Nicole says Hayden has shown his we!ner so many times but her eyes have never met it

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-03 21-18-51-253

9:20pm Derrick and Caleb pool side
Derrick warns him things can change quickly in the game.

BB16-2014-08-03 21-43-57-149

9:35pm poolside VIctoria, Hayden, Jocasta, Christine.
Victoria says Caleb was so mean to her in the Diary room.
9:46pm Donny and Cody have joined them.
Nicole says Hayden has shown his weiner so many times but her eye have never met it.
Hayden says if they haven’t met allow him to introduce it to her.
They start talking about BB11, Christine says Jeff was HOT. DOnny mentions that Jeff went toe to toe with the “wrestling guy”
BB16-2014-08-03 21-55-15-057
9:51pm Backyard couch Caleb and Derrick
Derrick says he’s the dad of the season and Caleb is the Beat mode cowboy.
Derrick Think the last 3 weeks Caleb’s storyline had to do about Amber. “I know you never talked sh1t about her” Derric says if AMber really was talking sh1t about Caleb then she’ll be the one looking like the a$$hole.
Derrick has noticed Caleb’s hair is already growing back… conversation changes to ants..
Derrick – I have trouble saying this but I have trouble picturing my daughters face.

BB16-2014-08-03 22-08-23-148

10:08pm Hammock Victoria and Derrick
She says she spoke a bit with Cody. She’s hearing that CHristine will not use the veto and Zach is going home. Victoria says Caleb was so degrading to her during their 48 hours it was the worst.
Derrick says he’s not lying about who he really is back home, Caleb, Zach, Cody and Hayden are all who they say they are this is how they know if people are lying to him or not. Derrick wants to know for sure Victoria is who she says she is.
Victoria – are you serious.. are you crazy,
Derrick – Nah I really think you are who you say you are
Victoria – THis cannot get out.. Did you not recently 4 weeks ago did you make final 2 deal with people.”
Derrick – I made deals to the end but not final deals Zach came up to him,Frankie is all over the place. THe only person he told them he wanted to go to the end with is Victoria. Derrick wants to know who said it he’ll tell her the truth he always has.
Victoria says he’s the number one person she trusts in this game.
Victoria says Christine told her that he made a final 2 with brittany because they were both parents.
Derrick only told her it would be nice if one of the married people would make it to the end. but he never said final 2 .
Derrick – Do you trust CHristine
Victoria – no
Derrick – exactly..
Derrick asks her if Hayden will choose her over Nicole. Victoria thinks she could if she let it happen but then she’ll have Nicole after her.
Victoria doesn’t trust Frankie on ebit she want him out
Derick – I think Frankie wants everyone out he wants the money.. I don’t think he’s targeting her specifically
Victoria I think Cody and Hayden will choose Nicole and Christine over me
Derrick – I do to i’m not going to lie to you.
Derrick wants to go up to CHristine right now and say “You’re a f*** liar” but he’s not going to it’s not the smart way to play the game, “we got to let me think they are winning”
Derrick says he’s been talking to Jocasta about personal things. He believe they can get her vote if either of them end up on the block.
Derrick – Who would you rather have win it Jocasta or Frankie
Victoria – her
Derrick – Exactly she’s got two kids
Victoria – this game is about to get so dirty.. like so dirty
Derrick- it is .. it’s fine
Derrick says the house is coming down to two groups. these groups are going to fight it out. they have to sit on the sidelines and wait until the numbers go down. He points out over half the house is still in play.
Derrick says he knew they were going to be partners in crime ever since he saw her in LA.
She starts talking about her business a major part of her clients are boudoir pictures that is why she rents the apartment in Miami it‘s for those clients.

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BB16-2014-08-03 22-34-48-707
10:32pm HOH Nicole reading her HOH letter and crying. She tells the camera he’s not crying because of the game she misses her family. Hayden briefly comes up and give her a hug.

BB16-2014-08-03 23-02-00-836

11:01pm Living room Christine and Cody
She mentions telling Nicole she’s not using the veto.
“She’s not happy with him staying at all.. I want to talk to you and Derrick again..”
Cody – “Well see what happens”
Christine – Did you near that she was crying.. she thought she looked FAT in the gifs she was literally bawling.. it’s really sad when you care about your physical looks that much.. it’s a hard life.
Christine – Can you believe we’re only half way there.
Cody the thing I hate is the people being paranoid.. they are running everywhere.. no one in the house that’s so obvious anymore.

BB16-2014-08-03 23-53-39-550

11:30pm Hayden’s been telling Donny and Nicole all about Metal music. Highlights the mosh pits and how violent it can get.
Nicole asks if his mom is freaked out about him going to These shows
Hayden “She sees my metal shows the show I put up are small people run around in a circle.”
Nicole – So she doesn’t know you windmill people and get donkey kicked in the face”
Donny – all these terms.. donkey kick
Nicole – and girls do this sometimes
Hayden – once and awhile there’s a brave girl.. it’s usually guys in there usually big guys..
Hayden shows us what it’s like in the mosh pits throwing kicks, fists and elbows, “but you don’t chase someone down it’s not a fight”

BB16-2014-08-04 00-13-02-105

12:14AM Victoria says Happy Birthday to her mom

BB16-2014-08-04 00-36-15-551
Guys playing pool.. girls and Hayden chit chating. Nicole tells us how close her and Mariah are.

BB16-2014-08-04 00-43-31-309

12:38Am Derrick and Cody
Derrick brings up that Christine has been saying he had made a final 2 withe Brittany because they are both parents. Derrick – She’s planting seeds about me and you she sees us as the best social players in the house
Derrick – She’s trying to indirectly put a negative spin on Derick and Cody for the long term she’ setting this up too early she sees that Everyone loves us. Cody – Tonight when we talk I’m going to call her out.
Derrick – So she wants to talk to us.. just like Amber she knows the sh1t she’s been saying has gotten back to us.. that my friend is a guilty conscience
Cody points out that Frankie is worried he doesn’t have the pull that he thought he did. Cody is going to tell Christine “I know to said to DOnny to put me up”
Derrick – She also told Nicole to put us up.. that will blow up Nicole though you don;t want to do that.
Derrick – “Wow she’s really trying to burn us we can all agree on that.”

12:40am Cody and Christine cuddles

1:01AM Bathroom Caleb and Derrick
Talking about the vote. Caleb says they need to get her out back door donny , “I don’t understand why.. does she honestly think Zach is going home:
Frankie says Christine doesn’t want to use the veto get blood on her hands.
Frankie – Hopefully during double eviction he goes
Derrick leaves.
Frankie asks Caleb if he owns the HOH who would he put up. Victora and hayden?
Caleb says he won’t put up Hayden. Frankie explains Hayden would be nominated because he’s so strong and will win the POV
Caleb decides Hayden and Victoria POV played Donny goes up POV not played “Bye Victoria”

BB16-2014-08-04 01-16-26-284

1:15Am ROCK ROOM Frankie and Caleb
Caleb about Amber “A least I got to see her comic book cover She looks smoking”
Frankie – you are gong to get so much better when you get out of here someone that isn’t so burdened she has too much baggage.. she was laded with baggage.
Zach attacks wake up

1:24AM Backyard Nicole, Hayden and Derrick
Nicole says there is a list of things that Christine has done to chip away at their trust.
Hayden says she’s never done anything specifically to him it’s just the things she says .
Hayden says Christine was campaigning for Zach to go but yesterday she was fighting for him to stay.
Derrick says Cody trust Christine. but if she goes up she’s going to have to go home. Hayden says if he won HOH Jocasta and Victoria goes up and If POV isn’t played Jocasta goes home but his real target is to get Frankie out over Christine. Explains that Frankie is more dangerous he sees Frankie being able to do more in the game.
Derrick says he can tell when Frankie is playing him but he gets no read on Christine that is why he more worried about Christine.
Derrick mentions Christine never talks crap to him
Nicole – she talks crap about everyone all the time.. today it was about Victoria.
Hayden mentions that CHristine is going around telling Nicole that he made out wit Victoria.
Derick first and foremost I know you wouldn’t do that and I know we bust Victoria balls but she wouldn’t do that either..
Nicole mentions Christine said it was disgusting twice.
Hayden – She’s trying to tear us apart.
Derrick says it would be such a HUGE move if Nicole can convince Christine to use the Veto tell her you’ll put up Donny but you don’t you put whoever she wants.
Nicole says she thought about it but it’ll put too much blood on her hands it’s too early to do such a move. Derrick agrees but says it would sure be a BIG MOVE
They agree Frankie’s paranoia is off the charts. “Nicole it’s worst than Amber”
Derrick asks him about Donny. Hayden – Frankie and Caleb are the targets of Donny
The only person he’s worried about is Derrick but DOnny never brings him up as as target.. Derrick asks him about Cody what does Donny think of him could Donny put him up. Hayden doesn’t know hasn’t heard him say anything. Derrick asks about Nicole and Christine would Donny target them. Hayden is certain Donny won’t put them up.
Cody comes by.. They talk about Christine
1:55AM Backyard Derrick, Nicole, Cody
Nicole says Frankie and Caleb area really close
Hayden says Caleb has already expressed to them that he doesn’t trust Frankie
Nicole brings up Frankie coming up to her saying there’s two Groups int eh house with Jocasta in the middle.
Donny, Victoria, Zach, Cody, Derrick Versus Frankie, Nicole, Hayden, Christine and Caleb.
Derrick – that’s jsut straight up paranoia.
Nicole says obliviously it’s not true because her and Hayden are not working together.

2:09AM Hayden, Cody and Derrick
Hayden asks them what they should say to Frankie and Caleb after the POV Ceremony.
Derrick says the story is they’re saving Zach until right before the vote. Thursday morning they pull Frankie aside and tell him the house has flipped they don’t have the votes.
Cody and Derrick agree Caleb won’t be that pissed if Zach goes. THey think they can get Caleb’s support because he told them Zach did exactly what Devin did and should therefore go home.
Hayden is thinking if there’s a way they can pin this on Christine it would shield them if frankie wins the HOH
Derrick – we have to Iron this out a bit.
Derrick thinks if they tell Caleb about getting Zach out he’ll go to Frankie they can’t tell him anything yet.
Cody – this is going to be a tough one dude
Derrick and Cody tell him Frankie really wants Donny gone why is he pushing to have them put up on the block
Hayden thinks it’s because Frankie is scared and doesn’t want to go up himself.
Cody think the week is pretty much on lock they know Christine won’t use the Veto and they are sending Zach home.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 02-33-39-344a

2:15am In the bathroom – Cody and Derrick are whispering. Derrick says that Donny, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta are trying to get numbers on their side. He says the other side is trying to get them to turn against each other. Cody says that he thinks Zach is playing both Derrick & Cody and Frankie & Christine. They plan to talk to Christine after the veto ceremony. Cody says that he thinks Christine is in his back pocket and they want him or Derrick to be the ones to send her home. Derrick says that they never mentioned backdooring Christine before Battle of the Block. Derrick says that Christine trusts Cody. Derrick brings up how Nicole said I can’t put Christine up, but I’ll vote her out. Cody says you know whos game that is… Donny’s. Cody says that’s what Donny says, I can’t put them up but I’ll vote them out. He says Donny is working with Nicole & Hayden so they can put up people that the other person can’t put up, so that they can vote them out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 02-27-29-096

2:45am Zach and Cody are playing pool talking about Caleb being way too full of himself. Zach says that Caleb is a one upper. Caleb is a 20 upper. Zach says we’re dominating this game right now. Like we didn’t even get HOH and we’re still controlling what’s going on. It doesn’t even matter, Jocasta is going home no matter what. Zach says I told Sarah (production) my speech and she thought it was hilarious, she loved it. Zach says its too easy right now. Zach says he is a little worried about Cody & Hayden talking a lot. Cody says it’s not about game and it’s weird because Hayden normally does talk game. He says maybe because Nicole is HOH and he can’t say stuff.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 02-36-14-033
3:10am In the havenot room. Cody and Hayden. Hayden says that Frankie is so that Zach has to stay. Zach is going to go ape sh*t. Hayden says that Frankie is like no question Zach has to stay. Hayden asks what are we going to tell Christine? Cody says I don’t know we need to talk about it. Hayden says we should be able to pin it all on Christine so that Frankie is mad at her. Cody says we need to talk about what we’re going to say because if we start flipping sh*t she is going to catch it. Hayden says its going to be tough. Cody says it won’t be that tough. Cody asks Donny’s down to vote Zach out right? Hayden says yeah. Frankie joins them and then go to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 03-16-03-337

3:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:10am The house guests are still sleeping..

Where the Vote is.. 
Zach going home.. (it’s very confusing right now lots of person X playing person Y playing person X etc etc.. At the end of the day… Zach doesn’t have the votes right now)
Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Christine the f*ing barista up on her god damn high horse again.

God I wish someone would take her down a peg!


I’m disappointed that it seems like Zach’s leaving.

I want Zach to blow up everyone’s game for my entertainment, not the same ole politically correct, hoping to get my foot in the door to bigger and better exits that these players have been doing. Give me something.

Doubled D

Christine may just save the alliance (and Zach) this week. Little does she know that she would be the first one packing.


I’m praying somehow Derrick changes his mind and wants zach to stay!!! Does no one realize zach is the only thing preventing the two sides of the house from going to war!! If zach goes Frankie will be after derricks head


Actually I think it is best for Derrick’s game to go after Zach… Zach is not working with him and Cody he is working with Frankie and telling Frankie everything Cody and Derrick say. Derrick’s downfall is getting Cody to not trust Nic because Nic wants Frankie out and he is trying to save Frankie for TA. I thought Derrick was getting overly paranoid but I think he is just pretending (based on his DR comment from tonight’s show) to get Cody not to trust Nic so he can save Frankie. After tonight’s convo with Vic Derrick should know Nic actually hasn’t ever lied to him. Every lie he thought (and/or claims) Nic told him was shut down by Vic and he didn’t let Cody know.

Jacosta's Phone

Ring ring Jacosta you suck at competitions! And you have no social game.


I love your username!!! Lol ??????


A lot of people on here are just as judgemental, jealous, and paranoid like in the BB house. WoW!!


so true!!


Ya know there a definitely people who come on here a just spew senseless hate. But there some people like me who are just trying to call it like it is.

I don’t like Christine because I’ve know people like her in real life (ironically that worked at Starbucks)

She has so many insecurities about herself that she has to project them onto every other girl in the big brother house. She’s is outright mean and the of the most judgmental and catty person I’ve seen on this show since Jenn.

So call us what you want, but your favorite houseguest are still assholes. Thumbs down if you’re a cackletwat!!


Thumbs down! 🙂

Gun Advocate Republican Donny

Time for bed, let the game talk begin.


Zach going would be a mistake for a handful of these houseguests. You want to bring him to the end because people would not vote for him.


Zach would be the ideal player to take to the end. With the exception of Donny, everyone else is on the same level including Victoria who has won more comps than Caleb, Derrick, and Cody combined. If you ask me, Cody is the ultimate floater in the house he does NOTHING!


He’s the detonators version of Enzo. A much more whiny and less strategic Enzo.

Cough, Derrick!

For a 100% chance of winning, a guy only needs to bring any female to final 2. Both males and females have a hard time voting a woman as being more deserving than a man, no matter how good a job she did.


Yea like with GM last year. Granted she wasn’t the most strategic player haha at all really. But she was a beast in competitions!! Same thing with Arryn. Couldn’t stand her, but she played a great game. GM had a target pseudo target on her ALL season and no one would even give her the time of day at the end against the rat.

Only very rarely do we see two females or two males in the final together. I don’t see this season straying far from the course.


Anyone else see frankie pre- nose job? Ari grandes house tour on you tube features big brother and his huge snozola. BB year of the funky nose’d houseguest!

Michael from Canada

Wow, he would have out-schnozzed them all this year if he didn’t get that done.




Seriously? You can’t go to YouTube and type in “Ariana Grande house tour”??? Geez.

For all you lazy bums:


Christine is cuddling with Cody…again. Here’s my shocked face -__-
What a whore. And an embarrassment.
Hey Tim, you picked a real winner! 😉

Roisen Dubh

If that were my wife doing that, I would drop her in a hot second. That’s just plain disrespectful. I’m no angel but that’s just wrong. Dude must be embarrassed beyond belief right about now.


That is what I have said before and I am saying again. Christine wants all the girls gone only because she wants to be left with all the guys.

That`s why she has turned on Nicole because she is jelous Hayden likes Nicole that way.

Christine is Squidward.

It would not surprise me one bit if Christine’s homely husband is down with her acting this way. Who knows. maybe they are freaks and have an open marriage and a competition to see who can nail the hottest chick or dude? As gross as this all sounds…….just sayin

Roisen Dubh

Christine and Frankie are done. The last 2 days ruined them. Getting rid of Zach is good for Derrick. He knows that kid will come back and hurt him bad.Zach ain’t afraid of nobody and that keeps Derrick unsettled. Cody really needs to shut up, he thinks he a power player in this game when all he really is Derrick’s piss boy. You guys rag Jocasta, but she’s playing the game the way she has to. She’s in no alliance and the moment she stands up, she’s gone. Look at the past history. Caleb only has one win.I truly believe the house is scared of him, that’s why he’s still around. Nobody likes to deal with crazy. I said last night Derrick a shoe in but it’s starting to look like a floater might emerge as the winner. All the power players are paranoid and more than ready to pull the trigger on each other. Donny’s been staying cool and collected. Nobody gives a crap about Hayden right now. I hope they can sucker Christine into using the veto and Frankie goes up. All hell will break loose. Victoria, just shut up and enjoy the summer, keep trying to get into the game, they’ll dump you just to shut you up. Boy I thought Dan and Ian’s jury was butthurt, we ain’t seen nothing yet. This finale is gonna be butthurt paradise.


if Thursday is a double eviction, all hELL is about to cut loose.
Zach pushes at people, he might get Jocasta out in the first half
of the night, but then there is the second phase. I’m assuming
that Christine keeps the “noms” as is or pulls Jocasta. Zach has
to win the next HoH to stay in the game, i feel the odds are at
50/50 due to Jocasta not being a major threat. I agree with you.
the paranoia can only get worse as all assume all alliances are
more solid than they are even as they know things can go south.

Kathie from Canada

We were watching golf on CBS yesterday and the announcer read a BB promo saying that this week was the set-up for a double eviction show on Sunday! Anyone else hear that??

Geez Louise

Christine and Cody ‘s oh-so-awkward touching gives me major Heebeegeebees!


Theses people are all over the place. Derrick and Cody are all over the house making alliances and deals, Jocasta is fighting for people to use the veto on her every week, Christine is busy talking crap and trying to bounce on Cody’s bone, Nicole is just confused as hell and can’t make a single decision on her own she literally has to ask Hayden or Derrick about every move she makes, zack is just drunk in love with Frankie and is more worried about getting air time and causing chaos and doesn’t realize he’s in major danger, Caleb…… Do I need to go there, Victoria is more concerned about following Derrick and her makeup than the game, Frankie, as much as I don’t like him is playing a strategic game with a good balance of social and muscle, and Donny is playing a good, safe game. He knows that these young people will rip each other apart. If I wasn’t such a BB fan I would not even be remotely interested in this season, but I’m still keeping hope that it will get better!

Roisen Dubh

I think Frankie’s game ended when Amber left. The funny thing is that Nicole’s HOH cracked the house and she’s too dumb to see it. By her telling Derrick and Christine 2 different things it went to another level. Gotta love the superfan. Christine and Frankie exposed themselves and everyone caught it. Amber leaving had more effect on everyone’s game than it should have and ironically made yeast mode cowboy’s target shrink. This is a weird season. It’s slow, but the confusion is just insane. Thanks Devin, you’re craziness is still being felt in that house.


Even though he’s roughly twice their age, his being a classic small town gossip is keepin’ Donny
in the game. He tends to have firm ground-rules, he called Caleb on his actions and threat in a
direct way without lying. Donny is not a fool!!! Derrick knows how to talk up or down situations.
Zach is a loose cannon and/or cannonball, he has only two mind~frames. i feel he is a hustler
and is playing Frankie like a fiddle, i think Zach lies and mixes it with half truths more often than
poor Frankie does. Caleb’s comp~beastie “tunnel vision is a blessing and a curse. he may be in
the process of playing up his “crazy” side. i hope CBS tends to screen for stressors or psychosis.
he did get over Amber sooooo fast as he crippled her “social” game and possible “showmances”…i
think he went to smugly into hurt wimpy “dog in the manger” mode. its becoming a total zoo by degrees…

Chilltown 4 Life

Derrick and Cody talk tough, but have no balls. Getting rid of Zach gets rid of their buffer against the other side of the house.


Zach is playing a rat’s game and some of you are too blind to see it.

Go Zachary!!!!! ^_____^V

I’d be realllly upset if Zach goes home…. Grrrrrr!!!!

As far as I’m concerned, Zach is the only one with balls in that house.. Everybody else has just pussy!!! Baaaaah!!!!!!


Zach doesn’t have balls, he is a spoiled little brat having a tantrum because he is bored, and I can not wait until he is out of the house


I agree. The rest of the HG are about as exciting as watching paint dry. All afraid to do anything, and too predictable. At least with Zack there you know there’s always a chance of some sort of drama. When he goes I’ll probably just catch up on this site as opposed to watching.

Anon 2

Devin’s tweet summed it up:

Ok well the Brady Bunch officially starts Thursday if Zack gets evicted! #BB16 not going to be the same


It’s honestly sad how irrevelant Caleb and Victoria are in this game! They are seriously f*cking clueless… Every time someone tries to talk to them about game they can’t even go 5 seconds without switching the conversation about some completely random! Caleb switches the subject to amber, who is long gone, or lying about how the producers wanted him on survivor. Victoria talks about makeup, boys, or whines to Derrick about how no one likes her. Jocasta is horrible in comps, but even she talks more game than these two. At least she cares enough to beg for the veto every week! These two are an embarrassment! I feel like people only talk to them as a way to keep them voting with them. Everyone dislikes them. Lol.


The only reason why i still watch this season is because of Zach, frankie, Donny and derrick. So it would really suck if one of them goes home this week.


I’m starting to think that maybe after 15 1/2 seasons I need to take a break from big brother. I find it annoyingly boring this year and now without the unpredictability of zach I would probably enjoy watching paint dry more than what is going on in the house.


I hate this week. It’s so boring. I’m looking forward to doule eviction on Thursday because no one can manipulate and talk game as much about who’s going and who to put up. I’m sure it will be the same people running the show, but I’m hoping its not and Jocasta wins because I have no clue who she would put up (she’s got to win something right? Ha). I’m also hoping the double HOH twist comes to and end because that has been nothing but a major fail.



Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us up to date. I hope that both of you are getting some sleep now that the houseguests seem to be going to be slighlyt earlier and not staying up all night.


Yes thankfully as I was starting to fall a part from lack of sleep.


Jocasta never really has a chance when she told them she was a pastor. No one formed an alliance with her and not have won anything, she’s done pretty good as far as being a pawn even though her social game play sucks. She HAS to win HOH. IF EVER she needs to the time is now


The funny thing is everyone thinks Donny and Jocasta are in an alliance and a threat because of it. It’s ridiculous!


had she said she was a guidance councilor for middle school kids, she’d have looked the part!


This is finally getting interesting. Cody is obviously using Christine which, even though he’s not our favorite, is good game play on his part. I can see Zankie getting paranoid and Christine taking Zach off the block, and I think Donny will sail through by just listening and laying low.


Hey Dawg! Wheres the latest update? Hasnt been one for the last 7 hours


The house guests are sleeping … I will update when they wake up


Sleeping houseguests must be thrilling for you, considering the crazy sleeping patterns of previous weeks. 🙂 Your sleep deprivation, dedication, and hard work is much appreciated. Thanks!


Yes as much as I love the non-stop feeds for all the fans and live feed watchers .. its definitely a relief to finally be able to get more than a few hours sleep.

Dawg and Simon, this is THE place to be come summertime, you guys do a phenomenal job with updates and it is greatly appreciated. I hooked onto the live feeds from this website and now do my Amazon shopping by first getting on here. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO !


Thank you so much! We appreciate it and so glad you love our live feed updates! Here’s hoping things get a lot more exciting this august!


Caleb should get a clue that he is only a vote for Derrick and Cody. They always tell him at the last minute that the plans have changed. It happened with Amber and now Zach. He should realize that they don’t involve him in the real decision making. Also Zach wanted to play this Dr. Will game but it backfired and he seemed a little upset that Nicole put him up on the block. What did he expect. He seems like the type of person that can dish but can’t take it when someone else does it to him.


he actually put the ideaaarrrr in her head by voicing her inner thoughts.
he went out of his way and asked for it, almost. he was hoping to hear
that she was too afraid of him to even think it thru. turns out, taking him
down becomes a resume “thingie” for any potential jury in the end zone!
had he kept his mouth shut, she’d have spent 7 hours mulling it all over!!!

Caleb'” I am the king of the house ” delusion makes me think that not only does he have personality
disorder(s) one being narcissistic , he may only be borderline intelligent as well. He seems more focused on elevating his own ego and that leaves no room for strategy. He’ll go where the ” cool ” guys are at the time to give himself some added importance and any strategy that is told to him will be “his strategy” HIs DR sessions are very telling

Killer K

Looks like its TIME for me to cancel the feeds and pull the plug on the season! With Zach going this week, there’s not anyone worth watching on the feeds. I am the biggest, well I should say, USED to be the biggest BB fan, but every season for like the last 5 haven’t been good at all IMO..It’s been more disappointment than TV fun anymore…BB16 is people who either have no game, or people who have that boring style of play like Dan(Derrick and Cody) or playing both sides like Ronny, Andy, etc(Frankie)…there’s no out of the box thinkers…every week theres a “house vote” on who leaves…. AND where’s the “twist after twisted twist” summer we were promised? Nicole being “too scared” to backdoor Frankie is beyond ridiculous! When she gets evicted she wont even care, her comment will be “I had a great exp in the BB house this summer” Where are the GAMERS?? Also what is the point of having an alliance if no one is gonna stick to it? I always go back to casting….these people that are “recruited” always make the WORST players! There’s gonna be WAY too many HG’s NOT to root for coming right up…Jocasta, Victoria, Christine, Cody etc…BIG boring! Simon and Dawg, love you guys, but I’m OUT!


I don’t understand all of these people saying they only have the feeds to watch Zach… umm yes Zach can be entertaining but he is only awake for 1hr a day so really not worth it. And your comment about Nic being too scared to backdoor Frankie is ridiculous. She may act like she is scared but she would have done it in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. The only way she would have the opportunity would be if she lied to Chris and told her she was going to put up Donny and then switched it up and put up Frankie. That would be an incredibly dumb game move on her part because now Chris would lose all trust in her and she would have even more people going after her.

Killer K

Who cares that Zach sleep during the day….hes up all night on the feeds and bbad! And its been fun to watch cuz hes not your typical run of the mill player! Even if it were just an hour? Id take that hour over the rest of the HG’s time combined! And nice try defending Nicole but youre giving her way too much credit! Those were her words not mine! Shes TOO scared to backdoor Frankie….has she even asked Christine to use or pushed for that? Hell no! Cuz shes scared! Maybe if she acted her age as opposed to acting like shes 15, she might get somewhere…..shes your typical talking about big moves rather than making big moves kinda player. …shes got NO shot of winning….take that one to the bank! Lastly ive seen every season unlike most…..this new school BB is a shell of what old school BB used to be…..if you wanna sit around and watch everyone play nicey nice with this house vote crap? GO AHEAD! I got better things to do with my time then watch recycled comps, gameplay, etc….Boooo to BB16! Feeds are cancelled!


Wow that was an overly heated comment with a lot of arguments against nothing I said. I know a lot of people watch the feeds for entertainment value, I however watch the feeds because I am interested in the strategy of the players and the game play aspect. For someone who claims to be such a huge fan you are pretty close minded and one sided. Explain to me how Nic could have persuaded Chris to use the veto without showing her cards to Chris? And I don’t think Nic cared that much if it wasn’t used because either way a target of hers was going. Also she is the first HOH to go after a big player. Even the detonators have wasted all of their HOHs going after weak girls. As for the whole house votes I agree it is ridiculous and boring and don’t know why you even took that I thought that was awesome out of my post.


Just an observation, but once you could subscribe to the live feeds, the show lost 90% of it’s entertainment value. When you know everything that is going on in the house, nothing can ever shock or surprise you. You see the wheels turning, you see the the first conversation that leads to flipping the house. We like to see people blindsided, sure, but I think we like to be blindsided even more. Watching the show with people who don’t see/read live feeds, I see that they enjoy it more than I do. It’s too late for me, though, I’m hooked on the live updates. Thanks Dawg/Simon.

Fiddler on the Hammock....

Derrick is playing Victoria like a fiddle….and if you listen very closely you can hear the tune “If I Were A Rich Man…yo ha deedle deedle bubba bubba deedle deedle DUMB!”


Derprick has groomed Victoria to be his perfect little snitch without her knowing it. Furthermore, he has a lock on her by telling her not to repeat anything he says. He is carefully and methodically lining up his final three or final two options for later down the road. He skillfully picks the lamest people, with no personality, the ones not central to any major events and mentors/coaches them into being his lackeys. Derprick is a serious contender for the win if the house waits too long to evict either him or Victoria. Cody is just a mushy bit of nothing – incapable of doing much damage or playing a top game.

The Ant Alliance

You should root for us ants. We have the numbers & control the house.




I agree. Wussy cody is no power player. His strategy is snuggling which is a lot like big nose frankie minus the leg humping


The game is FINALLY starting to shape into form. Derrick and Frankie are the key players this season. They are the aircraft carriers. Everything revolves around those two. They have been cruising together all season because the BoB twist has made it very difficult for the power players to be nominated. So it made sense to work together early on. Step out of line, dare to oppose them, and you get blasted out of the water. Joey, Devin, Brit, Amber each stuck their head out and got it blown off. Pow, Jacosta, and Victoria are little sailboats. No offense, no defense, they are just floating along hoping not to get taken out. They are bait and votes and nothing else. Pow was collateral damage of Devin. She went home because he made a move and she got caught in the crossfire. Derrick has played the sailboats the best so far. He has been there for Jacosta and Victoria on a personal level, a shoulder they can cry on. Derrick has also given them sage game advice. Keep your head down and stay calm and don’t cause any waves. they both trust Derrick more than anybody else. He has added them to his army without actually aligning with them. Zach and Cody are the respective lieutenants. Christine is the spy. She rats everyone out to Derrick and Frankie and sets the targets for the week. Caleb is the dumb goon muscle. But his strategy and game play are nonexistent. He is still around because he isn’t smart enough to threaten the two captains and they can use him as sheer intimidation. Donny is actually also an aircraft carrier….smart, strategic, and perceptive. His problem is that like he said, he is playing with a bunch of ‘young uns’. He has the skill to be a major player but he has no army, only a sailboat. So he has laid low and bided his time. Hayden and Nicole are the swing team of the season. They are like Switzerland, a formidable force but one that is not choosing sides and are just going along with the aircraft carriers. They have worked with all three of them but haven’t actually chosen a side. This week has seen the tide swing heavily towards Derrick. His lieutenant Cody has done his job (to the dismay of many fans). He has kept his mouth shut and not done anything to jack up derricks game. Well, he actually hasn’t done anything period, but it is working for Derrick. Frankie right now is in trouble, mainly because his two closest allies, zach and Christine, have seriously f’d his game. Zach, while entertaining, has really succeeded in completely turning the Swiss team against them by consistently (and sometimes needlessly) tormenting Nicole. I do like the wildcard, but he has seriously screwed Frankie, and let’s face it, some of his antics are just really contrived (you hate every person in the house? Really? Buh-ringggg….Dr. Will just called, he wants his speech back). Christine pulled the dumbest move of the season by telling Nicole that Hayden hooked up with sailboat #3. Really??? You didn’t think those two would fact check?? They are a freaking showmance that is too smart to actually call themselves a showmance. Stupid stupid stupid move. So Derrick is making the first move and taking out Frankie’s top lieutenant. Frankie is on the rocks but he can bounce back…he just needs to regroup and restrategize before it’s too late. Derrick is in the drivers seat but needs to be careful. Frankie, Hayden, and Donny are all waiting in the shadows for him to slip up. Should be a fun (and thankfully exciting) rest of the season.


Excellent UNBIASED analysis of the game so far. Spot on as well!


Great post, Twisted. Watching and listening,,, you have some of that Swiss in you too…

Christine is Squidward.

Great analogy ! Waiting patiently for Frankie’s submarine to sink


Great breakdown, Twisted.


Zach the gift that keeps on giving. By voting out zach undercover bacon and pee sitter will be left with no actual true ally lmao. I still don’t think they will vote out zach. I just think derrick is being super careful because for the first time all year his and cody’s name are being mentioned. He just wants the pov meeting to be over and then he’ll start working his magic. It would be much easier to explain voting out jacosta to hayden/nicole than it would be explaining voting out zach to frankie/caleb/. If zach does leave derrick and cody will have essentially done hayden/nicoles work for 3 straight weeks which kinda makes me wonder who really is the “smartest” in this game.

The 10......

does Jocasta live in another part of the BB house we don’t know about?


If Zach goes home..its finally game on!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


How funny is it that Vic said she would go for Hayden but Nicole would be after her. Derick seems to be setting that up to happen. Vic’s hair extensions must be too heavy because she’s delusional about the guys fake affection for her. Hahahaha


Don’t know where to start. The best thing for us viewers would be for the veto to used to take down Jos and put up Frankie up. With him and Zach campaigning against each other would be so great. But things change every minute in the house. I so wanted for Nick to do that and it sounded like that was the plan but I forgot that it isn’t her HOH. lol

Boxer Mom

Guys, I have it all figured it out! Jocasta is going to win, hands down. She is working a totally new strategy! It’s called: don’t talk game with anybody, don’t even really try in any competition, cry on a moment’s notice, get sick, have an injury, and pray with everyone. I mean, why do any of the winning, alliance forming, etc. when you don’t have to? People are always saying they love her and they’re sorry she’s on the block. She’s got it made. When the time comes she will rip off her clothes wearing a Superwoman costume, and put all these people to shame. She’ll then get the sympathy votes and win this thing. You go girl!


I would not be surprised, since everyone is afraid to get blood on their hands….is this not how the game is played? You have to do it sometime or they will do it to you. I wonder if these geniuses will have any balls, during double eviction or will they be too afraid? It’s ridiculous! I think she will be in the final two, definitely!

The Z-Man

If Zach gets voted out we riot!


I’m get grossed out when Derrick sucks and picks on his teeth with his tongue. He truely is a pig.


Really? He touches his teeth with his tongue? How dare he……

A Ripped T-Shirt

So if Zach gets evicted, who else will entertain us? certainly not anyone else in the house. Maybe Dawg?


Yeah I would tear that house up!

Mister E

Does anyone know if Big Brother is really doing a double eviction this week? I have not heard anything on the show and it just seems like they are guessing that is whats happening.


There is a double eviction this week. Julie Chen stated that at the end of the Thursday episode.

My guess is that this Thursday Julie Chen will tell the house guests she has good news and bad news for them… The good news is that the 2 HOH twist is over, the bad news is its a double eviction.

Mister E

Thanks Dawg


Has anyone else noticed how few Christine/Frankie discussions occur or are able to be documented? check all the pairings the last couple days, am i missing somehow the Frankie/Christine confab? 🙂


Don’t get me wrong I like Jocasta and I want her to stay over Zack, but if she does get voted out its because in my opinion she is not playing the game. In this game you have to lie, cheat and steal in order to make it to the end. Yes I dislike Frankie and Derrick but they are playing the game, not like I would but they are playing their own game.

Good luck to them all they all have courage because you wouldn’t get me on live TV feed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I am sure I would have cursed out half the house by this time in the game.


I agree. I like Jocasta but I would prefer someone to win that is likeable AND plays the game.


I find it quite DISGUSTING that Christine is representing AZ. Her hanging and petting all over Cody and being married is not gameplay. I cant wait to see her walk out that door!!!


I have a feeling that not only do Zach get voted out but he will also go home. Jury will only have 7 members this year and no chance of Zach getting back in the game. If he does go home then I am done with this season. Jocasta does not entertain me like Zach does. In fact she doesn’t do anything for this show or game. I can see the ratings drop big time when Zach goes. Its going to be so boring!!!!!!!!


Zach please don’t go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate you Christine!!! lol


After seeing that shot of Hayden’s package I lost track of everything that’s happening in the house. Nicole is a fool in more ways than one for never actually looking at it (as she claims). How can you miss it?? Honestly there is so much subterfuge going on that its exhausting. This group over analyzes everything to the point where it becomes clear they just like listening to the sound of their own voices. I wish I could just fast forward to Thursday’s DE to see who’s left standing.