Big Brother Spoilers Have Not Results “We need a upset in this house”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-29 11-42-59-106

11:40AM HOH Frankie and Caleb wake up
Frankie is sore from the competition.
Caleb “My ilio is so jacked up.. You got me limping but we still winners.. we just look like we got outta world war 2” walking down the HOH stairs is particularly painful.

BB16-2014-08-29 11-46-53-303

11:43AM Backyard CAleb, Derick and Cody
Caleb walking around saying his hip, lower back and Knee are all tweaked up.
Caleb – So i’m putting up CHristine and Nicole..
The target is Nicole he’s going to tell Christine she’s being put up for a Backdoor option on Victoria
Cody is going to tell Christine that Nicole threw her under the bus hard last night it threw them all off they trust Christine but they are worried how close her and Nicole have gotten.
Cody will tell her this after she goes up.
Derrick says he should tell CHristine he wasn’t going to put her up but after what Nicole said to him wanted to make sure Nicole goes home and to do that CHristine had to go up.
Derrick adds he should tell her this after the nomination ceremony for Damage control. Caleb us unsure about when he should talk to Christne and what he should say to her next. He wants to make sure Cody and him are coordinated with what they plan to say.
Christine joins them
Cody brings up Frankie asking for Apple PIe
Nicole joins them
Frankie joins
everyone talking about their aches and pains

BB16-2014-08-29 11-59-41-521

11:58AM ourside lockdown Everyone in the backyard waking up talking about their family messages and how much it meant to them.
Frankie is glad the water was warm in the competition points out how everything is cold themed this year. The have nots room last nights winter comp.
Frankie says dancing is really hard on your body especially joints. A lot of dancing veterans get hip replacements.
They start talking about Julie CHen asking Frankie the have nots food. “Apple Pie”
Christine says it sounded like she was offended by Frankie’s Answer. Frankie thinks it was all staged says he would have normally said Tofu but thought maybe they would give them the apple pie.
Victoria says she sprains her ankle they gave her “something” and told her to ice it.. Feeds cut
THey start talking about how many unanimous votes they’ve had all but two, Nicole says this is never the case usually by now they are much closer.. (Yeah boring season)
Frankie blames it on the BOB twist.
Frankie – what’s the most physical veto
A bunch of people answer OTEV
COdy – that honey one will be tough.. I highly doubt they would throw that in this late that is always done early.
Frankie tells production he’s got to use the porta-potty.. he’s got to take a massive sh1t. Feeds cut..
12:34pm Still in the backyard
Derrick – Hey how you doing…
Christine what’s that
Derrick – People just looked over at us i’m not sure if it’s a tour..
feeds cut.

BB16-2014-08-29 12-50-17-752
12:46pm Lockdown over have nots food on the table
“Snot roast” – Mushrooms meat products and garlic
Derrick – Caleb I would like to volunteer
Caleb – anyone else..
Silence.. nobody will volunteer
Caleb – You guys are going to make me do it..
Caleb is going to pick a number and everyone can guess..
Caleb – we’ve all done it the same amount.. we’ve all done it twice right…
Caleb – Will someone just volunteer with Frankie
Derrick – with Frankie
Caleb – With Derrick
Frankie – we do look a like.,
Frankie – you are HOH whatever you decide we’ll respect it.
Caleb – golly boy I don’t want anyone to be mad at me..
6 minutes in Caleb still trying to decide.
Caleb picks Nicole as a have nots
Frankie – Good choice
Nicole – OK.. I just didn’t want to be have nots two week in a row (Frankie’s )

BB16-2014-08-29 13-26-06-608

12:55pm FIREROOM Derrick Frankie and Caleb
Frankie tells Caleb he would have picked Nicole as a have nots. .
Caleb thought he heard Nicole say she was going to volunteer.
Caleb – One person pointed out Frankie.. Christine..
Cody comes in,,
Frankie – CHristine just threw me under the bus
THey tell Cody after Caleb asked who hasn’t done it twice CHristine pointed at Frankie,.
CHristine comes in. Frankie start spewing hate about Nicole she was in the jury house kissing Hayden and watching movies he doesn’t feel sorry for her .
Frankie – I don’t give a sh1t SHUTUP.. and for the record I can’t do it it’s too cold this is not best friend this is big brother i’m not doing it I don’t need to apologize..

BB16-2014-08-29 12-56-39-507

12:55pm Nicole crying she’s on slop again and going on the block.
Victoria asked her if she wants to talk. Nicole is fine tell her not to tell them she’s crying
Nicole talking to the camera “I want to go home this freaking sucks I’m going to be nominated”
Nicole – “I hate Frankie he’s a manipulator.. I just have to fight in a veto.. I’m praying it’s a punishment i’ll take all the punishments but if it’s the ball thing I’m freaking weak from the slop
Derrick joins her.. “we’ll be alright..” he tells her he’s going to cook some great mushroom “We got Garlic too.. is it going to be amazing no.. I made a thousand bbq pizza’s last time”
Nicole – Derrick this is freaking ridiculous I’m so sick of being picked on.. I just got off..
Nicole points out that Frankie was only a have nots once
Derick points out that Caleb did ask if anyone didn’t go twice and nobody said anything.
Nicole asks him not to tell anyone she’s been upset. and crying.
Victoria wants to talk to Derrick he goes over to her whispers to her that she’s not going to be nominated.
Nicole – I have to man up and do whatever I can to stay in this house.. I’m embarrassed I cried..
Derrick says he tried to throw everyone out a bone by suggesting they pick numbers.
Derrick gives her a motivational speech tells her she’s gotta fight, if she goes on the block hold her head up high smile and win the veto. If she doesn’t win the veto she’s always up with someone else that could go home

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BB16-2014-08-29 13-03-50-235

1:02pm HOH Frankie, caleb and Cody
Frankie is pissed at Christine for pointing him out as the only person that’s been a have nots once. Frankie goes into the shower.
THey start talking about telling Nicole she’s being nominated.
Victoria joins them they tease her that she was almost slop and she’s going on the block.
1:13pm Derrick joins them says Nicole is crying a bit but she’s not complaining, “I told her she’ll be fine I’ll make portabella mushrooms”

BB16-2014-08-29 13-15-32-822

1:15pm Backyard
CHristine says there are people in this house that are legitimately heartless and she’s disgusted in them.. Nicole never thought Caleb would do that. Christine says it wasn’t Caleb he was told to.
Christine leaves.
Nicole – I freaking don’t like Frankie he ruins my life in here.. Obviously Frankie told him..
Nicole – I have to win the Veto and the next HOH it’s my only option and I can do it..
Nicole – Please let this be the punishment Veto I will take all the punishments.. I’ll dye my hair, I’ll donated all my clothes, I’ll be on slop for the summer.. but if it’s physical a puzzle I won’t be good at Frankie will be .
Nicole – We need a upset in this house
Nicole – Derrick I love him he’s such a nice guy he’s playing a great game… but besides him..

BB16-2014-08-29 13-35-39-293
1:35pm Derrick says nobody is eating the giant chunk of Beef liver
Minutes before thie he was telling Caleb how Victoria and Christine were the first two people that ran off to see Nicole in the backyard.

BB16-2014-08-29 13-42-42-854
1:40pm HOH Frankie, Victoria, Christine and Cody
Frankie telling them he’s not the healthiest person he goes to the Doctor twice a month. Frankie lists off all the Specialists he see’s.
Christine says before she started paying for Doctor visits she would go all the time but now that she has to pay for it herself she cannot afford to see the Doctor
He tells them his father is a Doctor and has lots of Doctor friends that he see’s. Frankie says when he got the spider bite he was medevac in a private ambulance to his fathers hospital in New Jersey “I had no Idea I was that sick”
Frankie – I don’t take chances I see a pot on my arm I go to the dermatologist.. If I find a ingrown hair i’m at the Doctors.

(Nominations are today sometime.. Nicole and Christine are going up)

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empty, like zach's side of the bed

FYI: That pair of cosmetic glasses that the HG’s, specifically Derrick, Caleb and Cody, like to occasionally wear, are going to be a major part of next year’s BB. It is the show’s way of introducing Google glasses into the show’s format! They will be used to enhance the “Feeder’s” experience!


is FRANKIE H.I V. ????

Not cool

You shouldn’t spread rumors like that. That is so not cool. Frankie is an as3wipe but don’t try to make this into hating someone because of a medical condition. You don’t know that for a fact and you should be ashamed you would even imply that. Awful!!!


he’s not only sure… he’s hiv positive! lol


with circulatory problem and him saying he is easily sick – i would guess yes


I can’t stand Frankie either, but you need to take a step back and realize what you’re saying.


fakie sucks balls!


I wouldn’t put it past Frankie not to be HIS positive….He already said he gets tested a lot. Frankie needs to be a have not….He eats like a pig and is dirty like one too. What an insecure lying immature person he is. If he were ti die I don’t think hell would even take him. Caleb is now proving he has no balls either. Is this what happens from sleeping with Frankie?


he has said himself, that he is easily sick and has circulatory problems – my guess is yes

Going too far

I hate Frankie as much as the next guy, but wishing he gets HIV is absolutely disgusting, even if you’re only joking. To say such things puts you on the same level as Frankie himself, because that is exactly something he would say. Like when he joked Jocasta should just kill herself.


I wouldn’t wish illness on anyone. But do I feel bad for Frankie’s alleged ailments? No. It makes me wonder why someone that is prone to skin issues is out sunbathing the way he does. I would be worried about skin cancer.


he’s easily sick and has circulatory problems – my guess, yes


Way out of line there. No matter how vile a person acts in the house, he didn’t deserve that comment.


Derrick looks like he has HIV too!!! Is it true?
Cody may have syphilis and Christine may have given it to him.
Victoria may have genital warts.
Shall I go on or are we done with bring juvenile.

The Greatness

I am going to say it and I DO NOT care any longer about being Politically Correct and you can call me whatever the latest -phob is…Frankie is the stereotypical disgusting type faggot that I hate!!! He is the ABSOLUTE worse human being I have EVER witnessed on television! He pisses me off to no end! Call me what you will, I DO NOT CARE!!

The Greatness

I actually like dic8 and I am repressed. I can even sing the national anthem with 2 dic8s in my mouth. Sorry about using the f word.


The gays I know would agree with you I’m afraid. They all seem to hate him and the stereotype he’s portraying. I think the term ‘faggot’ is crude and harsh…
I’d say a ‘bitchy mean queen who repulses me’… i think that is more PC 🙂


The gays I know would kick your ass for calling them a faggot.

Boreal Bag Lady

Ugh, Fakie…you self-absorbed, ignorant little shit head! 🙂

Man up

The thing is, this type if ganging up on someone is all Derricks style. He’s done it all season. The rest of them are taking their lead from Derrick. He’s the worst out if all of them in isolating those he is threatened by while pretending to be their friend. Hi ask Jacosta and Donny what they think if Derrick.


I just need to say, when I see FranknShocks face, I LITTERALLY fell sick to my stomach!

And how dare he say..”He’s going to punch Nicole in the face”.. #PenaltyNomFrankieBB16


My opinion is that Frankie is deeply jealous of women; especially pretty women. He probably secretly hates his sister too.


It is bullshit Caleb made Nicole a havenot. Even if he didn’t want to make his buddies do it, make vic do it. Being on the block and slop two weeks in a row is cruel. They did the same shit to Donny last week. Ugh. Frankie is just a piece of shit human through and through.


I have never despised a human being like I despise Frankie. He is so disgusting. He is the ultimate fake conniving bitch. Christine is awful but Frankie is just the worst. Not because he is gay not because he is a attention whore but his actions show who he truly is. The bitch from hell.

frankie sucks

i liked him in the begining but he is the biggest asshole in the house. living off his LITTLE sisters fame. and crying like a bitch because he won’t be americas favorite. i hope nicole wins veto and then hoh and she gets rid of his ass. that will be the best moment of the summer


These people are really just bad. Its almost like Frankie goes out of his way to be heartless. Also Christine you aren’t fooling anyone, you are just as cruel as Frankie.

Frankie Sucks

Frankie is such a tool. Everything he spews is lies, I bet Ariana is so embarassed!!


Wait, haven’t you heard that Ariana is sooo proud of Frankie, she bragged that her brother gets so much ass!!!!! What kind of dumb bitch brags about their brother being a whore????


Just when you can’t hate Frankie anymore he does this. What a self absorbed elitist A$$HOLE! He really believes that he deserves VIP treatment in this game and I despise him even more. Best revenge is that Nicole toughens up and wins veto or she doesn’t have a chance . I want Freakie and Chrustine out asap HOPE GRANDE GETS BOOED !

Michael from Canada

That’s the key word there; he’s an elitist. Donny called it perfectly when he said ‘Frankie’s always been way up here.. he’s never been on a Donny Thompson level’. He comes from a super rich family and is obviously used to being very spoiled.

When he made that comment about treating Nicole like the hired help, the most disturbing thing about it is that Frankie probably does have experience with having hired help that he mistreats. The story about him bossing around his production handlers at the NFL camp only adds to that. For him that’s just a perfectly natural thing to do, because he’s been doing it his whole life.

Butters Mom

Frankie is the kind of person that inspires the hired help to add a little something “extra” to his meals, in his laundry and his bed sheets…. and he deserves everything he gets! asshole!


I’m SO disappointed in Nicole right now.
She was chosen as a Have Not (with mushrooms, some meat? and garlic, not bad!) and has now spent exactly 1 HOUR (yes, 60 minutes.) crying and whining to the camera – ergo the viewers – how she’s the victim and the entire world should just feel endless pity for her.
Not one word about fighting or trying to make it, just plain resignation. Her voice has reached a “on her deathbed, last few words” kind of frequency.
So disappointed. Hayden will be too when he sees this display – he’d have TRIED TO PLAY THE GAME. Even Jocasta wouldn’t have been such a whimp.
STOP talking to the camera for hours and start talking to human beings in that house. Or just quit and walk out that door, because that’s what you seem to be doing.

Monika Wu

From what I read in this update it sounds like she IS trying to motivate herself. She is really up against it here. She’s got no allies..even Vic and Christine are… A. not going to turn against the boys and B. one of them will be up against her on the block. It’s easy to see how she could get overwhelmed and feel defeated. Talking to herself is really the only thing she’s got right now. Now is really the time for a DPOV or coup d ‘etat. I think Production is fine with her going home and hoping for some half ass Brigade redux with Christine/Victoria as the Britney.


Nicole is finally experiencing some of the treatment Donny received. And yes, in early days Nicole participated in some of the bashing so what goes around, comes around.
She is still attached to DePrick and will not make a move without his approval. Too bad, waste of a buyback.


You know, I personally if I was stuck in that house and being treated that way, my coping mechanism is to cry as well. I would have to give myself the time to get my frustration out and have a really good long cry. Once I am done crying I pull myself up by the bootstraps and move on. I am guessing that is what Nicole is doing.
Being an outsider and not having anyone you can really trust, granted it is a game, is hard. Now that I am married I could not imagine going through life alone with out my soul mate and support system. We can judge and say what we want about the contestants on the show because we are Couch Quarterbacks. But it would be completely different if we were actually in the house. Nicole will come back with a Vengeance and Fight. My prediction she will win the POV and the house will turn on Dirty Messy Sloppy Toe Nail Cutting Frankie and he will be sent packing.


Frenchie apparently you didn’t watch long enough because Nicole is gettng her fighting spirit back and hopes to win everything possible from here on out. Don’t judge until the fat lady sings OK?


But honestly what did she expect? I can’t think of any but has anyone ever been brought back into the house and made it very far?


Gary on BBCanada 1.
He was brought back in when there were only 4 others left, after a few weeks of vacation in the jury house, where he could talk to the other jurors, become friends with them “outside” of the uncertainty and distrust of playing BB, find out who of the remaining players is really disliked by them, and he went on to make it to the finals. He got to choose and chose Jillian, the girl he knew everybody disliked.
She won against him by 1 vote – because his best friend in the house, Topaz, was too braindead to pick the right key – she voted against her bff “by accident” and he lost because of that. A pathetic -yet spectacular- ending to an otherwise very entertaining season.

Weighed Belac

Being brought back with only 4 left is different than being brought back with 7 left (especially if he had immunity for the first week, which I do not know.) With only 4 left, that puts you in the final 5. 1 HOH and 2 Noms, means you could be 1 of 2 voting.
The Topaz stunt was all for publicity. She knew what she did, and did to make a name for herself (which seems like all HGs are now using BB for). She had nothing to lose, and Gary now has a gig as a BBAD commerntator


I agree with Nicole these people are not playing a game,they are just plain mean! Please give Nicole a surprise veto and let her pick the replacement !


BB needs to change rules next year and allow the POV winner to make the decision who is the replacement, not the HOH, that would make the game better and ensure this gang mentality doesn’t always win and will change things up alot.


Just when you think you can’t hate on Frankie anymore he opens his repulsive mouth and spews out more of his hatred and venom towards others. If he can’t handle the have nots he should not have been picked to be on BB. It’s not fair to the others, he says I can’t I have health issues, well then take your ass home !!! Then he brags about being specially medevac in a special ambulance, keep rubbing your familys wealth in every one’s face. If I hear about his Africa schools one more time I will puke. Nothing against helping anyone , I just think he is full of s***. Poor Nicole will now get treated like they did Donny for all those weeks. I would probably just pack my bags and say goodbye assholes ! If Frankie wins I will be physically sick. He and Christine are the two most vile people in that house. I didn’t think anyone could hold a candle to Amanda from last year but these two are walking right beside her.


True that!!! His sister is the star NOT him!!! He’s so worried about fans. Keep it up the bs Frankie & you’ll be fan LESS!!!

Go Nichole

Derrick is just as bad except he puts the knife in with a smile on his face and than expects you to tell him that you like it.


No, Derrick doesn’t do it upclose, he does it from afar more sniper style


To me, Cody is just as bad, he has no backbone, but made a BIG move putting Donny and Nicole up. He talks alot of crap about people, and he is the biggest floater in there, def more gay than Frankie.


Oh sure. Frankie will give all of his money to schools in Africa. (Or is it now “most” of the money to schools in Africa? It keeps changing.) You can bank on it. That check to BuildOn will clear right after Oxy Adam’s check for 100k to his charity for [word redacted] clears.

River Song

Mimi, I agree with everything you said. Not only is Frankie an egotistical asshat. he just confirmed what I suspected: he’s a hypochondriac. My ankles are swollen, I have a circulatory problem, I have chronic sinus problems, I run to doctors if I have a spot/pimple, runny nose, hip pain…on and on. He sounds like an 85 year old, and yet had the audacity to say Donny acted like an old man.

Please, whoever wins POV, take off Nicole and make Frankie pop a squat.

Golden Girl

I read online the requirements to apply for BB. It is very specifically states you must have a clean bill of physical health as well as mental health, not only from your own doctor, but a doctor chosen by CBS. Particularly in freakboy’s case it does look like perhaps that was overlooked to promote Miss Ariana. He is a very vile person and I am being generous. Obviously they skipped the mental check on Caleb. There are so many missteps in years show. I’m going to finish this year but I am starting to think I am too “grown up” for this. It is not entertaining. Feel kinda dirty watching people take such pleasure being horribly cruel to others. I get the strategy, this I not strategy, it’s hateful.


The list continues to grow of the things CBS has done to favor Frankie…….the producers of this show look more ridiculous with each passing day.


And then after getting Nicole to be named a Have Not and telling Caleb that he wants her on the block, Frankie states that if she comes crying to him that he’ll punch her in the face. He is a horrible human being.


Caleb will do anything Frankie wants since Caleb is DESPERATE to be around famous people, he is all up in Frankie’s ass, and Cody WANTS Caleb and Frankie’s ass.


Come on Frankie stop crying…

I haaaaaate frankie

OMG I am SOOOOO sick of the Frankie show! Calebs letter said “you have enough friends, you don’t need anymore” he needs to wake up and throw Frankie up on the block. How can they make her go on slop AGAIN and Frankie can’t be on slop? What a wuss!! This season needs to be over already…

Frankie's dark cold heart

Caleb thinks that Frankie is his key to stardom. Caleb will always do whatever it takes to please him. The joke will be on him in the end. Frankie should worry. Caleb is unbalanced and once he realizes the lies of stardom, the revenge may not be too sweet.


Caleb seriously thinks he will be America’s favorite if Frankie is in the F2. Caleb, you’re supposed to play to win, not 3rd or 4th place!


Each day I hate Frankie a little bit more.

hair armpits

I really don’t know who to like in this game anymore other than Nicole. It has been a gang up from the beggining. Derrick literally being a jack off behind their back and best friend in front. Christine is a jealous vengeful person. Victoria is senseless but doesn’t seem to nasty. Cody and Caleb are just squirrels trying to get a but.and I don’t want to start with the worst human being to play this game. Has he no shame to when he gets out? Just when you think he is at his worst, he opens his mouth again. Shut that aweful conceited trap of yours. Wish you were on slop and on the block 2 weeks in a row…. Jerk-off

Eure ka!

Maybe I should have realized what has been lacking from this iteration of Big Brother sooner…Basic Human Decency! All the game playing and back stabbing and whispering and allying is completely fair. The way people are spoken about and treated is not.
There are some bad people playing this game, and no amount of “I was just playing the game” afterwards will explain a great deal of truly disgusting behavior.


Kind of like the Nazi death camp commandants saying “I was just following orders”.


Frankie is just a mean person,jealous,rude,nasty,Caleb,bless his heart,is just Stupid!

german team

Caleb is not stupid, he is with Frankie, he knows what he is doing. He enjoys seeing other people suffer and be humiliated. That conversation with Nicole is totally him, it is obvious he hates women, just like Frankie. God forbid some one should be prettier than them……ugh


It breaks my heart to see nicole and Donny cry. They do not deserve everything that is happening to them, just because it’s a game does not mean they have to act so heartless. This summer is all about playing a game not about being tortured everyday.


GEAUXXXXX Nicole… those prickless boys what a woman can do. SHERAH!!!


I think Ariana is distancing herself from Frankie. Yeah she recorded the video, but Frankie and Derrick both begged “Ariana’s fans” to vote yes for Team America mission. She didn’t even MENTION it on twitter. She hasn’t posted that much about him, I think because she and her team are realizing that he is not good for her image.


I sure hope they’re realizing. He’ll be coming out if the house signing her album. Pretty screwed he’d mention something like that…


It is sad that CBS continues to support Frankie Grande as a BB member. He should be ejected immediately for violence. He could slip off his meds and punch Nicole out. It is a shame how he is allowed to bully her.


Yeah i kinda feel bad for Ariana, it’s a shame that she might get shitted on later in life because of Frankie.

Anonymous Fan

Don’t be, she’s as bad as her brother. Treated contest winners of Hang with Ariana as dirt. Didn’t even say spend 15 seconds with them. When pictures were taken she told her security to make sure that they were deleted and then left the fans without a word, not even thanks!

Michael from Canada

I’m not surprised by that.

Was I the only one that got an Addam’s Family vibe from watching their video?


She might get shitted on by him later in life…What about NOW? He certainly isn’t doing her any favors. Why her family and/or her manager thought it was a good idea for him to be on this show will always be a mystery to all of us. I’m sure her manager tells her all the time to avoid him, don’t comment about him, etc,etc,etc…He is an absolute embarrassment and a total waste of human space, IMO.The way his parents spoiled him his whole life turned him into a monster. I hold them mostly responsible for the way he is. You would think that eventually a man by the age of 32 would realize that the way he acts is not right! I think he has the mentality of about a 5 year old. He is cruel like little children sometimes are too. He has absolutely NO redeeming qualities. If he were my son, I’d disown him…


Arriana Grande is probably promoting her new album and living her life. I’m not a fan but she’s probably relishing this time where her big brother (see what i did there) isn’t clinging onto her ankles hoping to catch crumbs.


I try not to call the houseguest names…but Caleb you are a meathead!

Your brother told you to put on your man pants, he did not mean for you to put Nicole up on the block or on slop, he was telling you to go after the big boys. Derrick was already on slop, put Cody on slop. This is your idea of making a big move?
Nicole tried to tell you that it is actually 4 sometimes 5 against 1, You being the ONE. Cody and Derrick have Victoria and Christine, plus each other, you have Frankie, and we all saw how that worked out for Zach. The only hope is… Nicole needs to tell Caleb everything, including her alliance with Cody and Derrick, and her secret alliance with Derrick. PLEASE BB GIVE NICOLE CRAYONS SO SHE CAN DRAW PICTURES FOR CALEB, AND MAYBE THEN HE WILL COMPREHEND WHAT SHE DONNY AND ZACH HAVE BEEN SAYING TO HIM FOR THE LAST SEVERAL WEEKS!!!

Love BB

I really like Nicole….BUT….when asked if everyone has been a HN at least 2X…she should have looked at Frankie & said “You’ve only been once, right?” Then look at Caleb & “Well….are your balls as big as lemons or not? Put him on slop!” Right in front of everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Frankie, if you can’t take the cold, you shouldn’t be in the house!
Self entitled, whining cretin…………..
Nicole….start getting them on the defensive! Call them out right in front of each other….PLEASE!!!!

waka waka

Yeah but she’s not confrontational, so that wouldn’t really happen. Unfortunately this has been her problem all season. Im sure if she called some people out, the game could have been different.


Umm… Nicole did call out Christine and Frankie right after Hayden got evicted.

german team

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Just when I think that I cannot dislike Frankie any more than I already do, all he has to do is open his mouth and speak. What a worthless piece of human garbage. Derrick, will you please make arrangements for his exit this week?


Get over it you whiny b$#%^. You call yourself a superfan then you of all people should understand this is Big Brother and there has been many people over all the seasons that have been on slop/havenots for many weeks in a row. So cry your crocodile tears to someone who gives a damn, suck it up and play the game.


I have to agree! How could Nicole NOT have seen this happening?! If she is a superfan she should have known she was on the OUTS with these people and would be a HN and on the block! I loved Nicole before she was evicted and now all she does is WHINE!


Frankie really does think he is entitled to special treatment. For someone who is to fragile to take punishment he seem to be able to handle the physical competitions quite well. Reading about his hissy fit over Christine pointing him out as only being a have not once, he may just convince Caleb to make Christine the target for this week, saving Nicole for at least 20 minutes until the second half of the double evicto

Irked by the stupidity!

Flakey is a POS…straight up. But so is Caleb. I hope the girl wins the POV and forces his hand. Even if Vic goes up, I see Christine going home. Caleb had almost redeemed himself (if you ignore his narcissistic delusions) but he quickly doused that smoldering fire. He’s still the same asshole he has always been…since day one.


I totally understand why Derrick isn’t Nicole’s target anymore if what she’s saying in her sorrow is anything to go by, Frankie is openly targetting her and he’s so awful behind her back. The FACT IS you’ve been a havenot once, don’t try to rationalize it, it’s cold in here? I hope he gets mugged in the street and beaten to a pulp.

Anyway, Derrick’s nice to her and it gives her some reprieve and honestly, I’m coming to terms with the fact that Derrick deserves to be at the end. I hope Nicole makes it through and is the one to get Frankie out because i’m flat out exhausted of his bullshit. He’s always there being his repulsive self. Frankie is the real threat to her whereas Derrick has the potential tp flip and target someone else. Frankie is too jealous of Nicole to let his hatred go


Derrick is being nice to her while he plans for her ouster. He’s only being nice because he’s thinking of jury votes. Frankie can’t see beyond his nastiness to think of jury votes yet. Although its a moot point since I don’t see him lasting to finale night. The whole house is getting tired of his antics,and being so self absorbed, he doesn’t have a clue.


I don’t doubt at all that Derrick is just playing the game


Derrick is the real instigator here. BMC has been kinder than Derrick to both Donny and Nichole in this game.


I am interested to see Christine’s reaction when she goes up on the block. They are putting up an alliance member just in case they need to backdoor Victoria but how can they justify not putting up Derrick who hasn’t been on the block. I hope she wakes up and causes some major drama. And like a lot of you, I think Frankie is seriously turning out to be a huge dickhead, I am not enjoying watching him at all!


Not only that..since when did Victoria become such a threat that they’d risk people they (allegedly) want to save by nominating them to execute yet another backdoor eviction? It defies logic.


I wish BB brought evel dick to the house for a few hours just to put these houseguests in there place. Please Nicole win the veto because without her on the show I don’t want anyone to win .

Way too invested

Production should throw a bone to Nicole…after all, they interfered big time with her game when they tried to get TA ( I use that term loosely) to save Donny. DPOV would be nice. After all, isn’t this the season of twists?


“CHristine says there are people in this house that are legitimately heartless and she’s disgusted in them”

Some get this fugley bitch a mirror, STAT.

waka waka

Its the pot calling the kettle heartless.


She’s not just fugley…she’s mafugley!


Derrick to Caleb/Cody- Christine is a better competitor than Nicole. If she went home cause Nicole saved herself…would not be upset #BB16

He says this because he’s not afraid Nicole wants to target him, he knows Christine’s a wildcard. Yesterday he questioned Victoria about whether or not nicole was after him and Victoria vehemently said no and i think that’s what saved Nicole yesterday and might save her this week if she doesn’t win veto.


Boohoo. Everyone’s mean. Watch Care Bears.

lemon balls

It’s not just that they are mean.. You can be mean and have a heart, you can have pride,and common sense. These people are just heart, not mean , nasty. I wouldn’t want them as enemies. None can think for themselves and are on a mission to be the worst possible person in the house. Hope your family is watching carefully.


Shame that isn’t your daughter sitting there, bet you would be saying something else then.

grow up Nicole

Nicole needs to grow up. She got herself into this game and no one else signed herself up for it. STOP making it seem like she’s being attacked personally. If anything Victoria was being attacked personally because of her personality. Nicole should see it as a positive thing that they see her as a threat, else they would keep her around like Victoria. Maybe she should just expect the unexpected and stop whining! No one said Big Brother is fair and that the person who’s the nicest should win, so get over it. She’s had ample opportunities to win, like everyone else, and even won her way back into the game. I didn’t see her crying when she got to enter the house again. Boohoo, you didn’t win the HOH. GROW UP!


Simon and Dawg
Just donated to the site. Since Donny is gone I don’t know how much I can stomach even reading about the remaining houseguests. Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting again this summer and I can’t wait for BBCanada.


Not to be confused with this mel who actually donated for the first time last nite as well but wouldnt miss the rest of this season for just about anything. Strange coincidence! I cant wait to watch the last few weeks when these idiots realize you have to use your own brain and make moves if you want to win the big money. Victoria likely has 2nd place unless Caleb stupidly votes her out. Of course by the time they realize what has happened it will be too late! They likely wont even realize what happened. Dont look to Derrick or Frankie for help. They are battling each other for the big win. Hoping the look on their faces will be worth the wait. Too funny!


I wonder if Frankie realizes the bad camera angle he is frequently the subject of in the HOH room? I’ve noticed it in stills several times. Makes him look like a punked out duck billed platypus. Or a sickly cockatoo.


Caleb asking for volunteers for slop & waiting 6 mins really just sums up how pathetic this season has been with the volunteering & everyone voting the same way. It’s really been the season of cowards. At least it hasn’t been as rigged as Elisa’s MVP last year though.


So true! Lame!


I was starting to think Caleb might make a big move and was starting to wise up. Was starting to like him, but as usual , my bad! Please give him Pandora’s box and let him open it, boom bring Donny Back! If not that, make the nominee’s safe from eviction and he has two put up 2 of his cronies! CBS you need to do something. But will you. Like last year, not! what a f–kin disappointment!


I like your last suggestion.

pants on fire

Isn’t it about that time for people to stop sharing information with everybody else? I would think at this stage of the game…HOLD THE DAMN TRUMP CARDS FOR YOUR DAMN SELF!!! They must have all taken Idiots 101 in school!!


Re: Frankie – do you think CBS or Production are asking themselves “Tell us again, why did we agree to have him on?”


It would be magical if Victoria could win veto, save Nicole, and cause Caleb to put up one of the boys. Guaranteeing Christine evicted and making the boys all hot and bothered.

But we know something like that only happens in fairy tales Zzzzzzz


Caleb already said he’s going to have Victoria host, so she can’t play.


That’s only possible if her name doesn’t get pulled to play in the POV.


I wish Nicole would just call Frankie out, mean she has nothing to lose at this point…ugh.

Baby Firefly

Frankie could get his ass beat outside this house and people wouldn’t even care, that’s how much he’s hated.
But what are the others excuse?
Even if Frankie is a heartless bitch, why are the others not saying , hey maybe you shouldn’t put Nicole as a have not since she’s on the block again, but nope.
People give the others excuses cos Frankie is so hated, but I don’t.
And I can’t see why anyone defends Caleb, that dude has major issues, being shitty to women is right up there, along with beating defenseless animals to death. F that guy, as much as I can’t stand the others, I don’t want that dude in final 2. He’s a clueless robot, animal killing, possible date rapist/stalker racist redneck piece of crap, IMO. Just cos he says dopey things doesn’t make him some innocent.

Michael from Canada

Are you a vegetarian then? I’m hoping you’re not one of those that hate hunters but like eating meat.

Anyway, Caleb has explained that hogs in his area are over-populated and are a danger to people, to livestock, and to crops. It’s just something that has to be done in that area. Life isn’t a fairy tale where all lifeforms can just live together peacefully you know.


I hope caleb is secretly planning to keep nicole in the house!!! Backdoor Ftankie!!! Then take over the damn clusterfuck called big brother!


Frankie is a seriously disgusting person. He makes personal attacks on everyone and acts as though he is entitled to whatever he wants (like no shit the havenot room is cold. It’s cold for everyone).

He’s a 31 year old with the behavior of a 13 year old.

Man up

I was so hoping Frankie would have a reality check from last night since he was so convinced his sisters fans would vote yes to the mission, uhh news flash you dumb shit your sisters fans are not the demographic that is watching BB nor is she even promoting BB. I’m sure she could’ve tweeted out something about voting but she didn’t which has actually made me have more respect for her.

I can not wait for his b**** ass to be voted out and he finds out Donny is actually the one America loves. Not to mention since his insta was hacked, he only has a fraction of the followers that he once had. Here’s to hoping his twitter gets hacked! No fans for you!

I wish we could re-vote on Team America or let us vote on DPV which would obviously go to Nicole, she is the only one I can say I’m genuinely rooting for at this point.


So Frankie “supposedly, get sick alot”, then why the hell is he on a the show? Rules need to be made when choosing Have Nots, it should be spread out amongst the HGs during the season, not, “Um, I don’t like you, so you’re a have not this week”, which is what’s it’s been for years, it’s used as a strategic-weapon.. Frankie should’ve been a Have Not simply because he’s only been it once, everyone was at least twice..


You’re half right….choosing the have-nots is a strategic decision. Weakening the person you’re about to nominate is smart.

Low down

You have 2 other fully grown men in the house, 1 of which has been a Have Not just once and they make the girl who hasn’t been able to eat real food for an entire week go right back on slop. These are some pathetic excuses for men they have on this show this season. I include Christine in that argument, because I am still unsure of it’s gender.

Whiner Frankie

Frankie is such a wimp, he can’t even bare a week of slop. Selfish and a liar. Lying that he’ll donate all the money he gets to charity. He’ll probably use the money on luxury designer stuff and makeup crap. Why America why you chose u chose him to be a part of the alliance. Donny deserved to stay


These are the most immature men I’ve ever seen . They talk so tough, but Caleb couldn’t even make the have not decision. He wanted someone to volunteer and then dragged out his decision for 6 excruciating minutes. PUNKS!!!
Not too happy with Nicole either. Instead of standing there quietly and waiting for Caleb to make his decision, she should have reminded them Frankie has only been a HN once. Say something like”Its bad enough I’m going up on the block and am just coming off slop, can you guys cut me a little slack during what may be my last week?? No-ok–you’d rather just stand there and look miserable? Fine, just don’t cry about it later. I mean what does she have too lose at this point, she is an outsider and they want her out so say what’s on your mind and call these guys out!!!


Yo Fakie! if ya can’t handle the heat…. get the F out!!! Every HG who comes in to play BB knows the consequences of the game. You should NEVER have been eligible to play due to your divaness and “health” issues. Fakie/Skankie is nothing but a major waste of time and space. Human trash now has a picture to show us what it looks like …. look it up and you will see Stankie’s pic

This is the season of the MEAN GIRLS and BULLIES. Talk about a social experiment gone wrong!!!!


Ugh when will someone from the Sinister Six go home? If Nicole goes then this is the worst/least likable Final 6 ever.