Natalie “OH MY GOD! He’s the dumbest idiot! I’m going to drop kick him in the head!”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 03-15-47-843
12am Hammock Nicole and Paul are talking. Nicole says I am 100% okay with her (Tiff) going. Don’t get any ideas. But from a personal perspective I’m not even eligible for her to put me up on the block. We’re not doing it to be selfish. We’re doing what’s best for everyone else, not what’s best for us. As long as people see that later, like someone else takes a hit. Paul says I think everyone is okay .. I’m just worried about James and Natalie. I can tell Natalie is taking advantage of James. James is a good guy and I feel bad. Nicole asks yeah what do we do about that? Paul says maybe us guy approach him but he might take it the wrong way. Nicole says I don’t know if it comes down to it, how he really thinks. I don’t think its necessary to break his heart right now. Paul says Corey and I were speculating and in the best interests it would be best if him or I were HOH because homeboy has already said that I should put Natalie up. So if I do that he is going along with my plan. Then he will probably get in my ear and throw Corey and Paulie’s name which is exactly what we want because we want a strong player. But to him it will just be like I’m following his orders. Then it will be me and Corey or Paulie playing POV. And who sucks at playing the pov would pick Natalie or even James which again is in our best interest. Nicole says it would work the same way with Corey like vice versa. Paul says Corey was saying the girls would be emotional. He meant that like that Paulie and I have done that before and wouldn’t crack. Frank joins them.

In the Safari room – Tiffany and Paulie are talking. Tiffany talks about the coup d’etat. Paulie doesn’t know what it is. Tiffany explains how the person that has it can take two people off the block and replace them with their own two people even if they’re on the block.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 03-14-20-388

12:43am Backyard – Nicole and Frank. Frank says that Tiffany was talking to Paulie in the safari room and every time someone walked by she would look. She’s so weird. Nicole says I get it but you got to be nice. Nicole says I don’t like talking to her inside when she’s wearing sunglasses. Frank says she’s so weird. She’s always talking about how things are normal with her sunglasses. Why you’re not normal!? Nicole laughs and hides her head. I’m not Boogie out here with you Frank. Frank says me a Corey were sitting here and James was like throwing it this week. And he was like who do we want to win it? My team or his team. Then he asked who would take it on your team to Corey and Corey was like me I guess. What does that matter!? Nicole asks does he not trust Corey, I think that’s what it is. Frank says I think James is interested in putting Corey or Paulie up. Nicole asks well can you stall that a little bit .. the Corey thing. Frank says yeah I can work on that. Nicole says I’m just saying if we want to move forward you can’t go after him next week. Frank agrees. James would need to throw it so we can put Natalie and Bronte up.. so that we can Bronte out. We just need to tell him Natalie won’t go home and even if Bronte comes off Paul goes up and goes home. Corey already talked to Paul about throwing the HOH.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 03-47-25-831

12:45am Bedroom – Paulie, DaVonne and Michelle. Paulie says it doesn’t matter either your team (DaVonne) or Nicole’s team are going to win it (HOH) and he’s (Frank) going to go home. He has to win the RaodKill for that to happen. Natalie will definitely go up as one of them and then if we want to make it obvious to him we put Bridgette up. And if we don’t then we put me or Corey up. Next week either him (Frank) or Bridgette are getting tagged. DaVonne says I want to win that to be the one to do it.

1:10am Safari room. DaVonne, Nicole and Zakiyah. DaVonne says the only people I that should throw it are Michelle and Paulie. Nicole says I don’t want James winning HOH. DaVonne says if Frank wins the roadkill he would put me up. Nicole says even if you went up, you wouldn’t go home. Even if I was up there I’m confident.. DaVonne says that the third person would go home. Corey joins them. DaVonne tells Corey he (Frank) wants you to win HOH and he wants to win roadkill and put me up. Corey says that guy is something else .. he is just making it too easy. James, Paul and Bronte join them.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 04-05-59-421

2:05pm – 3:25am Frank, Michelle and Bridgette. Frank suggests we toss it to Corey or Nicole and then we win the Roadkill and toss Paulie up. Michelle says I always try to read him. Like is he playing Corey’s game. Bridgette says Zakiyah’s f**king him up. I’m confused like what is he doing. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. Frank says he plays a more of a emotional game. You can tell when he gets rattled. Michelle says he always says here to observe. Frank says food for thought, she might be the bigger target this week. Bridgette says she tried to pull some sh*t with you earlier this week. She went out first or second her season. Michelle says because she’s drama. Frank says she (DaVonne) will want to make a big move and try and get me out… so I want to beat her to the punch. Michelle says I wouldn’t mind winning to make a big move and get my name out there to the fans. Bridgette says if she goes up she is going to raise some sh*t.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 04-18-13-014
3:15am DaVonne, Michelle. Nichelle tells Davonne about how she had a long conversation with Frank and Bridgette about them wanting to get DaVonne out. Nicole joins. Michelle tells Nicole that they (Frank & Bridgette) said you know about it. Nicole looks at DaVonne and says I honestly have no idea about it. Michelle says Frank said that you were in on it and how you told him not to tell Michelle. Nicole asks what’s his deal with this one!? Michelle says to get out Day. Nicole says no pulling my name into it. DaVonne says apparently Bridgette said Day can’t find out she’s going on the block because she’ll go crazy! Nicole says I’m so annoyed right now. Michelle says oh I thought you knew and just didn’t say anything. Nicole says he would not mention her name to me and I be okay with it. Michelle says he said Corey and Nicole are on board. Nicole says I hate him, he needs to go. I don’t want you to .. this is what happened on my season. Michelle says he thinks if you win HOH you’re going to put up Corey and Paulie. DaVonne says I told her that he was going to get into Paul’s head and convince him to throw it. So I need to get to Paul. Michelle says he’s planning on doing it tomorrow so you might want to do it tonight. He’s going to him he wants Big Sister to throw it. He said you were going to be sh*tting it if its a mental comp. DaVonne says if we’re going to cross Frank we might was well keep Tiffany. Nicole says I’m game.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 04-45-16-095
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4:20am Bronte and Natalie HOH room – Bronte tells Natalie that I think because of the Victor thing and how he was so physically fit… Paul brought up how maybe your thing with James is strictly for game. And I squashed it. James asked me do you think Natalie really wants me to cuddle with her? I told him Natalie full on has a crush on you. Trust me that girl loves when you cuddle her. Bronte says that Paul asked you don’t think Natalie is shallow? I said no. Natalie says what the!??! I’m the least shallow human being. OH MY GOD!!! He is the dumbest idiot! Bronte says Paul thought that when Jozea went home and people flipped .. I knew automatically it was Zakiyah and Day.. He thought it was you. Natalie says he’s the dumbest idiot!! I’m going to drop kick him in the head! Is he that dumb!? Paul needs to shut the f**K up. Bronte says I told him that you like the sweet boys. Natalie says he needs to keep my name out of his mouth and shut the f**k up or I’m going to drop kick him in the face. Why is he questioning me and what I’m doing?! That’s offensive that he thinks I’m shallow! If he keeps talking about me I will pour slop on his face. I will make slop balls and throw them at him. I like James. Victor was a tool. I don’t date guys with long hair and 6 packs. I’ve dated people that my family are like that’s a joke right!? And I was like nope that’s my boyfriend ..take it or leave it. James is a nice guy with a great personality. Am I going to marry him? I don’t know, maybe not its a freaking show. Paul is just an idiot that hasn’t observed one thing because he’s been up Victor and Jozea’s butth*le. It pisses me off that he’s pretending to be my friend and throwing my name out there. He needs to watch his back… I could get him on the block. I can campaign against him if he doesn’t shut the f**K up!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 04-19-56-415

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Hmmmmmmm, seem like Nicole is beginning to act like Christine from her season…yeeech!


Her game is disgussstttinnnggg. I took a shit that smells as bad as her game.

Min O'Pause

How proud you must be.

Make America Great Again

As bad as Nicole’s game has been, Michelle is absolutely worthless in this game. WORTHLESS


I am liking Michelle so far, and would have her ahead of quite a few of the 16, has the common sense to not ridiculously overplay or take unnecessary major risk so early. Compared to the likes of Frank and Nicole you would think someone like Michelle was the vet and not them.

Brody Schiller



I am fine with ANYONE winning aside from Nicole, Frank, Corey, Paulie and Ming-Lee


Nicole is a snake and i hope karma will eventually catch her and she’s out of the house in 2-3 weeks

Tiffany has penis envy

Nicole has PTSD, not to be confued with PMS. She’s playing the blame game to excuse her extreme paranoia and lack of game play.


Loved it at 3:15 am Michelle calls Nichole out in front of the others and she denies it. Starting to like Michelle and her dry sense of humor.

Brody Schiller

i like watching michelle catching people out in lies

she has done it to frank when she busted him for trying to blame her and tell paulie she was the one who named the 8 pack alliance when it was actually frank, now nicole trying to be sneaky gets caught trying to deal with the devil frank to target da and keep michelle in the dark about it

its great because that move showed da she cant trust nicole and showed nicole she really cant trust frank haha – im hoping that has killed any chance nicole will work with frank, because frank has played so poorly he really doesnt deserve to get bailed out by nicole

looks like frank and bridgette straight up on the block, no backdoor next week

James for the win

I love james but he needs to forget about nat and get back in the game…..


I don’t watch the live feeds, only read updates and comments sometimes(Thanks Dawg & Simon). But IS Natalie playing James? Is she hitting on Cory constantly like he says? From what i’ve seen and read i don’t see any evidence in that. It seems Cory is making that stuff up to make Nicole jealous. Nicole is eating it up because she likes the fact Cory is flirting with her and not the more attractive one. And everyone else in the house is eating it up because they cant see a girl like Natalie being interested in James. If i’m wrong thumbs down the hell out of me and give Natalie an Oscar for her acting.


Nat actually is into James and these shallow asses don’t understand it. Pretty insulting to James. It’s frustrating to watch them say she’s playing him when it’s not true. But everyone will find out the truth on the outside and they’ll look terrible.


I’ll agree with one thing it’s assholish of Michelle, Corey, Zakiyah, Nicole etc etc.. to be so shocked and “Disgusted” that Natalie would be interested in James that they automatically assume she’s playing him. He’s a a grown ass man he knows what’s going on c’mon he’s not 18.

Natalie said about the time Vic was on the way out that she was going to start “Turning it up” with Jame so I assume some of her act is game. But I also think James and her get along and enjoy each others company. I don’t think James is expecting to hook up with her. I think he’s like WOW i found a nice girl who happens to be attractive and we have fun together while playing this crazy a$$ game. Most likely James made a life long friend that was a NFL cheerleader, I don’t see her being malicious to him.

Michelle never has anything nice to say about people so I’m not surprised by her comments.

What does Nicole think her “Most beautiful man in the world” is doing with her? That guy talks about his million and 1 girls he’s dated, the chicks he attracts on bumble, the goats he burns, the stories at the bar with drunk girls.. etc etc.. He’s playing her too. Heck we’re not even sure he’s totally into girls either! (kinda joking)


Thanks! i didn’t think so. I know it was the “spy girls” plans to latch onto the guys. James wasn’t the initial guy Natalie targeted. I do think some of her getting close to James was part of that. She also probably see’s James as being liked by everyone in the house so sticking with him might keep her safe longer, but it seems like the have a natural connection. I haven’t seen her bad mouth James behind his back (Like when Amber was kind of playing BMC). When Bronte confronted Natalie about Paul saying Natalie is just playing James she was offended by it where if she was playing him she could say straight to Bronte “yea, thats our plan”


Hearing talk that she’s playing him won’t be good for James even if it’s not true. At least very least she should let him motorboat her to set his mind at ease.


FYI I’m a bit salty today 😉


Love you Simon:)




That’s ok. We all have days like that


That insult went over my head too. James meets my requirements–good lookin’, tough, keeps a job, & drives a tractor. I was crushin’ last time too. If it’s the height thing, my husband is short & oh boy does it not make a difference, lol.


Nat and Corey are the only ones awake right now. And… zero flirting going on. Nearly 5 minutes since a word was spoken in fact.


Damn double post. I thought I was quick enough to stop this one from going through. 🙁


Simon, apparantly Paulie knows the background of Natalie via his MLS connections and he said she is a very wild girl, not little miss innocent she is trying to portray on the show, and she did say she would use flirting as strategy, which she was doing with vic, and now with both corey and james

if multiple people in there think she is doing it for strategy, then i dont think they are saying that to be mean or wanting james and natalie to no longer hang out together, and it appears they are genuinely looking out for james

thats just my observation


Well this is interesting. Nat and Corey are the only people awake right now. They are sitting in the bathroom together. ZERO flirting going on. A brief discussion of have not conditions followed by silence.

I’m sure in Corey’s version he tells Nicole later Nat will have tried to blow him though.

Grandma G

Corey isn’t making it up. Nat lightly flirts with him in front of everybody. So does Michelle. They do it in front of NIcole too. I don’t think either one of them want Corey and I don’t understand the flirting and touching.

That said. I think Nat is very much into James and is not using him in any way. I think they are genuinely exploring a relationship in the house and neither are sure about when they get outside the house. I think it is very sweet and wish everyone would back their noses out of it and let James and Nat work it out.


Can u blame james? his gameplay is terrible… he’s never going to win the game.
atleast let the guy chase his only chance to get his dick wet.


in terms of looks natalie reminds me of a brunette version of bree olson

go james!

i bet he hopes they are first 2 in jury on a double haha

Tiffany has penis enby

Is Natalie shallow? No. But she will kick herself in the butt when she gets outta the house for falling for James.
When Jeff Schroeder asked James if he had a girlfriend during the pre-interview, James started stuttering and stammering and couldn’t answer the question. He did the same thing last year, James takes advantage of less than smart girls and lures them with his witty humor which gets old once exposed as being James’ only layer of attractiveness.


As a BB Fan, I’m getting tired of ppl “throwing competitions”. It’s annoying. Try to win every time. Every seadon most of the house be a bunch of “YES Man”… I know sometimes it’s strategy, but not as much as they’d like you to think, sometimes people just suck, so they say “oh yeah I threw that comp, haha”.


Me, too! Have been for a few years now. it is NOT a team game. Teams do not win. I wish BB would tell the hg they can not throw the comps and make it more interesting.


They need to give monetary reward for the HOH/Veto winners, so there’s a lot more incentive to win and less to throw comps.


Yes!! that might work

Powder Puff Girls

the winners of the money would be put up for winning


I hate, with an unholy passion, the phrase “with the house”. Just say you are voting the way the HoH wants you to.


Nicole is a LIAR – She and Corey should be voted out. I hope they keep Tiffany this week and Davonne wins HOH or Tiff and they put Frank and “worst hair style in the world” Bridgette on the block. I want to see the following people in the final 6:



Finally things are getting interesting. I love when on a Wednesday we don’t know for sure who is leaving. Simon ir Dawg, what do you predict happening?


tiffany fans shouldnt be too upset, even if she does go at least she has a decent chance to come back

and it would be even sweeter if she beats frank in battle back to do it


So is Nocole gonna keep Tiff or not? urggghhh!


Nicole = worlds biggest flip flopper


Right now I rather Nicole go than Frank.


Michelle might have just become my favorite player!! She just blew Nicole up to Da. If Franks making all these deals with everybody and they all know it why doesn’t Nicole think the same won’t happen to her? The more I listen to her I want her gone. Corey’s comment that “she’s a breeder” is a red flag. That sounds like that’s all he would be interested in is pro-creating. Wow these people are dumb!


Michelle is a smart sleeper. Hoping she, Nat, and Z can pull together, but stay under the radar for a while. Those 3 are actual players. The rest are dooptydoos.


I don’t think Z will ever in a million years do anything at all without Paulies approval. It’s a shame too. I don’t get why people come on big brother and get so wrapped up in a showmance. What a waste.


I can’t believe Nicole actually said something about almost being at the stage of your life where you’d rather have a real relationship over $500,000. Then WHY are you even there?! I am so disappointed in her, particularly since she’s potentially ruining her game over a gay, animal torturing douche. I don’t understand any of these showmances. Even if you find a great person that you truly think you could build a life with–WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE SHOW! OMG! I wonder what would happen if they changed the prize to $1 million dollars–would people be more motivated to shoot for the actual prize instead of an unlikely relationship, Z-list celebrity status, and jury pay?


Michelle reminds me a little of Andy (BB15) who played all sides of the house and ended up winning.


I know people here hate Nicole now, which is fine, she can be annoying. But how on earth did Michelle help herself by blowing up Nicole’s game in front of NICOLE??

That was insane. What if Nicole or Corey is HoH next week? What if Nicole and Davonne mend fences next week?

She not only lost any chance to work with Nicole, she probably just lost any chance of getting a jury vote from her either. Crazy.


That’s the funny part .. Michelle didn’t believe Frank it was only after Nicole reacted they knew he was telling the truth! Plug in “me thinks thou doth protest too much”.

And for the record I loved Nicole in her season (BB14), but I can’t stand her this season. She is listening to Corey’s lies about Nat and even though she knows she has no shot at Corey she is so jealous she can’t see straight. She’s jealous of Natalie’s looks and she’s jealous of Day’s cool and smarts.

Her move last night to go after Day only served her own personal interests. The house was set up to take down Frank and her/Corey’s actions could have worked to out that and stop it. If I were any of Paulie, Z, Michelle, Day, James, Paul, Bronte or Natalie I’d have Frank, Bridgette and Nicole earmarked as the next 3 targets.

What she did last night will make the house know she can’t be trusted with anything she says, but specifically Paulie will be upset when he gets the full run down b/c Nic/Corey left a convo with him where he said Day is just upset with what Frank did to her and she’s fine for now directly to Frank ignoring what Paulie said (b/c it didn’t serve Nicole’s best interests). And now the Fatal 5 know she’ll target any one of them and can’t be trusted. I’d say she sunk her own ship.

If this upcoming HOH is similar to last season it will be the buzz in knock out with HOH, POV, Road Kill buttons which usually is won by females. Furthermore, it’s played live which means the hamsters will hear the audience response. When the audience roars to Frank and Nicole’s elimination it will let the house know who can’t be trusted (and who isn’t liked)! It’s likely James won’t do well in it and a groan when he loses will also tell the house the audience loves him. I’d say Da, Michelle would have best shot at winning this, but since Michelle/Paulie plan to throw the comp it bodes well for a Da win. Watch how fast Frank sells her out to Da as soon as that happens.

In that event I think Da would put up Bridgette and Paul as initial nominees and then hope she or James win Road Kill to put up Nicole. Next they’ll need to pull in Bridgette and tell her all the side deals Frank has and tell her if she picks Frank in the POV she’ll be targeted every week as the primary target if she does, so to pick James, Nat or Bronte. Nic will pick Corey thus guaranteeing whoever wins will remove themselves or be taken off the block and replaced with Frank.

It will be tons of fun if the final 3 sitting on the block next week end up being Frank, Nicole and Bridgette!
keeping Frank out of the POV which will enable them to put him up as the replacement in any form.


Agree 100%. Can’t wait:)


Nicole is more like Andy. Corey is disturbing!


I totally disagree she is nothing like Andy. Andy was disgusting – a sneak, a liar, vulgar and he was so vicious talking about the houseguest.


Michelle is a sleeper period.. She was blind to everything until Tiff (the person in the house that no one talks to) opened her eyes about Paulie nic and Zak. Then she continues to bash Tiff behind her back. Lies are part of the game being a sh*tty person is not. But since BB decided to cast idiots, scardey cats, egotistical jerks, and a$$hats looks like I will root for the biggest A$$ to win – its only fitting- Go Frank!


If a guy I liked called me a “breedER” I would be done with him before the ” *****ER” was out of his mouth. NICOLE!! Get some standards! Seriously she is a smart attractive girl. She can do way better that homeless, jobless, hippy Hayden and uptight sexually ambiguous Corey.


Completely agree.

Unbattled Block

If they want to get Frank out, it would not be a great idea to flip the house. He proved during his first season and in this one also that he is strong at Comps.

Tiffany has penis envy

That’s why you have to backdoor him. But only after you get Tiffany out. Tiffany wearing sunglasses is like putting a pink ribbon on a pile of shit.


I wish Corey would wear sunglasses so we won’t have to look at his weird eye moments when he talks.

Min O'Pause

Do ya think when he climaxes that his eyes bug out like Barney Fife’s?


Lol! I just had a visual image of those eyes bugging out at climax and choked on my own spit….Hilarious!


I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice that! His eyes are strange!


Honestly it really doesn’t matter either way. After this eviction it’s Frank/Dora vs everyone. And I think Dora will cave. Frank will either have to win hoh or veto the entire summer. Good at comps or not, his luck will run out eventually.


Dora? As in The Explorer?! rofl


Yes lol on the feeds Bridgette = Dora. She does look just like her too. It’s all I can think about whenever she’s on. And Frank is boots lololol


If Tiff stays, Frank will catch on. I think he will then play hard win HOH for himself and give the rest of the guests a heart attack! They’ll be running like roaches when the light are turned on. Now that would be good BB drama!
No more throwing comps, please!

Powder Puff Girls

lol Roaches well said!

Backseat Driver

The absolute dumbest thing is for players to evict someone because they don’t like their personality or whatever (Tiffany)……a smart player considers how this person can move THEIR game along. This upcoming week, if possible, it’s time for Frank to go! Keeping Tiff is one more vote they need to get that done!!


Regardless of “who’s more annoying to live with”, I agree with Paulie: Vanessa is a way bigger threat.
Bronte might go against him / them if she wins HOH, but she said to several people that she doesn’t want to win HOH. Plus, she’s not that good at comps – despite telling everybody that she’s a physical threat. And giggling with the powerpuff girls about fooling the rest of the house – sorry, you might act EVEN MORE dumb and useless than you really are, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are very dumb and useless to begin with!

Vanessa might “officially” be on “their side” as of right now (until thursday after the eviction, then all bets are off!), but she’s made deals with the powerpuff girls, has said she’d go after Paulie, and would certainly spill the beans to Frank to try and make a “they’d never expect us working together!”-deal.
In this game, what’s the use of having an “ALLY” if that ally makes you feel miserable and scared of getting stabbed in the back all the time? Whether Tiffany makes them feel that way on purpose or not (to squeeze more info out of them through fear), that’s how she makes them all feel.
At a time when Paulie really was on her side, she’d still question him all the time, tell him she feels he doesn’t trust her, etc. He’d comfort her, be there for her, tell her info, and she’d still not tell him about the 8pack or the fatal5. Still, after Frank had told Paulie about the 8pack, she told Paulie that SHE felt HE wasn’t transparent to her. I mean… really?!? Obviously with her, you can’t win. She takes without ever giving back, and still wants more.
When Paulie told her Frank had just told him Victor told Frank he’d put Tiff up as Roadkill, she freaked out, started crying and once the entire 8pack minus Frank was in the room, literally pointed the finger at Paulie and said “Paulie told me Frank said… Frank told me he didn’t know! So Frank lied to me!” She hurt Paulie’s game with that, several HGs discussed being angry at Paulie for telling her stuff.
People say she’s not her sister. But so far, I have yet to see any significant difference between the 2. Mannerisms, looks, way of interrogating people, way of switching the waterworks on just BEFORE getting to some gametalk,…) She’s a bad ally to have.
All of this regardless of the fact that it must be traumatizing to live with such a type of player: Spanish Inquisition meets Waterworks meets Eternal Victim Card. :/
Sorry, I already got sick of Vanessa last year. I can’t stand the idea of having to deal with Vanessa 2.0 any longer. Tiff is being very subdued right now, but don’t be fooled: If she stays after thursday eviction, she’ll be back to business as usual.


You and Paulie are both giving Tiffany way too much credit. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a nice girl, smart. But she is not a good as Vanessa. Some may not like the way Vanessa played, but she did run the house for the majority of the season without people even realize she was doing so. Tiffany would never be able to do that.


Vanessa Rousso: mindfucking the BB house from previous seasons and shit like a boss.


Sniping their @sses left and right lol. Then got sniped by steveeeeea 🙁

Powder Puff Girls

I have said much of the same. Well said!


what a mess!!!! after all of this, im really starting to root for BIG MEECH.


Last night was amazing on the feeds as far as insights into folks’ games, perspectives; I loved hearing the strategies and seeign who is up for good backstabbing gameplay. It is a breath of fresh air to not know days in advance how the votes will fall. THIS is Big Brother!!
I just may propose to Michelle for exposing Nicole and Corey to Day the way she did, and was that a hint of strategic gameplay coming from Bronte? I wonder if there will be a Nicole/Corey/Frank confrontation as it is obvious Nicole wants her dealings with Frank to be hush-hush, only she forgot to tell Frank.
Z has potential but she needs to be broken apart from Paulie for it to come out. James needs to continue to lay low; his social game is good enough that he is seen more as a vote than a threat at the moment.
Cannot wait to get home and cut on the live feeds! Until then, a HUGE THANK YOU to Simon and Dawg for all their hard work and to all the commenters for making me think and laugh!

Frank's wrinkled forehead

Nicole will never vote for Tiff to stay and Paulie won’t because they both are weak and fear her. Those two are litte rats. So Corey and Zak will follow and won’t keep Tiff.

Tiff will get back in after Battle Back comp.

Then she can send rat Nicole and Paulie the pussy packing.

Between Frank Paulie and Nicole it’s a toss up on who to hate the most. All 3 must be slaughtered soon.

Fuzzy Num Num

I love it! I guess it would be different if I had a favorite. But, I don’t. So dance numbskulls, dance! It’s starting to ge very entertaining. And bodes well for the rest of the season.


I am so, so, so disappointed in Nicole this year. She is all over the place, and is completely ruining her game. She couldn’t have teamed up with a more wishy-washy person than Corey. Paulie as well has completely turned me off. He completely thinks he is “the dude”because he is friends with Derrick. Unfortunately, he is not taking Derrick’s advise and refuses to see anyone else’s side in a conversation. He attempts to try to snowball these other people, but they are starting to see that if they get rid of Frank, another dictator will pop up in a smaller version named Paulie. He and Nicole both have opened my eyes and I am so sad. I thought it would be a good season, filled with laughs. Paul has completely surprised me, and his one-liners are very funny. I don’t even watch After Dark anymore because it is just more of the same crap. Paulie on Tiffany about wearing sunglasses in the house, and he is standing there with his on as well. Nicole constantly fiddling with her hair………how about running a brush through it once in a while. Frank farting his way through the house, and the 3 teenagers up in HOH giggling and clapping like 3 year olds. I guess I would rather sit around watching a casket warp than watch that this year.


Ditto about being disappointed in Nicole. Looks like Donny would have been a much more interesting and motivated pick from that season.


I’m glad people are finally realizing what Paulie is. I was kinda perplexed that he was popular early on. I always thought that he had douche written all over him.


Its nice to see others think he was a douche from day 1. Just from his intro/bio with his wussy brother, both with no shirts(look at me look at me…vomit). He carries himself like he’s a gift to society, repeating douchebag filler phrases “at the end of the day”, referencing “Calafiore” as if others are going to be intimidated, posturing like a tough guy. Your brother sucked and you suck.


I’m with you. I had high hopes for Paulie and really liked him in the beginning. But after watching him the last few days, no. I can’t stand Frank simply for the way he bosses everyone around like he’s king, and at this point Paulie is starting to act just like him in that regard. Bad game play, people won’t deal with that for long.


All they need is 5 votes. Day Michelle James Natalie is four. Zak knows deep down she trusts Day more than Paulie the pussy. She is also a little over him since he told her they need to chill on the “showmance” a bit. Day can flip her but little James thinks Paulie is his daddy and he needs to follow his orders so…smh

If the house isn’t flipped by late tonight it”s done. Never will you see a vote flip on eviction Thursday. CBS likes to build suspense during Thursdays taped portion of show, but they need the outcome settled before the final edit of the tape for live Thursday show which is done by late today.

If Tiff goes I will be rooting for Frank to backdoor Paulie next week.


What made me shake my head was the comments from Paulie and Nicole at around 545 am bbtime. Paulie: even though br/nat/ br are after me i still think it’s best to get rid of tiff.
Nicole: yeeeeah, she might team up with Frank.
ummmm. I have no words for that one.


I keep getting the feeling that the DR wants a Vanessa 2.0 but Tiffany doesn’t have the personality to pull it off. Production put a huge target her back and she’s overwhelmed. It’s not as if she’s done anything to warrant that fear but everyone acts as if she’s a big stomper.


Here’s the frustrating thing. Voting out Bronte is their best move. They don’t have to go with the House… they just have to decide to do it.

So here is how it can go.

Tiffany: Frank, Natalie, Nicole (3)

Bronte: Corey, Paulie, Da’Vonne, Zak, James and Michelle (5)

Bronte is evicted and Tiffany is another person going after Frank. I think those people need to make it clear to Nicole that she shouldn’t just worry about Frank… even if she votes to evict Tiffany, come on you have no power here…. this is what the house wants. Don’t worry about the Roadkill so far it has been just pawns and the PoV is the only thing it really effects… because the Roadkill controls that replacement.

Sometimes people need to ask themselves… Am I playing this game for myself or am I playing to make sure somebody else wins or gets to jury? Play to win or get sent home.

Butters Mom

Paulie and Corey want Tiffany out. That puts the majority against Tiffany. right?

Go Nat

James and Nat have been 1 and 2 on Jokers for days. I’m hoping for Nat to win AFP so we can watch these people suddenly realize that they’re judgmental shallow tools.


Finally Michelle called Nicole, the SNAKE, out in front of Mama Day…. Surprised Nicole didn’t run and cry to Corey then and there !!! – But at least now Nicole has another nemesis in Michelle, which will keep her paranoid mind preoccupied while they try and keep Tiffany this Week.
If Day didn’t trust Nicole before – Well you can bet after that piece of info from Michelle, she sure as Hell is working it out now, AND she is keeping her eyes on Corey and Nicole now !!! Nicole is blowing her own game up from paranoia more than Tiffany ever did.


Even though I hate Bronte, I hope Bronte, Paul, James, Day, Michelle, Natalie team up to spice the game a bit. I hate Nicole and Frank with a passioon.


That’s exactly how I feel. I’ve been liking Michelle lately. DaVonne is good when she is calm. James is loyal if people don’t get caught lying or screwing him over and he and DaVonne seem to trust each other. Paul has grown on me. I would be happy with them joining up and bringing Bronte and Nat along for numbers.

There is a really thin line between playing all sides as a strategy, playing all sides out of fear and just being a snake. Nicole has screwed up the strategy, allowed her fear and paranoia to control her and slithered right into snake territory. I would absolutely love Nicole and Frank to be otb together next week. It would be really great if the roadkill winner could keep it a complete secret and put Nicole up. The paranoia of not knowing who nominated her would drive her so completely insane she might be the first houseguest to self evict.


I do think that Natalie likes James, but as a friend. He’s a nice guy and is having fun. Good for them and their friendship. I really hope that Tiffany stays because it will throw Frank for a loop. He’s so cocksure it’s annoying. Naw,still not in to Michelle.


Looks like a late wake up fo rthe BB houseguests.. considering they were up all night I’m not surprised.


I figured it out. Bridgette looks like a Powder Puff Girl.


She looks like Hello Kitty. (Not being mean)


I call her “Gidget” — ie., the TV show from the 60s.

Sally Field

Why I oughtta …….!


Gidget “honest to goodness it’s the absolute ultimate!”


Next season I’d like to see the house composed of only past America’s Favorites!


I’ve always thought it would be great to have a season of first ones out given another shot.


Paulie is right about booting Tiffany. She has plans to team up with Da Michelle and James to go after the showmances. Good move Paulie, and if youll don’t see that the you are a Vanessa/Tiff fan.


Paul is a little different, but I hope he wins the next HOH and puts up two vets. Come on, lets get this game rolling. It’s so one sided now. I hope Tiffany goes, but I don’t want her back in once she’s gone. I like whose left so far. I also really wish that Bridget would have just put up who SHE wanted to – Nicole and Cory. It would have been better for her game. Must get out the duos. Frank is annoying, but Big Brother isn’t allowing him to be evicted this soon. He at least makes it to jury with the rest of the vets (sorry to say). I would not be sad if Bronte left this week either. Her and Nicole’s voice is annoying. Sorry not sorry.


Nicole is trying to play a different game than the first time because she got screwed over by her so called best friend. Unfortunately she went the complete opposite of how she played before and not somewhere in the middle. I hope she now realizes that she really can’t trust Frank. And I hope she separates herself from Corey a little bit.


So I’m pretty sure Nicole told Corey she wanted Da over Frank, correct? What a snake! She better not go for Da! So is Tiff staying now because I’ve read all sorts…


who going win rating wars tonight?


triple threat tonight


What you are all excited about that epic Master Chef vs. Big Brother showdown tonight? *yawn*

Spoiler Alert: BB smokes Master Chef. But the ESPYS win the night.




even cebriity family has won ratinfg in the last 3 weeks now!


Aren’t ratings wars moot since the advent of recording devices (PVR, DVR, etc..)? I will watch both.
Just sayin!


show can canceled for poor ratings!

Paul is still annoying.

“Your Boy” “I like it” “Friendship” “Fu*kin” “Homeboy” Go away already! Why is he still in house? Then he tries to jump in convos about strategy and he has no clue what he is talking about or what is going on in the house.

Someone should be like “why are you still here?” right to his stupid gross beard and eyebrows creepy ugly face.


Now that Day has this new info. regarding Nicole, she, James, and Michelle better hustle their asses off and get 2 more votes to save Tiffany. If nothing else, Tiffany is a number. There is no sense in going to Paulie about Nicole being a traitor and on Franks side. He wouldn’t believe it because it isn’t his revelation. Get the numbers to save her because it might just be Tiffs. kind of HOH tonight. She knows the dates well, and would probably be good at endurance type comps. Day needs Tiff in the house as a shield for next week. Both her and Michelle could really be in trouble. With Corey and Nicole both hiding behind Frank as well as Paulie, votes could be tight. Plus who knows where Z’s loyalty lies in this type of situation. James could probably get Natalie to save Tiffany as well, so it isn’t over yet.


All you people are such band wagoners. Nicole is playing a game were she knows only half the information that we as viewers know. I feel like people watching this forget that. I watch the feeds she has good instincts and is trying to figure out her best options if that is flipflopping or makes her a “rat” well then so be it. You all change your minds and pick different directions in your every day lives, but because these houseguests are basically rats in a cage we think it’s ok to judge them..and harshly I might add. They are all just trying to get through this game. Give them an f-ing break.


nicole is becoming a frank with needless overplaying that gets her in trouble, losing peoples trust and more likely to be targeted


After watching BBAD and reading these blogs over the weeks, I find it interesting that Da’vonne was upset at Frank’s treatment of her with his what he calls “finger popping” her. Da’vonne cries and says she is trying not to get upset in the house because she wants to play a different game than last time she was on the show. Da’vonne says she’s upset because she doesn’t want her daughter to think Frank’s treatment of her is acceptable. But Da’vonne has a mouth on her and says some pretty derogatory comments about Frank. Where is Da’vonne’s concern for her daughter when her daughter may hear her mother say derogatory comments about Frank?

Franks Fake Gf He Claims looks Like Natalie

The only reason the “we think we are the cool kids of house” (Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Zak) crew wants to tell James that Natalie doesn’t really like him is because they see her in the way of him blindly following their self serving plans.

Did someone say “Paulie looks like a little bobble head doll” ? So true! LOL. Big fat head little short body and little alligator arms. Not to be mean but he also has a lot of the characteristics of a midget.

Min O'Pause

Happy 79th birthday to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

Min O'Pause

WHO THE HELL GIVES A THUMBS DOWN TO DOUGHNUTS? You some kinda organic fiber chompin’ sugarless diet gestapo person?! Geeze!


I love when people get butthurt when they get a lot of thumbs down. lol. Not saying you are MinO.

I love the thumbs down. Says people are mad. I win when others are mad:-)

Min O'Pause

No butt hurt here. It’s just like giving a thumbs down to puppies or kittens or baby monkeys….could you honestly thumbs,down a cute little fuzzy snuggly puppy? Then you need to eat a LOT of doughnuts to sweeten yourself.

Backseat Driver

Nicole is an ER nurse……..whoa, I wouldn’t let her take my temperature. Was she this way in her season……it’s all a blur and I don’t recall??


you rather travelling nurse aka bridgette take your temp!


I’m not a fan of vet plus newbie games. With that said we’ve learned some intersting things:
What if Cody tried to be Derrick? Paulie shows us that would mean hard sell whining until he gets his way instead of soft sell manipulation. Paulie is no Derrick. He’s not even Cody.
What if Vanessa hadn’t united the disenfranchised with a couple egomaniacs? Tiffany shows us that means she’d have been an early target. Tiffany is no Vanessa.
What if Da’vonne hadn’t blown her own game by being too in your face spilling every conspiracy or duplicity she thought was going on loudly to anyone she thought would listen? Oh. She’d do the same only more quietly to less people at once.
What if Frank hadn’t been a perpetual nominee? He’d still have been a social game nightmare.
What if James hadn’t spent so much time trying to be invisible that he missed what was going on for long periods of time?
What if Nicole hadn’t spent more time strategizing about a showmance than playing Big Brother? (that 45 minute Z and Nicole talk about showmances made my ears bleed).
We’re still waiting on a couple of these questions I guess.

Jake K.

Been saying since the beginning BIG MEECH is the underrated player this season and she’s becoming more entertaining by the day the more comfortable she gets. Would love to see a Michelle, Nat, James, Da’Vonne deal going especially after she just called Nicole out. It’s a shame to see her play this type of game…was a fan in BB16 but not so much anymore.

*Patiently waiting for a We Hate Nicole storage room chat* just like the Frank one. #bigmeechforthewin


Nicole should of just said that she went along with Frank and Bridgitte to get Day out to throw Frank off and that she was pretending to agree with him. All she did was send red flags to Da’Vonne and Michelle by denying it. Hope they put two and two together and realise that she is not trustworthy.


In the Da/Tiff, Tiff/MIch, Mich/Da conversations all of the Nicole is shifty talk already came out.


Did anyone hear Michelle and Paulie last night talking and Paulie said “Frank said he likes you” and she perked right up and said “he said he likes me? When?” She is Franks stalker who they chose to live with him for 100 days. Nice casting CBS.

And right after Michelle heard Frank likes her she went right back to bashing Tiffany and wanting her out to appease her obsession Frank. Ok he likes me I won’t stab him this week. Stalker much?


I think you might be misreading the Michelle reactions, either that or i misread them.
Michelle has been in the slumps because Frank has been saying she’s useless and she’s going home to her for a week. She believes she is his target next week.
Hearing Frank likes her gives her some hope that she isn’t going home in a week.
She bashes Tiffany to Frank because what else would you do? Defend Tiffany to Frank? There’s a quick run back to the hit list.
The thing is, once in Frank’s confidence, what did Michelle do? She outed the plan to everyone. If she’s an obsession struck stalker she’s really bad at it.


you obviously arent watching, did you miss michelle, nicole and z dance routine entitled ‘frank sucks’?

she said “he likes me?” because she was majorly surprised because his comments and behavior towards her and behind her back would indicate he doesnt like her(frank thinks she doesnt know he is wanting her out soon)

he was a favorite of many of this years players – nicole, michelle, da, james but no longer as they have realized he is an asshole

michelle along with the rest of the house except bridgette cannot wait to vote him out

You are dumb

No I think you aren’t watching. Are you dumb or dumb?

Why does Michelle have a creepy obsession with hating Bridgette? Because she has even said “I was tight with Frank and Bridgette ruined that” she has been jealous of Franks and Bridgettes relationship since the first week. Yes she does dance numbers proclaiming she hates Frank. Stalkers also often murder those they stalk. Hate comes in many forms.

Watch the show moron before you say I “misread” something.

You can have your own opinion but not your own facts. You like Michelle? Cool. She has stalker tendancies. Fact

Buh bye now. Ha!


she dislikes them both (as does the rest of the house)

franks treats everyone badly and bridgette wants to shave her eyebrows off and is franks intended final 2 puppet/goat

what is difficult to understand about that?

bridgette and frank will be on the block and everyone will be happy

Powder Puff Girls

I think Michelle was pleased for the compliment because she regards Frank to be a good player. His compliment made her feel she was a worthy opponent.


simon or dawg will you ever see reliigament of teams like 2 teams of 6,3 team of or 4 team of 3


I hope not.


Are the HGs up yet??? What’s going down this morning in the BB house?

Big Brother

Get rid of Dayvonne, And Frank. Dayvonne deserves to go she has brought all this drama upon herself. Dayvonne shouldn’t have never aligned her self with Tiffany. Nicole and her would still be cool if she wasn’t giving her back and forth information. She has flip flopped so many times with Tiffany but now she wants to keep her. She’s to playing to paranoid and Tiffany has so many secretes on all of them why would you want to keep her. Only because it benefits Dayvonne. But everyone else will have to deal with the aftermath of not voting Tiffany out. They will piss of Frank off and he won’t throw the comp. Frank will stop targeting Tiffany if she stays and will go after the big players who betrayed him. Game wise it’s safer for the group to get rid of her to stay safe next Hoh. They have enough people to get rid of Frank and Tiffany isn’t even a threat at comps which makes her useless for her to stay.

what's going on?????

Why are there never any morning/afternoon updates anymore?