Nomination results “I’m going to fight.. balls to the walls tomorrow” -Johnny

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players ?

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11:19pm Feeds are back
Jordan tells Bruno if he wins the Veto he’ll keep the nominations the same because he owes him for not putting him up

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 20-22-12-058

11:20pm BAckyard Godfrey,Sarah, Willow and Brittnee
Godfrey – I’m scared to get a prostate exam.
Sarah – promise me right now.. Scotts dad had prostate cancer
Godfrey says he tries to get clean but he really doesn’t adds that being in the house is the best he’s eaten in a while.
Sarah says every day she eats burgers or pizza says eating healthy doesn’t fill her up and it’s cheaper to go to the “Golden Arches”
Godfrey leaves.
They ask Willow what is wrong.
Willow – I’m tired.. I got rocked today.. I got Owned
Feeds cut .. When they come back Brittnee and Willow are in the backyard, Willow is still laid out.
11:36pm Backyard Bruno, Brittnee and Willow
Brittnee says he did a really good job with the nominations “Everyone respects you how you had did it”
Bruno – I didn’t want them to be upset
Brittnee – I think they are OK about it.. it is what it is
They agree the nomination ceremony was a lot less dramatic than the last two weeks.
Bruno thinks the Have nots should be split up so its spread amongst the players.
Sarah joins them..

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-09 20-45-16-929

11:44pm in the storage room Zach and Johnny
Johnny – I don’t want to go home.. I’m nervous if I stay up there I’ll go home
Zach – you are in a tough spot
Johnny – I want that Veto
Zach – F***
Johnny – I’m going to fight.. b@lls to the walls tomorrow .. in other people’s minds if I have a pitch to stay I’ll continue to be the target if I’m here
Zach adds he needs to tell people they all know his target he’s not hiding anything
Johnny – 5 votes (Is what he needs to stay)
Zach asks if there is a “Girl” thing in the house
Johnny doesn’t know but says at this point they have to take it serious “There advantage it endurance competitions”

Zach – I heard through the grapevine that Willow mentions to those two girls a final 3
Zach – I can’t trust WIllow at all not one sniff..
Johnny – her and bobby for sure fer sure fer sure (People he can’t trust)
Zach – Even if you have me, JP, Pili

Zach says Ashleigh and Willow will vote Johnny out unless he can get in with Ashleigh “You have to win that POV”
Johnny – who is the replacement .. B? .. she’s cut deals she has to have cut a deal.. she claims she took complete ownership over the G thing

Pilar comes in . they hug, giggle and she leaves
Zach – it might be a how bad do you want to
Johnny – I don’t care I’ll take everything I’ll be on slop for the entire season I don’t care.. Sarah will do the same thing
Zach – I don’t think so
Zach tells him if he stays on the block it will be tough. Adds it’ll be really hard for people to use the Veto on him it may blow up their game.
Johnny understands says he’ll pick Kevin to play POV and he told kevin he’ll understand if Kevin doesn’t use it. He told kevin to throw the POV to him.

Zach – Pick Kevin or someone shitty that he can beat.. maybe B
Kevin comes in
Johnny says when Graig left the audience was cheering because they were happy he was gone.
Zach calls Tom Plant a DR Will compared to Graig.
Kevin – it would be hard to be worst
Zach says Graig played too hard too fast mentions how he use to tell Graig to “Calm down”

Johnny brings up Graig approaching Neaha and him saying they need to target the young people (Actually they approached him )
Kevin says he never said bye to Graig
Johnny – he wanted nothing to do with us
Zach – he thinks you wrecked his game.. he didn’t realize I.. everyone wanted him out
Johnny says Bruno was hinting that leading up to the nominations everyone was telling him to put up Johnny. Adds that bruno said he trusts Johnny more than some of the people he is working with.
Zach thinks Bruno is just covering his a$$ in case Johnny wins the Veto, “He’s smart enough to know you don’t burn bridges before the veto”

Johnny – I’m not going to roll over and die if I don’t win the veto
Kevin – have they mentioned replacement nominations
Zach – we have to talk to Bobby..
Zach mentions how Willow and Bruno were fighting for Bobby last week.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-09 21-12-08-965

12:10am Zach and Kevin

Zach telling him they have to get Johnny out this week. If the veto is played it’ll be Kevin’s going up because Bobby really wants him out. “Its your life or his”
Zach – I don’t know why Bobby wants you out so bad.. whats up with that..
Kevin – These next couple days i’m going to connect with him
Zach – F*** it just get rid of him
Zach tells Kevin they have the votes to keep him worst case Sarah is going home.
Johnny comes in They start talking about Willow.
Johnny says he cannot believe a ‘Super Fan” like Willow would want someone like Godfrey and Bobby in the game. mentions how players like that will vote on emotion in the Jury not game play
Johnny – I hate to say it but I think her shenanigans are an act
Zach – Willow is in with Bobby and Bobby is best friends with Bruno
Zach says that group of three has their ‘stringer” who they think they have votes.
Johnny says the girls realize theres only 5 of them left and those girls will not vote against themselves
Zach – so you have 4 votes against
Johnny – unless we can get Pili and Ashleigh.. those two come as a package unfortunately
Johnny doesn’t know why Brittnee isn’t on the block she was the one that put up G. says she’s playing a really good game.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 21-23-38-838

12:25am Hot tub time

Bobby throws off his shorts.. scares the girls

Right before the feeds go down there was a leak in the roof

1:32am Feeds come back.. Everyone poolside. Godfrey telling stories about Samual L Jackson not giving his dad a autograph.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 22-50-10-318

1:52am Zach and Jordan Storage room
Zach says he thinks Kevin will be the replacement nomination. They agree they have to keep Kevin.
Zach – can we swing the votes
jordan – ya.. then it will be war
Jordan says Kevin is so loyal to them they cannot lose him Sarah is expendable
Jordan – 100% Johnny cannot win the veto or we’re f***d.
Zach – too good of a player
Jordan – the one thing that can f** us is if he sells us out
Zach – If Johnny gets houseguests choice he’ll pick Kevin
Johnny comes in..

2:08am Kevin and Jordan
Talking about getting rid of Bobby next week. Jordan tells him if Kevin goes up it’s war
Kevin – No way the triangle is leaving
Jordan says they’ll whip out the diaper alliance if they need to
Jordan – “bobby is a idiot he probably thinks he has a chance with Pili if you go home.. jealousy
Kevin – short term goal make sure Johnny doesn’t win the Veto.
Jordan – ya

2:40am Pilar and Kevin
(Do you think she’s falling for him?)

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Just hoping if the forced veto is played, and brittanee wins, she would take johnny off the block and get kevin/bobby as the replacement nominee using sarah as a pawn (highly doubt it since brittanee would most likely get sarah off)


if double veto is played, sarah and johnny can communicate through their minds which veto they are going for so both of them have a greater shot of winning veto instead of both of them fighting for the same one, and if they both win, either the pawns or the bromuda triangle will go up.


Yea but i think in any case pili or ash will go up as the replacement unless bruno think kevin is a big threat hell nominate him


Ash is in chop shop Bruno isn’t putting her up. If its veto 2 and I definitely think it is. If used Kev and likely Brit. Real disaster is Kev wins both come down and he’s safe. whose left…. Brit, Pili and Jordan or Godfrey assuming Zack and the rest of chop aren’t going up. Of those 4 what 2 up and whose Bruno’s target? Lets remove Godfrey 1st as those wanting him out early were girls. It’s do nothing Pili, Brit last HOH or lord it could be Jordan. He’s in danger if veto is used by Kev. Those 2 come down not by Kev it looks bad for the poker player but he’ll be back after the re-enter comp.


No way Bruno will put up Britt b/c he PROMISED to never nominate her, back door her or write her name down. He swore to it b/c the two of them have an understanding. Even more than Bobby he (Bruno) trusts Britt. So if Johnny and/or Sarah come down it will likely be one of three scenarios occurring:
1) Kevin and Pilar go up
2) Kevin and JP go up
3) 2 of the 3 bromuda’s go up (likely Kevin and Zach though there is an outside possibility Bruno would put up Ash and Zach because of their betrayal of the Chop Shop)
That way he isn’t going against the Chop Shop and he is keeping the people who he trusts outside the Chop Shop safe (which is Godfrey and Britt).

I think what might occur this week is both Sarah and Johnny get removed and Bruno finds out from Sarah or Johnny about the Hexagon recognizing Zach/JP have been double dipping everywhere which he’ll share with Bobby and Willow and that will result in a realignment of the house. Especially once Sarah/Johnny/Britt learn about the Chop Shop.

It’s somewhat inevitable (if the double veto gets used) that all these alliances are going to be outed b/c of the number of people involved. The only person in ALL the alliances is Zach.

What will be super interesting is to see what happens when
1) Bruno learns JP/Zach were much better situated in several scenarios
2) Willow discovers Zach/JP aren’t really aligned as closely to her as she thought (or Pelee/Ash)
3) Sarah/Johnny/Britt learn Zach specifically has been double, triple, etc dipping
4) Kevin learns possibly from Bruno that Zach wanted him out early

It certainly should make for interesting TV. I think the only one who might be able to wiggle his way out of all the alliance blow up is JP because of his calm demeanor. Then again once Britt/Sarah/Johnny disclose what they know to Bruno it could be a full out war between the two sides, especially if Bruno clues in enough to put any combination of JP/Zach/Kevin on the block ensuring one of them leaves.

At this point we can pretty much say goodbye to Naeha returning (BOO… I want her to come back and lock horns against JP just for the excitement) b/c it will be the male from the above triangle returning. And, if it’s Kevin who gets ousted will he automatically join forces against JP/Zach knowing that JP voted to save Zach over him thus exposing the Fortress wasn’t his number one priority!


There won’t be two vetoes. Just one like usual. Adding the Double Veto twist, let’s say Johnny wins veto. He will have the OPTION to take himself AND Sarah off the block (not that he has to take Sarah off). Again, he has the option. Same thing if Sarah wins it.

The BEST CASE SCENARIO would be BRITTNEE WINS THE VETO. She is not on the block. So if she takes both Sarah and Johnny off, the three of them are safe and Bruno will have to settle for a possibly Pilar/Kevin nomination.


It’s frustrating to see how Naeha was targeted from the very beginning, and girls like Ash and Pilli can coast along because of their showmances. The fact that Ash and Pilli will probably make jury is mindblowing, but then again, anyone would win against them at the end.


Yes. It is a bit perplexing. If you are a super fan, sure the goal is to increase your odds in getting to the end. But, it also includes getting some mindful people into the jury.
Getting all of the players that understand the game out pre-jury, when showmances are in play opens up emotional jury voting to much.

This is one of the flaws in Jordon’s game, and possibly Zach’s. Taking out players that have a passion for the game, especially those that are not as set up within the game as they currently are.They very near the point that jury stocking needs to be considered.

Having players like Pillar, Ashieigh or even Willow make it to much further within the game does not foster an intellectual jury decision.


The jury generally votes for the person that they like more. Yes, there is a such thing as being mindful of good gameplay, but in the end, it’s human nature to reward a friend as opposed to someone who “had the best strategy”. So having a jury full of superfans doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to vote for “the right person”. It’s hard to judge who the right person is because the players don’t have the same perspective as us, and we don’t have the same perspective as them. In BB14, for example, we may think that Dan’s funerals and blindsides should have earned him the top spot, but Frank, a self-proclaimed superfan, still voted for Ian because he respected Ian more than Dan. So, it’s hard to say if it will make that much of an impact.


I disagree. Take BBUS-4 for example. Jun Song won in a 6-1 vote, but only two of the people who voted for her “liked” her. Everyone else just bitterly admitted she had played the best game in the house.


It bothers me when people get what they want cough cough newport or watever their name is. I like a good underdog and a good trap


I hope Kevin wins the veto…takes both off….thus causing Bruno to get blood on his hands. Bruno would probably put up Pilar…and???? Britt? But…if he truly wants Kevin as an ally he will not put Pilar up….but who then??? As stated above by another, Bruno’s choices are few……tough….and very bloody!


I think Zach’s game is too vocal. One minute he’s telling Johnny to win the Veto, next thing he’s already in the other room telling Kevin to get rid of Johnny. He should just leave them both alone and say nothing. He’s in a really good position. To orchestrate everything is just unnecessary for now.

Take Jordan. His approach is much much better. He basically fades into the background. Which is a really good thing this early in the game. He keeps his state clean. While Zach already makes everybody thinks that every single alliances has him. When the numbers go down, few people that are left will start to compare notes and that’s when Zach will get caught.

Even someone like Neda waited for a while before she started to move things around.


OMGGG Zack is such a huge rat!! i think the biggest i have ever seen in bb history even more so than andy!! at least andy waited till towards the end of the season to do all his ratting SMH

Bottoms Up

Zach is soo thirsty of the grand prize.


I KNOW! He should just keep his mouth shut, for now!


What’s the matter with gathering information and trying to steer people in the best direction for your game? That’s how you make it to the end. Do you only respect players that make themselves easy targets?


Stooks there is nothing wrong about gathering information or being a “Rat”, but Zach can not shut up. Andy was able to (quite amazingly) get everyone in the house to trust him. He literally backstabbed the entire house lol! But the difference between Zach and Andy is that Zach is way too cocky and cannot shut up. Bruno is on to him and Jordan at least (thank the Lord!). Nobody was really on to Andy till the end if ever.


With BBCAN proudction I think scenario A more likely will happen.
BB16 type is gonna kill the rating in Canada.
I mean you already can tell the winner in week #3, umm no thanks!!!


I think Bruno is starting to catch on to Newport. I remember him saying “those two are working together” about Zack and Jordan. I am hoping that at least one Newport member goes up after the Veto – I know, a long shot and a bit premature . . .

Ok there

Not defending Sindy or anyone, but how ironic is that when Sindy got evicted, Zach said to Sindy: “Sindy, you are a sweetheart, but you made one mistake in this game: You tried to start a showmance with my bromance, and for that, I got to have you packing,” yet Zach got more action with Ashleigh compared to Jordan and Sindy. That hypocrisy.


No that’s not hypocracy…. that’s a woody!


Zach’s a jock. what do you expect.


Lotta folks worked up about Zack “playing the game”. Thought that was the idea, no? His talk with Johnny was to set him up as a friend in case Johnny comes off the block. remember Johnny, Sarah & Brit are a core alliance playing for each other. Kev is simple he’s Newport plus 1. as J/z said to each other they can’t lose Kev. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out if anyone come off Kev goes up and likely out unless Kev is POV winner and thus safe to. Zack’s pushing him to compete hard for POV so he is safe.
Frankly I see absolutely nothing wrong with either convo and think both are true. FlyGirl how does the above convos make Zack a rat? He’d prefer to see Kev stay over Johnny that’s all. But he’s not saying Johnny must go. Gotta see the convo after POV is played and the ceremony.


Stan7777 i just think zack needs 2 keep his mouth shut!!t this ratting out all his alliances to each other is gonna get him in serious trouble once everyone starts putting the pieces together. And Zack ratting out Bobby his own original shit shop alliance member 2 Kevin, in telling Kevin that Bobby is after him hardcore makes Zack a shady 2 faced ratta tat tat and i hope he gets caught and this newport alliance reminds me alot of andy and spencer from season 15.


I agree, I don’t think he’s a rat either. The whole convo with Kevin though about getting rid of Johnny was just unnecessary, considering Johnny and Kevin are close. Plus, Johnny used the POV on Kevin last week. If Kevin does get pick for POV and does win, I think Johnny has an angle to get Kevin to use it on him. The convo should have happened after they know who won the veto


Why did Bobby take his trunks off in the hot tub with the girls? Why is he so goddamn creepy towards them all the time? First lying about being a virgin, constantly touching them when they aren’t welcoming it, cracking a rape joke about taking advantage of Pilar when she’s drunk, and now this? He needs to learn social etiquette, something isn’t right with him.


he’s too damn thirsty for a showmance when the girls just aren’t reciprocating…he should learn how to take a hint


It would be amazing if Brittney wins the veto and takes Sarah and Johnny off the block


I do not understand Bruno’s nominations. Is he oblivious to the fact that Zach and Jordan are putting everyone against each other? It would be great if Sarah and Johnny could both come down and Zach and Jordan go up. Jordan going out of the game now would force Zach to team up with Ash which would be the downfall of both I think because the house would see them as a power couple. Oh my gosh if only I was in this house! lol.


It’s easy for us to see Zach and Jordans gameplay, we can watch the feeds and know that they’re playing all sides. But when you’re in the house and you think someone is with you, and they tell you whatever you wanna hear whenever you wanna hear it, you’re not gonna really think twice about it. And as far as Ash and Zach power couple….. In that t-shirt finding contest she was nearly vomiting form having to run a little bit, she is no where near fit, and yeah Zach could definitely do some damage but the problem with him is he’s way too cocky, he basically think he has this game in the bag.


I see where you are coming from Finn. I guess I just think if I was in the house I would be trying to keep tabs on everyone. Perception is a powerful tool in the BB house. I can’t count the number of times Zach and Jordan have ran into the pantry or had other people in there with them. Does nobody find that suspicious? I think (and hope) that Bruno is catching on to them.

I just meant that the house does not really want to see showmances this season because the HG will assume the two are working to be the final 2.


I agree 100% with Simon. If Bruno doesn’t get rid of Zach and Jordan this week then this season with be dreadfully similar to BBUS-16. Please BB gods answer our prayers and get Sarah and Johnny off the block and Zach and Jordan added up on the Block!

Hopefully Nae comes back in the house or maybe Cindy with an S.

Btw, do they have goodbye messages on BBCan? I didn’t see one when Risha, Sindy, Nae left.


The first 5 evicted don’t get to see their goodbye massages because one of them will be returning. After that they should start showing the goodbye messages to them


Thanks for the clarififcartion Dawg! That makes sense, though I can’t lie that it would be so daramatic if people said some mean things in their goodbyes to certain people and those people came back!


Since there is the 1st 5 twist this year they cant show them the goodbye messages until the twist is over. Also, if I remember correctly, last year with the 1/2 hr Sideshow addition taking place right after the live eviction, not as many were shown and also the ones that were shown were shortened or left to when the evicted hg was being interviewed at the SS. (and especially moreso now with the new hr long format).

I dont like it because they/we dont get to see as many as they/we did in the first BBCAN or the USA. I think they should show them the GB DR’s regardless of a twist to get back in. Would show some enemies and cause much more paranoia and drama/devision once back in.


I feel the same way idar2dream! There would be a lot of drama if people said something bad especially about Cindy with an S or Nae that would fire then back up if they came back into the house!


wow don’t know who has to GET OVER THEMSELVES more Zach or Bobby!!!


I want Johnny off the block but I don’t want Kevin to go up and leave. 🙁 lol


Same here Ricky. Johnny, Kevin, Sarah, and Queen B are my faves hands down. This season started very similar to BBUS-16 with a big alliance trying to get rid of the other side of the house. It’s refreshing to see the other side fight back.