Big Brother 19 Week 6 Temptation Competition Results! “This girl is lethal!”

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Cody won the Safety Temptation
Jessica is on the block
– Jess threw the safety temptation competition, therefore she is the third nominee.
– Josh plans to nominate Mark & Elena (with Elena as his target)

8:23pm The live feeds return. HOH room. Josh and Kevin.
Kevin – real quick you’re putting up Mark and Elena.. Josh – Mark and Elena. Kevin – and then havenots tomorrow? Tell me who havenots are? Josh – I’m putting up Mark and Elena right. Havenots – Matt, Mark and Jessica. Kevin – and for me you’re going to give me. Josh – you’re going to host the veto ceremony (veto comp?) Josh – this week whatever happens, just have my back okay? Kevin – I had your back when you weren’t the HOV (lol). Josh – you’re good. Kevin leaves the room.

Paul joins Josh in the HOH room. Josh – Elena and Mark. Paul – Christmas told you about her thing right? (Veto Player swap temptation) Then she swaps in, f**k you. Josh – yeah. Paul – Jessica needs to not win veto. Jessica’s the target. Josh – I’m not sure. Paul – 100% .. you know why right? If we get rid of Jessica she is really close to Elena right? You don’t repeat this… If we get rid or Jessica, then Elena comes to our side. Mark and Cody maybe they get close but I doubt it. Mark is an f**king idiot. Especially after you make him mad. Josh – Can I tell you something about Elena? I want Jessica out but at this point Jess and Cody are a$$ out.. and we could get them (Cody & Jess) next week. Paul – no, no, no! I am telling you the game move is wrong. Josh – you know I f**king trust you and I have your back 1000% right? She at the drop of a dime switched on them. You don’t think she would do the same to us? Paul – no, you know why because she doesn’t have the numbers.

Matt comes in and asks – he’s (Josh) putting up you (Paul) and Mark right? Paul – F**K YOU! Matt – no I’m serious. We need to win the veto. Paul – yeah I know but I ain’t going up there. No if you put up Mark and Elena they’re going to be gunning for it just as hard. Why risk. No need to risk. Matt leaves. Paul – Jessica and Cody are a power duo .. if Jess goes… Cody is clueless. He’s lost. No one can control him anymore. If we send his girl out he is done.

Josh – I had a conversation with her (Elena) and it was her opportunity to say yes I was working with these two and I voted to evict you. Instead she spun it to persuade me into this whole act. She is a great liar and she is shaddy as f**k! Paul – she has been disassociating herself from Mark. She’s ditching the fool. Right now if we have a chance to get Jessica out .. do you think she would vote for you? Josh – no. Paul – Elena might. You’ve got to worry about jury members. Josh – I am not looking out for myself, I am looking out for the house. Paul – Jess and Cody are better players than Mark and Elena.

Josh – I want Elena next to Jessica on the block. I don’t give 3 f**ks at this point. You voted me out and you’re disloyal as f**k and you’re shaddy as f**k around this house. Paul – Call Mark out too. Josh – I’m going to call them all out. Those 4 can suck .. you know what. Paul – right now is not the right time to declare war on Elena and Mark. Tell them they’re pawns but that if they don’t win the veto and Jessica wins… there is no saving you. Josh – I don’t know if you see what I see with Elena.

8:45pm Paul tells Elena – That he thinks Josh will be putting her up. Paul – I tried to go to bat for you and it didn’t work. Elena – wait you offered and he didn’t take it? Paul – no. Elena – Such is life. Paul then tells Mark – AHhhhh It think he might be putting you and E up. Josh – she dropped Mark. Jess & Cody.

8:45pm Mark comes up to talk to Josh.
Mark – do you know what you’re doing? Josh – yeah. Obviously we know that I wanted Cody out. Now Jess has to go. I’m going to put up as a pawn and f**king go for the veto. Mark – who are you putting up next to me? Josh – Elena, I’m putting Elena up as a pawn. You two are strong competitors. You guys, I never heard that you guys were gunning for me. Jess and Cody are gunning for me. I want Jess out. I had goose bumps, that’s how bad I wanted Cody out. But Jess has to go this week. So I put you guys up, you guys are pawns. You know the deal. I’m going to throw the meatball thing at you… a little joke. Mark – just me and you, if I’m not a pawn just please tell me. Josh – you’re a pawn. Mark – I’m just saying if it changes, let me know. Josh – you’re going up as a pawn. Mark – I want to fight for this. Josh – I want Jess out because Cody without her is going to lose it. I was going to say f**k you meatball. Send Elena up here. Mark heads downstairs to get Elena. Josh says to himself – I don’t know if putting up Mark is the best bet. I want someone up there .. I don’t know if putting up Mark is the best bet. I want someone to win the veto and keep the noms the same. If Elena wins the veto and pulls herself off and Mark is up there next to Jess… Jess is going to go. If he is up there next to Elena.. I don’t know I’ve got to see. I ain’t playing anyone’s game dog! I respected everyone’s week. They’ve got to put some respect on my f**king week. If I want Elena gone. Elena is gonna go. I’ve just got to beat around the bush a little bit until Paul sees what I see. F**king Paul needs to see what I’m seeing. dude! This girl is lethal. Elena is playing the middle, she is the glue. She is in with Matt and Raven. She’s in with Jess and Cody. She has Mark and Paul. I break Elena, she is a flip flopping shaddy person. Outside this house I would like to take Elena for spaghetti and meatballs but inside this house she has got to go!

9pm Elena comes up to the HOH. Elena – so you want to put me up as a pawn? Josh – yes. Elena – but you told me like a million times yesterday that I was good. Josh – are you going to hear me out? You are a strong a$$ competitor. In order to ensure that she does not win the veto, you f**king win the veto. Elena – so you’re reason for putting me up is because you think I’m a better competitor than other people. And Paul said he volunteered to be a pawn and you said no. So I would like to know what your real reason for putting me up .. is it the votes? I’m a straight shooter. I know I’m not being put up because I’m the best competitor in the house. Alex and Paul have competed better than me. So I would just like to know why I am going up as a pawn. You’re the HOH, you can do what you want. I just don’t want to look like an a$$hat. Josh – Paul offered and I said no because I don’t want to risk it. I don’t know where the house stands and they might vote him out. My thing is you’re a strong competitor mentally and physically. I am gunning for Cody. It was the hardest thing to say congrats Cody (After Cody won the safety temptation competition.) Elena – my life in this house is in danger because if Jess wins the veto then I am in danger of going home. I left my job to be here.

9:10pm – 9:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nominations..

10:20pm Still nothing..

10:40pm Nothing yet..

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I wish Jessica had won and not Cody.


Gonna be a crackin’ week! Is back dooring Papa Smurf asking too much?


That’s right Baby Huey, THINK FOR YOURSELF, IT’S YOUR HOH.


LOL after Josh won HOH I was thinking of the exact same character BABY HUEY.


back to josh being a moron. how the hell can’t he see elena is less of a threat then jess and cody. omfg. this guys a meatball forsure. paul used the veto on him and saved his ass during the ramsey vote. and he’s gotta grow a brain now. he’s so retarded. and also cody beat the whole house in the competition just now. doesnt that just show u he’s pretty good at comps. omfg. do they put something in the water in little havana to stunt the growth of peoples brains or something. anyways. this will blow up in josh’s face and next week he will have jess cody and mark going to put him up next to paul and he’ll get voted out. watch.. idiot stick

You're wrong

Paul never used the veto on Josh, he didn’t even have the veto. Jess did lol.
Quite frankly I’m glad someone from that side is finally making their own decision for once.


so u dont remember in week 2 when paul won hoh and puut up alex and josh and ramsey got put up as a 3rd nom bc of his curse and paul won veto and took down josh to back door cody the first time. ok ya paul never used the veto on josh.. are u watching the same show as us.. and i like elena has fat puss lips


apparently 56 people who thumbed up his comment doesnt remember week 2 either. im not surprised

D BLOB awakens

The gnome used the veto on Josh to back door Cody Week 2.
You’re the one who’s wrong.


trump rules

josh is gay


Keep it up Josh you freaking moron! Paul keeps pushing him around and he’s getting pissed. We need a miracle people! Those POS Paul and Xmas need their world rocked. It sucks because of them I’m pulling for Cody and Jess! A$$holes!


“Matt comes in and asks – he’s (Josh) putting up you (Paul) and Mark right? Paul – F**K YOU!”

If only, man. If only.

Wine not?

Honestly had to cover my mouth to not spit out my wine while reading the interaction between Matt and Paul.

I think if they have any hexes left in store for houseguests it should be rigged so Paul wins and the reward is he has to endure listening to the viewers critiquing his game play… word…


Go yourself

Paul is the best player ever.

Jessica looked like Ariana Grande last night

Read your own name and shut up, he’s a manipulative little scum.

Eat and die

Someone’s butthurt.

Old hippy who'd rather make love

How do some of these vulgar posts rate any acknowledgements at all? Has any one else noticed that some of the posters here just want to spew vile? this site seems (and I am sorry to say it because I have been a fan of OBB since the beginning of their time) to have forgotten their own discriminatory or sexual content….Simon or Dawg, can you not delete comments that are vulgar?


Manipulation is the name of the game. If you don’t like manipulating people, you’re watching the wrong show lol

House of Idiots

What?!?!?!? Is that why he lost to Nicole?!?!?!

Elena's fat

Paul has ruined this season.


I can’t believe I am even thinking this let alone typing this. Josh, I still don’t like you, however if you run your own HOH and not Paul’s, I will give you props and maybe you are smarter then you act. However, if you are a coward and back down you go right back in that rabbit hole with Paul.

But honestly.

can we all at least acknowledge that we, we want Elena to go home to mess with Paul, but IT IS a worse game move for Josh?

I mean, you do you Josh. But there is no way Jody will ever work with you, and Elena might. Never mind if it ends up making waves in his alliance. Wouldn’t the smart thing to do be starting to lay the groundwork for the breakup of the mega alliance (ideally, rallying people against Paul, but that would likely be asking too much) while using this week as a cover by going with the group?

Fun for us, yes. Good for Josh, likely no?


I think this is Josh’s preemptive strike against Paul, who he has grown increasingly wary of as of late…Elena is his target because of her relationship with Paul from the other side of the house…with Elena gone, Paul would likely take it personal that Josh didn’t campaign to get Jessica out and would end up distrusting him, especially if he’s on the losing side of the vote. Jody has more than enough people gunning for them, and Josh will likely move to the bottom of their priority list if Jessica ends up off the block.


Idk about that. Josh was talking to the cameras a lot last night and kept going on about Elena playing people. And he said a couple times “She’s playing Paul”! “She’s trying to play Paul!” He doesn’t think Paul, and everyone else can see it. So I don’t think this is against Paul at all in his mind.

MAYBE were starting to see some game play

You really think Jess and Cody would still target Josh if he say used the veto to take Jess down ? Or got elena evicted instead of Jess ? I think it would definatly take that target off his back.!! They would be grateful, CUT OFF THE HEAD !!!!


They would go after Paul, Alex, Christmas and maybe Matt and Raven before Josh. With this move the only people getting ticked at Josh is Paul, Elena, and maybe Mark. It may even create a WWII situation with Alex and Jess with Cody trying to keep Jess’ jealousy in check as they team up against Paul to clear the field for their blowout.


if Jess is on the block thursday she will be voted out, it doesnt matter what Josh wants


There’s no way Elena works with Josh over Paul though. I find it interesting that Paul let Elena think he volunteered to be a pawn and Josh said no. I hope Josh was listening to that tidbit. It’ll show that taking out Elena is removing a Paul puppet.

Jessica looked like Ariana Grande last night

I wish Josh backdoors Paul


I think Josh is actually being right smart right now.

He knows Cody is dead set on getting rid of Paul, and Jason just slammed him in his veto speech so Cody should be targeting him too. And Jessica is gunning for Alex and raven. So why evict them when now he’s probably 5th on their list of targets.
He must know Jessica only targeted him before because she wasn’t trying to make waves in the house.
And after everyone in the house kept him and f***ed over Jody, the target on him shrunk and the rest of the house got bigger targets!

Please Jessica win that veto! Especially as Paul can probably get the votes to evict who he wants better than Josh getting the votes! If it is mark vs Elena, Paul will probably convince everyone to evict mark!

So actually nominate raven and Elena!

sunny dee

Xmas is going to take someone out of the veto comp. if cody doesn’t get picked then all xmas does is swoop in and take jessica out of the comp with her temptation power.

jody planned their temp comp, if he won, she would throw it to ensure they coulld play in the veto, BUT mostly to prevent josh from being able to nominate either one of them. they’d rather one of them lose that comp and end up as a nom than to allow josh to be the one to put them up, the y are seriously that petty and sour poor sports.

Rainy Dee

Christmas would be stupid to use the veto power in that manner. She would basically be throwing it away to satisfy Paul’s obsession. It doesn’t really help her game at all. Furthermore, it would break Josh’s trust in her.


Jessica is a nominee. She can’t be taken out of the veto with Xmas power

Just me

She can’t take out a nominee. Only a person who’s name has been drawn.

Just me

No. Its a strategic move on their part. And a good one. This puts 2 other people on the block instead of 1. Plus as far as they know Cody could play and win veto and take her down. ( the ring of replacement could change it, but they don’t know that). Christmas is seeing that Paul wants to control that too, and I don’t thi k she likes it.


Christmas cannot use her power on someone on the block. And throwing the comp once Cody won was not petty, it was smart since she knew she was going up anyway. It now makes Josh put two other people on the block, that’s two other possible targets instead of one and could possibly split up the votes. Not allowing Josh to put her up was just the cherry.

Nene Leakes

I want Mark to go home.


Did anyone else catch the comment Josh made to Paul, “Do you want a water?”……as Josh reached in the mini fridge in the HOH. HILARIOUS!!!!

Nene Leakes

I hope they will have this scene on Sunday Episode.


Go Robert Mueller Go. Show these greedy pretenders that their constant lying will not be brushed
under the rug. Expose the boneheadedness that must be stopped. Democracy demands it. But
ya gotta vote. Come on!!!! I always assume that people who follow this site are not idiots. How many of you vote? Don’t lie. Trump voters, you must see he is a complete moron. It’s so obvious.

Go Kevin

Trump Rules

Shove it up your anus.


Holy cow as Harry would say. What colour is the sky in your world? Grab a clue for $200 Alex….

Wake up

Electoral college (s)elected Trump


Electoral College has selected every president. Doi.

Porsha Williams

Jessica is stunning, she`s such a natural beauty.

Slow brained

Feeds on Pound Puppies…

I thought Josh was eating them.

Judge Janie

Hilarious! Paul was sh%tting his pants over the thought of Josh not sticking with the plan. Serves him right for treating Josh like his servant and kicking him out of his own HOH room. Go Josh, you big ol’ Boss Baby! Respect!

Johnny cage

Boss shit is right JJ. Way to put some respect on that name. Josh is gonna have Xmas shaking naked a** up in HOH. Go get me some water gnome and Vaseline yourself for this f***ing you bout to get all week. Cody!!! Make plays so my girl Jess can get that veto used in her benefit.

Judge Janie

Simon, why is Megan’s face back on the OBB memory wall? She quit the game. Cameron at least tried. He deserves to be up there, she does not.


Not understanding why Jessica is 1st in the rankings. Is it just because of her looks? Or is it the “vote for the underdog” thing? She really doesn’t have good game play. Anyone who has watched big brother knows you never come straight at someone. Quickest way to get alienated. She hooked her star to Cody & that was a huge mistake. He’s a bull in a china shop. Paul is also doomed. Once Cody & Jess are out….Paul will go too.

Kevin has the best game play so far. Understated, social, lay back & wait for the move. Timing is everything in this game.

Kevin FTW!

trump rules

has josh realized he is gay yet?


Listening to Jess right now on BB After Dark is why I cant stand her.

Jessica to Josh….”If I go home Thursday, My World Keeps Spinning”. (Im to cool for school) Then she should be so happy to go home.

Cody to Josh…”Your not seeing the point here, I do not want to hear anything else from you.” What is that, you are just sooooo tough.

I mean Josh can be goofy and he says and does things sometimes that make you cringe BUT the condescending tone of Jess and Cody is just to much. Give me a break who the frig are you??? I mean where are you guys in life that you are so much better then everyone else in the house. They are just so so elitist for no reason.

See when I see Paul and his minions act like complete loons, its total game play. Good game play or Bad game play, that is all it is. I dont see it how they are in real life.

When you hear the way Cody talk he comes of like a arrogant social misfit. When you hear the way Jess talks she comes off like condescending elitist.

I have new for all you people to, who just love Jody. The moment they get out of this house, Jess will be back trying to date actors and athletes and Cody will be back in Dallas doing what ever it is he does , not talking to anyone maybe


Cody has been hated by the house since he put Paul up. My attitude wouldn’t be much different than his. Everyone’s been gunning for him and the whole house turned against him, all because he tried to put the biggest target on the block. Josh terrorized them too..purposely…I don’t think their tone is too bad to him, considering ..


Don’t nobody care whether Cody and Jessica stay together after this show. How do you expect them to be with these people who basically taunted them trying to provoke them i n to cracking for three hours the other day . They don’t like them and made it pretty clear why should they play nice with them. They already know they are not going to win and everybody is working to get them out why should they kiss their asses.

House of Idiots

Are you high?

Dog daze

Man! Listening to Elena,and both Jessica, and Cody speak the way they were speaking to Josh gave me a damn headache.
I dislike all three of them right now.
I mean what was that?
Cody and Jessica are terrible at this game !!
I’m really hoping Jessica goes home after that mess of a scene. No finesse,no charm,no nothing. Stupid, arrogant and untitled.


Looks like Elena is one of the people up on the Block don’t know who the others are yet


I am no fan of Jody , but please send Elena home. This woman talks to the mirrors (cameras) and not to other people. She never looks people in the eye, only the mirrors and camera. If Josh hadn’t wanted her out before, when she came up to speak to him (mirrors and camera) she drove me nuts. I would of said you are now my target !

Josh's Yellow Tutu

This was so wrong on so many levels but LMFAO!

Bolt Uprite.

Elena shredded Josh to bloody ribbons but it doesn’t seem to have penetrated his concrete skull. In a war of wits, Josh is unarmed.