NicoleF “How many alliances do you have, 15?!” Cody “This is the season of a million alliances.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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8pm Backyard. Janelle and Kaysar.
Kaysar – I don’t care what he says ..we just need him to vote a certain way. Janelle – yeah. We need to get him to target someone else. Kaysar – we can but right now he is f**king fixated on us. Its like an obsession. Janelle – it is freaking weird. How do you know she admitted to the alliance? Kaysar – I am good at reading body language. I’m good with these things.. too good. I am going to try and talk to Ian. It seems like he wants to talk about something but he wants to do it in secret. He doesn’t want anyone to know. I still don’t know where DaVonne is at. Janelle – have you talked to her? Kaysar – no, I want Bay to talk to her. Honestly, these people need some damn courage to do the right thing. Its the same thing that happens every season. Janelle – today David was doing the dishes and I came up and he told me he needed a moment. Kaysar – a moment for what? Janelle – to do the dishes alone. Isn’t that weird? Kaysar – its very passive aggressive.

Hammock. Cody and NicoleF.
Nicole – who the hell are you going to go after? You’re best friends with everyone after the two (Janelle & Kaysar) are gone. I’m going to have to do all the dirty work. Cody – Its okay with me .. I had to do if for Derrick. Nicole – laughs. Cody – no we’ll find people to do that dirty work. I’ve been sprinkling stuff to Memphis so he can do it when the time is right. Nicole – do what? Cody – what do you f**king think!? You know what our name is on the other one? What to know it? Nicole – its dumb! Eight for what!? Nicole – how many alliances do you have .. 15?! I only have 3. Cody – same. This is the season of a million alliances. Nicole – yeah Enzo said he has 15. I was literally dying laughing. Cody – but honestly the people I trust the most are you and Dani. How are we going to get through this!? Nicole – you know only one person is gone. Cody – we need to get rid of the people who are constantly saying we’re together.

8:35pm Bedroom. Janelle and Bay.
Bay – feel like there will be a middle alliance too. Janelle – with who? Bay – NicoleF. Janelle – NicoleF is with those people. Bay – she is but Ian is not. So there is going to be a middle alliance. It would be other kind of loaner, floaters together. Janelle – so if NicoleF is going to be in multiple alliances .. wouldn’t that make her a huge target? Bay – that would make her covered on both sides. Janelle – she should go. Bay – but no one else in the house is going to put her up. Janelle – I’ll put her up. Bay – yeah. This is hard to navigate because this is a very clicky game. Bay – the more Kaysar keeps pushing the envelope .. the more he pisses people off. Janelle – if we just chill we’re going to lose another person. We could have gotten it together and saved Keesha last week and we didn’t. Bay – and that was partially Keesha’s fault. The good thing is that NicoleA is actually campaigning. Janelle – what are your views on David? Bay – I have the same views as Day .. and I know him outside the house… I am not just going to vote him out for no reason. For game-wise if it can work … perfect. But what I am not going to do is get caught on the wrong side of the vote like last year. They’re locked in .. so it can’t even be pinned on someone else. Janelle – so we lock it in and Memphis will vote him out.

8:37pm – 8:45pm Storage room. David and Kevin.
David – do you think personal things aside .. do you think I would be better for your game? Kevin – I do. I would just feel terrible. Kevin – I know. David – I have a fire so deep inside. I want to take them down so bad! Kevin – I have been hearing that you’re having the situation.. David – only you Bay and Day know how bad I want to come back in and light that side on fire. Kevin – there are only 3 people that can’t get it. Unless this vote get wonky. I just know that it would be damn near immoral and back out on my word to keeping Nicole here when she was committed on day two to keep me here. There is a high indication that there will be a battle back.

9:10pm Bedroom. Janelle, Bay and Kaysar.
Janelle – I am not interested in being in this game just to make jury. Bay and Kaysar – neither am I. Kaysar – I am not going to just float to the jury and then just sit there. If we want to make a move .. lets make it now. If I’m not able to position myself well in the first half so that we secure our second half game… then I don’t want to be here. Janelle – if we’re not together .. then I am out! Kaysar – I agree. Bay – ya’ll are over here just stirring the whole damn house up. Kaysar – what did I do.. I’m just trying to hang out. I was trying to be friends and they tried to take me out the first week. Janelle – because they can manipulate me. Kaysar – yeah its your fault. Janelle – its my fault that I’m here in this house and so are you. Kaysar leaves.

9:35pm – 9:50pm Bedroom. Enzo and Cody.
Cody – what did she (NicoleA) say? Enzo – I just said I want you to stay.. because yo its good for our game if she stays. I was like yo I don’t know.. Everyone is scared of that safety sh*t .. just tell people that you’re not going to use it. Like I like Dave too but he might be shook. Cody – I don’t think so. Enzo – how did NicoleF find out about the alliance with Bay and Day? Cody – how do you think? Enzo – Dani. Cody – yeah. Cody – we’re in a core four.. why would Dani go and tell her that? Cody – because us three are in it and Nicole is out of it. They were saying a bunch of stuff to Dani about me. Enzo – who was? Cody – Bay. They’re f**king out of control. If I win HOH I am going to be pushing hard for Kaysars head. Enzo – We’ve got NicoleF that they can go after .. And Bay and Day. We just need someone to go after Dani for us. Whatever it takes to get to the end of the game.. I don’t give a f**K. We’re going to have to be fake as f**k to get to the end of this game.. FAKE AS F**K! Cody – its going to be hard for me. Cody – She keeps saying Janelle hates you, Janelle hates you. Janelle calls me charismatic… that’s a f**king compliment! What?! In what way does that mean she hates me?! She tries to plant it so that you stay separated. So you can’t connect. Why do you think someone does that?! Enzo – because they’re with them.. Cody – and they don’t want sh*t getting back on them.
Its too f**Kin obvious. I want Christmas to win (HOH).

10:20pm HOH room. Janelle and Memphis.
Janelle – you’re good with NicoleA, you’re not good with David. Memphis – I am not going to make the decision. The house is going to make the decision but I am trying to get a read because I need to know. Janelle – I am obviously pushing for NicoleA to stay because she wouldn’t put us up and she would be gunning for the HOH and would be after everyone on the other side. But DaVonne is having issues with voting David out because.. Memphis – well she didn’t say sh*t to me. Janelle – what did she? Memphis – she was like a steel trap. Janelle – its DaVonne’s decision ..she doesn’t want to vote David out because of.. Memphis – got it. Janelle – I didn’t leave my family for .. I am here to play a game.

Lounge room. Kaysar and David.
Kaysar – you know I’m not a stupid guy. I am trying to find away to work with you. You’ve already sided with other people who want to get me out of this house. Kaysar – I’m not HOH. I didn’t tell him who to put up. David talks about the comments Memphis has made. Kaysar – have you seen him (Memphis) a good relationship with anyone. Kaysar – how do we work together? Lets talk about it later in the week. David – its campaign week!

11:20pm – 11:40pm David and DaVonne.
David – I like Kaysar but I don’t know if I can work with him. Day – okay. David – because he’s working with Janelle and that is just bad! I don’t know what she is doing. We talked but I don’t know if we can come to the middle. I don’t know if he will vote me out. He is not my number one target if I get HOH. Day – what are you issues with Janelle. David – its just awkward conversation. It always sounds like she is trying to get something. I told Bay that I am going to try and work the guys. Cody, Enzo, Tyler and Ian. Those are the guys I’m trying to work.

12:35pm Bedroom. DaVonne and Bay.
Day – he (David) is really starting to trigger me. Bay – he is a little annoying. Day – we were talking today and I was like what are we going to talk about? Big Brother alliances ..are you going to tell me who’s in it? And he was like okay, we’ll make an agreement I’ll tell you .. if I stay I’ll tell you. And I was like whatever if you want to play that. I said Keesha left week one, if NicoleA leaves this week.. that’s two girls out the door. You’ve told me that you’re in an all guys alliance.. can you give me the security of knowing that me and Bay won’t be on that list. And he goes .. well when Kevin left it was you wanted kevin to stay. When Keesha left it was you that wanted Kevin to stay right?! And I was like yeah .. so he was like I don’t think you should be coming at me saying.. And I’m like MY GOD!!!

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Miss Impression

Has there ever been a season where the 2 nominees campaigned so hard against themselves?


It is really painful to watch!


David would probably do a better job if he could just get back into the house. I mean, the hologram effect is cool, but where did he go?


WTF! NicoleF point blank asked Cody “Why didn’t you tell me about the SLICK SIX?”
Who told her? I guess it must have been Dani. Was that on the feeds and I missed it? Dang, if it is Dani, she really is a horrible member for an alliance, she’s just ratting everyone out as soon as possible, just to “gain trust” by being the first to spill the beans. I knew the slick six should have not included her to have a chance at working.
I wonder what Cody does with that information (that NicoleF was told about Slick Six). He should tell Tyler.

another name

It doesn’t really matter who told Nicole. The blame will be cast on Bay and Da.
Does it matter?
He was already going to cut them after Kaysar anyway. Oh, I mean he was already going to tell one of his people to clip them. Da first.
Dani knows Slick Six is fake. She was in on the plan to create a fake alliance to gaslight Bay and Da who have been getting too close to how the guys are playing the game.
Dani thinks she has a secret non existent deal with Cody and Nicf and the final four with the boys. She’s at the bottom of both. I mean… she washes their sheets for God’s sake.
Dani doesn’t know she is also being faked out, because the three guys have a final three. The final three is also fake. Tyler and Cody are long game targeting each other.


Production was probably confused as to which alliances she was in and asked her about it.


These people are clueless really lol Tyler laying low is smart lol ? why so fixated on Janelle and Kaysar makes me laugh !


Just like Tony in Survivor this year, just lay low in the first part of the competition and let the big targets get each other out, in the second half you gotta start playing.

another name

As they were talking about their multiple alliances
I went down a rabbit hole for a minute.
There’s actually people (weird people) jumping on the tiny wagon of Janelle and Kaysar are the liars?
Not a big number. But seeing them was pretty weird.
Made me ask:
How big is Cauliflower’s family?
How many pr people did Franzel hire to target-direction manipulate media?
Who is the weirdo saying ” F JAYSAR!!!!!POOR NA (buncha emoji)” no really whodat? ‘cus i’m not even willing to be within 100 miles of that whackjob.


At first…. while reading the conversations…I heard twilight zone music . Now… just Circus Music @@@@@


My head honestly can’t handle the stupidity that courses through this house. All Stars? HA.

I can’t remember

not all the players took the time to read the house. I was excited to see several of the players back and in the same season. If I was a female player I would have stood right by Janelle. She is a beast. The others seem to be jealous—why? That’s just a crazy position. Why pick NicF? That girl is not even worthy of the snake except she bites. So does a wounded animal. Cody is a waste of summer air. I hope the gameplay won’t be anyone talking to my enemy is my enemy. That made the watching that season uncomfortable. Someone talked about Tyler doing Tyler. Yes he is (good). Season rife with possibility Is turning into dumb and dumber. Let em play

another name

New School viewers right now:
Janelle’s talking about walking because things aren’t going her way? waah.
Old School viewers right now:
Janelle is aiming this at production directly. She is well aware of what tricks she can pull.
Remember Season 7? Nudge nudge.
Production right now:
She’s trended off and on for 13 days in North America? She says she may walk? Call Grod. Stat.

Linguini Pants

And if Grod and production have any f*ing balls at all, they’ll include in the broadcast version the REAL version of all the Janellousy going on in the house. There’s a reason most of these younger women fear her. Show it. And show why. If production thinks just because Janelle is 40 (insert sarcasm) that fans don’t remember (and sure, the youngsters might not have seen her gameplay) they are sadly mistaken. There’s a reason she’s the Queen. She might not be playing a Queen’s game right now, try as she might, but at least show these younger viewers WHY she’s the Queen, why she should be feared, and why Nic F and Dani and Kevin and Memphis and Cody, on advice from Derrick, probably, why they all fear her and are Janellous, especially the females. She might go out early in this iteration of the game, but that doesn’t distract from her status as a great BB player.

This season’s production should do at least a ten-minute broadcast segment on WHY they all fear her, especially in this season when she’s only in an alliance of two, while the rest of them run around in fear clutching their pearls crying Janelle, Janelle, Janelle…oh, the Horror, the Horror!!! Give the Queen her due in a proper broadcast edit. Show that audience why these whiny, fearful women dislike her so.

Nic F might have actually won, but she still doesn’t hold a candle to Janelle who never needed a man shield to protect her. And Nic F benefitted from a jury that didn’t vote on gameplay but rather on emotion. And I so hate that…in every season.

Jets Jets Jets

That’s one of the best things about Survivor over BB. They are more likely to vote for the person who backstabbed you to win the game in Survivor.

The Beef

Simply a BRILLIANT post, and one I wish production would see and take to heart, but I doubt it will happen. They’re too busy “fangirling” over sweet NicoleF and will also be having pity on poor little NicoleA, so they may even go in the opposite direction and jump on the Janellousy band wagon, just to back their two favorite girls.


I cannot like this post enough! They are completely Janellous! Janelle is an amazing BB player who didn’t have to get hand jobs to make it to the end. I’ll never understand all the Nicole (either one) love. Both whine & cry all the damn time.


I don’t blame Janelle for being pissed off at being cast along side these jokers. She was expecting to play with the great players aka “All Stars” as advertised, expecting Derrick, Dan, Paul and Rachel (if she hadn’t been pregnant) etc. instead she got these fools, it’s absolutely embarrassing and I’m sure Dani is feeling the same way but she has fit herself in by outcasting Jaysar along with the rest of them for the time being but she won’t be far behind. What a joke! BB All Stars pppppfffffftttttt give me a break!

Team Janelle

Wait what happened? What did I miss?!

another name

In conversation with Bayleigh and Kaysar, Janelle inferred a few times screw this, I can just go home and spend time with my kids. I don’t need this crap.
There’s more to the story, but i’m getting the feeling this is her frustration that they are trying to save Nicole so hard, and everyone keeps saying it’s their fault she’s in the situation.
NicA told Bay and Da that Janelle told her not to go for safety.
NicA admitted to Kevin that Janelle had nothing to do with her decision, they didn’t discuss it, it was all NicA’s own thoughts.

Team Janelle

Yeah I don’t blame her. I’ve never seen so many insanely jealous people in my life, much less in one house. I can’t imagine.

another name

Cody Enzo.

Enzo thinks a Janelle HOH to knock out Nicf is a great idea.
Cody exploding head.
Enzo thinks Tyler will beast for them in the game.
Cody mushroom cloud where exploded head used to be.
Enzo wants them to take out Memphis.
Cody Black skull cartoon catches fire where mushroom cloud was after expolding head.

Keep talking Enzo.


Please give Jaysar Diamond POV, Coup de tat , America voted special power, HOH……SOMETHING dammit!


At this point I’m all in for a little production manipulation (lol) can you imagine if Kaysar & Janelle get evicted? Look who we’re stuck with. Never thought this would be possible..but things could get worse…way worse.


It was just too early to bring David back. He has PTSD and needs at least 5 more years of therapy! They really did a number on his thought process last season. So sad and painful to watch. He has NO clue!!

another name


He should have watched previous seasons of the show.

He was hanging out with the Jackholes and calling them friends after the show. In fact he, like Nicole, was in cotact with most of the participants in the toxic environment that was 21.
He participated in the Kemi situation, and blamed her for her treatment. While on the show, to Ovi. There’s a reason she doesn’t talk to him, or most of them.

As Bayleigh said before a feed cut, he was very upset by how the fanbase that embraces Da and Bay had sharp criticism of his initial statements and participation, and he wants to redeem that.

So I still think he should have researched the game instead of researching the stats.

Then again, I think NicA has said nicer things about Jackson on feeds this season than she has about Janelle.


I agree!

Feeds Gold


keesha, who was close to janelle was evicted
snotrockets aka codys minion aka bay was being a fake friend to janelle
day was being a rat against janelle and making alot of sh1t game moves
kevin was also being a rat against janelle
sh1tmas talked smack against janelle
nicole a was playing one of the worst games alltime, turning on her ally janelle
david said janelle was guilty by association after he was nominated
snakeole whined 24/7 to the point of obsession how much she hated janelle
dani regarded by janelle as a little sister talked crap about janelle 24/7
memphis didnt value one of the people most loyal to him, janelle
cody aka derricks b1tch was scared of janelle
tyler aligned with almost everyone except janelle
enzo rode a big giant banana, probably thinking about janelle
ian showed signs he may wanna work with kaysar, but only once janelle leaves
kaysar had fun hanging out with janelle, it was like old times
janelle had fun hanging out with kaysar, it was like old times

watch all the action continue right now on BIGGGGGG JANELLOUSYYYYYYY

Jets Jets Jets


Jets Jets Jets

I really do think they need to say something to Bay and Da about the reason they aren’t voting for David. If they were in an alliance I’m ok with it but that’s not the reason and the reason is going to upset a lot of people. There are times to do things like that this isn’t one of them.They have no game play reason to keep him and have admitted NA is doing a much better job of campaigning. She will be better for their game. David is lost and clueless. I’m asking Janelle for some alone time so he could do the dishes? Really?
He is not made for this game despite his “drive”.


David was the kid who thought he was a great athlete because he watched sports on tv, never made a team because he was not skilled or athletic, beat by Cliff twice, and still thinks he’ll be a threat.

How many times did they have to shoot his up close camera DR to Memphis about standing up in his face after winning the veto, due to the production crew laughing and not being able to take him seriously…

The Beef

Could not agree with you more, but I guarantee you NO ONE will say anything to either DayVonne or Bayleigh about this because it would be politically incorrect for CBS production to do so. Can you imagine the furor if they did, and either one of them then went public with “OMG, Production tried to intimidate us to vote out an African American man from the game WEEK 2!” Holy sh@t, the rioters and looters might turn their attention to the BB house next week! So no way that will ever happen. But Day’s own concern over the second woman being evicted in the first two weeks (making it 8-6 in favor of men in the house) should be reason enough for her to consider evicting David, not to mention she’s not aligned with either one of them. PLUS, I wonder if she’s given even the slightest thought as to how it would look if such an obviously WEAK player were to somehow stick around, luck up and WIN this so called all-star season? African American or not, do you really want HIM representing you as the champion of BB 22 All-Stars? If the answer to that question is yes, IMHO you don’t care about the integrity of the game at all – all you care about is skin color – period.


Yeah… No! Always voting out the black guy first is tiring and the obvious game move that’s been done time and againl I think deeper in the game Da would vote David out, however, she feels she’d be part of the status quo voting the black guy out first! David is a shitty player who would probably suffocate with the dry cleaning bag, but to be the first target 2 years in a row says more about the game than the player.

The Beef

Uh, this is week 2. Keesha, a white female, was voted out first last week. Unless you are trying to somehow make the argument that because David is a male, and therefore the first “guy”, the “first” is still significant, in which case you’ve lost me because I’ve never heard of people keeping up with the first male or female out before. David, who didn’t make it through the first week last season, and who admittedly has never even WATCHED a single season of Big Brother, not even to educate himself on how to play the game or game strategies, now finds himself on the block because he is a weak player (per Memphis’ discussions with Cody) in an ALL-STAR season of the series. I couldn’t care less if David or NicA goes, as they are both equally weak in my eyes (along with Kevin), but the discussion was mainly about voting to keep him solely because he was black. If voting to evict him because he’s black is wrong (which it clearly is), then so is voting to keep him because he is black. You can’t have it both ways. That’s the only point anyone is trying to make here.


Is it really any worse then the blondes targeting David in the first place for not being a blonde Instagram model? I don’t see anyone being upset with them about it. Not one little bit. Both David and Nic are useless, so why not follow your own person moral judgement about what the right thing to do is. At least it is a reason.


Why would these girls be jealous of Janelle when they all are younger and prettier than Janelle ?

Team Janelle

Lol! Are you blind? Smh


Because Janelle has a life and is a person of substance. She isn’t just pretty, she’s also intelligent and has a good personality. Nic and Dani got caught up in social media and have basically wasted their twenties and thirties. It’s years they will never get back. So yeah, they are jealous, just as the guys are jealous of Kaysar for being successful, smart, and the only eye candy in the house.

Dean Gulberry

I love the way Memphis is playing. He’s old school and is trying to break these coddled babies in. And it’s working. Back in his day no one would complain about his speech. People are way too sensitive these days and just need to be put in their place.


Yes! I like Memphis! Playing old school big bro showing these morons how it’s really done! Go Jaysar and Memphis!


i think nicolea is really sweet…but as a viewer i’d prefer if david stayed

Team Janelle

I think there should be a magical double eviction this week where both people on the block go home.

Miss Impression

Has someone checked on NicA’s podcast partner?He may have had several strokes by now.


He tweeted last night defending her game moves lol. Methinks he’s trying hard to save their podcast

Linguini Pants

“Cody – no we’ll find people to do that dirty work. I’ve been sprinkling stuff to Memphis so he can do it when the time is right.”

Damn, this guy actually thinks he’s Derrick 2.0! How soon until he forgets Derrick’s pregame pep talks?!?

Admittedly it might just be my bias towards his brother, Paulie, that makes me disdain Cody (how far does the fruit fall from the tree?) but the idiocy of these two brothers, mixed with their arrogance and their condescension towards others, both assuming everyone else is f’ing idiots so easily manipulated, speaks to me of their projection. Cody was THIS idiot to Derrick, and Paulie was THIS idiot to the rest of the house on his season. They both overly estimate their intelligence, their abilities, and their influence to manipulate others. Both scream, to me, classic cases of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. But hey, at least Cody doesn’t have those crazy eyeballs like Paulie! One-up there. But yeah, I might be a bit biased. Not too impressed with either of these bros’ gameplay.


Ever see Paulie on the Challenge? Apparently he is the greatest player of all time even though he gassedd out at the end of his seasons, looked like a huge jerk, and cost his team the chance to win in his last season.

I think they won’t bring him back because all he does is talk and rarely backs it up.

Small boy syndrome at its finest.


They probably won’t bring him back because of all the pointless “fights” he causes on the challenge.


I disliked Paulie on the Challenge just as much as I did on BB. One would think that after making an ass out of yourself on 1 reality show, you would at least try a little bit to redeem yourself on another. Not double-down Paulie! I wish they would stop having Josh on there too. His obsession with belief that Wes is obsessed with him is beyond ridiculous. Bay has been pretty calm so far but we know she can flip out on a dime. She certainly had her freak out moment on The Challenge, flipping out on Kaycee. I was hoping Kaycee would return for All-Stars. I know people love to hate on Paul (not Paulie) but I think things would be more lively with him playing. I would be curious to know who all the people that were asked to play that said no. Personally, I’m surprised anyone would say yes during a time like this.


I think Paulie has been hitting it a little too hard and MTV wants to distance themselves before he ODs or ends up in prison.
So far I don’t see any withdrawal symptoms from Cody, so maybe he is the smarter brother.

another name

NicA lets it out of the bag that we were all correct last season.
That rope endurance comp.
They changed the rules of the comp 1/2 way through. Without a restart.

But hey, this is during her entire Jackson diatribe. Muted her, because i was about to actually make verbal suggestions of what she could do with those opinions. When I want to talk to the feed… it’s time to mute the feed.

My view last year was SOMEbody was breaking the rules from the start, and rather than disqualify, they changed the rules making it easier. And not just in that comp but pretty much a blanket statement regarding rules for some people.

Let’s get back to the present. Where David is for some idiot reason including Kaysar in the group of guys that He is trying to work (the guys alliance with Enzo Tyler and Cody… plus Kaysar???). To Da’vonne. Who listens to Kevin, who now thinks Tyler, Cody, Kaysar and Janelle are in cahoots.
Dear Lord is Da’vonne going to start thinking Kaysar is in on this guys alliance that Kaysar told her about?

Jets Jets Jets

Do you remember what week that Comp was? I want to go back and watch it.

another name

beth’s hoh win rope comp i think week 5.

something like poison ivy? posing ivy?
the week jabberjaws and tommy got the poison ivy punishment.
sam’s eviction week i think.


Is that where he grabbed the cable when they were told at the beginning that that would be a DQ?

Golden Gate Granny

It was the “Pose In Ivy” HOH comp. It started at the end of episode 14 and continued for most of episode 15. Holly had her arm wrapped around the pulley cable with her handle cable (stabilizing it) and shocker… she cheat won that HOH.

another name

Things i am watching for this season that tell me things are about to get good.

Da’vonne to flip her hair and start making exaggerated hand gestures.
Bayleigh sitting cross legged with one leg rocking a hundred miles an hour.
Kaysar to stand up stock still less than a foot away from someone and glower at them.
Janelle to dump m&m’s into the ice cream carton and grab a spoon.

Notice: NicA blanketing does not make this list.

The most valuable members of the large alliance are NicA and Kevin. Without them, the game would look 100% different.

Jets Jets Jets

I’ve been sitting on something. This is not an accusal but an observation. It is in no way meant to indicate any personal bias issues but again merely an observation. Ok now that I’ve cleared myself of any malfeasance here is my observation: Memphis told, I believe it was Cody yesterday, that if he won the HOH after next he was going to put up Bay and Da. First David then the girls on his next HOH. I think people will be talking.

another name

People are going to talk.
Here is Memphis logic (i hate crawling in his head because most of his logic is could be or maybe not in terms of people will talk)

Memphis wants at least one old schooler on jury.
he’d prefer janelle. because they are both friends with Dan.
he assumes Kaysar is gone.
he considers Enzo a bro team guy, which is a useful tool. Most bro vote bro.
so his circle of nominees is:
kevin, ba, day,and whichever of david and nicole is there.

Everyone else is in his alliance.
who has the strongest bond?


I really hope someone can get rid of Nicole F and Cody. The one I want the most to leave thought is Enzo, YO!!


Yes. NicF needs to go ASAP.

another name

current votes as of 130 am Big Brother Time
Locked to save David: Tyler, Cody, Enzo, Dani, Nicf, Christmas
Locked to save NicA: Kevin, Janelle, Kaysar
Leaning NicA: Bayleigh
Undecided: Da’vonne (leaning save David for moral conscience?), Ian (is currently 50 50 but will add parameters to tomorrows download and give Kaysar a 100 or 0 percent rating on compatibility with core programming within the 40 hour time limit).

The house has been on a pretty big not ordered or discussed but pretty much agreed upon semi shun order today. Gee, wonder who they are shunning. Who could it be??? (hint it’s a pair). One of them cooked everyone dinner and nobody died…

David and Kaysar talked earlier. It was an odd discussion.
Janelle and Memphis chatted, she again pushed for NicA’s safety, and her own safety by asking if he was going to save her with the safety suite (oh she DID) he just laughed (her thought baloon, oh no he didn’t). She later borrowed his shower. Oh. That’ll be a thing.

NicA threw a major tantrum hissy at Janelle and Kaysar just after Kaysar had gone to bat pretty hard with Ian to try to secure his vote.
They don’t care about her. She’s expendable. It’s their fault she’s even on the block.

d/r needs to call her in so somebody can sing soft kitty.

Bay and Kevin had to explain to Janelle and Kaysar just how pissed NicA has been at them. To them it was shocking because of how hard they have been working to save her.
I actually think it truly confused them.
Janelle again tries to convince Da to save Nicole. They discuss NicF. Da says NicF doesn’t hate Janelle. Janelle begs to differ. Amazing Race Story. Da says well miss nicole never told me this, this is the missing piece.
Davonne concludes Janelle is lying. about Christmas’ vote (not lying, snowed). about NicA and safety suite.
I don’t know, it’s getting confusing. I don’t remember if NicA asked Janelle about safety suite to say if she’s lying….

I know that Kaysar and Janelle and NicA discussed a final 3 but joked they had to make it through this week first (before noms) and bringing people into an alliance (Da, Bay and Xmas being included) the night before safety suite, then the next day NicA went fukakta in the head again.

Janelle and Kaysar STILL think that Christmas is with them. No, Kaysar. Bad Kaysar.
Da’vonne and Kevin are talking Logic and Strategy. Da’vonne wanting to save NicA and Kevin wanting to let her go now… help.
Da’vonne believes she controls Christmas’ vote. No Da’vonne. Bad Da’vonne. Thinks she can get Dani’s vote. No Da’vonne. Bad Da’vonne.
Stop “helping” Kevin.
oh mother.
I don’t care. Just BBCAN8 the lot of them. oi. flippity vey.

Today’s thought before sleep because i’m not in BBT zone and it’s really late:
Bay says old school doesn’t take feelings into account and doesn’t fact check.
Janelle says i tell my alliance everything and don’t do this side alliance crap so my word is my word. You’re either all in or all out.
Now. Just to be clear. Successful alliances have never relied on fact checking each other. Old School or New School.
Most recent successful alliance was Level 6. Were they fact checking each other? NO. In fact, when a member fact checked: she was evicted and sat on a couch saying “What’s wrong with Angela?” everything was about team and mission.
Were Foutte fact checking each other? yes, constantly and 1+1 always equaled Squirrell or sweet wounded babybird. everything was about feelings and entitlement.


Remember, most new schoolers are millenials who believe that they created the world they walked into (just the good stuff, though).
Millenials created the iPhone, YouTube, Internet, etc. They think they are the hardest working generation living in the toughest of times.

To them, everyone else is stuck up, self centered, the problem, lazy, dumb, etc.

They forget that everyone before them built everything they have while they just use and spend it. Once it runs out, it someone else’s fault for not making them more.

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How did Janelle and Kaysar become public enemy 1?
Enzo and Cody admitted they were projecting everything on to them. days ago.
They admitted they are putting everything negative on to them, and hyping them up to be the target of the house.
Why did it work so well?
Another kind of projection.
Nicf first week: multiple sigh victim noises All of them are fangirling over them so hard.
Nicf tonight: She walked in wanting everyone to fangirl all over her, and when they didn’t she got mad.
I think she’s projecting her feelings week one on to Janelle.

There’s a reason their names are on everyone’s lips. Cult of personality type reasons. Projection of groupthink shaping the attitude of the house.

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Kevin believes Memphis is with the other side.
Da’vonne says that explains why Cody is in the hoh with him while everyone is outside.
To be fair Kevin jumped to this one after Da’vonne saying it’s odd Memphis pissed everyone off…and he’s not the target.

If you float ten million conspiracies you are bound to get one right. but change your mind and come up with a new one.

Da’vonne to camera
David does nothing for my game. He can go.
Janelle gotta go, because she’s getting to tight with Bayleigh
(three girls can’t work together syndrome, one reason all woman alliances have failed consistently).
Da’vonne thinks she is going to get the votes for NicA. Or not because she’s pushing for NicA to do the house meeting.

this whole moral objection stuff is bull to build a cover with her alliance in case she does vote out David.
she considers NicA to be an expendable pawn. She wants to wade through the nutso to use Kevin as her spy.
she has the same objective as the large alliance (Janelle) but for different reasons (Bayleigh).

turn on feeds to Nicf inferring to Dani that d/r keeps trying to get her to explain why she has a problem with Janelle. “Can’t they SEE what she has been doing to ME.”
oh. I havent’ had enough coffee for this shit.

Team Janelle

Wow. All I know is if Janelle or Kaysar don’t get some sort of power this week it’s going to be horrible next week

My 2 cents

Kevin’s head exploded last night when Da told him that she didn’t think Memphis was working with Janelle and Kaysar. After explaining her reasoning, i think Kevin believed her. He said I’ve been the one telling everyone they were working with Memphis and in a big alliance! He was visibly shook.

Da also picked up that NicA was in deeper with J and K then she let on because her reaction at being nominated was one of being betrayed. When Da asked Janelle if she had told Nic to play in safety suite, Janelle said yes. But Da said that doesn’t add up. Why would Nic be mad at you if you had told her to play? She said you told her she was safe. Janelle had no answer and soon after walked away. I thought she was lying, too, based on that but don’t remember what really transpired either.

Da found out from Kevin that David told NicA he had Da’s vote (prior to Da telling NicA) . So she’s thinking of telling Bay to vote David out since he tried to blow up her game. It’s taken awhile, but I think Da’s really starting to figure out what’s going on in the house.

another name

NicA told Kevin it was her own decision today.

BBAS2 baby

manifest jaysar hoh tomorrow night

Golden Gate Granny

Ohhhmmm! Go Kaynelle!

Golden Gate Granny

“Expect the Unexpected” indeed. This season, like this year, is one for the record books in the worst possible way.

This isn’t a “game” anymore, it’s a smack upside the head look in to what most American families are like in 2020 America. Narcissism, gaslighting, grudges, flying monkeys, scapegoating and ghosting of the truly helpful, empathetic and wise.

We have only had ONE eviction so far and it already feels like we do towards the end – ridiculously exhausted by babies, bullies, bigots, misogynists, mental patient level fools and already just ready for it to be over.

I was so excited to have my summer “escape” get pulled together and actually be able to proceed, (unlike most other summer fun escapes… sports, movies, concerts, trips, etc), but noooo… Not. Like. THIS.

This is the hottest mess of a “reality” production ever. And, I am a “superfan” of this game since the first airing. This season actually makes the last several seem sane. *puke*

***I hope Nic F. has to shave her head and go on slop all summer to save her ass in this game at some (very soon) point. She’s a real peach alright. Stay away from her Ian.

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Okay. had coffee.
Let’s try this again.

Dani and Nicf still talking with Enzo sitting right there. just listening. like Dani wasn’t talking to him ten minutes ago. They’ve forgotten he’s even there. With Tyler sleeping (does Tyler actually sleep though?) right there.

Janelle bitch moan.
why do they give her good edits? why don’t i get her edits?
she’s only saying they’re misfits and outcasts because america loves misfits.
Janelle’s trying to prey on NicA because she’s such a misfit.
Janelle just there for instagram followers…
Janelle walked in thinking she’d be everyone’s queen. ( but you’re the queen, no you are, no you. barf.)
oh saints help us.

Oh they’re on Da now. they’re not feeling her. Can’t win a comp “throwing” gaming too hard, going to have to go soon.
Now the Ian situation. Dani suggests a fake alliance, with xmas nicf ian cody and dani.
enzo is still sitting right there. Nicf mentions Tyler, and they say Tyler isn’t a member of their real alliance. Tyler is sleeping right there.

Enzo has gone to sleep. Cody has woken up I was ignoring he was there.
Nicf tells Cody Da brought up a men’s alliance.
Maybe they should keep the girl this week.
Nicf doesn’t want the vote to flip ( I think she means split )
(she’s trying to gather NicA as her personal valet? Thinks she’s popular with fans and wants instafollowers by proxy? not sure I know why or what this whiny prattle is about she doesn’t want the vote split because if it doesn’t split nobody will realize the house has been 2 sides for 2 weeks? I dunno i’m trying to crawl through the extra petty flavor cotton candy that is Nicole’s thought process.) Or are they saying Da might try flipping the vote? I think she’s pinning on Da there.

I’m. Confused.
Cody makes… noises… i’m sure they’re words. I just don’t GAF at the moment.
won’t start ranting.
won’t go for Da.
blah blah bah baaaaah baaaaa (his mouthnoise is goat language to me right now).

Tyler has been rustling. “wakes” up. ooo-kay. Betting he’s been awake a LOT longer.
He’s heard Nicf say David is still telling everyone he’d target Memphis.
Cauliflower noises about Tyler has nobody and everybody is targeting Cody and Tyler and it’s not right. EVVVERYBODY would be… 2 people.

Gee can’t wait until NicA and Kevin wake up (somebody warm up the clown car).
oh. NicA is up and Danichatting.
Da is up too. looking a little rough like somebody that has been conspiring with the cams until god knows what time this morning.

hmmm. better check if i accidentally made decaf. wandering off for a while.

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My read on feeds when i’m first waking up isn’t always great because i am not prepared for whisper and need to ease myself in on some of the houseguests that are annoying me.
This is a disclaimer. in case my quick notes version of long conversations sounds a bit weird.

Miss Impression

This is the greatest recap ever!


Really hoping Kaysar or Janelle can win HOH on Thursday, if for no other reason then to shake up the entire house. Can you imagine the scrambling and how fast all of these false alliances will start to crumble. It would truly be the most entertaining television.


will they block the house meeting from the feeds? did they show the house meeting on bb20 on the feeds?


why are there puppies on a Wednesday?

another name

hoh comp practice if there is any technical equipment practice required?

another name

Went back to compare NicA’s retell of why she got upset
to what actually was said. Her retells have varied.

What happened at the hammock.
Kaysar was talking about how he has to try to get Ian or Nicole will go home.
Nicole says she shouldn’t be on the block in the first place
Janelle says well Memphis is a wild card, we didn’t know that.
Nicole says i’m just expendable
Kaysar says no nicole you’re not.
Nicole walks away saying it is what it is. Kaysar calls after her.

What Nicole retold to Bay Da and Kevin
and I say I shouldn’t be on the block and they say it is what it is.
when asked if that’s what they said
she looked at me and said haughty sigh can’t help that now.
Kevin Bay and Da are shocked and mad at J/K insensitivity.

So what is it about Nicoles and Pity parties on Big Brother?
I say this because I wasn’t sure if NicA was lying.
She was.

This fact check was due to Nicole’s retell to Christmas and Bay getting the “truth” about how Christmas name became an option.
Nicole left out the part of Janelle saying to Nicole “Dani said”
She has been doing that A LOT. She picks parts of conversations, puts her own statements into other people’s mouths, leaves out context. She’s telling a version of the truth but not telling the truth.
I’m just trying to figure out if she is intentionally saying this or she’s just so stuck on her victim schtick that she can’t help herself.

She knows she’s screwing over J/K. She said that. Before talking to Bay and Christmas. So she’s aware.

Vicki Cross

I know its week 2 but come on people. This house is so BORING. We need some other twist to the game and let America Vote. Maybe that will help this season out. We need America to get involved. Were in quarantine, let us in on some action.


NicoleA can’t go soon enough. She is embarassing herself and is going to severely regret coming back on this show. She seems like a nice girl but has absolutely no business being on this show. Let’s not forget last year she did everything Cliff told her to do. It’s not like she was making big moves last year. She’ll need to delete her social media accounts once she get out due to her betrayal of Janelle.


David thinks he is still in Camp Comeback. No clue how to play the game.