“I feel really stupid..they [J/K] want me to stay. OK I’ll take your vote. they’re my targets”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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3:07 pm Janelle and Kaysar
Janelle – we shouldn’t hang out all the time me and you
they laugh
Kaysar – they know we’re friends
Janelle – they’ll think we’re in a final 2
They laugh
Kaysar – we should stage a fight

Kaysar – I was thinking about telling Memphis asking if he’s ok with me telling Ian that Memphis was going to put him up and I talked him out of it to gain Ian’s trust
Janelle – why would Memphis be Okay with that? Don’t do that
(Godddammmit the brain worms are in Kaysar now)
Janelle – DOn’t do that Memphis will be f***uing pissed.. are you crazy. why do you have these crazy ideas every Monday and Tuesday.. Last week you wanted to work with Cody.
Kaysar – You’re going to come out of this house and you’ll remember. you told me to keep the options open
Janelle – in case he won HOH but they didn’t win it
Janelle – I was hoping we could work with them but it’s impossible
Kaysar – that’s long gone
Janelle says Kasyar came into the room and said ‘Cody wants to work with me’
Kaysar – he was charming and I looked into his eyes I wanted to work with him
they laugh
Janelle – that’s so annoying that’s really annoying
Janelle is worried Memphis will “bro” out with the guys.
Kaysar thinks Mempohis wants to “So badly” especially Enzo
Kaysar – he can see
Janelle – there’s no way in
Kaysar – he’s hoping this whole thing blows up and it’ll change
(ZOMG… )

3:18 pm NicF and Christmas
NicF – a good thing about kicking NicoleA out is if there is a pre-jury buyback I feel like America will vote her in and not Janelle but if it’s Janelle and other people that didn’t know the game super well they’re going to vote Janelle
NicF – give them someone that can beat Janelle.
Christmas- I love David but he literally didn’t play a day
NicF – this is his first time so it’s hard.
NicF says they have to get David to make Kaysar and JAenlle his target

NicF asks if Bayleigh wants David to stay
Christmas – She has a very fair view like us which is like look there’s two parts of that view. One he’s brand-new, and he isn’t an all-star and two on the other side She’s like I don’t want to vote him out especially becuase Janelle and KAsyar are getting her to save NicoleA I don’t want this to be two black girls vote out the black guy
Christmas explaining that Da’Vonne is more for keeping David.
NicF brings up them keeping NIcA but she jumps ship. She’s harder to beat than David. “He doesn’t know what he’s doing”
They agree they have to get Janelle out first.
NicF is lusting about putting Janelle and the people she’s close to on slop.
they talk about their 6 person alliance and how when they get to the final 6 they’ll have to make a choice.
Christmas – if it comes down to it Memphis or Enzo we gotta get rid of Memphis he’s just too unpredictable and not logical
nicF agrees

3:35 pm Memphis and Cody

Memphis – this morning they were talking about.. DID YOU HEAR DID YOU HEAR
Memphis – I’m like oh my god here we go.. Kaysar and Janelle are tag-teaming me
Memphis – David went to Janelle and said look I’m going after Memphis
Cody laughs
Memphis – and Janelle said well what about me and he goes we’ll you’re guilty because by association
Cody laughs says David did not say that
Memphis – you guys must think I’m a f**Ing fool.. that kid down there did not say that

Memphis – you guys are taking this too far.. you are spreading crazy it’s nuts
Memphis – they’re digging their own grave

Cody – I asked Ian who are you putting up and he’s like Ohh Janelle and Kaysar.
Cody – the whole house I think it doing it
Memphis brings up Kasyar telling Ian that there’s an alliance with NicoleF and Ian wasn’t involved
Memphis – that’s not good for us
Memphis – Kaysar has to be out these next couple weeks..
Cody says he’s more threatened by Kasyar than Janelle because Kaysar is spreading stories.
Memphis says Janelle is so cutthroat if both of them end up on the block and they don’t have POV she’ll turn on Kaysar.
Cody says the whole house will want Janelle out but he’s going to want Kasyar out

Memphis – do we have the votes to keep David
Cody – it’s not as near as they think it is
Memphis – if they don’t think they can get it they’re not voting that way
Cody – they’re planting the seed if they don’t get it it’s because of Tyler and me
Cody says they think this is the vote that will divide the house and show which sides are against each other
Memphis – it won’t. we can’t let that happen we can’t split the house it won’t be beneficial to us
Memphis – we have to make sure the vote is 12-0
Cody – or 10 -2
Cody says Ian told them the logical person to get out is NicA because she’s with Janelle and Kaysar.

Memphis – as long as we have Enzo and Ian
They agree Da’Vonen is voting to keep David
Memphis will talk to her he wants to secure 8

4:00 pm Kevin and NicA
Kevin says she needs to be careful with her conversations because Janelle, Kaysar, and Memphis are working with other people.
Kevin says everyone is putting the heat on Janelle but it’s Kaysar too
NicA – the people they are working with Ian. I told Ian the terrible thing they did to NicF

4:22 pm NicA
NicA – why is she telling me all of them got in a room and solidified the votes when they didn’t
NicA – like you clearly don’t care
NicA – they say they’re not close with Memphis, Janelle had freaking wine for two hours.. Kaysar the one night in the bathroom. NiCole you need to go get Kaysar
NicA – I’m not waking him up .. I’m not like your friggin … delivery girl that’s horse sh1t
NicA – I don’t know this sucks.
NicA – “they’re rubbing everyone the wrong way including me. It’s so unfortunate. was it that Memphis went rogue. that man does not like me that’s clear. ”
NicA – Memphis never talks to me. I’m so irrelevant to him I’m so disposable to Janelle and Kaysar
NicA – if I make it past this week I’ll be proud

4:28 pm nicf and Enzo
Enzo – we got good odds (talking about safety Suite)
Enzo – Memphis struck deals with people
NicF – yeah.. that is why he didn’t put anyone big on the block
Enzo – exactly
Enzo – did he strike a deal with Tyler?
NicF – I dunno
they start lusting over a power being dropped into the game after the safety suite is over.
NicF says the fans like Enzo they could vote him to get it
Enzo – or you have a competition for the power. You know what I’m saying But if America votes I would love that sh1t (
Enzo – if we keep Dave I hope he goes after Memphis
NicF – I think he will. He will go after him.
Enzo – I’ll be like he put you on the block
NicF – he’s going after Memphis he just doesn’t want to say
Enzo – if it gets around
NicF – he was telling people that but they said no you can’t say that.. you can
Enzo – you’re on the block buddy campaign
NicF says NIcA gets to play safety suite next week and she’ll be a tougher player in the game she made it far her season.
NicF says David is close to Cody which is good.

THey talk about their four-person alliance “the core four”
Enzo – I hope Cody wins HOH.. YO get your hands dirty we got your back
they laugh

4:41 pm NicA and Ian
NicA – do I have a pulse
ian – I don’t know which way this house will go
ian – which way does Memphis want this to go
nicA – I’ve been told David
they notice the inflatable duck’s neck is getting low on air.
ian – if we lost that duck I would die that’s the cutest thing.. if it popped I would lose it

4:55 pm NicA and Tyler
NicA campaigns says she felt Burned by Janelle and Kaysar.
nicA – I was used and I’m aware of it I feel really stupid about this.. right now they want me to stay Ok I’ll take your vote.
NIcA – they’re my targets.
feeds being blocked every 2 seconds. NicA campaigning saying she’s her own player she’s not working with Kaysar and Janelle.
NicA all she has right now is her truth and that is what she’s going around telling everybody.
NIcA saying that Janelle and Kaysar want the vote to reveal the side of the house.

Tyler saying that Janelle is linking him, Cody and NicF together “we’re not even friggin together I haven’t talked to NicF this whole time”
NicA – I don’t know if i’m just not seeing it I don’t know what the f** is going on. She thought ohh just put her up I won’t care.. they’re using me to split teh house
Tyler questions if Janelle and Memphis really talk. He’s not sure that her going up was JAenle’s idea
NicA doesn’t believe it rattles off some crazy theory about it being Ksyars and Janelle’s plan all along
Tyler – It might have been the plan all along to offer up one of their warriors as a diversion
NicA – I was used
Tyler – I know you are telling the truth.. I don’t bullsh1t this season
Tyler says David is already going after Janelle and Kaysar. They want it to be 6-6. Memphis will keep you if it is 6-6.
NicA – I’m F* from every angle.
NicA – I was already confused then I was nominated and more confused..

NicA says the backdoor plan that was floating around was a ruse.
Tyler – she’s drawing the side
NicA – she thinks it’s funny she told me every season I’ve been on it’s me vs the house..
NicA – she kept telling me don’t campaign to Cody, Tyler they’re the other side.. to you (Janelle)
Nic – Memphis, I’m not even pissed at him (LOL.. doesn’t she have a podcast where she talks BB strategy )
Tyler- at least he wasn’t trying to be your best friend.
Tyler – they’re playing old school, big brother, old school sounds cool but what it means is underdeveloped

NicA says Janelle thinks Ian and her are weak. “I refuse to walk out of here because of shitty things I didn’t even say.. so many people are sketched out because of her and I’m lumped with it”
Tyler – I know you are telling 100% truth
Tyler – you need to lay this out before it gets back to them.

NicA wants to call a housemeeting
Tyler – the quicker the better
NicA says she’ll wait until tomorrow.

5:33 pm Cody and Dani

Dani pushing for Janelle to go first over Kaysar. Agreeing that NicA has to go this week.
COdy doesn’t like what bayleigh was doing last night she was talking a lot of sh1t.

5:53 pm Da’Vonne and Kevin
Kevin – I low key bought a book on how to be persuasive.. I have this problem in my regular life..

Kevin says Kaysar, Janelle, and Memphis are working together the plan was Memphis works on the boys, Tyler and Cody. Kaysar you work on the girls Bayleihg and Da’Vonne and Janelle work on NicA and Kevin.. They divide and conquer

Kevin – they’re playing all of us.. I swear to god that is what’s happening.. I’m 99.9 percent sure.. they are trying to get the numbers (GOOD Christ)

6:28 pm Memphis and Da’Vonne
Da wonders who NicA is working with
Memphis – I feel like Janelle is trying to utilize her. I don’t think they are thick as thieves.. she’s trying to rope her in and use her
Memphis says he doesn’t care which one leaves he just doesn’t want to break a tie. “If David’s that confident I dunno”
Da’Conne – I was shocked

6:38 pm NicF and Da
Da saying that NicA wants to call a house meeting
NicF – I want to be there for that.. ohh it’s too hot to do anything today
Da – do you think people will vote to keep her over David..
NicF – she’s doing a good job campaigning
Da – she’s doing so good
Da – it’s a toxic relationship.. what if she stays and go back.. that is my concern
NicF says she’s keeping David because she knows he’ll keep her off the block.
Da says memphis is the only one that makes her nervous.
Da was worried that Janelle had gotten to Ian.
NicF says Ian is good with Da .

6:55 pm SIgh ..


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Kid Rock

Welp? Now what?


I thought Marcellus would come back with the power…

Linguini Pants

Naw. Lawon is still waiting in sequester, knowing for sure his day is coming…back into the house, giant “S” on his leotard. Coup d’etat envelope in his pocket.


The only true all-star playing the long game…

Team Janelle

I’m not watching feeds again till after Thursday, I just can’t listen to NicA anymore, it’s too much. I may not watch feeds at all if she stays. I just can’t take the stupidity. 🙁

LO Live

TEAM JANELLE YESSSS THE QUEEN… they are all so janellous of her so annoying !!!

LO Live

Also Nicole F pretty sure Janelle has America not Nicole A or you …LOL !!!!!

Just Sayin'

Yes, I am so down for a crazy blow up at a house meeting! They always turn into something ridiculous and I love it


It will be so good. NicA is completely underestimating going head to head with Janelle if she goes through with it.

My Hobbie

She’s not going trough with it,

Smitten Kitten

She will need therapy from the trauma of going up against Janelle.

Linguini Pants

“NicA wants to call a housemeeting
Tyler – the quicker the better
NicA says she’ll wait until tomorrow.”

Oh boy, can’t wait! Hope this happens!


Is there an IQ-lowering virus inside the BB house?

Linguini Pants

And we thought Covid was bad 🙁


Hey Tyler suck a d*ck bro.
Old school BB = having a backbone and actually playing the game for yourself STRATEGICALLY
New school BB = make a fat 6-8 person alliance early where you shun the outsiders out make them out to be liars at every twist and turn.

This isn’t even fun 🙁
NicA you are a MORON

I’ve applied twice for BB and the goal is to win. Not make jury, to analysis

After this update I dont even have the energy to form a well thought out analysis

Thanks for all your work Simon ! Hope Dawg is doing well too


I rewatched BB All Stars 1, first episode, how this season has not come close to comparing. Only 6 seasons to choose from for HGs, and such better quality of players than they have for season 22…Boogie’s quote of Chicken George, ” a minnow in a pool of sharks” was a fair assessment of the players for season 7. This season, the sharks are old and the minnows have reproduced.

Will Julie have a participation trophy for NicA? She didn’t have one for Keesha, because she is old school and doesn’t need one.


Also NicA has the emotional stability of a leaf. Maybe don’t call a house meeting against a GROWN Janelle and an unbelievably intelligent Kaysar. Your words won’t affect them lol they are adults you are a child


Didn’t you hear her? She’s a strong woman who doesn’t take orders from anyone! No sir, no way! (as she speaks in the infant voice she always does…)


Her family must be mortified


So I couldn’t stand watching the feeds…& I’m strictly just reading OBB. Now I’m going insane even reading their conversations. I just can’t take it.


Can we just all acknowledge how stupid Nicole A and david are….I mean what the actual fuck… why are they on an all star season


add Bayleigh, Kevin and Christmas to that. none of them belong there


Uuuummmm Kevin maybe but what Bay and Christmas do you you??? ?????

another name

Strategies: Pros and Cons. Part One.

Cody: multiple circles of alliances with everyone infodumping to him. Controlling all information in the house by proxies. the infodumping isn’t working so well. The proxies are dropping the ball.

Tyler: tell everyone we’re good or i’ve got you so he can say he only had one final 2 later. get into a close alliance with the people he considers his biggest threats.
hide his main alliance with other alliances. getting in way too many alliances, still not considering how betrayed others will feel.

Nicf: align with Cody he’ll protect her. align with Ian so that they take out the bigger winner first. complain about the women. tell the women she loves them. complain about the women. play victim. the whining is starting to get on the men’s nerves.

Dani: form a final 2 with Cody. be indispensible to Cody. get Janelle out but don’t let Janelle think she wants her out. getting on Cody’s nerves because she isn’t a bro (don’t even. the guys are doing the same thing and Cody doesn’t use the words he does about the women). Sloppy.

Memphis: form final 2. form fake alliance for protection. avoid people. play unattached floater as long as possible. hated by his own alliance.


i think tyler’s strategy this time is actually a winning one. these players will vote for him in order to not seem bitter + they’ll probably respect they were outplayed. as much as I don’t want tyler to win, its honestly inevitable at this point

another name

A season that includes two bitter runner ups that know they were stooges.
A season with multiple third placers from alliances that got cut thiiiiis close.
A season with more than one houseguest trying to redeem their got played and betrayed images.
and you think they are going to respect? The blood’s already in the water just from casting for bitter AF.


As I begin to read, I get to Tyler – I just have visions that we are going to be left with a terrible final 2 and brutal champ…

NicF: she has not learned that men will only stand by a whiny woman for so long, and that’s when they are getting some action….Hayden…..Corey….Vic – oh wait, he’s not in the house! Unfortunately she probably makes it to jury…

Dani: say that you are not the the whiny/bitchy girl you were on your previous two seasons because you are now Dani and not Danielle, Briones and not Donato….still the same girl, just older and bit more brains….

Memphis: might be unliked right now, but he is the calmest of his 6. He won’t see the block next week, lays low, then in two weeks is loved by whoever is still there. Then Enzo makes an alliance with him.


So…NicF is really Danielle Murphree?

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

I am late to this party but I thought that I was watching a re-run of “The Twilight Zone’! What in hell is this? It can’t be All Stars!


Ever watch a movie that’s so bad it’s funny? That’s not this season. Sometimes, they are so bad they just suck…that’s this season.

another name

As houseguests are talking about a phone installed upstairs (Christmas and Bayleigh i was late to the party and sorta don’t care so really i’m not even trying but if it’s part of the show i’m figuring HOH call from home, if not part of the show then secret calls to family)

I say to myself,
self I says,
I hope it’s rotary dial.
New schoolers would be beating themselves over the head with the corded receiver of the princess phone trying to figure out how to use it.
How do I emoji?
I…. have to… taaaalk?
what do i do with my thumbs?
where do i take a selfie?
Put it in a booth and watch them really go insane.

Oh calm down, I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings. It’s a joke.

another name

when Cody admits side deal alliances to nicole… how are Janelle and Kaysar the liar liar pants on fire?

btw. nicole running from da’vonne to Cody with that: you just did it to her again Nicole. Redemption for past betrayals my ass. Not that I ever believed it. You don’t wait 4 years, and then say oh i love you, thank you, i’m so sorry. those phone things exist.

Nicole Franzel backstabbed a woman. In other news, water is wet.

another name

Btw. The Ghosting Story from the beginning of the game.
Dani ghosted NicA.
NicF ghosted NicA.

but the real story turns out to be:
NicA appeared on NicF’s podcast. Tells David she was so sweet
*that means she was the flavor of the moment with huge fan numbers at the end of last season and helped Nicf’s social influencer numbers and brand.
NicF ghosted NicA when she wanted NicF to appear on hers.

I’m. Shocked.
Yes, you’re right, I REALLY dislike Franzel, and don’t buy a second of her crap.

Linguini Pants

And a funny joke indeed!

Jan Nan

Kaysar flexing in the pool. Thank you , thank you, thank you