Caleb says I will get up in Zach’s grill! I don’t think he would be dumb enough to put his hands on me..

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 03-27-54-748

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12:40am Up in the HOH room Hayden tells Nicole that he has a present for her. Hayden then leans in to kiss her . Nicole tells him No, Hayden!! Hayden then kisses Nicole’s forehead and then tries to kiss her again. Nicole denies him again. Hayden says she acts like it never will happen again. Nicole says it won’t! She tells him it shouldn’t have happened. Nicole tells him that she liked kissing him. Hayden says I love the 2 minutes of cuddling I sneak in with you. Nicole says I’m a good cuddler! Hayden says I’m also a good kisser. Nicole tell him that he stresses her out. Nicole asks Hayden if they (production) asked about their kiss? Hayden says yes. Nicole says they hadn’t asked me so I hoped there was a chance that it wasn’t caught on camera. Nicole says that Hayden, Derrick, and Cody are the only people I can stand talking to for extended periods of time. Hayden agrees. Hayden and Nicole talk about cuddling. Hayden says my things fit into your areas. Nicole asks if she hurt his feelings when she said she wouldn’t date him. Hayden says no because he knows she wasn’t serious. Nicole says I was serious. Hayden says that she promised him that they would kiss. He says that he’s been very patient. Nicole denies him. Nicole says she’s freaked out that the camera is on them. Hayden says everyone is rooting for us to kiss. Hayden says he needs a kiss now. Hayden starts kissing Nicole. Hayden tells Nicole that she is an adorable little dingus. Nicole talks abotu how nervous she is. Hayden jokes that he is clocking out. Nicole and Hayden say they’re glad this happened.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 03-31-27-780

12:55am – 1:30am On the backyard hammock – Cody asks Victoria who she would want to get out if she won HOH. Victoira says that Frankie is a good competitor and Christine is a manipulator. Victoria says that soon people will have to put up their own allies. Cody says that Frankie was trying to play everyone in the house. Victoria says that Christine is lying to everyone. Victoria asks if he trusts Nicole? Cody asks does she want me to trust her? Cody says that trust is a big word. He says that he trusted Christine before but says that he doesn’t any more. Victoria says that Christine told her there was an all guy alliance and mentioned Cody’s name. They talk about how they’re going to vote out Jocasta. Cody says that Christine is becoming like Amber. He says he is voting out Zach. Cody says Christine is clearly lying and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Cody says that he knows Christine is with Frankie and he doesn’t trust Frankie either. Victoria asks him to come talk to her if he hears I mentioned your name. Cody says he will. Cody says Christine mentioned that Hayden/Nicole were a power couple back in week two. He says that he told that to Nicole today because he didn’t appreciate that his name is being thrown around. They talk about Christine saying that Hayden & Victoria made out. Victoria says that Nicole & Hayden don’t talk much game to her. Victoria says that Derrick reminds her of her sister’s husband. Cody says that Derrick is the man. I love him.

2am In the kitchen Caleb talks about getting a tattoo of the Big Brother key. It might not have say my name but it’ll say BMC BB16. Caleb says from here on out I am only know as BMC, Beast Mode Cowboy.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 02-04-31-383
In the earth room – Cody tells Derrick that Frankie and Christine are pissing him off. I literally want to send home Christine. I want to send her home before Donny. Derrick says you need to be certain. Cody comments on how this morning Hayden, Nicole and Donny were outside talking. Derrick says they do that every morning or once a day they meet up. Cody says and they were talking about the same thing the numbers and days of things. Cody and Zach head into the storage room. Cody tells Zach that obviously he can’t tell him that he’s staying because he doesn’t know what everyone else is doing. Zach says he knows. And tells Cody that he has his back more than anyone.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 02-35-57-139
In the bathroom – Hayden, Zach, Frankie, Caleb and Derrick are talking about animals having both male and female genitalia. Hayden says if I could I would suck my own d**k. Zach asks doesn’t that mean you’re gay? Hayden says no when you jerk yourself off you have a d**k in your hand does that mean you’re gay. Zach says no. Hayden says I am just saying I would suck my own d**k if I could. I don’t want to suck other peoples d**ks. Zach asks so you would C*m in you own mouth? Hayden says no, maybe a bit of pre but then spit it out. They head to the bedrooms. Frankie mounts Zach and lays on him. Frankie then heads into the havenot room. Zach says Frankie had his nuts on his head. Christine says Frankie better be gay. If he isn’t I am going to be in a lot of trouble!

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 03-01-02-325
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3am – 4am Derrick asks Caleb to come outside with Frankie. Derrick asks what’s your oppinion about Zach? Caleb says at any given moment I think he would throw us under then bus. If we were between him and the money he would take us out. Derrick says okay, we are voting Zach out this week. We wanted to tell you all day but he’s been right by your side all day. Caleb says hey I’m down with it. Derrick says I knew you were down with it last week. Derrick says we could vote Jocasta out at any time. Caleb says if the crew is down, I am down. Caleb asks so everyone knows but me? Derrick says he’s been on you all day. Derrick says its funny you’re on slop all week right?! Derrick says it has nothing to do with that, its that he is trying to start smaller groups. Caleb brings up how Zach said he and Donny were good. Derrick says Zach might go out and throw us all under the bus and if he does then we do like we did with the bomb squad. Caleb says that Hayden and I have a bond where he would vote out Nicole over me. Caleb says I am done. I am down with whatever the squad wants. Derrick brings up how he doesn’t like how Zach talks about Victoria. Derrick says I would knocked his teeth out! I’ll take the arrest! Take me in! Derrick says he has literally made 3 of the 5 girls cry. Its not that we’re scared of him, we’re here to win the money. Derrick says we have to do like with Amber and not let him know. Caleb says if Zack says anything I will get right up in his grill and talk about my hair and being on slop. I won’t let him get any words out. Derrick says unfortunately loose lips sink ships. Derrick says Zach is going to lose it. Caleb agrees but that’s when I get in his face. I don’t think he would be dumb enough to put his hands on me but. Caleb asks so Hayden knows too? Frankie says yes. Frankie and Caleb finish up their pool games. They head inside.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 03-14-05-076

4:10am – 4:20am In the bathroom – Derrick heads to bed. Caleb and Frankie are talking in the bathroom about the possibility of the Battle of the Block continuing one more week. Frankie doesn’t think its possible and thinks its over. Caleb says to create more blood and animosity I think they would do it one more time. Frankie tells Caleb I think we’re sitting pretty good. But Zach he.. he scared me when he was HOH. He had so many scenarios. Ultimately I think this game was consuming him. How much did he talk about wanting to be home. Caleb says yeah. Frankie says he keeps saying he’s bored and wants to go home. Frankie says Zach is trying to f**k us all. Caleb says well I’m down. If Zach starts running his mouth on Thursday either we let him do it and say Zachs running his mouth or one of us gets up and starts yelling. Frankie says I don’t think he is actually trying to f**k us. I think he is playing that way and will say you caught me. You caught me with my hand in the cookie jar. Caleb says I hope he doesn’t hit me because it will be really hard to stand there and not do anything about it. Frankie says you have to or you will get evicted from the game. Frankie says I could get in between you two to make sure nothing happens. Caleb asks I wonder if Amber is watching right now. I can’t wait to see her when we get out. Walk up behind her and put my hands over her eyes guess who?! She already gonna know. Caleb says Amber love you as a person, not as a game player. Shout out to Amber Miss you girl! Goodnight! Frankie says goodnight Amber.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 04-23-08-694

4:25am- 4:30am All the house guests are now sleeping.. except Frankie who is sitting at the kitchen table looking at the memory wall. He tells his family he loves them and then goes to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 04-27-30-905

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.


The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Caleb….just….uhhhhh. I can’t take it anymore.


If I were Caleb,s dad I would be trying to get on the Maury show…to prove “I am not the father”


LMAO!!! Like Zach said tonight on BB, Caleb is a Fruit Loop Dingus Busta Fooligan. lol I bet the producers were laughing when Zach said that in DR.


This is the second time Derrick has outed himself indirectly as being a cop. He looks and act like a cop.

I wish Nicole and Hayden would stop trusting Cody and Derrick. By trusting those two, Nicole and Hayden are basically voting themselves out of the house at some point.

Why does anyone trust Victoria with anything. Has she kept and information to herself? I always seeing her running to people and telling them things others have said after saying she can’t tell, then tells, but I can’t say who and then tells them who said it.




I can actually take Frankie. I don’t like the way he play sometimes, but, it’s Big Brother. People are supposed to lie and deceive. It’s Caleb that I can’t take anymore. He seriously needs psychiatric help. He so delusional that i think he is reaching the point of no return and right off the deep end. His stalking behavior is scary. If he weren’t stuck in that house, he would in front of Amber’s front door. I don’t mean for that to sound funny. I think it is frightening, actually. I repeat, he needs help. Somebody in the BB house get rid of him. I can’t stand to watch him anymore. Or maybe not. At least, Amber or any other girl he has a fixation for is safe.


Josie, you are so right some how the executives didn’t do a thorough investigation on Caleb, he slip through the cracks. This young man has some real serious problems (all jokes aside). I just hope he doesn’t hurt Amber, himself, or anyone else. In actually someone needs to seriously think about getting him out of there I know it’s good tv but we don’t want to see anyone getting hurt. It’s not funny anymore.


I agree that he slipped through the cracks. But then again, it makes me question how thoroughly they check people out before casting them. You can easily Google very damning evidence of Caleb being a less than stable person. The casting process seems flawed.


With BB USA having so many issues with casting, why would any reasonably normal, well-adjusted, decent person even want to audition for the show? Would you want to be living in those circumstances with some of the marginal, delusional, fugged-up characters from the past few seasons? BB USA now has a serious credibility issue on its hands, each season devolves into a huge clusterfub and from here on in, I don’t see BB USA being able to recover its image. Welcome to the NEW NORBAL!


OMG, Frankie makes me sick!! He walks around acting like he is the Godfather or something and just uses the HOH room like he is the HOH this week. Hope he goes next week. BB would be so much better without him and Christine.


The best part of this is that Frankie and Christine are so cocky that they are oblivious that everyone in the house including their alliance is suspicious and dont trust them. Even derrick was willing ti vote out an alliance member to weaken frankie. I just hope that next week they are actually willing to pit either frankie or christine or both ob the block. Although getting rid of both of them is not very smart for derrick and cody cos they will be in the minority against the outsiders. But still hoping we can see the lsst of frankie and christine nect week


I think it’s pretty easy to see what Derrick wants here — and that’s Christine out of the house. Takes another pair away from Frankie. And he probably believes that Frankie would stick to Derrick (and Cody) over Caleb when it gets down to it.

It’s also pretty easy to see that Hayden/Nicole view the Rationale as a real alliance. And although they are not completely selling Donny out, Hayden letting slip that Derrick is Donny’s fourth target puts a nice-sized bull’s-eye on the omniscient bearded one.

Basically it means that if any of his top three targets go out in the next week, Derrick is either a nom or renom. That will not sit well with the Hitmen.


Also, Donny is too scared to approach Caleb about an alliance, but this would be the perfect time. Caleb seems a bit miffed that he’s the last to know Zach is going to be evicted.

If Caleb were brighter, he’d figure out that he’s low man on the totem and that he’s being used — like Victoria — as a number. And if Donny weren’t afraid his game would be detonated, so to speak…..

But that’s a lot of “if’s” — so I digress. Carry on.


Caleb might be miffed, but there’s NO way he’d make an alliance with Donny right now – he’s Mr. “Loyal” & too into the bros thing. They’d have to completely reject him before he’d even consider it.


Caleb said that Donny is his first target and if he is HOH, Donny is leaving.


Jus reading about Caleb makes me wonder if the whole thing is an act…his creepiness, I mean…he just told Derrick that if Zach said something to him he would start talking about his hair and being on slop…basically himself. He has a target on himself but the other HG just see him as a vote.


I’m hoping their cockiness makes them think it’s a good idea to throw the next HOH!


If I ate a piece of chocolate every time caleb said something about himself I would be fat by now


You would be beyond a diabetic coma. Basically, you’d already have died from it!


Getting tired of all the alliances and their stupid names. Thank god most of them are already defunct


In some ways Nicole and Hayden remind me of Jordan and Jeff


That an insult to Jeff and Jordan they were genuine and cute
Haycole is sick and corny


Derrick and Caleb, two big “tough guys”…. blah.

mr ed

Deprick is a dead ringer for Porky the Pig when he wears that stupid grey hat ! Why do all the so called guys wear hats all the time? Donnie is the only real guy in the joint.The guys preen and primp with each other more than the girls do.Look like a bunch of baboons on a national geographic special!!!!!


I thought he looked like a gnome.


Yeah I hate Derricks hat too. I know he’s doing it to look a bit more hip and fit in with the younger guys. It looks ridiculous. It is funny how these ” tough guys” preen all the time. They shave and Nair their bodies, wear makeup, constantly checking themselves out in the mirror. They are worse then the women


OMG Mr. Ed I have been trying to figure out who Derrick looks like…….you say Porky Pig and you are spot on! I am laughing so hard right now I can’t write anymore………..


The only thing I can picture Caleb getting out of doing the guess who thing with Amber is pepper spray to the face.


I don’t get why Derrick keeps bringing up Hayden Nicole and Donny talking alot. For God’s sake these people are stuck in a house with eleven other people and I thought everyone in the house talked to everyone at some point, and yes I mean you Derrick. It’s Derrick’s daily way of sh*ting on Donny. F Derrick the pig face. I hope they catch onto him soon. Sure hope another ex bomb squad gets evicted in the double evict.
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hard to believe but Hayden is turning out to be the funniest person in the house.


OMG not sure if I can take one more week with fruit loop Frankie and machine gun laugh Christine (both slime buckets) and Caleb, “the brain” (LMAO) does he even carry 1 brain cell in that pumpkin size head? Lets not forget Victoria, god I hope she marries money and he does the whole house in mirrors. My girl Jocasta, like her but not a good player of the game (just a lump of flesh in the game). Hillbilly Donny (gotta lovem) but SHAVE THAT CROWS NEST!!! Ding-dong Nicole and long dong Hayden, just do the deed and get it over with already!! Cody- put the penis down, its still there, no need to hold and grab it every second!! Derrick, after the show lock them all up for 30 days in the same cell, now that would be entertaining lol. The final 4? Derrick, Donny, Nicole and Hayden, The winner? Derrick or Donny? We will see


Dude, right on the money!!!

momas boy

bbnj, your comments are always a trip to read! I give you 6 stars out of six…………


Donny mentioned that production won’t let him shave his beard. He wants to, says a beard isn’t him.


hayden and nicole are so cute!!

Big Jim

Yes of course everyone knows except you Caleb you’re a puppet. At least he was aware enough to ask. Now back to your alternate world where you are the center of all things good


Amber might need to get a restraining order against Caleb. He is seriously messed up! Why on Earth does he think she would want to ever see him again? He is the reason she got evicted.


And how can Caleb be so delusional to think that Amber’s parents must really like him. It is better that he stay in the house or go to jury so that security can keep an eye on him until BB ends. After that, they are off the hook.


LMFAO, hit it out of the park! Home run!

andy 2.0

derrick the pig talking smack about zach AGAIN. when is he actually going to do something about it… he acts like he has so much integrity even if he says hes only not saying anything for the 500 grand. oiiinkkk


i think Zach’s going…
he roiled folks royally
bye-bye Zach! bye!!!

Perv Frank

Frankie is a perv. He throws himself on all the guys and feels them up (nips, behind, groins) and has gone out of his way to see all the guys privates. Now that Zach is going, Frankie is focusing his efforts to turn (seduce) Caleb. There is a thin line between Frankie’s playfulness and sexual harassment,


I wouldn’t really call it sexual harassment.. Zach welcomes and encourages it.

I Don't Like Derrick

Exactly. People are such dumbasses blowing shit out of proportion. Christine/ Divorce, Caleb/Stalker. That shit is ridiculous. Talk about Victoria, sheltered, and lack of experience. LOL.

Perv Frank

True. Again there is a thin line. Zach has been encouraging Frankie and Frankie continues to push his limits. Zach knows he is being watched on the live feeds and is very conscious of not making any hateful remarks verbally, but if you notice is facial expressions (if you watch the feeds) you can tell he sometimes get annoyed.

The same is true with Hayden, Cody, and Caleb. I often wonder if it is Caleb’s strategy to smell bad in order to repel Frankie. Before Amber left, Caleb was regularly showering and grooming himself. Now he barely showers or keep up his hygiene. It’s either that or post depression from Amber leaving and having no other girl in the house to infatuate himself with.


Perv Frank— I think you hit the nail on the head. I bet the BO was also a great way to repel Victoria too.


And has been packing his ass with lube before getting in bed with Frankie! I recall at one point him talking about hemroids but I have never heard of vasaline soothing or releaving the pain of hemroids. I think his ass is sore because Frankie took his virginity under the HOH sheets.

“Slide it in slow and easy” “make love to me slow and easy” “rock me till I bad to the bone!”


Frankie, the pink rat, is a RANDY ANDY – he’s all over the guys (except for Derprick and Donny). It’s not cute, that’s for sure. Ready to hump anything within reach.

John 73

Beast Mode Cowboy EVER AGAIN!!!!!


Beast Mode Cowboy



Caleb's Bunny Slippers Are Too Tight

Frankie says goodnight Amber? Really? Not one of the guys has the heart to tell Caleb to STFU about Amber, knowing he’s coming off as a complete mental case? DR? Anybody? It’s embarassing to watch.

At least Amanda told Aryan she was coming off as racist during the trainwreck of a season called BB15.

Speaking of trainwrecks – all 4 of the nominees this week individually & independently qualify as trainwrecks! How the hell does BB stack them up that deep? Was this season cast as Superfans & Trainwrecks?


Love the user name you picked!

GodSbabygirl Rollins

How is Jacosta a train wreck?

And when you think of it, if BB picked rational people to play, there’d be no show. None that I’d watch, anyway…

Good job, GOD/JESUS sculpting Caleb’s bod, by the way…


If Caleb puts his hands over Amber’s eyes, she’s going to yell “rape” at this point…
Doesn’t he know how many MILLIONS of women who love, cherish, and constantly defend bad men like him? So many potential domestic violence cases, and restraining orders for him, he’s going to lose count, and forget Amber ever existed.. I’ll bet GMBB15 is thinking, “I like this guy, we can both stalk Nick and Amber together”…


Lol actually Gina Marie posted about Caleb on twitter. Something to the effect she “understands” where he’s coming from. She also went on a huge rant about Zach because he said something negative about her on the feeds. Of course she would knock him out in person blah, blah, blah.

Caleb's Bunny Slippers Are Too Tight

Alright GM! You go girl! I’m glad to see you haven’t slowed down a bit! Luvya!!!

Except that Nick appreciated the PR and exposure you gave him, and you didn’t push to get him put on the block to teach him the lesson that you were single handedly protecting him, and you didn’t vote Nick out of the house, and you were pissed with the people who did.
So you might not want to offer sympathy to someone several levels of crazy above you.

I think you deserved to be voted winner last year. I think Caleb deserves a straight jacket, war hero or not.


I know Donny would figure it out that the detonators were working together before if Nicole tells him about it because he knew that there was a big alliance working together so I hope they tell Donny.

Love BB

Hey Simon & Dawg…
Nicole & Hayden are playing both sides of the house. Who do you think they’re most loyal to? Derrick & Cody or Donny?


That’s a good question. I think Donny but it’s just a guess at this point .


The sad thing is that The Rationale would be a tight alliance of FIVE including Donny IF Donny and Derrick didn’t mistrust one another so strongly.
Sad, and also comical, given they’re both in a secret ‘alliance’ together (Team America).


BB did Donny NO favours forcing that beard on him – it makes him look older, reinforces a stupid hillbilly hick stereotype, & isolates him even more from the rest of the cast than he would already have been,


Where did I miss that nugget of information? He looks so much better without the beard and you are correct that it does give him a gee whiz, golleeee, shucks mam demeanour. I believe Donny is quite intelligent, plays his cards close to the chest and observes, rather than criticise.


He said he was gonna shave it when he makes it to a certain point in the game…I guess we’ll see.


It would take months and months to grow the beard, so Donny must have had the beard during the interview process, and once he was picked to go on BB, they don’t allow you to drastically alter your appearance. He was picked in part because of the beard – ie Duck Dynasty type character.

Mister E

Derrick has the whole house loving him. He should shut up and let everyone pick off each other. He is playing so hard that he is going to eventually be outed and lose everyone’s trust. He needs to chill out on game talk with everyone and just be social and he could skip his way to the end. But he will soon have to show his cards and he will become a big target


When Caleb goes to get his BB key tattooed on his body, he should have it put on his bum…like it’s being inserted there. I think he still needs more therapy. So tired of hearing him talk about himself all the time.


I think production is tell them not to tell Donny cause I can’t believe that NO ONE has told him !!!! Production really has their hand in this


Donnie has to know. He has talked to Nicole and/or Hayden numerous times and you know that one, if not both, of them has told him about the supposed alliance. I can just see Nicole saying to Donnie, “Hey, did you hear that there is supposed to be an alliance; I can’t remember the name of it, but…” It’s probably the first thing she said the next time she talked to him. And if Hayden was with her, he’d confirm it.

GodSbabygirl Rollins

I want either Jacosta and Donny to win; Jacosta and Caleb to win or Jacosta and Frankie to win. Any of those combos are fine with me. Derrick too, I guess. I like how he consoled Jacosta.


If Jocasta can pull off a win, of ANY kind in the BB house, we would finally have evidence of a Miracle… Of course she would cry hysterically, claiming the “divine” lead her… I’d rather Donny win, but I believe Derrick will win, these fools are too stupid to catch onto him.

Kaysar's Dreamy Eyes

You want her to win but misspell her name multiple times. It’s “Jocasta”.


If Jocasta wins… we riot.


I swear to god if Zach gets evicted tomorrow I’m not watching this season anymore, pretty much what’s next is so predictable and the only person that creates chaos will be gone, I was rooting for donny but he’s Hoh proved me he’s clueless


Bye bye.


I’m worried/anxious/excited about the Double Eviction tomorrow night. Usually my favorite players leave during the DE.

Kaysar's Dreamy Eyes

I’m sure your boring favorites, Donny and Nicole, are safe, per Production’s machinations.


production got to save Donny cause Frankie an derrick want him gone in they saying America want him gone to but its not true we got to help Donny I hope team mession is Donny gets double pov in they all have to put up two of the dentators production Donny is our favorite not derrick or Frankie look t the favorite poll lis in see whos on top not derrick not Frankie but Donny if he goes home then this season should be cancel why whould we help derrick an Frankie Donny has to say for us America team cause with out him there nomore America messions


dude, you need to go back to school and learn to speak better English before posting. ( production got to save ), ( in they saying America want him gone ), ( we got to help Donny ), ( season should be cancel ), ( help derrick an Frankie ), (Donny has to say for us America team cause with out him there nomore America messions ). O hell i should have copied the whole statement! your DUMB as sh!t man

Christine's crazy eye

Not dumb! Just not able to type and poor grammar. I understood, I don’t agree, but I understood.
“Frankie and Derrick want Donny gone. They claim America also wants Donny gone. This is not true, look at the polls, America likes Donny. So, production needs to save Donnie with two POVs. New team America mission should be to vote out two detonators. If Donny goes home the season should be canceled. Or no more team America missions. Because we, America, do not like Frankie and Derrick.”
This is what the anonymous poster is saying. Once again I do not agree. I do wish there were no more TA missions. I also think if Donny can’t save himself, he deserves to go, just like any of the others. I HATE when production interfere.


NOT DUMB????? I be spican enlish an eye have a cobige dabree, lol. Your kidding right? I get what he was trying to say too and I agree with what he is trying to say, but OMG go and get ebucated better, lol


this is what’s so wrong about 10yr in our school system, bad teachers not teaching our kids to speak correctly.

Bad Parents

Its the parents, not the teachers. Each teacher has 30 students for about 1 hour a day. Parents raise thier kids and have them 24 hours a day til they are 5. Then the parents have them for 8 hours a day awake, and on the weekends. Parents are 100% to blame.


NOT THE WHAT????? Teachers spend many hour’s with our kids, YES parents are 40% but TEACHERS are most often 60% of our kids life’s, Parents are more worried about the cars they drive and the clothes they wear, and there belongings and NOT who they baby’s daddy is and making sure there in the lives of these kids DADS TIME TO STEP UP!!!! More to follow! JOEYSAYS


Waite ,Is this statement from Sherri Shepard? LMAO


no, it was Devin Shepard, Sherri’s cuz, lmfao!!!!


you must be from the hood speaking like a jive turkey


So, I guess this is the first season for an “All Girl Alliance”, no matter how you look at it.


Caleb is mentally ill. Like 100 % Certified. His eyes are soulless and as Christine would say Scareeey


Bye Zach, I’m going to miss you. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers to that. That ferret has been a trainwreck (in a bad way) for too long. Sianara.

Christine's crazy eye

This is the season of the LIE! God forbid house-guest A tells house-guest B that he caught house-guest E in a LIE. Because, even if house-guest E is in an alliance with A & B, house-guest E gotta go. All of them are lieing to everyone else. Christine isn’t as bad as Amber. Christine is the one who made Amber as “bad” as she was. With multiple LIEs! Zach at least is honest about it, he has told them all, “I am a liar!”


Yeah! It’s called playing the game…it’s Big Brother. Some of the commenters on here are just as clueless as those in the BB House…And I’m Not Lying!!!


Im hoping Beast Mode and Donny somehow team up and work together…. I hope bmc realize that if his ally can do this easily to Zach , they can easily take him out also….. I want the house to atleast have some drama… its always the same thing every week…. its getting boring…………..

Derrick the Thug

Love how Derrick (the cop) is constantly bringing up assualting a bigbrother house guest (Zack).
Not sure what the law is in Cali, but lots of jurisdictions have implemented that the uttering threats of physical violence to be contrary to criminal code as well as workplace health and safety.

Criminal Threatening…. I’m sure that’s how his baby girl as well as his fellow boys in blue want to see this play out.

Way to think it through.

Big Brother just got Cancel

That doesn’t count for cops, they get away with everything!


Thanks for your comment about Derrick. He is determined to portray himself as some sort of people’s champion in order to win America’s Favorite . All this anger towards Zack for badmouthing Victoria yet it was perfectly okay to just standby and watch that whole Caleb and Amber debacle. It’s also perfectly okay for Zack and the other male hg’s to say offensive crap about the other female hg’s. I think he’s disgusting and the biggest hypocrite in the house.


I have to admit some of the things Derrick says show poorly of him as a police officer. I cannot imagine that his superiors are too pleased at some of his comments. Yeah, play the game, but still show some class. Also, I may be on the outs with this, but I think the game Derrick and Cody are playing at this time sucking up to Hayden (who now thinks he is some god in the house) is a pretty bad strategy. If they stayed loyal to their alliance and stopped being so paranoid of Frankie and Christine, they could have easily controlled the game going forward for a long time and uses Zach as punching dummy in terms of getting put on the block. Their numbers alone would have eventually gotten rid of annoying Nicole and Hayden followed by the useless Victoria (why again was she chosen to be in BB16?), Jocasta (no miracles for you), and Donny the hick (though, I think he is playing an excellent game right now, and at this time I consider him the odds on favorite to win this season if he is left alone. He is very observant and says little). Derrick and Cody are going to get popped out of the house as soon as Frankie and Christine are gone. That is the whole point of Nicole and now suddenly active Hayden aligning with them. They are as stupid as stupid gets. I am quite sure Frankie and Christine (no matter how annoying they are) would remain quite loyal to them. Cody is delusional and paranoid thinking that somehow they are after him and Derrick know it and is playing him. Frankie has made one of the most fundamental mistakes of the game. Come out playing fast and loud, and loose momentum in the middle of the season when everyone is onto you. If Frankie had been smart, he would been more like Hayden and Donny in game play by playing low for the 1st half of the season and then start playing seriously in the second half as most winners of BB do. Caleb is is wild card. He may recover from his stalker mentality and if he stays unaligned may sneak up in the end. That could be interesting to watch. Unless people start taking Jocasta seriously and not only as a pawn could sneak in there as well. That has happened in the past. Let the other house guests knock each other out and just wait to make a move after the collateral damage settles after all the loud and good players are kicked out of the house. Just ask Andy and Ian.


Thanks for the longest and least read comment of the day.


Thanks for adding nothing to the discussion and for the stupidest comment of the day.


Actually it was the most accurate comment of the day.

schools out

I wanted to give this a thumbs up , but it felt too much like a homework assignment.


Victoria gives me the sense that she’s playing this like she’s in high school:
Today during first class, someone told me something about so-and-so and I am disgusted….
At lunch today someone said something so disgusting and I don’t trust them….
During 3rd period Hebrew class, I notice so-and-so talking to someone I don’t like so I’m over it….
At gym class today I tried real hard and I killed it and I am going to keep killing it…
She doesn’t talk strategy but talks in terms of personal issues solely.
Whoever takes her (if they do) with her life vest on all the way is a shoe-in but I would not be able to stand giving her money that she obviously does not know the value of because it grows on trees where she’s from or you just sue someone and get it from their tree.
Can’t stand Derrick much longer – I have to skim through updates and mute him on TV.


Her mentality is very needy and juvenile and that’s why it seems like it’s easy to manipulate her better if you can tap into that. People talk about all girl alliances but depends on the women. Someone like her would be exhausting and you would have to tip toe around her and make sure you re making her feel good. Derek seems to know exactly how to handle her and she probably takes it better from his since he’s a man.

Trigger Happy Cops

The most predictable season! Even the New York post is talking bad about this season. Lol


Was it the NYP that said Victoria was as interesting as an empty shopping bag??

Hamsterwatch block me.

Thanks No Nothing Nicole for putting up Zach, now we have nothing to look forward to this season! It’s going to be predictable from here on out Folks.

Oh Caleb!

Great strategy talking about your failed psych evaluations. However, I’m sure the HG’s were comforted by the fact that you passed all the BB “tests”. NOT! Whoever conducted those “tests” should put in their notice now. This guy is a walking time bomb. I bet BB is playing back all his interview tapes and realizing how well he misrepresented himself.

Cough, Derrick!

BB was probably so in love with the character of Caleb that they didn’t put a lot of value in what any psych test might have revealed. I won’t be surprised if we’re reading about Caleb in the newspaper in a couple of years, and it won’t be for winning Survivor or Amazing Race.


Honestly, there’s been some wild people in past seasons, that you would assume, wouldn’t pass the test…. Some of these potential-psychos won.. Last season alone had at least 5 or 6 psychos. You never know how someone could act under pressure.


I bet BB tightened up on those tests after they let in all the psychos. BB, a red flag to someone’s personality disorder is that they are taking medications for personality disorders. Half the cast of Amanda’s year needed meds. The one who wasn’t taking them, Gina Marie, was still a psycho stalker inventing an entire relationship with someone who was in the same room with her for about 5 hours.

this is pathetic

seriously? now you must intimidate Zach into not saying anything?

this is the worst freaking group of people I have ever seen….oh right the racist group last year….this is the WIMPIEST group I have ever seen

I hope production(who seems to hate Zach so it won’t happen) either does a non eviction, or just tells Zach who screwed him, and he can ATTACK one last time

bunch of cowards. they threaten violence behind your back.


I don’t want to Zach to leave but I won’t be cutting it off because he’s going. My attention span will depend on who goes out in the 2nd eviction tomorrow. And Zach got way too comfortable. It’s funny how these people will watch and participate in how they do others and don’t think it could happen to them at any point of the game.And I thought he didn’t try to win the HOH last week because he didn’t want “blood on his hands”. At least that’s what they showed on the show when he pretended like he was upset he didn’t get the tie breaker. So it looks like “he got got”. But maybe they will do like last year and let someone come back like last year and like when they tried to help rig it for Rachel the season she won.


this is an ideal time for DE because there are still some residual alliances there. It is easy enough to get rid of either Caleb, Christine or Frankie, because you put up 2, if one comes down, you put up the 3rd. If the one not up takes one down, which they probably won’t do because it means that the HOH is someone who can easily put up Derrick or Cody, voila, one less number.

Will it play out that way for the short time HOH? Maybe, but then the weeklong HOH will be one of those who remained, and they are going to do the Ho Hum boring idea of put up Jocasta and Victoria in order to backdoor Donny. Now if Caleb is HOH and figures something out about the alliance formerly known as BS, maybe that won’t happen,


#SaveZach is coming to end!!!


Stop blowing shit out of proportion. Christine is not getting a divorce, at least not because of her flirting/touching Cody. It’s not like she gave him a blowjob. DAMN!! And all you married and unmarried hypocrites know you do it to, just not on national TV. Caleb, Stalker?? PLEASE!!! What do you call Michael Douglas’s stalker, you know the woman that was threatening his wife, or David Letterman’s stalker who actually went into his home, and claimed to be his wife. Stalking is LONG TERM DUMBASSES, LONG TERM!! DAMN!!!. And please don’t be a dumbass and say that Caleb followed or watched Amber in the house. PLEASE!! Real stalkers actually STALK!!! Most, if not all victims are afraid of their stalkers. You dumbasses have been too sheltered or obviously don’t have enough life experience to know what real stalking is, while you’re talking about Victoria. Caleb Does NOT compare dumbasses. DAMN!!!


You are a little too angry. Caleb HAS shown signs of being a stalker inside the BB house. I don’t know if you watch any live feeds or BBAD, but he definitely did stalk & obsess over Amber. Not everything is shown during the 3 episodes aired weekly. The reason he hasn’t shown to be on the same level as the stalker examples you gave, is because he is still inside of the BB house. His obsession with Amber was so strong in the house, I have no doubt it will continue outside of the house. So, unless you are actually related to Caleb & are trying to defend him, you really should calm down on the hatred & name calling of your fellow BB viewers. Your rant, makes you look ignorant.

I Don't Like Derrick

Ignorant?? Don’t you think it’s ignorant of you and the other dumbasses to grossly exaggerate Caleb?? PLEASE!!! And no dumbass; Caleb has not shown signs of stalking. You and the other dumbasses are just blowing everything out of proportion. Without realizing it, you just agreed he’s not actually stalking, by saying he hasn’t done “REAL” stalking because he is inside the house. Okay, you agree with my point. HE ISN’T STALKING!!! DAMN!!! As far as what he does outside the house, you don’t know if he is actually going to stalk her. You and the other dumbasses are just making assumptions based on your exaggerations. You obviously don’t even know what stalking is. Angry, Hatred?? Are you kidding?? There you go again blowing shit out of proportion. It means nothing for me to call you a dumbass. DAMN!! Calm Down!! You and the other dumbasses are the ones that need to calm down, and not blow shit out of proportion. I don’t know, my posts for example, that you obviously take to seriously. LOL.


Attitudes like this have been in police depts and social services depts for decades, which is why the number of women killed by their stalkers is so high.

His behaviour isn’t over the top if they had a real relationship. Taking mementos, sending her camera messages, talking about her and her family either while she was there or after she left, all perfectly reasonable things to do if they had a connection, or she didn’t blow him off during their ‘date’. Given everything she did, and didn’t do, his belief that he has a connection with her is what makes him a stalker/obsessive. There is no connection, he’s planning their off show date still.


What traits do you think someone has to have to be labelled a potential stalker????

Stealing someone’s belongings and wearing it (Bunny Slippers)
Believing that you have control of someone’s fate
Not understanding that when someone’s says “NO” they mean “NO”
Writing and taping someone’s name on the inside of your baseball cap
Constantly mentioning that you can’t wait to hook up after the show even if someone says NO
Believing that some greater power placed you in the Big Brother House to meet someone (Amber)
Talking about meeting someone’s parents, when they say they don’t like you like that…

I Don't Like Derrick

“POTENTIAL STALKER.” Thank You. Well, at least you half way admitted he is not a stalker. Most of those things you listed are harmless, although they may be annoying. The “potentially” scariest one is, “Not Accepting No,” but I don’t know if she even ever told him that, or “Believing You Hold Someone’s Fate In Your Hands.” That would be very scary outside the house, but inside? Do you believe that Derrick who has the most influence in the house holds Zack’s or Jocasta’s fate right now? If Derrick was to decide that Jocasta goes, Guess What? Jocasta goes. Don’t you think Derrick knows and believes that? With Derrick ,it’s true. With Caleb, it was delusion. If the list you mentioned is what you consider stalking, then what in the world would you call David Letterman’s stalker?? Seriously, writing Amber’s name in her cap?? SO TH FUCK WHATT!!!


You must have your delusional glasses on or maybe you exhibit the same symptoms as Caleb. See a Shrink … now!


That’s your response, Dumbass?? Why don’t you go educate yourself on what a stalker is? Seriously, you have no clue. And obviously, everything little thing is a big deal to you. Must have been real boring, Growing Up.


Caleb’s Mom is that you? How sweet to take up for your baby boy. He’s still a douchebag. Dumbass. DAMN!!!!!

I Don't Like Derrick or Smartass

LOL. Are you the mom of all the dumbasses, blowing shit out of proportion?? How many dumbasses do you have? DAMN!! You’re trying to take up for them, but obviously, you can’t. But don’t worry. I’m sure some other dumbass will come at me. LOL. And don’t get mad because I tell the truth, and point out the exaggerations. Like one poster said, his actions are simply over the top. Learn the difference, SMARTASS!!


I do have enough life experience to know when someone is stalking you. As I said in an earlier post, I am a SURVIVOR ( not a victim ) of stalking and I have the scars, both physically and emotionally, to make me appreciate that I am alive today.

I Don't Like Derrick

I think I remember your post. If it is the same one, then you also said that Caleb was being immature, etc, but he was not actually stalking. And, at least a few dumbasses, not me, criticized you. If you’re the same person, then it’s interesting that you pointed out you know the signs of stalking, but you refrained from saying Caleb wasn’t a stalker, like you did in your previous post. Please don’t fall victim to conforming. And if any of you dumbasses say that she doesn’t need to repeat herself, the point is that she repeated one point, that she knows the signs of stalking, but she didn’t repeat the other point, which is Caleb is not a stalker.


I don’t think I have ever called Caleb immature but I have said that he is obsessed with Amber, based on what we see on BB. Does that fact alone make him a stalker? No. GM was obsessed with Nick but I do not think she was/is a stalker. I responded to your original post because A) I do not like to be called a dumb ass without life experience and B) I do know what it is like to be stalked. Stalking begins with an obsession but not all obsessions lead to stalking. For Caleb’s well-being, I hope he will realise that his obsession with Amber is a one way street and by the end of BB he will be focused on something else ( his career, etc ). I often think that Caleb is a lonely person who finds it necessary to tell porkies to impress people.

I Don't Like Derrick

If you never called Caleb a stalker and blew anything he did out of proportion, then, regarding posts about him, when did I ever call you a dumbass or said you have no life experience. Who am I referring to in those posts? Not You. But all these other people, calling him a stalker, blowing things out of proportion, don’t know what stalking is. And you know that’s true, but you don’t want to say it now, unlike before. Don’t let criticisms get to you. Roll it off your shoulders, and not give a crap. Believe me, it I so much better that way.

I Dont Like You

Hey Caleb’s friend, what are the credentials, life experiences or whatever you’re utilizing to validate YOUR opinions?? This is an opinion based forum that most people use SN’s for. That should tell you something. Caleb is a stalker , Caleb is not a stalker. Zach should stay, Zack should go. Nicole is a dumbass, Nicole is a smart . Derrick is playing a great game , Derrick is not playing a great game. This season sucks, this season does not—Oh wait, we’ re all in agreement on that one. This season does suck!
Chill out!

I Don't Like Derrick or You Dumbass

YES YOU DO!!! LOL. You want to ?? OKAY. What are my credentials?? Why?? Because I asked all the dumbasses where they received their degree?? Dumbass, there is a big difference between my question and yours. I am giving my opinion, like you said that’s what this site is for, and there is nothing wrong with anyone giving theirs’. Others, talking about Caleb are the ones being so serious, blowing things out of proportion, and truly trying to do some evaluations which requires a degree. And it is grossly blown out of proportion. I am not trying to play doctor here, but so many of these other people are. That’ the difference, dumbass. So, PLEASE!!! Who are you anyway?? Melissa’s friend?? You probably really are. LOL. Trying to take up for somebody. PLEASE, AS IF!!


I wouldn’t call Caleb a stalker either, at this time. He is a self-absorbed, narcissistic, unstable douchebag. This kid is unbalanced and it is not farfetched he could go down that road. I don’t condone his behavior in the house and I’m disgusted that NO other male blasted him for it. I so hoped Derrick as a cop (without exposing himself) would have given this puke a good lecture. Yeah, I know this is BB blah blah blah. It’s called morals.


Anyone know of any other season where house guests went this long voting unanimously? After this double eviction, the reason of “hiding numbers” goes right out the window.


words can’t express how little i care about this season now that zach is going home. I’ve hit the point where I don’t even care enough to bash the other idiot houseguests. I’m out.


Don’t get too big for your britches Victoria. People are only being nice to you this week because they want your vote. Also, don’t take over Christine’s role of relaying information back and forth— cant you see where it got her? All this talk about who’s targeting who next week, blah blah blah. “At the end od the day” , the same players will be nominated—Jocasta, Donny and Victoria.