Spencer’s dream about Beth “It was like I was raking cottage cheese out of a sore”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


8:34pm HOH Aaryn and GM

Aaryn: “Moving forward it is going to get harder and harder.. “
GM:”what with f** face down there” (Elissa)
Aaryn: “She was actually acting pretty nice”
GM: Ya”

Aaryn says Elissa’s husband is 40 She points out if Elissa’s husband was the father of her child that would mean she was 20 and he was 32. GM brings up that Elissa’s husband has 3 kids that he had in his 20’s she suspects his kids live with their mother because there is no way Elissa takes care of 4 children.
GM mentions that Helen was telling her Elissas daily schedule and it includes take her son to school, doing yoga for a couple hours then picking her son up and going home.
Aaryn: “have you noticed she wears heels when she’s wearing athletic clothes and bathing suites.. I don’t get it”


8:50pm HOh Helen and Aaryn
Aaryn says she’ll pick GM to play in the veto. Gm hopes the players are Amanda and Andy.
Aaryn tells her they are good for three more weeks. Gm asks what the next HOH is. Aaryn thinks it will be endurance.
Aaryn says she’s been loving big brother more every day points out that it’s GM’s birthday next week. .

Gm says she misses Nick, “I miss that fu***g kid”
GM says that Spencer is doing exactly what they all feared Howard would do. Aaryn agrees says that Elissa and Spencer cannot win HOH. If they win HOH Gm or Aaryn will go up at least as a pawn.
Gm asks who Spencer is talking with now she thought he was close to her but she’s not sure now after the HOH competition yesterday. Aaryn says Spencer is in with McCrae and Andy .
GM: “Don’t people know he’s an a$$hole”
Aaryn says that Helen, Elissa and Spencer cannot know about their final 5 because they will panic.. “
Gm knows she’s not saying anything.
Aaryn warns her that Helen is going to want to make a deal with GM. Aaryn recommends she just smiles and say OK . If Helen wins veto or doesn’t leave they want to minimize how mad she is. Gm isn’t planning on saying anything until after the veto competition.
Aaryn: ‘Dude I do not trust McCrae.. He’s getting sketcher”
Aaryn says that McCrae threw the HOH and at first he was denying it but after the wasn’t because he wasn’t because he wanted Amanda to feel better.
GM: “them two.. them two I dunno”


9:06pm Andy, McCrae and Spencer
Talking about s$x dreams..

Spencer: ‘I told you about the first sex dream I ever had.. it was this girl named Beth who had huge T!ts and blonde hair”
Andy says he did hear this.
Spencer:”I was like messing with her P***Sy “
Andy: “Weren’t you scratching at her “
Spencer: “It was like I was raking cottage cheese out of a sore” (WTF kinda s$x dream is that.. the image above shows the spencer raking with his hands)
Andy: “Eww eww ewww”
Spencer: “Gross”
Andy: “Eww eww ewww”
Andy : “I’m so happy i’ll never encounter a vagina that way.. ugh gross”


9:31pm Cockpit Helen and Andy

Andy tells Helen it’s going to come down to tomorrow.
Helen: “I’m fully aware of that.. just sucks”
Andy: ‘Totally sucks”
Andy says no matter what happens Helen is not going this week. Helen says that the longer Elissa is in the game the better for their game. Andy: “if the worst thing that can possibly happen happens than Elissa is going”
Helen: “Spencer has to go.. he found that key so fast” (Spencer destroyed the have nots today)

Andy says if Helen wins the POV it will be Andy, MC and Gm voting out Spencer and if Elissa wins POV it will be the same people voting out Spencer.
Helen: “We need to keep Elissa for the buffer”
Helen is worried Aaryn will get Pandora’s box this week and get a power she points out with all the wins Aaryn is getting in competitions she doesn’t need a power.
Andy agrees they both laugh..

Helen says she is worried if She leaves Elissa will get chopped off easily. Helen tells Andy to keep spreading the word about how dangerous Spencer is.

Helen tells him she’s worried if Spencer stays in the house and Elissa goes it will be her and Andy and Spencer will win HOH and put up her and Andy or Amanda and McCrae

Helen: “I wish JUDD didn’t go berserk on us.. we could use the extra votes”

Andy thinks it will be a luxury punishment competition.
Helen: “Elissa is going to take everything I know it.. which will force me to take everything and I’m on the block because of her”
Andy: “Do you think she will.. she seems so prissy.. she won’t give up her clothes”


9:56pm Bedroom Amanda, McCrae and Elissa
Amanda says they need to just wait until the veto is played then they will start talking about what the best move is.

Elissa says she loves big brother and is grateful for the experience of being on this is amazing show. She adds that she respects the network and the creative geniuses she has so much respect for the show and the opportunity she wants to make the most of it.
Elissa: ‘I could go on and on for literally hours and hours about how much respect I have”

Elissa: ‘However it doesn’t make it any lighter to have found out last week like you’re here and be like nervous that you are sitting in a jury house for week sand week.. and your… family life is… “
Amanda: “ya but don’t think about that yet.. you are still here in the game don’t think about Jury .. you are not under house arrest stop thinking about that think about you being here right now.. you cannot over think the veto until we see who wins the veto .. ”

Amanda: “So… just relax”


10:00pm Bedroom McCrae and Amanda
MC says there is no way Elissa is making it to the final two she wants to walk she should just walk out now. Amanda tells him not to say anything to her. He points out how annoying Elissa was when she was talking to Amanda by saying she’s not grateful when she’s actually super ungrateful and doesn’t give a shit about anyone in the house and anyone that works here. MC adds that they all have families that hey walked away from she acts like she the only one.
MC: “She’s the most ungrateful b!tch ever”
Amanda says if Elissa stays here and get powered she will put up Aaryn. They do not want her to put up McCrae so he better be nice to her. Amanda points out how Elissa is already turning on Helen.

Amanda: “You know what Aaryn said to me the other day.. she wants to take me and you to the final 3 over Andy”
Amanda: “I found something out that you will not be happy about.. Andy has to go before final 4.. ” Ginamarie walks in..


10:31pm Nail party HOH doesn’t seem as exciting anymore… Helen, GM and Aaryn are participating Andy is listening to music and Elissa is sleeping.


10:40pm McCrae and Amanda

Amanda: “If I win or come in second place.. i want us to go on .. like a crazy vacation.. that we would never imagine doing just me and you.. “
McCrea: “ you want to go to paris.. “
Amanda: I’ve already been”
MC: “Well la te da”
A: “I’ve never been to fiji or Thailand.”
MC: Fuck that there’s monsoons and shit”
A: “how about an Alaska cruise”
MC: “ that would be cool”
Mc: “I want to go to Germany so bad”
A: “why”
MC: “I love everything about German culture.. “
A: “German food sucks”
MC: “Bullshit”
A: “It does”
Amanda says she is excited that he will meet her family, Sister brother and her dog: “my dog.. you are going to love baxter.. you are going to be baxters dad.. you want to be baxters dad”
Mc: “yeah.. I hate meetings families”
A: “you scared about moving away from home “
MC: “no”
A: “No at all:
MC:”no really”
Amanda: “I’ll help you a lot even if I come in second.. because you coming to me is for me to.. i’ll want to make it as easy for you as possible”
MC: “If I came in second i’ll be pissed”
Amanda: “What you would be pissed whatever”


11:04pm Kitchen Amanda, Andy, Spencer and McCrae

Amanda and McCrae are filling Andy in about Elissa was telling them how much she respects the game,. loves the game and love the creative geniuses behind the game. McCrae points out Elissa still wishes she was evicted before Jury because she has a family at home and none of them do. .
Andy: ‘Ya because none of us have loved ones”
Spencer mentions that Elissa probably makes more money than they do. Spencer: That bull sh!t”
Andy: “That ridiculous”
MC says it will make it easy on everyone right now if Elissa just walks out.
MC: “She loves the game and respects the game.. she just doesn’t want to be in jury.. she respects the game so much”
Andy: “She can’t stick it out for a month”
Amanda: “I want her to walk from Jury.. frees up America’s vote. ”
MC says if she just walks out right now she will not go to jury she can go straight home. “you’re (alissa) better than to be evicted by scum.. why don’t you just walk right out“


11:27pm HOH Helen and Aaryn

Helen says she really likes Nick
Aaryn: “I’m so legitimately concerned about finale.. with her”
H: “I’m really concerned about Finale for a lot of reasons and I hope that it doesn’t ruin her night”
A: “I think it’s going to”
H: “We can’t let it .. you we are going to have to manage that.. “ Helen suggest they tell Nick that this is an extremely special night and Gm’s waited “umpteen” months to see him. Finale isn’t the night he should tell GM that they are going to or not going to date. Helen doesn’t want him to lead her on but they all now the second she sees him she’s going to run to him and kiss him. Helen just doesn’t want him to push her away.

Helen: ‘We’re going to have to pull him aside and be like hey dude for tonight just be as charming as can be to her and deal with it later.. otherwise she is going to mope around like a crazy woman around here and that is going to suck”

Helen: “Actually Elissa told me the party is not in the Back Yard.. it’s off set. .. she said that families are not allowed in here. Feeds flip..


11:47pm .. Chit chat … Amanda claims her man.
MC: “I’m getting backdoored right now”


midnight Have nots Helen and Elissa.

Helen:” it’s really important this week that we win this veto if we don’t one of us is going home..”
Helen: “if Veto is used She doesn’t care if spencer goes so we have to win the veto.. “ Helen adds that Aaryn told her she won’t use it And helen suspects other players in the house will do the same.
Elissa: “why does she want me gone”
Helen: “we’re getting near the end of the game.. “
Elissa: “I know”
Helen: “she never says anything negative about you outside the game. “
Helen tells her she has to fight like hell for the veto they have to shave their heads if they have to.
H: “theres no if ands or but we have to win it tomorrow.. “
Elissa: “I know.. it’s so crazy.. “
Helen: ‘Spencer thinks he’s so safe.. which is fine because maybe he won’t try so hard to win the veto..”
Elissa: “Oh my gosh I cannot believe we have to sleep in her again” (the HOh room)
Helen: “this is my bedroom … this is our 8th week here and 1/2 the time we’ve been in have nots “
Helen says she had to get candice out of this game because Candice didn’t know how to play the game..
Helen: “She was never onto JUDD who was the most vicious of them all.. she wasn’t even on to him she had no idea what was going on in the game”
Helen brings up how Candice told her not to trust Andy but to trust JEssie, Helen thinks this is more proof that Candice was clueless.
Helen: “She had no idea what was going on in this game and so did McCrae.. they had no clue”
Elissa says she thinks Jessie and Candice had better character than some of the people left in the game.
Helen: “Look how Jessie trashed us.. she has no character”
Elissa says will not hold that against Jessie because she didn’t say derogatory deep cutting slurs like GM and Aaryn.
Helen about Jessie: “She has no character.. I would not give her a job recommendation I would never give her a job.. for having such poor judgment like that.. it was like she was 12 years old having a temper tantrum.. she did that all on national TV.. she doesn’t have good character she doesn’t have good judgment.” (keep in mind that it was Helen that was lying and throwing Jessie under the bus all Jessie was doing was calling Helen out.. )

Elissa explains how she gets so nervous in the fast paced competitions that she cannot think.
Helen asks her what can she do to not be so nervous
Elissa: “I could ask them for some anti anxiety medication..” Feed switch to the living room
(Downers Vs. Uppers tomorrow during the POV )

Spencer: “Genghis khan was one of my favorite people”
Spencer: “He fucked so many women 1/4 of all people in A asia are of genghis khan decent “
Spencer: “could you imagine a more awesome live.. “
Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


12:45AM looking for grey hairs

CBS Interactive Inc.

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if she doesnt win the veto..
*mocks her sideways voting position*
GOODBYE. see you never again, helen. hopefully …


best case scenario, helen gets voted out. Candice comes back and wins HOH. That would be a game changer


Candice will be a game changer. LOL! Candice never won a comp. Candice had no social game. At the end everyone including Helen, Jessie and Elissa were throwing her out of any strategy discussions. Candice never figured out that Andy is not to be trusted. Other then you liking Candice how does bringing Candice back into the game becomes a game changer? LOL! Is the reason why you want Candice back is to see her being ganged up by every girl in the house, even the one’s supposed to be friends? Which battle are you looking for Amanda vs Candice fight number 15 or Gina vs Candice fight number 20 or Aaryn vs Candice fight number 40? Maybe you want Andy to make believe again that Andy is her friend and expose all of her intentions. I can tell you now, her intentions, get Spencer out. Yes Spencer has said some things about Candice, everyone has said something about everyone. But why did Candice go berserk on Spencer and call that meeting. That went really well. LOL! Amanda, Aaryn, Gina have been ten times more mean to Candice then Spencer ever was, but its Spencer that Candice wants out. That’s Candice’s big move, get out Spencer.

Face it, there is nothing that’s going to save BB15.


Yep, all people care about is this racist bs (when Candice said racist stuff herself), there is literally no other reason to like her.
She was a bitch, a bigot, and a horrible player in every aspect.


Really! I heard her say Spencer’s white ass other than that what? Furthermore, it was said after all the hate and backlash she was receiving, possibly said out of anger and hurt unlike the jealous twits who did it for pleasure. But I suppose you’re a person of the same trait so no changing your mind either. Pathetic!


Wrong. She did more than the racist “white ass” rant, calling Aaryn a redneck, calling Specer a hillbilly, saying his family is imbred, etc. Way more than those examples. She was a scumbag and was not targeted because of her race. Anyone who says that is a moron AND CANNOT back it up.
The first fight she got into was because she stole everyone’s clothes and messed up Aaryn’s hat. She kept going on about how she has a white side and a black side, and that’s why Kaitlyn made that comment. Most of you are racist. If nothing racist had been said BACK to her (she started the racist bs), then she would have been hated regardless.
Candice was hated because of her actions, nothing more. Howard wasn’t a racist. Sure, he sexually harassed Amanda and was unfailry protected by producers, but he wasn’t a racist. That’s why people like him. He was cool, unlike Candice, who was a bitch, black/white/purple green.
Ironic you said no changing of MY mind, when you’re the one saying illogical things.

AARYN IS RACIST..............



Don’t help me out dude. That’s not where I was going with your reference to the racial BS. That’s all on you BBK. Don’t bring me into your hate of Candice. I don’t think Candice is a good player. Period! However, as far as racism, yes Candice was unfairly targeted because of her race by certain parties in the house. However, the game continues, it is what it is and Candice is out the house. Putting Candice back in that house doesn’t change the dynamics and improve her play…..that’s all I was saying. You hating Candice is on you!


Either you are reading my comment wrong or there is something seriously off about you. My comment has nothing to do with anything you said. For you to assume that for no reason must have something to do with your own self-centered-ness. The world does not revolve around you.
You mentioned Candice and I expanded with my own examples. I wasn’t even really talking to you. I was talking in general. Calm down, nobody’s saying anything about you, no ones even cares what you wrote. How many times did you just write “me,” “my,” or “I” in that post?
This is a site about Big Brother, not about you.


LOL! Had nothing to do with me, but posted under my comment. LOL! Misread your comment…LOL! I made no reference to race on my original posting. You did and you also painted with a very broad brush as if Candice racial claims should be ignored. Yep it had nothing to do with me….you are right….That’s why I don’t want you on my coat tails. Keep all that hate for Candice and denial of racial bigotry all on you.

give me a break



you obviously didnt read the whole feed…helen said candice told her to trust jessie and not andy….WHAT DOES THAT TELL U DIMWIT?


Really! When did Candice get this great insight? Was it during the last ditch effort save Howard and Candice told Jessie to engage Andy to save Howard? That went really well for Jessie? Was it doing Candice’s last week in the house when she made her big move and threw Jessie under the bus for of all things….trying to save Howard the previous week. Candice was more upset with Jessie. Jessie went to Andy and after getting a non-committal from Andy told Candice/ Howard she was out. Candice the following week thinks Jessie is untrustworthy and tell Helen because she tried to flip the house on Howard’s behalf. LOL! Candice is a great player! LOL! This is the person that supposed to be a game changer, who doesn’t have a clue of how to play the game.


What season are you watching? No one has figured out Andy yet, not just Candice! Candice figured out every other alliance in that house before her eviction. The only reason she went off on Spenser is because Helen tricked her into thinking Spenser wanted her out. As far as the arguments with the three she devils, she’s justified! Candice may not have won comps and was too trusting and emotional, but she pretty much had everything and everyone figured out, except Andy! I don’t know what you’re watching or maybe you’re a devil incarnate also LMAO!


Wow! Candice had everything figured out. Candice is a great player. Wow! That is such a laughable comment. If Howard didn’t have Candice on his side, Howard would of been in a better position and probably still be playing. Sousing your words, Helen told Candice, or manipulated Candice to believe that Spencer wanted her out. That’s my first point. Candice doesn’t know a lie when she hears one or believes people based on whether she likes you or not. Let go to the tape: Howard telling Candice he was not in an Alliance. Candice then swears to Helen that Howard couldn’t be in an alliance and he wouldn’t lie to her. Candice then says because he’s a Christian Man! LOL! Howard’s alliance of Gina, Kait and Spencer is exposed. Howard ask Candice who did she tell. Candice says she only told Andy. Howard says that Andy must be a rat. Candice then says that it couldn’t be Andy, because it her heart, she knows it had to be Spencer. When Spencer was the most loyal person then and now to Howard. Spencer is still defending Howard in this game. Every time Amanda brings up her rape story, its Spencer that’s voice his doubts concerning it. Amanda has said the rape story so much now, that almost everyone believes in it now. Elissa, Andy and Gina are all on board with believing the Amanda’s rape story.

So when I retell you specifics regarding Candice’s failures….u hear, wow! Candice has great analytical skills…LOL! Well there is no harm in believing in the Easter Bunny and there is no problem in believing in Candice. However, just like the Easter Bunny, Candice will never actually deliver.

Still wrong!

Candice figured out moving company. Candice realized Amanda and McCrae were controlling the house. Those were two big ideas she just didn’t know what to do with them. Give the girl a lil bit if credit. Geeze who else thought about any of that before Candice. No one!

Still wrong!

BTW your first comment does sound like a lil hating. Not racial just hating on Candice. So don’t get upset if ppl took it that way. That’s how it’s read. I think if Candice gets an opportunity to go back she’ll know how to use her skills to win. She’s just inexperienced probably never watched bb before.


If calling Candice a bad player is hating then call me a hater. When I call out Helen and said she is a fake. Am I hating or am I trying to call the game as I see it? When I say Elissa doesn’t understand how to play the game. Am I hating or trying to call the game as I see it? When Jessie apologized to all the house guests on her way out the door and I called that BS. Am I hating or trying to call the game as I see it?

So people can be critical of the other players in this game, Helen, Aaryn, Gina, Jessie …etc. However, the moment that you are critical of Candice, you have to be a hater. LOL! Ok, count me in as a hater then, because my criticism of Candice and other players are not going to stop. Candice never won a comp. Opps…hater! Candice had no influence in the house. Opps…hater! Candice made some of the silliest moves in the game. Like when she was campaigning against Kait and Gina while they were on the block. Did Candice understand that either Kait or Gina was going to remain in the house after the vote and she needlessly place a target on her back. The HOH put those two on the block. Let the HOH take the heat. All Candice had to do was lay low and pick up the pieces. Opps….hater!

AARYN IS RACIST..............


helen is clueless

God i hope she doesn’t get back in. She’s so delusional it’s incredible. She is still bashing Jessie. Saying she’s glad Jessie isn’t here, she would’ve put us up, she has no character, actually blaming Jess for this. Elissa is actually sticking up for Jess saying the things Jessie said weren’t that bad and Helen won’t have it, keeps pushing Elissa to not like her. Elissa said something about Jess never said anything bad about Helen and Helen said “she called me a liar”. Helen actually believes she’s been wronged here! This isn’t for show to keep herself in the house. And she seems to forget she called Jess a liar even tho she was telling the truth. Just unbelievable.

Racism hurts

Hope Helen goes home can’t stand her she’s the idiot saying Candice didn’t know the game maybe aisians don’t value black people either. Because Helen had no tolorance for Howard or Candice Hellen went with the house. Perhaps feeling she was one of the Caucasian people well when she gets home she will see that they think Asians are subservient and should stick to doing nails and making rice. I have no love for Helen. And this season has put a very bad view in my eyes because I think other races don’t like African Americans not even biracial makes me think very badly of white people they haven’t changed.

give me a break

Helen is clueless….”Candice say trust Jessie not Andy”……Helen will see Candice was right….Helen has sunk her own game..


Plans against Andy? Formed by his own alliance? Alright Demanda, you got me hooked.

helen is clueless

Amanda has been working on this for a few hours now. She tried earlier to poison the well, telling Aaryn that Andy can not make it to the f2 because no one can beat him. Aaryn played it great, agreed then told Andy what was said. Amanda is getting cocky now, thinks everyone believes her and that she is the good liar. But Andy knows that Mcranda are full of it because they both tried telling him they would take Andy to f2 instead of each other and Andy wasn’t buying it. Because he doesn’t trust them, he has a legit alliance to take Aaryn to f3 instead so let’s see out good Amanda is with the rat working against her instead of with.


They are already planning on getting Andy lol thats what he gets. I wonder if Aaryn is going to feel him in on this plan since he has a so called final deal w/ her (interesting) I hope his a$$ gets put up next week

helen is clueless

Yeah Aaryn played along with Amanda well enough for Amanda to buy it so far and then reported it to Andy so right now I see their alliance as real, and right now they have the upper hand on Mcranda because no one seems to be aware of how close Aaryn and Andy are. Not that I can tell at least.


its funny how we think andy is so weak and controllable he has a lot better feel for the game than any of them knows when to suckup and when to suckout has appeared on radar less than anyone its not even close teaches at a college he knows exactly what hes doing and exactly how he is perceived his plan is perfect so far hate to say it


I can’t wait to see GM’s bulimic birthday party next week. I’ve never seen a cake pop out of a girl.

Gone, way Gone, totally Gonzo

i think Helen is in for the shock of her life…
if she’s very lucky, she sends Amanda into
the JURY but that hands the game to McCrae.
I think Elissa will quit if she’s a juror, so then
they have to bring back Howard or Kaitlin!!!


!Keep dreaming!!!! Someone not sequestered cant go in the game nowadays!!!! Howard and Kait can NEVER go back in!


Jesus Christ, what gutter did they bring those people from, this season is done for me as far as cheering for somebody goes, the only reason I am gonna keep watching is the amusement I will get from seeing the rest of those sheep get booted one by one, good thing there’s only one winner

Just a thought

I agree Helen needs to go for everyone’s sanity, but I really don’t need to hear anything more from Spencer on the subject of sex…really enough already …can someone duck tape that guys mouth shut.?…I know it’s been awhile for some of them for that pleasure, but enough already…

Can CBS change their mind and shorten this season.??..it’s been to long or so it seems with this cast. A couple more double evictions would help speed things up.


Lol, I agree about Spencer. I like some of his fake conversation segways until he takes side streets into pervert land. It’s amazing how some of them just don’t think about filtering some of the thoughts in their mind before it reaches their mouth.


How dare MCcrae say he would be mad if he comes in 2nd doesn’t he know he has to let Amanda win. Even though i hate Amanda if these idiots let her get to final two she deserves the money for playing all these people i hate bitter jurys.

Roisin Dubh

You hate bitter jurys? You are really gonna hate this year’s finale because it’s gonna get ugly. These morons are gonna blame each other for getting played and will never acknowledge that they were nothing but sheep led to the slaughter- and it was their choice to go out like that.. I think Jessie is gonna have some serious juice in that jury house so these guys are are for a rough time.

Is it next season already?

I now hope Amanda and Mccraedouche make it to final two bc thats what all these house guests deserve for doing all the dirty work for these two for no reason. Nobody left i like…Helen is a big hypocrite and makes lies about people when she is threatened. Elissa is definitely a spoiled brat (she knew what she was signing up for but now wants to leave if she goes to jury..give me a break.) Arryn is definitely a cruel and racist person…really fishy that she started to behave herself when it started hitting media coverages of how racist she was being on BB..like TMZ. Amanda is just if not worst than Arryn as a person and although it seems like she has great social game play she really hasn’t. Her people have been winning comps and doing her dirty work and if it wasnt for Mccrae calming her down a little she would have been gone. Andy probably annoys me the most bc he is such a rat and as fake as they come. Not that smart either..i didnt get the whole lying and blindsiding Jessie thing. It was stupid bc it only loses her vote for him. Idiot. I can’t wait to see him cry like a whiney girl if he gets put on the block. Spencer i dont mind as much but really hes just a waste of space and has actually become the biggest floater in a game full of floaters. Mccrae isnt that bad either but sadly he needs to go so Amanda doesnt get any satisfaction from this game. Ginamarie is so damn ghetto and really idiotic and has a horrible personality let alone crazy as hell.


I hate to say this but andy knows when to suckup and when to suckout really never on anyones radar but still getting results that favor him starting to think he knows exactly what hes doing and even America cant see it if he can hook with arryn he could win the thing she cant beat him finally 2 because Candice Jessie and elissa wont vote for her that 3 out of the 5 you need that’s a lock


Helen 1 word KARMA!!!!


Well said my friend… she’s about to get schooled!

Roisin Dubh

Ok, I think it’s time we start calling Spencer Cartman. That guy is one sick puppy. We all know CBS is giving Elissa a bigger chunk of money than the rest of those idiots. Don’t get mad at her because she named a price and they said OK and you dummies took a crappy deal. Helen, Helen, you still refuse to see it. Why would they backdoor Spencer? Wait let me ask the appropriate question- What color is the sky in your world? After this is over and she see the tapes, she is gonna learn one hard life lesson and the way she has treated people this season, it couldn’t happen to a better person. GM I’m sorry, you might have won an HOH, but you are a floater(Rachel Riley’s definition). Seriously, how have you impacted the game? All you did was take orders and you still can’t get over Candice- Man she really stung you. I hope she comes back if for nothing else,just to put you in your place one more time. Aaryn is a beast in this game but she is a terrible human being, she learned nothing from her self-inflicted wounds. I want to say I’m done ragging on Keychain and Ahandjob, but they’ll say something stupid and get me started again. I’m far from perfect but I know I got a leg up on these cretins.

Aaryns Revenge

Did Amanda ever say why they had to get Andy out before final 4? What did production tell her about Aaryn and Andy’s final two plan?


So Simon, How Do You Think The Evicted HG Will Come Back In? I’m Thinking They Will Do A Comp Maybe The Day Before. The Winner Will Be In The Backyard When Everyone Else Comes Out For The Hoh Comp. I Think They Will Have A One Week Immunity, What’s You Guess


I see one of 2 senarios. One season at least I’m pretty sure the returning HG had a weeks imunity This could be accomplished with the HG’s going through the normal HOH. Lets say endurance comp begins in the BY. In the studio or even the house we could see the 4 evictees battling it out to see who returns. After the HOH new company in the house.. I personally like this idea the best as you get 2 weeks with hopefully a sh*t disturber back in it.

The most likely is 4 compete winner goes into the house and HOH is Friday rather than Thursday night. I’m betting on a heads up format to give a better chance for the ‘chosen” to get back into the house. Think it will be Jessie versus Helen and Candy versus Jedd. I would dearly love the irony of Jessie finishing off Helen. I really hope production gets “riggy with it” and Judd goes back in. There would be a possible Alliance with Arryn and Andy that could help get him perhaps F5 or F4 instead of back out the door. If Judd does return he will have to be a pragmatist IMO. Andy and Arryn need an end game. It can’t be GM makes 3 either. Maybe Spence as 3rd wheel but I do not think he’d go after MC.


IF it is, I hope the current houseguests are kept OUT of the loop while backyard in in lockdown WHILE the competition is going on for the returning houseguest because if current houseguests are involved, they will distract the evicted houseguests by cheering for who they want in to win- I hope they make this fair and surprise them – boom!! And they don’t find out until Thursday or they can watch from Living room screen, LOL.


I hope they make the houseguests go outside after the elimination vote without saying why and then they have to watch the comp where a jury member comes back in. It would be so great to watch their faces. They’re gonna be pissed :-) then they should immediately go into the endurance HOH while the current houseguests are still in shock.

helen is clueless

Don’t forget they have to wait for the next evicted HG so that kind of rules out a comp the day before.


Slap To My Forehead, So True. Now Feel Like The Dee Da Dee

helen is clueless

simon Mcranda both separately lied to Andy saying they would take him to f2 instead of each other. Andy knew it was BS. Tonight when they said that about Andy they were kind of making out and whispering and it was broken up but I THINK she said “final two” and he said “how does he know” or “how did he find out” something along those lines and that’s why they’re trying to bring Aaryn into an f3 alliance, not knowing Aaryn and Andy are working together.


Duh! Doesn’t take a genius to know you’d not be final 2 with a couple & that they’re both playing you – even Elissa could figure that out.


Imagine, Helen gets booted. Goes to Jury, wins the comp and comes back into the game again! Ha! It’s ON!!!! That would sent the house into a death spin!!

Roisin Dubh

No it wouldn’t They would just feed her some more BS, she’ll buy it and they’ll vote her dumbass out again, all before the first commercial break.


Right now GM can kiss my A$$ with her freaking “timing”> I want to know what Amanda found out about good old Opie the ratboy. They may actually be getting Andy on the radar. Thought he and Arryn might be coasting. Hope they are bringing in Spence the pig to stay. Everyone are shades of evil.

PS… Production explain to these morons what happens if Duckface self evicts this week. I’m telling everyone here my gut tells me there would be a reset. Or a version something like this. No eviction vote as Ellisa leaves thus Helen stay. The other 3 compete to see who returns. Douchebag gets spared this week. Grodner fix Amanda’s freaking game on this you noob!


Previously Helen wanted “a unanimous HOUSE vote”… now she’s counting bodies and what’s best for HER and that clown Elissa… hmmm come on, Helen, time to take one for the team… or in this case, for the HOUSE!


lol, agreed.


I cannot wait until Candice and Jessie tell Helen my favorite 4 words. I Told You So. And welcome to the jury house. Best case scenario for me, imo this week is Helen gets evicted, participates in competition only to lose and have Jessie or Candice come back, especially Candice. Judd will go only go back to french kissing McCranda’s stinky hole and it will be a waste.

Aj Hollering

even though Candice and Jessie suck at comps I hope they come back or of the people coming back, (Judd coming back won’t make a difference, unless he realizes that his goof trioop (ridcliouls name by the way)buddies put him up) because I try to like a house that’s left and I realize their negatives greatly out weight their positives and I use term loosely.

Just a thought

I think if Jessie or Candice comes back it will shake up things from the standpoint that GM will go crazy and disrupt the who house. I think by listening to Judd when he exited he said to Julie that he trusted the wrong people, and I think he said Amanda and McCrea. So he might know what’s going on, plus he has had a little time to think. It might be enough to get him going good enough to cause some upset in the house. If its Helen that comes back I think she would still be able to be convinced that it was someone other than Amanda who pushed the buttons to get her out. I’m not sure if any of them coming back will change anything, especially if there is no rule that makes it where they can’t be voted out again right away, because that is Amanda’s plan is to send who ever right back to jury. We can only hope that who ever or what ever happens that something shakes up the house, and make it SOON. Even the bloggers, who don’t get me wrong, are getting bored. Simon and Dawg, you are doing a great job, Thank you


Question about the following post: Has it ever been done or tried? Has it succeeded? Which season?

Roxy says:

August 16, 2013 at 9:57 pm

The ideal back door is when all the POV players want someone out who isn’t on the block. The two house guests on the block are pawns, then as long as long as the true target doesnt win the veto, the POV player would take off one of the pawns, and put the real target in their place since they can’t play for veto and “back door” them out of the comp. it’s hard to pull off unless all the chips fall in your favor, so they initially put at least one pawn they wouldn’t mind getting out if things don’t go right.


The description is classic backdoor. As was noted in the previous thread the geniuses in the house, especially Helen have been misusing the term backdoor all season. As to your question not many a season that the backdoor move isn’t used at least once and usually more.

You have the classic version basically in your post. Two players are nomed and the target is not. The Pov is played and if the winner is working with the HOH to backdoor someone they take either nominee off and the target gets nominated by the HOH.


1) HOH must be in on the deal. Either their idea or must be willing to nominate the replacement after POV used.
2) Pawns can be either very week players who won’t win veto. A player who will be safe because his alliance has the votes. So at worse if POV not used other pawn gets evicted.
3)Often like this week both the target and closest allie go up rather the the backdoor. This is done so one doesn’t take the other off the block. Back doors generally work best with a lot of HG’s left as the odds are better the target won’t compete in the veto.


Check out Season 2… that was the season for some damn crazy treacherous excellence going on. Bowing down to the excellence of Dr. Will and Boogie…

Helen's Alliance Member

Firstly – Helen’s delusional and she said Candice didnt know how to play the game because she told Helen not to trust Andy…..right Helen you are truly the master of the game. We have all seen your great moves. She blamed Jessie for throwing tantrums but I think she forgot her walking away from conversations when she was called out for her lies. Must be because she’s such a “powerhouse”.

Finally, did anyone else pick up that Spencer NEVER thanks Marilyn during live eviction speeches. I am pretty sure Marilyn is imaginary because of the way he talks about other women and wanting to do things to Jessie. Think he just made that shit up to try to look cool and everytime he has these sex stories and how he has slept with 100’s of women. I call PURE BULL$HIT ON THAT!!

Amanda's dog Woofy

Marilyn is a goat. Goats don’t watch TV.


somebody should tell Helen to put up amanda and mcpizza!:)


O.K, O.K… but it’s too soon! Right, but you made the best comment ever, and if you think about it, you could be seen as the best commenter here, people are reading, they know what you are doing, and keep it up, because deep inside you know you’re good enough, strong enough, and you will give the right message to me, just not now, ok… too soon!


Very surprised by some of the comments here relating to Helen. She is my favorite player – each of them have faults and benefits but overall I felt Helen was playing the game. Last 2 of 3 HG that went to jury would have been votes for Helen down the road and she is going to need them. Andy should feel like a rat since he insisted they not strike against Amanda so soon. Look where it got her!

Elissa is a hot mess and think she is on Lifestyles of Rich and Famous show, Andy has been #2 position with Helen (better than Amanda offered) and he is betraying her. I just hope she gets her head back into the game.

I noticed Aaron and Spenser are speaking more freely and easily one of them could say something to get Amanda to rethink the pecking order. I will give Amanda credit for her skill in moving the right people into an alliance at the right time. What a piece of work though – her mouth, her sexual aggressiveness with McCrae, her lack of any standards. I hope she doesn’t win!

Roisin Dubh

If Helen made to F2, the only vote she would get is Elissa. Jessie and Candice knew she threw them under the bus. Andy would only vote for her if she was up against GM. Keychain and Ahandjob would would vote for her if she went up against Elissa. Spencer would never vote for her, Aaryn would only vote for her to try and show people she’s not racist. GM would never vote for her. You think Judd would vote for her when he finds out she forced Aaryn to put him up? She ran over the people that would’ve voted for her to get all buddy buddy with the 3am alliance, which she doesn’t even know exist and now have her in thier sights. Elissa, Howard, Candice, Jessie and Spencer would’ve been a solid voting block for her,but she let her HOH go to her head and she ruined any chance she had to win this game, let alone make F2. She had 2 chances to get rid of Amanda and Aaryn was dead in the water but she let them go and now she’s getting slammed for it. So when you say she’s a great player, I really have to take exception to that one because everything she did after getting rid of Jeremy was nothing but boneheaded gameplay.

Roisin Dubh

I know you didn’t say she was a great player but my point is her gameplay is horrible. Not only her, but the people left in this house would’ve never have made it to the halfway mark in any other season.


how about.. says:

August 16, 2013 at 10:00 pm

don’t rate it, explain it.
wouldn’t you like to c a bb with jamacians, Puerto Ricans, muslims (love u kassar), indians (east), aboriginals (west), etc.all play instead of an always white majority
u thumb me but you don’t say why

My best answer or guess is just maybe the people you have mentioned (in large numbers), haven’t tried out for the show at all.
It may be that the characters that get chosen (out of thousands) are what we are given, not because of racial bias but lack of a lot of people coincidentally have not wanted to participate in the game. I don’t believe it’s a matter of being discriminatory on the casting end, rather they select from the diversity that is presented. So happens, that there are a few of these ethnicities in each season (as you can conclude from the surnames sometimes). I’m not sure if this is answering the question, even just a little bit for you. I hope it gives one point of view which you may find satisfactory. Nobody answered – so I’m offering my perspective.
Also, maybe there have been all those cultures present in the house and we just don’t know that because people rarely go around saying, (for example), hey I’m Muslim or I’m Indian or Jamaican, unless they are asked or they are literally making sure everyone is aware of their differences. For example, Kassar brought the ‘prayer rug’ (I don’t know the proper name) into the house, thus making it an obvious difference. Say a Jewish person went in and emphatically want to be kosher. I am obviously from Babylon was I’m babbling on . Peace.


Call elissa whatever u want but she is not a bad person, she knows the difference between a person with integrity and ones without it. she knew candice and jess had better character then the mean girls.


they scraped the bottom of the dirtiest barrel for this bunch. this is such a disgrace to a game that’s incredible when it’s played by functional human beings


Does ginamarie have an tit ring or earring or jewellery in her cleaveage. What is it….it is shiny and noticeable ….


its a derma peircing

akira toriyama

Helen is the most annoying delusional houseguest big brother has ever had. Everything she says is nonsense. Amanda is a cunt but at least she knows what the fuck she is talking about.


I wonder if the returning houseguest has a one week protection?


I love how Andy is complying about not getting the Zingbot yet….Newsflash you don’t deserve the Zingbot!!’


The Zingbot, Hah! The Zingbot would be too easy on these house guests.

BB needs to get a nuclear powered, internet connected – Flamebot 2013 – Extra Nasty Edition with the DTS-HD High Resolution Audio option to roast these house guests properly.

Cheese Head

Andy is such as lady!!!!


Aaryn: “Why do fish die whenever I’m HOH, I don’t get it?”

I suspect suicide. What black fish would want to be around Aaryn.

Roisin Dubh

I guess she’s never seen The Omen.

I'm Tall

Delusional Helen!! You chirp about Candice and Jessie not knowing how to play the game? B*tch please! You don’t know how to play the game. You come in there wanting to make friends and offer safety every week to everyone. You want to hold court the one time you won HOH and for some reason your still on that hight(i don’t know why buy she is) you are so oblivious to the fact that your gingerbread man bf is double crossing you. You aligned yourself with the racist woman in the house who told you to go make rice and to do her nails. SMH. Wait, until you see the show Helen you will kick yourself in the ass and if you don’t I would be more the willing to do it for you. Candice and Jessie tried to tell you stuff but you nervously ran around like someone was trying to take your school lunch. lol. Helen needs to go and never come back! She will go to Jury and will still say it’s too early to vote for a winner at the end. lol


does anyone with flashback know what was the ingredient elissa was talking about with her face cream, something that resurfaces the skin? just curious, i am getting older and she has such nice skin… :) thanks!


Her shiny skin comes from the botox injections… it makes the facial skin very taut and waxy in appearance. I think Creme de la Mer is the best skin cream… just don’t eat for a few months and most anyone can afford it!


I saw her using LaMer a few days ago…its the eye concentrate and the moisturizing creme.

Cheese Head

Ask Spencer.


McPussy has got to be the biggest bitch in that house. Never in BB history has a man whined like he does. He actually sits around all day talking about Elissa. This dude or dudette, sounds like a jealous girl from high school. He thinks Elissa is an embarassment to her family??? He’s actually an embarassment to men. Helen’s a moron and she will never admit that she was wrong not to listen to Candice and Jessie. Her self-righteous ego is too big. As far as her saying anything to Nick on finale night, that’s a joke. She’s going to pull Nick aside and tell him to be nice to GM???? Helen, shut your big yapping mouth. Let your husband occupy GM, if you feel so sorry for her racist, ghetto, ignorant ass. Will love it when she sees how dumb and stupid she looked on national tv.


I hope McCrae likes that position his Dom has him in, because he’s gonna be in it alot. Face down, ass up that’s the way she likes to F%$@!


Amanda wants America to have a jury vote? She is delusional if she really thinks that she would get Americas vote.


Listening to Helen try to reason out her “strategy” for evicting people this season is laughable. Judd is a mastermind, Jessie is confrontational and lying, Candice can’t play the game…. I seem to remember being impressed that Candice figured out the guys alliance early telling Helen about her hunch in the havenot room. Helen is a true politician… we all know what we saw, but let’s let Helen tell us what we REALLY saw!!!! At what point in the future does Helen realize she eliminated her allies,eliminated jury votes by behaving like a fool to the evicted houseguests, and trusted Andy! Helen, I love to hate you but not sorry to watch you go! p.s. Please don’t win the Veto, but go home with a shaved head! Thanks…

Note to Spencer: You can stop talking now. I think your perverted brain is the only thing entertained by you, and I think it wants to jump ship too!

aunty nobody

Remember, Helen, & many many more just like her are hard “at work” in gov’t , working “for” you…

& if that doesn’t scare the living shit out of U, Ur really brave.


Helen isn’t a politician. She’s a lobbyist so gave herself the title of Political Consultant so people wouldn’t know she is a professional paid liar.


How did you rate Season 11 for entertainment value?
Anyone want to give some feedback on that season?
I thought it had plenty of explosive personalities and nail-biting comps.

Cheese Head

There was plenty of nail biting. It all came from McPizza boy!!!


Spencer told the HG that his SO called girlfriend gave him a HALL PASS!! for Big Brother and told him if it would help his game he could screw whomever to get by in the game!! TO BAD NO ONE wants the discussing person who considers himself to be a real man! REALLY!! NOT even JESSIE wanted him!! lol

Cheese Head

Am sure GinaWhorina would NOT pass up a backdooring by Spencer. That bitch is like an old alley cat in heat and so is Gina!

Go Jessie

These houseguest make me sick! All they do is bash people behind their back and make fun of them. Aaryn said if someone says that If people say that Jessie is their favorite houseguest than they are the worst BB fan. This is why we should vote for Jessie. The would be so jealous if she won. Jessie is more likable than the rest of these losers. Wait until they get out and see what America thinks of them. They feel that Jessie didn’t know how to play the game. Why because she didn’t kiss their asses and do what the house wanted? She tried to play the BB game but they were all too dumb to listen. They are just giving the game to McCranda!


In a way of apology from CBS and Grodner for this poor season, there should be a post-show show. All hgs return to the house for one week and view all the episodes as a group. Additional footage from the feeds should be included and they should not be edited to reflect certain hgs in a good light. It would be interesting and entertaining to see the hgs turning on each other when true facts are revealed.


Spencer is the creepy neighbor no one wants to talk to and you should run away from. Really Helen? Talking about how they will talk to nick about handling the gm situation at finale? The guy isn’t a kid. Ugh! She is annoying. If aaryn grew some she would have put up amanda and Helen. Both of theses girls are useless and need to fight to save their lives.

Cheese Head

…if Aaryn grew some? Please, that flat chested bigoted bitch can only grow her eyebrows.

VA Vet

Looks like Amanda’s game is finally starting to come apart. Her telling Aaryn that Andy needs to go might just be her undoing.

Suppose Andy, Helen, Elissa or Spencer wins POV and Andy pulls his “boys” alliance aside and suggests using the veto and putting Amanda up. That forces MC to declare his true intentions. If MC objects, Andy can go ahead with the plan because he would have himself, Helen & Spencer, the three votes needed to evict Amanda.

Andy would be golden since he is in with Aaryn and Helen and Spencer and possibly MC after all the smoke clears. Aaryn could also bring GM in to support Andy and same with Helen bringing Elissa. (MC wouldn’t have anyone on his side at that point).

Lets see just how smart Andy really is! Not that I want that squirrely little rat-fink to stay much longer, but hey, play the hand you were dealt.


Hey VA Vet, I like the way your mind thinks. If only it would happen, highly unlikely, but we can dream. Hope springs eternal..

P.S. I really would like to see Helen go this week, but if, Amanda could be backdoored that would be excellent.

VA Vet

Thanks! But I’m not sure if being so devious is good for my reputation! Good thing I’m anonymous here.

VA Vet

The more I think about it, I really hope Andy pulls it off and that MC really wants a F2 with Amanda.

Once Amanda gets evicted, MC could really turn the house upside down since he (MC) knows all about Andy’s devious play. Everybody would be at each others throat if they find out about all the deals that everyone has.


Helen is suffering from delusions of grandeur. As a result:

1. She can not fathom that Candice nor Jessie actually knew more about what was happening in the BB house then she did.

2. She honestly thinks that McCrae is more aligned with her than Amanda; even though they are joined at the hip and other body parts..

3. She has blindly put her total trust in Andy; while never even once having an inkling that he would blindside her in a heart beat.

4. She idiotically thinks that she has a F5 deal with Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn. It’s 3AM and you are on your way to jury.

5. She believes she can raise her pom-poms and give some asinine motivational speech and all is better in the BB house.

6. She honestly believes she has the votes to remain in the house; when Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Judd and Jessie have been evicted already.

7. She believes second-handed misinformation she receives and blindly runs around the house disseminating it, as if, she were the originator.

8. She believes there are no racists in the house; somehow they were miisunderstood or were provoked into saying those derogatory comments.

9. She cannot admit she is ever wrong. She is the consummate BB player. She is a good judge of character. She is Helen of Troy….

10. She is totally FUBAR…..See you at the finale!

Oh by the way, be sure to let us know what was the expressions on Candice, Judd and Jessie faces when you see them.


If Elissa were to do as she stated, which is to “walk” out of jury house, they can not bring back anyone else that’s not been sequestered, then what to do about the voting? I think maybe they would have a little comp that would eliminate the last one standing so to speak so that the jury would be back to the original 7, as they need an uneven number. Either that or they offer her some big money to stay…not that she needs it remember…lol. I somehow doubt production would allow her to self evict but I don’t put anything past Elissa.


GM birthday present = Welcome Back Candice!!

Cheese Head

And GM finds out Candice and Nick are engaged!!


LOL…Good one


The only way this season gets saved is if Helen gets evicted, Elissa autoevicts and JUDD comes back. In the meantime, I want to see Helen cry real tears. I want someone to sit her down and browbeat the truth out of her like she did to two grown men during her HOH. I want her to be called out on her lies and forced to come clean. I want her to break down and repent for being one of the main reasons this season sucks. People’s HOH indeed. Thanks to her, nobody thinks for themselves. She thinks she’s been running things, but that’s only because Amanda and Andy let her think that. She has voted out the people that would have helped her game, one by one, thinking she masterminded it all, when it was Amanda and Andy picking off the people that would have taken them out and that Helen needed to stay in the game. What an idiot. I want JUDD to come back because he got evicted due to unfounded paranoia. They think he is a master evil genius, but with JUDD, what you see is what you get, just a nice guy from the south that mumbles. JUDD is the only one that would potentially shake up the house. If Jessie, Candace or Helen/Elissa came back it would be boring. None of them have the brains or the balls to shake anything up. If Candace came back, we would be back to watching her look for things to feel offended about and whine constantly. She might have figured out the moving company first, she might have been one of the few to see that Amanda is running the game, but what did she do about it? She followed the house and called out Spencer in a stupid house meeting. The girl has no game. If Jessie comes back, we will be treated to some more whining and attention seeking. She may be one of the more likeable people there, but she is no gamer. JUDD however got screwed and I think he could come back and take revenge. He’s had time to think about what happened and he’s a pretty smart guy. He could team up with Andy, Spencer and McCrae to take out Amanda. All of them, including Andy should realize that once Helen is gone, Amanda and Aaryn need to go. Either one of them makes final 2 and they will win, especially Aaryn. You might dislike her as a person, but damn that girl has played a good game, she has gone from being dead in the water to competition queen. Hard to beat that in front of a jury. Andy wants to go to the end with her, but he is dreaming if he thinks he can beat her at the end. Of course there is the possibility that Candace and Jessie vote like little jealous girls and vote on emotion and vindictiveness instead of game play. In any event, JUDD is the only one that might free up McCrae to play his own game and finally flip the house. At least we can hope. Here we are down to 9 HG and superfans are still waiting for the game to start. Go JUDD!!

Cheese Head

The longer clueless Helen stays in the game, the worst she gets. She can’t see how Andy and Amanda are playing her?
Helen is a so f*cking lame!
Her family is probably walking around Chicago with brown paper bags over their heads.


I want that rabbity/Yoda looking Andy to WIN! Any gay guy that has to endure listening to what has to be the most horrific description of a vagina deserves 500Gs in my book.


When Amanda told Elissa that she may go home if she is up with Spencer, my first question would by why. Elissa and Helen both think they are in an alliance with Amanda, McCrae and Andy so why would Elissa go over Spencer since she supposedly has 4 people on her side. Then Amanda said her and Helen would be safe if Helen used the veto on Elissa. What? Helen may realize who the real target is if Elissa tells her this. I just can’t understand how dumb these people are. Anyone on the block against Spencer should be safe because their 5 person alliance will have the votes so it doesn’t matter what Aaryn wants because she can’t play in HOH next week. GM drives me nuts. She thinks she is so good. Always blames someone else for losing have not comps. It’s never her. Her and Aaryn are 2 of the worst humans I have ever seen. They talk shit about everyone. Elissa’s family life and how she chooses to raise her son and spend her days is none of their business. They are so jealous it is not even funny. The trash talk about Candice and GM’s threats against Candice are way over the line. I am afraid for Candice should she win to go back in the house. Amanda is trying to get Elissa to walk so someone else can get the fan favorite $25000. She can’t possibly think she would get it. My votes are going to Candice. She deserves it after the crap she went through in that house. She may not have been the best player but she probably would have gone far if she had people supporting her instead of sabotaging her (Helen). It will consume GM for the rest of her life that America (and Canada) like Candice more than her.

Ex Fan

Spencer is seriously deranged.


Could that picture of Helen make her look any MORE like Michael Jackson?


I meant the last one, where Helen is mining for gray hairs.

Blacks are too Emotional

This game has turned into the poor black people show. Hey blackies you are only 13% of the population get over yourselves. No other country in the world treats blacks better than the USA so quit your f…ing crying.


I can’t wait for Helen to get booted, so she can see how dumb she is.(she thinks she’s so much smarter than everyone) She will find out she is about the dumbest in house. She voted out everyone that could have helped her win the game.( I used to like Helen till I realized how much of a dumb phony she is) No one would want a reference from that dumb bitc-. I gues. She should of listened to ( the one that was clueless on what was going on in the game) Candace. It seems Candace & Jessie was a lot smarter than Helen on what is going on. Don’t worry Helen, you can tell them all how much you love them, when you get to the jury house. PHONY