Big Jon gets hit by a prank “That’s it you’re getting yeaster sheets tonight”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 19-38-27-912

10:45pm Allison, Neda and Heather

Allison is packing her bag.

Neda puts on some some of Allison’s clothes in random spots, “I know what i’m doing guys… I’m a stylist”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 19-51-01-718

Hot Tub Party in the pee water…

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 20-02-15-362

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 20-04-23-670

11:02pm Neda and planning a prank on Jon.

Neda’s painting a tampon with red nail polish to put around his bed. Heather looks up at the camera and shushes us.
Once Jon leaves and Neda puts the tampons on the bed.. JOn get pissed because he thinks they are real. NEda laughs so hard she says she peed her pants. Jon has been threatening to put his “Yeaster Sheets” on Neda’s bed he say now he’s going to do it. (Jon has a yeast infection)

Jon is really pissed at first because he thought they were real..

Sabrina listens in on some of this conversation and runs downstairs to tell Kenny, Sarah and Rachelle.

11:30pm Bedroom Sl*ppy Seconds
Adel tries to light a fart on fire (It’s in the video)
Arlie has a little container with him where he use to store his weed. He lets Allison have a smell, She can only slightly smell it.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 20-24-12-848

11:24pm HAve nots Kenny and Sabrina

Kenny says there’s crack starting to appear in the other group, All they need to do is get power and they are back in the game.

Sarah and Racehlle join them and they start studying.

11:46pm Sabrina comes back down after trying to go to bed with the sl*ppy seconds. after spending a couple minutes she races down to the have nots to tell them that there’s bickering going on with the other side. Racehlle says she just talked to Neda and she said everything was fine. Sabrain – Everything is fine they are just bickering back and forth. Sabrina calls the other side the gremlins.. she leaves (Sabrina ran down to the have nots twice to tell them about the giggling in the bedroom) .
Rachelle, Kenny and Sarah snuggle in for one last night.

The snuggling doesn’t last long as Kenny and Sarah say they are overheating.
Rachelle – I wish I had a map that showed me what is happening in this game
Kenny – Thats not a map it’s a itinerary
Kenny – I wish I Had a crystal ball

Rachelle says Jon is getting so annoying she hopes he goes soon. Sarah points out that Jon has gotten more annoying theses last few days.
Kenny – He’s turned into tickle me elmo
Rachelle says Jon hasn’t talked about his girlfriend in a couple days

Rachelle is starting to question how fair it is that Allison came in two weeks late.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 21-08-09-752

12:06AM Sabrina and Allison Bedroom whispers

Sabrina saying she got the short end of the stick.
She claims everything was blamed on her for the 1st5 alliance..
Allison – “People like to blame you”
Sabrina says sarcastically “No one else did anything wrong no one else lied no one else backstabbed.. “
Allison – “I don’t’ think that”
Sabrina – “But everyone else does”
Allison – “Well… I don’t know what i’m supposed to do sabs”
Sabrina – “I can’t wait until people see the episode”
Allison tells her there’s nothing she can do she has to stay in the game and be loyal to the people that will keep her in the game, “I’m already in shit because I keep sticking up for you”
Sabrina asks her if it’s the one person that Allison called King ping, “You have bosses do you like being treated that way”
Sabrina asks if they are still talking bad about her
Allison – “ya and I’ve been shutting it down”
Allison leaves..

12:08am Allison and Jon Bathroom

Allison is venting about Sabrina, saying she’s using her emotions to f*** with her..

Jon says it doesn’t matter if Allison talks to Sabrina and it won’t bother anyone. .

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 21-20-48-940

12:20AM Heather working out.. (Chocolate covered peanut butter ice cream shakes)

Heather’s knee is bothering her while she does kettlebell squats, “F*** knee GAWD I hate you”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 22-20-12-654

1:21AM Heather is the last one up she reads her HOH letter right before the lights go off.

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Oh my god, John’s face when he saw the fake tampon. Hahahaha.


Lmfao, best part of BB2 yet!!! Lmfao!!!


I’m with Neda, I almost peed my pants laughing. That and the princess and the pea prank earlier tonight are why I like the Sloppy Seconds. They enjoy themselves, have fun and laugh. It’s not 24-7 strategizing or talking personal meanness about the other side.

I watched that video at least 3 times. FUNNIEST thing in the house this season. John’s face made me howl with laughter. Because of the nature I’m sure they won’t show it on TV which is too bad but thank god we have this video to immortalize

On a side note: I read earlier how people believe Kenny is a mastermind. Though I do like him I don’t agree. Sarah is MUCH smarter than he is at the game as are Arlie and Neda. Two examples: 1) When he asks (or rather demanded) Arlie to open up to him I believe just after Andrew left Arlie saw right through it & fed him info on Sabrina which Kenny bought, hook, line and sinker 2) When he was trying to avoid Mumzie going up he literally ASKED HEATHER NOT to put her up. Um DUH. Not once did he try to point to Sabrina or someone more logical to move the target off Sarah he pointed it directly at her.


The pee water disturbs me.


I am so disturbed by the fact that they are “enjoying” the pee water. I know its very hot and stuff and may kill some bacteria or germs and whatnot……but still.


The hot tub water would have to be brought to a rolling boil for ~7 minutes to kill any bacteria. They can’t do that so BB will just add more chlorine….or let them swim in their swill.


I legitimately dry heaved TWICE when I saw the video of the pee hot tub incident. I can’t explain why it caused such an extreme reaction!!! OH YEAH BECAUSE SOMEONE USED THE HOT TUB AS A TOILET!!!!!!!!


Whats nasty, is that Rachelle was CAUGHT peeing in the hot tub.. I wonder who else decided it was ok to use the hot tub as a potty and decided not to say anything … SLOBrina!!!


Last night, while they were all sitting in the hot tub, Kenny told a story about a viral video of someone sharting in a hot tub. Rachelle started to say something and Sabrina stopped her with “DON’T!”–obviously thinking Rachelle was going to confess about peeing in the hot tub. Then Rachelle told a story about high school instead, and Sabrina breathed a sigh of relief.

So… clearly production hasn’t notified the others about someone having peed in the hot tub. How wrong is that???? Come ON. Production should definitely have told them, even if they didn’t want to name Rachelle as the guilty partied. Personally, I think she should have gotten a punishment for it, but whatever. At the very least, warn the other houseguests about it, and clean the damn thing out. So completely disgusted with BB production right now.


Doh. “guilty party” not “guilty partied” Lol.

another name

with all of the s#it that comes out of their mouths, and the filth they live in only cleaning when production makes them…. you’re shocked they soak in pee?
i’m actually surprised the sloppy boys suballiance haven’t named themselves the yeastie boys.

another name

oh, er… read sabrina / Allison summary. amidst all the whining and self pity, did anyone catch it?
sabrina actually made a strategic move. if you can’t see a crack, create one. play on Allison’s suspicion / fear that she’s last in first out for her alliance.
even if Allison know’s that’s what sabrina is doing… it still plants the seed.
only worthwhile strategic move she’s made in a while. otherwise I wouldn’t bother to note it. congratulate her, because for the rest of her stay on big brother who knows when she’ll do anything else worth congratulations again.


if i was allison, i would play the MAJOR victim card with sabrina, telling sabrina Andrew put all his trust in you, why are you voting against me? i was supposed to be part of the first 5 once andrew left, so sarah and i are no different. sarah and kenny were trying to vote against you over andrew, etc. it’s so crazy that sabrina is playing the victim card on allison, even tho sabrina is the one voting her out!? how did that manipulation happen!? im so sad allison won that secret pov bc both sabrina and allison need to go!!


I really think it would be funny if neda voted to evict allison; which is what sarah is trying to get her to do….

because allison would look stupid for not using the hidden veto that she got from canada.


Has Jon asked BB/gone to DR for medication for his Yeast infection?

Yeah the hot tub thing is disgusting and I’m shocked BB didn’t do anything about it. Rachelle is a candy stealing peeing machine! WTF is she going to do next, poo on the sofa?

Nana Jo

I have to say after all the drama involving the power meter and the intricate series of clues, I feel the whole special veto thing is a huge let-down and waste of time. I was hoping for something ‘different’ and interesting. What a snooze-fest! If Allison doesn’t use it and ends up being back-doored, she has a shiny red souvenir to take home with her. I do feel it is unfair that she isn’t allowed to tell anyone. That would have heightened the drama and at least given her a chance at strategy. As it is, the fact that she has it, will merely add to the HG’s suspicions about Allison’s late arrival and possible added powers etc. The target on her back will be even greater. My own personal feeling is that production probably hoped that anyone other Allison would find it. When she did, they dumbed down the special powers or changed them altogether, so it wouldn’t look so bad given her already ‘special’ status.


No Kaboom?


OMG Jon’s face is too funny when he see’s that! I couldn’t stop laughin’ he was dry heavin and everything… Best reaction to a prank ever!! LOL!


Did I hear that right – Rachelle let someone shi* on her chest? Someone pooped or she pooped in someone’s mouth? This girl is a prize, guys. The line up forms here. She is disgusting in so many ways.


No. She said there was a rumor about her in High School, that she let the guy (who started the rumor), sh*t on her chest.


I have never enjoyed live feeds more than this season and it’s all because of Neda and Jon! They are so funny! If Neda or Jon leave this Thursday I probably will just watch the regular show and not the feeds.

meseyz (imoho!)

i hope poor Jon has cooled down… the ‘yeaster sheets” thingie!
this being said, i’m thinking KENNY=NICK but his “Gina Marie”
is about to go home before he. Allison = Candice? Am not sure,
she is equally vulnerable, but if HEATHER = HELEN, then both
ARLIE & JON are sitting pretty like McCRAE & AMANDA. it almost
hands ADEL a JUDD card from the deck of life, a following beyond
the show. Susan is not Elissa, and now all loose parallels to BB15
implode by the wayside, becuz Spencer’s Larry Flynt quips are legion.


I am a bit confused on Allisons special veto. It said last night that it can be used for 3 evictions. Does that mean it can be used 3 times or she has to use it before the 3 evictions are over? They said she couldn’t tell anyone or face eviction immediately so that makes me think it is she has to use it before the 3 evictions are over because if she uses it tonight and still has 2 more weeks she could use it than the house guests would know. Am I right?


The way I understood it, it was good for 3 veto ceremonies and she could use it after the normal POV was used. She didn’t use it Wednesday. She can use it for the double eviction tonight or next week and then it’s done. I believe she can use it on anyone but I doubt she will.


I would assume she has 3 evictions to use it, or else it would just be power overload


One of the best pranks in BB history. I am actually laughing hysterically. HIS FACE! Omg.


Jon’s face ! Lol!


Allison, your getting the power to stay in the game longer, totally unfair. She entered the game late and now this bull!


Does Allison know people in production well for her to be saved.

scrap of decency

h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. reaction! the fact that he covers it up after seeing it and then leaves the room in shock, i can’t even… it gets better each time you watch it.
also arlie in the background 😀

I Love BB !!

Rachelle is nasty ! And in my opinion a very rude, stuck up , mean individual .


That prank was the best thing I’ve ever seen! One of my favourite moments this season! Jon’s face was hysterical! I really hope they show at least a bit of that in the show!


BEST PRANK EVER!!! Roflmao srsly