McCrea and Andy. Make a deal with Helen, she will sell her soul now. Put up Amanda and McCrea and if one of them gets the veto replace them with Andy. Gina Marie and Spencer will follow Aaryn to the end. Helen will eventually sell out Elissa with the new alignment. Aaryn would almost be a shoo in for the finals. If Aaryn stays on her current path, she is number 4 in the pecking order. Make the deal and she is at the top of the pecking order.

Butters Mom

Aaryn knows she has to keep winning comps to keep going in this game. She isnt stupid. She knows where she stands. She thinks she has a chance against Amanda in the end or she wouldnt keep hanging on to her.


I looked at the food choices and thought “hmm no that one is just to mean!” I then thought about it a little more and realized that this house deserves it. I am so happy to see so many others thought the same thing :-D


I would like to see Jessie comeback. They should have one player come back from the jury house with a comp and the other be a America’s choice from jury. At least they will have a better chance in the house. Otherwise they will be voted back out.


I feel Aaryn is pretty stupid that Amanda is just using her in final 2 with McCrae. How dumb is Aaryn is? If I was her, I would strike her first.


I think Aaryn up to this point is playing it pretty smart with Andy on her side. It will all depend on here on out how it goes and hopefully Amanda gets booted out. Hope Judd comes back and Andy and Aaryn and Judd get rid of Mcranda!!!


I don’t think Aaryn believes Amanda, she already reported to Andy that Amanda was trying to pull something, that Amanda said Andy cannot go to f2 because no one will beat him. I think Andy is scared to go to f3 with Mcranda and his alliance with Aaryn is legit.


ok so amanda is really stupid if helen is evicted wins the chance to come back then Aaryn waisted a good hoh. amanda sucks at comps so they should take this time to knock her out!!!


But Aaryn doesn’t know that there is going to be a jury comp for return this week, let alone ever, none of them do. The current HGs seem to think that the twist is NOT that someone comes back and if someone does they’ll go right back out.


I usually try to vote good choices for the Have Nots, but not this time. I voted for the Haberneros and Cheese because it’s vile and disgusting just like the remaining HG’s are(except Elissa)


I have a theory of why Amanda is leading this game. She has EVERYONE in the house in check.

McCrae: obvious reason is because of their showmance

Andy: Im gay so I can say this. Amanda is what I call a faghag. She has a loud obnoxious slightly fun personality which causes drama and Andy is drawn to it like flies to feces. So obviously he will side with her.

Aaryn: Now has an alliance with Amanda which she previosyly did not have and because of elissas hate for aaryn she can’t side with Helen and elissa. So who’s left to side with? Amanda.

Helen: Is not nearly as smart as she thinks she is, and is waaay into doing what the group wants. She is a crowd follower and the crowd is Amanda, mccrae, and Andy.

Elissa: Actually is smart at reading people in the house, however she is too weak and trusts Helen too much. Following Helen is her downfall because Helen is a follower herself.

Ginamarie: Only really trusts aaryn and so she sides with what aaryn does. Since aaryn now follows Amanda so does gm.

Spencer: Hate to admit it but he’s the only one in the house who will go against Amanda and unfortunately he has a full deck stacked against him. He’s weak at comps and has to rely on the group to move forward. Just a matter of time before he’s out.

That’s it. The others were thinkers and knew Amanda was leading the house (minus Judd he was just oblivious to anything) Thus Amanda systematically used her goons to get rid of them. I hate the B***h with a passion and she’s making this game boring. However she does have a strategy and its working.

I fully believe if she was in a house with anyone but these idiots though her and mccray Cray would b on the block every week until they were eliminated. The house is full of dumbasses this year. Who keeps a showmance in the house???


I hope JESSIE comes back

Dr. J

Head cheese? Ugh! My ex-father-in-law used to make it and I took a small bite. I about lost it as it is so slimey stinky, and just plain nasty. Great choice for Amanda, Elissa, and Helen. I feel for GM but she’s said some things that should not be said so let her eat it with the others. I cannot tolerate very hot spicy food either so I’d be in dire straights in there. I love reading the comments people are posting here and love this site above all others. Simon and Dawg do an awesome job of keeping us informed. I am regretting not getting the feeds right away but won’t do it this late in the game. Next year will be different if there is a next year? Keep posting people as your insight gives all of us food for thought… Head Cheese… Argh!


First of all…Amanda and MC will not be separated cause she will force him to sleep in the have not room.

Secondly….Gina Marie already smells with her farts and belching so can you imagine what the house and have not room will smell like now? I can hear Elissa bitching the whole time.

Thirdly…..are these house guests that stupid? Every one evicted so far has been told they aren’t the target but has been now they are saying the same line to Elissa and Helen now and they are lame enough to believe them?

I subscribed to the live feeds this year but have watched them only a few times and it was on flashback to see something that happened earlier in the day. I decided not to purchase next year IF big brother is back. Also I used to be an avid watcher of big brother after dark. Watched it a few times to see the Amanduh and Mcwhipped show and turned it off. It was to late to watch that BS and it turned my stomach. I hope next year is better…..that is big it returns


since so many people have been bitching lately about people like me that dont watch and read the blog only, i’ve decided to make a comment on that subject much more often just to piss them off.

yes, i dont watch the broadcasts or the feeds. i read (more like skim for what i wanna read) on the blog only. why, because i dont like the casting. to those of you been bitching about that lately: if you can’t get that concept and decide to try and tell me what i can and can’t do, kiss my ass


Lol geezz….Heres a cookie for your grandstanding! I commend you for your choice of not watching yay!! Now GFY


UGH!! Did mcstinky finally have a shower? What a vile and disgusting creature. And aMANduh is not any better, OMG, I can’t stand her! I wish she would stop making those ugly faces although I know she can’t help it with that ugly mug of hers. *shivers*
I wish Aryan would grow a f’n backbone and ditch those coogies, although this plan to backdoor Elissa or Helen is a blessing in disguise due to this week’s twist. LOL. aMANduh is stupid-stupid, she showed her cards a little too soon and her plan is about to backfire on that ugly face of hers. haha. Karma is such sweet justice.


LMAO that is going to be one smelly have not room. I guess they deserve a ass burning


I agree that the spineless sheep have all, but Andy, given the HOH room to McCranda for their exclusive use. There is no limit or restrictions on what they will ask for and be granted. The way they take over the HOH room’s clothing, snacks, alcohol, even Aaron’s mud facial before she could use it is so disgusting. Never have I seen such selfish and dirty players. I have watched every BB season and this is the saddest bunch of losers who are running the house.


Yeah, Spencer’s a huge threat because he wins tons of competitions and wields so much power in the house. You should really be tested for all 7 major categories of retretardation.


“Oh my gosh!”…”100%”… “Ya know”…”that’s so weird”…
Is it me or are all the house guests starting to talk like each other? They even speak “unanimously.” Sheep!

Turning off Big Brother

So after Helen leaves who is going to clean up after the rest of the slobs? Spencer is a sick pervert, he watches the girls shower and then tells everyone how he gets off on it. Don’t know if Maryland is real if she is god help her. Gina Maria is giving New Yorkers a bad name and I can’t believe the house puts up with her rudeness. Andy had my respect till last week but now he’s Amanda and Mc Creas new puppy and does whatever they want. Still can’t believe a whiny self centered Amandra can’t win anything and is a sore sport, is one of the strongest players in the house. Aaryn started out bad and lost my respect early but it seems like she cleaned her act up until she and Andy both played Helen. Helen’s fault will be that she couldn’t read people and they back stabbed her. Finally Elyssia is a nicer Rachel but just plays her own game and doesn’t care what others think. In the end I hope Judd comes back and it comes down to Aaryn and Judd and Judd wins. Until that time I’ve moved on to Football. Thanks Big Brother for the worse most boring season ever. Hope you learn from this one and I’ll see what you put up next year. I’m out of here.


Bye Bye!!


Seahawks all the way, all day! – signed, the 13th fan!


I know I will get thumbs down….but Amanda is playing some game right now. If she can survive the juror reentry and double evictions that seem obvious to happen, she has ran that house to a “t”. She is not a good comp player, so not a threat in “that” aspect. She can convince anything to anyone and anyone to anything. She just knows what is up in the game….she is crass, and just plain vindictive…, but, she has been loyal to her main group. She pinpointed Andy as a real player due to his closeness to the other side and how he can befriend the devil if need be. Aaryn proved the loyalty, and then helen says two weeks safety, while Amanda says final four (and possibly 2). She knew aaryn was a beast. And has capitalized. Gamepoint stance, and not throwing out the slut and mcwimp/puss/pizza/whatever the fuck you idiots say for that showmance that annoys your peabrains, but for the game, which this is, remember, she has gone far using the HOHs and MVPs in getting the strong physicals out, then the flip floppers. She and aaryn(minus the racism part, if only she knew) would make a good final two. We know what happens outside the house will be bad. Reputations are destroyed. But look at this house and season, now, as a game. Expect the unexpected. Final 8. Good luck to all of them


damn, an actual intelligent, thought out post giving props to good gameplay and strategy!! Do they allow that here??? lol


I think that one got by Simon… but he wont let it happen again!

just disgusted

I find the courage of these people sadly lacking. They seem to have this sick need to lie to people leaving and enjoy doing it, they also sit there and talk smack about any one on the block any given week. imo, if any of these hg played against people such as danny danato, rachalle,jeff and so on they would would have been out long ago.As for amanda and ayran, they are the only ones playing the game at this point, but they would not have made it far in any other season of BB. As for Aryan, she is racking up a lot of wins and will continue to do so until she is gone, but considering the compatition that isn’t saying much. The fact that the house guest talk about harasing someone until they self evict is disgusting. Everyone of the hg have said some nasty and disgusting things this season , gm, ayran,amanda, spenc are the worst but imo mcrea and andy are catching up fast. I have seen every season of BB and i have never nor thought i’d ever see something like this in the game, the end of my rant.


Oh Boy! Pieces of shit get to eat pieces of shit. Eat up sheep! Eat up A-Man-Duh!


what’s the point of bringing Jessie or Candice back when they can’t win ish?! They’ll get the boot the following week.