Jackson to Holly “That’s not the first one of those comments you’ve said but it’s the f****g last!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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8:43pm Hammock. Jack and Sis. Jack – I hate that Sam was talking sh*t about me the other day. Sis – I know. I was really, really, really f**king shocked honestly. Jack – I wasn’t. It just sucked. Sis – is it hard for you to be like.. Jack – no I’m fine with it. Because I’ll win HOH and put him on the block next week. Sis – good plan. jack – I keep having to remind myself of 500 grand and that’s why I’m here. Sis – its just still so far away.

8:57pm Boat room. Nicole and Christie.
I am not going to the end with couples and I know that Bella is coming after me. For me using the power isn’t so much about protecting a person, as much as it is getting out a threat. I also do not want Bella in jury. I don’t think she is trust worthy and would mess everything up. If I won HOH, I would like to possibly backdoor one of the guys. I am terrified of it but I would do it. I would even throw it to you or Kat so that you could take the shot at the guys. I also told Cliff that if I had a dream team I would love it to be Me, Tommy, You, Kat, Jess, him. I would literally love that. Nicole – yeah, me too. Christie – I have just watched her (Bella) drive knives into people and friendships and drags everyone down. I can’t work with someone like that. Christie – I almost hope that if she does go that its like the reset button for Nick. I plan on working with you much farther than this week. I want to go to finals with you. I don’t want you to feel like you’re indebted to them. After this week you’re a free agent. If you voted against Jack this week it would be a disaster. Favor for favor.. done! Nicole – I want this HOH and I can assure you won’t go up. Christie – do you know who you would put up. Nicole – I have ideas but I am afraid of repercussions. Christie – Michie is not someone I want in this game long term. He talks down to girls. I really do think that Michie cast that vote (rogue vote) (it was Michie) to cast doubt on you. Christie – I was like I am not going to let this girl go down for it. I was like I’m not into it. F**k this! Nicole – I’m not laying on a sob story.. I have two other instances in my life where I became the ___ where I took it all up the a$$ so bad. And nobody, nobody gave a flying f**k! That’s why I took this so badly. I was in the DR like.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christie – just because Bella is the loudest one doesn’t mean she is right .. she is a snake! I almost feel sorry for her because when she gets out she is going to have it tough because bully is not a word that you throw around. I can’t tolerate it in this game and I can’t play along side her. She can’t get to jury. She doesn’t deserve to be there and she doesn’t deserve to cast a vote because it will be an emotional one. She will f**k the house up. Nick joins them and the conversation ends.

9:32pm Hammock. Holly and Jackson. Jackson – you were back and forth and back and forth. Holly – so your solution is to just okay cool bye. (end it) Jackson – please enlighten me, what other options are there? Holly – just be smarter about time and place. Thats the only thing that I was ever going back and forth about. Like maybe Holly wait until.. Jackson – I hate to break it to you but there is no time or place where there isn’t a camera or mic on us. Holly – yeah there are and its been fine. Jackson – there are still cameras and mic when you’re getting in and out of the HOH shower. Holly – whatever. Jackson – I am just saying I’m not going to do that and then you regret it because we got caught coming in and out of the showers. Holly – to me that’s different.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Holly – the damage so to speak has already been done. The only thing that I want to be more cognizant of situations moving forward so there is an adjustment phase. Jackson – the damage has already been done. Holly – I know. I think that you think I am stressing a lot more than I am stressing. Jackson – I think you are stressing more than you would admit. You’re a grown woman and you can make your own decisions. Just don’t go back and forth. its not fair to me to keep going back and forth. To make someone feel like the are a regret or a bad decision is not nice.

9:40pm Hammock. Jackson and Holly.
Jack flexing his abs and saying – you have any dirty laundry that needs to be done. Jackson – wow douche canoe. Jack – oh mister I was pulling on my skin in the mirrors when he first walked in. Jackson – I was because I was malnourished and dehydrated. I hadn’t eaten right in 9 or 10 days. Jack – you were chipped up from the hip up when you first came into this place. Holly peeks under Jackson shirt and says I know I miss that Michie. Jackson to Holly – F**K OFF!! Jack – we still love you all the same. Jackson – on that note I am going to bed. Jackson gets out of the hammock quickly and Holly falls out of it. Jackson looks back and then keeps walking. Holly – oh my gosh so angry! Jackson – not in the f**king mood with no sleep and no food. Jackson storms off and slams the backyard door. Holly – don’t make fun of the man’s abs. He is really actually mad. Never let him be on slop again. Holly to Sis and Jack – I was joking and lifted up his shirt and said I miss that Michie. Making an ab joke. Sis and Jack – oh!!! Holly – oh my god really!? Are we that vein?!

Holly follows Jackson up to the havenot room. Holly – I was kidding. Jackson – You’re good! I’m just going to bed. I am over it today. Holly – get some sleep. Jackson – I will. Holly – I was joking. Jackson – I know you are .. I am just over today as a whole. Jackson takes off his mic and throws it on the floor. Good Night I will see you in the morning. Holly – Geezz… just be in a better mood tomorrow. Jackson – that’s fine I don’t crack jokes especially if you have or have not had an eating issue or whatever in your past. People talk about eating disorders.. I don’t want to f**king talk about it! I don’t! I just want to go to bed! Seriously, goodnight. I want to go to bed. Holly leaves.

Holly then gets some of the slop cookies that Tommy and Kat created. She takes them up to Jackson with a glass of milk. Holly – okay, don’t shoot me. They made cookies. Jackson – I don’t want any seriously! Holly – they wanted you to have some cookies. Jackson – I don’t give a sh*t! I am going to bed! Holly – you know that was not.. Jackson – I’m good thanks though. Holly – oh my god why are you so angry. Why are you taking your anger out on me? That’s not fair. Jackson – I would explain but I don’t have a mic and there are also feeds. I don’t want to talk about it. Holly – do you want me to give you your mic so I can explain. Jackson – no I don’t, thanks though. Holly whispers you’re being an a$$hole. I did not remotely mean anything mean by that. Jackson – I don’t care. If you had an eating disorder for five years I wouldn’t talk sh*t to you either! Holly – you don’t know what I’ve had. Jackson – I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to go to bed. Holly – we can definitely talk some other time. Jackson – I’m good. I am not having this conversation again. Holly – you’re a stubborn little sh*t. Jackson – appreciate it. Holly – you’re so annoying. Jackson – you’ve made that clear. Holly hugs Jackson and tells him – you’re so annoying. You’re such a little f**ker. I will talk to you tomorrow. Jackson – I’m good. We’ve got the veto ceremony. Holly – I am going to kick your a$$. I am going to literally give you a slop pass because I know cranky from slop and not eating. Jackson – its not slop pass… there is a lot more to it that I am not going to talk about. Good night. We are not going to talk about this tomorrow or any time after. Holly – we don’t have to talk about this at all. Jackson – I know, we’re not going to. Holly – I was just saying I’m sorry for a rude comment. Jackson – you’re good. You’ve just managed to hit a couple nerves with me and I am not about to sit there and be a regret or mistake for someone but I am also not going to sit there and listen to that sh*t either. I am good. Holly – I said that as a complete joke because obviously. Jackson – I DON’T CARE! Holly – obviously that was a joke and I don’t think that even a little bit. Jackson – DON’T CARE! Holly – I don’t want you to misinterpret my words. Jackson – I’m not misinterpreting anything. See you tomorrow. You can roll your eye all you want to.. I don’t give a sh*t. You want my cold side to come out .. congratulations you got it! Holly – no I don’t want to. Jackson – its already out. Holly – sorry. I don’t like seeing you so frustrated. Jackson – you won’t have to. Holly – I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to bring you cookies.

Jackson – get your head in your game. Holly – it is. You’re a real jem you know that. You’re real sweet. Jackson – I’ve been sweet to you and look where its got me .. more regrets. Holly – you are completely misconstruing my words. Jackson – good night. Holly – you’re taking my words completely out of context. I did not say I regretted you. Jackson – you didn’t have to. Get some sleep. Holly – you too. Jackson – sleep isn’t going to change the way I feel. There are certain things that aren’t cool to me and certain lines that I don’t f**k around with .. so I will talk to you in the morning. Holly – I don’t f**k around with that stuff either .. that is so entirely not how I meant that.. at all. Jackson – that’s fine, that’s not the first one of those comments you’ve said but it is the f**king last! Holly – oh my what other comment have I made? Jackson – I’m done talking about it. Goodnight. Holly – we will talk about it tomorrow. Jackson – no we will not. Holly – Yes we f**king will if I am going to be in this house with you for 60 some odd days ..we will talk about it. And you will not be in a sh*t mood when we do. Jackson – I’m not in a sh*t mood. You just won’t have to deal with me. Holly – oh my gosh you are dramatic. Jackson – yeah dramatic is really going to help the situation. Holly – Jackson you are being dramatic. Holly – I said something insensitive, joking with you. Jackson – I don’t care. Holly – and you took it completely out of context way. Jackson – alright. Holly – and if we had an open honest conversation about it you would understand. Jackson – and if we did, you would too but that’s the nature of this house. And I would appreciate it if you don’t go down there and run your mouth about it either. Holly – clearly you don’t .. Jackson – I am just asking you not to. Holly – yeah will do .. Holly leaves.

9:38pm Nick and Christie.
Christie – I want to have a conversation with you that is more than just this. I don’t know what I am doing yet. This is so much pressure for me. Nick – just let me say my peace .. I know if you use it she (Bella) is going to go up. If this is the best move for your game then please do it. You have two more weeks right now and your name is starting to come up. Christie – that’s the thing.. I am her target and I heard her say it. Nick – I have to say that she said that the day after you blindsided me and I had just said how much I loved you and cared about you. Christie – but that energy has completely changed.. Nick – You don’t talk to her. You said that to her .. we don’t really talk. Christie – no I didn’t. She said to me that she is sketched out by me because we never talk game. I said its because we just have fun and talk about stupid stuff. Nick – you have to do what’s best for your game. You have two weeks left .. and next week is the last week before jury. And I would never let Bella put you up. I know you’re going to have to take that for what it is. Bella would not put you up. She was so upset that you guys blindsided me .. she was protecting me. Christie – I am also really scared that if I don’t use it Tommy is going to go up and that terrifies me. Nick – I can make that not happen if you trust me. Christie – I am not going to the finals with couples. I am not an idiot. Nick – you know if Jack doesn’t go this week you will never get him out. Christie – I am not continuing my game with the four. I genuinely love you and I feel that I could be with you in this game. Bella is making so many enemies. She is starting trouble with all the girls. Anyone that associates with her goes down. First it was Kemi, then it was Nicole, and I don’t want it to be me or you. And if we do want to make moves against couples I want to do it with you and I don’t trust to do it with Bella. Nick – okay. Christie – and I honestly don’t trust her in a jury house. She is reckless. I personally love Bella if I met that b***h in a club we would rock it the f**k out. Bella comes into the bathroom. Nick – if you go home next week you will regret it for the rest of your life. We can talk to Cliff together if you want. Christie – she is reckless. Nick – she doesn’t know how to play the game.

10:15pm Boat room. Nick, Sam, Bella, and Nicole. Nick tells Bella that she needs to talk to Christie and explain that she did say her name but that it was only because she was being protective of him. Nick – she told me that she was going to tell me tomorrow if she is going to use it or not. Nicole – she said that she won’t use it if Cliff puts up Bella anyway and then just not do it. Bella – Cliff said he wouldn’t do that? Nick – Cliff said he doesn’t want to because I would be mad at him… is what I heard. I told him that he could put up .. she (Christie) just doesn’t want it to be Tommy. So I said so tell her a different name. I’m sure he could say I’ll put up Bella and then just not do it. Sam – and then just put up Sis and we all vote to keep Sis. Nick – I’m not saying names anymore because I already got burned on that once. Nicole – Cliff is looking at it as a numbers thing. Nick – you know we can’t beat Jack. Nicole – I know. Nick and Sam coach Bella on what to say to Christie.

10:25pm – 10:55pm Hammock. Christie, Kat and Bella.
Bella asks if she can talk to Christie. Bella – so clearly these last few days have been uncomfortable and awkward ..I am kind of new to this game. I am trying to learn and be better. I did say that I want Christie to go up because I love Nick so much and I know that him and Sam trust you so much. Bella explains what Nick wanted her to say to Chrisitie. I was trying to protect him. I would never do anything. First of all Nick and Sam love you so much. Christie – Bella you were never on my radar. Bella – I would never do anything to ruin Nick or Sam’s game. I truly don’t .. I would never put you up. And Nick and Sam would never let me put you up. Christie explains how she doesn’t know if she will use it but will decide tomorrow. Bella starts crying saying that Nick had a really good chance at winning and now I’ve messed it up. Christie – Nick still does have a good chance at winning. Christie explains that she will not go to the end with couples. Bella – if I won HOH next week I would no way in hell put you up.

11:18pm Kitchen. Nicole and Jess. Jackson joins them. Jess comments on Jackson’s appearance. Jess – I am looking at Michie and seriously he looks like a different person to me. Jackson – I know, its not fun. Jess – I apologize if I keep staring at you but you look like you’re thinning out. You’re looking kind of a little bit younger almost. Like kind of a little bit more not boyish. Jackson – baby face. That’s what happens whenever I gain or lose weight. My face is the first thing to go. Jess – I just want to squeeze your cheeks!! Nicole to Jackson – I still think that you look like a gorgeous man so don’t worry about it. Jackson – appreciate it.

11:30pm Christie tells Jack, Tommy, Kat and Sis about the conversation with Bella and how awkward it was.

11:43pm Kitchen. Cliff, Nicole and Jess. Cliff – she is going to use her power and we won’t have the votes. We need to cut our losses and that might buy us.. Nicole – the only way around it would be to say yes you’ll put up Bella and then not do it. Jess – that would screw us over. Cliff – if I did that my word is gone. I am sticking by my word. Cliff then goes out to the backyard and tells Tommy, Kat and Jack the same thing about leaning towards putting up Bella. I don’t think anyone is upset. K

12:43am Bathroom. Christie and Jack. Christie – they went to Cliff and were trying to convince him to tell me that he is going to put Bella up and then not. And that is what made me decide … f**k them. So they literally sealed their own fate by that. So yeah you f**king pieces of sh*t!? Really!? You’re going to convince a 53 year old man of his word and f**k a little girl over. Like you’re a DOUCHE! Jack – youre a growna$$ woman. Give yourself more credit than that.

12:55am Bedroom. Kat, Holly and Christie.
Kat – we still haven’t talked. Christie – we’ve been literally trying to talk all day. Kat – you feel good about tomorrow? Christie – I feel 1 million percent good. Not even this much doubt. And we (Christie and Cliff) scheduled like a 10:30am meeting, handshake and then he is going to tell the house what’s happening. He is excited. Kat – this is what happens when you’re a good person. Christie – its not about being a good person .. its about how we all communicate as a team. And we’re all playing clean. And the universe rewards clean game play. I’m ready! I’m really excited. I’m going to rock it out. It might be a little awkward but we’re good. Honesty always wins.

1:36am Holly and Kat. Holly They talk about how Jaskson has a sh*tty attitude on slop.

2:30am HOH room. Bella and Cliff. Bella asks Cliff – would you be willing to ask Christie tomorrow, and be like hey I am feeling like an outsider would you be willing to save your power for two weeks? So that way she doesn’t use her power to put me up but then at the last minute not put me up and put up Sis instead? Cliff – I would consider it but if she makes me promise her .. there are some things I just won’t do. I will make that offer and consider it but there are somethings I just won’t do.

3:35am All the house guests are sleeping…

8:29 am Everyone still sleeping
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Bella is going on the block one way or the other. Cliff traded his HOH for 2 weeks safety and at best he burnt Jack’s power.


Hey cliff if you believe you’re safe for 2 weeks, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. He’ll probably be on the block this week if one of the 6 win. They’ll make up some story telling him sorry they had to do it. Then he’ll be sulking with the other misfits wondering why they didn’t put another 6 up, if the power isn’t used, or why they didn’t tie the vote to get Jack out, if the power is used and Bella is up, having Cliff breaking the tie and getting Jack out. Smh, what a wasted week

Fruit Loop Dingus

Yea, if the 6 Poopers keep their word… I doubt they will. Cliff should just bite the bullet, and throw Christie otb.


LOL, this group banished him, voted him out and now Cliff thinks he’s going to infiltrate them !!


he’s a dumbass!


I believe if you look back, after Cliff won HOH and put up the Jackasses…I said he wouldn’t go through with it, he would chicken out. They Might (doubtful) keep him safe for 2 weeks, but then he will be gone (if not before). Jeez Cliff! Grow some damn balls!

The Corey's

Am I missing something or is cliff really gonna back door bella without even making Christie use her power to do it?



Yes he does


Seems production has grabbed the wheel for some reason. There is no logical reason Cliff would nominate the two guys and completely abandon the shot at the six. He can’t salvage a relationship with them at this point. If he puts up Bella, it’s because production told him to and he has no interest in actually playing the game. I REALLY hope Cliff is going full tilt to make sure everyone believes he’ll put up Bella so no one gives Christie a “feeling” and she gets paranoid and uses her power.

Franks fumes

They aren’t even going to try and rally the votes to get Jackhole out…..thats weird….

Guy From Canada

I find it weird too. Ten people voting, could be a split vote but Kat (the swing for a tie) wants Bella out cause she is toxic. So if Bells is up, the 5/6 plus Kat she is out. If only they negotiated with Kat or talked more game they could get a Jack Hole out… the week is young though…..


I don’t think he is putting Bella up. I think he will choose Kat. Her vote is sketchy and this way he can be sure of Bella’s vote and get out Jack. But I’m not positive on that.


This would be a great idea!


I don’t think Kat’s name has come up. It’s been mostly Bella or one of the six (Tommy/Sis).

Franks fumes

Crusty just highjacked Cliffs HOH…..another wasted opportunity but this time because someone lost their balls……..or production took them I’m not sure lol.


Surely he’s not dumb enough to put Bella up ! He needs Nick to be on his side and that would def cause a division between them . I might have missed a few conversations but I know ay one time if Christie didn’t use her power he was going to put up Holly or Sis


He really is between a rock and a hard place. Cliff is giving it all a lot of thinking ?.


If he does, and Jack or Jackson (hell any of the 6) win HoH I guarantee he goes on the block, they aren’t going to hold themselves to some “deal”. I don’t understand why he’s trying to pander to the 6, screw them they just voted you out my man. If Christie doesn’t use her power, he better do the only logical thing and put one of the 6 up, if he doesn’t he deserves to go. Dang it, there’s nothing worse than when the underdogs have the upper hand and squander it away by being complete idiots and not wanting to create waves on the other side- so frustrating!!!

N Hayden

Join the discussion…They should put up Tommy and that way Dumb Ass Jackson goes home ,


Jackson won the veto. Jack will remain on the block, not Jackson.


Seriously people? Y’all sound like Nick & Bella. If he lets Christy use the power Bella is going up and the numbers from both sides take her out. If he puts up someone else then the numbers may take jack out but his game is toast. Everyone acts like he shouldn’t be considering his longevity. It’s not how he wanted it but he took a big shot. If Nick , Sam or anyone else wants jack out let them make power moves…he tried & is reconfiguring his plan.


Jackson made comments pre-entry about how he won’t be able to lift the same weight during workouts while in the house. Add in the muscle mass drop in the past month….Jackson got no “juice” in the house?


Doubtful. He’s kinda small to be on the gear. Although he probably takes something like clen to stay lean.

I’d imagine it’s hard to maintain muscle mass in the BB house due to the food available, lack of quality sleep and limited gym equipment/weights. I think they only give them a bench and some dumbbells, not a lot of substantial weights either.

Guy From Canada

For being a gum rat for almost 20 years, alot of it is form. And the equipment in the bbusa house has way more weight to it then the bbcan house where the biggest dumb bell was 35 lbs…..bbcan they kept in decent shape through those 2 months…. but then again Demetres did ” start to lose his shit” in there ha ha….

Franks fumes

That’s only one of the reasons Jackjaw is an a$$hole.


Jackson’s a big baby. Whoa’s me he’s losing weight because he’s on slop. Suck it up you twat, you knew that was a pat of BB. But the way the 2 Jack’s talk to all the women in the house is disgusting. I want them both gone along with Christie.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

But Holly won’t have sex with him now.How much can one man take?


Yup, he also said he wouldn’t ever be one of those guys who was caught doing “extra curricular activity” in the house – but he’s not only done it with one but two females. The first he punked & got mad when she said something (and tbh — Kat rolled with the punches better than most based on how he spoke/treated her). Holly clearly isn’t a super fan b/c someone (maybe Tommy) brought her up to speed on live feeders & how videos of previous hamsters “engaged in extra curricular” are all over the net.

THAT freaked her out & she tried to discuss it with J-hole. It pissed him off & suddenly b/c she wasn’t being “accommodating” (read: controlled by him) he told Jack & I think Christie was also there how he was going to back off her now. He was waiting for any little thing she did or said to use it as his excuse to go off on her. Reminded me of those people who kick their dogs b/c they’re taking out their anger on a helpless animal.

Odds are Holly won’t just roll with the punches, however, and is already sidling up to Kat. Funny if you recall when Jack-hole was complaining about Kat & trying to switch his showmance to Holly she was equally a part of being rude to Kat calling her exhausting etc. J-hole better be prepared to take some shots back though if he gets mouthy, rude, condescending to Holly b/c she’ll come at him.


Was buying in to everything you’re saying up until you mentioned someone kicking their dog just to let their aggression out. I feel like that’s just believing the domestic abuse story, when as of now, there’s no fact to it. The other things you mention in this post seem right on…but ya lost me there.


Are you dumb? You’re saying people don’t abuse animals?


No are u? I’m saying that the people who abuse animals are sick in the head. I’m saying that I don’t see the comparison she made.


Jackson has absolutely been verbally & emotionally abusive in that house. I don’t know how or why that was lost on you. The rest of us “get it”.


So glad the rest of yall “get it.” I was not making a statement about him as a person or how he’s been. I was simply expressing MY opinion that the abusing a dog comparison did not make sense to me.

J e t s jets jets jets

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And watching Jackson these last couple of weeks I haven’t seen anything that makes me not believe the abuse rumors.


didn’t I see a post of his multiple arrest records for domestic violence? I’d say that’s proof!

BB Casting Call

We hope! Maybe if Holly comes at him and talks to Kat about everything he’s said, the entire house will flip on him?


yes and in turning on Jackson, they also turn on Jack and side with the others to vote him out!


I’m down for that!

another name

The guy who said the 53 year old was too fat to compete in the veto is whining about body comments? Oh bliss.
Having body dysmorphic tendencies doesn’t give carte blanche to being an asshat.
I am SOOOO tired of what appears to be an entire cast placating and making excuses for one person.
I am even MORE tired of production evidently doing the same by golden editing his crap.
Just guessing here: the veto was one of those individually competed and “timed” comps nobody actually saw?


Just curious who, in the house, placates or makes excuses for Michie? I feel like nobody in the house does that…if anything…they say/do the opposite. Jack might be the only one…but he doesn’t make excuses…he just goes silent when others say things.


Clearly you are not watching the same feeds & show the rest of us are. Jackson has been a disrespectful pig to the women while just being a condescending douche bag to everyone in the house, hoarding food for himself (he is ALWAYS eating), and being crybaby about not being able to keep up his muscle mass. Checkout the popularity standing…..he’s nearly dead last!


Oh jeeze…you’re one of those people who just demonize people who have differences of opinion. I’m guessing you assume that you are open minded and tolerant too?? Next time you comment…read carefully and try to process what they are talking about. I was not saying Michie is a good dude…or respectful…or anything like that. All I said was….I didn’t see people in the house placating him or making excuses for him.

another name

when the house is a whole is okay with one person dictating what they may eat, allowing him to make the special request food list, etc. they are placating him. Especially when he is dictating their food, while eating over 20 times a day. when he has been over the top or poor tempered, each of Kat or Holly or Jessica or Sis or even Christie to an extent have excused his behavior as long as it wasn’t aimed at them personally (oh he’s tired, oh he’s hungry, oh he has been on lockdown for three days, oh he hasn’t been able to work out. All have been used after he dropped his nice guy mask). They make excuses for his behavior. The main reason Jack is silent… he’s been saying or doing the same things.


Ok bella is evicted! Yes!


Bella will not get to the end. Let her stay and break up six shoots. She will continue to target them if she gets HOH next week and then take her out. She can’t win so why not keep her?


I take back the Christie delusional line (or pot meet kettle) of the day to replace it with this ditty:
Re: Bella not deserving to make jury —- “She doesn’t deserve to cast a vote because it will be an emotional one.”

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s hard to believe Jackson could have a domestic violence charge against him.

Franks fumes

True he shows none of the traits of a woman beating turdboy….

Joe from OHIO

The key to forcing the house’s hand would be if Cliff were to convince Chrusty to not use the power and then nominate Kat.
Bella, Nick and Sam would all vote out Jack.
Nicole would vote out Jack.
Jess who is the swing vote is forced to keep her Bff and vote out Jack.
Now you have a 5-5 tie which goes to Cliff.

Bonus: The couples all vote against Kat further alienating her from their side and pushing her to Cliff n Friends.


actually not a bad call.


I actually like this plan.


Cliff is going to keep his words to the outcasts and not put up somebody who already has been on the block

Franks fumes

I’m sure Cliff ran this scenario through his head but production nixed it….they love them some Jackasses.

another name

Cliff has been keeping Kat in the loop and trusts Kat more than he does Bella. There is no way he would put her up, after promising her she was safe this week, and telling her his thought processes.
He would have to get Kat to volunteer. That isn’t happening.

Let’s just go through the save Bella argument: has she been loyal to anyone? Her closest loyalty has been to Sam, not Nick. Sam wins more comps. She actually plotted with Sam the eventuality that Nick would be evicted sooner than later. Let’s say that the misfit group saves Bella. How many hours after the next HOH is she whispering in ears an exaggerated version of what each of the misfits might have said? How long before she’s telling Tommy that his name came up, or Sis, or Holly. She would tank Jess and Nicole and Cliff in a hot minute. She’s the scorpion in the old fable.
Saving a number that has jumped more ships than scurvy is dangerous when you can’t actually depend on the vote as a number going forward.
Practically all viewers of feeds hate Jack. Accepted as fact. Practically all viewers of feeds think Bella is a snake. Accepted as fact. Practically all viewers of feeds hate the 9/8/6. Accepted as fact. As long as Bella exposes what the 9/8 had to say about the misfits when she gets paranoid, and what the 6 have said about each other when she gets desperate, we are guaranteed more drama and more cracks in the alliance. When she’s on the block and trying to get one more vote, what are the chances that Nick and Bella expose all of Christie’s anti-couple talk? She said it to them. Bella on the block is likely to give us funfeeds albeit howly shrieky funfeeds. Whichever of Jack or Bella leaves…. i’m good.


Yup, I said pretty much the same thing earlier. It’s too bad Cliff let TPTB influence his HOH but if the underdogs are going to lose a player Bella is the best one to leave (although Jess for entirely different reasons gives her a run for the money lol).


So Jackson and Holly is over?


Probably not. Jackson just uses tantrums to control people.

Nick's Dirty Scrunchie

He probably learned it from his father and perfected it on his mother!

From his creepy intro video on premiere night: “Chocolate milk, sweetie?”


damn it cliff. you’re as bad at this game as i feared you were.


I’m just really, really hoping the talk is just because no one shuts up about what they know…we’ll find out tonight I guess.

King Silva

Fuck Cliff is an idiot.

I knew him winning HOH wasn’t going to work out.

He pussied out and took the deal (one that is WAY too good for the other side)….

Like WTF; how does one start the week like an absolute stud winning your way back in the game, winning HOH, and making the biggest move by nominating the most dominant men in the game but end the week as an absolute prison bitch?!

I hope he goes next week instead of Nick or Sam.

He seriously should have pulled a Jennifer Vasquez and said what had to be said to then do what you wanted and double crossed them. Sure most hated her but a lot like(d) him and if he went against his word even after swearing on his kids/God oh well. It is a game and he is doing it to get out one of the most insufferable douchebags of all time. Everyone knows that Jack will be super hard to get out any other moment so WTF you already took the shot. The prey is injured now go for the kill shot!

I would have told my family beforehand if I gotta swear on your lives oh well if it gets me closer to the money; you’ll forgive me. People’s families should know beforehand and give their blessings because it means nothing. Don’t be superstitious. That shit means nothing. $500,000 does though.

God I’m so irritated with this old pussy fart!

Franks fumes

Judas swore on the Bible …..and everyone loves him……

Guy From Canada

You need a Greek reference, we worship the Kraken on here ?


One could argue if it wasn’t for Judas, Christianity never would have had the martyr it needed to launch its religion into superstardom. Judas was just doing God’s work.

Franks fumes

That’s heavy but I was referring to past winner Dan and the old man Jerry from a past season….Dan swore on the Bible to Jerry then broke his word then Jerry called him Judas……


He has to consider all his options & what is best going forward. Flushing Christie’s power would be good but also makes his HOH useless. Promising to put up Bella so Christie doesn’t use the power, smart & leaves him in control. But he has to think about his future in the game. It’s so easy to sit on the internet & say what you would do, when you’re not the one actually playing for $500K.

BB Viewer

Let’s make the point clear. If Cliff doesn’t get one of the Six Shooters out of this game during his HOH, he will NOT be playing for the $500,000. He will be gone next week.


The conversation between Holly and Jackson was scary. What a jacka@@. He is whining about the slop and losing muscle mass. Then complaining because she is tired of being caught in bed having sex with him on camera. And of course, all of this is her fault. Finally she is nearly begging him to forgive her. That bit of film could be used in a class on bad relationships and how to spot them.
The narcissism of the Jacks is beyond belief.


He is repulsive, I hope all his potential future girlfriends watch this footage and stay away. He is showing who he truly is, believe him. He’s an absolute total douche

Bullies SUCK

Roid rage withdrawls

Club H.O.H

Personally I think Beth the Old Hag deserved that. Man she didn’t get the clue! I said it weeks ago- once he’s had her he’ll be done with her. That’s her Karma for slut shamming Kat. It’s also obvious LEGO face still likes Kat. Also Cliff just wasted his HOH.

Dalia Hobelman

Rip Cliff had high hopes for you…so scared to make big moves lie say your gonna out up Bella and surprise everyone and put up Tommy or Christine who cares about the backlash they want you out anyway and if one of them win you won’t even be allowed in the house room geeze


Perfect scenario would be Christie doesn’t use her power and Cliff puts HER up ! That way the power is gone, and what an epic battle between Jack and Christie trying to campaign against each other. One can only hope !

Bullies SUCK

That would be beautiful game play. Nick and Bella would be epically loyal. The six would be PISSED, but well worth it.


I agree they would be pissed, but surely he knows he has no place for him in the six .


Six gonna be pissed no matter what. Might as well get one out. They already know he tried but Michie winning and christines power messed it up.


Unfortunately, Bella has proved herself NOT to be loyal over and over again……I , for one will not miss her if she goes this week. The other hg are spot on with not wanting her in jury…..was hoping for wah-wah crybaby Michie to go this week, but since he’s not, I’m good if Hella goes too


I agree about Bella, I was just hoping for Jack to get out pre jury. I’m rooting for a Nicole or Sam to win HOH and finally seeing either Jack/Jackson out the door. If Christie does use her power at least they won’t have that to bail them out

Bullies SUCK

I won’t miss her either. I just hate the thought of giving the six all of the power again. Not to mention the JJ testosterone will be flowing like the Mississippi when neither go home. They will convince everyone that it is time to get the “old guy” out. They will make Cliff public enemy number one who “actively went after both sides of the house”.


What is the point of Cliff making a deal with Christie to NOT use her power and put up Bella by saying he will put up Bella? Makes no sense. If Bella is going up either way why not just let Christie use her power to flush it out. Then all the powers are gone.

Although I want Bella gone, I think I would rather see Jack leave first. It would be awesome is it’s a 5 /5 tie and Cliff has to break the tie and sends Jack home. Thank would be a great ending to his epic week.

Bullies SUCK


‘I’ll put her up.’

‘I never said I wouldn’t send Jack home!’

Jack leaving is so much better for Cliff’s game. Cowboy up!!


I don’t care for Bella but they are all talking crap about her game play and they are all doing the same thing to her behind her back ?
And let’s not forget the hole argument between Bella and Nicole was over their lies and telling Bella Nicole was the one who lied to her not them ???????????????I’m not even sure Bella and Nick has figured out that Nicole was telling the truth
But then again I can’t figure out any of this cast
Can we bring back David ??

Bullies SUCK

Bella and Nick were figuring things out on their own prior to Nicole confirming what they already were afraid of. Nick never believed Jackson’s whole BS story about Nicole being the rogue vote. It was easier for them to believe that Nicole was lying and that they were just being paranoid about their “alliance”. Now, Bella was being really shady. She befriended nearly everyone strictly for information and then couldn’t keep her trapper keeper shut. The girl, Sis, Holly, and Christine all protected themselves when confronted about Nicole’s accusation. Net-net, Bella is shady, no two ways about it and the six got her to amp up her shadiness.

For me, this Veto is a tipping point for the season. If Bella goes up and goes home, we will go back to watching the six run the show…YAWN! The best we could hope for then is that their infighting tears them apart. Jackson/Holly, Jack/Sis. Tommy and Christine seem rock solid, though Christine is an emotional roller coaster.

Cliff MAY be safe for one week next week, but that is questionable at best. He time is at about two weeks, unless he survives next week (how dare he defend his own position in the game), and wins HOH in two weeks. Otherwise, Boss Hogg will be quickly on his way out the door.

Sadly, if Bella goes, it will be a wasted HOH for me. This was the week to get one of the power players out. Bella has value as a final two. No one likes her except Nick.


Personally I think Cliff is playing it smart. He is getting safety for a week or two. That will give him time to strengthen other bonds. Getting Bella could be good for his game, esp with no one being mad at him about it. Nicole, Sam, Jess- they don’t want to work with Bella. He will have a stronger team with her gone.


If Cliff let’s Christie keep her power and puts Bella up, Cliff is at best barely making jury. The six have no interest in working with him, they’ve made virtually no effort up to this point. They voted him out last week for no other reason than to blindside Nick. Cliff will have no safety as the 6 aren’t going to keep their word.


True…but up to this point…Cliff wasn’t playin the game, so why would people have had interest in working with him. Like Ovi, he was just a floating appeaser. It took him getting voted out to light a fire. I can see them getting Bella, Nick, Sam, Nicole, and Jess out, all b4 him. But it is true, that at that point…if they are in power, his game is done.

Franks fumes

Nothing smart about leaving both Jackasses in the house…….


I don’t like Jackson, but to be fair he told Holly several times to leave him alone. Personally, I absolutely hate it when I am in a pissy mood and someone wont’ leave me alone. Following me around, trying to force me to talk when I have stated I want to be alone and I want to go to sleep, is the best way to ramp up my pissy mood.


That’s fair – when I say I want privacy it’s exactly what I want. The problem with that scenario is she tried to leave the room twice after he said it & then he started in again with comments making her stop before leaving. He wants privacy BUT he ALSO wants to control her as displayed by that action. Leave – no wait let me put you down/scare you some more x 2, okay NOW you can leave. That’s what went down.


Jackson must not be very good at “relations.”


I am still holding out some hope that Cliff is just telling people what they want to hear in hopes Crusty doesnt use her power so he can name the replacement. Not looking good though….




I’m not even going to get excited about a possible flip that has Jack going. If Cliff puts up Bella which I think he will she’s gone. Fast forward to Thursday, please.


This went from best week ever to worst pretty fast, I hope Cliff proves me wrong


If he does, your liver will start screaming…I had such high hopes when he nominated the two Jackholes. It just seems too much of a shift not to be DR driven.


LOL Holly actually thinks she’s going to be in the house for 60 something more days when in reality Jackson would vote to evict her this week if she was on the block just to save his boy Jack.


That Jackson and holly conversation was literally the worst thing I have ever heard in this show.


My updated rankings are purely based on game play, and non-game play (also, my opinions are only based on what I witness from the live feeds, realizing these people could be completely different outside this game):

#1 Cliff – Some may view his change of targets as stupid, but I see it as complete consciousness and superb self-control. He knows he doesn’t have the votes to evict Jack unless he puts Tommy on the block. But, he sees this as too risky and Kat (the one he is working with most right now) does not support that decision because of its long-term negative impact (losing Tommy as an ally). He also agrees that Bella is a liability in this game…so not a bad alternative. Cliff completely understands the need to float with the tide, rather than against (something that will bury the JJ’s games, since their egos control their play) Cliff’s fluidity… understanding which cards to hold and which to fold will win him this game, as long as he is able to stay off the block. I adore Cliff. Should he have put up Tommy and secured a solid elimination in Jack? Maybe, but Cliff recognizes this game as a marathon, not a sprint. His patience is admirable.

#2 Tommy – He remains my #2 because of his character and low lying position. Sure, he played skunky with the Nicole bashing and he has played more to the nasty egomaniacs than I would like. But, it’s not WHO he is, and he has apologized to those he truly cares for and explained his game plan. Tommy is still in a great position, and I see him going really far.

#3 Kat – I never would have imagined that Kat would move up this far in my rankings. Yet, this Texas girl does have a solid footing. She understands the power of her social connections and plays up her dumb blond act perfectly. She has been underestimated a lot, and now she has a solid partnership with Cliff (one with Holly; one with Jackson; one with Jess; and one with Nicole). She truly is pretty smart, and I like where she is at in this game.

#4 Nicole – I truly appreciate Nicole for coming in to this game insistent on remaining who she is. Her naïve nature has hurt her more times than not, but she has recovered with the luck on her side. Nicole is good people. We need more people in the world like Nicole, and I imagine that her family is hugely proud. Nicole has suffered low self esteem to a point that she has become a wallflower most of her life. I hope this experience brings her to the forefront with the confidence of knowing that the loudest in the room is not necessarily the one the crowd wants to hear. I love this girl!

#5 Sam – His position in the game is at risk right now, but I can see him pulling out the next HOH and taking back a solid footing. Sam is well aware of the heavy baggage he is carrying in Nickella, but he will still play his own game. Sam has won two POVs and I see more comp wins in his future. Sam has secured positive relationships with Nick, Cliff, Nicole and Sis. I do not understand his disdain for Jess, and I almost feel he is using her (the bashing and such) to deflect his targets from JJ in the eyes of the Quad (Jack/Sis and Jackson/Holly).

#6 Jess – She holds this spot because I just don’t care for any of the others. Jess is hard to listen to with the word “like” being every third word. And I really hate the way she has played the last few weeks. But, I dislike her less than the others.

#7 Christie is such a disappointment to me. Her mouth is so big Sam could drive his truck right through and never even hit teeth. Her word means N O T H I N G!!!! What a sad story she has turned out to be this season. I’m no longer a fan.

#8 – Jack has severe sleep apnea, and maybe that can explain his “ways”. I’m not a fan. I wish he would allow his beard to grow back. I have a feeling this guy has a lot of dark secrets that could frighten little children and make little old ladies shake their cane when he comes near. *cane at the ready*

#9 – When I think of Nick, I see a drowning puppy trying desperately to tread water, while all the other pups watch from the side unwilling to truly help him because he is as bad for their game as Bella. His crass manners and overall vibe is unpleasant, and I hope he gets booted soon. The only value in the game to me is his vote helping the ones I truly root for. Still, I think they could do fine without him. Any man who blames his failing game on a woman is a NO in my book.

#10 – Holly talks mad smack about everyone. I see her as a girl that lacks so much self-esteem, she must find fault in everyone else in order to accept herself. She is completely expendable at this point and useless as a jury member.

#11 – Sis has not won a thing. When she does, maybe she will move up. She is gorgeous and sweet one minute then acrid and spiteful the next. She has a lot of growing up to do. Her match with Jack may be perfect, after all. Too emotionally unreliable to be a jury member, IMHO.

#12 – Bella’s demise is her own doing. There is little to appreciate about Bella with the way she has played this game. I’m glad she found her soulmate in Nick.

#13 – Jackson is in last place for me now because of his disgusting treatment of both Kat and Holly. He is a petulant child regarding the whole ‘sex on feeds fight’ with Holly. He treats Kat like crap, and he seems to have convinced himself that he has everyone under his control. I really dislike this guy. He is just the biggest asshat….good thing he will always have his mama’s love. I’d like to see him up on the block and out next week. Can’t believe I, actually, prefer Jack to this jerk.

Some of my early favorites quickly dropped to the bottom half of my list. My ideal eviction this week would have been Michie then Jack. My dream jury would include my #3-9, but I’d be happy with any of my #1-5 winning this game.


I agree with your rankings, I just hope Sam wins hoh this week and keeps the game interesting. I like the fact that he’s kind of in with both sides by being himself, not by being a rat and two faced .


Get Bella out

J e t s jets jets jets

Omg Christie talking about being honest is hilarious.

Ovi's tongue

Cliff’s been co-opted. Time to flush.



Hahaha, Christie is bringing the delusion as always, that is the one thing we can count on her for


Hey, Christie, the fans are almost universally against sh1tshooters. I’m sure this is the first time all the sites popularity ratings are in line.

Feeds Gold

i am so frustrated with nicks dumb play by throwing sis name to christie to go up

bella really has destroyed nicks game

sis is fed up with being bottom of six shooters and christie playing all sides

i wanted to eventually see sis/nick/sam form a trio to go against christie and her side alliances

nick/sis have a genuine personal connection but so many have done so much to try to sabotage that

if nick/sam dont dont repair things with sis its just going to make it an easier cakewalk for christie down the line

im bored of christies fake schmooze game with everyone and her micro managing and dictating everything(shades of paul)

it will be interesting to see if nick tries to do damage control post veto ceremony

once bella goes the person most loyal to him is sis and i want to see that continue for the good of the season to keep things unpredictable

Feeds Gold

people going off on cliff…

he has played well this week for his own personal game and appears to have the loyalty of most of the house now

only nick/sam will be pissed at him

look at cliffs position now just 4 days after being evicted

J e t s jets jets jets

I still don’t trust anyone of them to keep their word. I think Jackson will put Cliff and Nick up if he’s HOH.

Feeds Gold

i think they keep their word…cliffs loyal, prudent, trustworthy(perfect qualities of a team player/alliance member) and is in it for the long game

Feeds Gold

who is going to be the person to eventually go against christie and when will that happen? are we looking at another paul situation?

Feeds Gold

nicole could have joined six shooters after they saved her but stupidly wouldnt confirm if she would vote with them

six shooters want to essentially replace the disloyal nick/bella with 2 loyal players kat/cliff to perhaps form a new 8


There was no point, she knew she’d be disposable in their group. She’d also be aligned with 3 pairs and a group that already targeted her and the only reason she was saved was so Nick, who leaned to Cliff going, knew they weren’t part of the club anymore. Nick didn’t really care too much who went last week.

Feeds Gold

its still not very smart of nicole, she essentially wanted to remain an outsider

cliff played very smart this week…he took a shot at the jacks, it didnt work, and he realised the prudent play is to align with six shooters, and he seems to be in their good graces…that will get him alot further than being a continual outsider/pawn


I don’t know why I keep hitting refresh on my phone to see if the POV results are posted, pretty sure I’m going to be disappointed when I see the results !


Ok in what world does Christie live in that she thinks she has played a clean and honest game.

Feeds Gold

a very spiteful nick and sam: “im putting up christie and tommy next week”


thats what i wanna see

nick: “this is gonna be like bb19 paul”

he thinks jack is the paul…no nick, its christie

another name

Realizing that Nick and Bella were the Matt and Raven, but are now the Mark and Elena in that scenario would most likely make me think Nick actually has self awareness.

Feeds Gold

yes but its amazing to me he cant see christie is completely controlling almost every decision and the game overall and that jack is just a mere minion

Feeds Gold

looking forward to the eventual nick/sis one on one(if the house let them) for nick to explain himself

it might have to wait until thursday as bella will be ball and chaining him the next 3 days

if im sis i wouldnt get mad – i would be sad when chatting with nick about him throwing her name out and try secure his and sams loyalty as they have nobody else…that way in the coming few weeks sis is covered by her new group of 8, plus if nick/sam win they wouldnt put her up(and if jess/nicole won i think they go after bigger targets and males before her)

Feeds Gold

cliff pinning it on christie to bella/sam who are ok with him

nobody mad at cliff lol…well played

Jennifer Cote

uhhhh….he totally should have put up Christie!

?? Reality TV

I can see that I’m in the minority, but I believe Cliff made a good deal if the 6 play with any integrity, which is certainly questionable. He knows he’s at the bottom of the pool, so why not try and save himself for two more weeks? Things change on a dime in the house and it’s totally plausible that he can get into a much better position in that time.


I just read somewhere that Jackson was caught eating in the HOH shower, violating the HaveNot rules.