Ameerah – “What is wrong with people in this f***ing house people are so f****ing emotional.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

4:04 pm Daniel and Turner
Turner telling him that Ameerah can win this game she’s a threat. Daniel agrees.
Turner says putting Terrance up felt like putting his dad on the block.
Turner says people in the house “were a lot worse” than Daniel adn Nicole in their treatment of Taylor.
Daniel – that’s crazy
Turner – I just walk out of the room cause I cannot participate in this hate feast especially with the people that are like ‘OHH I want to spread love’
Turner – like no you don’t cause that’s not what you are doing.. We make jokes but what are you guys doing?
Nicole joins them. thanks him for not putting her up.
turner goes through his reasoning why Ameerah is on the block. Brings up the Storage room story.
Nicole – she was never your target.

Nicole – Jasmine wanted me to tell you she wants to talk to you. She’s not sure if you want to JUST come down there or if she NEEDS to come here.
Turner – For sure..
Joe comes up invites them to the pool.

4:11 pm love the summertime

4:23 pm Daniel and Joe
Daniel – dude I’m still trying to figure out what happened.
Joe – Turner cannot be trusted dude. That was scary..
Daniel brings up Nicole telling him to “Leave me Alone” when he came to her “To look our for her”
Daniel – 24 hours ago I had your f***ing back and you supported me now you’re talking to four other people. Who am I to trust..

Daniel – I want to sit with you and Monte.. Reassess this whole thing. how do WE move forward

4:34 pm Ameerah, Nicole and Daniel
They hug and Cry.
Ameerah – did you know I was going on the block.
Daniel – ZERO clue..
Ameerah – but you are close to turner
Daniel – yeah zero clue.
Ameerah – I don’t want me and Terrance to go home I wanted Terrance to go far and I wanted to go far.

Ameerah – somebody is lying to me.. I can’t compete in veto or anything.. I got backdoored.
Daniel – he doubled down on the storage room conversations
Ameerah – I didn’t know what was such a big deal you know he came and apologized for that. He ran in and was like ‘what are you going to do’ I was like “do about what..’ he was like ‘pooch’ I was like ‘Ohh I didn’t know what you are talking about because we never talk game’
Ameerah – later on he apologized to me for coming on too strong that was a week ago. why does it keep coming up
Daniel – He’s anchoring on taht reason
Ameerah – I never talked shit about Taylor.. Indy was the one that said throw soup on her and I’m the one going on the block.
Daniel says Turner told him the nominations had nothing about bullying it had to do about game.
Ameerah – his whole speech..
Daniel – he said none of you are talking shit.. I asked him ‘whose talking shit’ he said none of them. ‘the house is’
Ameerah – I just don’t understand.
Nicole – we’re all shocked. Even the way Taylor reacted.. holy sh1t.. there’s no way she knew.
Ameerah – now I have to fight Terrance and I didn’t want to do that.
Nicole says she’s pissed with Alyssa and her mouth “Throwing me under the bus”
Nicole – my problem is Alyssa put us out there and in regards to OLD SKOOL the last thing we want is for her to compromise that.
Ameerah – I know I know
Nicole – I don’t want that compromising our game. I feel bad she knows she did wrong and is sad about it. I can no longer give her any information when it comes to our game.
They talk about how “weird” it was For Alyssa to tell Indy.
Ameerah – Indy Freaked.

Ameerah – why was Brittany crying.
Daniel – she was saying she feels bad because she saved herself form the block.
Ameerah says Indy is telling her ‘we can’t trust Nicole’
Daniel leaves “I love you I have you”
Ameerah – you’re my number one I need to talk to you. honestly what is your order of alliances.. we have to talk about it we have to figure this shit out.
Nicole – I don’t want to go with the six. I don’t trust Joe.
Ameerah – Joe isn’t in the six. I don’t trust him either
Ameerah – Daniel knew I was going on the block.
Nicole I was told that not he knew you were going on the block but he knew I wasn’t going on the block.

Ameerah – I’m afraid to trust him
Nicole – wo told you
Ameerah – jasmine, Turner told her. he said only three people knew.
Nicole – who are the other two?

Indy joins them for a hot minute.
Joe comes in as well tells them that they only have the sun for a short time they might want to go outside.
Nicole – YES but she is on the block and we are talking and I REALLY just want to talk to her.
Joe – ok no problem.

4:37pm Chilling.

4:48 pm Nicole and Ameerah
Ameerah – People think this is a play ground
Nicole – suck my d1*k that’s all I have to say.. you rather us sit outside and have a secret conversation in front of everything..
Ameerah – I am so confused.. What is wrong with people in this f***ing house people are so f****ing emotional. (Rich)
Nicole – I don’t think Daniel knew you were the replacement.
Ameerah – I’m taking your word on it.
Nicole – if he would have known he would have totally told me.
Nicole – I don’t think anybody knew it was going to be you..
Ameerah says when they get further in the game players like Michael and Daniel “Can’t say Terrance anymore” will help them take out the guys
Nicole – that’s what I’ve been saying. I never for once had any question about this (Daniel) Allegiance to the two of us.
Ameerah wonders if Turner is a Big Brother super fan, “No f**ing way he’s pulling a wild card like that”.
Nicole – you don’t make this move like that if you don’t know this game.

Nicole – if we look at the numbers
Ameerah – Yeah I’m fine
Nicole – you’re fine.

Nicole – I’m so mad.. how do I vote you our or Terrance out.. that’s not fair to me.
Nicole – now I don’t trust anybody.. maybe Turner is taking a JAB at me (LOL WTF) He knows who im’ cool with
Ameerah – Yeah
Nicole – Joe is

Jasmine joins them.
Ameerah – I’m trying to get to the bottom why this happened..
Ameerah – I wonder who Turner is going to campaign against between me and Terrance.

Nicole – I’m so confused.. how the F*** did that happen. Who was talking shit on Taylor and shitting on her so bad that he felt bad about it.
Nicole – Indy.. the whole time.
Ameerah – she’s been talking shit about her. Indy hates her.. Daniel hates her.
Nicole – he made it very clear if had nothing to do with me
Jasmine – what’s the dogpile thing?
Nicole – there is someone else in this house that is talking shit on her
Ameerah – it’s not me
Nicole – and it’s not me
Ameerah – he hasn’t come talk to me at all.. Turner.
Jasmine – he probably thinks you should
Nicole – go talk to him
Ameerah – What do I have to talk to him for
Nicole – he put you on the block.
Ameerah – he has to come to me
Nicole – no take the initiative
Ameerah – help me guys

5:39 pm working out

5:40 pm Jasmine, Ameerah and Alyssa
Ameerah – I’m not 100% on Daniel, Nicole
Alyssa – when Indy was in here Nicole had to do damage control. she lied to her face soo good.
Jasmine – I’m sorry if Daniel knows something she knows something
Jasmine – she’s playing like she’s tryin to protect us.. I’m not buying it but I don’t want to be wrong.

5:57 pm Michael and Nicole
Michael – it’s easy when you’re on your couch. I can’t wrap my mind around the logic. that’s where I am having a problem. Well not everyone is going to play logically.
Nicole – my only logic is he’s playing for himself. He’s not going to tell anybody what he’s going to do.
Michael – he had six pairs to choose from this week.
Houseguests start to collect in the kitchen so the talk ends.

6:07 pm Alyssa and Ameerah
Ameerah – Taylor has a nice butt..
Alyssa – she ahs a great butt
Ameerah – crazy she’s still alone

6:09 pm
Joe – workouts in the sun HIT HARDER..

6:22 pm Ameerah and Alyssa
Ameerah – the guys are working together okay.. you know that right.
Ameerah – if I go PO’s Pack is just a cover of whatever they have going on.
Alyssa – you’re not going home

6:30 pm Alyssa and Indy
Alyssa says she’s worried that people think she had something to do with the nominations today because she was upstairs in the OH for hours. “Playing Checkers playing Chess.. he didn’t say anything to me”
Alyssa – people are acting weird..
Alyssa says Ameerah told her if she leaves then the guys are working together “She’s like I catch them up there late every night’
Feeds flip to a pool game.

6:50 pm Joe and Alyssa
Alyssa – I don’t talk a lot of game with Monte but I feel he’s someone I can trust.
Joe – you can trust both of us and I will give you something. I think Taylor.. she wants Monte and if you want Monte I’m going on the block.
Joe – I’ve been saying this since day one it’s week 3
Alyssa tells him she would never put him up.
Joe – if I win HOH she (Taylor) need to go. If I have to backdoor her.. Turner.. the only problem is I don’t want to put Jasmine up at all. I don’t want to risk jasmine. But after what Turner did today. He did not discuss this with me at all.
Joe – seeing Ameerah up there broke my heart but so did Seeing POOCH. I loved them both .

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Lol Simon, if we pretend that it is one of the old seasons where a houseguest and his/her allies targeted a houseguest on the other side by trying to send that person’s allies home, then Nicole’s statement holds water

un autre nom

I think Joe should back up and slow his roll on Alyssa/Indy targeting.
For his own safety.
IF he and Monte end up on the block… He’s going to need at least one of their votes.
Neither Indy nor Alyssa should be next on Joe’s list, they should be somewhere between 3-5 on the list.
I get the why. I just think he’s being myopic.

Daniel seems to be sucking back up to the guys. Is it self-preservation? OR, is it thinking he can influence the Oasis? Considering they now KNOW that Daniel created the OLDSKOOL? hmm. Definitely spread it to the house if it’s for influence. Heck, spread it anyway.

I’m perplexed by Ameerah’s talk on feeling targeted because she’s black, and understanding now why the Cookout had to band together…. and within sixty seconds knocking Taylor with a not vague colorist argument. Garnered a huge eyeroll.
The basics I felt? NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE WORDS, IT’S THE SENTIMENT It’s because I’m black but look at that black Detroit hood bitch, why isn’t it her? Did i misread the sentiments she was expressing?

As the house determines that it was INDY’S comments that constituted the DOGPILING… how is one person a dogpile? GTFO.


Could it be that, in his own way, he is trying to separate Indy and Alyssa? As far as Indy, while a number of them have gone after Taylor, I keep hearing references to Indy saying that she was going to “throw soup at her” (don’t know when Indy said it but if she actually does it she would be evicted) .

un autre nom

On day one of Indy as a havenot during her pouty tantrum, Taylor tasted the slop soup and said it tasted good. Indy took offense, and later said she wanted to dump the soup on Taylor. She then talked to Taylor about how it offended her.


Ok….I’m confused…why was Indy offended? She is Loco!!


I’m laughing Taylor was on the block two weeks No one cared she handled it these people keep crying now they know what it’s like to be on block they are crumbling at the seems Lmaoo

un autre nom

Day 20.

bb24 day 20.jpg





Ameerah is lying, she was targeting Turner. She told Jasmine that he needed to go, now that she is on the block, she has a totally different story, I really don’t feel sorry for her due to the way she was so cocky when other people were on the block, she did not care.

Nicole needs to be evicted next, I am so tired of how she is snapping at everyone, and now I see why her and Daniel are so good for each other. Both are delusional and think that everything is about them, ” I can’t believe Nicole told Ameerah that maybe this is a way for Turner to take a strike at her, by making her choose between Ameerah or Terrance “.

Really Nicole, Ameerah is on the block, you are safe, but this is about Turner taking a strike at you ? It is so fake how Nicole is totally overboard and so hurt and pissed off because Ameerah has been put on the block, I would not let Nicole talk crap and get nasty and sarcastic with me just because she is pretending to care so much about Ameerah and supposedly Terrance. That does not give her the right to treat people like crap !!

Nicole keeps saying suck my d@ck, what is wrong with her manly looking ar@se. She really does have anger management issues, control issues, everything is about me issues, Nicole needs to see how it feels to be on the block. I’m so over her and Daniel.

I cracked up with Daniel was talking about getting back in tight with the guys, he is a straight up floater ! He is no super fan, he plays a nasty petty personal attack game, there’s no strategy to his game play, he makes it totally personal, that’s why I don’t really respect his game play, Daniel does not come across as a kind person. He’s a Snake.

Ameerah is crazy, she feels Turner should come and talk with her, REALLY ? Remember, you and Turner do not talk game, so keep sitting downstairs crying, waiting for Turner to come talk game with you, but while you are waiting, you need to start packing so you are ready to leave on Thursday night after being evicted. See Ya…. don’t feel sorry for you, Turner took a strike at you, before you could take a strike at him, no Jury House for you.

The mean girls need to think back to how Taylor, Brittany & Michael acted when they were on the block, you did not see crying, insulting people, Nicole pacing and pretending she is so hurt and overwhelmed.

Get over yourself, the power has shifted, nobody in the house is afraid of the mean girls, Evil Elvis, Cruel Chef, the wannabe privileged group.


I totally agree!! It’s about time a blind side actually happens!! CC was so upset she was cleaning like crazy folding and refolding the same shirt like 5x. Wow she did alot of cleaning!! I wish that’s all I had to do is refold 1 shirt over and over and over again!! She does a great job!! Sick of her! So tired of Queen Squeaky and Evil Elvis!! Now they know how it feels to be backdoored!! Once you feel safe you’re out!!! Bout time!! I’m popping popcorn for Eviction night!!! If the misfit toys can actually pull this off? Bye
bye Ameerah, when you watch this back from your own living room you’ll realize you are one of the mean girls. A bully getting bullied aww poor baby, I don’t feel sorry for you!! Not


Awsome take…