Caleb says You’re eating like crazy! Are you pregnant?! You’re eating like a cow!

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

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2am Derrick and Cody are playing pool while Christine is watching. Derrick says its good for you if though because if she did pull a rabbit out of a hat and wins one, you would be safe. Derrick tells Christine that if she (Victoria) won one she would probably put up Frankie and Zach. She don’t trust Frankie and Zach’s been mean to her everyday. Caleb plays Derrick next. Victoria comes out and asks Caleb if they’re off slop on Wednesday. Derrick says no if you went on it on a Friday then you get off on Friday. Victoria says ohh.. Derrick says Victoria was probably conjuring up that for the last hour and now is sad she’s wrong. Derrick and Victoira head inside. Victoria comments that she (Nicole) thinks Christine is pissed at her. Derrick says it doesn’t matter. Victoria asks if this week will be a double eviction. Derrick says I don’t think so since we just had one. Caleb opens the backyard door and tells them that Cody and him made a bet that if I beat him at pool, he’ll jump in the pool n@ked. Derrick talks to Victoria about his past when he used to have checkered past (fake story). Back outside Christine says I just remembered another conversation I had with Nicole before the BOB that makes her sound so paranoid.

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2am – 3am In the fire room – Zach tells Victoria you’re not going to go home. It’s scary sitting in those chairs but you’ll be alright. VIctoira asks did Christine tell you who would go up? Zach says we made up but she didn’t tell me anything. Did she tell you who she is putting up. Victoria says she said that she felt bad and if I really wanted to backdoor you then I wouldn’t tell you. But that I did talk to people and you wouldnt go home. Zach says you definitely won’t go home. Victoria says people have been told that and then they go home. It just sucks because I didnt get to play in BOB or POV. Victoria wonders when she will be off slop. Zach starts practicing his veto meeting lines. Victoria heads out to the backyard. Zach asks Nicole what she will do when she gets out. Nicole says I will probably lock myself in a room. Nicole says at home she cries at everything but not in here. Zach says I am voting for Derrick if he makes it to the final 2. He has played a great game. Nicole agrees. Zach asks Nicole did you like Hayden like that? Nicole says I don’t know, things are so different outside this house. Nicole tells Zach that she would never ever want to go out with someone like him after what he said today. That it wouldn’t be cheating if she didn’t find out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 03-17-04-552
In the kitchen – Caleb comments that if I had a girlfriend and she ate a pickle I wouldn’t kiss her all day long. Christine laughs and says I don’t think you would still taste it 3 hours later. Christine heads to bed. Caleb asks Nicole did you smoked a joint? You are eating like crazy! Are you pregnant or something?! You’re eating like a cow tonight! Cody says you’re not hitting your lines tonight. Nicole says I am just eating getting ready for bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 03-21-12-243

3:25am In the earth room – Cody, Christine and Caleb climb into bed.

3:30am – 4:15amZach and Nicole heads outside to play a game of pool. It doesn’t last long and they head inside to go to bed. In the fire room – Victoria asks Derrick if his wife was 9 years younger then him and was 21 years old would he still date her? Derrick says he thinks it would be hard given him being in a different stage of his life at 30 years old. Nicole and Victoria says they would want to not move in with someone until they got married. Derrick thinks theres too much you don’t know about the other person without living with them first. Derrick says there are a lot of things you can do without having s*x. Victoria asks like or@l s*x? Derrick says yes, thanks for stating the obvious. Who calls it that?! Nicole laughs. Derrick tells them about the Reality Rally were reality stars compete in groups for charity. Victoria says well no one would want to be on my team because obviously I suck at competitions. Derrick and Nicole laugh.

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Ariana Grande Stinks

Is Caleb sleeping in the HOH room with Frankie?

Victoria said: “I’m not stupid. I know what assassin means.” [sic!]
Cody responded: “It can have two meanings. I can be assassin and I can be assassined!” [sic!]

Oh the level of stupidity is so huge that even the cop appears as intellectual in this environment…


They are indeed a bunch of morons.

But I’m just leaving a comment to congratualte you on the amazing ID… LOL
I never even heard a song by Ariana Grande or had even know she really existed… I don’t get all the fuzz about her or Frankie…

Regardless, I wish famous sister can afford a good PR team to take care of her stupid brother… after this stint on BB, it’s gonna be hard for people to look at him and associate his face to accountability. He’s such a moron.


its really sad that christine is so desperate to be with the “cool guys” that she is basically condemning herself to 6th place. After evicting nicole, they are just going to pick the outsiders off one by one and christine will be next.

Really hoping that she will put up derrick/cody but it seems very unlikely


All the girls are pathetic in the house. Christine will do what the guys say. Everyone basically is playing this game for Derrick to win. People are already talking about how they would vote for him to win, yet no one will get rid of him. I can’t believe ppl don’t see through his reverse psychology bullshit. This is not a perceptive cast. Christine’s whole goal in this game is to fit in with the idiot guys. She would rather lose the game, then the guys be mad at her. What a pathetic girl.


as in not sad for christine but its really sad that the outsiders like (donny, vic etc) will be picked off.


I remember a couple of days ago, Cody was cuddling with Nicole and Christine walked in. I wonder if she was pissed about that. If Nicole does go up, she better rip Christine a new one and blow everything up. Like don’t hold back. She has it in her.

Detroit Girl

Sadly, Derrick/Cody vs Donny still sends Donny to jury.


derrick could honestly just announce to the house all of his alliances and manipulations and they will just be like “I trust Derrick, he is the only one who has my back”


ITA. The casting is horrendous. I think the Diary Room could tell most of them exactly what’s going on & what to do about it & they STILL wouldn’t get it. Is it too much to ask that we get some intelligent (& I don’t mean just high IQ) & mature people in there? It would make it so much more interesting. Watching one person herd sheep is boring.


It’s ridiculously boring. They’d rather get people with ripped abs and bikini bods for ratings. I’m interested in the psychological aspect of the game. They put them through a personality test – but keep casting people who are interested in fame and a TV career over people who actually want to play the game. At this point as much as I dislike Frankie the only good thing that could happen is that Frankie and Derrick go into an all-out war.


But it is only an hour long show, Derrick wouldn’t have time.


I really dont want Frankie to win. I always imagined someone who watch bb for years and is currently working a job (barely double digits a hour), risking everything they have to play on the show they have grow to love and anicipate every summer. I understand he is doing it for charity..but he should really be casted on Big Brother:Celebrity Siblings. Not taking money from people who actually have a average job and a family that would be helped by that check. Just my opinion.


Ps. If you ever have to tell someone in specific detail how famous you are…youre probably not that famous.


I think it’s so funny he always says he doesn’t want to ride on his sister’s coat tails but that is exactly what he is doing. Can’t stand him. He also said if he won the 500k that he’d build 4 schools, which means MOST of the winnings he’d keep for himself. I think the guy is whacked in the head and needs serious help. I think he’s embarrassing himself and his family on national tv. He’s 31(?) going on 5.


Yes! I said this exact same thing on here during the first or second week. He reminds me & acts just like my 5 year old nephew!


And even without his famous sister, the family itself is filthy rich.
They could be building those schools now, he doesn’t need big brother
for that.


Those people who charity benefits have it far worse than those with a roof over their heads, groceries in the cupboard and cars in the garage, etc, etc.. Frankie is playing for an organization that builds schools in poverty stricken areas of Africa that can’t afford to build them. Personal needs are just that personal needs. Don’t think that someone’s personal needs are more important than helping those with charity who have less. If Frankie was playing for food banks, there would still be people like you complaining about it.

Butters Mom

I find it funny that you think Frankie is playing Big Brother in order to help build schools in Africa…lol Frankie is playing Big Brother to promote Frankie Grande… he and his family have enough money to build 100 schools in Africa if they want to without the prize money from this show.


Frankie’s sister is on the site! Trolling for her sh*tbag brother…your right Ariana charity is very noble, but you dont need to come on a reality show to achieve that when your family has millions to do it themselves….whats wrong??? Not enough tax breaks to make it worth it?

Talk about pathetic….Frankie is almost worse than the married girl rubbing all over Cody and embarrassing her husband on national television.


Yes because no one in America is starving or homeless. It kills me to see these so called stars/rich ppl donating to other countries starving, while ours in our own country get nothing. FYI…Frankie is full of $h*t, he isn’t going to donate squat.


Pretty convenient that this info comes out now. Wouldn’t he have made it clear that he was playing for charity in his pre-game interviews.
This is a ridiculous ploy and a game move. If it works all the power to him but he is totally bullshitting everyone when he says his intent is to play for charity.


With all the lying…….is Frankie REALLY donating his “winnings” to a charity! Come on……


I have absolutely no problem with people only donating part of their winnings to charity. I also have no problem with charity he’s supporting – I know nothing about it, but assuming it’s legit, I think it’s an individual choice to support whatever charity one believes in ( mine). My problem is with people who are doing it just for their own benefit – like improving their image or manipulating people in a game.

mr ed

Wake up and smell the ratcrap.Frankie is playing for Frankie and thats the bottom line.All this charity BS is just that!! He has the brain of a starfish and the ego the size of a whale!!!

Mama Mia

Frankie said he was going to build 5 schools in Africa and each one cost about 15,000 to build so what is he doing with the other 400,000 + thousand if he wins


The only voice saying Frankie is building schools is Frankie. He has lied so much that perhaps that is a lie also. I have no doubt that people with a generous nature who have some money also give to charity. Those people give anonymously and are not trying to use it as they do their own sister to make others support them winning. Frankie is a fake and a proven liar. I don’t think him saying he is giving his winning to charity can be taken seriously. I hope is he wins that is true but right now it is suspect and his game is so dirty that I hope he doesn’t win.


Don’t be naive. He’s will only give a small portion to charity so he can say he did it, maybe 10%. He’ll keep the rest. He already told Zach he’s giving only 25% to charity and it’ll probably end up a lot less if any at all.


If BB ever actually has a Celebrity Siblings edition. I don’t think I’ll be watching it…


If everyone knows Derrick is playing a great game, why the hell aren’t they long everything to end it instead of saying if he makes it to the final 2 I’m voting for him?!?! These people have no common sense at all. They’ve all been letting Derrick walk right to the final too.

I love how Cody keeps saying how shady Donny is and he is the reason other people went home. Donny isn’t playing shady at all. He’s been at the mercy of all you people the whole game.

I hate that Frankie and his cronies are most likely getting Christine to put up Nicole, but if it helps keeps Donny in the house that is the only plus. Donny and Nicole bth know it’s a matter of time before they get evicted. My hope is Donny stays and wins HOH next week and puts up Derrick and Cody.


Typo: why the hell aren’t they doing everything.

Final two, not too



Appreciate you coming back and acknowledging your typo really we all have typos and missed used words. We get so caught up in trying to get our point/s across we hit the button “BAM”. To my knowledge we only have one grammar police out there but who cares if you never ever made a mistake let us all see you on finale night. LOL


I give up – I’m team Derrick, that way I’ll be rooting for a winner for once. (I’m a Cubs’ fan.)

After watching last night’s episode, I’m not too sad that Nicole appears to be going but I’m pretty sure that it’ll be Donny. It’s a long time til Thursday and again, it all depends on who Derrick wants out.

I really want Cody or Victoria to go next. They’re just not playing. I’ve noticed that Cody’s been voting out all the people that he wanted to stay (Brittany, Amber, Jocasta).

Like them or not, I don’t mind Frankie or Christine since they’re at least playing. Would I like them as friends – NO!

Although I do believe Derrick should win so far since he’s been playing an impressive game, just give him some road block, something, anything! It seems everyone’s strategy is an alliance with Derrick.

I wanted Zach, Donny, Hayden or Nicole to win but that’s just not gonna happen for me.


It’s because Derrick has your back right? There is no way I could be on Derrick, Frankie, Christine or Cody’s bandwagon after all we’ve had to endure under their reign. I’ll be rooting for Zach to get to the end or at least keep screwing with the house guests to the end. I’m staying Team Fear The Beard until the end even if Donny isn’t there!


If Derrick plan is to get to final 2 he will not take Cody
Derrick will take Victoria in a heart beat.

Butters Mom

Derrick may have a hard time getting Victoria there with these guys mind set… they are hell bent on getting out the girls.. If Nicole goes next, Victoria will be who every single one of the guys will want to put on the block with Christine as after that.


Yeah, I’m waiting to see how hard Derrick pushes it when Victoria becomes the target for all these bros. I think he’ll have a hard time, but I think they’ll be too stupid to figure out why he’s doing it.


I agree 100%. Derrick is to smart to take Cody to the final 2. I guarantee that he will take Victoria if given the chance.


I think you just jinxed Derrick with your Cub fan comment. Like a black cat or a billy goat or a Bartman.

There Goes My Cheerios

Really Dawg!!! You couldn’t find a more nauseating headline picture for us to look at before breakfast?
It’s like staring at a car crash except in this case you hope no one survives…YIKES!!!


I was thinking the same thing. What a sleaze-ball Cody looks in that picture & Christine … well there are no words.


I. CANT. TAKE. CHRISTINE. OR. FRANKIE. ANYMORE. Seriously, I can’t. Frankie is so self absorbed, its beyond silly. Christine, please use your brain.


Christine swearing to Cody on her wedding ring is vile. We all know she doesn’t place any value on her wedding ring or marriage.


Don’t impose your personal morality on others.. We don’t know the status of Christine’s marriage.. They could be swingers in private or lead alternative lifestyles so this flirtation or if it goes further may not negatively effect their marriage. A lot of people are assuming that Christine’s husband disapproves.. What if he doesn’t and has someone keeping the bed warm at home with him until Christine gets back? Nobody knows what goes on behind your neighbors closed doors.. These are adults.. Who knows maybe Christine’s husband is hotter than Cody or looks like him? I have seen plenty of mismatched couples with one being attractive and the other not and have wondered many times why that is…


If you did a little research you would know that:
A) Christines husband being as hott as Cody is NOT TRUE (but open to personal opinion and interpretation of “hott”, I guess. Look up his picture.)
B) He DOES NOT approve, he has tweeted that he is aware of whats going on and he is not happy about it.


I’ve seen her husband. Oddly, he looks just like her but with short hair. You can view his twitter. At first he was a little critical of Christine’s attention toward Cody, now he just attacks all the people harassing him about it. But hey they signed up for this. Get your 5 minutes while you can!


So Brandt is that guy…the opposing view guy. Let me tell you why your wrong. If this was an alternative lifestyle thing it would already have been said. Christine has stated she has only been with one man (her husband), she has stated she is a very sexual person, she walks around naked, etc. So screw you with your morality play on morality. This is not about morality idiot, this is about betrayals. She is betraying her husband on national television because she was presented with an opportunity to have the attension of an attractive male and that is overshadowing her game and her marraige. She is an example of a weak minded gutter tramp that puts a mans attension over her own personal gain. If you really want to point out the issues of what people post on here say this…Cody would totally have sex with christine out in the real world! He would not be repulsed by her. He would bang her and any other gutter tramp cause thats what guys like Cody do….its all about quantity not quality. He would hit that chick in a second and then move on….after sitting down to pee that is.
do us all a favor Brandt, shut up


No reason to be so hostile. If anything, Brandt made some valid points. Haven’t you known couples in real life who do quite a bit of flirting in front of their spouses, without any negative impact on their marriage? Of course some of those couples are unhappy, but others feel that it’s harmless as long as it doesn’t go any further. I haven’t seen the tweets from Christine’s husband, but if he’s expressing unhappiness about her behavior then I suppose he’s not finding it acceptable. Hard to say though since other people here commented that he’s also being defensive about it. So maybe he doesn’t normally mind but now feels foolish about it with all the attention it’s getting. Another thing to consider, though, is that people in the BB house do tend to cross physical and emotional barriers much more quickly than they do in real life, and house guests have seen that occur in past seasons. I think it may be part of the distorted psychology that takes hold in the house as part of the social experiment, so that the house guests don’t even realize how inappropriate it looks and may not actually have any sexual intent behind their actions. Remember how close Will was getting to Janelle in All Stars, to the point where Boogie was freaking out that Will’s fiance would be understandably hurt and angry? I don’t know how that played out between them immediately after the game was over, but in the end Will and his fiance stayed together.


Oh, but in her delusional mind, it is Cody’s (wedding) ring!


I’ve enjoyed BB since season one. But I’m not a superfan and can’t remember everyone from last years cast, much less the names of previous house guests and/or the season they competed. But I do tend to remember the names and faces of those in earlier seasons. Why? I think it’s because most cast members now are concerned with nothing more than turning their 15 seconds of fame into a Hollywood career. The fact is, not many (if any) have ever had a career worth mentioning after seeking fame because of Big Brother. And when that’s the goal, it seriously impacts how this “social experiment” plays out.


Mike boogie was talking about that very subject in a recent interview he did. He was saying how in past seasons no one looked at this as a career step for “fame”. They would play and go back to their lives. Now they don’t really care about the game or winning but more concerned with their image and some abstract future of fame

Has anyone from past really did something big in show biz (and I don’t count commentators of BB)???


Dr. Will did some stuff in tv but most of that was as a doctor which was his profession before bb & he didn’t go on bb with the intention of being famous. He’s probably BB’s most famous alums for what he did he the game & out of it but he still lives a pretty low profile life. I really miss the days of regular people competing.


The social experiment plays out just fine.
Big Brother social experiment: see how many years you can go casting air head people, non super fans, boring manipulators , etc. See if the viewers will return year after year, causing CBS rateings , stocks, and income to sky rocket.

Viewer satisfaction: Fail
Season Mission: $uccess

Big Brother 17


True. That’s happened with most reality shows. It’s a natural evolution, that fame seekers are going to view these shows as a natural opportunity to promote themselves.

Bullet Bill

In that one pic, it looks like cody is getting a HJ. What the hell must her husband be thinking?

Team Anyone but Cody and Derrick

OK I am seriously disgusted that Cody is such a man whore that he is up in Christine’s grill!!!! She is so nasty and he just lays with her all day long, and btw you KNOW her husband is watching the feeds. WTF?! Some married woman that lays IN BED at night cuddling another man. We all saw her stupid intro about ‘loving walking around nude’ and she just grosses me out, but Cody grosses me out more. I am sure his friends and family are so proud of the game he is playing…. way to go Cody.

Kathy B

Cody + Christine = Codine and dear God, I wish I had some after watching these two.


now that was hysterical

Caleb's teeny-weeny

It was truly truly disgusting, Christina is with Cody I absolutely feel horrible for her husband and his family and her family because they all are probably embarrassed and humiliated by what she’s doing she’s disgusting !


I know right? Can you imagine if married Derrick was doing that with the girls in the house? That marriage would be over quickly I bet.

Christine’s husband was interviewed and he said he was a little bothered by the groping but he also say she’s just playing the game and she’s the love of his life etc. You could tell from way he was talking in interview that he liked the attention, the twitter feeds, etc so basically not only are all the HGs fame whores (except Donny) seems their families might be too.






Its not only watching Christine that is disgusting, its also Frankie and his humping and kissing of the guys. He also says thing that are inapporpriate and if it was anyone else they would be warned to stop.


I absolutely agree about Frankie. If a straight man said those same things in the BB house, he would get chastised. On BB, I don’t want to hear ” I want to have intercourse with you” from Frankie to another male any more than I would from a straight person. But Frankie gets a pass as everyone chuckles, looks the other way and considers it ok because he is gay. Sickening.


Act like a grown up for once. If Christine’s husband is fine with what is going on then that’s all she wrote! Nobody knows what kind of lifestyle Christine and her husband lead.. There could be several reasons for her behavior, including permission from her husband to do so.. Christine and Cody are both adults and what they are doing is consensual and no one is being harmed. Asking CBS to interfere with two consenting adults is ludicrous and smacks of telling your neighbors what to do in the privacy of their bedroom.. I know cameras are everywhere in that house. Christine and her husband may live alternative lifestyles which is not as uncommon as you may think even among your neighbors.


Do a little research dude. Your comments are making you sound like an ass.

A Nonny Mouse

Read this and then come back with that theory:


Did you catch it when Derrick & Cody were playing pool that Caleb & Donny were watching from across the yard and talking game?
Donny says MR PIGS
Caleb says MR NOT PIGS
Donny demands OSAR CM
Caleb exclaims LIB MR PIGS


what does all that mean. mr pig = derrick?
mr not pig = cody?

Gomer Pyle

Golly, It’s just Hee Haw hillbilly English D & C style translated into cityfolks English as –

D: Them are pigs.
C: Them are not pigs.
D: Oh yes they are, see them?
C: Well I’ll be, them are pigs!

The only thing missing was Dueling Banjos because production wouldn’t allow, but it will be on Caleb’s next #1 selling album. Shazam!




I am sooooo mad. If Nicole leaves I will stop watching. It’s actually getting painful to watch. :/


I’ve tried really hard to like Derrick for playing the game since I’m a huge fan of Will & Dan and so many people are drawing comparisons between all of them but I just can’t. Derrick reminds me more of Maggie with the bomb squad being the nerd herd. Unfortunately there’s no Janelle or the Sovereign 6 to do battle with them.


It is difficult to give Derrick too much credit. While he has played well, he has simply faced no resistance at all. It isnt brilliant gameplay as much as it is generally weak gameplay by everyone else. This is two seasons in a row where most of the house played it safe…. giving some houseguests a free pass to top 5. Too many players reluctant to go for the big move until it is too late.


Dear Production, Please keep Donny and Nicole…they are fun to watch…..please convince the houseguests to get rid of Victoria as it will help make Frankie and Derrick squirm……..otherwise this will be a snoozefest till the end……


Nicole is not fun to watch – she’s frustrating to watch. She’s been screwed by the sheep herder over & over yet she still goes back to him & trusts him while throwing others that might have her back (like Donny) under the bus. She is beyond clueless in this game.


But that is what I find entertaining… it is so easy to sit here in judgement because we can see what everyone is doing….and Nicole wants to trust so bad and I think it goes against her gut to believe that people are playing her….it is painful to watch her get played by Derrick and like it or not most of us would be getting played by him if we were in that house!


I wish they would bring back some of the old seasons like project DNA or season 6 when everyone had a secret partner.. Now that was exciting!


I can’t take Frankie and Christine anymore. Frankie is so delusional and Christine needs to use her brain. Her husband seems to stand by her on twitter, but doesn’t seem to be a fan of Cody’s. Its so crazy to me that Zack and Nicole keep calling out everyone out but it doesn’t seem to matter. At all. Caleb seems to have a bit of a clue. I miss Janelle and Rachel.


Self-absorbed? Have you seen Caleb? I mean if he were 15, I’d give him a pass. However, his obsession with women or what he believes is women’s obsession with him is unbearable.


Do you think the announcements Big Brother seems to keep doing where they say “You are one day closer to winning $500,000.00” is part of a future HOH or POV competition where the house guests need to remember which days Big Brother made those announcements?


Frankie makes me ashamed of being gay. Grow up sparkle.


I can definitely see why you feel that way & it seems like most of the gays on here & that I know feel the same way. You need to clue in poster “Brandt” who seems to think he speaks for all gays saying that not liking Frankie makes one homophobic (but at least “you all” have Andy from last year – another one to be proud of). It would be really great if they would cast some gay people who are nice & relate-able for a change.


Frankie is a cliche’, a walking stereotype.


Caleb has nerve calling Nicole a cow. The lack of intelligence amongst the house guests is remarkable. I was thinking of Christine swearing on her wedding ring, realizing I have also sworn on my wedding ring. When I took my vows.


A house guest is coming back from jury. I guess whomever gets evicted this week will face off against Jacosta and Hayden in some quick small game and re-enter Thursday. I really hope Hayden comes back. If Nicole or Victoria are evicted, Hayden will be back for sure. If Donny is evicted it will be a toss up.


Although I really can’t take Nicole’s stubbornness and delusional game overall. Some parts are naivety but some of it is not. She’s been told things for weeks now and was also didn’t mind participant in a mass lie campaign against Amber.And she’s put some chinks in Donny’s game with her existence. One with telling Christine what Donny said about her during her first HOH. So I really don’t care if she leaves if she’s not going to help Donny’s game or continue to believe Cody and Derrick. But it would be ruthless for Christine to backdoor her. And Christine knows Nicole would be going to the jury as a possible vote. And not only that Christine knows that those boys flat out lie and/or twists things and are relentless when they decide they want someone to leave and of course she’s a liar herself in there. So I am curious to see if Christine backsdoors Nicole. That would be like asking Derrick to directly backdoor Victoria while he’s HOH.Which is something I don’t think he would stand up and do in her face but allow someone else to do it on their HOH.


look I like Nicole but I like Donny more he is big brother 16
I want Donny to stay more


If Christine puts Nicole up, she gotta be considered the stupidest person ever to be on the show.

She is just a such looser ( Im not even talk about on the show. Im saying in real life)

Butters Mom

Christine isnt looking to be sitting in the final 2 if she puts Nicole on the block. She will not get Nicoles vote for sure. Christine seems to just be buying herself another week to cuddle with Cody… she is playing this game for Cody cuddles. lol ( she probably couldnt afford cody cuddles outside the house on her starbucks salary )


If it’s between Donny and Nicole, I want Nicole evicted, She believes Derrick and Cody after everything they did to her. Is she stupid? If she wins hoh again, it will be awaste so let her go. I want Hayden to come back and work with Zach and Donny so they can do some damage control and send Derrick and his minions out the door.


Donny is boring and does squat in that house until a POV comp.

Donny FTW

If Derrick and Frankie were so on board with the Team America missions, this week’s task would have been a slam dunk. Convince Victoria to take one for the team and go up as a pawn next to Donny. If Derrick told her she was safe she’d do it in a heartbeat. Frankie would then reassure her she was safe and Donny would act like he knew he was going home. Simple, right?

But no, Derrick would never let his precious Victoria be sacrificed. That’s his guaranteed ticket to $500,000. Totally unfair to blame Donny for not taking TA missions seriously when Derrick could complete this one easily.

Hoping Hayden gets back in the house and he and Donny send the Bomb Squad packing.


Yes! I completely agree. Derrick is too fixated on his own personal game to fulfill America’s task (wait, I’ve heard that before…). And it’s okay this time? Hypocritical much, Derrick???


There’s is no way nicole is going home. I have a feeling that Jorge Donny and nicole will stay in the end of the day. What will be cool is if hayden comes back and flips the switch on the house and they are in control


Hmmm 9 people left in the house…a six person alliance, 1 person voting with the “alliance” against 2 other people. Why are they still having secret meetings? The truth considered a lie and lies considered truth. WTF!


Is it just me, or is Derrick the only one even considering Jury management? This season had potential, unfortunately Grodner’s twists, manipulations & stunt casting tanked it.


BOB is one of main reasons this big alliance went through the house.


We’ve got 3 of them already saying they’ll vote for Derrick, but I’m sort of thinking Donny is the only one who means it. Looking the mentality of these people & the way they have played – I think there’s going to be some very bitter jury members for Derrick when they get together & figure out how they’ve all been played.

Does anyone think Frankie might leave the jury house if he’s evicted soon? After all, he won’t be getting any of the attention he requires at that point.


Does Donny have any clue how much game play and drama he has missed since he goes to bed so early.

How does someone expect to win BB when you sleep on a different time schedule? Everything important happens at night.


Donny goes to bed early, wakes up by himself, no one ever talks game to him but somehow he is this major schemer and mastermind in the house according to Cody. What is that guy thinking. I just don’t get him. Looks can only take you so far, Cody.


well it’s not like the house ever wanted to include him in anything anyway unless it’s a TA mission…


Am I the only that is disgusted about caleb saying that to nicole; people eat, What is the big deal you shouldnt call her a cow.

Random Viewer

Simon and Dawg,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you guys do on this site. Been reading it for years and this is the first time commenting. Had a question for you guys – any idea if there’s potential that they may bring back two jurors instead of one? I just keep picturing it being something like a BotB competition where the two who win get to come back into the house. Think that could be a possibility?

Thanks again for all the updates!


I haven’t been following this season as closely as I do others, so can someone explain to me why everyone hates Christine? I get that she is a liar, but this is Big Brother, and everyone lies! So what’s the big deal? Am I the only one that doesn’t mind her?

Butters Mom

I hate Christine because she doesnt THINK before she acts… she just goes with whatever the largest number of people she is talking to at the moment tell her… she had it good in the beginning with Hayden and Nicole… that alliance could have gone far together if they had a strategy… but Christine can see she is on the bottom of the alliance she is in with the boys and yet she is going to toss the person that gives her an edge (Nicole) up on the block and get rid of her… which only makes Christine closer to being up on the block herself… She also lacks commitment which is not a likable quality in anyone. Even Derrick can see a purpose in keeping Victoria around… he now has Victoria, Cody and Team America to keep him safe. I can’t stand Derrick either but, at least he has a strategy.