Heather burns the cookies “they taste like sh!t…. Ohh but with Nutella that’s a great idea”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 15-46-01-372

6:43pm Bedroom Allison, Jon and Neda

They agree Adel has tapered “things” down. Neda points out how ansi Adel was last week.

Neda says their alliance name “Sloppy Seconds” is hilarious. Jon laughs says it’s perfect.

Jon leaves.

Allison – “Saturday night I was so defeated”
Neda wanted to tell her something but she couldn’t.

Allison says she’s very grateful to be with them but she wants to know where she fits, Allison hints that she’s on the bottom of the group even though they’ve told her it;’s a level playing field. Neda says their group never formed until Allison joined.

Neda – It’s not something that has been going on for awhile.. I really don’t think there is anything for you to worry about it’s just as fresh for everyone

Allison is worried about Kenny winning HOH and putting her up.
Neda says Jon and Arlie will be nominated and If POV is played Adel goes up.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 15-57-23-248

6:51pm Heather and Jon
Jon says they have to decided out of the six who should go, “Hopefully it’s not me”

Jon saying she made a big move in the HOH, She split up a power couple. Heather says Jon’s got a good Big Brother edit to. Jon agrees mentions that he had the two strongest players in the game coming after him. Jon – “It all depends on who got to who first” Heather really wants Arlie or Jon to win HOH so they can send Kenny home because she knows how much they want him gone.

Heather is nervous because they have just 4 weeks left yet so many people in the house. She thinks after this Thursday they will be busy every week.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 16-11-16-137

7:08pm Sabrina helps Jon with his hair.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 16-22-30-642


Living room Kenny, Rachelle, Sabrina and Sarah hanging out chit chat. At one points Rachelle says she cannot stand the people in the house. (The rest of the houseguests are in the kitchen eat and making cookies)

Sarah figures out a prank to do to Arlie, “I’m going to take the tabasco off and add it to Arlie’s.. because he uses so many things”

They agree it will be so funny.

Sarah mentions if Canada doesn’t have a “Spot” in the finale she is the last houseguest out before Jury.

As they overhear the conversation going on in the kitchen Sarah says.
“They think Big Brother a ninja to steal Tabasco.. cause it’s a brand name.. it’s going to be so funny when it’s.. “ (Can’t hear the rest)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 16-27-34-752

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 16-48-08-177

7:50pm Heather burns the cookies 🙁 she says she was too busy doing other things in the kitchen. No Worries Heather made plenty of batter and puts another couple dozen in the oven. This time she sets the timer.

Heather – “I’m making my dinner, unloading the dishwasher, doing the dishes and baking cookies and still cleaning the kitchen at the same time”

Adel says the cookies taste great he keeps eating them, pours nutella on them and makes a cookie nutella sandwich.

Neda starts helping Heather by doing the dishes

Adel – “These cookies are f*** insane”
Heather – “they taste like sh!t…. Ohh with Nutella that’s a great idea”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 16-58-49-587

8:00pm Gremlins and Sarah walk by Jon and he Whistles.

Sarah says “Eww”
Jon – “WHAT!”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 17-03-11-132

8:03pm Hot tub Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle and Sarah

Sabrina says she’s blocking everyone in the kitchen on facebook except for Adel because he’s been really nice to her.

Sabrina – “I now understands Adel’s power he really makes you feel better about yourself.. he’s so nice”

They start studying..

8:11pm While Allison And Jon are in the kitchen we get audio from NEda and Heather in the storage room discussing pranks.

Heather says Rachelle hide the cookies and Raisins and Jon hid them again she is going to put the raisins back but hide the cookies.

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Is Allison flirting with Jon?!!




I think that being on Big Brother will be both the worst and best thing to happen to Sabrina. Hyperbole aside, she clearly has some issues; her behaviour is pathological and too compulsive to ignore. I imagine that nothing in one’s day-to-day life can prepare you for living in the incubator that is Big Brother. Every emotion you experience in this house is magnified, and on top of that, broadcast to a wide viewing audience. This is such a unique experience in that all of her behavioural problems has, and will continue to rise to the surface. She’s unraveling before our eyes. When she leaves the house and sees what people think of her, it’s not gonna be pretty. I’m sure that she’ll initially interpret the backlash into something that “protects” herself similarly to what she has already done: “they voted Andrew and I because we’re strong players, not because we’re disliked”, “everything I did was for my alliance, remember that”, “we were all saying bad things, it wasn’t just me,” etc.

But the night is darkest before the dawn. She’s gonna go through a lot of torment, but with some help, it might be for the best. I can’t say that I’m not currently enjoying the fact that she’s getting called out on her lies and it’s blowing up in her face; she’s getting her well deserved slice of humble pie. But from a life perspective, I sincerely hope that appearing on Big Brother has shone light on her problems and segue into her receiving some much needed help.


I would hope that both she and Rachelle would learn from the experience and become better people. But I’m not holding out a ton of hope. Much more convinced that Kenny and Sarah can learn from the experience. But Sabrina and Rachelle? I don’t get them at all. I have no idea how they can behave the way they do and not be–at the very least–embarrassed.


Yeah, I think Kenny and Sarah will take something from it. None of us are virtuous, and I think that unless we’re checked from time to time that certain behaviours of ours can just snowball without us realizing it, especially when you’re sharing experiences and feeding off of the person you’re speaking with.

I am certainly more hopeful for Rachelle. I’m far from her biggest fan, but I try to remind myself that she’s only 20. Looking back, I would not want to be on television when I was that age. Like most people only one year removed from being a teenager, she’s still impressionable and seems to want to fit in more than anything else.


Hahaha, I grew up with Rachelle! It’s hilarious. This is exactly how she is in real life… except a lot more loud and obnoxious.


Both Gremlins on their period and one pees in the hottub. Bloody gremlins!


Hey Simon, is it possible to put a poll on who do you think will win BBCAN2 not who’s the favorite, I would like to see where some houseguests have moved according to public perception? Like to see if Jon is now too cocky or Allison is a little higher than before and whether ppl feel Arlie trying to be a mastermind has hurt the publics opinion of him?

Thanks for the updates and a great site I keep coming back season after season and year after year!!!!!


In the first couple of weeks on this forum, people were praising Sabrina’s social game whereas I saw none of it. She was manipulative, childish and aggressive from the beginning. I didn’t understand what other people saw.
On another note, I was wondering why Anick was targeted first? Sabrina did not like her at all and felt she was trying to ‘one up’ her. That might just be it – Sabrina had a big say in that eviction? I don’t know. I was wondering why she was the first to go.


Well Sarah’s fate seems cemented so lets have some BB fun….

Who from good will end up evil? Who from evil will triumph over all? Or can good beat evil? These question all have 1 thing in common and that is each individuals perspective.

Neda – if ever someone is getting set up to play the ruthless flip the house game it’s Neda. Starts with her “real”(maybe) plan to sit F2 with Sabby. For that to happen she will need to be pure evil to her alliance. I think she can become the “Shelly”(BB USA) of BB Canada for years to come. A lot of Neda’s fans that aspire to her “good” character are going to be very disappointed. Chance of flipping the house 98%.

Allison – a little trickier as she has committed basically as an act of survival to “slops”. She owes them little and using the veto to further her game and hook up with Kenny and company I would not call evil. She is just not a good player to this point as most of us have noted on the feeds. If she flips the house it could be 2nd eviction Thursday. Or a long shot going with Neda/Ratchet and Sabby a couple evictions down the road. Neda/Ratchet/Sabby need comp help to get to F4 and a few other breaks like the guys taking each other out! Chance of flipping the house 88%.

Arlie – I know he’s about to do it this week. 😛 I think his master plan is to flip the house back and forth. Not going about it socially very well. Chance of flipping the house 99%.

Adel – no way he flips anything. His loyalty will eventually get him on the jury. Won’t be a bitter jury member in my opinion. Flipping 0%

Heather – see Adel above^ Nice person who will likely be blindsided by Neda in the end. Straight forward playing style would get respect. Somewhere around F6-F4 the talk will be surprisingly she could get the votes to win the game. And none of us can say we saw that coming a month ago.

Jon – waiting for the shoe to drop! What I am talking about is he and Kenny and their mutual hatred. I think it’s over blown maybe. Waiting to see the revelation they’ve been working together all season in secret. Be great story writing but very unlikely. Chances to flip the house 10%

Kenny – like him or not I think he’s a douchebag with principles. Cannot see him flipping. He’s the rock for evil. Best comp threat left in the game. Flipping 1%

Sabby – the queen of ruthless and all this talk about everything is for my alliance. She’ll be extremely easy to convince. Her sense of entitlement and the game makes it a no brainer. Chances of flipping the house 90%. I think if Allison uses her veto before the 1st vote and Sabby is the replacement there is a small chance Sabby goes home before jury.

Ratchet – as goes Sabby so goes Ratchet. Two votes for the price of 1. Flipping 90%

Sarah – since I still give her a small remote chance of staying, very unlikely, I give her the 1% chance of flipping the house.

If you haven’t gotten PO’d this week I think Neda will help you get really worked up before the season is over. Tragically my 8:1 front runner was running down the back stretch and broke her leg. Even sadder the vet needs to put that horse out of it’s misery. Handy capping this BB season is much tougher than usual. My latest silly guesses below. Bye Bye Sarah you cost me a fiver! 😛

Neda 10:1
Sabby 15:1
Allison 17:1
Arlie 18:1
Kenny 20:1
Heather 25:1
Jon 40:1
Adel 99:1
Ratchet 99:1

If Sabby can stick around long enough to be everyone’s F2 choice she might actually win it. LOL Ratchet has that F2 potential as well but less likely to be around long enough to stick. Allison is a gut feeling and we know how well that’s working for me. 🙁 I think she might win a couple comps and flip once to get F4 then who knows. By the way it’s “evil’ Neda I have as a 10:1 favorite. If the lay about do nothing douchebag doesn’t start playing she won’t get F2. 😛

Russ from Van

Soooooooo freakin pumped for the DOUBLE EVICTION on Thursday!!

And the Sheyld can lick my b#lls!


Bad idea to let Sabrina cut your hair Jon!!

Ihate sarah

I just saw the pictures that heather took of each person on slice and the pics of jon are horrible.. But i liked arlies and heathers..:)


I so love this site!!!! I am so glad BBC han’ts let the HGs get out of hand like they did on BBUS. We so made it our own and I think it exceed all other BB’s. I appreciate that someone is giving up the true happenings in the house.


Oh gawd. They’re all sitting in the hot tub. Can you imagine Kenny’s reaction if Sabrina mentioned that Rachelle had peed in it earlier? Off to go vomit now.


It must be horrible to be in a relationship with Sabrina, she just can not let anything go. If this is like what she is like inside a game where deception is expected, I can only imagine what she would be like in real life. I see many breakups in her future.


I hate In-Power Jon and In-Power Neda 🙁


I completely agree with name about Sabrina. Like I said before at the end of the day she is someone’s daughter and sister and all game aside, she does have self-esteem problems and more. I am not qualify to diagnose her of a mental/personality problems but it seems that her not having control over people’s view of her and how hard she tries to do damage control about how people feel about her, is a strong indicator that she doesn’t even like herself. She is so consumed about her image that she can’t see how much she hurt others. No empathy and has the rue victims mentality about life. Definitely something is not right.

Russ from Van

Some random thoughts today:

Kenny and Sarah can keep cuddling once there out the door on Thursday. Maybe Sarah’s husband can be there too and watch.

Arlie is riding that middle ground, but the thing about him doing it compared to other players like Andy rat face, is that he has been called out about it at an early/mid stage in the game. He will eventually not be trusted in the final 5/6 and should be booted.

Rachelle peed in the hot tub today: is cool guy Peter Brown still crushing on this girl?

I’m excited to see the evictees go in order of Sarah, Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle. I hope the Sloppy Seconds end up at the final 6 and one of them wins in the end.


Rachelle commenting that she ”can’t stand the other people in the house” is hilarious! Rachelle, I am 100% sure they cannot stand you either since: 1) You have punished the entire house to eating slop thanks to your selfishness and stupidity. 2) You like to pee in hot tubs like a farm animal. Fyi, that’s what toilets are for, but your brain is too small to factor that in I’m sure. 3) Your random crotch shots are NOT a sight to behold. 4) Your status is the house is even LESS than a floater, since all you decisions come from other people (aka Sabrina).

Rachelle= Classless, tasteless, brainless, and clueless.


I doubt this will happen but I personally think that Alison should use the veto, then Heather should put up Ro so she leaves before jury. This will leave sarah to be in jury and sarah and kenny are more likely to think for themselves and make a decision on who to vote for in the end. Whereas Ro will be so easily influenced by Sabrina that the potential winner will have half of the votes to win.
I really hope that jon and neda make final 2 (which is also not likey) but as of right now my money is on arlie to win this season and if not arlie then atleast someone from the hand j’s


Heather is such an idiot…by far the most annoying person in the house. Can’t stand her, any time she’s on the feeds I have to switch cameras. Her little renaissance in the house is extremely troublesome. Seeing as how she’s not a threat I’m betting she stays for a few weeks. Ugh. What a foolish simple-minded human being.