Neda & Jon confront Sabrina and then Sarah SNAPS on SABRINA..

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2- 2014-04-08 12-38-12-091

3:35pm Sabrina heads down to the living room – Sabrina tells Neda and JOn that she was not after Jon until two weeks ago. Sabrina calls over Arlie to clarify who the first five were after and Arlie tells her we were going to put up Jon. Neda and Sabrina start getting into it.. Sabrina then tells Rachelle that I can’t believe I was threatened to vote against you. Neda brings up how Rachelle talked about how Sabrina manipulated her. Jon and Neda ask Sabrina straight up .. would you have put Jon up after you swore on you family that you wouldnt? If the first five told you to vote me out would you? Would you have put me up if you won HOH and the first five told you to put me up after you swore you wouldn’t?? Sabrina dodges the question. The talk turn to s*x talk. Jon and Arlie compare their abilities in bed. Jon says he can go for like 6 minutes but then after a rest he can go like 12 minutes. Arlie says he can go for like 3 hours. Neda asks don’t you take a break!? Arlie says yeah maybe for some ice cream. Heather says that her v@gin@ would hurt if she went that long..

3:45pm In the kitchen – Sabrina complains to Sarah again and Sarah snaps and yells at her to get over it you got played!! Sarah tells her to go somewhere else. I am the one going home! Just DROP IT! Sabrina sits in silence. Not long after Kenny joins them and tells him that he missed the show. Sarah leaves the room. Sabrina starts complaining to Kenny about Sarah freaking out on her. Kenny tells her that he is over it. Sabrina says apparently I know nothing.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 12-50-10-022

Up in the main bathroom – Jon talks to Sarah about how they tried to get her to come on their side but that she wouldn’t leave Kenny’s side. Jon says and Kenny was coming after us. They talk it out and then she jumps on him and hugs and kisses his neck.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 12-54-05-481

3:55pm – 4:10pm Sarah and Kenny head out to the backyard by the pool to talk about the drama that just happened inside while he was gone. Kenny and Sarah talk about how Sabrina can’t just let it go. Sarah says that I just need her to stay away from me for a little while.

4:30pm Sabrina is all alone in the hot tub. She says what the hell was I supposed to do I was protecting my alliance. Rachelle joins her and Sabrina starts complaining about whats been happening. Rachelle pees in the hot tub. Sabrina asks did you just pee in the pool?? I see the yellow! Rachelle says yes. Rachelle and Sabrina get up and sit with their legs in the pool. Then Sabrina sits back in the pee pool. Rachelle says that she wishes her boyfriend was in here, he would win this sh*t. Sabrina tells Rachelle that if you want to join the other side that’s fine with me. Rachelle asks what I don’t want to join them I hate them all!

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 13-30-29-324

4:30pm – 5pm UP in the HOH room the sloppy seconds alliance talk about the drama that just happened in the living room between Neda/Jon and Sabrina. Neda calls Jon a loser and Jon says whoa you called me a loser you have to kiss Arlie’s a$$ now! Arlie gets up and stand by the HOH door and pulls down his shorts exposing his butt. Jon points to Arlie’s a$$ and tells Neda to kiss it. Neda then kisses his butt cheek.

5:15pm In the living room – Rachelle talks to Sarah and Kenny in the living room about her conversation with Sabrina. Rachelle tells them that Sabrina told her she should go join the other alliance. Sarah and Kenny laugh. Sarah says sorry but I don’t think they’re accepting applications.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 14-05-22-319

In the main bedroom – Allison tells Jon about her conversation with Sabrina earlier in the day. She says I initially thought the conversation was real but now I’m starting to think it wasn’t. Allison talks about how it was about him talking bad about her. Jon says that he honestly woke up this morning and felt bad about what I had said. Allison tells Jon that she just wanted to tell him about the conversation just in case Sabrina tried to use it against her. Jon says if I called her a back-stabbing b***h then I am sorry .. but I really don’t think that is something I would say. Did I say I couldn’t trust her probably. Jon says and you can tell her I over reacted last night. Allison says oh I did my part by telling you when she wanted me to. Jon says yeah I’ll mention it to her.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 14-26-23-084

5:45pm – 6pm Jon, Heather, Allison, Arlie and Adel are sitting out in the hot tub room talking about random things. Adel says if he is in a havenot competition with Kenny and one of the Gremlins he will just drop to the ground and throw it. He says I’ll just start doing the birdie! Meanwhile in the kitchen Rachelle notices that all of the coffee filters are gone. Sarah says maybe Allison really is America’s Player and today’s she’s messing with us. Sabrina says there were fifty million of them and now there are now! They start talking about production. Big Brother says please stop talking about production. Sarah says please give us back our maple syrup.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 15-11-46-566

6:40pm In the living room – Kenny comments to Sabrina, Rachelle, Sarah that all we need to do is win two HOH’s in a row and we will flip the whole house. Kenny says that pretty soon the ones on the bottom are going to start to realize they’re on the bottom. Sabrina tells them that last night Jon got reprimanded for talking bad about me. She wanted to say something but couldn’t because she would be on the bottom. Kenny says that’s what I’m saying pretty soon when Sarah and I leave you two will have a chance align with people at the bottom.

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So far, my predictions from yesterday are coming true: The gremlins are lashing out and Allison’s considering flipping sides.


Wow, you must be really good at predicting improbable outcomes, like we couldn’t see that Kenny is going to win HOH and team up with Allison, Sabby and Roro (maybe showmance) and win it all. Kenny is in the power position of the game if he wins HOH this week. The only question is if he should put up Neda and Jon or Jon and Adel. I think Big Jon is gone next week!


I would say Adel and Jon because they seem like the more obvious choice to make and if one of them is taken off the block, then Neda or Heather would be put in as a replacement pawn and take the other one out.


Wait, who is Roro?


@Ernic Hi ANDREW Don’t Jump to High…You are OUT of the house NOW, Did you Forget that ?


Allison wouldnt be very smart to switch, if she stays she has at least 3 weeks of safety if not she has maybe 1

Go Neds!

one of my favourite moments of the season

neda calling out sabrina in front of everyone

i could watch it on loop all day and all night

epicly awesome

especially after how disrespectful and nasty sabs comments were about janelle jons girlfriend, and neda and jon recently, which brought the warning from big brother

i really would like to see the freeze task next week, with janelle coming into the house to glare at sab and say nothing, or ive heard everything you said about me the other day…then snub kenny, sarah and rachelle…then hug all the sloppy seconds crew, tell neda she likes her and appreciates how good of a friend neda has been for jon, then give jon a big kiss…i think that would be amazing

i also would enjoy seeing nedas sister roya, a big fan of big brother

team sloppy seconds, and f2 jon and neda


Sarah’s husband may just send her packing out of her real house in Langley… I wouldn’t be too happy if my wife was habitually crossing lines with other men. If Kenny was straight he probably could have dropped a load in her.

Real World

Are you the Sabrina of the comments section, Ernic? You are blowing things out of proportion, overreacting, and hoping for bad things on the personal lives of houseguests outside of the game.

ihate sarah

im sure he already has!!

ihate sarah

i mean lets face it realworld/real deal….sarah is a douchy- slutty woman and we can all see that!
all that comes out of sarahs mouth is nasty mean words(unless she has her fake momzi hat on)
she is what she is.. and yelling at sabrina isnt going to fix anything or make her look like a better person!

Reality check

I agree Sarah has proven she likes to jump in and play
The hero role .. Lol didn’t work last time with saying
She would give up being in the house for Kenny.
And I don’t buy her freaking out on Sabrina ..
Sarah’s intro was pathetic .. She said people like
Me .. You like me right . . Come on just cause she says
Something doesn’t mean it true . No Sarah I don’t like you
At all . You are a sad sad woman . Fake as fuck . Bully
Heather Basher … Booooo you suck Sarah


Ika has to be the most talked about evicted HG in BBCan history. Literally, every 20 minutes her name is mentioned and she was there for only 4 weeks lmao.
Dawg and Simon you need to start tagging Ika’s name to all the BB posts lol


I think Candice from BB15 was the most talked about house guest.

no srsly?

or Don’t-bother-to-sit-down Chima from BB11

Thank God

FINALLY Sabrina get’s called out on all of her bs that she’s been feeding everyone for weeks.


Even her own alliance is telling her to get over it! There is something mentally disturbed about Sabrina. Part of me wonders if she can actually survive elimination without bawling her eyes out and causing drama. That is the scene to watch…or not! ( well, I would happy if she left but to mentally come undone like that, not so much!)

no srsly?

she’ll say “it’s ok….it’s ok”… peeps actually care!


I haven’t been a fan of Sarah this whole season, but damnnn was i happy when she put sab in her spot !


Let me guess you are also a fan of Neda the roach and her terrorist antics against this weeks’ half-nots? Get over it, Sabby is emotional! Lets talk about how Neda didn’t stick up for Heather and now she is her best gf.

bb is a house full of crazy

lol…..this guy is funny. Totally wrong but definitely free entertainment.

Real World

Ernic, you compare Neda’s behavior to “terrorism” for throwing away condiments? Talk about blowing things out of proportion. Neda was being childish but LMAO, you are such a Sabrina-type troll. I think you need to turn off the computer, get out more, and talk to people.


Neda actually “somehow” stuck up to Heather. When the girls alliance is bashing Heather during Ika’s HOH, she asked the girls to stop and just leave her alone and let her leave in peace.


Bah, ha,ha Terrorist antics.
Sabrina just took another tampon out in the hot tub and her little buddy Rachelle just peed in it.
What do you think about that Ernic – those girls are making you look pretty silly for standing up for them.
You do realize that what they just did is absolutely unacceptable in any society across the world.
However let’s discuss how terrible it is without maple syrup.
The more you defend them, the less credible you look!


Ernic, your a loser! You need to spend less time writing moronic responses and more time on trying to get laid for the fist time in your life. You sound like a mix of Anne Coulter and Elizabeth Hasselback, the only difference is that you still live in your parents basement!

Annick suckedmeoff in highschool

Annick was a bit of a dits but Allison is even worse. I cant believe that she is trying to break up Jon and his gf a few days after Gordo got voted out. Ernic you are hilarious bro!


Someone mentioned your comment as funny. well it 1/2 is, that being the Sabby observation. she may be emotional but frankly she is a lying, backstabbing 2 faced douche! I think those were the good character traits. 😛 BUT you have a point about NEDA! She’s a little douche as well. Some feeders seem to be having extended “puppy love” from the good old days of Joneda alone talking. The REAL Neda is out. Selfish and self centered. Moral compass off center like many HGs. Talkie talkie talkie…. a lay about that has done zero game play. Talk but no actions and she WILL stab Jon in the back eventually. She is definitely a potentential flipper back and forth. She’ll work to keep Sabby/Ratchet safe on the inside and use their votes to blindside someone(or 2) down the road.

Neda is not the sweet nice HG some here think she is! 😛


Stan you are brilliant! I am glad that not all viewers are mindless sheep being swayed by production to like Neda and Jon. Next week Kenny will rule and the roach will screw over Jon for all to see. I cant wait until Kenny rejects her roachface flip flopping ass and makes out with Roro in her face!

no srsly?

quite the Ego Flow there, Ernic


I am a BBC super fan. Trust me all of you Neda / Jon sodomists will soon be bashing her next week when Kenny takes over and drops a load the Sloppy Seconds. Hell, Allison may even drop a loan on them!


Stan7777 your comments suck so bad i never read them anymore, plus your posts are way too long, and i always downvote you…always

Ernic your hatred of neda is just scary dude…to have that kind of built up hate i feel sorry for you and i hope you seek the mental help that sabrina also needs

team sloppy seconds and f2 jon and neda


You’re comparing squeezing out mustard to terrorism… really?


I think he meant sabotage and just said the wrong word. She did it to get in their heads and mess with their game, a low blow, but effective.


Can’t wait for the double eviction!!! Sick of Sabrina, sick of her playing the victim, even Rachelle seam over it!


Simon and Dawg – thanks for the amazing site! It is the only thing keeping me going when the markets close and I cant trade. Although I don’t share the same opinions as most of the posters, I love the dialogue and exchange of ideas that the site provides. Go Kenny!

bb is a house full of crazy

Markets are closed and you can’t trade? Too funny. Markets = grade 10, Trade = going to class.


Lmfao, this idiot really thinks we’re gonna believe he’s a stock broker. Ha ha ha! He as delusional as Sabrina. We’re you a model too? Too funny?


LOL Sabrinaspig – not a stock broker, a day trader. Like Sabrina and Roro, I am a productive member of society. Like Neda and the Bride of Chucky you aren’t!


Your like Sabrina and Rachelle alright, a delusional bullsh*tter!


or maybe an airline attendant?

It’s hard to be in the minority. Anyone who defends Sabromit’s behavior on most of these sites, is definitely going to be in the minority. And no, it’s not because those of us who disagree with you are sheep, it’s because we just simply do not like her. We because of her narcissistic neurotic manipulative personality. I’m really sorry, you sound as though you may be her sister, or some relative or another of hers. For that, I’m sorry if the comments of viewers across Canada offend you. Perhaps in your ‘downtime’ from ‘day-trading’ you could spend a little time researching psychiatric help for your family member, who is in need now, and will be in even more need when she is out of the BB house.


Sabby hangs out with celebrities like Luongo and his brother all the time and she has a house in Cabo. She is a somebody in this world. If I had to deal with BS from the Outsiders who got production assistance I would have a meltdown too. Lets give the girl some credit here. She is loyal and she masterminded the first 5. Kenny is going to take over next week and Sabby the week after. The 2 models in the house are going to start running it again.


Oh my!!! That’s really funny. A house in Cabo is what makes you a ‘somebody’? I don’t agree with you on that notion either. I’ve hung out with loads of famous people in my time on this earth, and I’ve owned houses in and travelled to exotic locations. Do I think that makes me ‘somebody’? No. Clearly your values are as shallow as your comments, and match well with those of your friend/family member on BBC2.
I hope you get help for her, and maybe ask the doc if she’s got a little time for you, too.
I’m pretty sure most people have friends in real life…I’m certainly not suggesting that Sab has no friends, what I’m saying is that on this programme (that she contracted to be on), she is showing poorly. The negative aspects of her personality are magnified, & her personal habits are exposed, (I wonder how Luongo would like it if she sat next to him picking her nose, or plucking hairs off her privates?)…Seriously Ernic, think about it.


Lmfao, WOW!!! You are classic! Now I know you two are related, on the bright side you guys can share a psychiatrist. It’ll be cheaper. And the two models? You really think Heather and Kenny are gonna be running things? Lol. Have to admit though Ernic buddy, I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. Thx!


I think this dude has serious issuse only with Neda..hmmm maybe a racial issues!
Whatever reason it’s just disgusting


You gotta stop what you are doing.. Posting under multiple names to push forward your opinion is not allowed here. Tricks like replying to your own comments to make it look like people support you stinks.

Johhny (the European one!)

For the record:
Who were the 2 comments from the same IP?
Ernic and… who?
Ernic didn’t reply to anyone who shared his opinion, and noone replied to Ernic and shared his opinion…
So, who are the 2 you’re talking about who replied to themselves?

BB15 Howard's Fedora



My my…how the tables have turned! Not even Sarah can handle Sabrina’s melodramatics anymore. As much as I dislike Sarah because of how she has handled herself in the house, it is simply poetic justice to have 1 of the first 5 alliance members lose their shit and tell Sabrina to shut her damn mouth and stop whining because “she got played!”. My hands cannot stop clapping as I grin from ear to ear!

This goes to show you what power tripping can do. Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina, Sarah (and that furniture piece known as ‘Rachelle’) all fell victim to letting their GIANORMOUS egos get in the way of their game play. Clearly, they learned nothing from Paul’s demise (who acted like the ‘Godfather’ after he one the 1st hoh..the one that NOBODY wants to win since you get a giant target on your back), or even Tom from BB1 Canada (who got voted out shortly after winning hoh, but his own alliance turned against him because of…again…the EGO).

Sabrina, stop whining and fake crying! You did this to yourself!


Aloha, you certainly don’t have much aloha spirit. If anyone has ego in the house it’s Adel and Neda! They act above Sabrina and Kenny even though they have floated the whole game! Neda is making the same mistakes Arlie is! Overconfident! First 5 comeback is brewing and Allison’s new power and Kenny are the key to it. Sabby isn’t going anywhere so get ready to say goodbye to Jon, Neda or the Bride of Chucky!


Somehow I doubt that the woman so smart she gave Andrew a handjob has the ability to be anymore than a floater in this game.



BBCs Gross HGs

sabs and roro should have called their alliance the sloppy pigs. one leaves a dirty tampon in the shower and the other pees in a hot tub. so fkn gross.


OMFG! Neda just kissed Arlie’s bare ass! She is a swamp donkey on acid and needs to be stopped! I cant take watcher her vile behavior anymore. This isn’t a try out for the Kardashians Neda, this is big brother! If Jon told you to kiss Arlie’s actual cheek would you….. I guess so depending on which way the wind is blowing you floating toilet turd roach! #First5taking power back


Who the hell are you dude? Did you just get released from an insane asylum? Or has the oil sands fumes got to you? stop you VILE-BULLYING ways, if this is Andrew, BOY, you’re gone because the entire country saw through your roid rage and sent you back to the dark ages where you belong, O hey, next tattoo you get should be over your face that says, “I’m a small minded twit”…


In all honesty they should probably get a psychiatrist in there for Sabrina now. I’m not even sure that she should continue with the game at this point.


Sabrina is a One Note Canary. She talks about the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again. In between she praises herself and begs for compliments for other people.

She’s talking right now about how God is on her side. She was praying a couple of days ago and the F word was every third word! With all sincerity, Sabrina is seriously mentally disturbed and I think it would be best if BB pulled her from the game for her own good. I’d pay to hear what BB psychologists are saying about her. She would be CRUCIFIED in the UK by the public and by Big Brother’s Bit on the Side (BB after show).


Ratchelle peed in the hot tub… disgusting, nasty, POS


No kidding! Isn’t there a health code against that. Shouldn’t big brother step in. You’d have to think its there responsibility to not allow others to sit in urine.

You're in trouble

Urine is sterile, except in rare conditions. She did little but color the water and break a social taboo.


This is what I was thinking. Although I think urinating in a public hot tub is a bit rude and lazy, there’s probably more bacteria in that hot tub from their skin alone, than from her urine. Urine is pretty much sterile, like you said.


I don’t care if urine is sterile — who the hell pees in a hot tub?? (Never mind the fact that someone else is sitting in it and, oh yeah, you’re being filmed.) I don’t get these people at all. That is just gross and so rude.


There is something called hot tub rash caused by bacteria in hot tubs. When someone urinates in a hot tub it should be trained and cleaned. Adel has a rash now. If anyone else gets one they could have a real problem. I am not convinced she only did it one time.


Also, urine in the bladder is sterile. There is bacteria in the urethra which can be released in urine.


So right. If there is something that production should get involved in it hygiene/cleanliness issue. I learned at 3/4 not to pee in a pool. Ratchet is a pure pig! Sorry but actions like that are disgraceful. What’s next … drop her drawers in the middle of the kitchen and have a squat?

bb is a house full of crazy

So THIS is how Jon got his yeaster????

another name

sara has never been a big sabrina fan… period. they were allies, never really friends.
no surprise she finally let her feelings be known, she’s going home.
it would not be surprising if sara let loose again on sabrina before sara’s eviction.
after all, she’s leaving, and the fallout would be for the people that booted her to deal with.
way more vicious than dumping the syrup. and just as fair. morally wrong, behaviorally wrong,
but somehow karmically…
for an exit strategy, it would be the most vile exit move in big brother history.

another name

btw, that’s a prediction. given they’ve all been liars and backstabbers, i don’t see it as out of the realm of possibility. sad as that may be.


@ Ernic. I only speak what I have observed, I cannot speak for anyone else regarding how they feel about the houseguests. Anyone of the houseguests can fall victim to ego and over-confidence, the members of the ‘sloppy seconds’ alliance included. However, what has befallen the 1st five alliance has really been at their own hands. Calling house members “b**ches” and “F**king wh**res” cannot possibly help anyones game. Do they ALL of clean hands? Absolutely not. Karma is indeed the ultimate B**ch to anyone willing to test her.

Uh huh

Part of me actually want to see Sabrina win HoH now….that would DEFINITELY shake things up lol


Ummm is no one disgusted by rachelle pissing in the hot tub soooo gross how old is she?! Im not suprised sab swam in it after though….so nasty! And her tampon in the hot tub seriously wtf is wrong with these animals! Big brother please punish them or at least shut down the hot tub

holy shit

u pppl are mad

holy shit

sarah is a s**t, sabrina is slob, rachel is a following emo, and kenny is a two face punk. there time is coming

First 5 Crumbles

As much as Sabrina is annoying, she knows what’s going on in this house, all the scenarios she just mentioned are going to be true.
Can”t wait for fireworks to go off in this house, Sabrina is going to blow at one of them in these next 2 days lol.


If I lived in this house this season, I’d be carrying around a can of lysol wherever I went. Disgusting and no respect or show of class for the others in the house.


Well said. Ernic needs to leave the emotion behind.or stop commenting.
Karma is a wonderful thing – if you’re a good person.


Luved the LR “getting real” convo with the sloppy 2nds and then again Sarah and Sabs. Was too funny when Arlie came along and went against her haha. I was seriously freaked out watching that nasty goth-girl roro pee in the HT. Now I can’t stop cringing knowing who’s in the ht since then. Totally grossed out for sure.


Sarah snapping on Sabrina was such a beautiful moment. I’ve been dying for someone to put her in her place!


I thought Rachelle was a pretty attractive girl until she did that lol. That is just gross!


OMG…..she peed in the pool and was confronted on it but no one tells anyone else? And then a group go out a little while later to use the hot tub???? COME ON BBCAN. A little class please!!!! At least shut down the not tub and make the pig clean it!

Pinocchio Obama

How about a triple eviction?


I really feel for Kenny and Sarah but not Rachelle. She’s the one that should deal with the repercussions of her eating the candy. She knew and laughed about it later that she wasn’t supposed to eat it. Kenny and Sarah don’t deserve it. I’m not a big fan of anybody’s dirty gameplay but Neda took it out on all 3 which is just as immature as what she claimed ‘they’ were. I hope she feels some remorse about it at least.


Sabrina is part Suzette from last season – expecting someone to win HOH FOR her. She can’t win anything but a hotdog eating contest. We’ve got to win HOH guys. I’d love for someone to be honest and say YOU fu**in win something you stupid fat bit*h.


Why are a lot of people talking about how big of a floater Neda is. Surely, if that’s your opinion, that’s fine. If you’re talking about because she doesn’t win anything, other houseguests haven’t won anything either…Sarah, Arlie, Adel, Sabrina, etc. Just because she isn’t causing a lot of drama in the house, or doesn’t get in everyone’s ear doesn’t make her a floater, it makes her smart. Just look at the position Sabrina is in now, and nobody called her a “floater.” Neda didn’t flip flop back and forth between alliances. She hasn’t been pretending to give everyone her loyalty like Sabrina, for example. I don’t think that really makes her a flip flop floater like a lot of people say. OR if she is a floater, I don’t think it should be looked at negatively, this is just her strategy, and she seems to have kept the main target off of her, so in my mind she’s doing a pretty good job.


True. By real definition Arlie, Allison and in the beginning Sabrina are the true floaters. They are the ones who switched alliances and floated from one side to the other. Neda is a coat tail rider, she is hiding behind John, but is also 100% loyal to him. I am hoping that she will step up into the foreground a bit more soon.

Johhny (the European one!)

“She hasn’t been pretending to give everyone her loyalty”

Neda pretended to the girls that she was only using Jon to get information out of him. She reported every little bit of information he gave her back to the girls.
Neda pretended to Jon that she was only using the girls to get information out of them. She reported every little bit of information they gave her back to Jon.

That’s the typical behavior of someone who knows she’s noone’s target, so she might as well just share everything she’s ever been told with everyone, as she’s noone’s target. She’s just too insignificant as a threat.

Her biggest GAME MOVE was to throw away the have not’s condiments, for heaven’s sake!


Ernic (ANDREW) You are an A%^hole and a RACIST.


@Ernic Sorry Forgot to mention You’re a Psycho too. Go to see a Psychologist ASAP. YOU need Mental Help!


So is Allison going to throw the HOH?



Look Sabrina the entire show doesn’t revolve around you! No one is going to see anything when they go home, you cant just keep saying that and expect the editors to put the parts that you want on the show.


adel was talking about throwing the comp (if on a team with kenny or gremlins) by pulling a “Bernie” not a birdy….as in “weekend at bernies” (playing dead)


Shame on you Rachelle for urinating in the hot tub. Shame on you too Sabrina. Andrew was called out by production for urinating in the shower. What Rachelle did is much worse and she should be punished. Did either Rachelle or Sabrina tell Adele to avoid the hot tub …
NO…OF COURSE NOT…Why? Because that would require manners and decency. Neither one of them understand the concept of
common courtesy or what it means to be living on a civilized society.