Joel “This isn’t f**king alright! Is it innovative?! Is it cool? You guys are losers!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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2:15pm – 2:45pm Bedroom – Loveita tells Nick that she cannot stand being around them. I’ve tried but I just can’t. With Kelsey and Jared they can’t even be in a room or they’re like ehh.. I’m leaving. Nick says this is just like my high school. Everyone is gossipy and talking bad about everyone. Loveita says I don’t like talking bad about people but Kelsey makes it so… The conversations eat away at me as a person. If I have to be in the house with her another week I will self-evict. I am losing myself in this game as a person. I don’t want to have to play dirty and this game forces you to. Like a dirty needle. Have I been a villain in this game? Nick says no, you’ve been playing your game. You’ve been playing your way. Loveita says the surrounding Jared fans make me feel like I have. Nick says you haven’t. You’re good in our books. Loveita says I would never go against you guys. Like now I have to literally win. There’s no in between. It gets to a point where you can only take so much. I’m scared too .. that if I win HOH again.. then I’m the villain. Nick says once you win you have to keep winning. Nick says people got suspect of Maddy and I .. and we never talked game. Loveita says I feel like I want to leave half the time. I feel like I just got the sh*tty end of the stick and people are upset with the choices I had to make. Loveita says its the high school hierarchy. Nick says its the cool kid club. I’ve never been one of the cool kids. Loveita says Kelsey makes me seem like I’m the devil. I’ve already had this conversation in the diary room that I want to get out. I don’t want to be portrayed badly. I’m a committed person to my peeps! Loveita tells Nick that the Jared crew make fun of your brother afterwards.

3:30pm In the kitchen – Loveita is making a chocolate covered banana. Phil says you know what that looks like right?! Loveita asks are you talking about race or what? Phil says I should just stop talking.

By the pool – Kelsey starts talking about how she loves anything miniature. Nick says I’ve got something miniature you’ll like! Kelsey says yeah you do!

3:50pm Joel gets the HOH camera. He takes a bunch of selfies. Joel says was told to take creative photos that play on depth perception. Joel keeps complaining that he doesn’t understand it. Do people actually do this on a regular basis?! People actually do this and think that they’re pretty cool!? What if I just put it down my pants? Phil shows Joel one of the photos. Joel says Oh my god I want to do this when I get home on a Saturday night .. like this so so ridiculously stupid. Joel asks Ramsey did you tell them to give me this assignment because you’re all into it. Joel says this isn’t f**king alright?! This isn’t f**king alright! Is it innovative?! Is it cool? You guys are losers!

4:25pm Joel says I’m going to do a funny one. I’m a puppy. It comes out of there right?
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-22 13-23-15-050

4:35pm – 4:45pm Bathroom – Maddy and Cassadra are talking about Loveita. Maddy says she always barks at me. She’s f**ked. If its not you that puts her up, its going to be me. Cassandra says that Jared will probably put her up too. Maddy says she talks down to you. Cassandra says she just wants to be in the house with all these guys. Maddy asks why is she so mean!? Cassandra says I think she has a little thing for Tim. Maddy says Joel is getting sucked in. Cassandra says I think they have a final 2 deal.

5:35pm Hot Tub room – Phil tells Ramsey that Jared’s crew doesn’t hate him, they want to work with him. Ramsey says he doesn’t know if aligning with them is a good idea. Phil asks so who do you not want in jury. If we match we can start working together. Ramsey says the people that I have the least relationship with. He says Cassandra and Raul. Phil tells Ramsey no one wants Dallas in jury. Ramsay says that it only benefits Maddy if Dallas makes it to jury. Phil says he doesn’t dislike Cassandra. I find her a bit scary but doesn’t think she’ll nominate him. Phil says my strongest relationships are with you and Mitch. Ramsey asks even more than Dallas and Maddy? Phil says yes. Ramsey asks what about Joel. Phil says way more than Joel I haven’t talked to him in a week and a half. Phil says I think I’ve cleaned up my game in the last little bit. I’m telling you with Jared’s crew … especially Mitch and I .. you are people that we want. Phil says the targets for me on “our” side are Dallas & Loveita. If the POV is won, Maddy goes up. Ramsey says I guess the worst case scenario is Cass and Raul. Ramsey says he thinks Loveita and Cass are faking their fights. (They are). Phil says I think they’re just so weird. Phil says its good we’re talking so we know what to do if its a double. I just can’t put up Cassandra because she’s friends with all of them.

5:50pm Havenot room – Jared tells Kelsey that he feels like all the votes are going her way but kind of wants to throw my vote to Raul. Kelsey asks what if that’s the vote that matters? You’re playing with fate. I want you do to what you want to do. Jared says I don’t know what I want to do. I wish I didn’t have to play a role in any of this. Kelsey says but you do! Jared says I know. I had it in my head that the house is voting for you to stay and then I’d throw my vote to Raul. Kelsey says she thinks Mitch and the brothers want Raul to stay. Jared asks what do you want? Kelsey says I want it to just happen. Jared asks either you want to stay or you want to go.. what do you want? Kelsey says its not just that. Kelsey asks what do you say to people? Jared says I say that I might just split the vote with Mitch. Logically like you explained its probably better for Raul to stay but personally I want you to stay.

6:10pm – 6:30pm In the bedroom – Cassandra says I trust Jared. Joel says I do too. Cassandra says I figured out we have some of the same friends back in Winnipeg. I have a good relationship with Kelsey. She’s emotional so we always know where she stands. She’s not mad at you either, she blames this whole week on Loveita. Joel says he wants Jared around for awhile. Cassandra tells Joel not to worry about anything. Cassandra says If I win HoH, I should put up Ramsey and Dallas or no, Ramsey and Maddy and then backdoor Dallas. Tim joins them and they ask for his advice.

6:40pm Cassandra tells Tim that if she wins HOH she might put him up as a pawn with Ramsey. Tim says you could put me up. Cassandra says I wouldn’t put you up without talking to you. Tim says but would I have the numbers?

7:06pm The Jackpot goes off. No one cares about it any more.

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Why is Mitch fan favourite, he sucks(ya he does)?


Mitch is so annoying. Andy 2.0


Mitch hasn’t called a female contestant a bitch, mocked her children or in any mean been equally DISGUSTING and annoying as Andy was.

Tif Morton

BBCAN3 was so much better than this…anyone agree?


No that season was boring filled with annoying super fans.


Yes, I agree wholeheartedly and BBCAN3 sucked the big one. But there’s still lots of time left for production to “fix” this season too…

another name

the conundrum for me is i’m appreciating some house guests games, but i’m not liking any of the house guests. At this point i wouldn’t lose any sleep if the brick dropped a warehouse on the lot of them.


Yeah I know right? Just when I think I could like this person, they go and do something really nasty. Certain ones I can’t stand to even look at (Cassandra’s big swollen face and self-described ‘princess’ looks), Others I can’t even listen talk because of the use of ‘like’ so many times it becomes irksome. Mitch’s tone of voice (really getting under my skin). Maddy’s disgusting potty mouth and phoniness is glaring. Raul’s prancing and rolling eyes are getting old fast. (Why does he still have an accent?) I liked Joel for having the cahones to nominate the way he did but he’s turned out to be a long slithery snake (which is OK if he didn’t spill to Cassandra last night). She grilled him ‘what did he say about me?’, ‘what does she think of me?’ and he just didn’t hesitate. It was really nasty to see that side of him. He could have said nothing which would probably position him better but now that he’s looking like a two-faced rat, it’s not going to bode well (I hope).


Joel is by no means scared or meek. That conveniently comes out so he doesn’t get attacked and keeps from appearing as a threat. In the HOH last night in front of other people he said I wish I could enjoy my HOH room but people won’t f7*(*n leave the room. He told Loveita she was a leech in his room and they were like Siamese twins. When Cassandra ‘joked’ with her this way, she put her on the block. This time it went right over her head and she didn’t take him seriously. He has no problem saying what he feels. Smart but he’s also a rat.


Totally agree Joel is playing the geek rat game.
Don’t think the Cass / Love thing was the same at all. Cass told Love for three days she wasn’t working with Kelsey and didn’t really like her, but really liked Love. Love wins hoh and hears Cass say to Kelsey the joke at Love’s expense.
If Love heard Joel and Cass’ late night talk in the high roller last night where he said yeah nominating Love is a good idea, that would be the same.


I’d forgotten how close Joel and Cassandra are. I mean I’m aware Joel like Mitch has been (Rat) Floating, but I was surprised how much information he’s given to Cassandra this whole week.


Production calls Tim and Nikki into the d/r. Tim comes out and directly goes to Kelsey to talk about votes and campaigning. Kelsey starts campaigning.
Any more questions as to whether or not the wildcards are production tools to make sure that weekly criteria are met?


I had this way off the wall thought that the fake eviction twist could be that the 2 evicted would come back and Nikki and Tim would leave. Like they were contracted for 4 weeks only as a twist. This was based of something Nikki had said about still being here for one of the brothers birthdays (I believe). Plus neither seem to be trying to win that much,


Jared and Phil/Nick are still obvious big targets, but Jared, Raul, Mitch, and Phil/Nick would be a powerful alliance that could potentially be a force to be reckoned with. They certainly got the physicality and mental strength to beast through these comps (except the ones that are solely chance). After Kelsey goes (which seems like the likely case as of now, but who knows she may be saved by the twist) then Loveita will be the only woman left who will be a potential competition threat. Cassandra is definitely still dangerous despite Loveita trying to blow up her game last week, but her danger lies solely in her social game (which should never be underestimated). Maddy and Nikki are just coasting along though and can be picked off whenever.

Mitch made a great point to Raul about the why T3W alliance was inevitably going to be targeted just like the Diaper Alliance and Austwins. When 3 (or more people) are perceived to always be together than regardless of whether or not they are actually an alliance people will perceive them to be tight with one another and therefore less likely to turn on each other.

Danielle and Jason did it best, and despite the fact that they tended to usually hang out the Brigade also did a great job of appearing unaligned with one another.

Regardless of whether the Jared, Mitch, Raul, and Phil/Nick power alliance pans out or not, Mitch should hold onto Raul for as long as he can. Barring Raul winning a bunch of comps down the road, Mitch would beat him in the final 2.

sunny dee

well, except it seems that Dallas is the physical comp beast, winning 2 POVs, and doing well in the havenots, compared to those boys

the only reason Jared won that HOH comp is because Kelsey eliminated the competition, he wasn’t coming close to her ability to answer quickly and accurately. in the POV that Christine won, I don’t think Mitch was even close to 2nd.

so, just saying, seems like Dallas is the one to beat actually, tho he thinks that jared’s muscles and good looks and getting the girl has him locked in, it is Dallas who is actually forging relationships with everyone in the house, and winning comps. he’s even dragging Maddy along, in spite of her sour attitude, tho he doesn’t know how hard she is working against him in regards to her possibly voting to keep kelsey and her idea of evicting loveita first chance. that may be bitter over christine going home, but that had nothing to do with loveita and everything to do with people voting the opposite way. if things proceed this way, i would have zero problem with him winning the finale.


I definitely agree about Dallas being probably the biggest obstacle to a Mitch, Raul, Phil/Nick, and Jared alliance. But Cassandra’s been gunning for him for awhile as well, and if she’s ever able to win a chance or mental HOH I can see her BDing him. I’m not sure how long Dallas can keep up his comp wins, but 2 vetos in a row warrants a BD to ensure he’s up on the block come eviction night.

I was really impressed by Kelsey in that mental HOH and how she flawlessly eliminated Sharry, Maddy, and Ramsey. I saw some potential in her, but I’m not sure she really believes she’s capable of doing well in the game and discounts herself a lot. I think Mitch was throwing that POV between Christine and Loveita though. Or at least that’s what I remember hearing him say in the DR. His and Joel’s wins show that they can compete, but Mitch is choosing not to for now (similar to Phil/Nick).

Unfortunately there’s always a Coaster like Maddy who gets dragged along throughout the game. And I agree she’s a terrible ally for Dallas. However, Dallas like Loveita, is responsible for his positioning in the house. Jared doesn’t even do that much talking (at least in comparison to some of the other people in the house), but is still far better liked than Dallas and has more people wanting him to stay in the game so they can work with him.

Some people have labeled Jared the alpha (Dallas mainly), but I don’t think he is. At least not in the traditional aggressive and overbearing way (which Dallas is). Jared is really laid back kind of like Mitch which is a boon for him. I don’t know if they’ve ever kept track of type A and B personality types, but I’d wager that types B’s (the laid back people) tend to do statistically better in BB compared to type A’s (the aggressive people).


I don’t’ see a situation where Jared and Phil could actually be true allies long term. They’re more like frenemies. Both see themselves as an alpha. Phil thinks he is controlling and manipulating the course of the game. Jared believes himself to be the voice of “the house”. Those two cannot coexist long term. Throw in the Kelsey factor. If she stays, they will dissintegrate even faster.


Does anyone else have comment section when watching the livefeeds ? Mine is just a black space? I can’t wait for Thursday’s 90min episode !!


The comment section shows up on my feeds Left hand side next to the feed screen. Five newest comments with a scroll and a tab that adds the next five in the thread. But for the first few minutes and during the commercials every five minutes on replays, the comments go black.


Thanks Anonymous, I turned adblocker off & everything, and it still stays black screen. Mine shows up on the right hand side. This is just wrong 🙁


Hey Joel, Cass played you man. When she said Loveita said she trusted people 120%… who is the only person that consistently says 120%? Oh. Cass. using her own vernacular to put words in someone else’s mouths. Did he catch it or get played totally.
Hey Jared, when you say you told Phil to “cut the crap” are you just copying Tim for the sake of looking like the big man?
Hey everybody in the house…the correct word when you say you want to squash the rumor is actually quash. No, really, that’s the idiom. It’s quash not squash.


I think the rub-and-tug game is too little too late krazy-eyes Kelsey. She just started this campaigning tool today with Phil. I really want to see her sent packing. The only women this type of girl can be friends with are ‘ugly chicks’. Cassandra


“if I win HOH” says Canstrandra. The only thing she’ll win is ‘Most remblance to a fat toucan’. She’s so nauseating.


She isn’t even fat??

another name

I have a question.
About fifteen minutes ago (945pm Eastern), Tim and Joel were speaking about Loveita.
On twitter i saw a shot of her lying on the couch behind Tim and Joel.
Was she there the whole time?


I just went back to the feeds & yes she heard them. From what else I read, she over heard others talking about her in the hot tub area as well.

another name

Thanks. wasn’t sure if she was there first or just showed up.
Another couple days of her overhearing things, and observing the house dynamic, and the house may start fondly reminiscing about the days she’d hide in the hoh.


YES she was there before their conversation started. I noticed that she was very cool towards Joel in the pink bedroom when he made a smartass comment to Nick. She told him it was uncalled for, and Joel did not take it well and cracked off to her. I can see another breakup in the house coming. She doesn’t take criticism well.


Ya gotta like Dallas and his profanity and his insults. Naw not really but he makes for good laughs. He is no Evil Dick just ready to rumble Dallas Creepola!


That’s just mean saying Cass is fat!! Not true at all! You must be one of the ‘mean’ girls expressing your frustration of your self image! If you’re a dude then you read too many ‘air brushed’ magazines!
As far as Dallas winning…. When pigs fly! Can’t stand him… He’s got no manners! Imo