“I’ve been going person to person saying they’re [J/K] my targets and they’re my only two votes”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

9:42 am Dani and Enzo (hard to hear Dani)
Dani saying that Janelle isn’t after him she’s after the “Four of us” (nicF, Dani, Cody, Tyler)
Dani goes on about if they win the safety suite they have to use it on those four “If we can get the veto then one of us is safe then only one of us is on the block”

Dani – If Janelle and Kaysar don’t get it (HOH) we want you to get it (Safety suite) so that Memphis doesn’t

9:43 pm Dani and NicF with Enzo in the room
Dani going on about how Janelle told NicA the only way she’ knows how to play the game is if the sides are clearly drawn in the house
Dani – that’s why she wants to split the house.
Dani – her and Kaysar were telling NIcA they’re are the misfits and we’re all the popular people and they are on the outskirts.. are you freaking killing me

NicF – so America likes the misfits is that what she’s trying to do
Dani – you know who NicoleA feels.. I can’t believe it
Dani – Ian tame in here and said Janelle did this exact same thing on season 14

Enzo listens to all of this.

Dani – Ian is voting our NicA
Dani – they think they have Christmas they do not
Dani – it’ll be Janelle, Kaysar, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and Kevin. That’s it
Dani – that is still a split vote.. they don’t even have Kevin he just likes her more.
Dani – Da’Vonne is shady as hell man

NicF brings up Da coming to her “Don’t say anything Nicole.. there’s a guys alliance”

Dani says Da’Vonne is pissing her off. “She’s stirring up everything”
Dani – she’s playing everyone
NicF – she doesn’t want to win HOH.. don’t say anything
Dani – she’s got to go soon.. she’s so stupid
They talk about being good friends outside and how they deflect hat from Da’Vonne.
NicF – I said I was way closer to Janelle I invited her to my wedding
They bring up that Janelle told NicA to not bother campaigning to Dani, Cody, and Tyler
NicF – the bad people are, You, me, Cody and Tyler (pretty much sans Tyler)
Dani – she’s so stupid man

Dani – Ian doesn’t like the game she’s (Janelle) is playing.. what do we do I don’t want him to be a floater.
Dani mentions Ian telling her the brigade needed Britney he offered to be the Britney

NicF says Ian trusts Christmas because she saved him, “ever since she saved him they’re pretty close”
Dani – how much do you trust Christmas
NicF – she tells me everything
Dani – there are so many alliances
NicF – she tells people she’s going to get caught
Dani – what does she say
NicF explains that Christmas tells everyone that Janelle and Kaysar tell her things
Dani suggests NICF tells Christmas to watch out
NicF – I tried to give her advice she didn’t take it well
Dani – Da thinks Cody is closer to you.
Dani wants Cody to give information to Bayleigh about NicF so that it makes it back to Janelle

NicF asks if Bayleigh wins HOH who would she put up
Dani – Kasyar and Memphis
Dani explains that Bayleigh was attached to Janelle before she was close to their fake alliance.
Dani says Bayleigh and Da thnk NicF and Cody are tight
Dani is worried Memphis would use the safety suite on Kasyar or Janelle
Dani says she’ll use a safety suite on NicF and her excuse will be “NicF the only name I hear out of your mouth. Janelle is you’re talking crap for no reason”
NicF says they need to win the safety suite and Cody/Tyler need to win the veto
NicF brings up Janelle making up a lie trying to put a wedge between her and Ian.

Dani – why don’t you and me talk to Ian today just us two and we’ll pitch to him an alliance saying we need to be tight blah blah.. who else do we add we need two more people and see the names he throws out.. what if he doesn’t throw any out though
NicF – he will.. he likes doing that
They smile about putting Janelle on slop, “Oh my god she’s going to be so mad”
Dani – she’s miserable.. why did she come back I don’t understand
NicF – she thought she was going to be queen bee
DAni – do you think she came back to get Instagram followers.. it’s so weird. that’s the last thing on my mind
they laugh

Dani says Janelle always gets a good edit
NicF – NicA is going right?
Dani – I hope so unless someone is flipping

NicF says David’s story now is he’s going after Janelle and Kaysar
Dani – why would he go after them
NicF – David was telling everyone that Memphis was his target it got back to Christmas
NicF says Christmas tries to micromanage David’s nominations
Dani – she thinks she’s close to him

NicF says David is putting up two of those three (Memphis, Janelle, and Kaysar)
NicF – We cannot flip
Dani – I will never are you kidding me

10:18 am Cody joins them
They fill him in on the plan to pull Ian into another alliance with them because Ian thinks there is a four-person alliance. Dani wants this new fake alliance to be NicF, Dani, Cody, and Ian.
Dani – Ian likes you and me
Dani – even if they did flip the vote. Da, Bayleigh, Janelle, Kasyar and Memphis
Cody – they don’t have it ..
NicF and Dani are certain Christmas won’t flip “She’s so freaking loyal”
They fill Cody in on Da going around saying there’s a guys alliance.
Cody about Da – She’s going to play herself out.. Again

Tyler joins them Cody leaves.
They fill Tyler in on Da saying there’s a guys alliance and how Da is trying to keep the girls safe.
Dani – she might be trying to flip the vote
Dani says Da went from being her BFF to hardly talking to her
Tyler leaves..

Cody is back with them now brings up talking to Da the other day.
Cody – I’m not sending David home and Da’Vonne is not saying a word
Cody – I don’t understand what Da is doing here.. I can’t be the one that convinces her.. I can’t be the one that says keep David because she’ll suspect a guys alliance
Cody- Da’Vonne is freaking out because of my personality to be friendly to everybody

Dani – she thinks you’re doing what she’s doing.. Every single thing she is accusing other people of, she is doing.
Cody- 100%
Dani – it’s so transparent
NicF warns them they have to watch out what they say about Da’Vonne because if it gets back to her they’ll be in trouble
Cody – we have the numbers because we have Christmas
Dani going on about Janelle only knowing how to play with a split house.

10:47 am Da’Vonne tells NicF it’s going down tonight
NicF – so wear something cute
Da – mmmhmmm

10:55 am Bayleigh and Christmas (this is a long conversation there’s a bit missed )
Bay – last night NicA was so upset it made me so sad.
Bayleigh goes on about NicA being up set that Janelle is ordering her around and Janelle told her not to play in the safety Suite
Christmas – she (NicA) told me she (Janelle) gave NicA certainty and NicA was under the assumption that they had an in with Memphis
Christmas adds that NicA then had a conversation with the HOH memphis that told her she needs to play.
Bayleigh – she trusted her judgment over her own
Bayleigh – word on the street from multiple sources there’s a all-boys thing.. major four.
Bayleigh – including David
Christmas says “I’m going to guess” David but Ian and Kasyar aren’t in it
Bayleigh after this week 2 girls are going ot be gone.. “I don’t know if this is a big deal or not”
Christmas brings up that NicA is smart and she’s played this game before (You all have)
Bayleigh – Did Janelle ever tell you what Dani said about you
Bayleigh says three days ago, that he should go for David and Christmas.
Christmas says this was confirmed by both Dani and Janelle.
Christmas – they did connect and Dani did offer her safety and Janelle denied it.
Christmas heard her name was circulating as an option not by Memphis but “the other side”
Bayleigh – the other side was Dani and they tried to merge with Janelle and Kaysar
Christmas – why would Janelle say no to that
Bayleigh – she told me they didn’t include me and didn’t include Da’Vonne.

Memphis up now.. loving the morning

11:20 am Kevin and NicA
NicA – I was thinking about everything last night then again this morning
Nic – you know how I am
NiCA explain that last season she has Cliff and this season it’s Kevin “Meaning what you say and Final 2 actually means something.. You stick by me and advocate for me”
NicA – if I go out tomorrow you are the one person that’s my friend for life
NicA – I have to talk to Da’Vonne like really talk to her because that’s something I’m really struggling with I git it I do. I am right there standing shoulder to shoulder. However when I make a final 3 It means something. It’s week two and you’re already throwing the alliance out

NicA – everything else aside this is a game and she’s not playing that way and it’s very unfortunate if her and David had a final 2 they made prior to us making a final 3 that’s fine
Kevin says he talked to Da and Da doesn’t think NicA is feeling this way.
NicA – my game is hanging by a threat the two people I thought I had locked into the end.. one of them is like you know ..
NicA – I am expendable to Da’Vonne.. final 3 is the final 3 and I’m in the DR saying that’s my final 3 it’s embarrassing

NicA says she has to watch what she says with da’Vonen because if she says the wrong thing she’ll be “Hung out to dry on social media” (Da’Vonne’s cause for an African American to win this season and/or that she doesn’t want to two African American women to vote out the one African American man this season)

Kevin says he’ll bring up the “cause aspect”
Kevin – as a person of colour. In my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s right and I’m a person of Colour
Kevin – there is such a thing as reverse discrimination you know what I’m saying you can’t keep someone purely on colour
NicA – if you evict someone based on colour that’s not right and if you keep somebody solely because they’re black that’s not right either
Kevin agrees “it will eb a f**ed up a conversation if you bring it up ”
NiCA – I think I should count her out.. if I spend all day trying to get her vote and lose everybody else
Nic says she needs to focus on Enzo, Ian and Nicf’s votes
NicA says Janelle pissed her off when she said “It is what it is” after nominations
Kevin – did Janelle tell you not to play in the safety suite
NicA – no, I did it to myself
NicA – have Janelle and Kaysar been 100% on my side this entire time and I’m just twisting it because Memphis put me up. Maybe Memphis did go, rogue, Mayeb they have been advocating for me and Memphis said NO
NicA – I feel so bad I’ve been going person to person saying they’re my targets and they’re my only two votes.
Kevin – I was thinking about that two last night
NicA – I deserve to walk out tomorrow. I had three for certain votes and two of them if that gets out . that’s it.
NicA she’ll be down with just Kevin so don’t bother.
NiCA – I have you, Bayleihg, HJanelle and Kasyar
Kevin – Christmas da’vonne
NicA – I don’t have Christmas and DA’vonne

Dani walks in Kevin leaves ..
Dani tells him that Memphis will break a tie in her favour
NicA asks if there is anything she can do to get a concrete yes from Dani
Dani – it’s so hard man it would be different for me if she wasn’t spewing out my name all over the house (Janelle)
Dani – she came to me and said she wants to work with me..
nicA – she’s a liar (Janelle)
Kevin comes back
Nica – you’re not voting for me because I’m associated with her.. it’s catch a 22 I’m stuck there’s no moves.
Dani says NicA is in the worst position ever because of Janelle
NicA – Janelle doesn’t want me to stay she wants to split the house (and we’re back to the brain worms)

NicA – she just wants to split the votes, David stays I stay she doesn’t care. she wants 7-5 or 6-6

11:46 am Da’Vonne and Kevin
Kevin asks her to help him understand her cause
Da’Vonne – throughout this game, there’s a cast and there’s usually only one or two tath look like me
Da’Vonne – 21 seasons no one that looks like me has one this game.. because we don’t have the chances as everyone else. The odds are not in our favour.
Da’Vonne – when we come into this game we have to come into this game with a completely added layer.
she adds everyone else comes into the game just worrying about playing.
Da’Vonne – we have to come into this game with the mindset.. one I’m a black person playing this game 2 a fish outta water playing this game and 3 not having anybody I can relate to and 4 somebody that’s playing big brother.. there’s players when you look like me
Da’Vonne – whens the last time you’ve seen an African American man in the jury house of BigBrother
Da’Vonne – it’s outta control
Kevin – they count me as African American.
Da’Vonne says her morales are saying keep David her game is saying evict him.
Da’Vonne – I know keeping him in this house is terrible in this game I did pros and cons he has no pros when it comes to my game.
Da’Vonne starts to cry
Kevin says he’s 1/2 black so he doesn’t have the total black experience
Da’Vonne crying saying that “Our black men are being targeted they’re done so wrong our black women too I just want to protect them”
Kevin understands.
Da’Vonne – NicA is really good for my game. I would hate to go against my morales.

Kevin – between me and you I think David is better for our game because that is a target. I’m only voting for Nic on a personal level.
Kevin – you, me and NicA you’re my ride or die you’re getting my vote. Gamewise DAvid will look out for us.. you don’t get that vibe
Da’Vonne – I don’t talk to that man
They talk about NicA calling a house meeting. Kevin says NicA is getting advice from others to not do it
Da’Vonne- who
Kevin – Dani

1:00 pm Feeds are on Pound animals while the houseguests practice for a competition. It’s a crapshoot.

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Baleigh's Snorts

Simon, I believe that David’s a nice guy & I do want him to have a part in Big Brother, just not in the playing part of it . If they could somehow just switch his status from cast member to crew member & let him be the one who sets up and sterilizes equipment used in the competitions to make sure they are covid-free. This way he can spare himself further shame & stress & I think this will give him the peace & redemption he’s been looking for….not to mention it’ll give us relief too.

Dont vote him out, let him leave with dignity. The next time he goes into the diary room they can say “that’s it buddy, its over. Don’t worry about talking to the camera. There are some cleaning supplies at the door as you exit. Get familiar with them and wait for the backyard to close so you can go crazy .”

Since NicoleA will be the only one left on the block, she’s evicted with no votes & she can leave with her head held high since this has never happened before, she’s in a class of her own.

In other words, we the viewers get a DOUBLE EVICTION


You can’t be serious….


Soooooo… you’re saying that they should get David to quit the show but stay on as the cleaning guy????? That might not go over as well as you make it sound :0 WOW these brain worms are attacking everywhere!!!

Kid Rock

To much “feelings stuff” for me this year.



Brain G

Point blank there haven’t been any black people on the show that were any good at the game besides Danielle Reyes.I mean Day is the best they can find that speaks volumes. That is why no Black people have won. Day is being ridiculous. I can only imagine if a white person refused vote a white person of against a black person simply because he’s white. He’d be shunned. It’s got a bit ridiculous. If they want a black to do well on big brother they should give some besides day a chance


The title says it all: “they’re [J/K] my targets and they’re my only two votes”

All Stars???

You chose well.


Shouldn’t be a shock how terrible NicA is at this game. Her and Cliff taking Holly and Jackson to the final 4 thinking that Jackson would seriously take her and Cliff to the final 3 over Holly was one of the worst moves in BB history. Even if Cliff was the one pushing for it more.


Its not as if they had any choice. If it wasnt for Holly/Jackson, Tommy would have won the game – and given all advantages he had it would have been terrible.


God… if Janelle or Kaysar don’t win the next don’t win this next HOH this season is just gonna tank itself. I think at this point even if Bay, whose probably the closest to either of them, won HOH it still wouldn’t work out well In their favor. Hell, Nicole F and Dani were so happy discussing putting Janelle on slop and making her miserable next week and it’s disgusting that that’s the majority mindset in the house.


Especially when these are supposed to be all-stars and done with those petty games…


I have to give Nicole credit for ine thing. She is working at it. She makes such a great case to Day but Day just doesn’t want to win. She wants to make a statement and sacrifice her game. Other than that It’s embarrassing how wrong Nic’s read is on everything.


I hope that idiot Nicole A calls a house meeting, we need the excitement and I want to watch her get shredded and spend her final hours in the house crying the whole time knowing that she made a huge mistake and is one of the most terrible players to ever play the game of Big Brother.

Baleigh's Snorts


All Stars???

Heartless, but yeah. She’s gonna find out she’s one of the worst sooner or later… we may as well get some amusement out of it.


Yeah, pretty rude of me to say it like that to be honest. I just really dislike both the Nicole’s and every minute I read about what they say it makes it worse lol.

Jan Nan

I know it’s mean of me, but NicA is playing awful I mean AWFUL. How can you have a podcast about a game you been on twice and still haven’t a clue how to play. She don’t deserve to be called an All Star, but to be fair most of them don’t qualify.


Look Day, I get it. There are more white players than black players every year, but that could be the same thing said for Asian or Hispanic. You need to realize you are on BB to win $1 million. You can spend 3 hours a day talking exclusively to the camera’s about racial injustice if you choose, but this sorry excuse “I can’t vote him out cuz we share the same skin color” is reverse racism. Another thing that the producers need to tell Day and David is black players have made jury… Ignorance isnt bliss, especially when your facts are wrong.

I want to emphasize I understand her desire to use her platform and agree with it, but this is a game. Play the f.cking game.


— Mean DaniD is back and woof ! Really… just WOOF! The cattiness of DaniD and Nicole is despicable and if you don’t see it yet you will soon if they get power Thursday.

NicA is just dumber than a box of rocks this season. I didn’t watch her last year to compare, but man she is clueless — at some point when Janelle is actively campaigning for you and EVERYONE else is talking mad sh!t about Janelle you would think to pick up that EVERYBODY else is lying right ? People are coming up to you saying “we heard Janelle told you not to play in the SS”……

EARTH TO NICA == you know the truth. you know it was Memphis but EVERYBODY is saying Janelle … maybe just maybe they are covering for Memphis?

Cody’s arrogance is coming out more and more. YAY 🙁

Kaysar please win HOH you beautiful bastard

Kaysars grey joggers

YES Kaysar please do!!!!


If Day doesn’t keep him it’ll only make her the next target once they get done using her for whatever she has . Memphis (the guy with the confederate hat) already said he will put Bay and Day on the block week 4 and let them fight it out if he wins. You can’t be mad at Day for seeing color when these other houseguests definitely do. If you don’t think black players are already at a disadvantage at first glare from SOMEBODY when stepping into the house you need to wake up. Thought BB15 taught us that.

However I blame production cause David was not a good representation at all. Dude never watched a season of BB? Why are you here fr. Really a shame I hope they can pull it together


I have no desire to engage in a racial conversation, I just want to talk the game of BB. Human beings see color and it sucks, but I haven’t seen anybody this season outright targeting a black player because they are black (totally possible you are right about Memphis, but I dont want to touch the grenade).

What I can be mad about is Day is on record saying David doesn’t help her game but she can’t vote him out because he is of the same race. If you are a fan of this game I’d think that comment would irritate you like it does me.

Just my 2 cents.


It doesn’t irritate me at all. People have found the strangest reasons to keep or vote out sb. There are no rules, its totally ok if davonne wants to keep david for that reason. There was blatant racism in season 15 for example. Of course nobody would say out loud that they are targeting sb. because of their color, they pretend it is for other reasons…


Agree 100% using BB to make a statement that somehow race/skin color has been used on who wins BB. I had read a while back that very few blacks try out for the show. No idea if that’s true. I would hope that those who play and respect the game vote on how someone’s strategy was superior not on their race or gender or religious beliefs . That said, I’m not certain (other than J&K) any of these players know what the hell they are doing. I hope shit hits the fan and the liars spilling ridiculous BS get exposed. Nicole A is totally clueless & useless. David is just a complete idiot IMO. Let’s hope a bomb explodes and wakes these players up. Please..for cryin out loud!


AMEN!!! Totally nailed it!


Dani ans NicF have always been catty I remember from both of their seasons . nasty bitches.


I was just checking those out this morning and looked at the grid, I was like wow, look at her shift, quite amazing.

another name



NicA and David have both proven this week that they are not BB Allstar material. Kevin, too. The three of them are insufferable.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Sadly,NicA has misunderstood the concept of,”Hitch your wagon to a star”. She has instead,misread so many clues that she now has hitched her wagon to Kevin.Well.this wagon has no wheels and no steering.I am sure that she has a good heart, but she is completely out of her element and it would be merciful to have her exit.Next up should be David,nice guy, but clueless.

Kaysars grey joggers

Kaysar for the win!!!

Kaysars grey joggers

Simon, just wondering if maybe you could set up a ZOOM meeting for Saturday where people who comment here could discuss the game in person. It’d be a great way to pass the time while we’re awaiting the veto results since we’re stuck inside. I’d love to discuss the game with you and some of the regular commenters on here who have interesting perspectives such as Nurk , EricCa, Chilltown etc. If that’s possible you could leave a time and link & and pass code so we’d know when to join.


I’m down! I was thinking about asking Simon for a live chat on the site, but your idea is fantastic as well!

Kaysars grey joggers

Nice bud. Hopefully others will be interested & Simon could make it happen! Hope to see you Saturday.


I just started commenting for the first time this afternoon but have been a BB fan since Season 1…even loved watching the BBUK seasons too…hahaha! I think your idea would be so much fun…and BTW, your name is too funny! =D

Kaysars grey joggers

Thanks for responding & all you do.

Step 1242

I always thought NicoleA wasn’t an All Star. Last year she was such a non threat and won nothing because there were better players in those especially competition wise which made them bigger targets. If the six shooters did implode because of Jack and Krustie.
NicoleA and cliff for his second eviction would have been gone long before they did in the final 4. I mean even in one of Nicole‘s two HOH wins Cliff left for the second time. She didn’t really do anything noteworthy to show herself as being a game changing player.

At least NicoleF deserves to be there.
Snake or not if that’s how you feel about her she at least owned up to her moves in a goodbye messages and jury questions unlike Paul. Paul never owned up to his backdooring of Davonne at least NicoleF admitted to Davonne being a threat to her game.
And you have to remember players due respect that if you can at least on up to that and admit that you are a threat and that’s a reason why I had to get out if you continue to play dumb and act like you didn’t know what happened a.k.a. Paul on Davonnes back door. People start to question your gameplay because one your overlying and not owning to your game moves they are gone it is your opportunity to admit your intentions on why you did things in the house. And two if you act like you didn’t know what happened then maybe you don’t deserve the credit for it. Ultimate gamers do have a tendency to respect players who own up to their moves and especially if they can admit to that specific person that you were my target because I didn’t see myself getting further as long as you were in the game it’s a simple as that. And unfortunately Paul didn’t do that. And I think since he’s played the game it has become well established that you need to use the power of a goodbye message or at least on up to your moves in jury questioning or have some sort of apologetic tone for your actions.

To NicoleF benefit it costed Paul he couldn’t own to it his moves or his name calling at times abrasive social game. It was a mistake for Paul not to take James when James had only one competition win all summer.
Duction keeping her off the block argument doesn’t matter it happens every season they even did it in season 14 when they were rigging it for boogie and Frank to stay in clearly ruining Shane’s first election by canceling his back door move of Frank and then when he won HOH a second time Shane production clearly told him not to target them Duction keeping her off the block argument doesn’t matter it happens every season they even did it in season 14 when they were rigging it for boogie and Frank to stay in clearly ruining Shane‘s first addiction by canceling his back door move of Frank and then when he won HOH a second time Shane production clearly told him not to target them Boogie and Frank in yet Shane did anyway and put both of those guys up inspite of production interference.
So Natalie or at any other point if those houseguest Paul or Victor wanted to I could’ve taken out NicoleF because it is there game to lose. Boyone is stopping from pulling the trigger on somebody!!
Michelle could’ve put up Nicole twice in her HOH instead she put up Paul and Corey.

NicoleF had an ability to stay out of the line of Fire even when she still is a well known target! And on a game level
She was able to stay off the block for over the 1st 90days in Big Brother 18.
Why in the hell would you think me as Paul taking NicoleF final 2 is good idea considering I was on the Block six times and had the benefit of my closest ally Sheild Victor being evicted three times and NicoleF lost her number one ally for the first time in final 4 why in the hell would you not take James who only had one competition win and did all season long!!! James was completely checked out in Big Brother 18 and NicoleF Had the ability to stay out of the line of fire when she was being called out and still made moves and took out people who were gunning for her (NicoleF)
And regardless of whether or not Jenelle or Nicole F go down first at least they both have been going at it from the beginning. It’s not nearly as weak as NicoleA using their votes and then just campaigning how your after them!
At least NicoleF has taken stands on who she is clearly targeting and owned up to it!!!!

The longer NicoleF is able to stay it just further adds to why she was more deserving of another chance…
Especially over NicoleA
As much as NicoleF whines look NicoleA as your primary she whines constantly in yet she has no ability to gather bodies to makes moves or do anything remotely threatening to turn the house around!!!!
At least NicoleF is a well know target !!! And she (NicoleF) makes moves to get out her well established targets. At times she NicoleF uses her emotions to her advantage to in order to get ahead!!! Snake or not the longer she stays she becomes that more dangerous. Because people feel empathy for players who have a tendency to get emotional symptathy!!!
And whether you like it or not it’s good strategy especially if can keep people in your corner. It’s great strategy. Whether you wine or not if you can manipulate people to keep in your corner and to use that emotional ability to convince people to do things that you want and stay on your side that’s part of playing the game whether anybody on this chat board likes it or not.

What’s dangerous is that NicoleF is using that to her advantage and has established like last season that she has a large majority to be with her which is completely overwhelming for the house on a game level. Whether or not people don’t like her she is a dangerous person in the house because she gathers numbers and she has the sensitive part on her side so people are more likely to feed in what she’s doing because people to empathize with her and think she believeable because she opens up about Information and it leads people to trusting her because she has that emotional factor on her side and it’s pretty scary when you take that into consideration.

If people continue to be in NicoleF corner she could really have a chance to get to the end.
And if she is able to do that last that long you have to recognize that she is really that strong of player. As unpopular as it may be the longer Nicole F stays the further she is proving her case that she is worthy of being an All Star whether you disagree or not.


So Nicole A just yelled at janelle…. I guess she wants to go home. I thought David was dumb, but then I watch Nicole A and now I can’t decide witch one is on the autism spectrum

Team Janelle

She yelled at her? What the heck!? I haven’t been watching the feeds bc I can’t take the stupidity.


Can we not go there? Autism shouldnt be used as a slight… Its a close personal topic of mine and I will ask you not go there.

There is a difference between Autistic and straight up stupid.

Sorry but this hits home to me and I dont wish to see it used as a depiction of stupid. Those 2 are terrible game players, they most likely arent on the spectrum

Thanks 🙂

All Stars???

Also Ian is on the Autism spectrum and he is probably the most intelligent houseguest this season. Autistic does NOT equal stupid.


 Nicole Anthony has accused Janelle of creating a rift in the house, having something to do with her missing choker (thinks she stole it), her being nominated in the first place, pretty much everything except perhaps global warming and overpopulation.

Jan Nan

Somebody needs to steal all those chokers. I only see tweens wear those. Good grief she’s totally ridiculous. She’s going to have a rude awakening when she goes home and can look back and see how dumb she was or is


Oh NO!!!! Watch NicoleA stay, then Janelle or Kaysar win HOH but instead of targeting NicoleF like she originally planned they now target NicoleA because she makes it so clear she is after them. Ughh. Hope I am dead wrong and NicoleA leaves.

All Stars???

So many people are after Janelle and Kaysar I can’t imagine they would think NicA is their biggest threat.


Could somebody please enlighten me what exactly Janelle did to screw NicA over? Did I miss something? Is it all in her head?

another name

NicA mouths at Janelle.
She has most assuredly absorbed the house rhetoric designed to make Janelle the target, and ran with it.
What is Janelle’s fault in terms of Nicole’s plight? She thought Memphis was on her side in the game.
That’s it. That’s all.

Enzo has pushed his agenda and order from Memphis that hasn’t been updated since veto ceremony day: David goes.
Cody wants to keep the house oblivious to two sides. Knows his proxies havent’ done a good enough job at securing the house, because he keeps telling his proxies to go out into the house and snoop, then complains they are spending time on the other side.

It’s Wednesday. They have waffles.

I don’t say this often, but the more i think about it, what a self important little brat move it is to say hey janelle, why aren’t you going to Cody and campaigning for me?

I still say get the BOTH of them out, NicA and David, and make Kevin stow away in their bags.

another name

Stats lie:
Bay to David says only time a black man made jury he was in a showmance with a white woman.

True for Ollie. False for Marvin. Way false for Marcellas, Beau and Kevin who is in the damn house with you.


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person NOT invited to Nicole F’s wedding

Miss Impression

I got my invitation.


You need to have enough followers to warrant the invite. She’s farming for followers so maybe someone else will pay for the wedding.

All Stars???

Are Hayden Voss and Corey Brooks ( her 2 showmances) invited?


There is a fun twitter thing going on about the wedding, started by Kelly Wentworth (survivor). Example. Janelle could wear white and dance the first dance with my husband , and I’d still invite her to my wedding.

Golden Gate Granny

Hahaha. Way to go Wentworth!

another name

Strategy Pro and Cons. Part 2

NicA: 21 strategy. final two with the biggest asshat partyclown she can find. whine that everybody hates her. Collect that America’s favorite All Star Cheque. Yeah. about that…. yeesh.

David: cry and then grin at the cam. Final 2 with Tyler *shhh it’s preseason. Tell the black women it’s all about the cause while secretly in a final 2 with Tyler, sorry Queens once jury hits buhbye *shhhh don’t tell them oops maybe I already did maybe. And get back in the game… that he’s still in… oh dear. Do I need to say more?

Ian: Eggs in Nicf’s basket because he’s comfortable with her. Bond with Kaysar’s intelligence. Sit back. Watch until week 5. compute all variables. Go back to Nicole’s strategy in part one for Ian’s flaw.

Kevin: keep his eyes open, find that one trustworthy person and three more people that will tell two friends. tell them allll of my theories.
flaw all of his theories are…. I can’t even.

Da’vonne: play a competely different game than the last 2 times. Don’t game too hard too fast and don’t make waves. flaw: She’s Da’vonne. I said what I said.

End part 2.


This may be an unpopular opinion but I really dislike Dani. I feel like she has this undeserved air of superiority about her. Something about her has always rubbed me the wrong way.

In the game, she is obviously a good competitor and is skilled at winning comps. Her social game is meh IMO.
I think she’s totally hung up on Janelle and wants to usurp her throne as a BB legend and comp beast and it’s just not necessary and it comes off as kinda pathetic and desperate. I don’t think Dani’s as good as she thinks she is.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it just feels like she genuinely feels that she is better than other people and therefore she can’t connect with them on any real level (except, obviously, when it comes to shomances, *eye roll*) and ultimately that hurts her in the game.

The other HouseGuest’s, over time, grow weary (or as they like to say leary’ lol) of her holier than though attitude and her inability to form genuine connections.

It’s just sooooooo frustraaaaaattttttinnnnnnnng.

(But seriously, on bb8, I would mute the TV whenever she started talking because her voice just grated on my nerves).


she does think shes the best and she’s proud of when she made f2 but the only reason she got there is thanks to her dad who basically did all the work on s8 and dragged her dumb ass to the end.


I don’t think Dani’s contributions to getting to the final 2 should be eclipsed by the win of evel dick (even though I don’t care for her). She played a vital role with her comp wins. And she actually is a good competitor.

However, her social game is a large reason why I believe she didn’t win. She was called out for not getting to know anyone on a personal level and I think the jury resented that. I don’t think dick dragged her to final 2 but I’m not sure if either would have made it without the other (and, of course, America’s Player).

Her relationship with nick was cringe worthy and she’s lucky he got the boot when he did otherwise her whole game would have been showmance drama and she would have been out a lot sooner imo.

Her social game pretty much sucks.

Jim henesy

Da’vonne comments sound pretty Racist