Nicole says Caleb has a lot of garbage in his brain. I don’t know how he takes in new stuff.

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 10-15-48-634
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10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Frankie and Nicole are out in the backyard. Nicole says that she’s going to lay out in the sun. Frankie says he wishes they would let him sleep out here. Nicole tells him you just put sunglasses on Frankie! They’ll still call you out though. Frankie heads back to bed in the havenot room. Nicole goes to the HOH room to change. Donny comes out into the backyard and gets on the elliptical. Nicole comes out and lays out on the lounger to suntan. Donny says we’re going to get the muscle train going again to day. Nicole says sounds like a plan.

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11am – 11:35am Nicole asks Donny you’re voting out Zach is that right? Donny says yes. Is that what you want? Nicole says yes, he’s not good for my or a lot of peoples game, including yours. I heard he tried to start an alliance and none of us were in it so… Donny says he’s entertaining but he’s a liability. Nicole says I enjoy his presence but its a game move, he has to go. He’s too smart for his own good. Donny says he can win competitions.. Nicole says he’s too smart for his own good. Donny says I wish there was some way I could talk to Caleb. Nicole says I think someone is going to today. He is someone I can’t trust. Donny says I don’t really either but it would ease our minds if he won HOH. Nicole says Caleb keeps stressing he wants the 4 outsiders gone.. if he won they I am definitely going up. Donny says I would too and that wouldn’t be good beside each other. I am hoping he would be weak from all the slop but I am just hoping for anything. I don’t want him to win. Donny says he did amazing in that memory challenge. Nicole agrees. Donny says but he doesn’t have very much garbage in his brain to mix with stuff, so when he takes in new stuff he retains it. Nicole says yeah he does have a lot of garbage in his brain .. I don’t even know how he takes in new stuff. I can’t believe he did that well in that memory thing. You, me, Zach and Hayden I expected. And somebody could have stayed up there a lot longer ..they just felt too safe. Donny asks oh you reckon. Nicole says yes they just don’t want blood on their hands. Donny says well they shouldn’t feel safe this week. Nicole says they’re going for it this week, they just wanted the Battle of the Block to be over. Donny comments on how Frankie, Derrick and Christine barely ever talk to me and walk the other way when they see me. Nicole says that Christine took my trust and rubbed it in the dirt and then spit on it. She ruined her trust with me. It doesn’t add up why she would do what she did to me. She tries to put targets on everyone else but herself. Donny gets to hot and moves to the shade.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 11-08-29-467

11:40am – 11:50am In the bathroom – Frankie tells Jocasta if there is any justice in the world you’ll still be here. Jocasta says thank you. Hayden heads out to the backyard and lays on the ground. Hayden joins Donny on the couch. Donny asks Hayden how he would do on the wall? Hayden says he would do good. Hayden says I don’t know what is going on but Christine and Frankie were telling me last night that they don’t trust Zach now and want him out. I don’t know why they are saying this now. I’m not sure if they caught wind he is already going or what. They might be trying to get people to vote him out so they can vote the other way and then they throw a couple votes the other way … and blame it on someone else. Hayden says do they think I am this dumb?! Hayden says I am voting Zach out 100% that’s not changing. Donny says Jocasta staying will always be a vote for us. We can’t count on her to win HOH but.. Donny says if I win HOH and its just 1 HOH .. I will put Caleb up against Christine. Donny notices that Christine comes out and goes back inside. He says she just inventoried the yard. Jocasta joins them. Donny comments on how Zach carved “Zach-Attack” in the bathroom (on the bathroom stall door).

Take Advantage of the FREE 2 day Trial to watch all the drama!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 11-48-52-829

12:15pm Out on the backyard – Hayden, Jocasta, Victoria and Donny are on the backyard couch. Hayden talks about how he never ever gets mad or shows anger. He tells a story about the last time he got angry and how he felt so bad after. The cameras switch to Nicole up in the HOH room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 12-03-57-271

12pm – 12:40pm In the kitchen – Christine says I’m not even scared what he (Zach) might say after that talk last night. Frankie agrees. Christine says what if someone gets a letter in their basket like please just give up and come home. No one likes you. Frankie says yeah .. That’s like when I got my letter I was looking for them to tell me to come home. Frankie says the minute Brittany walked into the house she rubbed me the wrong way. I was like I love you, I hate you. They head to the bathroom. Frankie tells Christine how they talked to Caleb last night and told him it was so hard to talk to him because Zach was literally up is a$$ all day. Christine agrees that Zach was all over Caleb. Christine says I am nervous about getting out Nicole. I don’t want to be the one to do it. If I wasn’t in an alliance I would backdoor Caleb this week. Frankie says the thing with Caleb is that he doesn’t have the ability to lie. I have more control over Caleb than Cody. Christine says and I have more control over Cody than Caleb. Nicole joins them and complains about how she just found her cover up in Victoria’s basket. Its just frustrating because I don’t have much and and she has like 12 cover ups. They talk about how Amber didn’t care if people borrowed her make up so she just took other people’s without asking. Frankie comments that he wants to got sleep but doesn’t want to be sleeping with the other guys are up.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 12-31-01-842


The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Nicole just skim over the alliance thing with Zack. If she would have gone in more detail Donny would have figure it out and they would know not to trust Derrick and Cody. I also think Caleb is a lot smarter then people think. Just my opinion.


Caleb get a brain. Christine, don’t get comfortable, you are on the detonators list. Nicole put it all out and let everyone know what snakes Derrick and Cody are. Zach needs to know who really turned on him. Victoria needs to know that Derrick is not her friend. Cody is scum. I didn’t like Nicole before but now I hope she and Donny can find a way to take numbers away from those skunks and make it a game worth watching again.


No wonder why Zach wanted to get rid of outsiders. Too bad, the outsiders will survive and take out their alliances.


Derrick and Frankie were saying that America hates Zach and Donny
They are in for a SHOCK seriously this TA alliance has gone to their head were they both think we all love them
We hate them, Derrick stop talking to the camera
I hope Fakie or Chris are going out the door in this DE

I wish...

Production would tell Derrick to stop talking to camera!! He’s so self aware of the cameras and always wondering what America thinks. He’s running the fun if the game by constantly talking to camera. Ugh


So glad Nicole woke up and is done with Christine. This is the Nicole I was hoping for!

Roisen Dubh

She still needs to smarten up about Derrick and Cody, hopefully that’ll happen after DE

Christine's crazy eye

Pet Peeve:
Wearing a trucker hat sideways

Roisen Dubh

Oh yeah, Zach is blowing up some games on Thursday. The question is, will the right people be smart enough to listen?


Caleb wants to target the outsiders. Litttle does he know he’s an outsider himself, the man with no alliance. He just doesn’t know it yet……he thinks he is in one.

Christine's crazy eye

It’s almost sad. Because we all know and the only reason he doesn’t is the other’s are afraid of him. I have never seen a season where everyone is afraid that one of the others might “blow up.” Last year everyone knew Amanda would act up, but no one really thought she was insane. It just seems as if they all believe Caleb is crazy.

That's because Caleb IS crazy

It’s not even amusing anymore. He needs help.


“No one believed that Amanda was crazy’??? Erm so you think that her standing at the bottom of the stairs screaming at Ellissa while blowing on some party favor in some stupid hat and then knocking endlessly on the door wasn’t a wee bit insane? Hmmm, ,Im sorry but Caleb does have a screw loose regardless if people want to acknowledge it or not. He might be a “nice guy” but so what? Hes too aggressive and he is way to stalkerish and for women its creepy as all hell!!! Hes the type when you say “ya ya I will give you a hug later” just to get rid of him and then he follows you around all day reminding you that you said you would hug him and he wont quit til he gets that hug. Crazy bastard!!!


Is it just me or is Nicole getting hotter as the season goes on? Like the opposite of Jordan’s cookie dough.

Double D

Nicole got hotter because Amber and Britney are gone.


Thats part of it. I do think she got skinnier though. Or I’ve been day drinking, either way.

Caren in Canada

She may seem to be getting hotter to you, but look at what you have to choose from! She is the “hottest of the hobbits” in my opinion! I have never been one to judge people by looks and this is not the case here either! I believe wholeheartedly that beauty is just as much inside as it is outside, and these women have proven on numerous occasions that when they open their mouths, they display just how ugly they all are! Karma truly is a real biatch ladies! (my humble opinion)

Thor's Sister

“Hottest of the Hobbits” Bahahahaha. That’s terrible but Hilar!


she is hot and yes getting hotter

strictly strategy

I’m worried about Donny talking to Caleb, While its great strategy on Donny’s part I’m not sure Caleb will appreciate the gift being offered him. Hopefully Donny can plant some seeds of doubt in his mind about Derrick , Cody and Frankie. Those two country boys could really stir things up if they put their differences aside and work together. At the very least I hope they can work out some sort of deal where they don’t target each other during the DE should either win HoH.

Expect the Expected?

Do I have this right for tomorrow night…Barring a Pandora’s Box or DPOV, Zach gets voted out by a unanimous vote. Zack does not go to Jury and Frankie loses a vote should he make it to the end. BOB ends. DE, providing new HOH is not Frankie or Christine, they go on the block and one of them goes home.


OMG! I wish I could just mute Ratine’s voice and her “discussing” laugh. There is no way she can come up with an excuse for her slutty behavior with the guys in the house. And I fell bad for her husband. I don’t know if she is making a bigger fool of him or herself.

Christine's crazy eye

Pet Peeve #2
Christine’s laugh


Can someone please strangle her on live feeds. So I can rewind and watch over and over. Thank you.

Butters Mom

The way she eats….. barf


Donny is a BB fan, and he waited a while to play this game. Unfortunately, he got stuck in the house with, .. I have a lump, Where’s my makeup, I’m gonna be a star someday, I hate everyone, I must be popular now, and Where’s a girl, I need my head rubbed.
Then we have the Narcissistic undercover cop {also known as , No one takes food out my babies mouth} who understands how to manipulate people, Hayden {Can I kiss you} who can play the game, but he wants a showmance, Nicole {Dingaling, and proud of it} who can play the game but is too naïve, and finally Jocasta, {Nice lady} who is clueless in how to play the game.
I am afraid Donny is screwed!

Love BB

Maybe I’m overestimating Donny, but I hope not. It appears to me that he’s been onto Derrick, Cody & Frankie for a while. No one is really talking about him at this time (xcept Derrick…he knows Donny could win) & he’s trying to keep it that way. He’s slowly getting Nicole & Hayden turned.

So much is going to depend on this weeks HOH!

C’mon Donny…………WIN HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Like you, I think Donny has had it figured out for a while now. For whatever reason people either don’t take him serious or wanna work with him. Donny just sits there and observes the others. It’s like he’s studying them. Nicole and Hayden should trust him a lot more then they trust Derrick and Cody


The last two seasons have absolutely sucked!!! The show is in desperate need of an all-stars season.


The NY Post has a new article (available online) “Is this the worst season of ‘Big Brother’ ever?” Their answer is pretty much “yes.”


did they watch last season or bb9


I previously stated that so I do agree. Derrick last night said that after Thursday, there are only 5 weeks left. Wow. I didn’t even think about that. It feels like the game is still just starting to me because literally nothing worth mentioning happened. There isn’t one highlight so far that I can point to and say, “yeah, that was big”. The whole house votes together, though we are finally seeing some divisions now and it will be fun to see some people go. But overall, it’s been a pile of nothing. Respect to Simon/Dawg for keeping at it and let’s hope we have a better cast/less stupid twists next time.

I think I’d like my money back.


After the mess last season, the producers/casting went too safe! How did anyone decide that Victoria???Cody???Jocasta???to name a very few, would make scintillating television? We need two HOH’s a week! Too many boring days in between! This crew decides on Mon. who’s going home, why not do it then?

Christine's crazy eye

Pet Peeve #3
Caleb wearing, bunny slippers, onesie, scarf around head, cowboy boots with basketball shorts


Better check for the underwear. He may have the full Amber ensemble.

Butters Mom

Im just glad we can’t smell him through the tv… since he doesnt brush his teeth and has bad BO apparently.


His fashion sense tells me there’s more to him than meets the eye! He’s a strange one!


Wait, when do they vote to evict? Tonight or tomorrow?


I’m supposing you’re new to this BB thing…or, just messing with us for down votes? Ok, Live shows are Thursday only! Sunday,Wednesday are BOB challenge,POV and use of POV!


last I checked Christine had 105 followers on twitter (last week or so). LMFAO compared to the rest of the houseguests, yeah that’s how “popular” and hated she is. WITCH!! Feel terrible for her husband.


Hopefully after Zach goes home and DE this bunch gets shaken up and things get real!


Caleb is an idiot falling for Amber like that and still talks about her. Fake Frankie needs to get kicked out. Zack is taking all the flack from the out bursts that were part of Team America trying to get him to start a fight. I hope Frankie and Christine leave on the DE


“Frankie says the thing with Caleb is that he doesn’t have the ability to lie.”

LOL @Frankie. All Caleb does is lie about anything and everything. He’s a pathological liar.

Butters Mom

Frankie has lost the ability to know the difference between truth and lies because all he does is lie himself.


Derrick lies all the time, Zach lies all the time. Frankie lies constantly, Christine lies like a fish, Cody lies so much as well, Nicole, Hayden and Donny lie too. Jocasta may be the only one not lying all the time. Caleb is lying too, but he says things designed to be accepted by others and is constantly attacked for it. The game is full of liars trying to win 500k and you target Caleb because he fell for Amber and was lied to, to convince him to punish Amber by being on the Block. So he would go along with it and continue being controlled by other liars in the house.

gone girl

Just watched Amber’s interview with Judd Daugherty. It was so boring and tedious I had to stop watching. I can understand why the majority of houseguests couldn’t stand her. She basically said Donny is still in the game because of her efforts and that she wanted to work with the girls until she was sort of forced into the bomb squad. At times she also thought Donny and Derrick were working together ??? I was curious to see how she was doing and to hear about her experiences in the house now that she knows what’s really going on. I thought she was just clueless in the house because she was unfamiliar with BB, but she is just clueless period. I hope she’s never allowed back on the show.


Her interview with Jeff was much better. She knows that Derrick, Frankie, and Christine are big manipulators in the game. I think the interview with Judd was before she found out the truth. I think Amber’s only flaw is thinking she’s popular and being too nice and naive. Evil or jealous people seem to hate her the most.


I wish Amber would say those bunny slippers to her have a sentimental value of $1,000,000. Then sue BB if they don’t get them back for her. Caleb shouldn’t get away with stealing her shit especially after ruining her game & stalking her the whole time she was in the house.


Did Frankie just say “CALEB DIESNT HAVE THE ABILITY TO LIE” What?! Caleb is a licensed scuba diver, Caleb’s family has a show on truTV, Caleb has is own clothing line, Caleb was the finalist on The Voice, Caleb was chosen to be the bachelor but turned it down, Caleb was offered a role in Johnny Depp movie, but turned it down, Caleb speak Spanish and Arabic FLUENTLY. THESE ARE ALL LIES TOLD BY CALEB. I could fill a book with this psycho’s lies.


He also,attended WestPoint until he thought better of that ittybitty lie! LOL…Caleb is getting his 15 mins. of fame, not sure he’s going to enjoy it!

Mister E

Caleb calling himself a cowboy is insulting all the real cowboys out there. I have never seen a cowboy wear make up and nail polish. How many have you seen wear bunny slippers and scarfs.


With Zach gone, this will definitely be the worst season ever. Donny and Caleb will be the only 2 guys worth watching if they end up going to the end or if there is some crazy twist. Everyone else is f@@king boring.


I love when Frankie does his English character with Hayden, and when he does his Guido guy on Victoria! I found them posted on YouTube too, so I’m glad somebody likes them!


The only way this season can get up to par is, Victoria suddenly becomes a power player and wins BB16 or Zach comes back after he gets eliminated this week. Other than that, give the money to Derrick and call it a day.


I hope if Zach gets evicted everyone votes to have him sent back into the house. it would be even funnier to see the ZackAttack after going back into the house


Seems like another boring day, probably will be like this for the rest of the season with Zach leaving.

What they should have done is had Team America’s mission be to save one of this week’s nominees, with Zach likely getting the most votes. When giving them their mission, they could tell them that repeatedly failing TA missions will have consequences.

When Zach gets voted out he goes to the door and its locked. Julie comes on the screen and tells them that due to the actions of certain houseguests (which they cannot reveal yet) tonight’s eviction is null and void and Zach is still in the game. The Double Eviction being the same night would complicate things but they could give Zach immunity in the second part of the DE as part of his staying.

TA would then be warned that failure to complete future missions could mean being removed from TA altogether but that they wouldn’t be allowed to discuss TA without being instantly evicted.


Maybe that’s a big move for the season right there, the fact that the whole house is still voting together? How often does that happen this far into the game? Im not sure why so many complaints about “this season sucking” how about watch something else then. They put twists in and people don’t like that, there are no twists and the game is boring, they get rid of players that will break certain alliances up and those moves are not good enough, they get out floaters and that’s lame, then the complaint about how the floaters make it to the end? Don’t forget about how they vote out all the good people YET people are gunning for the people being voted out. I mean the show trys to cater to all kinds of people and no one is ever happy. I actually saw someone complain about how the “show is so predictable” after reading all the spoilers, HUH??????

Im wondering who will actually be the target for Thursdays double eviction. Its going to happen so quick and the panic that sets in on the hg’s when they have to scramble. Maybe this is what will for sure divide the house so people can see who is really working with whom.

Still enjoying this season and I cant believe it will be over before we know it.


That fact that “We can get Jocasta out anytime” was said is a scary (skeery Grrrr) thought. This is how the “floaters” make it to the end and have people scratching their heads wondering how this happened. People start to make the mistake and think this was some sort of “strategy” the person had, instead of being just a case of laziness and lack of knowing the game on the floaters part. That is what will stick in my craw for sure if someone like that makes it to the end.

Tina from Survivor 2(Australia) was the very first person to ride the coat tails and be a useless floater thanks to someone elses game and them protecting her floating ass.

Please do not let “A Tina” win this game.


Exactly! I don’t want to waste my HOH on Jacosta! What an obnoxious statement, Nicole keeps saying it too.

Hey geniuses if none of you want to waste your HOHs on Jacosta or Victoria because you don’t want to get any blood on your hands guess what is going to happen? You’ll have no blood on your hands waving at Jacosta and Victoria as you walk out the door.

It would serve them right for those two to make it to the end! It might show future houseguests that you need some b*lls to play the game.


Cody handed her the game in that a Season of Survivor! When she came back on Blood vs. whatever, she was still useless!


It was Colby that handed Tina the floater the game. Oh I remember it very well. Yes she came back and was still a waste.

I agree with that also Torontoguy….They will be all cursing the vote they will have to make between Victoria and Jocasta at the end if they “Don’t want to waste their HOH” on getting rid of one of them…Friggin Dummies.


They have all pretty much figured out its DE. They can only plan so much as they don’t know who will be HOH, etc. The fact that they have figured out its DE (many expected it last week but close enough) shows that the show is too predictable. They tried to change things up with BOB but it fizzled out and the HOHs worked together and kept each other safe, opting to put up mostly the same people all of the time and backdooring when possible.

I said it before and still think they need some ongoing twists and wrenches thrown in, like Survivor did with the hidden immunity idol. Stick an extra POV (make it diamond if you want) and always have it in play. Let America choose who gets clues to its location or how/when it is used.

Maybe change things up so that you can play HOH every week or that you can’t be nominated in back to back weeks. Maybe only those that play in the POV and don’t win can be replacement noms. Instead of HOH choosing Have Nots tie it into the HOH or POV competitions so people don’t throw too many comps. Include more things in competitions like they do in Survivor to expose alliances and everyone’s greed. Slop passes, vacations, movie nights, etc included as temptations in comps can stir things up somewhat.


i feel like amber never left the house the way the HG still bring her up

Lucky Lucciano

I think they always bring up Amber because they know it was a stupid move and right now they could be relying on her to be after the targets they are all scared to put up.