Nikki “Its the final straw!” “I’m not sharing a bed with Loveita any more!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-22 06-43-38-994
9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Cassandra, Tim and Raul are talking. Tim says I think when there’s less and less people it will be easier. Tim says if its a double eviction we’ll really notice the numbers. And if the brothers go it will be two for the price of 1 with three going. Cassandra says I don’t know if what happened helped the brothers or not. Tim says I know, I know. They think it helped them. I think it just .. you know how it was like will they or won’t they. It makes you not make a move. And now that you know, they’re a known threat. Phil comes into the bathroom and leaves. Cassandra says I don’t know why but I find him so annoying. Do you? Raul says he’s just a little immature but he’s cute.

9:50am Hot Tub room – Kelsey asks do you think people are interested in us what we have to say and stuff? Jared asks like what out there? Or in here? Kelsey says both. Jared says more so out there than in here. Kelsey says I was thinking, I can’t believe that Raul could be possibly leaving because he’s so funny and tells the best stories. Jared says he’s a character man. Kelsey says he makes me so happy. Jared says in my opinion from a tv stand point he’s a terrible person to lose in this house. Kelsey says it makes me feel bad if I stay. Jared says he could go but no one knows. I don’t want to give you false hope but it just seems that way. Kelsey says Its just going to be such a sausage fest if I go.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-22 07-10-22-006
10:10am Nikki asks to show Tim something. It’s the final straw. She tells Tim that she’s not sharing a bed with Loveita any more. She tells Tim that she found Loveita’s underwear by her makeup bag. Nikki points out there’s period stains on the underwear. Nikki then uses a sandwich bag to pick it up and throw it on Loveita’s bag. Nikki shows all the other ways Loveita is messy. She says she found Loveita’s nail clippings all over the HOH room. Tim suggests because she’s friends with Loveita she make a comment about keeping things more tidy. Nikki says I’m just going to say are these yours I found them on my bed?! Tim laughs. Nikki says I just can’t believe it. I just want my bed back? Tim asks could Loveita maybe shack up with Cassandra? Nikki says they hate each other. Tim says its a love hate relationship. Nikki asks if Tim would share with her? Tim says I don’t even have a bed for the next 3 nights.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-22 07-12-43-767

Hot Tub room – Tim, Cassandra, Phil, Nick and Mitch are hanging out. Phil comments on how everyone would like to take Tim to the end because he doesn’t want to win it and would tell the jury to vote for the other person. Tim says if he was at the end with someone he would find it hard to rob them of the feeling he felt when he won his season. I don’t want to crowns in my cabinet. Maybe I’m like Yoda and need my skywalker.

10:40am HOH room – Loveita tells Joel that I haven’t said much to the brothers since last week and it seems like the other side knows everything we’ve spoken about. So just heads up.

High roller room – Nikki says the filth in this house is really getting to me. Loveita says we should just call a house meeting and get everyone to clean it. Nikki says I could clean the bathroom. Loveita says I could help you. We could get it done in an hour or so.

11:35am Backyard – Ramsey tells Maddy that he’s going to go to be when she does so they can cuddle. Maddy says we have to start thinking about who we want in jury. We definitely don’t want Kelsey in jury. Ramsey says or Cassandra. Maddy says Tim, Nikki, the brothers and Mitch would be good in jury. Maddy says I’m betting its 7-3 (vote). Ramsey asks who the three are? Maddy says Jared, The brothers and Cassandra. Ramsey says we need to take down another one of the three. They talk about putting up Loveita and Raul. Maddy says or maybe Raul and Tim. Maddy says Mitch thinks we’re going after him. Someone’s telling him that. Ramsey says f**K I want to know who told him that. Ramsey says it would be good if Loveita won HOH again and got out Cass. Maddy says it would be good but it would be bad if she won because if she keeps winning competitions its bad for us. She’s won twice and we haven’t won at all. Ramsey says Nikki does not want to sleep with her any more. Nikki is voting out Kelsey because she wants to sleep with Mitch.

Maddy says that hooking up with Nick was purely strategic. He’s so annoying.

12:20pm Hot Tub room – Dallas says you, Ram or myself need to win HOH. Its not best to win too many competitions though. Maddy says I’ll be like please.. I’ll give you a blow job… No I wouldn’t do that. I would be like I won’t put you up. Dallas asks would you put up Jared. Maddy says I was thinking we need to start thinking about who we want in jury. Dallas says we need to think about taking out more of the 3 headed monster. Maddy says if he was in Jury he would probably vote for you. We need to think about taking out Loveita. Maddy says my list in order of who I want out is Jared, Raul, Loveita and Cassandra. Maddy says if I’m HOH I’m doing whatever the f**k I want to do. All I know is I want those 4 out before I go. Dallas says that Mitch is with them. Maddy says he’s not with them. Dallas says he’s voting with them. Maddy says because he’s scared. I don’t know what happened to Tim. To be honest I’m sick of him. He is so funny but half his stories could be complete lies. We don’t know anything about him. I have no patience with some of these people. Dallas says he isn’t sure what he wants to do with the brothers yet. I kind of patched things up with them. Maddy tells Dallas that Mitch thinks we’re targeting him. Dallas says I already told him my arms are wide open. Maddy says someone keeps telling him we’re targeting him. Dallas says I’ll have a talk with him and tell him if I win HOH he’s not going up and if he wins get him to say I won’t go up.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-22 09-43-42-100
12:40pm – 1pm HOH room – Joel asks Ramsey what is everyone doing? Is it split down the middle. Ramsey says at this point it seems like Kelsey. It doesn’t look like you’ll need to (Break the tie). I don’t want you to have to do that. Ramsey says the people you’re close to you don’t need to spend a lot of time with. Joel says he knows that and is trying to not spend as much time with Loveita. Ramsey says oh you know that, that’s good. You and me are good. I just want to make sure you and I are good. If I win HOH you can be rest assured you will not go up. Joel tells Ramsey they should have a plan in place just in case its a double eviction. Ramsey asks if double eviction happens what would be the worst case for you and me? Probably Raul. Joel says he wouldn’t feel 100% safe with Raul winning. He might throw me up because I took a shot at him. Joel says the talk about the brothers splitting needs to stop. It doesn’t change my opinion of them.

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maddie done with nick…now flirting with ramsey until jared becomes available?


Exactly. Look at how she defends Jared to Dallas. She puts him on the short list of nominees to Dallas, but it’s not the same targets she gave to Ramsey last night. She wants Jared in the house until jury (at least 3 weeks or more) so that she has time to get close to him.
But then, last night Joel agreed with Cassandra that Loveita vs. Ramsey or Dallas were her best bets to put on the block if she wins.
So I’m thinking just about everyone’s onion is bad.

Maddie just want

to give a BJ to someone .

Ramsey would prefer one from Mitch , Raul or Joel so he’s out of the picture .
Nick want one from Phil .
Jared is next on Maddie BJ target


So how does the fake double eviction work? Do Joels noms get evicted, or are both noms safe?


i think the 1st eviction will be one of joels noms for real…then they are going to have hoh, noms, veto and eviction all fast tracked for the 2ND eviction…then tell them it was a…whoever is HOH is made a fool of and exposed! That will cause quite the chaotic stir!
thats why episode will be 90 minutes!


My guess is that both players eliminated Thursday will go into a room and watch next week from in there. (which could be interesting if both players are on opposite sides of the house and share information) Canada will have a week to vote 1 of them back in. And after next Thursdays eviction the person Canada chooses will be brought back.

sunny dee

i think so too. I think the first one must be real, but the reason they call it a fake double is that it won’t be a double eviction, so the 2nd one doesn’t go home.

but really, what with the brothers, and the addition of the foreigners, and so on and so forth, how long are they going to keep this many people in the house? the reason we watch evictions is because those people go HOME or jury, whatever, but they don’t stay in the house week after week or come back. (really loathe the come backs, i suppose this is just a version of the come back without all the others already evicted getting a chance to come back)

worst case scenario is if the 1st evicted plus the 2nd evicted both get a chance to return but only one of them will return. the only way that would be better is if the 2nd round ensures that either Jared or Raul is evictee #2

i don’t see canada doing any kind of voting, the shows are recorded early not ‘live’, and we have different time zones, so it isn’t possible to do a voting during the show at all.

i thought it was funny that jared and kelsey think canada enjoys Raul a lot. I am watching after dark, and these recaps, and he barely seems to be showing up anywhere except by chance. he’s not showing up much in the shows. i hope joel or someone had a talk with loveita about getting out of his hoh room


That’s sounds interesting, but I wish they would do this a different week. I know they have to plan ahead, but it’s too bad that this twist had to happen right as the game was starting to get good. On the other hand, people usually try to make big play during double eviction, because there are less immediate consequences. If the right person is “fake evicted” it could make for a great week.


It is possible that both of the “evicted” players are actually safe and put into a secret room to spy on the other house guests. This has been done in celebrity BBUK.


I get it, everyone in the house uses everyone and tells everyone basically everything but Maddie is probably the most annoying in the house. So judgemental against others when she herself is the worse two faced liar around. At least most people are upfront with themselves with how they are playing. I honestly believe she thinks she’s a saint when nothing could be further from the truth. I can’t believe i’m gonna say it but I’d rather see her go before Cass.


As I see from the footage, Jared is nothing more than a meathead. He doesn’t talk to everybody a lot. He doesn’t have to because he’s so pretty. He’s stuck to Kelsey’s leg most of the day (should I say she’s stuck to his leg). I don’t find him socially gifted.


Where are Jared and Kelsey??

That dude



Just imagine. If the situation for this week was two people are evicted, but both are sequestered in the high roller room and canada votes which one re-enters. Now imagine that one is, for argument’s sake Kelsey and the other for arguments sake is Loveita.
Look at how many of the houseguests have said I wonder if Canada hates us. I wonder what Canada thinks of us.
The vote in and of itself would be an ego boost to one side, and a stigma to the other that affects how they play the game.
Complete conjecture, but a possibility.


And which way would the vote go? Which would you want to go back in the game? Thumbs up for Kelsey, thumbs down for Loveita.

Furless Bat

Despite the damage she does to her own game, Loveita is the underdog and the scapegoat for in the house. So, I think even though we know she can’t win, a lot of us would like to see some kind of redemption for Love. If Tim is actually doing what he says he is in there, he better step up and help her when the time comes. It’s seems like he just wants to win though, I wish he’d just say so cause the “I’ll decide later” line looks like he is just protecting his ego.


Maddie believes she’s playing a great game. The way she talks about her position in the house is fascinating. She’s clueless.


It’s just getting tiresome for me. I agree Loveita is not doing herself any favors by hiding away for days at a time in a social game. However, every single person in that house, friend or foe, is playing pile on the insult and after three days of it, I’m beginning to find it to be just a lack of maturity. Enough. Part of me says to myself ‘want to know why she’s hiding? Play back your kitchen table discussion and listen to yourselves talk’. Wasn’t the first time, and everything travels in the house, so do you maybe think she knows she’s the butt of all the jokes and insults?
I get why Cassandra is doing it, Loveita ‘wrecked her game’ (in the Thursday night conversation) by exposing she was playing the two face game. But it’s just getting tiresome when she insinuates it into every single conversation at least every five minutes.
I respect the ones that are going to her face and saying things. At least they have the conviction to be up front.
The ones that just jump in and pile on behind backs as social currency are getting annoying.
Socially awkward people usually have a pretty good ability or hypersensitivity to negative sentiment in a crowd. I don’t want to be sympathetic to Loveita because she does annex herself too much, but sometimes i’m getting the feeling that the house as a whole is going to that immature place that is just petty and meanspirited. There’s funny, then there’s just childish.
I think I would feel the same thing if the entire house was playing pile on with one person no matter who it was. It just happens to be Loveita this time, and a pack of adults behaving like highschool mean kids. She’s no prize, but i’m starting to roll my eyes and say it’s going too far.


How long before Joel realizes he and Mitch are the rats?
Joel is telling Cassandra everything two nights in a row. Mitch is slipping little bits of info to the brothers and Ramsey in a sly manner almost every day.
Now the house knows what they talk about and who they talk to. The only thing they don’t know is the Dallas Maddie Ramsey Loveita Joel deal in the works. Mitch doesn’t know. Joel hasn’t told Cassandra. Everything else the two have said is slowly seeping around the house. Not that it matters, since no matter who says or does what, it always comes down to being Loveita’s fault in the eyes of the house. They’d be better to actually keep her around for a while so that nobody catches on.
One question, Is it intentional?


Anonymous, I agree with some of what you have said, but listen to Loveita’s comments about the other houseguests as well. She does her fair share of talking about other people as well. She makes alliances with people, and while HOH made alliances with just about everyone in the house. She doesn’t think that people talk about what she says? She blames the brothers for rumours getting around, meanwhile not remembering that Cass is the one she does a lot of talking with. She lies about people just like everyone else. Her problem is that she doesn’t do well around other people. She got off to a bad start but has done nothing to change everyone’s opinion of her. This last week staying up in HOH continually has only highlighted the fact that she wants to run the show to the whole house and unfortunately to Joel as well.


I don’t think Loveita is blameless or a saint. I’m sorry if I gave that impression.
She isn’t a paragon of virtue. She does hide and fail to change sentiment about her.
But the conversation around the kitchen table yesterday where it started with two people, grew to four people, then seven people all tossing fuel on the fire to become a feeding frenzy of insult to entertain the masses left a bad taste in my mouth.
Consider how that would hit you if both friend and foe, your entire peer group “culture” in the social experiment, all got together and roasted you in absentia, with half of them later saying how much they trust you and value you? When i put myself in that situation, the embarrassment, shame and anger I would feel upon finding out when I left the environment outweighs the legitimacy or illegitimacy of what they are saying. It went to the hurtful place.

Maddy's Boyfriend

You hooking up with dudes for “strategy” wasn’t part of what we talked about.


Jared thinks that everyone has to play his game and be loyal to him and if they even talk game with another person they are backstabbing him! And have to be the next target… Jared is an absolute joke and its a disgrace to compare him to emmet to say the least.


Emmett was incredibly entitled in the game. He expected everyone to do things his way at all times. He was just nicer about it. Emmett cheated at comps on three different occasions, threw hissy fits every time he was called out for it. Emmett was in an alliance with three guys. Sacrificial lambed one of them, and targeted the other two for the sake of himself and his showlationship. The only difference between the two of them is that Emmett was nice to everyone on the block once jury started so that they’d have good feelings about him when voting. Let’s see if Jared does the same.