Ashleigh needs to re-watch BB16 “It was a pretty good season”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 17-08-04-455

8:07pm feeds come back the houseguest food is restocked. This includes two beers and a bottle of wine (LOL) The have nots also got their Chicken feet and pickled eggs. They comment on the little amount of food they got this week. Not much meat or “Snacky” foods.
Godfrey gets right to cooking the chicken feet.
Zach comments on how gross the chicken feet are. This is an opinion shared by many of the houseguests.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 17-18-36-732

8:23pmSarah complaining in the bathroom that the rest of the houseguests says she needs to get polysporin for her knees.
She makes her way to the bedroom where she complains to the camera saying the rest of the house is “FU**ed up”
Sarah – “God I can’t stand any of these people.. ya complain about all the food you got in front of people that don’t have sh1t for a week.. and then talk about throwing competitions to people that haven’t had it”
Sarah – Sorry me and Johnny are on the block (Not officially)
Sarah – Canada these people are messed up and I’m guilty of it to.. I know I’m not the sweetest person in the world..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 17-26-31-290
8:25pm Willow and Sarah
Sarah – I’m so sorry willy pilly
Willow – why are you sorry
Willow says she doesn’t care about being on slop she will do 60 days on slop.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 17-36-40-511

8:34pm Sarah in the Hot Tub
Complaining some more about the houseguests “I can’t stand a bunch of these people but I love them.. These people are crazy.”
Says the people complaining so much about the food they have when there’s people with nothing (Have nots). Adds they all talk about “Rationing’ the food yet they all DIVED in to eat it up. “It’s so frustrating.. so frustrating”
AShleigh joins her. They start talking about BB16 Cody and Christine and how the fans reacted. Sarah doesn’t think her husband handled it well and should have kept his opinions to himself when they did the segment on the show. Sarah thinks what he said made things worse “She’s trying to win you guys money”
Sarah points out there is a difference between your real life and game play.

Brittnee joins them. Ashleigh goes on to tell her all about the Christine/Cody romance was messed up. Says they never did anything inappropriate, points out that Christine and Amber were pulled into this guys alliance. “Christine got so much hate for that from America” Sarah blames Christine’s family.
They leave the Hot tub. Brittnee asks why did Christine get so close to Cody. Sarah thinks she thought cody would keep her safe but in reality Cody and Derrick were really close.
Brittnee – They were playing her
Ashleigh about BB16 – “It was a pretty good season”

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-09 17-47-20-325

8:48pm Willow and Bruno
Bruno tells her it’s a good week to be a have not.
Willow is excited she always wanted to do this.. “I’m not a big eater anyways”
They wonder when the nominations will be.
Willow – We haven’t even done 1/2 our DR’s
Willow – this should be a easy week not shouting or drama
Bruno says he’s talked to them already about his nominations told them straight yup fight for Veto
Bruno says Johnny is going to pick Kevin for a POV player
Willow says Sarah is going to pick Bobby
Bruno – Nice
Willow – whatever that’s not really a surprise
Kevin joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-09 18-01-05-919

9:00pm Johnny and Sarah

Complaining about the food and how they need to plan meals because people are eating way too much and that is why they run out.
Sarah – Small breakfast small lunch and a dinner
Feeds cut

11:00pm feeds still down

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Ashleigh is not a superfan eh? Seriously, someone who thinks that BB16 is a pretty good season haven’t watched a whole lot of Big Brother. Granted Derick and Cody played extremely well but as a fan of the show their gameplay and strategy isn’t that exciting and fun to watch. For me that season (apart from the first) is the worst season that Big brother had.


Umm do you remember BB9?


it’s all personal opinion. I’ve seen every season twice and 16 is by far my favourite. I liked all the people and it was funny. Worst (let’s not count season 1) to me was 15. I really didn’t like how nasty it got and it made it not fun to watch


BBUS 16 is the best season. The double HOHs and nominations made the game harder. They got more blood on their hands every week. Derrick is the great player and he makes to top 10 as a history player. With 4 people on the block every week makes the game more exciting, more drama, more deals, more strategy, more campaigning, less floaters. The key for them to get to the end with the twist in season 16 is loyalty and winning comps. Your favorite player does not get to the end does not mean it is the bad season. It is because your favorite player does not win comps when he/she needs to. Put yourself in the game like your favorite player does, you will know how hard season 16 is. The floater cannot win the game because of the twist. If they do not win comps, the chance for them to get nominated greater every week. They cannot throw any comps. I like double HOHs since I hate floater get to the end like BBC2.


I 100% agree with you. Bb16 was terrible/boring. Bb15 , bb9 are the same or worse


Sarah is incredibly annoying. She cries about stuff, then complains, then she thinks that Christine’s husband was in the wrong for criticizing his wife, when in reality his wife was awfully inappropriate. Can Sarah leave instead of Johnny. Ugh.


What people isn’t thinking about when they vote for double veto is that either Newport or Kevin is going up,I would rather Sarah or anyone other than Jordan, Zach or Kevy Wevy go up and the one who goes up will get voted out and will go into sequester than come back next week, Kevin is the only one I have faith in to have the luck to pull that one off.


Double Veto a really bad thing as Johnny and Sarah spared that leaves Kevin up and likely the target. Chance Bruno could pull something big but I don’t think so. Jordan beside Kevin would not be good. Kev and either Pili or Brit. Brit and Kev and Kev gone…. He’ll be back next week ROFL after he wins his way back into the house.
The twist, a week in the house ect all for “status quo”. Expect a double right away. Important HOH one after Bruno IMHO.

another name

not sure if the double veto is the more game changing of the two choices.
winner of double veto pov has the choice of using it on one or both or none. very powerful if won by sarah, jonny or britt. otherwise, it’s prolly not going to be used unless the plan is already to attempt a back door. the most it will do if s/j/b don’t win, is give the survivors a chance to blow up the game of the undercover hexagons.
the must use veto is more of a game changer no matter who wins it. it means that one of the nominees comes off no matter who wins. far more dramatic for the other house guests, and means no matter what, the hoh has to get more blood on his hands.
i would bet the sideshow prolly pushed for the double. without explaining it didn’t have to be used on both or at all, since it was filmed after eviction. people that rushed to vote would vote double for the sake of drama anyway, imo. still going to sleep on how to vote.


not looking too good for brit and kevin. pawning her for a 3rd time keeps them in good with other hg’s and allows them the best opportunity they’ll ever have at getting rid of kevin.


Sarah has got her own insecurities and during the hard time they show in full swing


why do people love sarah so much


Or why do people hate Sarah so much?

Guy From Canada

I wouldnst say I hate Sarah, but her game play is predictable and boring and shows the limitations of a super fan is linear thought in the game.


Don’t wry Ash it might be a repeat of bb16 Canadian version with the ways things r going ughhhhh
When r the girls going to wake up??? Ash, willow and pill all living in La la land they should have signed up for The Bachelor Canada instead


Say what you want about Sarah being annoying atleast she’s fighting to be here, and her constant nagging shows that she actually gives a fucking shit about this game! unlike the 3 irrelevant girls PILAR. ASHLEIGH, WILLOW who are nothing but dead fucking weight, WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY ON BB???????????

Can we just fucking eject them? they’re useless! I hate stupid girls who just want to fall in love on tv, this aint The Bachelor! ugh

Seriously Robyn! when are we going to have some strong females in this game! atleast the equivalent of Survivor..
Kim Spradlin, Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina, Christina
those were some fierce women! <3 ,, and I didn't enjoy One World.. but I respected the girls gameplay, especially Kim


I understand your hatred for these three girls but what have JP and Zack done that’s makes them that much more useful than the three girls? They’re all in the same boat.


people are so quick to rag on girls for “doing nothing” but what have godfrey, johnny, kevin done? Bobby and Bruno won HOH but they haven’t made any particularly exciting moves. At least Britnee, Naeha, and Sarah are willing to get their hands dirty and play the game. All of the guys just go with the flow and play it safe. It’s so boring.


I think we’re all forgetting about the fact that these people are trying to win the game. They’re not like Zach Rance, willing to jeopardize their game to entertain us. Sometimes the safe play is the best play, just ask Neda. Especially this early in the game.


Bruno’s move is as big from him as Brit’s was for her. IMHO Brit had it easier because Graig was disliked by so many…it was an easy week. Bruno is loyal to his alliance and is putting up the people who have already said they would have nominated himself and Bobby this week!

Who else should Bruno target? His own allies? He doesn’t know they are not as loyal to him.

Brit & Sarah are too stupid to see that Zach, Kevin & JP are not actually with them. If they went to Bruno with the whole Purple Cobras/Hexagon story, Bruno would absolutely target them.


i need Nae or Sindy back!


Oh my goodness. Ashleigh does not have to worry, since she is in the BBCAN version of BB16 anyways.

Sarah got HOH-itis, and lost her shit soon afterwards. It is not even a fun meltdown. Something needs to happen, whether it is an April/Ollie moment, some arguing, some beer, or some heavy game play. And can we NOT have a unanimous season please?


I think Sarah lost her shit way before then…during cameragate. I would have sworn she was on a secret mission with how erratic she was acting. She has quickly been unravelling ever since. At least Bruno’s HOH has shut up her paranoid thoughts of him lying about having kids. I am torn…because as much as she is starting to annoy the hell out of me…her crazy might start to get entertaining (in a train-wreck sort of way).

My nickname for Sarah is going to be “ParANNOYed”…

Me who?

Why not “Sarahnoid”


Was wondering why feeds were still down as Noms do not take long. Did not know the feeds are blocked during the “Side Show”…..

Thanks for the info Dawg….


Willow is a super lesbo.. Which is why shes so close to Bruno and the guys. Her crush on Zach is just an act.


Maybe she’s just a tomboy…




BB16 was one of the WORST seasons to me… in terms of game moves made. Derrick and Cody ran the show the WHOLE TIME. Boring. I liked BB15 because it was very compelling to watch. Lots of drama and controversy every now and then isn’t bad for a show like this eh? BB8, 14 and 10 were fantastic as well!


I seriously can’t stand Sarah. It’s so easy to comment on someone else’s marriage and how they should and shouldn’t feel. She’s not married. If she were married and her husband was flirting, stroking the hair of, cuddling and sleeping with another woman I’m sure she’d feel differently. And, if she didn’t… that just makes her even more despicable.