Sarah “I hope its nothing knee orientated or throwing up orientated! I hope there are no buckets!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 05-30-42-588

8:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Johnny tells Willow the POV Comp is on the screen. It’s on today! I’m ready! The cameras switch to the bathroom – Bobby, Ash, Britt and Godfrey are getting ready for the day. Ashleigh tells Godfrey to stop. (From going to the bathroom before her) Britt weighs herself, 187 pounds. She says she’s weighed herself more in the last 3 weeks than she’s ever weighed herself. Pilar comes in and weighs herself, 110 pounds. Bobby explains that he and JP had a bed whether or not Ashleigh and Zach would sleep in the same bed or not since there was an open bed. Bobby says he lost so he has to jump in the pool naked today. Ashleigh asks naked? Bobby says well I added the naked part. No one wants to see me naked. Ashleigh says Willow has. Bobby says well she saw my balls. Bobby says I know Sarah said she would pick me as house guests choice and I don’t know why? Because I wouldnt use it. Willow says because she’s not the target.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 05-50-15-459

In the living room – The POV Competition is on the tv screen. Jordan, Johnny, Sarah and Bruno are sitting on the couch. Sarah is applying cream to her scraped knees. Sarah about the POV “I hope its nothing knee orientated” Jordan says or death orientated. Sarah says or throwing up orientated! I hope there are no buckets! Bruno says oh god yeah. Jordan says I think we’re done with those. Bruno says when I was at home watching I would be like its easy! Sarah says get over it! Bruno says yeah get over it. They comment on how Bruno also won the 5G’s in the HOH. Sarah says I keep forgetting about the 5G’s Bruno says he forgot about it too. He says he was more concerned about the HOH letter and photos.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 05-57-07-082

9:10am – 10:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. They are likely picking players for the Power Of Veto competition. We’ll find out who was picked when the feeds return.

POV Players: Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
POV Host: Zach

When the live feeds return all the house guests are on an HOH lockdown. Big Brother tells them nap time is over. Pilar grabs the empty candy jar and smells it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-10 07-46-45-413

11:15am – 11:30am In the bedroom – Brittnee and Sarah are talking. Sarah talks about how Zach is more concerned about getting into bed with Ashleigh than talking game. Zach and Ash can’t last. Brittnee says I honestly don’t know if Kevin would use it. If he was smart he would just not use it. If he uses on Johnny and that’s who Bruno put up that’s sending a message to the house that he’s with Johnny and puts a target on his back. Sarah says I am just going to win. Jordan joins them. Britt asks do you think Kevin would use the veto if he won? Jordan says no, he won’t use it. I talked to him. Brittnee says great picks, great picks. Brittnee says I need to play my heart out for this. If Kevin wins, if Bobby wins that’s okay. Kevin joins. Jordan says you know the drill. Kevin says yeah. Kevin confirms he won’t use the veto if he wins it. Jordan says see Sarah you’re okay. Jordan says we can’t let Johnny know he’s going or else he will sell us all out. Kevin says the one thing that scares me is the how bad do you want it competition. Sarah says I will do everything, I’ll chicken George it! Britt says I’m sorry I am not going to cut my hair for you. Kevin says every time Bobby says something I lose more respect for him. It is literally like rubbing sandpaper on my brain.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-10 08-08-33-321

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In your headliner, Sarah said “nothing KNEE orientated” not ME orientated. Its no biggie – just thought i would let you know. 😉
PS Sarah is annoying and i hope she goes home this week…. that’s all.


Sarah has been my most disliked house guest right from her introduction video. I can’t stand her and I want to see her gone… BUT, not this week. If she leaves this week, she’ll have a chance to fight her way back into the house and I definitely don’t want her to have that chance!

Besides, I’m 100% sure Canda will vote for the Double Veto and both Johnny and Sarah will come down off the block. IF Bruno is smart, he’ll put Jordan and Zach up. But, if there’s one thing this house has proven, it’s that they’re NOT smart.

Glazed Donuts

OMG Willow – Zach rejected her and now Bobby shot her down. Is God or JP next for this attention seeking cave-woman troglodyte?

Please self-evict Willow and go back to the stone age or back under the frozen Calgary bridge you crawled out from! Willow is worse to watch than Victoria, but at least her delusion provides some comic relief.


POV players, Brit, Kevin, Bobby, Johnny, Sarah and Bruno

If Brit wins the POV and the double veto is voted on.. Kevin and ???? will to go up. So who do you think Bruno will pick? Pilar?
If Kevin gets evicted who will come back him or Naeha?
These next two weeks could be very exciting.


I’m sure the Double Veto will be voted for. If Bruno was smart, he’d put Zach and Jordan up. But, since he wants Kevin out, I’m sure he’ll put Pilar up with him to take away her vote for him to stay. If Kevin does go home, it will be down to him, Naeha or Sindy with the best chance of winning. It will surely be a skill challenge, so that leaves Naeha out. I’m guessing either Kevin or Sindy make it back in… IF Kevin does get evicted.


I agree double veto will be the one picked and if bruno was smart he would take a shot ant newport now before they win the game. For some reason I thought the houseguests get voted back in from the fans.. Having them compete reminds me of BB16 when Jocasta almost came back.. crinch..

I wouldn’t count Graig out of a skills comp. At this point i’m up for anyone that will shake up the house whatever whoever that is.


Of course it’s easy for us to say “If bruno was Smart” we see all the conversations. Zach and Jordan’s social game is pretty smooth. It is understandable how they are fooling everyone.


When I was watching the Jury members in BBUS-16 compete I imagined that there was a collective gasp when Jocasta almost won her way back in the house. But to be totally honest it didn’t matter who came back because they would be voted right back out.


Best case scenario is that Queen B, Sarah, or Johnny wins POV. Kevin, and I love him, is so enthralled by Jordan it’s ridiculous. He can’t see how hard he is being used right now.

If Bruno is smart he’ll split up Jordan and Zach. If Jordan left this week I don’t think he would be Nae in a mental comp or Cindy with an S in a physcial comp.

I think it is pretty much settled that Pilli and Ash (ugh) are making it to jury. I just hope they are not in the final 2, but anyone would beat them.


I don’t know if you want to take this to consideration, don’t you think if it’s Kevin vs Pilar on the block, Kevin might have a shot to stay? Bruno can’t vote this week. It will only take 5 votes to stay and Kevin has Hexagon.That’s already 5 votes. JP and Zach said that they need Kevin to stay even if the line has to be drawn


Yeah you could be right Kevin has the numbers to back him up.


I really hope that Kevin/Pilar are the final noms. With the whole #vetogate this week yet nothing happens in the end would be such a disappointment!!!


I agree if they both come down it will be Kevin and Pilar going up. However I disagree that Kevin will leave b/c JP/Zach will pull out all the stops to save Kevin. Newport already said they wouldn’t let Kevin go so they are prepared to send Sarah home if Johnny comes off, I doubt that would change if Pilar went up beside Kevin.

Votes to keep Kevin: Johnny, JP, Zach, Sarah, Britt, Ashley
Votes to keep Pilar: Willow Bobby, Godfrey

For those thinking Ash will vote for her girl, she won’t she’ll vote with Zach to keep Kevin. And then all out war will ensue as Bruno/Bobby/Willow will spill to Britt/Sarah/Johnny & Kevin about the Chop Shop and in turn the others will spill about the Hexagon.

The best news in this scenario is you get out a floater and the liklihood is one of Sindy or (cross my fingers) Naela come back in the house. Suddenly you’ll have Britt, Johnny, Sarah and Naeha reunited and turmoil among the others as those four will represent the middle of the two sides ready to wage war being the original loyal Chop Shop of Bruno/Willow & Bobby on one side and the diaper crew minus Pilar on the other with Zach/J.P./Ash and Kevin. BUT with all the double dipping Kevin may recognize it might be better to align in the middle and let the two other groups of 3 kill each other off.

Would definitely make for a much more interesting season. Especially b/c I don’t think we’ve seen Jordan’s full capacity yet and of course there is always the exciting possibility of Naeha’s return and her exacting revenge directly on Zach. I think I’d even pay to try to bribe my way into the audience that night just to see if she could win HOH and send him packing 🙂 Then again, I LOVE the drama!


Sarah is officially the most annoying person on this cast.


A funny thing happened on the feeds last night. Sarah, Brit and Ashleigh were talking about BB16. Their conversation revovled around Christine and Cody, the fan hate etc.. Sarah thought Christine’s family made it worse. Sarah and Brit highlighted how Christine was played by Cody the entire time and how Chrisitne thought Cody was honestly going to take her to the end. In reality Cody and Derrick were tight from the begining and he was playing her from day one.
Not sure if that sunk in for ashleigh cause that’s what Zach is doing right now to her.. LOL all she said was bb16 was a pretty good season. LOL


I doubt Ash realized anything from that convo. She’s relying on playing the collaborator/showmance strategy to stay in the house. Without either, she would be gone and heartbroken.


Hope Johnny wins the POV, I may not be his biggest fan… but I’d rather see Sarah, Bobby or Kevin go at this point.


Really hope Britanee pull this off, kevin and hopefully Jordan needs to feel some heat.The ensuing chaos will result in fantastic viewing.


Kevin and Jordan? Don’t you mean Zach and Jordan? Kevin has been in the cross hairs since week 1 lol.


#BBCAN3 Bruno & Ashleigh Discussing Bruno Winning HOH

Double Veto

Really hoping naeha comes back and johnny, sarah, and brittanee are safe from noms so jury would have better members instead of having people who made no moves/won any comps voting for their showmance partner.


I just happily voted for the double veto! Hopefully Sarah and Johnny come off the block! They deserve to make it to jury if not farther at least.


I hope Kevin wins POV.


Why? He’s not gonna use it lol!
I do hope he throws it though to Johnny or Sarah


Lmao hold up a second. You mean to tell me Kevin has agreed to not use POV on Johnny even tho Johnny used POV on him? Where is the loyalty. Screw putting a target on your back, they’re just going to nominate you anyway. I hate Jordan, and I’m over Kevin if he actually punks out.


From the conversations I heard last night Johnny is saying he’s OK with him not using the veto, “I don’t want you to blow up your game” (ridiculous)

LOL something is gonna give I just hope it’s shown on the feeds


IKR! LOL! Let’s just hope he at least throw it to Johnny,
In case he wins, I hope DR could put some sense into him. Production would probably want their #vetogate twist to come in play anyway, right!

another name

is it a rule that the pov holder can’t be used as a nominee?
just wondering. don’t know if I’ve ever seen a pov holder nominated.
if option one is picked for veto (unlikely) it must be used, if option two is picked for veto they have the option of not using it at all, right? could be a real dud, and progress nothing in the storyline.
not sure if I care if sarah or jonny go at this point. I liked each of their game strategies at the beginning, but now… but you know, i’m feeling the same about kevin. damn, I actually don’t care enough about any of them to worry about who goes this week. I want to like the underdogs, but they are proving to be complete puppets. I liked the strategy of Newport, but I can’t stand the members.
hopefully whatever happens, the reaction will reignite my interest. at this point i’m concerned the season will end up a chop shop vs. bromuda battle. hopefully bb will order all of them to stop making alliance hand signals as a punishment for breaking things and acting entitled.

another name

thanks dawg. much appreciated.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I so HATE this hypocritical expression, “I absolutely love you to death, but…” Itis far worse than saying “Amazing!” for the tiniest little thing…

Oh yes, and Zach’s nose is VERY unflattering. I don’t care about the physiques or attributes people have, but when someone’s so overconfident and emphasizes his looks, a quick scan for imperfections is unavoidably in action. 😉