Hayden says my subject was “Su*k my bl@ck c***” and the message was “Barack Obama is sabotaging me.”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 13-03-25-489

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12:55pm – 1:30pm Hayden, Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, Nicole and Christine are out on the backyard couches. They’re talking about random things. Hayden talks about the tattoo suicide girls. Christine says that he husband Tim wants a tattoo of Bill Cosby. Hayden says I was thinking of getting a tattoo of my face somewhere on my body. Nicole says I could see you doing that and I wouldn’t even think twice about it. They continue to talk about tattoos. Hayden says I have 7 tattoos and 3 of them aren’t jokes. Hayden says that his Instagram and Twitter accounts have been reported and suspended a number of times. He says they were suspended for the photos he posted that people reported and because he followed too many people. He says that he had to write a note to Twitter explaining why they should give it back to him. I realized that the subject and messaged didn’t matter because they were going to give it back any ways. He says that his subject was “Suck my black c**k” and the message was like Barack Obama is sabotaging me give my twitter account back. Nicole says oh my god you’re horrible. Hayden talks about a video he made that got complaints. Christine says that internet people are the worst. Nicole says she wouldn’t complain about anything unless it was really serious.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 13-20-06-761

1:40pm – 2:10pm Donny tells Jocasta that he thinks everyone is so paranoid they want to find out how people are voting so that they won’t be the ones left out of the majority. Unless they want to throw a couple votes the other way to blame it on other people. Hayden joins them and the conversation ends. Nicole and Christine are tanning by the pool. Nicole talks about her friends / life outside the house. They talk about this Thursday possibly being a double eviction and how the second HOH could be an endurance. Christine brings up how Zach told her that they better not be backdooring him. Nicole says he better not wear Cody’s steve madden’s (shoes) and if he does maybe they’re not really voting him out. Christine says I’m so scared of Caleb to get HOH. Nicole says me too. Christine says that Frankie told Caleb and he’s on board to get out Zach. Nicole asks he’s on board .. wow. Oh that’s awesome. Christine says that Frankie worked some kind of magic. At first I was worried he was going to go blow it up to Zach but I guess not.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 14-09-38-163

2:15pm – 2:50pm Over on the backyard couch – Hayden, Jocasta, Donny and Christine are talking. Hayden asks Donny of the 3 POV’s you played in which was your favorite? Donny says well if I hadn’t won the splitters one I would be watching the rest from home. Hayden wonders if Donny hadn’t won the dice one, if Caleb would have beat Devin. Donny says no, Caleb had no clue what he was doing. Donny says the good thing was when Devin came across and shook my hand. Hayden gets up and shows how Devin was doing it. Donny said that Devin made that one look so easy. Nicole brings Donny a yogurt from the HOH room. After Donny finishes it he says that was the very first yogurt I ever had. Everyone is surprised and asks him how it was? Donny says it was alright.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 14-37-41-988

2:50pm – 3:05pm Cody joins them outside. Hayden starts talking about his tattoos again. He says that guy that did the astronaut on his butt and the calf on his calf. Hayden asks what does your Chinese symbols mean. Cody says family but the actual meaning is tight, together or something like that.. Cody says my biggest fear was getting something that I didn’t know what it meant ..and I legitimately don’t know if that’s what mine means. Hayden says yeah I want to get Chinese symbols that don’t mean anything like “The pear farted on the couch.” Cody asks why would you want to do that .. then when your 60 and your grandkids ask you what it means. Hayden says then I’ll tell them the pear farted on the couch. Hayden talks about wanting “Last” on one are and “Name” on the other. He then says maybe “First name” and Last name”.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-06 14-54-38-654


The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Joeyksays says:
August 6, 2014 at 1:20 pm

You Know What would make a AWSOME bb17, get together 2 Jew’s, 2 palatines, 2 white Americans along with 2 blacks and 2 Hispanics 2 Orientals 2 Russians, and 2 Muslims. WOW talk about a show, BB all time!!! (I trade mark this ideal and have copied it and dated my comment ( lol, don’t steel my ideals) CBS!


No one will steal the idea because you’re the only person racist enough to call people “blacks” and “orientals.”


calling someone black is not racist


Calling someone black is not racist. Calling someone ” a black ” or ” those blacks ” is very offensive. We are all human beings… black PEOPLE not “blacks”


Some people prefer Black.. Not every dark skinned person has African roots or likes that term. Oriental is used for inanimate objects like rugs;you meant Asian. Kaysar was Muslim. I was surprised we didn’t get a Trans person this season. I also want to see some non stereotypical gay people – a lipstick lesbian & a gay Jock – neither of whom are obviously gay. The casting doesnt vary alot cuz they actively recruit 30-40% of HG who don’t know about BB. Hayden was recruited. So was Joey cuz someone saw her at the coffeehouse & liked her ‘look’ (aka blue hair). Brittany said she was recruited just a few weeks before. They always have their models too. I’ve never seem guys who almost never wear a shirt

These Comments are what I'm talking about

This comment along with the “rat” and the “gay jokes” comments are the exact kind of comments that make me want to switch blogs. Since when did it ever get okay to call Asian Americans the O word? Like I said before its okay to talk about their game play and lack there of but these personal shots are getting ridiculous.


Couldn’t agree more.


Which O word?

Lucky Lucciano



Let’s get back on track and chat about BB, who cares about once race, creed and beliefs, if I don’t care for you it’s not because of your religion or nationality. Let’s share our comments about BB and leave the rest alone. There’s enough fighting within the world, Let’s have FUN.

Bugsy Malone

I totally agree dude.


Says who?

H.R. Cankles

I would like to see an all female season, women of all ages in one house.


Now, that would interesting hormones, hormones and more hormones they may be fighting to please vote me out the heck with the money, just get me out of here.


I would like to see a few pages taken rom BB AU. Hgs cannot sleep all day, they are given tasks and comps to complete, Each hg nominates 3 people for eviction but they are not permitted to discuss their noms. Just a little something to change up next year’s BB.


I agree. I love BB Australia. The format is a nice change up. I recommend 2012. Bring on the naughty room, captains quarters, surly, no sleeping all day, no HOH. Discuss noms you get a strike and 3 strikes you’re out of BB. Hear DR conversations.


I would to see all females also and all males


I want a season of all over 65 if it was carefully cast with a bunch of characters….


They have done that. It is called The Bachelorette and it is f*cking horrible.


I’d love an all woman cast too, but in my experience, when women are alone together for extended periods of time, it turns into a naked love fest. CBS would have to keep asking people to put their clothes back on. I disagree with the Bachelorette comment… That’s a group of straight women competing for a man. This would be straight, queer, trans women fighting for money. It would be awesome. I’d love to be on that season.


The word is “steal”…and how many times do I have to read this lame idea? It was in the batch of posts under the last spoiler and I hope I don’t have to read it again under the next one!


I would be happy with any changes to the ethnic and gay ratios on the show. It’s ALWAYS a majority of straight white men and women. I get where you were trying to go.


if we don’t get an all stars season next year, I will be pretty pissed. there are so many former players who still follow BB so darn close and still talk about it weekly on RHAP, I think its time

we need another all stars season. make it happen, the ratings have been good, you don’t spend much which is obvious with the lack of twists. so lets go. lets get an all stars season 2.


Donny is my favorite player nobody controls him he know what he doing in know who after him the others don’t they just guessing Donny and derrick is the two that should be in the final 2 with Donny win it all cause derrick didn’t control him like the others that’s my final 2 Donny vr derrick with Donny win it all

Amber's Future Restraining Order

Would love to see that but I think the numbers are going to get Donny eventually. His only two current allies are Jocasta and Victoria and they are useless because neither can win an HOH. If Donny wants to stay he needs to get closer to Hayden and Nicole and most importantly win every POV.


I do believe that donny has an allie in nicole, she may have the alliance with derrick,cody,and hayden, and may have one with christine, but she is on to christine and also on to the fact that donny would have her back if she keeps his covered, she is only playing the houseguests, but never shows all her cards, donny is be better at holding his cards but together nicole and donny could go far, the young blonde anf old country guy are all the other ignorant houseguests see in them, and nicole and donny are anything but stereotypes, they both know what is going on and playing it safe, unlike derrick who will get caught in his own crap.


I loved Donny until he basically told America to f*** *ff… that was the easiest 5K each ever that we generously offered them, and he threw it back in our faces. I will state that the others did present it to him wrong as the only thing he had to do was vote, sit back and watch the entertainment… Frankie should have had to do all the calling out since he wasn’t voting. Derrick should have flipped his vote and if there was only one vote for Amber, Frankie should have called Donny out (like anyone would believe/think he voted to evict Jocasta). It was so easy to call out Christine and Caleb on it.

Donny fan

Julie Chen said Donny did the right thing in refusing the last Team America mission.


Yep sounds that easy. Never mind the rational and logical reason Donny gave as to why he passed up and “easy” $5000. If a bunch of people at home, who maybe only watch the syrupy episodes on CBS, tells Donny to do something he better do it since it’s labeled “America” by production . Yep, Donny is trash. I dare him use his own mind and have some integrity about his game which he’s been living with for over 40 days.


You don’t pay attention to the show very closely, do you? Donny had to do more than “vote and sit back and watch”. He didn’t have a problem with the voting part (he specifically said this). It was the other part of the mission….the part where each member of TA had to PUBLICLY call out another houseguest right after the vote and accuse them of throwing the vote. Donny stated that he does not publicly call out people and all of the other houseguests know it. If Donny were to call someone out, everyone else would know something was up because that is not Donny’s character. That is what would affect his long term game. Donny was smart not to do it. Screwing with your long term game just to win 5k is stupid.


He’s a complete pussy. If he didn’t want to do the mission, then he should’ve declined being part of Team America.

He’s the reason this season is beginning to suck.

The Quack Pack

“Vote against the majority of the house and then publicly accuse two people during the eviction fallout.” The mission America voted for online didn’t say whether or not they all had to publicly accuse or just some, but they said that the DR told them all of them had to be involved and that is where Donny felt like he would get caught and I agree. He realizes that some of them will suspect something if he starts accusing people of something like that. When Donny was trying to start the rumor about Zach and Amanda Zimmerman even Nicole said she felt like she was being used to start a rumor. She admitted that in front of Donny after the told zach and they were all talking about it in the kitchen. I think Donny picked up on that and realizes that doing things like that is suspicious coming from him. If all he had to do was vote and sit back and let them do the rest, he would have done it cause no one would have thought he voted against Jocasta plus she wouldn’t have gone home. Donny is in it to win it not to just make it to Jury, like some of these jokers.


So I suppose the bashing of Hayden will begin soon


Yes! And deservedly so! You can read my comment below…smart kid, but that comment was very disgusting and offensive!


Yeah what was up with that comment? I feel the comments will only get worse!!!:(


Why not? He’s constantly thinking with his dick around Nicole, but she keeps pushing him away. When Caleb showed interest in Lesbian Amber, he was a creep.


A few weeks into BB I thought Amber was a lesbian as well. Why does it really matter? Do we give a shit who is straight? No. Why do people think gays have to announce their sexuality? Because we all need our curiosity about someone confirmed? I would like to see a more diverse cast. Enough of the stereotypical gay fems, butch lesbian types. There are gay jocks and lipstick lesbians. Why do I even care? Their sexuality has zero to do with the game. What if we’ve had gay jocks & lipstick lesbians all along, would it bother viewers that they didn’t know at all or found out after the season. If a HG chooses to discuss their sexuality in the house that’s their prerogative, right? Again, why does it really matter. I would not be surprised that there have been gays & lesbians on BB in the past that no one knows about. I’d much rather see a cross section of blue collar & white collar and if they’re straight or gay, who cares.


Why am I starting to really dislike Hayden, the more he talks?

Amber's Future Restraining Order

Hayden is as delusional toward Nicole as Caleb is to Amber. She tells him no over and over but he won’t take the hint.


Nicole and Hayden don’t compare at all to the Caleb/ Amber situation! Nicole actually likes Hayden she just doesn’t feel comfortable making in with him on national tv.

Jimmy 64

Hayden is not obsessed with Nicole
He flirts with Nicole and she flirts with him.


Your problem not his.


I feel the same way. Hayden is supper horny and juvenile. Half the stuff he says is for shock value. He thinks he’s so super cool. NOT! Poor Donny, I want him to win just for having to be around these smug good for nothings all day and keeping his cool.

Christine's crazy eye

What would be interesting, if big brother took all of their paranoid ideas, mixed them up in a hat, pulled one at random, then implemented it. For instance, if the most active on the fit bracelet was the new hoh. Or they did a comps backed on the paranoid ideas. For instance, which house guest is assumed to be a professor? Answer Donny.


So, we’ve come to the point in the season where racist crap is spewing forth! Great…I already dislike 90 percent of these folks! Make it 95 percent! No excuse for that comment, very offensive.

Black C%^K and Obama Sabotage

Explain how that is racist?
It is stupid maybe


I think you’re overreacting. I’m a diehard liberal and saw nothing offensive about that statement. Not everytime someone says “black” or “Obama” are they spewing hate. Plus, you do remember this is Hayden we’re talking about, right? The guy who loves everybody? It was a total joke. I’ve made variations of the “Obama is sabotaging me” joke on more than one occasion myself. And I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered the phrase “suck my big black d#ck/c#ck” at some point in my life as well. It doesn’t mean anything….certainly not a negative dig against an entire race.

I think people need to lighten up.


Wait… What did Hayden say or do that is worthy of bashing?


Absolutely nothing. The majority of the comments on this blog are MUCH worse and make me want to switch, but I love Simon and Dawg.. So, I’m here.. for now. To be honest, I didn’t think anything he’s said has been racist. I think he’s just an idiot? Lol.


You are so right. Harden is just a silly kid. I sincerely doubt he is at all racist. People here have said much worse .


*** Hayden


If the first 5 elimations were Jocosta, Joey, Christine, Frankie, and Victoria, this season would be epic.


Thank you! After this week, we’ll be stuck with the ‘Maggie-like’ alliance from season 6.

Man this show is going to suck hard…really fast.

Here we go with the Racist Stuff again

After last season I thought BB would screen its contestants better. Its bad enough they have banished all of the different people except for Frankie and Jacosta. Why would Hayden even say that crap?


Because he is extremely immature. He often acts/talks like a prepubescent teenager.


Christine’s husband must be so embarrassed!


This must be the hundredth comment about Christine’s husband. Why do you care? Why does anybody care? Good grief.

Thank You

I know!!! for three weeks now it’s all about Christine, girl must be doing something right that is all you hear one here. I’m sure it takes more than what she is doing to worry a husband, just bring home the money is probably all he is worried about, like he should. just leave it along it’s nothing to us how he feels.


I really hope Christine is the next one out the door…she has no problem lying to her supposed best friend Nicole, I just hope they get her or Frankie out in the double eviction!

The DR

Even we do not understand what the HG are talking about. Perhaps we need to step up OUR game.

Use your brain

So it’s ok for a black girl to say ‘Kiss my big black ass’ and it’s not ok for anyone else to say suck my black K*kc?
Makes no sense and it only shows that people still with a ‘chip on their shoulder’ run to screen screaming ‘racist!’
BS – I wish people would start using their pea-sized brain and know that it’s not any different than anything else said that is ignorant.
And just for everybody who is not aware; racism is not illegal.
You’re allowed think and feel what you bloody-well want. That doesn’t mean it’s going to improve your life but everybody’s free to feel what they want.
Black people are entitled to hate white people if they so desire. People are hateful on so many levels; not just race – age, gender, hair color, the list goes on and on. Racial prejudice is not somehow ‘special’ is it?

The Wizard

Agree – and I really did try – but not everyone has a brain, heart or the courage to speak the truth…


stupid comment ..a black girl has a black a$s whereas hayden doesn’t have a black d1ck. so don’t get your point


I was offended by the word white. I’m English American or is it French American or English French American or Hodgepodge American


Unless you’re Native American, you’re a European Settler.
It’s perfectly fine, but it’s comical when any “non Native American Americans” talk about people who shouldn’t be allowed to be in the US because they’re not “like them” or stuff like that…
btw: Hayden wanted to say something “as stupid as possible”, just to bring his point across that he just had to send ‘something’ to Twitter for them to activate his account again, and that it didn’t have to be an apology at all.
He just expects people to get his sense of humor and not be complete douchebags about it. Calling him a racist for that is just like suing Starbucks for selling you coffe that’s too hot when you’re the moron that burned yourself.


LMAO@Hodgepodge American.

these people drive me mad

what the heck are they hiding at this point? everyone knows who is with who. until the entire house decides that person is it for the week, then they all laugh at that person for being an idiot and not noticing that everyone was bold face lying to them.

house vote unanimous sucks. they act like Donny and jocosta finding out about their alliance would hurt. at this point its everyone against Victoria Donny jocosta. Zach and amber were casualties of someone in power hating them. derrick wanted Zach out for weeks, caleb was an excuse to remove amber.


– Christine, Frankie, Caleb, Donny, Victoria and Jocasta have no idea that Nicole, Hayden, Cody and Derrick are in an alliance.
– Noone has any idea about Team America.
– Donny thinks that Zach was never part of “them” (Bomb Squad or Detonators).
– The Detonators think Nicole, Hayden and Donny are in a tight alliance, which is not true.
– Noone knows that Derrick and Cody are in a tight F2 alliance.
I’d say you’re wrong saying that the lines are clear.


I think Christine won’t survive Zthe double eviction.

Aggressive cuddler

This season is getting so boring that we are having philosophical debates rather than comments about the updates .. LOvE IT !!! 🙂 … Snooze fest and I’m sad zach is leaving but maybe I will run into him in the south florida area and we can hang out in real life 🙂 lol


Quick question ; has BB always cast all young people or was it ever more diverse in casting?
It seems as though it’s just a bunch of wannabe models/actors.
At least Survivor still casts a few older people every season, although it has also sort of become some kind of bikini contest.


Wow hayden has some stupid tattoos.


As I do not follow FB or Twitter, perhaps someone can answer my question. This is the only online blog I refer to for BB so may have missed something, but am surprised that friends, neighbours and relatives of hgs never seem to post anything pro or con of the hgs. Have I just missed this or is their some agreement with hgs that it cannot be done?


I have wondered and asked about this for years! You would think family, friends, neighbors, teachers etc. would be posting like mad in support or defense of their houseguest.


They obviously do! How else could you explain anyone even remotely supporting Jocasta or Victoria?


Oh so now we actually see why Hayden hated Amber so much. Wow, will not be voting for him as America’s Fav.


He hated Amber because she put him on the block and because Nicole hated her. He also knew Amber was way out of his league and that’s tough on a guy with an ego like his. He think he’s a stud, but he’s really just a juvenile clown.


You’re stupid and irrational. See my comment further above.

Geez Louise

Can’t we all just get along


I think its sooo entertaining that Zach fans are losing their Sh*t, going crazy because big mouth will be evicted on Thursday. Hopefully Frankie follows asap.


And then we’ll be stuck with Jocasta, Victoria, Donny……………zzzzzzzzzzz

Won’t that be just f**cking fantastic?!

The ‘Maggie-like’ alliance runs the house.

new to BB 14

they need to do a Big Brother with half the house over 65

and half the house under 25

Talk about ratings gold especially if you get a couple of old really wealthy very good looking folk
and some really hot young good looking gold diggers

ratings gold I tell ya


I always thought that this was a forum to talk about the show; i.e. the game, the strategies, the people portrayed in the game. It should never get so personal that we need to resort to name-calling and/or racism. Who are we to assume anything? If Havden wants to say,”Suck my black c**k!” , how do we know that he doesn’t have a big rubber one hidden somewhere? I think some of the people on this forum take it way too seriously. It’s a show, for God’s sake. A reality TV SHOW. The people on this show do not effect my life and I’m sure that I’ll never meet any of them. It is just television entertainment and should be taken as such. I love BB and hope it stays on for many more years, but come on people…CHILL !!!


Thanks cameras for going back inside to show Derrick and Frank. I had enough of seeing 4 camera angles of Hayden acting like an idiot.


Ok Zach is going home Blah Blah Blah
I think if there was a Big Brother All Star Season I would want
Big brother ENEMIES.
A SEason of All Stars where Houseguest’s are teamed up with their biggest BB Enemies
Make former House guests have to partner with their BB enemy.

Jake K

Can’t wait to see what production does via a TeamAmerica task tonight to save RanceyPants. Wonder if they will step in. Twitter is just loaded with #savezack tweeted to @cbsbigbrother. Gonna be interesting. It’s funny cause people complain when they think production steps in (which I don’t think they do much) but then when a favorite is in jeopardy they want them to lol.


I did a search for #SaveJocasta and nothing came up.

Gotta keep the animals happy!


Did anyone else just die when Hayden said he was going to get a tattoo of the pear farted on the couch? Lol!


Get ready for the sausage fest folks, these guys are going to vote every chick out, one by one. Next season please have a cast with 9 hot girls, who are bi curious. ( You know the opposite of this cast) Talk about ratings. Bring back Brittany and Amber.