Michie and Holly Flip? “If they’re smart enough to be thinking long term, not these next couple weeks”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson Bella
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson used the Veto on himself Cliff nominated Bella

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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Started the feeds to this. It’s some fashion show. (hopefully, BB saves it for the None Thursday TV broadcast)

2:17 pm Cliff and Nick
Nick – I would put up Christie/Sis or Christie/Jack, I don’t know if I want Jack to play
CLiff was thinking of not putting up Jack and backdooring him.
Nick – Christie is 100% going up if I win (NICK FOR HOH)
Nick – she’s been cocky again, oh no one will ever put me up. She just said it again today. I’m going to have it (her power) for double eviction. I’d love her to eat her words.
Cliff – Bella was giddy talking about it and if she can make it work it would be HUGE
Nick – bro 5-5, I said if it goes 5-5 and Cliff goes Sorry Bella I’ll f*ing walk out the door with you
Cliff – yeah, No. Here’s the deal if it gets to that point and I didn’t go ahead and pull the trigger and make it happen not only have I screwed you over, I’ve also screwed over Jess, and Nicole, and Michie and Holly to some respect. Everyone who stuck their neck out this plan suddenly is done.
Cliff – I don’t see how I couldn’t do it

Cliff says Christie promised him safety for 2 weeks
Nick – I don’t blame you for taking it
Cliff – Yeah, if I didn’t do it. If she worked her magic and got it to 5-5 and I didn’t do it anyone watching out here what would they think of me
Nick – they would like WOW
Cliff – for taking my shot then backing off at the last minute (ZOMG)
Cliff says it’s Michie and Holly that need to Flip to make it happen, “It depends on how they want to play the game”
Cliff – If they’re smart enough to be thinking long term not these next couple weeks (ZOMG)
Nick – they could easily pin it on Kat and Jess
Cliff – ohh I know
Nick – Kat came up to me told me, You won’t be my target if I win. She’s like I got a plan (She wants Jackson out)
Nick – she’s like you might have to go up as a pawn but you’re not my target.. I was like OK
Nick – I expect to go up unless me, Sam or Nicole don’t win and even if we do I expect the power to be used to put one of us up

Cliff – do you think her power extends two weeks or 2 more evictions
Nick – she’ll have it two more evictions, she’ll have it for the double

Nick – she said it downstairs I’m having it for the double
Nick – if Christie goes up she would have to go I would almost consider putting Tommy up next to her as a replacement nom
Nick – She literally said to Tommy downstairs “no one will ever vote you out .. imagine if she eats her words. I’ll have it for double eviction and no one will vote you out. Could you imagine she goes up he’s the replacement and she goes”

Cliff – It sounds outrageous but that needs to happen is one of us win the HOH (Man if only someone on Cliff’s side had won the HOH)
Nick – and the veto because of that f*ing power
Cliff – and the veto

Nick – could you imagine if Christie and SIS who would Jack vote out
Nick points out that for the last 4 years the person that won the first HOH did well in the season.
Cliff – she worries me

Jack joins them



2:52 pm Everyone still getting ready for the fashion show.

Sam is making a rocket to blast out

4:30 pm The fashion show is over (Jessica wins)

4:50 pm Christie, Nicole and Cliff
Nicole doesn’t want everyone to pin a rogue vote on her. Christie tells her they won’t every vote has a face this week.
Christie pours scorn over Nick Jackson says she now knows who her target is.
Christie goes on about how Classy JAck is being on the block.

Cliff – there’s no way Bella will get the votes .. it’s just her grasping a little bit

5:06 pm Tommy, Sis, Christie
Christie – she’s a nervous wreck she is terrified that Bella seems very confident some of us will flip which makes sense because that’s what Jackson told her. (Bella)
Christie – I promised, you have my word no one is flipping
Christie – you have my word if the vote is announced and the numbers are off I will personally stand up and I will say something (Ohh dear.. she will say something)

Holly joins them.
Sis says even if Nicole flips there are just 3 votes.
Holly – she’s thinking that Jackson and I
JAck joins them..

6:25 pm Bible reading

6:37 pm Jack and Jessica
Jack is campaigning saying he’s honorable and he has integrity
Jack – to me I’m just a guy that wants to make it through the game and for you to be protected.
Jack – I respect you. you deserve my time to speak to you

Jack says there’s no six it only got together to save Nicole last week
Jessica – Yeah
Jack – we walked away from that vote and were like OK how to we reestablish our game and make new relationships in this game
Jessica – yeah

Jessica admits she’s not playing a great game.
Jessica – I just don’t want to be deceitful
Jack – you are an incredible person I’m so glad I’m locked in here with you I’m so excited to spend the time I have left here
Jessica says she’s voting to keep jack. They hug.

7:00 pm Feeds flash to this …

7:33 pm Eating and Chatting ….

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Jack voted out would be amazing ! But I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet !

Dalia Hobelman

Considering none of them can keep dam mouth shut


I could see Cliff siding with Jack and voting out Bella if it’s tied. I mean he’s already proven to cower when it matters most


That should be a funny comment, but it’s probably true !


Dang it Cliff, why, oh why did you sh*t the bed this week? We could’ve had Christie on the block right now being feeds gold, with meltdowns left and right, instead we have Jess and a fashion show

Feeds Gold

the christie meltdowns on the block will come, theres still so many days left


It will be glorious

Franks fumes

Yeah don’t hold your breath….


Now they see why setting up friends early and often is a good thing to do. Jack has lots of friends, Christie ditto….and Bella? Zippo.

another name

Bella had friends. She was pulled into a final three on day one because they said she looked smart. She was in an alliance with three of her friends. She named dropped all of them. Bella landing in hot water is because Bella gathered the wood, set up the pot, filled it, and lit the match before climbing up and jumping into the pot.

BB Casting Call

Love your analogy!

I think she jumped in before throwing the match, thinking she had made herself a hot tub to enjoy. She found out the hard way that there was no temperature gauge and got cooked!

The Beef

I would love to see Jackson and Holly flip, but I just can’t see Michie voting Jack out, at least not at this point in the game. In order to do that Michie would have to be thinking strategically, and we all know which head his brain is located in. #Littleheadlittlebrain #Ihavethisstrangerash


Get rid of Bella, build a relationship with Jack and win.

It is that simple Cliff.


Jack has his crew picked, no one else can get in the train now. Cliff is disposable.

Jan Nan

I’m so aggravated that production is letting Jackson give them and us a big screw you. Why are they not calling him out on eating and napping while being a have not ? At this point there is no point in having have nots if they are not going to enforce the rules. He is such a spoiled brat , and from his words and actions has no respect for women. I hope he gains so much weight he has to waddle out of the house.


Agreed, his veto should’ve been revoked and he should’ve gone right back on the block.


agreed. maybe they will take his vote away this week. one can dream!


they should have him vote (for bella) then have him come out and julie says for violating the have not rules your vote is now two votes for jack. then nicole, nick, sam, and jess have enough votes to get out jack.

Franks fumes

It makes me physically ill to look at his hinged jaw scarf every crumb of food in the house.

Dalia Hobelman

Cliff needs to shut up he ruined any chance of something big happening. Quit saying your gonna do this or that he is weak he would let one of those assholes run his hoh again I wouldn’t depend on him rooting for Nicole Sam Nick rest or and I can’t believe I’m using this word doodoos lmao

Feeds Gold

six shooters: nicole we would like to work with you going forward
nicole: ummm

six shooters: cliff we would like to work with you going forward
cliff: i would like that

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Six shooters: Jessica, we would like to work with you going forward.
Jessica: Duh, I thought we already WERE working together.

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

LOL You are right about this.


That’s the only thing she’s winning this season

Franks fumes

Christy or Jack might drag that human paperweight to the end anyone can beat her in the finale.

another name

i was hoping it was a bomb. silly me.




I’m surprised everyone didn’t win a Trophy

another name

who needs to see backstabbing and campaigning and plotting and drama? Noooooo.
We’ll just have a twerk-off.
Like I couldn’t hate these people more, and then they have. a. twerk-off.


oof, um, cultural appropriation of indigenous peoples not a great idea, jess. but then again, it’s amazing to see you have ideas, not surprising they’re bad ones.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

(Eye roll)


This is the season of the most annoying voices. jess’ and Kat’s voices are like nails on a chalkboard.


And Christie’s. I can’t listening to the three of them

Franks fumes

She sounds like Senator Chuck Schumer.

Feeds Gold

when bella is evicted i wonder how she will feel when finding out about nick only hooking up with her as a consolation prize

Feeds Gold

nick trying to listen at boat room door(sis, christie, tommy, holly)

cliff comes in to let them know


I heard jack was making racist comments, is there truth to that? I am over this asshats….


Yeah I think someone said the proof is in the pudding, and he said yeah rice pudding


I heard they used the N word too…if they did I can’t understand why CBS allows him to stay…I have never been so infuriated with a season…


NEWS FLASH JESS: When Jack finally comes to pitch you to not vote him out, it’s time to listen and stop talking!!!! She barely allowed him to speak. UGH

Feeds Gold

i really like tommys red hawaiian shirt…i wanna get one


Maybe Paul will let you borrow his since it didn’t bring him very much luck….twice.

Feeds Gold


i bet paul never wears a hawaiian shirt ever again


I take solace in the fact that, if either of the Jacks won Big Brother, they will do something stupid with their winnings and end up in trouble with the law like Adam

another name

Okay. Let’s go back in time to Friday for the episode edit…. so camera whore tommy is crying with tinkly piano. eyeroll.
oh look. it’s Crusty has a moral dilemma. Yay??? Nick is talking about karma being a bitch pre-veto. oh. Cringe… or we could assume that Nick thinks Crusty’s middle name is karma given his post veto ceremony opinion. Slightly less cringe but still cringe.
Will they show slop volunteers? They showed Jackson putting up his hand to volunteer for have not. They better be snaking us and planning a repercussion. They aren’t. They should. They won’t.
Cliff’s d/r pre veto… oh the crow he’s going to have to eat unless they edit it in a convoluted way.
Fabio explains his power like it’s a game changer. yeah… switched out Holly for Sis and Jess for Kat. That totally changed the trajectory of the game.
I still think Tommy’s show yell sounds like edith bunker and gilbert gottfried had their dna spliced.
what’s worse? sam’s d/r voice or Jack’s d/r script? tbd. Oh Sis thinks she’s not a floater. of course not. She’s not even a coaster. She’s a pillowcase. But hey, she’s a pillowcase with about 10 more d/r appearances than Beth. Poor Beth. the only time she gets called to the d/r is when they are handing out rash cream.
Jackson of course wins veto in a individual time comp. not saying it. okay i’m saying it, easiest to fix. i said it.
Crusty’s i’m being bullied stuff. after she gave her word and now doesn’t want to. Go brussels sprouts! Reality of what she took offense to: he said once you give it to me, your role is over, and i name the replacement. that doesn’t sit well with the magic bladder that must be in the centre of all.
Crow eating time, Jellyfish, you’re crow is waiting. Table for one. Don’t worry. It’s right next to a table for six (well five and a shower stall full of pizza boxes).
Cliff d/r’s about the stubborn side that wanted to break his promise. Yeah. that didn’t happen. Sorry episode only folk. That wasn’t really a thing much.
At this point, everyone knows Bella is going on the block. so the Jackson d/r is superfluous beyond words to make his danger seem more present to get episoders to worry… about the nice young man they see in edits. It was never a thing. On so many levels never a thing.
Wait. Holly got a reaction close up shot after Bella was put on the block. and it was vacant. over foundationed and a bit jaundiced looking no expression at all vacant. well, that’s pretty telling.

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

Love this, too.


Am I missing someone? Who the F is Beth?



Franks fumes

Sis is jacks human fleshlight…..

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

I’m starting to wonder why in the world do I watch this show. Its predictable. Anything CBS alludes to doesn’t happen. Ever. I have known that for years, but, yet, I still watch, read, etc. I guess I just have hope in the back of my mind it will change.


You had me laughing at “Fabio”!!!! But on point!


Hilarious post!

“I still think Tommy’s show yell sounds like edith bunker and gilbert gottfried had their dna spliced” – perfect picture LOL

Feeds Gold

that cliff bath pic haha

Dalia Hobelman

Jack: Jessica you are the best
Jessica: you got my vote lmao these people are dumb as hell

Franks fumes

I really believe some of the six are eyeing her for a potential meat bag to drag to the end…… guaranteed win against a meat bag in final two.


Cliff was definitely stupid. He should have put up Christie. Then, not only would a major player be gone, but so would her power. I’d really like to see Jack leave. He is so fake with all the bull$8it he feeds people. I can see right through him. I don’t know how the rest of them can’t. So…looks for sure to be Bella this week. Hope I’m wrong but…

another name

What they aren’t showing. Cliff has more trust in Christie and Tommy than Jackson or Jack or Bella, and Kat advising Cliff that Christie might be trustworthy. Or Nicole saying Christie has talked about turning her back on the 6 idea. Or Jessica. I wasn’t so much paying attention to her input but there are no alliances… and did you ever wonder why hair grows on the outside and not the inside of your head? How would you cut it? How can worms tell each other apart… they don’t have faces? no there might be a four and then a two, but nope. not a six that used to be an eight that i overheard talking about their final 8 deal. nope. not at all. ooo look, that’s shiny.

another name

Hey Bella,
In case you need any help in how to Petty, just putting this out there hoping it becomes a telepathy thing:
If you have nothing left to lose… GO FULL GALLAGHER ON THE WATERMELONS!!!!!
If you do, I might just consider you AFP.


Nicole – stop with the woe is me attitude. It’s enough already. Stop complaining and continue to play for Christie to win first place. Between Nicole/Jess, who is worse at this game?!?

Guy From Canada

Just watched tonight’s episode…..heard a click on/off during Jackson’s POV time that wasn’t recorded as extra time..,,am I being paranoid or did Kat actually win that veto…..

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

I was noticing Jackson had a lot of times the buttons weren’t pressed. It looked like more so than the others. So how in the world did he win that veto??? Hmmm


Bella reading the Bible – At this stage the God is wanting her out just for that.

another name

Catching up a bit.
Christie mentions that Holly said Jackson is going through something, and is worried he might be in trouble, so he’s been off for all day. (my thought: yeah, off eating or wearing dark glasses so he can nap or off taking hot showers). Will they do a punishment to flip the script and get the tmz target off the show? I still have my doubts.
Nick told Kat and Jackson everything Christie has been saying about Jackson. Wasn’t on feeds so it’s retell only. odd. Kat must have been worried, because she’s had those convos with both Christie and Holly when it comes to Jackson.
Kat has told Jess that Nick outed Christie, but i’m not sure if she told Christie. Christie already knows she is Nick’s target. Kat wanted to oust Jackson if she won hoh, but now she is scared to do it.
Nick has vacillated. At last thought, he would put up Tommy and Jack in order to make Christie lose her power or lose an ally, even if it meant Sam on the block and gone. But he’s been through a few versions now. Nicks retell to Bella is he told Jackson Christie wants him out because he’s terrible to women and an a$$hole (my thought: not exactly a lie, he’s not exactly a catch unless it’s a rash or the Grod’s personal masturbatory fantasy edit version).
Sam told Bella the whole save is a sham, so Bella is planning to go scorched earth in her speech i think. If only she went balls out tonight, instead of leaving them in the HOH shower that they borrowed from Cliff. This is before Nick retell of the Jackson reveal.
I’m still in the 80% Bella goes camp. I’m still in the 0% f’s given about which one goes.
Bella has already told Cliff that Nick has been telling Jackson that Christie is after him. clock is ticking before Cliff reveals.
Kat has already told Jess. clock is ticking before one of them reveals.
This is becoming less and less about Jack, and more and more about Christie. Her magic bladder must be in heaven.
Last check in regard to the endurance hoh comp coming: Tommy will throw HOH. Jessica will try in HOH (same difference).
Jackson, Sam, Nick, Nicole were trying for sure.
Christie was 70/30 in trying for it. She thinks her power will save her so she’s not likely to try as hard without and outside stimulus.
Beth and pillowcase (i have such a hard time imagining either actually having hoh and doing d/r. They’d need nametags or a scrollbar to introduce them).
Kat will Kat. who knows. She’d like the room and the camera time.

Added: weird thing. the same people on twitter that were calling for her execution last week for the way she treated Kemi and Nicole are now calling Bella qween. how…. whu???

another name

Even later:
Sam has found and exploited Tommy’s achilles heel. He’s painted Tommy and the six as the villains. Watch Tommy’s face as he’s hit with the realization that maybe everyone doesn’t like him. I almost needed popcorn.
Never mind that Sam was pretty self righteous and cherry picking his facts beyond the realm of anything resembling truth. That doesn’t matter. Watching Tommy flush and his eyes take on a look of desperation that someone out there may believe Tommy…. is one of the bad guys…. oh. it was wonderful to see his body language and microexpressions drift and sag. Scissor kick out of that one.
(basic re-enactment. s: so you really think you can win over jack? smirk. t: you never know what could happen. s: fi diddly dee, u never told me i was a bottom feeder i’m so embarrassed. t: but it didn’t matter we thought nick told you. s: no, it was jack. but all of you cads and scalliwags were conspiring. we never conspired. t: nick started saying jack and jackson have to go in week one. s: but those are just words, you guys said words, but you went and did it. why poor sweet innocent bella? t: the trust was gone. it didn’t have to be bella, but it is bella. s: why sir, your lack of allegiance offends me. t: oh but you have time, nothing is written in stone. s: sure. sure. all of you are the liars, and we played the game right true and honest, i tell you, right true and honest. t: you know they were playing too hard and saying too many things. s: words. never did anything, it was all you varmints that broke your word. on my honor, we never would have.
Yeah. in my re-enactment they sound like yosimite sam and woody allen. artistic license).
While Sam and Nick compare retells (Nicks retells are even factually misleading, it’s like he forgets what he said the moment he says it: Sam’s retells… they’re… colorfully embellished but more brief than constructive), Christie and Tommy are stealth whispering about favorite foods and nervous breakdown and off his meds. lots of fish and cuts/switches involved. more whispering as Tommy does his retell of his ‘debate’ with Sam. Tommy is in a self consoling semi fetal body position on the couch during this whisper mongering, but there are signs of ego in his hand movements. His face is still red.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jack = Classy ….. No. Just no.


Jack “you deserve my time” barf.


I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that…arrrggghhh!!!


Anyone else think Michie`s time was way over 3 min 30 secs? Watched it on DVR and time was around 2:59 before his 60sec penalty when he jumped off.