Nicole “I could be as loyal to you as I was to Hayden. I would swear on anything, my family, the bible!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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1:10am In the bathroom – Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine. Derrick says I think we’re all going to be hurting tomorrow except Cody. Frankie says you’re going to need to be the one to win veto. You’re the only one not going to be hurting. Derrick says I think that was the longest one ever. It was the length of almost the entire backyard. It was 6ft in from each side. They talk about how they don’t think the ramp for that one has been that steep. Christine says I want to see the fall where I got the shaving cream up my butt. Big Brother: “Derrick, HOLLA GIRL!” Frankie says I can’t wait to see me. I think my form was pretty. I liked the swimming! It helped a lot, like a lot! Propel my body forward. Frankie says I hope they show us Caleb’s sports illustrated photo! I want it. I’m going to take it into the bathroom.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-29 03-59-55-748
1:30am – 2:30am Caleb comes out of the diary room and asks who wants to see my HOH room??! Caleb says now I’m just going to hobble on up! Caleb puts his arm around Caleb and they hobble up to the HOH room. They all pile into the HOH room. Caleb’s HOH CD is Florida Georgia Line. Caleb got his Army hat and American Flag and blue cord. He says that not everyone get this its for the infantry that walk the front lines.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-29 04-07-49-239
Caleb reads his letter from his brother:

Dear Caleb,
For starters just know we love you bro! We are proud of you for everything that you’ve accomplished! If there was going to be a Reynolds on tv first for something good it was going to be you. Keep your head in this game and don’t get side tracked by ANYTHING! (Amber?) At the end of these days you will either be 500K richer or you will leave with a few new friends. Either one is great but you have plenty of friends so focus on your mission to win. Keep your eye on the prize BRO! We love you and want you to hang in there. Put your man pants on and keep tough!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-29 04-16-05-604
Caleb says I got to see my brother in a video and a letter from him. Caleb looks at his basket and says many they hooked me up! Derrick says probably to make up for last time (When he won HOH during the double eviction but didn’t get the HOH basket.) Caleb got Calvin Klein underwear, socks and a slim fit shirt. Frankie says you should wear just the underwear and the hat. Caleb says I got hooked up like a girl. Caleb says I tell you one thing, you talk about a beautiful mother! I’ve got one! Frankie says we can officially say we made the final 7! And its day 77, lots of 7’s! Caleb says that Blake was going to do Amazing Race with me. Derrick asks what are we doing for sleeping arrangements? Derrick says I’ll sleep in the rock room so I don’t wake anyone. (from the the Holla’s) Derrick says Frankie will sleep up here, I’m assuming. Derrick starts talking about the HOH competition. “My transmitter literally went up my a$$!” Nicole asks why did you keep falling? Derrick says my shoes.. I fell like 30 times before I switched them and 5 times after. Derrick says he’ll now sleep in the fire room. Cody asks I guess I’ll sleep alone in the rock room. Derrick says no you’ll be there with Christine. Caleb comments on how he is going to be hurting tomorrow. Victoria says you motivated me Caleb.

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3am Derrick and Cody talk in the earth room. Cody says dude Frankie is such a f**king snake! Derrick asks what did he do now? He went to Christine and told her that everything was Caleb’s fault. I am not, not telling him (Caleb) that. I want to tell him tonight so he doesn’t think its… Derrick ask the whole what thing? Cody says flipping. Derrick asks leaving the 2 girls in the dark? Cody says I don’t even know if that’s what he said. Frankie initiated it all. He went to Christine and made Caleb the scape goat. And I don’t know what he told Nicole. Cody and Derrick comment on how they never get time to cross reference their stories without Victoria interrupting them. Derrick says that Nicole or Christine will go home this week. Christine joins them and interrupts their conversation. Derrick comments on how Donny said his brother’s IQ was 143 and his was 127 which is still very smart. Derricks says Einstein was 160 and that’s not that far off. They talk about how worried Donny was about not having his job when he gets home. Derrick and Cody say he will definitely have his job back. He’s a home town hero. Christine says she just didn’t like Donny for the comments he made. Victoria joins them and starts stroking Derrick’s leg from his foot all the way up his pants to his knee.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-29 03-31-55-914
3:20am – 3:30am Up in the HOH room – Nicole talks to Caleb. Nicole says I want to honestly talk to you. Me coming back into the house I see a lot more. You’ve never done anything to me and I’ve never done anything to you. Do I threaten you in this game? Caleb says yeah you’re definitely a competition beast. Nicole says everyone has someone in this game but I don’t. If I had won tonight there was no way in heck I was putting you up. If you think about pairs… if certain people win you know certain people aren’t going to put other people up. I could be as loyal to you as I was to Hayden. I don’t have anyone and me going up doesn’t benefit you. I could promise you that if you don’t put me up I wouldn’t put you up as a nom or as a replacement nom. I would swear on anything, my family, the bible! I would love to sit next to you in the finals. I respect you as a person and in this game. I have a lot that I can offer you. Caleb says there are definitely 2 people that wouldn’t promise me that. Nicole says we are both very trustworthy people and I think that would benefit you tremendously. Caleb says I will keep that in mind. Nicole says if you want to move forward with Frankie, I will promise him something too. Caleb says tomorrow is a tough decision.

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BB16 Sucks

Everyone start disliking Frankie’s YouTube videos to show the world how stupid he is.


OK but I’ll avert my eyes so I don’t have to look at him. After reading about his reactions from Donny being so popular my disgust of him grows (which I didn’t think was possible since I found him so gross already). I thought he was the most disgusting vile egotistical megalomaniac that the show has ever had but now I realize it’s also a dark dark soul.


Dark and GROSS! HGs talking about him being the nastiest person in the house grossed the fuck out of me! I find it inconcievable that a 30+ yo man behaves like Frankie. He’s just so clueless about everything. So egotistical. How did his family raised him? Spoon feeding while telling him lullabies about how the world belonged him and that his bellybutton was the center of the universe? I can only believe that! He’s so pathetic!


Yes I agree. There is something seriously wrong with him. His ego is bigger than Caleb’s. And def more pathetic then Caleb. He was so upset about Donny getting cheers. I was watching big brother after dark and he was talking to Creature Christine and he kept pondering how could Donny be popular. And then he had the nerve to say “could it be possible there is nothing else to him that’s all he is.? “. I felt like screaming at the TV “honey there’s nothing more to you then what we see…a big waste of space in that house…a gross self absorbed douchebag”


Hell Yeah!


…not everyone in the world is nice and/or honest. Yes, Frankie and other HG’s are showing rudeness and negging others to feel good about themselves. I bet Frankie has had a rough road and feels he needs to be on top of the pedestal to get thru each day. Coming out, Mom’s divorces, a TV/pop star half-sister, no love yet, is not the easiest life. He has done well to this point(plays, not BBBroadway), but he shows he’s never learned to RESPECT others. My guess is that he doesn’t like people thanks to bullying he got as an outlast kid and now no one outside of his sis and family matters to him.


As a person who was bullied alot as a kid, and who due to accent/sexuality/lack of sportiness was also abit of an outcast, and had tough family issues to deal with I have to say I disagree with your reasoning about Frankie.
Did I become a bitchy nasty rude mean adult? Nope!
It made me stronger and I had to learn to stand up for myself that is for sure.
It also meant I can spot a bully a mile away, and call them out on it. Plus it gave me an innate sense of empathy for the underdog. I noticed Donny becoming increasingly despondent the last couple of weeks and really felt for him (as I sense alot of people on this blog did too) so in a way it’s better for his mental health that he left last night sadly. There’s ALOT of adjectives I could use to describe Frankie – but empathy certainly isn’t one of them,
I don’t buy the poor Frankie had a tough life and it made him a mean-girl excuse.


Agreed. He is simply a vile human being that lacks any empathy for others because he wants all the attention on him and likely cannot stand when someone else receives accolades and he doesn’t. With his step sister’s fame taking off like crazy, I can see Skankie trying to get some fame for himself. Unfortunately for him, he is a nobody and a talentless hack. His Youtube channel isn’t even professional at any level.


Yeah I don’t buy the tough life excuse either…mainly for the fact it doesn’t appear he had a tough life!! Coming out didn’t seem to be an issue the way he discusses it. His grand father seemed to accept him 100%.
Child of a divorce? Um yeah, not the best situation but extremely common!
Brother to a star? Well I guess that could get to you ONLY if you wanted that kind of fame yourself.

If anything he had a somewhat privileged life. He comes off as more entitled, spoiled and bratty then a rough upbringing. If anything I’d guess Caleb’s life was a tougher rode and seems he escapes into fantasy world of what he’d like his life to be. They both have delusions of grandeur but Frankie’s is more from an entitled and bitchy perspective while Caleb’s is just cracra

I think Derrick has played well and crafty but Caleb still might win if he chooses wisely.


Damn I wanted Veronica to win HOH


That only would have been Derrick’s win. He would have done her like he just did Caleb picked who already is going on the block. Nicole & Uglytine.

RancyPants Roxit

Me too Rose!

lemon balls

Think it would of made a difference? What happened to the good old days when the HOH put up his/her nominations and the house voted. What is this community gathering between HOH and the hg? Seems like the power is held by the hg this way. Caleb should blow this opportunity to kick Frankie or derrick to the jury house like the past HOH’s. Looks like derrick might skate to the finals. Think it’s time bb initiates a safe week for the remaining person on the block after eviction. Predictability would disappear and give hg’s a shot at redemption. Way to boring seeing same.Peron up each week. .. WAY TOOO BORING!!!!


They should have never cast an undercover cop on this show. That was just a really bad casting decision. He’s a ringer considering the entire show is dependent on lying , manipulating and being covert. It’s like putting a Major League Baseball player in with a group of tea ball players and expecting the tea ball players to win. Least they could do at this point to level the playing field is to reveal Derrick as the big lier he is. Maybe they can have a few of his 5000 Hollas be one like.


That’s so amazing. HOLLA DERRICK IS A COP HOLLA!! Oh please oh please oh please have them do that.


Who the hell is Veronica?


Funny shyt!


No…I won’t even go to them. A view is still a view whether you like it or not. I am sure Frankie probably brags to others about the number of views his videos get.


I checked out his first video months ago just to see what all the fuss was about him. What a sorry sack of garbage that was.


Somebody needs to burn Frankie and “out” every lie he’s told in front of everybody. I used to love Zankie but he turned out to be a huge disgusting attention whore.


He thinks he is so loved that’s why he was voted team America. Little does he realize none of us knew who he truly was at the time. He is a total ass hat, liar, crap bag, liar and a untalented lying joke!




Are Caleb and Cody both gay??? What heterosexual man sleeps with a gay man especially like Skankie? Geez only straight guy in house and, it seems as if him and Victoria have something going on also. How do you dislike Skankie’ videos?


i can’t stand how Frankie assumes every HOH is his HOH, and that he automatically assumes he is sleeping there. cody had to actually tell him he wanted to be alone, that’s how arrogant he is about this.

Clue. Frankie, if you sleep in every HOH with every HOH, that tells the rest of the HGs that you are working with those people who are HOH.

it is really too bad that Caleb is such a team player, order follower. Nicole presents him with a sweet deal, and he passes it over. He should have accepted it, and done something else, allow her to continue to be a target and work with him. None of these HGs seem to understand the value of a target over a vote, or the fact that with such a solid alliance, at some point they need someone sometime to make a move on a team member. Victoria isn’t doing that. Nicole could, she could have allowed them to take someone out. Not frankie of course, which is the main problem with having Caleb HOH. The best we can hope for is Christine going home, not even making it to Final 5, exactly what Donny and Nicole told her would happen if she didn’t switch.

Jody H.

Actually, None of the HGs stopped him. When Cody said no, he went without saying a word. If you let a behavior happen all the time, you can’t expect it to go away.
As to working with Nicole. If she was smart, she would take Frankie and Caleb together and walk them through what Derrick has been doing. By talking to one only, she is going to be overruled by the gang.
She could have shown Caleb and Frankie that the gang does not have their best interests at heart.
But, let’s see.


He is use to getting his way and having people running around cleaning up after him. There is nothing about Frankie that says he did not live a charmed life even before his sister’s fame. And although as he pointed out, Ariana money is not necessarily Frankie money, he is still use to the perks and benefits of the lifestyle that comes with her fame. Additionally it seems like his family may have over compensated by treating his extra special so that he was not made to feel left behind or inadequate due to his little sister’s success so early in life.


What amazes me is that even after having been told about the detonators, Caleb hasn’t grasped the fact that he wasn’t a part of their alliance after the bomb squad.


I think the only time Frankie ever slept downstairs was when Devin was HOH. After that he acts as if the HOH room is his that he lends out to other HGs. I can’t wait until he gets evicted.

Straight Affection

You believe that sleeping next to a gay man makes you gay? Despite the plethora of ignorance that graces these posts…. that has to take the cake. Educate yourself at

Anyone but Frankie

What are you talking about? At no time did sunnydee mention anything about Frankie’s sexuality. Sunnydee is talking about the fact that no matter who is HOH, Frankie thinks he’s entitled to sleep in the HOH room. Last week he looked at Donny all awkwardly and said, “um, this is kinda awkward because that’s where I sleep.” He has slept in the HOH room almost every night. He looked dumbfounded and confused when Cody said he wanted to sleep alone for the night and didn’t understand why he couldn’t sleep in “his” bed. Frankie is an arrogant asshole that thinks he’s entitled to whatever he wants because of his sister. It has nothing to do with him being gay.


Shit.. I didn’t even realize that!! I was wondering why DerPrick said so casually to Frankie (after Calebs HOH) win “I assume you’re sleeping here”. I was thinking why does he assume that. Now I’m just getting that Skankie has been sleeping up there all the time! Man, just when I thought my hate for him was maxed out…lol


“Straight Affection’s” reply was for Sharon.

Redo mama

But even if you dislike it doesn’t that still get him a view? More views even if they are dislikes means he makes more money off of them.

ha, he he hee, he said 'menicus'

Watching the feeds yesterday and today and then the HOH competition, I am a bit torn as to the game now. Calebs going to put up Christine and Nichole. If Nichole does not use the power of veto, then the game will be boring.
If Nichole does win, she comes down and Caleb will nominate Victoria. This will screw with Derricks game a bit because they will vote Christine out but Derrick will have to expose himself in order to keep Victoria. Christine will most likely go home at this point. That is where the game will start to unravel for all of them. Perfect time for fireworks.


And why does every HOH let Frankie move in and sleep with him?

Chief Wiggums

I think that the HGs are afraid to tell Frankie to eff off & get out of their face because it may come across as homophobic. It’s not homophobic, he’s just an annoying ass human being.


Is Frankie even a houseguest? I thought he was a piece of furniture in the hoh room.
Why is this pos in the hoh room every week? I wish 1 of these people would get the balls to tell him to gtfo and sleep where he’s supposed to.

The Greatness

“Frankie says I would volunteer but I don’t want to.” HOLD UP!!!! Frankie, did you not get upset with Zach when he said that he would not volunteer to go up during your HOH??? This Frankie is an absolute low life p.o.s!! I wish Caled would take him out!


At least I have one thing in common with Ariana – I also cry whenever I see Frankie on the live feeds.


Okay best case scenario Nicole convinced Caleb that Cody and Derrick have this game under wraps and Caleb nominates them, so then it would be Caleb Frankie Christine Nicole vs. Vic Cody Derrick and either Cody or Derrick would leave.


In the game of Big Brother, Nicole can’t convince anyone of anything!

She is a player COMPLETELY devoid of strategic instincts. She says the wrong things to the wrong people practically every time she opens her mouth to have a “game” conversation. She was lost the first time she was in the house and she’s lost again.

Hopefully the other house guests and CBS can put out a trail of bread crumbs that will lead her back to the jury house.

So true

Why do people vote this comment down? It’s 100 % true.

Butters Mom

I agree she slips up when she tries to talk game. I thought that conversation with Caleb was going well until I read she said “if you want to move forward with Frankie, I will offer him something too”. That was a mistake. What she should have said was, “If there is someone else, you think I need to offer safety to, you can let me know and we can talk about that as well.” I want Nicole to do well, and I hope she wins the Veto…. Im not holding my breath though at this point… Im overly frustrated with this season… Im kind of just ready for it to be over with because I can see who the winner is going to be from here and the finale is so far away.


Nicole has been a complete disappointment, there is no denying that. I think we overestimated her intelligence, the more I see of her the more stupid she comes across. Let’s face it she is not that bright, but not nearly as dumb as Christine.


As much as I liked Nicole, as much as I think the game would have been different if it would have been Hayden who would have re-entered the house!!! The game might have changed a little bit and it would be less boring and let’s face it LESS FRUSTRATING


Agree!! I liked Nicole first time around but not now. She whines and whines now.

Hermione Cumberbatch

I don’t think Nicole is saying the wrong thing to the wrong people..I mean who would be the right person? Every single person left is in ( or thinks they are in) some alliance. Everything she told Caleb..he turned and told everyone would have each and every other HG. It used to be you got info and kept it to yourself to use against people..or find out who’s working against you..where you stand etc. These morons tell each other everything. Unless she wins POV..she’s gone. And there’s nothing she can potentially do but hope Derrick turns on Christine. Derrick decides who leaves..we all know that.


He won’t go against any guy unless Derrick gets in his head. Nichole just needs to win pov. Still it will be a girl going home. They need to flip it on jealous ass Frankie and send him to jury. I am soooo sick of his face..his voice..and no Frankie it’s not that you were in drag! Your play was STUPID! A total piece of crap you self centered shit head!

Redo mama

Production put the bug in Caleb’s ear about saving Donny and it almost worked. Let’s hope they can do a better job of influencing him in putting Derrick and Frankiue up. Always hated that production could pull the strings like that. But with this group it’s the only hope we have of not seeing Derrick, Skankie, Christine, or Cody winning.


Hopefully Caleb will get a good night sleep and his mind will clear. Then he needs to read his brother’s letter again. His brother was telling him to make a BIG MOVE!

Give it to charity

If you look at the jury, I just don’t see how any of these fools are confident they can win at this point. The only person I think that could win if they get to final 2 is Cody or Caleb. I think Caleb’s injury is going to make it difficult going forward. Derrick and Frankie are so hated both by the jury and by the fans outside the house, they just can’t win unless they go up against each other in final 2. If it is a choice between Derrick and Frankie in final 2, I would hope there is a way for the entire jury to be nullified so that the can give the money to charity instead of those 2 cretins.

Real Deal

What the hell BB are you watching? Derrick and the word hate does not go together…there is not a single person that ‘hates’ Derrick in this game as he has very carefully made sure of that with his social game.


yep if they get out Nicole derrick wins against any of the remaining guest easy Frankie gets hated more every week by fans and guests I didn’t like caleb at all early but as weeks go by and its about 95 percent derrick caleb Frankie or cody will win the 500k with Nicole out Victoria and Christine couldn’t win in final 2 period lucky to get 1 vote apiece I think if jury had to vote would be derrick then cody caleb that would probably be the closest vote them against each other then Frankie I think he couldn’t get more than 2 votes Zach and whoever against the 3 guys he would beat the 2 girls that’s what I see what do you guys think

Give it to charity

Tell that to Donny, Hayden, Jacosta and Nichole. All of them are going to vote against Derrick in jury. You are not thinking ahead to the jury.


Zach could change minds very easily in jury where they aren’t worried about his motives

also realize Rachel won a season of BB when she was hated. CBS has no problem IMO…well Ill just say it, I think they bought off shelly. and they after Janelle lost All Stars, have tried to make the game as within their control as possible. they won’t make that mistake again, and so for the most part other than an andy winning with rat like gameplay…they know the winner out of a group of 2-3 people early on. it was ALWAYS Frankie/Cody/Derrick with the best chance to win, and Victoria slides as far as possible maybe even F3 as a floater if they cannibalize


I am thinking about the jury but you assume the jury knows what you do and they don’t Donny really was only one that remotely thought derrick had anything to do with anything going on no one else in jury has ever called derrick out on anything nothing


I was wondering the same thing. Didn’t know all the house guests hated Derrick. And as far as that goes, not all the viewers hate Derrick. Lots of them respect his game play. They are just not as vocal and bitter as all the people who think Donny should have won because he was a nice guy. Go Derrick! You have lots of fans.


I strongly disagree… If either Francky or Derrick is in final two with someone else, Derrick or Francky win for sure because of game play….If Francky and Derrick is final 2, I think Derrick might be the one with 500K… But if either of one is final two they are practically assured to win…regardless of personnal issues with them….


It will NEVER happen……. Caleb will not put up any of the “men” in the house!


Caleb’s entire game has been based on get the wimmin folk out first. I doubt if he can even comprehend that Victoria isn’t going anywhere, even tho everyone seems to agree with him that she needs to go before anyone else

Derrick is unlikely to suggest a backdoor of Cody. He won’t ever suggest anything to Caleb that threatens any guy left. period. We won’t even debate that point. If it was anyone other than Caleb, he would be able to discuss different options. he’s going to do the safe thing, always, which is why no one is going to vote for him as the big winner, because he never shows his hand, and he never overtly suggests anything. It may keep him off the block, but his lack of wins and his reluctance to discuss anything in a meaningful way, even tho he does end up influencing a lot of decisions, means no one sees him doing it. That’s not how a winner gets to the 500,000


Last night family interviews is just a tip of the iceberg of what some of the HGs are facing when this show end.


I agree with you but Frankie’s family looked like and acted like they are as clueless as Frankie, His sister is a scum bag just like her brother


nah, you don’t understand the dynamics of the older brother and much younger sister. there’s a 10 year gap, she’d be a kid when he’s out there in the entertainment biz, she wants to follow his footsteps, when younger she’s following him around always trying to be with him. That’s probably why she got into the shows, and singing/dancing, he’d have encouraged that, and she ends up as a teen on Nickolodean, etc. Even that small role is more than he did, but still, I have no doubt that no matter how big a star she gets (this year, since so few pop stars last past album #2), he will still be her hero and she will still be his biggest fan.

Evict Snoutface

Nicole can make all great points to Beast Mode Moron, but he’s all about loyalty to the bro’s. Even though his dumb ass wasn’t even a part of The Detonators.
Nicole and Donny’s fatal mistake in this game was when they won the two HOHs together, not putting up 4 boys, namely Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Caleb. No, who does Nicole throw on the block? Zach. Who was being used as a lunatic meat shield for the other dudes until they no longer needed him.
I really have a hard time rooting for Nicole for this reason and I’m still not convinced if she had won this one, that she would have put up Derrick.
The fact that none of these froot loop dinguses are even mad that Snoutface took the 5k is mind boggling. Had it been anyone else, it would have been a big deal. Dinguses!


Exactly. The other time during the POV when Zach took the Germany trip and Caleb took the money, everybody was mad at them especially Caleb and Cody wanted to back door Caleb. They were mad that he felt too confident that he wouldn’t be nominated. But Derrick does it and it’s ok with everyone. No one is even talking about it. What fools they are. Caleb isn’t making any big moves. He’s just going to be loyal to them(Cody, Derrick and Frankie ) and before he knows it he will be in jury house. Victoria and Derrick are slowly turning into Cody and Christine. I really like what Christine parents said last night. She is a shame to her family. I’m glad they don’t support what she is doing unlike Cody’s parents. Only the sister was sensible enough to know that it is inappropriate .


You have it right there, they were mad when some others took the prizes but not at Derrick. it means that Derrick has done an awesome job with these guys to do whatever he wants and make it look like a normal thing to do. They’re not idiots, Derrick is fucking playing a kick ass game. That’s it πŸ™‚
He has them all snowed and deserves to be rewarded.


That earlier POV comp (BB Cup) was a different story, they were mad at Caleb for taking the money over the veto since it
a) forced Cody to name Donny as a replacement nominee – Cody and Donny were on very good terms before that.
a) showed to the Outsiders that he knew Cody wouldn’t nominate him – despite calling himself a huge threat in the game. He confirmed their alliance to the entire house by doing that.
It wasn’t the fact that he won 5000$ that made them so mad at him.


I also think they won’t care that Derrick went for the cash for 2 reasons. One, was behind in the comp and didn’t really stand a chance and two, after seeing the video of his daughter and wife he can claim (and he did) that he wanted to get the money for his family (Tenley’s education). Which actually would be true anyway. It was perfect timing for him. Caleb took the cash over the POV. That is a huge difference and why they were upset with him.


I agree with you, before Derrick even began competing for the cash he was already way behind and out of the running. I would have done the same thing given the circumstances, he wasn’t getting HOH, might as well not make it a complete loss. However the comment about his daughter’s education, I think that was just yet another opportunity to remind everyone that his reason for being there is more important than theirs.


Derrick’s taking of the $5K is worse than Zach’s Germany trip or Caleb’s $5K At least nobody else in the house was punished for what they did.

Derrick got all the reward and the HGs get all the misery with that annoying shout-out for the rest of the season. It almost feels like a knock off of the Pandora’s Box. I’m telling you Derrick has an invisibility cloak and some kind of trick mind potion he uses when it comes to considering noms.


I completely agree with you about Nicole. One of the most clueless and useless players in recent years. I really can’t understand how or why people find her interesting.

At the beginning of the season, she played mean girl with Christine and helped evict other players that could have helped her down the road. She got rid of them because she was jealous and wanted more snuggle time with Cody.

However her big move, and why she will forever go down in Big Brother history, is that in a two week run of unprecedented clusterf#ckery, with TWO HOH wins, she managed to get a player that could have helped her game (Jocasta), her boyfriend and herself evicted.

With that move, she forever cemented herself as the queen of the fruit loop dinguses.


One thing you may disagree with snoutface. I don’t want Derrick evicted…yet.

I want him out in fourth place. Close enough to really taste the money but just out of reach. I actually find his pandering diary room sessions and his “manipulations” of the viewers, MORE offensive than anything else on the show this season. It’s as if he is trying to directly insult the viewers intelligence. He THINKS he’s that good. I think he’s as scummy as they come.


Derrick is playing the best game in the house this season and I’m sure he doesn’t care if it upsets the “viewers” most of which are just as clueless as most of the house guest on how to win BB.

Give it to charity

Derrick has played a mediocre game amongst a sub-pat cast. He has given up too much if his integrity to win. He alienated half the jury already. Only person he could beat is Framkie.


Derrick has played the “safest” game and his efforts to remain neutral have undoubtedly left him in the best position to date. If the finale was today, yes Derrick wins. But I think the next couple weeks will be telling and we will see how “good” he actually is. We are getting to a point in the game where staying neutral is no longer going to be an option for him. HIs only decision to this point has been to make no decisions, so we will see how good Derrick really is when he is inevitably put on the spot.


I totally agree with you about the pandering, as I’ve commented on it before. What I think is actually funny are his attempts at planting seeds about how great Dan’s game was in an effort to get the HGs to connect the dots at the end and make the analogy that Derrick is as great as Dan, ergo he must get the money. While they might vote for Derrick if he makes it to the end, he’s giving them way too much credit if he thinks they can retain that info and connect the dots on that later. The only reason his game is working as well as it is, is based solely on the premise is that this cast is DUMB!


alynn you’re so right about this stupid group of house guests. The only reason I don’t want Derrick out at three, is that if he gets that close, one of the morons could carry him to two!

These morons DON’T CARE about game play! They are going to vote for who is the nicest. Who made them FEEL good. See the post on Nicole’s recent comment above.

I’ve posted this quote several weeks ago, it’s from Maya Angelou and it’s worth repeating.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Just remember that as they hand Derrick the money.


And at about 12:50 PM Friday Big Brother time, we get to watch the “great” Nicole meltdown because she is a have not and because Frankie is “mean”. She’s talking to herself, not about strategy but about her personal victim-hood. Should she take the punishments or rewards in the up coming veto comp. She’s leaving anyway, she says.

Who does she talk to right before this “dastardly” act happened to her? Who is she “working” to try and save herself? Why Derrick of course!

It’s really getting to the point where I’m not so sure Victoria doesn’t have a better grasp of the game!


Just to add a little more of Nicole’s genius.

Nicole “Derrick is just a nice guy, he’s playing a great game… but besides him…

Who the F#CK cares who’s nice! You’re playing for $500,000 dingus! Her key to stay is with Frankie, not Derrick. How can this girl be so clueless! Hands down, the worst actual player this season. (Some of the early evictees don’t count)


Just to end my Nicole rant, sorry got to get this off my chest.

Her only shot is to make these moron’s see the big picture.

Why did Derrick not want to save Donny yesterday? Frankie was on board, Caleb was on board, heck they even strong armed Cody (she doen’t know that part). Donny’s fate was in Derrick’s hands and he shut it down, why?

Because it would have messed with the status quo. Donny stays in the house, and unlike previous weeks the balance of the house shifts. Derrick doesn’t want that, why? Because right now HE’S WINNING!

The question you as a player have to ask yourself is who is the person you LEAST want to be sitting next to on finals night. Well guys, I’ve been to the jury house, everyone there thinks DERRICK is a great guy. Heck, I think Derrick is a great guy, YOU think Derrick is a great guy. But you know who I like better than Derrick? MY FAMILY. I want to win for MY FAMILY. Don’t YOU want to win for YOUR FAMILY?

See you have to ask questions, then SHUT THE HELL UP and let the other person respond. Nicole can’t shut up!

Now another problem for Nicole is SHE can’t make this argument to Caleb. He’s so delusional, he thinks he’s winning. So for the time being, you by pass him. Who has his ear? Who was in the HOH room last night? Who is actually playing the game? Frankie!


Look Frankie let’s cut the crap. Let’s stop dancing. No one will suspect that we can work together, but I want to toss out something to you because I want to win this game and I think YOU want to win this game. And then Nicole lays out what I just explained above.

Next you stroke Frankie’s ego. Look I’m coming to you because I can’t do this BUT YOU CAN! You are also a house favorite. You have pull. Let’s bounce some ideas about we can make this work over the next couple of days.

You think about what I told you. And remember, every week that passes by without the status quo changing make Derrick STRONGER. I’ve run some votes in my head and I’m not sure anyone can get him out EVEN NOW. But really I think you’re siper smart and maybe YOU can come up with some ideas that aren’t clear to me.

Just think about it OK?


Instead Nicole will take the most personal, petty ridiculous route and BLAME Frankie for her problems. SHE has the opportunity to change the game. But she’s too small of a player to see it.


I agree with you, Nicole only kinda half tried to do big moves, plus the last veto comp was downright embarrassing , practically giving it to Cody when her and Donny shoulda been fighting for their lives, this being said, I still am rooting for her, her quirky ness and sensitivity makes her endearing. Regarding Caleb, if he was smart ( that’s An absurd thought) he should put on the block : Nicole ( he has no choice in order to appease his alliance) and Victoria, make a deal with Nicole and try to flip the house on using veto on her and backd$$ing Derrick, that way Victoria wont be able to vote, plus she sucks so much at comps, impossible for her to win veto…At this point in the game it all benefits them, mostly Caleb since if Nicole wins HOH he would be safe , she would prob target Frankie and Cody, Frankie would protect him if he wins HOH, Christine and Cody would not but it’s unlikely they win comps again, Cody won last 2 mostly by chance not skills, Christine can’t win for shit….Anyways, just my 2 cents.


Nicole talks way too much. She throws names out there giving people a reason to be paranoid of her. She needed to sit back and relax . Throwing out names for whatever reason is dangerous with this bunch. They are so paranoid. She would be a bad poker player. Frankie is so obviously throwing her under the bus and they are actually buying what he is selling as long as their butts are not nominated. Every season it gets worse. No one looks long term. So predictable.


think they made him an honorary member and forgot to tell him was a Donny fan but hate Frankie caleb has kinda grow on me some because he stooped acting like he ran everything if I had to choose now that all my favs are out considering Nicole is evicted would be derrick caleb cody Victoria Frankie Christine in that order


Loyalty to the Bros! What an idiot and moron. Does he think (he does not think) that his Bros are loyal to him? He will be gone after Ratine and Nicole. Beast Mode Moron is clueless to his own best interests. And to continue to trust that fame seeking Skankie makes him look like a bigger dope than he is. I wish somehow Skankie would get a clue how much he is disliked. His narcissism is too much to take. Didn’t the Skank get a clue yesterday when Julie Chen told gave him an overwhelming NO!?


Every time he wins something, his already big head gets bigger and bigger. They work him so easily. All they have to do is keep stroking his ego and telling him how he ‘beasted’ through that HOH comp and how great he is, and he’ll nominate anybody Derrick wants up. He’s been saying for weeks that he wants Victoria gone, but we all know Derrick’s invisibility cloak shields her too.

Michael from Canada

Caleb’s brother seems like a pretty cool dude.


I wonder what Caleb family thinks about him sleeping with another man….how they feel about the discusting talk that comes out of this pukes mouth. How do they feel about this macho family member letting this creep hump all over him. Caleb apparently likes it and like all the other men in the house, they like to be molested by this ugly little pervert.


I was wondering if maybe Caleb’s brother writing “put your man pants on…” in his HOH letter was meant as a subtle hint to tone down the showmance with Frankie…
But English is not my mother tongue, so I’m just guessing.

Tired of the snotty remarks.

oh yeah let’s turn everything around so it makes the one you don’t like look bad, do you think those HG give a crap what we think? I sure wouldn’t, I would be there for the money and wouldn’t care one bit what anyone thinks, you are on the outside looking in, they don’t know the things we do so that makes it a lot harder for them so don’t sit and judge these people for what they do, say, or the way they look and their families has nothing to do with this game as far as throwing their names in all the time and cutting them down, you don’t know them so just sit back and watch the game and if you fill like judging someone look in your mirror and have at it.

Butters Mom

I was bothered by the “sing song” way of talking Calebs brother did while doing the video.. It sounded like he was in “preacher mode” and that tells me he is unable to “break character”… meaning his ministry is for show and not sincere. I think Caleb is disturbed and everyone is just forgetting how bad he was when Amber was in the house because these other douche bags are acting so much worse RIGHT NOW… Caleb comes from something weird and I think his brother probably does too. It bothers me how he seems to “hate” women yet, gets so obsessed with them at the same time, then gets angry with them… He will not put up a guy in the group… some of you call that loyalty… I dont think it comes strictly from loyalty… I think it comes from a hatred of women as well. Christine is in their group… and he doesnt have a problem putting her up.

Butters Mom

Caleb has given other clues or comments about his family that I find disturbing…. about his brother, his father and his mother. His dad has 1000’s of acres in Texas… His mom is basically in hiding in Kansas from his dad. His brother is a preacher and their family basically OWNS the town and is respected by everyone. Im not sure if this is in Texas or Kansas… but when his brother was talking last night the first thing that came to my mind was David Koresh and the Branch Dividians. I just hope that is not the kind of family Caleb comes from but it honestly would not surprise me given his hatred of women, his inability to tell the truth and his need to “brag” even lie about things to impress people, his fascination with guns, and hunting and killing with his bare hands and his need to be worshiped by women and liked by everyone… that is a “cult” mentality and way of life that seems to come from his upbringing. Its a leap to suggest this I know, but if he won the money and used it for something like what I have suggested… that would be a terrible thing. I hope someone is looking into these peoples back grounds before casting them on this show.


You are joking? right?? He is a true American country boy!! get it??? Guess you didn’t want him winning the HOH, too bad. let’s make up some more shit on someone else maybe the next HOH that’s coming. really a funny post.


I have a bad feeling that production is going to go out of their way this week to try and clean up Frankie’s image with America!

Caleb will either completely disappoint me this week (which is what I am expecting) or he will totally win me over. If he has the ba!!s to do something other than put up Nicole/Victoria I will respect him all the way to the end with Derrick!

Dawg/Simon – you guys really are the bomb! This blog is better than feeds, the show or after dark! Thanks for all of the hard work!!!


voter polls are not pulling up for me, is this a problem for everyone?thank u guys love the site.


I was hoping CBS did just the opposite and do an edit which shows how nasty Frankie is…clips like him going on and on about how he CAN’T understand how Donny is well liked, how the others think he is a pig regarding cleanliness AND his enormous ego. The funniest thing is him saying he’s NOT playing for the fans anymore… if only he knew that there haven’t been fans for a long time. So does this mean we are now going to see an even lower level of human being?? I literally can not stand to look at him. Why does he think people love him?? He better hold tight to his sisters coattails. It’s his only chance of his wish for so called ‘fame’.

Does anyone else think its so ironic that ‘beast mode cookoo’, who brags about his strength and fitness, is the one all laid out after the competition, like a little injured puppy and everyone else seems fine? I know he injured his leg with a torn meniscus (which I’ve had and I was never so dramatic about it) but he looks SPENT! Oh beast give us just too much material to work with…lol


That’s why Fakie’s been up his butt since HOH. Crazed is blindly loyal with a compulsive need to be liked and respected and he thinks he’s going to get that by being Fakie’s b!tch

Frankie & Caleb Sittin' in a Tree

Of course BMC & Freakie are going to be inseparable. Why not?
BMC is planning country duets with Ariana & Bieber, so Freakie being a saboteur is irrelevant. (BMC’s reality)
Freakie fell in love with BMC as soon as he walked in the house & even said so.
Freakie must hold onto BMC tightly because everyone else is abusing Freakie so badly.
His only other loyal friend in the house (Zach) abandoned him when he left.
Donny did everything possible to upstage him throughout the season by doing nothing.
Big Brother wouldn’t even show his entire BB Broadway production, depriving America of the full experience, and of course they voted no because they felt cheated.
& Worst of all – The Bold & The Beautiful have not given him a callback audition !


Yup… I heard that ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ is re-naming their show
“The Bold, The Beautiful & The Beard”


Frankie said that so far he has been playing this game to please people. America? Now after his play overwhelmingly failed he is not going to try and please us anymore. Damn if that was playing to please us I can’t even imagine how much worse he’s gonna get.


Yes about the OVERWHELMING NO! I was so pleased that Julie burned them like that!! I didn’t see on the live feeds if Derrick and Frankie had a chance to discuss it ??? In your face your arrogant, self- absorbed pricks!!


Then he shouldn’t have evicted Zach. Freaking jealous loser. He says he’s playing for America, but he gets rid of anyone he (correctly) perceives as more likeable than him!


He also blamed America’s reaction to him being in drag. Drag has been part of entertainment since the beginning of theater. Frankie was a man in pooly done makeup. With poorly executed “jokes”. A true drag queen would’ve never done executed it the way Frankie did.


I told my sister last night that if Caleb won he would go after the girls. I can’t help but laugh at all the riffs that other posters on this sight give BMC. My favorite Beast Mode Cowpie. Another boring week.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Thanks much! Appreesh!


Two words to describe yesterday’s episode: OVERWHELMING No!

Nicole needs to get Frankie and Caleb in the room and lay out her thoughts: Derrick and Cody have Victoria and Christine and Caleb need to put Derrick and Cody together. Nicole needs to tell them that she told Cody that she was going after Frankie and that’s the reason they wanted to keep her. Nicole really can’t wait til what happens, let the cards fall where they may, because she needs to strike now. Tell them about her final 2 with Derrick; tell them Derrick’s has worked the jury for their vote. Nicole needs to tell Frankie that she was wrong for targeting Frankie and that they should play to win the game and not Derrick’s.


Agreed that is what Nicole SHOULD do. Very good strategy on your part. However Nicole is incapable of that level of game play. Her ACTUAL plea to Caleb was small and focused solely on Nicole and what Nicole wants and needs.

It’s the same speech any small, non-strategic player would make. “Oh, I’ll never put you up, you can work with me, I will give you my first born AND blah, blah, blah.”

When has Nicole given us even the smallest inkling that she can see the bigger picture in this game? She always makes small, petty, personal moves. It got her evicted once, her recent plea to Caleb is about to get her evicted again.

Can’t say I’ll miss her.


Yeah, it’s just my wishful thinking here. I’ve said this about Nicole regarding Derrick/Cody: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on you; fool me thrice shame on you for playing dirty.

I truly feel Nicole has a better chance with Frankie being loyal and taking her to the end whereas Derrick NEVER wanted her in the game from get-go. Nicole needs to put personal feelings aside and try her best to work Frankie, thus Caleb. Frankie really does like Nicole; she just needs to work at that angle.


PLEASE let Nicole win POV. I want Chrustine to go home sitting on the block next to Victoria.


Yes! Then Nic gets next HOH and Derprick goes before VapidVic!


Lol. Donny still living rent free in Frankie’s head.


Best Comment so far…hahahahaha


LOL.. Love that line. So true. He can’t stand anyone being well liked besides him (which is basically every other houseguest except maybe Chrusty)


Donny has a condo in both Fakie’s and Derprick’s heads. He’ll always be there but really come to the forefront every new BB season.


Frankie knows Donny is more of a man than he will ever be.


I’d love for Caleb to secretly team up with Nicole. I never thought I’d root for him, but he’s my favorite HG left besides Nicole. Come on, Caleb, get rid of someone big this week!


Everyone is going to be up Calebs ass this week. Frankie will be the most obvious and gross. For all of Caleb’s crazy he does seem to be very loyal…which will be his undoing. The only way I can see him getting new ideas about really winning will be in the DR sessions. If they ask him questions in such a way that gets him thinking, he might actually make a smart move.


Will CrazedCaleb remember the people driving by yelling about Fakie? Nah its CrazedCaleb after all.

BMode Donkey

Since i am the only one on earth who watches football (sports) AND Big Brother – like to wish Donkey Cowboy luck with his nickname and branding….
ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports that Marshawn Lynch, who has trademarked his “Beast Mode” nickname, took in six figures in 2013 from licensing the phrase. Lynch has trademarks to use the phrase on clothing and hats and more trademarks pending to use it on sunglasses, headphones, bracelets and cleats.


Not the only one buddy. But you’re absolutely right, Caleb has no shot at getting that trademark. Marshawn is the definition of Beast Mode anyway.

By the way, Darren Rovell is to ESPN what Frankie is to Big Brother.

Yes indeed

He also shut down Dodger player Matt Kemp from using it.


How did you come to the conclusion that youre the only person that watches sports and Big Brother?


wife made me start watching it so figured it was a chick show. 5 years later i am still here! the “Darren Rovell is to ESPN what Frankie is to Big Brother” comment was classic


Don’t you think thats how Derrick came up with the name? Rose just thought it was original because the bs idiots live for every word that house daddy D spews!


Marshawn is the true beast mode. Caleb should find a better nickname


Glad Nicole didn’t win hoh. Now she can play for it for double evict. I hope she and Caleb can work out a deal.


They will only send Crustine and Nicole home.

mr ed

Caleb has the brain of an ant. He will just obey Deprick Manson and do as he is told.None of these tits can think for themselves for one minute.Its a pack mentality with these morons! Pretty soon they will have to eat their own as numbers dwindle down. Frankie is a demented shitface too. Thank you.


Caleb is to much of an idiot to work on a plan with nicole. Caleb has no balls.


I hope that derrick sees frankie as too much of an untrustworthy snake and tells caleb about frankie throwing him under the bus. Hopefully they can evict frankie this week


I was hoping for that too since Derrick and Cody had a talk 2 or 3 days ago about “if Caleb wins HOH, we’re going to try to make him put Frankie up”.
But I really don’t think they’ll attempt it, since the mere fact of suggesting something like that could be seen by Caleb as treason to the Bomb Squad (lol), and therefore he’d be mad at and target them.
Caleb might not trust Frankie, but he sees him as one of his closest allies in the house. He wouldn’t go against him when Nicole and Christine are still there.
Unless something new comes to light real soon… Caleb really does seem to go by the latest idea he just heard.


Sad isn’t it…..

Art in the Dark

I was a big Donny fan and will miss him dearly.

I was soo upset to see the immaturity of Frankie after last nights competition in the way he bashed Donny and also his comments about Nicole. I mean I guess I wouldn’t expect much better out of him but it was very pathetic. Also saying how America isn’t ready or used to seeing a man in drag… ummm… no it’s not that, we just don’t like you buddy. The way he reacts to the popularity of Donny shows that he is indeed a very insecure person. I teach high school and I see this kind of over exuberant and attention getting behavior out of students that have self confidence issues and they may act out to in this way to get attention and feel better about themselves. He may be outgoing but he is not well on the inside.

As for Derrick……. uggg…… I was respecting his game play in the sense that he was manipulating everyone to vote or make decisions based on what he wanted but not a big fan of him as a person. He really lowered his appeal to me these past few days in telling Donny he was doing everything he could to flip the vote yet in any conversation he had with house guests he did nothing to sway their vote. He can have a heart to heart with Donny and get emotional yet his actions speak louder when he had no words to encourage everyone to get him to stay. I am hoping for some drama now that they must all go after each other.

Nicole is my #1 and I find myself liking Caleb more (for his respect to Donny) even though he might not be the brightest of the bunch.



So true, Frankie’s insecurities and fame whoring have warped the game this season, and robbed several lovable players of their chance at getting further in the game. Players who would have gladly worked with Frankie, and who liked him for who he really was, not the shallow shell he projects 24/7 now. Frankie’s only strategy for weeks has been to eliminate anyone he perceives as more lovable than him…which is a great strategy I suppose, as that includes just about everyone at this point.


What Derprick did last week was pure Piggy Pepper Spray smokescreen to lock-in Donny’s vote from the jury. Derprick had no intention of saving Donny. Derprick’s phony sincerity with Donny in the backyard, his fake tears about Donny, his lying goodbye message was all a ruse, a piggy pepper spray smokescreen for Derprick to get Donny to vote for him in the end. It had absolutely nothing to do with trying to keep Donny in the house. Derprick is so money hungry there is no way he would keep Donny in the house.


One thing in life that never changes. People who do bad things, always hate people who don’t. Nobody likes to look at their own soul in the mirror. If you can’t then you know you have done wrong. I am talking to you Christink.

Ted Marie

I think Caleb’s brother was saying a lot more in between the lines with his letter, but unfortunately I don’t think the cowboy is smart enough to catch on. Nicole could promise this guy her first born and he still will put her up. It’s so frustrating watching this train wreck and knowing that his decisions (AKA Fake a$$) will be exactly what benefits Frankie’s game. On a different note — seeing Victoria doing that full in the pants leg rub on Derrick was repulsive. Such a classy bunch in the BB house.


ya know no matter who wins HOH Frankie is ALWAYS sleeping up there! so ready to see him GO


Cody was the only one to fend off Frankie sleeping in the HOH bed with him – despite Frankie asking again and again, and then pouting about it.
Cody spent the entire week without him in the HOH room.


Missing Donny already πŸ™


The smartest move Caleb can make this game is to take Nicole’s deal she is offering him. She offered not only safety for him but also said if Frankie is the one he wants to work with she will honor that as well. Caleb needs to put up Christine and Victoria and send Christine home. This will leave the three strongest competitors in the house; Nicole, Caleb and Frankie against the three weakest competitors in the house; Derrick, Victoria and Cody. Frankie is not my favorite houseguest but this scenario would give Caleb and Nicole a fighting chance for at least one of them to be in the final two. If he does what Derrick and Cody want him to do neither He or Nicole will get close to the final two. I just dont want Derrick or Cody to win. I dont think the Jury will vote for Frankie to win the game so Im not even worried he will lol.

pee rock

Bye Bye Nicole
Now that you talked to Beast Mode Tool he will tell Derrick and you will be gone. Frankie will want you out, Cody will want you out BMT will think he wants you out and Derrick well man he’ll be torn man you know really torn.


Caleb needs to hook up with Victoria, maybe both of them can squeeze out some brain cells. This dummy already let Derrick come up and pick out the nominess. Another snooze fest this week!! Even when they tell him what Frankie said or that Derrick never went on the block even as a pawn, he still will stick to the Loyal game. Well pretty soon he can play that game in the jury house because that’s where he will be headed soon!! I just can’t with this mental war soldier, he is so dumb and when you think the light has came on he blows it right back out! DUMMY!!

Simon & Dawg....

You are both going to have to be on the poll if you want us to pick 3 favorites because I have a hard time even picking 2 (and one of those are Dawg)….LOL!


I am having the same problem picking 3 favorites for the week. Somebody mentioned adding “Sock Puppet.” LOL. When Nicole leaves this week, perhaps – BB Fish in Tank – can be added. The fish kind of summarize this season of BB for me.


did any one see last night there were absolutly no live feeds on Cody and Chistine last night night while sleeping. THEY ARE SLEEPLING ALONE JUST THE TWO OF THEM IN THE ROCK ROOM I THINK CBS IS TRYING TO PROTECT HER MARRIAGE NOW CAUSE THEY DONT WANT TO GET SUED FOR BREAKING UP A MARRIAGE. And i just looked now no feeds are on them and its morning i think production hiding them is way worse it makes them look more guilty this is the worse bb season ever cant wait till its over.


I’m preeeeeeety sure Cody Schmaltzball gave “she who shall not be named” his ongoing sinus infection! Icky, icky, icky, blaaaaaaach!


Seriously people, let the HOH have the room to themselves for at least the first nite.

Nana B

I think they are going to change the name from the HOH Room to the Rose Grande room…such a bitch!


LOVED christines family being disgusted by her actions. And im not going to say anything about how ugly her husband may or may not be but the guy does seem like a closeted queer.


Times like this is when I miss lunatic/loudmouth/wildcard Zach. He was feeds gold and his unpredictability made him my favourite. I miss him );


Me too. With Donny gone and Nichole heading right back out the door, there’s no one left worth watching.


End the show one week early, then what I would love to see is a double eviction 2 weeks in a row, then the final. then the last week the jury house people (10 I think) would have to spend the last week looking at the show reruns and reading the comments on this site. Roll the camras and show their faces. NOW THATS A FINAL WE ALL DESERVE after this F-(ked up season!!!!


DAWG/SIMON your udates are the best out there. Derrick only shouting out Jokers and Hampster watch all the time, shows he is not a true fan. Neither site is as detailed as this one.


!00 thumbs up guys! I agree. The first website I found when I started looking for spoilers was big brother junkies. While it was ok, once I found this site I was amazed at how much better this was. I do not even go on the other site now. This site has more coverage, faster coverage, (sometimes that other site would go a whole day without updates and then he will tell us about what HE did that day)

Even the comments and fans are better here. I agree with the poster who said F the “hitmen” teeshirts (like we would be standing in line for D-prick’s autograph LOL) we need some OBB autographed T’s now that is something I would wear.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. As a fan since season 1 I am sure I speak for many, many fans when I say “We appreciate all the work you do”

You should win an award for having to watch Crusty blow that horn of her’s 100 times a day and dig around in there with the TP! I do not have live feeds but between the CBS “fake” show and BBAD it is all I can do to stand watching and listening to her and Skanky’s voice and comments. To do it and report on it 24/7 is amazing. If not for this damn wheelchair I would give you a standing ovation. All we donate is not payment enough for all you do.

Take a bow sirs! well deserved!


Thanks Dan, nice to hear the support from everyone πŸ™‚




In the last update I said someone should create an account for Donny where fans could each donate $1. I see they do already have one set up! You have to donate $5 minimum but you can also leave comments for him if you like. You do not have to donate if you don’t want to. I hope Julie points this out to the slugs on finale night as well. Let’s see how close to 25K, 50K or more we can get.

If Caleb was smart (key word IF) he would take his cock out of Frankie and put up him and Christine. He keeps talking about “his squad” but he forgets about the detonators that he was left out of? He will take the easy way out and put up Nicole and Christine (Derrick will not allow Vic to be put up) I hope Nicole tells Christine “welcome to the block, I tried to tell you that you were on the bottom” ” Let me guess they told you that you were the pawn this week?”

There is a slim chance that Derrick and Cotex will get in Caleb’s ear and try to get Frankie and Christine on the block but I my guess at this point is Nicole and Christine


Donny’s family, although very appreciative, asked that NO charities be set up for Donny and said that he would never accept the money. It’s a thoughtful gesture but Donny is no charity case and he is too proud a man to accept any charity from his fans.

Nana B

Thanks for the link Dan. We need to keep reminding everyone so that we can really show Frankie who Big Brother fans love.
Way to go Donny we are with you all the way.
We really do love you!

Sorry, no can do...

I love the fact of showing support for Donny, but anyone can set up a so called charity site with the funds never making their way to Donny. Too many scammers out there….


Why is Frankie always sleeping in the HOH room? It doesn’t matter who wins, its just assumed he is sleeping up there…and no one seems to care!!!


I was wondering the same thing myself. Fame whore thinks he is entited to be in there every week. Makes me gag. He says he want to take Caleb’s picture into the bathroom with him? Just when I think I can’t despise him more then I do or that he has done the most discusting thing I have ever heard, he does something else and sinks even lower. He is an embarrassment to himself, his family, the gay community, the male community, the USA, and the human race!

Cotex telling Crusty how much he hates him but yet all last week he let him take over his HOH room, bathroom, tub, and sleep in bed WITH him. I am sorry but I do not allow people I do not like, trust, or find discusting to hang out at my house, sleep in my bed OR lay their hands on me.


Check your facts:
When Cody won HOH, Frankie went up with his bag to sleep there without even bothering to ask, and Cody told him he wanted the room for himself.
Frankie insisted, and then pouted, but Cody didn’t budge and Frankie didn’t sleep in the HOH room for the entire week.

Nera's Mommy

Frankie is a Swamp Donkey. And that about sums it up for me.


put pig face on the block damn can not stand to look at his mug ewwwwwwwwwwwwww hollla


Why is Frankie up on the hoh room again? Does anyone get why everybody just lets him invade like that?


Hey Frankie, do you think america loves you?………………………………………overwelming no! Hey Cotex’s dad do you think trying to “cuddle” your daughter to show america that is just how your family is was normal?……………….
overwelming no! Hey Derprick do you think you fooled Donny in your goodbye message that you tried as hard as you could but couldn’t gather enough votes for him to stay?…………… overwelming no! Are us fans glad you and Skankie were exposed as “hated” so we can watch Skankie’s melt down and you beg to the cameras for us not to hate you? OVERWELMING YES!


Sorry “overwHelming” damn I spelled that wrong an overwhelming amount of times πŸ™‚


Dan, I was so overwhelmed by the TRUTH of your comment that I didn’t even notice your overwhelming misspelling of overwhelm! And I used to edit text for years! My bad on top of your bad!
P.S. I always give your comments a solid thumbs UP!


You really think it’s WRONG for a dad to cuddle his daughter?
If that’s the case, I feel sorry for you.


In the context of the way Cotex and Crusty cuddle yes. If you paw your daughter like that then it may be you with the problem

Amy Pond

We need a group with bullhorns to do a midnight ninja mission and blast the house guests with messages that Frankie is the saboteur, Derrick is the cop puppet master, and Christine hates everyone but Cody. Caleb started to think something was amiss when the first saboteur remarkwas made, but then forgot it. GET HIM THINKING AGAIN!!


Oh how I wish someone, anyone knew where the jury house was and could scream over that wall. Let them ALL know what cop got them put in the “Big House”

Power Of Veto Corleone

It sickens me to watch how greedy Derrick is. He’s sticking it right in the other idiots faces and they are still too dumb to see that they all are playing for 2nd place.
And now what? Do we have to be reminded of how greedy pigface boy is for the rest of the season with those dumb “hallas” all day? Thanks a lot BB. You really know how to hurt a fan.

Now were all rooting for caleb

500 dollars says when frankie gets evicted he starts to cry.


Why does Frankie always wind up sleeping in the HOH, even when he is not? He is so self absorbed. Please get Christine out! Put her and Cody up! I know he won’t because he is loyal to his boys, even when his boys formed a different alliance without him. Side note, Donny getting that soap opera part is pretty cool for him. I just might have to start watching that show (lol). Head held high Donny. Have fun with people who actually will treat you good.

Don't reward him..No More TA missions

Just saw this…It’s official..Frankie repeats over and over he does NOT give a f*ck what America or anyone for that matter thinks..a vile c*cksucker (literally..hey, it is what it is)


OMG!!! Skankie thought this mission failed because he wore makeup and that America has never seen a drag queen on prime time????!!!!! Seriously???!!!! His play was vile, disgusting and disrespectful of the evicted HGs. This diva is in for a rude awakening when he gets out. there’s no way he can talk his way out of his vile behaviour. Millions bore witness and will forever be public record.

I’m glad Donny’s eviction and his popularity is haunting him. What a pompous ass thinking he’s got AFP in the bag because of his sister and that he himself is a social media mogul. He’s beyond delusional. when the game is over .. not sure he will be able to handle the backlash. BREAKING NEWS: Skankie of BB16fame and social media mogul has complete breakdown and is now institutionalized. Recovery doesn’t seem likely and can’t be reintegrated into society.

I agree … no more TA missions. if there is … I hope the missions that America pick will totally screw them both with their game.


Wow at 8:17
“I though this was a gift because of how well we’ve been doing. Because of the fact that I’m building schools in Africa with the money”
The way Frankie looked at the camera while saying that Lol


I’m so frustrated. Nicole, as much as I love her is going home this week unless she wins POV (but she hasn’t been winning when it has mattered) . She has never had a relationship with Caleb. Going to him now is only putting the final nail in her coffin. Her best bet would to have had Cody flip on Frankie last week. There are two clear sides to the Detonators, and I wish that Cody/Derrick had flipped on Frankie/Caleb when Cody wanted to.

I love Nic, but she’s letting Hayden’s telling her to target Cody/Derrick ruin her game. Be sneaky! No one thinks that she’s going after Cody/Derrick, and they’re her target! She should have aligned with them, gotten the two other power players out of the house and then used the girls to at least attempt to get Derrick and Cody out of the house…


Okay Caleb, congrats on your HOH. But I just want to point out that only Infantry get the” blue cord & blue background” (All Infantrymen know what this is), and it’s not for walking the “front line”. You get it for being Infantry! You want to impress them, show them your CIB (Combat Infantryman Badge), that’s some frontline sh1t!!! Oh, and a true Grunt wouldn’t be caught laying up in the bed with another man! Beast Mode Out.


I thought I read Caleb was a prison guard. Maybe, to him that’s front line.

Just Me

I wish Beast Mode Dumbo was smarter. He still thinks he’s working with the Bomb Squad. Derrick even slipped up and said something about the detonators, but dumbo didn’t catch it. Caleb said he started the bomb squad alliance so he’s going to be faithful to it to the end. He needs to wake up and realize he’s not far from the bottom of that totem pole. What a boring week this is going to be. “Let’s make a BIG move and get another girl out! Let’s put up the only female in our alliance and let the pinky pony sleep in my HOH bed” …ugh… Wake me up for the finale, I just want to see everyone’s reaction when Donny wins America’s favorite, and when they all find out Derrick is an undercover cop.


Man, I can’t get over how disgustingly pasty Chief Wiggum is. He not only looks like Dracula, but looks like him in his bat form…sort of like this:

I definitely think my new nick name for him should be Nosteraltu (Nosferatu)…


With the exception if Nicole, the women in this house act like whores.


From everything I have read there are not many fans of Frankie’s which is understandable but I think this week he could really make it very interesting for the fans. Assuming he is all about himself, which deep down inside he still is all about the fans also and needs a way to figure out how to get back into the good graces of the fans…lol…sorry looking at it from his warped view, I am hoping he stirs the pot and reveals Team America to Caleb.

By Frankie doing what he did a few weeks with coming clean, it would make sense to everyone typical Frankie being a snake. But by letting the word out Derrick and Donny were involved also would probably piss some people off. Now if Frankie went as far back to explain that the 3 of them were responsible for everyone’s stuff to go missing….Derrick is trying to come across as a good guy, doing everything for his child, etc. etc. etc. The game would be up. His whole image is destroyed and the way the mob mentality goes into overdrive with this group….could be fun.


Nicole is so screwed. Caleb knows she would have said the exact same sh*t to whoever won HOH.

See Derrick. This is why you should have kept Donny. He would have never been up there last night offering anything to stay. Donny would have been in bed. Big mistake not evicting Nicole.

But the best scenario happened, Caleb won HOH and he is loyal to a fault. He won’t put his boys up.


Anybody else hoping when Donny goes on The Bold and The Beautiful that the other actors ridicule and isolate him? Me too. Would DVR it if that happened. So glad to see him bawling like a punk last night. Thumbs up if you’re with me!!


WOW. What kind of monster are you? Hope you never find yourself in a position to be ostracized and humiliated. You must be Frankie’s twin


Oh, please! Don’t hate on Donny because it make you feel good that he’s gone. He’ll be on The Bold and the Beautiful; and you? You’ll realize that you’re a product of your parents being brother and sister! Now what?


Just a troll wanting attention somewhat like Crusty and Frankie


You jelly?


Derrick is trying to get some cash, and Victoria is trying to get some a**….. πŸ˜‰ Not a fan of her game style or personal integrity.

Golden Girl

Amazing…..Last night her mother said they were watching her 24/7 and they were proud of her. And how bout Cody’s father making excuses for him, “that’s just how we are, touchy feely”. It certainly is Christine and Derrick’s responsibility to put the brakes on this type of behavior but do Cody and Vic have no responsibility here? I’m with Christine’s mom, but I would go one step further, I’d be over the wall, ripping my son’s ass out of there and believe me he knows that is what would happen. Don’t care how old he is. All you young hipsters can say whatever you want, but where are values and respect. And since when Is age 41 an old man (I am quite bit older than that, not an old woman yet) and have no worth. It’s revolting. and Frankie talking about how Madonna says stars are 50% loved and 50% hated, is he implying that he is a star? It’s just almost more than I can bear.

I want to see more mature contestants with life lessons behind them, that don’t have to speak every vapid thought that goes thru their mind. This is no longer a game. Its like some kind of torture camp. Seems the fans are getting the worse torture of all with the exception of Donnie. Nicole thinks she was the next that was tortured the worse, how about Amber. I believe Nicole had a hand in that too.


The sad thing is Caleb/Nicole/Derrick/Cody would be an amazing final 4 in a terrible seaaon. Why does Caleb blindly follow? He dont have and original game plan. He wont make it to the finals im guessing hell go top 5/4 when he finds out the Derrick/Cody deal and Frankie will stab anyone even his beloved sister in the back.

Hopefully Nicole makes it though this week I think she has Derricks vote which means Cody and Victoria too.

The sad thing is has Nicole ever when back on her word to anyone?