Nicole “Guess what guys when you don’t have control and things don’t go your way everyone loses their shit”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

1:34 pm Jasmine, Brittany and Ameerah
Jasmine – I’m so upset right now . I f***ing want Indy gone
Ameerah – that was Indy wasn’t it
Jasmine – She is the reason he couldn’t target her because it would put Alyssa on the block (LOL)
jasmine – so Indy went up there called her a b1tch basically bullying her. talking about ohh I want to throw soup in her face all this shit. He came from domestic violence and bullying why the fuck do you think it’s okay to come vent on him about that.
Jasmine – she went up there.. because she’s with Alyssa he’s not putting her up because he likes Alyssa. He went to the next best. He said you are a good competitor and you could win this game with your hands tied behind you back.
Indy joins them.

Jasmine now tries to explain that Turner not putting Taylor on the block was mean to her.
J – I’m going to start moving and grooving.
J – It makes Taylor feel weird how does it feel to not get on the block and you know everybody is kinda intense with you it makes her feel like it’s her fault.. You know what I mean? (WOW)
J – Either way you are really hurting her .. you know what I mean? Lets say you had a bad week and you thought you were going on the block. You don’t go on the block and now everybody hates you because random people got up on the block (OMFG classic)
Brittany – yeah
Jasmine – she feels more uncomfortable now.
Brittany – the whole plan was for us to win the veto then they would put them up. I feel like I should have been in on what is happening.
Jasmine says Turner went rogue.

Indy – What Taylor is doing she’s doing it right. She got a third chance.

Indy – Daniel told me he didn’t even know
Jasmine is shocked and starts chuckling
Indy – you think he knew it?

Jasmine – I know he knew .. see you can’t trust anyone in this f***ing game. I’m too real for this sh1t .. honest.. I like to call people teh f*** out.. this is everything against what I am
Indy – you know he knew? he just told me he had no idea
Jasmine – he’s a f***er liar that’s why.. that’s it for me.
Indy – That counts for us now we know and we cannot trust
Indy – he told me literally it was a BIG surprise to him

Jasmine wheels away.. ‘This f***ing game I tell you)

Indy says she sees Nicole talking to Joe twice.
Indy – if he’s defending POOCH he should throw up the guys not you
Ameerah – from the speech do you think I am the target?
Brittany – I think so. He only said one thing to Terrance.
They count the votes for Ameerah to stay. ‘Do we have joe? .. Michael Michael? ‘

Joe comes in.
Ameerah – did you know
Joe – get out of here.
Ameerah – I’m just sad.
Brittany leaves.
Ameerah – I never did anything to Turner.
Joe – He’s after Terrance
Ameerah – no he’s targeting me
Joe goes on about Taylor winning HOH next week and he’s going up with Monte “She is a shark she will do that she doesn’t give a f***”
Joe – I’m going for HOH.. F** me dude..
Indy – she probably can get the veto
Joe – If I won HOH Turner goes up with Jasmine and her fate is sealed she’s not losing to Nicole
Indy – NO Nicole is staying
Joe – Turner is a wild card
Ameerah – you promise you didn’t know.. do you swear to Allah
They laugh..
Joe says Turner is not close to Terrance at all.

2:15 pm Daniel, Terrance, Joe
(Talking about Nicole)
Joe – She didn’t know that was happening.
Daniel – something else just happened. I started sensing since last night some shit was happening
Joe – I felt weird.. I was waiting for Taylor to go up.. Last week her vendetta was she wants Monte and guess who became Monte’s festie bestie.. I told you this last week when people were saying I’m going to vote for POOCH out.. I was like that’s going to f*** me up

Joe – she wants Monte

jasmine joins them.
Daniel – what is happening you know something
Jasmine Says the only people sitting back there “Good” is Alyssa and Indy
Daniel – it must be Indy talking sh1t on somebody..
Daniel – Monte is crying.. he had tears in his eyes..
Turner joins them.
Daniel – what just happened.. something happened in that back f***ing room.. it’s no longer about noms something happened.

Everyone is talking about “something happening”
Daniel – Nicole won’t talk to me.

2:15 pm Nicole alone
“I hate everybody. this is ridiculous what’s the point of an alliance you just get thrown under the bus. Seriously. How is this.. Jesus Christ. I’m so sick of this shit. Ameerah joins her.
Ameerah – Did Alyssa know?
Nicole – I don’t know .. but the thing I’m f***ing pissed about is we’re in an alliance and Indy is in the room and talking shit.
Nicole – she’s throwing me under the bus.. to be clear I never said that was Turner’s plan I was assuming he would put up INdy.
Monte joins them “Now I’m getting paranoid she slipped up”
Nicole – I’m not crazy right..

Nicole goes on about Indy throwing her under the bus “She did it twice last week.. we can’t tell her anything”

Monte – we can’t have an alliance if somebody is bound to spill the beans.
Nicole – if Alyssa tells Indy it was me.. you guys this whole house is going to be blown up. the lines will be drawn very clear.
Monte – I’m not that close to Alyssa. Do you all feel?
Ameerah – what is Brittany dong?
Nicole – I don’t f***ing care she’s the least of my worries.
Ameerah – we can’t talk game around her anymore.. *Alyssa)
Alyssa joins them.. Says that Everyone is talking in the kitchen “What just happened.. what just happened. .Monte had tears in his eye”

2:23 pm Ameerah, Monte, Nicole, Alyssa
Nicole – Alyssa you threw me under the bus.. those were my words.
Alyssa – I’m so so sorry I had no idea.. I’m so sorry I will not make that mistake again.
Ameerah – you have to watch what you say to everybody. Especially Turner
Alyssa – me and Turner never talk game

Nicole- I’m going to have a talk with Taylor tomorrow it’ll be a purely strategic game talk. We’re labelled as besties but we’re not besties.. I want you guys to know when it comes to who and if I win HOH. Our six is solid.
Nicole – if you guys want her out you’ll have to win HOH
Monte tells them they should have Taylor feel somewhat included. “It’ll play to our benefit cause at least we’ll have a little more input”
Nicole – that is what we are doing.. I’m agreeing with you 100%. I told her I’m fighting for us this fight is ours not hers by herself. We had a conversation yesterday we’re a clean slate.. we’re good.
Nicole goes on about how welcoming the women have been to Taylor “This last week was all about comfort zone and so was last week”
Nicole – please don’t ask me to throw another position.
Nicole about Taylor “Homegirl has been included the last few weeks.. we don’t have a problem.”
Mont e- the optics for me.. I’m not in the girls group
Nicole – she’s the type of person that isolated herself.

2:32 pm Joe and Taylor
Joe congratulating her on handling the day well.
Joe – that speech he gave was how we all felt he just vocalized it.
Joe says the bond of their team is they are all leftovers “Not that we’re girls or guys it was because we were left to the side”


2:32 pm the struggle Jasmine goes through every day. AFP candidate right there

2:35 pm Kyle, Michael, Joe, Monte
Monte – now Ameerah thinks that Alyssa slipped up and told Turner.. I’m trying no to laugh it’s too good..
Mont e- Nicole thinks that Alyssa slipped up and told Turner something about how POOCH got evicted last week. Now they are super suspicious about Alyssa

2:47 pm Indy, Alyssa and Ameerah

Ameerah says the person that was talking the most shit about Taylor was Daniel.
Alyssa says she doesn’t know who to trust
Indy – You can trust me. we have each other.. we are still four they are two.

Ameerah says Nicole knew she wasn’t going up.
Alyssa – she said she had a feeling she wasn’t going up based on her conversation with him
Ameerah says three people knew.
Indy leaves..

Alyssa – now everyone is talking about me. Now I am the new Taylor
Ameerah – listen, me and you are aligned with every single person in this house except for Joe, Turner and Taylor. Daniel can’t be trusted.
Alyssa – Nicole is very emotional
Ameerah – Monte wasn’t crying

2:53 pm Monte, Turner and Joe
Joe says he’s pushing the “he’s unpredictable he’s got ta go” Angle with everyone
joe – everyone is starting to respect the whole changing narrative about Taylor. This is what the group wanted to do.
Turner asks Monte if he was crying. “Did you get in a fight”
Monte – no I was just like look it’s not my place to explain what happened..
Monte – now Nicole and Daniel are going at it because Nicole blew him off.
Turner tells htem he gave Daniel a heads up and Daniel told Jasmine he had no idea.

Joe – all of them were crying before you said anything Daniel told them.
Turner says Jasmine is pissed at Daniel for lying.

2:56 pm Nicole and Daniel
Nicole – Alyssa has the loosest f***Ing lips in the entire world.
Daniel – what did she say
Nicole – She’s talking shit about turner saying people are saying it should have been me and Indy. Indy is the target. Alyssa, what are you doing?
Nicole – her exact words were me and Ameerah’s exact words
Nicole keeps standing up to hammer her point across.
Daniel – please don’t stand
Nicole – I’m sorry.. sorry..
Nicole says that Ameerah thinks Turner told other people what he was doing.
Daniel – who?
Nicole – I don’t know
Daniel – who cares we’re not on the block who give sa f**
Nicole – these are people we’re working with. Terrance is not the target she is.

Nicole – you need to speak to Ameerah..
Daniel – I don’t need to do shit with her.
Nicole – ok fine.. She just wants to hear your voice..

Nicole – My alliance is with you. My Final 2 is with you. I have not and will never betray you. Somebody put my game on the line and it needed to be addressed IMMEDIATELY
Nicole – SO THAT’S HOW I FEEL my F***ing game was questioned IN MY FACE
Daniel – don’t yell at me.. go yell at Alyssa not me.
Nicole – it’s not directed at you none of this is direct at you. I trust you so much.

Nicole – she can’t be trusted. My alliance with them cannot be trusted. Monte has made it very clear Taylor is his target. he’s also made it very clear that you are not one of his targets. It’s going to be very hard to vote Ameerah out with that Alliance win place. So now I’m struggling with what do we do?
Nicole – How do we flip the house to keep Terrance here? (LOL ZOMFG)

Nicole – us going forward you and I are so safe.. We have nothing to worry about. \
Daniel – who are you voting out this week?
Nicole – I want to vote out Ameerah.. I want to keep Terrance.
Nicole – we don’t have the numbers to keep him. The only way that will flip is if Joe, Monte adn Kyle decide to keep Terrance in the house.
Daniel – why would they?
Nicole – they are in an alliance with Ameerah
Daniel – I didn’t’ know that.
Nicole – it’s Michael, Kyle, Monte, me, with Alyssa (And Ameerah) Turner doesn’t know about that 6 alliance.

3:17 pm Alyssa, Joe and Nicole
Nicole is apologizing For messing up. Crying..
Alyssa – I hope I can prove to both you guys I’m a value to you game and I won’t mess up again.. I’m sorry sorry
Nicole – babe it was an accident.
Alyssa gives some hugs and leaves..

Daniel – I don’t f***ing care
Nicole – I know you don’t
Daniel – I think she’s aligned with Indy and the guys I don’t know..
Nicole – I don’t believe anybody. Jas came in here.. Don’t ask me if I knew. you all f*ing know I didn’t know the nomination was going to change. Don’t f***ing question my loyalty.. I hate that shit..
Nicole – did I know? of course I didn’t f***ing know. I’m teamed up with the one girl that everyone wants out of the house. Guess what guys when you don’t have control and things don’t go your way everyone loses their shit
Nicole – now Monte and Ameerah are skeptical about Alyssa.. she has loose lips and told Turner a bunch of sh12t..
Daniel – everyone knows everything it’s a new game.

They hug

3:34 pm chit chat in the backyard.

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And there were people who thought the twist would make things boring, lol


In fairness the pairs twists have been awful historically

Biff Tannen

Came here to say this same thing and to LOL at the Jasmine-AFP joke (LOL). They should CGI her out and replace her with an animation, Roger Rabbit-style, she’s such a cartoon character.

Only Reading Feeds

This is Awesome!! Way to go Turner, he knows what fans want to see.

Only Reading Feeds

The pics of Ameerah and Nicole are too funny.


Those and the Jasmine video. She’s beyond ridiculous on that scooter. I fully expect her to be wearing a sling if she gets a hang nail.

Let’s Play Fair

Please tell me you were jesting about Jasmine being AFP….???


For real. I’m from Georgia, and her southern accent, going in and out, is not how we roll. She won’t get AFP. As soon as she’s evicted, viewers won’t remember her.

un autre nom

Nic proceeds to make NOT BEING NOMINATED an attack against her….
Daniel proceeds to whine because he felt shunned for five minutes…
Inspector Jabba had to take a break from her fact finding mission for chicken wings….
It’s Indy’s fault. It’s Alyssa’s fault. It’s Daniel’s fault. It’s Terrance’s fault.

Somebody peed in the voting pool.


Best narrator ever!


No kraken for you yet Simon, I was worried with the way this season started you would already be cracking the kraken lol ?


Such a great turn of events. Now Alyssa and Indy are public enemy #1 and #2, working perfectly into the “Leftovers” favor. Plus the fact that Nicole and Daniel are predictably going to try and save Terrance.

It’s interesting how people think that because they create one or two alliances that those alliances are going to protect them and be a form of security. When the reality is that everyone has multiple alliances and that a better/ more solid alliance can always usurp the relevance of a weaker/ less solid alliance.

The Beef

I gotta admit, Nicole wanting to save Terrance over Ameerah totally shocked me! She and Ameerah are basically the brains behind the girls girls and Po’s Pack, and Terrance is Couch 2.0, bringing absolutely nothing to the table but a singular vote and an easy eviction whenever somebody chooses to get him out. The cruel chef is going to be surprised just how easy it is to get people to “flip” to vote out Ameerah, depending on who she talks to about doing it (not Jasmine, Alyssa or Indy, but just about everybody else).


Ameerah is allowed to be holed up in her room for a bit just like Taylor was yesterday. I just find it funny that Nicole just a tad bit earlier today was complaining about Taylor doing it

Just Sayin'

Every season my friends and I make our picks for the winner based on just pictures and bio info. I am famous for making incredibly bad picks lol I picked David the first year he was in the house…….
Anyways this year my pick was Nicole lmfao *facepalm* I really have the worst instincts


“Jasmine – I know he knew .. see you can’t trust anyone in this f***ing game. I’m too real for this sh1t .. honest.. I like to call people teh f*** out.. this is everything against what I am” Didn’t she pretend to be shocked that Pooch left over Taylor!!! Maybe she will decide milking the ankle isn’t the best idea and actually needs to move lol

un autre nom

Week one, Daniel caved to peer pressure to nominate Taylor. Nic said ok, bye Taylor, and promptly ghosted.
Until the Monte reveal, I thought mistake, but nothing more than a beta and his puppy.
After the Monte reveal, and both he and Paloma whipping the house up with Daniel jumping in with both feet, that began to shift.
The week one tone was set as witchtrial season.
Nic and Daniel have most certainly become the lead voices in the chorus of burn the witch.
Even today, the effort to blame Indy when they’d already been plotting last night how to turn the house on Indy after Taylor is gone. It’s their method that sucks so much.
Their reason is NEVER game. It’s always petty personal crap that they inflate.
They could have just said we have to get Taylor out because we all stabbed her in the back week one. They could have just said we have to get Indy out because her game is going to hurt the group game. That’s not what they do though. That’s what makes them such vile players.
I direct you to Nic being insulted and indignant about Jasmine questioning her loyalty, and in the same five minute span saying let’s get rid of Ameerah.
These two will NEVER acknowledge the fact that they aren’t even playing a dirty game, they are just dirty people. They still think they have integrity.
I also direct you to the number of times this afternoon that Nic squared up, or even just stood while the other person was seated in order to intimidate.
I’m all for equality. Every person should have the same human rights. That’s why I can point this out: Pretend Nic (formerly a trained corrections officer and police officer) were a man for just one second. Heck, lets just pretend Monte had adopted stance or stood up like that while talking to others for the purpose of physical intimidation. She should be getting the same warning he would get.
Why is there STILL the weird feed jumping that feels very much like they are trying to protect Nic and Daniel from themselves? Who has the Grodjuice?


I don’t consider it weird. 1) Today there are so many people involved in the storyline that they are trying to catch everything that they can to edit together for a 1 hour show 2) The last few years the feeds would go down for a long while and not always for a clear reason so the feeds are much better this year

un autre nom

timing. the feed glitch/swtich coincides with D/N going on one of their tears or retells of past tears.
If i’m remembering correctly, there is a five second delay on feeds. What are they pulling away from to switch like that?


I don’t remember seeing anything like that. Then again I have been switching back and forth through a couple rooms just to see the different reactions today

un autre nom

Since feeds returned from veto comp Saturday.


WOW, this is such an exciting week!


Nicole is spiraling! She should have never joined the mean girls. I liked her at first until she showed her true colors. Can’t wait to watch Ameerah go out the door. Hope Jasmine goes next.


I don’t think that what Nicole is doing today is spiraling….Daniel on the other hand….


Why is Daniel
Such a woman hater last week it was Taylor this week Indy he’s acting like a woman

un autre nom

Well, it’s hard to vibe and be a homie when you’re 6’3″ and they brought women like that in his house that aren’t all little and cute and look like they could be 18. It’s just not dope.

and now i’m shuddering and grimacing.

Palm Oil's Meds

It’s so weird how judgy he is about women’s looks and age, but he is 35, bad hair, broke with an ugly face. He is the least attractive guy in the house but love to put down a woman’s looks. I wonder if he is bi or in the closet? Not judging but that might explain some things.


Evil Elvis is lucky he is 6 foot 3 and according to him needs magnums otherwise he’d never get any love…

His personality is SO toxic.

I need the BB Gods to do their magic and make sure this evil superfan doesn’t make the jury!

Palm Oil's Meds

Good question! Ironically, Daniel is a feminist. Male feminists are a blessing but a curse. They see women as equal which is great, but since they see women as their equal then they become competitive with women, and treat them as such by being aggressive towards them as they would a man. No chivalry whatsoever! They don’t see them as “the weaker s3x” so they are very capable of getting physically violent towards a woman. I am actually concerned about Taylor’s safety.


Ok, Jasmine is so full of crap, she was talking about Indy, how she can’t stand Indy, Indy needs to go, she wants Indy out of the house, Indy cannot be trusted. Jasmine said this is why she does not like this game, it’s not for her because she just cannot be FAKE.

Keep in mind Jasmine just said she cannot be fake, she will go off and tell someone off in a heartbeat when she’s not in the BB house. Indy walks into the room, Jasmine starts talking with Indy like everything is fine, makes Indy feel like she’s still a part of the mean girls, she just said she wants Indy out of the house, so it looks like Jasmine is very good at being FAKE, just like the fake over exaggerated accent we hear on the Live TV shows.

I’m really enjoying how things have changed in the house now that Ameerah is on the Block. Ameerah has been crying, and saying how unfair this is, she does not deserve this, blah, blah, blah.

Ameerah needs to think back to how she laughed and bragged about how she made Brittany cry, how she told Taylor after Brittany and Michael won the POV, it’s too bad that she is going to be going home if they use the Veto.

So forgive me if I don’t feel bad for Ameerah, the tears, feeling betrayed, blaming people for her being on the block. Ameerah thought she was running things last week, questioned people who talked with Taylor, why are you talking with her, what did she say etc….

Now that Ameerah is on the block, wonder how she would feel if everyone avoided her, didn’t want to be seen talking with her, made her feel all alone, I look forward to seeing Nicole having her turn on the block, Daniel, Nicole & Jasmine need to be evicted before Jury. Ameerah and Jasmine feel they can’t really trust Alyssa, gee why is that not a shock to me, I knew they would find a way to try and blame her for Ameerah being on the block.

Nicole just told Ameerah don’t give up, she still has a chance staying in the house up against Terrance LOL… Nicole is not as aware of how the House really feels, she told Daniel she sits back and observes people, she’s really good at reading them LMAO.

Hope she is “Reading Ameerah” is out the door, Nicole, Daniel & Jasmine will not be that far behind Ameerah, if Monte, Joe and Kyle start giving 100% in the HOH Competition, if they don’t, Taylor and Michael are going to have to take turns winning HOH comps they need to keep the power so they can weed out people not in their alliance. Hopefully Britt may luck up and win an HOH, I’m just afraid if she would have the guts to do what needed to be done, Britt makes me nervous.

I’m hoping the “Leftovers” continue working together until it’s just them left in the house. I want to see how Jasmine will treat Brittany and Taylor when her numbers have dwindled down and she needs them.

I would have no problem putting Jasmine and her Scooter on the Block, I would not show her any pity by not putting her on the block due to her ankle injury she has been milking.
I’d say with a Country Twangy accent, Scoot on up to the block Jasmine,


I said it a couple days ago Cruel Chef and Evil Elvis would want to keep The New Couch since he is their puppet.

It will be hilarious that they will think they flipped the house smh..

If only the week after both could be on the block together!


I love it! Chaos!!!! Great move by the leftovers