Neda asks Jon about keeping Sarah.. It would be sh*t for our alliance but it would be good for us.

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

9:20am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bathroom Rachelle that if she did go home today she would be excited. Sabrina says whatever happens, happens. Rachelle agrees. Sabrina starts doing Rachelle’s hair. Up in the HOH room – Jon tells Neda that he really doesn’t want to go home today. Neda says oh f**k that, you’re good. IN the main bedroom Neda asks Kenny if the US version of Big Brother had instant evictions? Kenny says the only one he saw was the one with Topaz on the Canadian one.

Neda tells Sarah that what it came down to me. Your side is gunning for Jon and what it comes down to is keeping numbers on our side. Sarah says it’s okay. Sarah says this is huge move that at the end you can say you did this, this and this to get there. I don’t want to put any more pressure on you though.

Neda heads to the HOH room to do her makeup with Heather. They talk about how much Andrew picked his nose. Heather leaves and Jon comes into the HOH. Neda asks Jon have you considered keeping Sarah at all? It would be shit for our alliance but it would be good for us. She would be loyal to us for keeping her. If Kenny won HOH it would be you and I going up but if we did this it would be Arlie and Adel. Jon asks where did this even come from? Neda says she was just thinking and she had a talk with Sarah yesterday. I already decided no but just wanted to talk to you about it. Jon looks really and annoyed he silently thinks about it and eventually says No I can’t do it. I don’t see how we can better ourselves from it happening. Neda says it comes down to us trusting her and we don’t. Neda says just win that HOH then. Jon says or any 5 of us. Neda asks do we go after the Gremlins first or Allison. Jon says RoRo first and then Allison. Jon says he can’t vote to keep Sarah because he just can’t trust her.

BBCAN2-2014-04-10 07-17-28-687

10:30am – 11am In the kitchen – The Gremlins, Sarah and Kenny are eating and talking. Sabrina says at least we will be friends after this unlike other people. Kenny and Sarah start crying and Kenny tells them to not come up to hug him when Sarah leaves because it will make him cry more. Rachelle and Sabrina leaves. Kenny says he hopes to god tonight’s HOH is a physical competition. I hate them! Sarah says I know. Kenny asks if Neda talked to her. Sarah says that Neda said it came down to the small possibility of one of you winning HOH. The thing is that if they win she’s good but if they don’t she is screwed. Kenny tells Sarah that his goodbye message is not very coherent. Sarah says that Jason will be so happy I have someone to cry to. Kenny says I’m not the crying hotline. Up in the HOH room – Jon asks Heather if me an Arlie went up today how do you think Allison would vote to keep? Heather says I think she would vote to keep Arlie because he saved her. Heather says I don’t know I wouldn’t even think about it because it might not even happen.

11am – 11:50am Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. When the live feeds return – Kenny, Rachelle, Sarah and Sabrina are in the bathroom talking. The others join them in the bathroom to get ready for the live double eviction tonight. Kenny says I just want to listen to music .. my own thoughts suck!

12pm Big Brother tells the house guests that there are 4 hours until the live eviction. House guests nominated for eviction must move their bags to the storage room. Sarah and Sabrina comment that the eviction is happening earlier than usual. Rachelle says to her it doesn’t seem earlier. Sabrina says oh yes it is ..its 100% earlier.. Rachelle thinks she needs to go study the flowers for the competition tonight. Sarah and Sabrina tell her it doesn’t have anything to do with them. Rachelle leaves and then comes back a few seconds later saying never mind.

12:45pm Kenny comes into the bathroom and tells Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle that the others keep coming out of the bedroom to study the flowers. He says just watch them. Kenny leaves. Sarah talks about how she won’t regret doing what she’s done in the game because the decision she made in the game were with the information she had at the time.
BBCAN2-2014-04-10 09-48-23-069

1pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for a minute and when they return all of the house guests head into the living room and sit on the couch. Adel asks does what’s her name come on now too? Neda says Arisa! How long has it been. Adel says Arisa.. whatever.. Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

BBCAN2-2014-04-10 09-58-10-347

2:45pm The live feeds are still blocked..

*** TO OFFICIALLY CLARIFY ALLISON’s Veto – After tonight Allison will have one final chance to use her Super POV, IF she doesn’t use it tonight! Which means if its not used tonight during the double eviction POV ceremony, then her last chance to use it will be on Monday during the next POV ceremony.

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It feels so awkward for me to watch Ratchelle on the feeds. She looks so awkward sitting there trying to think up of something interesting to say, it’s almost like nails on the chalkboard. She finally speaks and 95% of the time, it’s always something stupid that comes out of her mouth. I dread for all the future patients that she might have, I feel for them.


She is doing an undergrad in Psychology. Her and a million other people.


I think her and Neda need to switch careers. Neda isn’t so bitchy and judgemental, she would make a much more sincere psychologist! Where as Rachelle should stick to something shallow-minded like fashion…


Ahhh… ya…. i went to high school with the girl and she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She lives in a very materialistic life and does not have many friends because of her inability to connect with others… her family is pretty effed though, but super rich.


It’s weird that no is going to put up Rachelle on the block it sucks she make to the end or near the end.
It’s the same with Sabrina we could have both a Sabrina and Rachelle final 2 ugh.


Cracks are forming and if the Gremlins or Kenny win HoH, Neda’s gonna flip like a snap of a finger as will Allison.


I don’t think so; if Neda was going to flip, it would have been right there. I’m glad she decided not to – and told Sarah, eve before she approached Jon about it. Though i don’t like that they’re talking about busting up the alliance already; hopefully it’s unnecessary – as long as Kenny, nor the Gremlins win HoH, all will be well in the world.


I think Neda will only flip if John leaves, Her real loyalty is to John.


With all the lying that’s been done, Sarah would promise Neda the moon and swear on her head that she would be on their side, then tell Kenny she has a chance to stay, then plot with him to take Jon and Neda out.

I wouldn’t believe any of them at the moment………………..especially someone on the block, waiting to be evicted.


I just thought of this: If Allison’s veto can be used after the regular veto, does it have to be used during the veto ceremony or can it be used any time before eviction.

For example, Allison hasn’t used her veto but during the week, she suspects things are shifting away from Sarah leaving and she might be voted out, could she pull out the veto just before the live vote and use it, making Heather quickly put up another person.


The instructions were after the initial veto BUT during the veto ceremony. So to answer your question, no – she can’t.


Is sloppy seconds still gunning after Kenny?


Time for Arlie to step up to the plate for the first time this season and try to win a comp!

Big bro31

Allison might use her veto on herself and put up John or Arlie making the votes 4-3 for the first 5..go team Kenny and hopefully Allison brings Adel along


She cant. Just a reg. Veto must be used at veto ceremony. Even when she uses hoh still names replacement. Its not a diamond pov


No way Adel is entering into an alliance with Sabrina.


It’s not a diamond veto moron.


I don’t really think name calling is necessary. Geez.


Now you messed with the wrong mothafuka.


Does anyone know what Allison POV entitles her to? anyone?

Nana Jo

As I understand it, it has the power to be used three times, but not consecutively. Allison chose not to use it at the POV ceremony, so there are two left. She can use it today to take herself off the block or if she decides to 100% trust her alliance and not use it, then she can use it one other time during the next two weeks. She does not have the power to replace anyone with a choice of her own, but she could choose to use it to save another HG who is up on the block. If she doesn’t use it to save herself tonight, then she risks going home with a ruby souvenir …but, “There’s no place like home”…. right?


She can’t use it 3 times, she has 3 chances to use it. If she doesn’t use it by the 3rd set of nominations/POV ceremonies, it expires. that’s why she didn’t use it on herself this eviction, she is saving it for when she knows she needs it, but she literally only has two more chances left. One of the 3 is gone, two more left. adel’s power never seems to expire, tho who knows lol

Nana Jo

That is exactly what I was trying to say, but you explained it much better. Thanks!


Adel has the lamest power I’ve ever seen.


It is not that terrible. It’s usefulness is when he anticipates a backdoor. And given that the 1/5 liked using the backdoor it would have given him the opportunity to play in the competition. He still may need to use it.


I used to like Jon and Neda but I feel like they are sick with power, just like the First Five used to be.


Maybe more Neda than Jon.


The special rule stated “…..”….is good for 3 nomination ceremonies and can EVEN be used after the regular power of veto.”

So as far as I’m reading it it’s a regular veto she can use once during 3 HOH’s…..this week being the first HOH and with DE the second. She can use it any time during a POV ceremony – EVEN after. I don’t believe she can just pull it out anytime and use it but calling a special POV ceremony or using it at the final hour – just in case she smells a flip….this isn’t Survivor.


What is a ‘ruby souvenir’?


Cora, the ruby souvenir will be the Red Veto Allison found if she doesn’t use it at all. It will only be a Ruby souvenir, like Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers.

another name

if memory serves:
yesterday in the summary (not the comment section)
Allison can use the power of veto during any of the next three veto ceremonies.
she can use it after the regular veto, but it must be during the ceremony.
think of it this way, she has until next Wednesday’s aired episode to use it.
she didn’t use it when she was on the block against Kenny. she can use it either during the second power of veto meeting today, or use it for the next power of veto meeting.
it guarentees her presence in the house for at least a week if jon and neda don’t flip on her and break the alliance tonight.


The exact words used,” this veto is good for 3 POV nominations, it can even be used after the regular POV.” Now does that mean she can use it 3 times.?? Can she remove herself even after votes are in?? Very confusing instructions, I hope Allison got them to explain it better in the DR .

another name

I believe it was updated and clarified that she can use it after the regular veto has been used, but must use it during the pov ceremony.
during this weeks pov ceremony after Kenny used the veto this week allison could have said ‘I have a veto too, i’m off the block”
I doubt she can use it at any other time.
she can only use the veto once. and it is only valid for three pov ceremonies.


Best DPOV for sure was Jeff putting Natalie and Jessie up on the block. Pure TV gold.


That was a Coup d’etat and the fact that they gave it to that giant douche bag ruined the season for me.

Not that Jessie and Natalie were any better.

Actually that entire season sucked ass. Right up until stupid Jordan won the entire thing.


Oh yes, the wizard power. That was a good one. That season was fun too. Russell was crazy!


Doesn’t anyone else find it weird how Heather can change her voice and yesterday when she yawned into the mic it actually sounded like a guy. She will be the greatest actress in BB if this was all her strategy. you gotta admit it’s hard on the ears, no?

Nana Jo

If Neda flips, I will lose all respect for her. Sarah will in no way save her or Jon should Kenny win HoH. Sarah has proven herself to be untrustworthy. The only person she is and will ever be loyal to is Kenny. It would be an act of complete stupidity. Kenny would put up Jon and Neda, regardless. I think (hope) she is smart enough to realise this.

I think Ikea should create a new all beige line of furniture and call it The Rachelle Line.


Yeah, I know, how stupid is Neda that she would even think of keeping Kenny’s strongest alliance in the house when he is the biggest threat. That would be so dumb, she would deserve to be sent packing. Even if she and Jon are put up in the next eviction, she’s not really in that much danger because it would be Jon who went home. Some of the girls worry more about the men than they do themselves.


Neda the snake is on the move. She reminds me one of those Hollywood evil queens of Egypt who are ready and waiting to stab their pharaoh husband in the back. Maybe I’ve watched the movie Land of the Pharaohs too many times. Hopefully Neda will end up entombed forever in the Big Brother House. I really don’t know how people can’t see Neda’s scheming and untrustworthy expression that’s almost permanently on her fake smiling face. I wouldn’t trust her in a million years.


It is an individual game to win 100,000.00. Just like Jon made final 2 and 3 alliances with the guys Neda is also free to make other alliances.


How on earth can you excuse a skillful floater like Neda of “scheming”? She is more loyal to Jon than to her alliance, but that does not make her some mastermind schemer at all, and not liking her face, who are you, Andrew?


I have been enjoying this season of BBC. That is until they came up with Allison going to the secret room and picking up a secret veto power. Just as she’s on the block and a double eviction coming up today.. Of course, Allison is the only house guest who knows about the secret room. And, Allison somehow knew during her pretend treasure hunt that whatever she was going to get was in “her” secret room.. All way too obvious that BBC management is playing their own fixed game… (sigh)


At first I thought that, but she was 2nd of 4 people that checked that plant. Neda checked it but wasn’t thorough enough, or else it could have been her in the secret room. And the fact that Arissa said to the POV winner not to tell anyone about the room, means anyone could have found it and everything would have remained a secret.

The only thing I’m wondering is, what would happen if they saw Allison leaving the room? She had no way of knowing that the coast was clear when she was exiting.


Ohh I didn’t realize that, I thought the TV’s were off. Thanks Dawg!

I’m usually skeptical, but I don’t think this was rigged. It could have very easily been Neda on that quest instead.

Nana Jo

I totally agree! I’ll bet production wishes anyone other than Allison had found it, too. That would have added much more drama and interest to what has now become a somewhat pointless exercise. The fact that she already knew about the secret room is going to add skeptic’s fuel to the fire that it was rigged in some way.

By the way, thanks for the awesome site. You guys do a great job! This is by far the best run, intelligent, interesting BB forum out there. I’ll be putting something in your donation jar at the end of the season.


I’m not entirely sure production is finished with the secret war room. It may come into play again, hard to know…


Can you imagine Adel finding it? That would have been to funny.

another name

ten seconds before self eviction on that call. he wouldn’t contain his excitement and the Canada’s favorite gloating.
i’m not insulting adel, my opinion is supported by his own alliance noting his limited ability to keep from running his mouth.
don’t bring up keeping his buzzworthy power secret, he announced that thing’s powers to be too many things, to the extent that I don’t know if HE remembers what it actually said.


Dawg, did you notice when Alison left the secret room, she didnt make sure the door was closing properly. She didn’t even look behind her. Really thought that was strange. My best guess is that they had someone from Production behind the wall who initially hurried her into the room once she figured out the code… and then made sure the coase was clear and closed the door when she left. Anyone else think this?


In the past production has helped contestants re-enter the house from secret rooms in order that the other house guests do not see it. Production no doubt was in the secret room with Allison and someone was watching the outside of the door to give the all clear for her to re-enter.


But wasnt she able to see through the montiors in the war room?


One thing that is weird though, that I’ve thought of more since seeing last night’s episode:

Maybe a few days ago (can’t remember when), on the live feeds, I heard Sarah make reference to “the place we’re not allowed to talk about”. Or she might have even said “the room we’re not allowed to talk about”. Did anyone else catch this? She had to be talking about the secret room, which means that everyone would in truth know about it somehow. But if so, how would they know? Maybe it has something to do with why the feeds are down half of the time this year.


i heard that too but i thought she meant the diary room and they weren’t allowed to talk about their private discussions with production.


They can’t speak of the DR.


I was also considering the fact that production rigged it, but then I also thought abut what Nana Jo said…. Can you imagine the look on another HGs face when they discovered the secret room with the BOBBLE HEADS?!?


And for that reason I am so disappointed Allison found it. How amazing would it have been for Neda to discover it!?!? Like, she wouldn’t have even known to go to that wall.


Allison can use it in the next 3 weeks but use it 3 times? I am lost. Did I hear it wrong? Someone pls help? Thanks y’all rock!


Jasmine you are right it seems ambiguous. What I gather is Allison has 3 opportunities to activate the veto, double eviction is 2 and than the HOH following the double. It sounded like once she uses it it’s power expires.


I don’t think she can use it 3 times, that would give her an insane amount of power, it would be totally unfair for one thing.


its a regular pov its not a diamond pov… allison can use it in the next 3 eviction … she did not use it this week she can use it in the next two eviction….


No. She can use it in 1 of the next 2 nominations.


I guess once Allison finds out it is a double eviction she will use her special veto to take herself off the block. Then Heather will have to put up another candidate to evict or will they simply evict Sarah? Any guesses?


But she can’t do that, she had to use the veto during the veto ceremony, which is over.


I don’t think Ali will use the pov for the first eviction; she’ll let Sarah get voted out – but if she is in jeopardy for the second one, or, hopefully if one of the Hand J’s is in trouble on the second one she’ll use it then; although truthfully, if one of the Hand Js is put on the block, whomever the HoH is will just replace them with another hand j.

So she’ll probably only use it on herself.

Regardless – worse case scenario is one of the Gremlins or Kenny wins POV.

The other side has to win it – and it would be great to get Sarah and Kenny out the same night; they’re so close? Say good bye.

Also might be interesting if Sarah’s hubby is waiting for the two of them as they leave ..


she has two more eviction in which she can use it on.. next thurs if she is on the block she will have to use it then…


It would be kind of amazing if the double evictees got sent to the War Room this week and we got to vote one back in.


I heard a rumor Anick was in town with a bunch of luggage. I am wondering if maybe she will get put in there with the two evictees and then Canada will vote one back in.


please don’t let Kenny, Ro or Sobrina win HOH.


@Marisa stupid Jordan? Not so stupid when you win BB. She is the sweetest person to ever play the BB game (not to mention the most beautiful one) Take you hate somewhere else. LOL.


LOL why are you responding to me down here! Glad I saw this.

But seriously, you have to be kidding me. She did nothing to win. It was a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils in that final.

I don’t care if she was a nice person, she sucked as a player.

List top winners of BB seasons, She’s dead last. second last is Andy.

I think you are a tad bias Ricky cuz you think she’s attractive. That’s cool though, whatever floats your boat!


once allison uses the secret veto it is gonna expose adel again. He said that the power he had was weakened after 3 weeks, but once Allison uses the secret veto which is essentially what Adel was pretending to have, he will be exposed as lying about it since bb would not include 2 pov’s with the same power in the game…it would not make any sense and the hg’s if they were smart would catch on.


That doesn’t make sense.

Her veto is simply a regular veto – with a time limit.

It has nothing to do with Adel’s fake veto, or his real veto.

I don’t think Allison’s veto will have any impact on Adel whatsoever.


The only problem I have with Allison finding the veto is that she now will have had essentially 4 weeks of immunity


Why is everyone so scared of Kenny winning HOH? He hasn’t won it once this season. Since they need to get the eviction done within the hour, I don’t think the HOH will be a physical contest, it certainly won’t be endurance, they don’t have the time, I think it will be a mental contest and it will have to wrap up quickly. And I don’t think Kenny will win because he is going to be so stressed, his mind is going to be cloudy.

I Love BB !!


Please watch ! It is so interesting !

Sorry Adel I have always liked you and I do believe you are a super great person but some opinions should be left un said. Especially on live TV ! It is difficult to hear you say that and it not come across negatively . Be careful because no one should be judged for their sexuality let alone have someone try and say its a choice ! Nooo its not . Just like falling in love is not a choice ! It just happens ! You can’t pick who you love or like, it is what it is!


All the scientific evidence in the world won’t convince a devoutly religious person that the only truth lies in their holy book. Until they need an organ transplant.



Still love Adel but seriously….religion *sigh*.


Adel simply stated his opinion, in which we are ALL entitled to. He did not say anything offensive or derogatory. Just like many of you believe that you could be born gay, and not realize it, he believes that you cannot genetically be born “gay”, and he might be right since it’s not scientifically proven. Not only did he say he is not anyone to judge, he also stated that he is accepting and to each his OWN. Just like you believe that religious people are close minded considering the fact that you said that they will only believe everything in their holy books, Adel has his own beliefs. Good grief. It seems that many of you were waiting to see Adels reaction to Kenny coming out, and are judging and observing his response towards gayness is general because you are JUDGING him based on pre notions.
How about when Kenny makes personal attacks at Adel, consider when he said more than once that Adels prayer is fake? I mean really? And when him and Sabs, Ro and Andrew were making fun of how he prays?! Now that is shallow and disrespectful, not once did Adel personally attack anyone in this game, except maybe Sabs, but he still trwats her with the utmost respect.
Did you consider how each of the 4 evicted houseguests ( anick, kyle, paul, ika) with the exception of Andrew ( who shunned adel for not being his little pet and sticking by those who were treated like crap by the 1st 5) repped Adel big time when they left the house?? That should prove something to all of you who are sooo quick to judge and take things personally.
Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you can’t make irrational comments and say biased things by labeling people based on what you interpret from the media.
Kennys coming out was an awesome experience for all of the houseguests and Adel was genuinely happy for him if you paid attention to the livefeeds.

Its sad to see sooo many people contradict themselves!!!
Geeze! It’s a game!


They said we’d see the War Room again.
Well, we saw it, when Alli found the veto.
I think that’s it for the War Room.
I don’t think anyone is coming back this year.


If Allison ends up getting evicted, not even using her Veto….that would be AMAZING!!!! Hopefully.
Sarah is no threat.


Anybody got any thoughts on the TV in the HOH room? Do you think they’re supposed to figure out how to ‘unlock’ it? Strange, because all season of BB have a spycam in the HOH room. Thanks.


Yeah, that’s what I think too. These houseguests are strangely ‘uncurious’. A lot of times people are hunting for secret rooms, hints, hidden pov’s and these guys are so busy bickering and sobbing. Thanks Dawg.


Lots of questions today: Watching the last episode and Allison hunting for clues. How did she know to go straight to the wall with the white slats? It could have been anything, but she went directly there? Anybody else find that strange? How do you explain it just from her ‘clue’?


To answer one of Cora’s questions – Yes, from the episode it appeared that Allison immediately went straight to the wall on the third clue simply because the episode condensed her scavenger hunt into a segment. On the live feeds this hunt actually played out for some time and was interrupted a few times by other houseguests before Allison really figured out the meaning of the third riddle and where the secret door was located and how it was to be opened.


When she was in the War Room and had to do a DR sesh, she had to enter the DR hallway through a separate door that connected to the War Room.

Logical deduction, she knows how to get from the War Room to DR, she can guess what wall the War Room is behind.

Also, I heard something about hinges being visible.

That’s what sucks about her finding it.


@Cora, I’ve been thinking it’s a twist for later, like once pre-jury evictions are done.

Surely DR could have asked each HoH leading questions about it, if the HoH’s were just being dumb.

It will add to house tension if they announce it’s working !!!


Just a thought but if production did not want Allison finding the special veto they could have hinted to Neda when she was in the diary room yesterday possibly giving her some hints that if there was another veto found in the house would she consider saving Sarah this way it gives production a lot of drama.

Just my thoughts. As well Dawg & Simon I love this site have been a fan of it for many years and as the norm have made my contribution for you to continue with the long hours. Great job and awesome updates/spoilers you have provided for us BB fans. THANK YOU!!!!


Adel is awesome!

Pinocchio Obama

I’m guessing Sarah goes?


This isn’t an attack on anyone, just an observation. It really seems like a lot of people are starting to crumble, slip, and lose focus. Adel and John especially seem to not be 100% in the game right now. With Arlie still throwing comps and Neda still shadowing John, it is hard to say what will happen when the power shifts. As solid as the Sloppy Seconds might seem, the second they lose power I think they will start to crumble fast, I think we will see some side alliances start to be made very soon. Should be interesting!


I hope Allison uses her POV tonight. I don’t like her holding on to any power. But it will be interesting, if she’s there next week, to see who she’ll use the POV on if she’s not on the block.


im a little annoyed they did not plan fully for this double eviction. they are so sure it’s a double eviction, especially arlie and neda and them, so why not prepare for it!? i read that allison went around to ask jon, neda, heather, you know, “who would you keep?” “who are you closest to”. these are the type of questions they should be addressing before a presumed double eviction.

like if kenny wins and it’s arlie vs. jon, who is heather keeping? i have NO idea. im assuming neda and adel would keep jon. if it’s neda vs. jon, who is heather keeping? I still have no idea!! i believe jon and neda’s final 2 is for real. and i believe adel believes his final 3 will be himself, jon and neda, but what about the others? arlie says he’s final 2 with jon, and wants to get rid of allison and neda, but if neda was against jon, would arlie not jump at the chance to get rid of a strong player? would he really vote out neda, who he believes is “useless”? hard to know.

I Love BB !!

Heather seems to be the only one who has a good head on her shoulders ! She doesn’t jump to conclusions , or make assumptions for no good reason. Unlike everyone else in the house ! She’s a good person


Based upon what the sloppy seconds and the original five have been saying when Allison is not around it seems she may not have to use her Veto over the next 3 evictions. Tonight with the double eviction it seems Sarah is gone, then both teams have said Allison would not be going up if they win HOH and this was when she is not around so they are not lying about it. Then finally next week it also seems neither team has Allison as the 3rd one out so she may never even get to use the power of veto.


Allison can use her veto to take another person off, not just herself so if someone she is close to or in her alliance is up, she can take them off. Unless one of the other side wins HoH in the double eviction tonight, and unless two players from her side go up, she doesn’t have to use her veto.

Russ from Van

I’m gonna be streaming the episode online tonight at 6pm west coast time, as I’m out here in Vancouver. Wouldn’t miss it. I will be so choked if Kenny or the Gremlins win HOH tonight.

And just a message to Peter, Alec and anyone in the Sheyld: You guys can lick my scr*tum!


Quit hating on the sheyld or I will throatf&”k you


Does Allison get to pick replacement nominee too?


If Alison doesn’t use her veto tonight and Sarah goes home, then, if she doesn’t need to use it in double eviction and then she wins HOH, no one will ever know she had it. Then again they never said it was only good for the next 3 nominations , they just said it was good for 3 POV nomination, maybe she can take herself or someone else off 3Xs.
Sure hope they explain it tonight a little better.


Arisa Cox @arisacox
@Bmcooney @BigBrotherCA after tonight Allison will have one final chance to use her Super POV, IF she doesn’t use it tonight! #BBCAN2

4:02 PM – 10 Apr 2014

another name

if Allison were hoh, either during the double or the next week she could be in the perfect situation to guarantee who would go. she’s hoh, can put up pawn and strong player. if strong player wins regular veto, and removes themselves, she can essentially redo her nominations by replacing the strong player with another strong player, then remove her own pawn with her veto and replace the pawn with any other strong player. in this situation, no matter what someone she considers a threat is going home.
convoluted. but ultimate power if you wanted to completely shake up the whole house and make a huge power move.

another name

imo it’s dramatic effect. much like production telling ika to fight to stay. neda has no interest in keeping Sabrina. her alliance has been talking about which of the sloppies to get rid of first since before they were even formed. add jon asking others who Allison would keep if he were on the block with other people.
now we get the added drama of will they or won’t they.


Second eviction is anybody’s guess. That’s why I’m so excited for tonight. This site is absolutely fabulous so thank you Simon and Dawg. I feel very welcome here to cheer, boo and bond with likeminded fans of BB. I’m starting to agree with so many other commentators about becoming extremely leery of Neda even though she was in my original top 4 faves. Perhaps the dark horse shall betray her alliance and make a deal with Allison. It is now becoming a very simple numbers game. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

P.S. JACK PLEASE COME BACK…Negative Nitwits are not the majority here.


I’m still here! Today’s just been a busy day! The negative folks don’t bother me in the least. The way I see it, they’re not happy people. People like that are usually hurting inside and hurting people hurt people. I like to call them E.G.R’s. (Extra Grace Required.)

Russ from Van

Does anyone else think it was a bad idea for Neda to consider keeping Sarah and bringing it up to Jon?

In the Sloppy Seconds, Jon and Neda are well connected in an alliance that outnumbers the opposition, 6-3 after Sarah goes. If they flipped, they would be on the majority 6-3, (Jon, Neda, Sarah, Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle) but they would be working with people that they couldn’t trust or even like, as much as the Sloppy Seconds.

I personally don’t think it was really worth considering the idea, or bringing up to Jon.


I think it depends on whether Jon really wants to take Neda to the end. I’ve missed a lot of the actual episodes and, therefore, many of the diary room sessions. Has Jon said in the DR that he wants to take Neda to the end? Or does he really want to take Arlie? I can’t tell from the live feeds.

For that matter, in their DR sessions, have any of the house guests said who they actually want to go to the end with?


Jon expressed he wants Neda. However, it seemed she was sketching him out today, especially with her persistence. Not a wise thing to do when you are wanting your shield to be in a good headspace for DE, which they all anticipate. She may have thrown some doubt on herself from Jon in the future.


anyone want spoilers for tonight double eviction?


If Kenny and Sarah are both evicted, and the sloppy seconds win hoh, they will expose their tenuous loyalty to Allison by putting her up on the block. This will be her time to use pov and get her revenge bu flipping again to the gremlins and even out the game. Of course this is barring the event that sabs doesnt blab herself into something so repulsive that not even some one as painfully bland as allison cannot defend her anymore. (side note: indeed rochelle displays paralyzing mediocrity,and is truly painfully pathetic that she will be the one staying by her side; just as long as sabrina keeps her word and takes her to la to get a piece of what sabrina’s glamorous life which she brags is getting on tmz bus tours and bribing cab drivers to drop her off at britney spears’ home for SIX HOURS durations in hopes to get a mere sighting. ugh. pee water is nothing in comparison…)


Really hoping Adel is not evicted tonight.

Only time will tell………


I just come to realize to many people are pussies on here.. like wtf some of you need to shut the f*ck up and watch the b.s unfold it’s meant to be full of drama, lying, etc etc


Just been checking on FB site for Slice BBCan and apparently the chatter is abuzz. Apparently 2 audience members managed to get a phone smuggled in as apparently audience members are searched before the live tapings to prevent this and these 2 members didn’t get a phone confiscated so they sent this out, not sure if its real will have to wait to watch tonight.

NOT YET CONFIRMED: Sab won the HOH nominating Jon and Jon apparently won Veto so Sab nominates Adel to have him show his veto card but it no longer works and Adel is then voted out and 1st jury member.


Not what Hamsterwatch posted and they seem to be right fairly often (if not always).


For those who want to know the Special Red Veto that Allison has. I just re-watched the episode and word for word this is what Arissa said about the power:
Arissa “Houseguest congratulations this special power of veto can be used at 3 nomination ceremonies and can even be used after the regular Power of Veto”

To me this is so vague let’s see how much of this is reworded tonight to make it totally different from what was mentioned in the episode that aired. They seem to do this a lot after the fact changing the original wording or outcome.

another name

after all of the comments about Allison being a slut, a skank and a whore after giving Andrew a handjob…. is it just me that laughed out loud when she was literally given a scarlet letter by big brother? it’s a big red V. come on.

Not Funny

If you watched the episode carefully it could have been any houseguest to find that secret power of veto. Allison just happened to find the clue first. Just saying. Because I believe its pretty rude to make assumptions.

another name

for once I wasn’t saying it was a conspiracy.
I was commenting on how the big red v was attained by Allison, of all people, who has been given an online scarlet letter since the sleeping bag.
didn’t say it was a production fix.
thought it was humorous coincidence.
couldn’t make the joke if it was someone else who found it.






Yes!!! Hamsterwatch tweeted a few mins ago:)


I really hate that right now on live eviction they are trying to screw Neda and Jon .lets see if they will show stupid Ratchelle peeing on huttub and sabrinas tampon incident! Which I’m sure they wont play those ones.
Bb so unfair of you