Big Brother Canada 4 March 21 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.

For now Kelsey and Raul are saying they won’t campaign against each other.

2:30am – 3am Cassandra and Joel talking game / sharing information.

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Just like the first week all over again. It’s been said many times that Jared and the brothers did most of Kelsey’s campaigning for her. Then Cassandra tried to take the credit as well.
if three people are going out and kissing hands and shaking babies for you, of course you can sit back and say i’m not going to campaign.
Well look at this week, both Kelsey and Raul are passive campaigning. Who is picking up the slack with the more agressive campaign, oh, it’s Cassandra pushing team Kelsey, and Mitch pushing team Raul. Of course they can look so honest and dignified, they’ve got other people doing the dirty work for them. Story of their game. No, seriously, they’ve always had other people carrying the weight for them in the game.


Ya know, she’s playing the social aspect of the game so horribly that I get annoyed with Loveita. At the same time, she’s got a lot of things right. She’s given great advice to Mitch about making in roads with the other side without being obvious (while he’s trashing her to every one he can).
But here’s the thing… is the social pariah game her way of being a waste of an hoh? If nobody wants to work with her, and she’s obviously the butt of everyone’s jokes and taunts behind her back, does she become less of a target by being more of an annoyance to everyone?
The Jared side want nothing to do with her. The Dallas side publicly put her down. Mitch knocks her to both camps. Tim and Cassandra have everyone in stiches making her look like crap. Even Joel is saying things now. Then there are the arguments with people publicly over and over. So, with so many people having so many connections in the game, is the person everyone dislikes actually becoming the person that is a waste of time to get rid of while there are so many bigger more connected targets in the house? In all seriousness, is this somehow intentional?


the fake double eviction. what does it actually mean?
Is the first eviction real, the second one fake? Are both fake with Canada voting who goes back into the house from the pair? Is the instantly evicted safe, while Canada takes over hoh like season 2, nominating 2 houseguests with the fake evicted taking Canada’s hoh evictee’s place?
I’m interested to find out because the person fake evicted is going to actually go back in with a weird advantage. They’ll know how the votes fell to be evicted, and will therefore have the advantage of knowing who they can actually trust in the game, if anyone.
I get a sneaking feeling that the fix is in. If both evictions on Thursday are fake i get the feeling it will be Kelsey vs. Loveita. with Canada picking between the two. If only the second eviction is fake I still get the feeling it will be Loveita, with a day watching the scenes unfold in the high roller room on the tv, knowing how many people voted her out. There was no pov any of the three previous seasons before for instant eviction. Just hoh, nominations, eviction. Since it will be a half hour longer… i doubt there is time for an hoh comp and a pov. It was hard to fit into an hour when it was the triple eviction last season.


I agree it looks suspicious. My feeling from the start was production would try to keep Kelsey in the game as long as possible. It be more acceptable if they announced before the HOH competition that the next eviction would be fake. It would seem like less production favourtism. BTW the fake eviction episode is 90 minutes long.


Yes, a normal eviction episode is an hour long and this one is 90 minutes to evict 2 people.


1st I have no idea but I’ll guess. Both HG’s evicted go to a room(likely high Rollers which would be locked. It has been done with a with a secret room in the past. With BB Can I’m figure much like you it could be Canada’s vote. Easy for production to lie and keep whom ever they want. They could do a contest with everyone else in backyard lock down also. Find things in the house,ect.
Seems silly to do this especially considering Good Friday is the day after the eviction show. Maybe they go black through Sunday night? They better start getting rid of a lot of HG’s to get to Jury.

On another topic WTF is going on with the food/pantry. No milk, soda, juice, bread the saddest lack of food I can ever remember. Hot Dog no bread, booze no mix, cereal no milk…..absolutely disgraceful.


From what I’ve seen on the live feeds when ever they get food, they go hard core on it & eat everything right away. They then have to wait for it to be restocked. Nikki had a huge meltdown over this.

Furless Bat

I would guess, the 2nd is fake. The fake evictee goes into the high roller room for the weekend, and then re-enters and does the instant eviction at some point by Monday. I’m not sure how much info they would let you get from the house, as it could ruin someone’s game, maybe cameras without sound as they’ve done in the past.
However, if both are fake, I would guess they will compete in some type of casino game to see who gets back in.


Its great how Kelsey and Raul don’t have to campaign. They aren’t asking anyone to go get votes for them and people that are asking for certain votes are doing it in their own interest. Raul and Kelsey are going to be good friends after this game believe it or not and they know it isn’t worth it be true to each other. Can’t wait for a good double eviction 🙂


And yet, just last night two people said they had so much integrity for not campaigning against each other unlike Loveita and Sharry. Those two people were the two that went to Sharry and Loveita and said enough sitting there in the room not talking to each anybody, get out there and campaign. The whole house (especially Maddy, Tim, and Phil) took pleasure in making them campaign. There is a double standard in that house. It isn’t a racial double standard, it isn’t a gender double standard, it’s a social standing double standard. Jared’s camp set the rules that the other guests must follow by claiming to represent the views of “the house” and expect them to be followed. The alpha male, his woman and their pack claim how people should behave and vote every week, but when the other side does the same tactics to them, it is considered an affront.
Look at them, Raul has already gone to Mitch and asked him to get out there for him, whereas just like first week, someone is just offering to sway votes for Kelsey (Cassandra). They might be friends after this, I don’t care. They are doing this because it’s what they’ve done all game long. Get others to do things for them, while they have summer camp and bitch about people they don’t like to lay blame.


I’m really disappointed in the women that were cast this season. None of them real players…maybe Cassandra a bit but other than that nothing. At this point I think it’s impossible for a woman to win the season and it’s not even the middle of the game, that says something about the casting.