Nomination Results! “We have the veto tomorrow, who is keeping her awake all night?”

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Josh Nominated: Mark & Elena
Mark, Elena & Jessica are on the block

9:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Nomination Ceremony. When the live feeds return – Raven hugs Mark and asks him if he is okay. Mark – its just a game. Mark heads to the bathroom and hugs Jess and Cody – however this plays out, you know I love you. Jess and Cody head to the bedroom. Jessica – 6 grown men to take out a girl. I’ve never seen such pu$$ies before in my life!! Cody – I know, right!?

10:45pm Storage room – Paul, Josh, Raven and Matt.
Josh – I want her out. I want her out. She is trying to make me look like a crazy person. Cody – that’s so great that he (Josh) couldn’t even get out his speech. She dragged Pauls name. She said you were a strong competitor.

10:45pm Lounge room – Paul, Elena, Raven March and Elena.
Paul – what the f**k happened up stairs and why am I being tossed in the middle of it. Elena – you’re being tossed in the middle of it because he couldn’t make a decision on his own and he feels like he needs to consult you. That’s the only reason. Paul – I didn’t have a hand in his decision. I only came to get you and Mark because he asked me. If you think I had a hand in it then you can tell me. Elena – I don’t think you had a hand in it, I think multiple people tossing my name around didn’t help. Paul – you shouldn’t have lashed at him. You know he goes weird with sh*t like that. Elena – I’m on the block either way. Paul – why so you think that I would throw you under the bus. Elena – I don’t think that. Paul – the more you freak out the worse its going to be. Elena – I’m not freaking out. The clear objective is to get Jess and Cody out of the house. Paul – you have nothing to worry about. Don’t f**k this up. So just kick it and relax. Jess is your competition

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10:50pm Bathroom. Cody, Josh and Jessica.
Josh – you feeling good. Jessica – yeah. Cody – great speech Josh! Great speech. Josh – we can talk. Jessica – talk about what?! Cody – you just wanted the spotlight. Josh – can I sit down and talk to you? Jessica – you can down wherever you want. You’re a grown man that has different mood swings. What mood are you in currently. Jessica – you harassed me during the day my father died. You need to pick a move and stay with it. You literally dumped trash on my on the day my father died. Cody – we don’t need to talk any more.

11pm – 11:25pm HOH room. Josh, Matt,
Josh – whatever you guys do, I do not want a repeat for day we went off. Nothing said to her, nothing said to him. She is rude as f**K, she interrupted me. As HOH, I don’t want to attack them. Josh tells them about how Elena went off during the feed block. Paul – for once it was someone else going off. Josh tells them that he doesn’t want anyone to go off on Jessica and Cody. Paul – if all three of them are still on the block .. one of them is going home. Josh – if anyone wins the veto, no one use it. Paul – you put her on the block she is emotional. Paul – we have the veto tomorrow, who is keeping her awake all night. We’re going to send Jessica home and drive Cody crazy.

11pm Bedroom.
Jessica – I think we deserve to be here mo than anyone self. If I don’t win the veto tomorrow I am not giving yup. Do you understand that if I win the veto tomorrow, Mark is going home. Cody agrees.

11:30pm – 12am HOH room.
Alex – what I am going to tell you is that I am so freaking proud of you. I do not like Jessica. She is using psychological warfare on you. Who tells you right before a competition that their dad died?! It actually makes me feel very uncomfortable. This is probably going to be the first time I car in this hose. The thing that bothers me so much about her is when she jams her fingers up people’s butts, when she touches my v#gina. I don’t her to do that. My cousin was r@ped and murdered. Big Brother switches the cameras to the kitchen. When the feeds come back – Alex – I could sit her she thinks this is funny for what she is doing?! My cousin was r@ped! Tortured for days. I want you to understand what I could do to her mentally. Big Brother switches back to the kitchen again. Alex – you fight them on their level. If I wanted to I could destroyer. There are battered women out there that don’t want to watch that.

12:10am The havenots are in the kitchen making food.

12:50am Bedroom – Alex, Jason and Paul.
Alex – you know she is going to get herself kicked out just like Dominique. Paul – yeah, she’s been going nuts. She’s digging her own grave. Paul – next week I say we nominate Mark and Elena and backdoor Cody. Jason – what type of HOH do you think it will be? Paul – probably endurance.

12:55am Bedroom – Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – I’m not going into this one feeling that good about it. Cody – you compete great under stress. You executed perfectly today.

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shut up alex

Epic fail


Jessica, literally is a freaking cunt. The way she treats Cody. Props to him winning the comp, but this bitch is just using him.


Seriously, try a change of words. Your choice is very telling. Jessica has saved Cody’s ass more than Elena has eaten….and that is one hell of a lot. I suggest you pull your head outta your nether regions and watch unbiasedly.


I’m bothered by your gross misuse of ‘literally’ more than I am by your gross words.

Simon and Dawg

Why was my comment deleted but you allow this lowlife to call her derogatory names. Wtf dudes?


Watchin’ the feeds now and holy crap…….these people!!!
They are tearin Jess apart for talking about her dad…….. and are comparing their tragedies and troubles and who has had the worst things happened to them. Everyone has a threshold in respect to their own experiences and the things that have happened to them…….and no matter how horrible things are… person shouldn’t think “ive been through worse so they are piece of shit”.

Raven is her disease…she has word vomit with bringing it up and guilting ppl with it.
Alex you literally just did the thing you are criticizing Jess for…..?
I really don’t think Jess was trying to use her dad’s death as a card to hold against people… was just the cherry on top of the cake on a day she would normally grieve.

Yes it is a game, but you are still a human and everyone has triggers.


I had such high hopes for Alex at the beginning. She seemed strong willed, smart, decisive, a great competitor and normal. She turned out to be a gremlin. Someone must of poured water on her or fed her after midnight cuz all the sudden she’s this crazy little evil b!+€h that loves choas and starting shit with everyone also worshiping Paul when she could be in control of her own group. She’s a better competitor than Paul she doesn’t need him. Now she won’t even wipe her ass or let Jason wipe his without asking Paul first.


Gremlin! I love it! ? You’re so right though

Spike The Gremlin

Hey, how did you know Alex is my relative!


I was thinking the same thing right now, so sad


Jess’s father died in 2014. Her sticking her finger in peoples assholes and touching vaginia’s is molestation, unless California supports it. You all feed into her BS


It’s becoming harder and harder to pick the biggest scumbag this season. Just when I think Monkey Boy has it locked up, Rabbit Ears makes a bold charge. Little Napolean is never far behind. Please win the veto Jessica and send some of these scumbag home.


I really want to break those cat ears.

Bullies Rule

I know huh ??
Some days its Jessica & other days its Cody

Usually love big brother

What ever happened to the houseguests creating alliance names for the different alliances they have?

One big alliance

It’s hard to give a name to the alliances when they’re all riding Paul’s dick. So we can just use Paul’s Small Weiny Patrol.


Paul and his trolls are the only alliance in the house. Paul, Jessica, and Cody are the only ones in the house that are strong minded and can make their own decisions. The rest of the house is basically up Paul’s a$$.


Looks like Josh has pulled away during his HoH. It is Josh’s and not Pasul’s.


Worst season ever! So disappointed in everyone’s game play. Not even fun to watch


You probably say that about every season. Either stop watching and move on or stop b#tching about it 🙂
People like you are the reason why everyone hates BB fans.


Yep every year somebody will say “this is the worst season” or ” I am cancelling my feeds!” But they come back to watch again the next year. ?


We do always say that and others always say what you said!

But this is the most disrespectful and nasty cast ever. Mob mentality is never attractive. I was seriously not going to watch this week when Josh won HoH. I accidentally opened the blog, it is a habit now, and thought why not just check on who his nominations were. When I saw he is not Paul’s puppet, I read the blog. Yay for change and watching Paul freak out because he doesn’t have control. That is the most entertaining part this year, watching Paul lose it because someone doesn’t hold him on the throne. Yes they bullied Jess/Cody, yes they attacked them personally and continue to do so and Jess/Cody became the underdogs that could, that is why I support them. What Jess has done is no different than Alex continuing to hit Jason in the balls, except Jason’s is more painful.

Pain of a parent passing is always raw on the anniversary. jess is young and it is probably more painful then an older adult’s. The pain is real. Respect it.

Sherry Alexander

Totally agree! I loved watching Big Brother until this season. What a disappointment!! The show used to be entertaining, making me laugh & routing for alliances but this year the cast is mean & has no respect for anyone or anything. Josh has been nothing but a “BULLY” and the members like Paul, Alex & a couple of others that are laughing & egging him on are just as bad! “BULLY” is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! MOST of this cast needs to “GROW-UP. Cody & Jessica hold your heads high & do not scoop to their immature level.

Whining Is Entitlement

Whining is just the new form of entitlement. Those that come on here telling others they are no longer watching are just whiny sensitive people looking to be validated. You can always exit stage left on a quite note…..but they’re only looking to have their feelings validated and know they will still watch the show.


Why’s cody not on the block of he’s trying to send Jess home. What if he gets picked for the veto, wins it and takes her off.


I dont know but im glad he didnt


If Cody gets picked. Xmas will use her hex to replace him


Only if it’s a comp she can participate in.

Cookie cutter

Oh Jessica will win alright.
It’s guaranteed don’t ya know.


Josh, Make a big move! Put up Paul or Alex if the Vito is played. Think Josh Think.


That is just stupid… Why would he put out his closest allies… have you watched this game before?


Jessica is so stupid. She’s literally not played this game at all and feels entitled to stay in the house despite not forming alliances and not socializing to build relationships. Pathetic


are you retarded… or not watching….
she has been isolated….
Cody Leaves…. harassed by the house for even alligning with Cody…..
asking Raven and Alana if they are ok and Raven saying shit like “when i get HOH im putting you up bc you arent even good”
you got Paul antagonizing the entire house…
Josh telling her “you’re going home bc you told me you wanted me home”
why should she say anything to people who have dogged her out?
thats like me coming to you after i attacked you and called you weak, a whore and a bitch and saying you’re a piece of shit bc my mom is sick and you wanna talk to me about your dad dying….. to say “hey we friends this week”


Stop with she’s been isolated.. she is playing the victim.. her and cody isolated themselves after they were no longer in power.. he went rogue on his only alliance. He is a terrible player. I can’t stand her acting like she is better than anyone else when she shit talks the most behind peoples backs… Her and Cody just want to make it to jury so they can screw all day… they are crying over being apart for a month, its a joke. They barely know each other and regardless if how they think they feel about each other they will see each other again… I am not interested in watching their love story, this is big brother. Cody wins some comps but his strategic and social game just plain suck… Jessica is smart but she isn’t smart enough to outsmart Paul so yeah bye.. stop playing the victim its boring. I would rather watch Josh, Kevin, Paul and Jason all day over them two… they think they deserve this why? They have not played the game well enough to put themselves in a good position, this is why its the house against them… and when Jessica says it take 6 men to take me out, yeah sweetheart that is how the game works, you need a team of numbers to take a person out each week… I’m so over them

Judgmental Judy

Raven, can’t STAND the girl. Alex, blaahhh. They are reaching with their moral high grounds. I have one small glimmer of hope out of Josh, and then you listen to him try to have a serious conversation with someone and you want to rip your own ears off. It’s clear they’ve been informed how awful they’ve been perceived with their antics & now they keep trying to spin it.


I am glad that Elena is on the block, I think it was really weak and showed what kind of person she is when she stopped hanging out with Mark just because Paul said she needed to distance herself from him. Elena and Mark both kind of flip back and forth, and Elena told Paul last week if she won HOH she was going to put Jessica up.

I really think Paul is an A-Hole, he thought that he was going to run the HOH that Josh won ! If I were Josh I would tell Paul that he had the HOH room last week, and he’d like some time to have the room to himself, so he can’t sleep up there with him.

I hope Jessica wins the POV, and either Mark or Elena go home. I feel bad for Mark, feel like he was played and used by Elena, she never seemed to be into him as much as he was into her. And then when I saw her on the Hammock last week snuggled up with Paul, running her fingers through his hair, I thought wow, this woman will do anything to please Paul.

Josh's Yellow Tutu

Is Jess still sticking her finger up ppl’s asses? Like wtf? Who does that? Alex said she grabbed her vag? This borders on sexual deviancy….. maybe it’s common in her line of work but baffles the hell out of me how this girl is ranked #1 on popularity poll?


I don’t understand this. Has anyone seen this on live feed? Are they making this up? Are they exaggerating? I don’t get it.

Alex=evil gremlin

It’s totally exaggerated! I never saw or read (that it actually happened) about the claims Alex is making . I think kidding she she poked Paul’s butt horsing around. It has not been ALL the time. More of Alex and Paul’s exaggerated claims to throw shade at Jessica.

The Voice of Reason

They are definitely not making it up or exaggerating…if anything, people have been sweeping it under the rug most of the time because they are tired of bringing it up. It was happening on a consistent basis prior to Cody coming back into the house. It has been seen on live feeds and on after dark regularly. If people are quick, they’re able to turn around and cover ass before before she gets in there too deep though. After Cody battled back into the house and all the sh*t hit the fan, she kind of stopped doing it to the rest of the house guests since she no longer felt “playful” with them but you’ll occasionally catch her doing it to Cody. As someone who does not like to be touched inappropriately, I feel it’s one of the worst things that has ever been done in the house since season one. Maybe it’s just cause I’m a guy, but I don’t want anything near my ass…ever.


Jessica is a stank ho, trash, artificial, phony, narcissistic, delusional, pathetic, entitled, arrogant, etc, etc – she’s so insulting to the game because she thinks she’s on the Bachelorette or some deserving princess when she’s just the wicked witch in disguise. And I’m holding back.


It would suck if Xmas uses her power to remove Jessica (or Cody if he is picked) and people vote out Elena. That is not what Xmas wants. But, like all other HOHs, they have no control over who is evicted. And if Jessica’s dad really did die, then you would think that would prompt her to be a better human being, or how about this… GO HOME AND BE THERE FOR THE FUNERAL!!!!!!!!!!!! What a heartless bitch. Either shut up about it- or freakin leave to be with the family!


Her dad died BEFORE she went on the show. It was the anniversary of his death.


He’s been dead for a while. She was referring to the fact that the HOH competition (where they dumped trash on her) was played on the anniversary of his death.


It was just the anniversary of his death. He didn’t die while she’s in the house.


Her dad died three years ago. The anniversary of his death just passed.


He died 2 years ago.

Dear Valerie

Please know your facts before you start “telling” people what they should do. I would say someone heartless tells another person what they should do when they don’t know all the facts and just jumps to judgement like yourself.


Are you Alex’s friend outside the house?


What really annoys me with this group, why is it if you are nominated and on the Block, you are shunned ? Why can’t anyone talk with you, why is it ok for Paul to talk with everyone, even if you are on the block, but if he sees you talking with someone on the block, you are in danger of being a trader.

I love Big Brother, and I have been watching from season 1, I think that is sucks the way they treat the people who are on the block. There is no reason to ignore them, or leave the room when they come in, why can’t you still have a nice time, laugh and talk, be a part of the house, why do you have to ignore people who are nominated just to stay on Paul’s good side.

It just seems cold and kind of crappy that you have to isolate people, and make them feel all alone, this game already plays with your mind, can make you paranoid, why can’t you be civil and still laugh and talk with the people who are on the block ?


I’m hoping these people will wake up, play their own game. Get together and work on getting Paul and Xmas out of the house, stop thinking you have to listen to everything Paul says, Paul and Xmas are both annoying as hell.

Come on People, target Paul just like he has been targeting Cody and Jessica. Let him know that he better win HOH or POV every week, because the first time he does not have HOH or POV, he’s on his way out. Paul loves to let you know he has played this game, make him show you just how good he is, make him work is ass off to stay in the house.

Stop worrying about making it to Jury, play the damn game, make some bold moves, do whatever you need to do to win the 500K. Work together and get rid of Paul and Xmas, Paul first, don’t let him go to Jury, send his little sorry butt packing and back home. Next get rid of Xmas, I don’t even understand why they have allowed her to remain in the game.


Wtf is going on? Josh, Jason and Alex are now an alliance? Too bad Josh doesn’t know Alex and Paul have their ‘ride or die’ deal.
Cannot stand Alex or Jason… or Raven
Why doesn’t anyone realize that Kevin is playing the middle perfectly? His name never comes up.
Even king Paul doesn’t target him yet.
And Raven kissing everyone… literally makes me gag. And she is always bending over and putting her butt in our faces. The one with the digestive problems is always eating. So weird.

Judge Janie

While I agree with most of your comment, Josh has been in an unofficial alliance with Alex and Jason for some time. By that I mean they have tolerated him, hung out with him, and counted him among one of the last people they want to get out of the house.
Love your name btw. Wish I had thought of it 😉


Xmas reminds me of the dog that’s missing a leg and it’s owner attaches a crutch with a wheel. I mean honestly she should have been removed from the house weeks ago. Complete nonsense with production allowing her to remain in the house.

The Voice of Reason

It’s not really nonsense…many players throughout big brother history have played like they have no legs whatsoever. Also, people can chose not to play in competitions regardless of injuries. It’s really not much different than the people who chose to throw competitions, except in this case, it’s not really her choice to throw them. If people simply don’t like her on a personal level, that is understandable….but to say she shouldn’t be there because of an injury is a little stupid. If someone thinks she should be out because she left the house during her hospital stay, I’d like to point out that several house guests have been hospitalized during previous seasons in US Big Brother and abroad as well. Most notably, Amanda Hansen had a seizure and Allison Nichols had a severe allergic reaction to slop. Both girls were from season nine and both were hospitalized and returned to the game after receiving medical clearance.


Josh, you have shocked me, I really do hope that you are able to get Elena out of the house. Please be strong and don’t let Paul run your HOH, try to rally the troops and make them understand that they are all there to win the 500K, and they need to work together, get rid of Paul, Xmas, Alex, Raven and Jason.

Josh, last week when Paul was HOH, he met with his crew, and when you came up, he would tell you to give them a minute. Open your eyes and realize as soon as Paul gets rid of Cody and Jessica, you are going to be his next victim.

You will be the person that he will be gunning to get rid of, of course he will not do this to your face, the will have one of his little groupies put you up, while he smiling in your face telling you he is working to save you, trust me, I have your back buddy, You are my Boy ! That is the crap he will tell you, all the time he will be sticking the knife deeper in your back, smiling and hoping when you go to Jury, you will remember he was your buddy.

my opion

Why is it ok for Paul to mislead or lie to people, but when someone does it to him they are the lowest of the low in the house according to him?


Hey how many “bullies” can we have in one season? I guess it depends on what…… oh shut up! I’m sick and tired of this bully crap. Josh gets a pass for running around like a fruit loop dingus banging pans together? I give Cody and Mark credit for not knocking him out! My boy Kevin is just sitting back watching these young folk be stupid.

Club H.O.H

Alex! Shut up! No one cares!


Thursday during the HOH competition Julie was a bully when in front of America she said to the invilid Xmas “Hurry up! ” All Merry Xmas was trying to figure out was if she should putt with the stick she was given or her with her crutches or just lay on her belly and not participate again.

White Padded Room

Well if “hurry up” is now considered bullying, then it would seem that we have hit an all time low for sensitivity. Do people really go around saying “hurry up” is bullying….wow…just….wow.


So Alex talks how what Jessica said was inappropriate? Bitch you talked bad stuff about marine’s just last fucking week, who do you think you are!? Jessica had the right to bring up her father because Josh was stupid back 2 weeks ago and what he said to her that day was disgusting, Alex don’t you even try defending his fat ass. God this season is full of hypocrites.
First they all say Mark is a follower when actually the whole house that is “aligned” (manipulated) with Paul is.
Then Matt says Cody doesn’t deserve to be in the game, bitch get the fuck out of here! He won 2 competitions in a row, wanted to make a big move so the others wouldn’t have to get blood on their hands but production fucked him up, he got evicted and battled his way back in against the manipulator to have a second shot at winning. All you do is eat cereal and lick your whole fucking face while wearing the same exact shirt whole summer. Honestly if it wasn’t for that little remaining houseguests picture in the right corner of the page I wouldn’t even remember Matt’s lame ass name. He is THAT bland.
Paul can suck ass, stupid little fuck.


WOW, I’m impressed with that rant. Nicely done.

Irritated, but will still watch...

I have felt this irritated with a Big Brother season in a longtime. I can’t say hat I i was ever a not of Cody or Jessica or ark (Cody does have a terrible personality.). However, nothing I’ve seen justifies the way this entire house is treating them. I honestly despise Paul and Josh. And honestly, I give Mark all the credit in the world for not slapping Josh in the head a pan. Remembers years ago when someone was evicted for putting no a knife to someone’s throat? What the f*ck is up with CBS?

Dull Knives

That was Big Brother 2 and that is the reason the house guests have to use dull knives. I know for myself I was very upset at CBS for allowing the bullying to go as far as it did, however no one can still be oblivious to the fact that these house guests bring everything on themselves. The lack of self awareness almost every guest has is alarming and no one wants to seem to take self responsibility anymore, they just want to blame blame blame….kind of exactly how society is it seems.


Honestly? Unless Jess wins PoV today, I won’t care what happens anymore. I’ll watch, but not with great anticipation or excitement. Just one of those “I want to see how it ends” things.


Jessica wouldnt have even been on the block if she didn’t loose the temptation competition. I am sooooo sick of people feeling sorry for her!!! She ruined her own game sticking with Cody and isolating them selves! You cannot win this game on your own unless you win every hoh or veto…. The week After Cody went home she was on the block but wasn’t voted out…could it have been because of Doms melt down? probably but at least the target was off of her and she could have used that time to build relationahips….Next thing you know Cody is back ruining her game again…Please stop with the Jessica Pity party !!! You see how Josh goes to talk to them and she acts like a total c*nt…I dont think JoDY should have been harassed the way they were in the back yard but I dont feel sorry for sorry for them in any other aspect of the game..if they were smart they would use this time to campaign against paul…whay do they have to loose…

I don't mind Cody

You people keep saying they have isolated them selves what are they supposed to do . Paul already put down his edict that no one is to talk to them.


How are people so heartless. A persons parent death anniversary is super emotional. & Paul is trash. I don’t like how he talks to the house guest. He bullies them into doing things and crosses the line.


Byeeeee Elena!!! Silly slutty putty .