“She [Da’Vonne] just wants to make Frank mad.. I don’t want to make Frank Mad” – Nicole

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 19-59-04-981

7:58pm Bathroom PAulie and Michelle
Paulie is talking about how important it is to get rid of Tiffany. Talking about how Tiffany “Stresses”
Michelle – I just can’t deal with her right now..
Paulie – she’s (Tiffany) making deals all over..
Paulie – Paul is on our side

Paulie is in overdrive giving out worst case scenarios if they keep Tiffany.
Paulie says Frank told him and Corey he wants Da’Vonne backdoored..
Paulie brings up Frank saying he liked Michelle “she’s a little gamer”
Paulie points out that Frank is so full of sh1t he just told them he wanted Da’Vonne then Michelle out. He’s telling Da’Vonne to take out Corey and PAulie and he’s telling Paulie and Corey to take out Da’Vonne and MIchelle.
Paulie – he’s playing too hard..
Paulie adds Frank thinks he has Natalie and Bronte but he doesn’t all he has is Bridgette. Next week they get Frank out if they can’t they take out Bridgette.
Paulie – Bronte and Natalie won’t know what the f*** to do and neither will Paul.. it’s me you James Nicole, Corey then Da

Michelle – I like it.. Let the best person win HOH
Paulie – we got to trust in each other..
Tiffany comes in, “You ok”
Paulie – I’m fine
She lingers around and leaves.. Michelle says she hates it when people ask “You OK” asks Paulie why Tiffany wears her sunglasses inside the house.
Paulie – She doesn’t want people to see her eyes
Michelle – Thats creepy
Paulie – She doesn’t want people to know where she’s looking
Michelle – Don’t they know how obvious it is

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 20-22-03-918

8:22pm indoor lockdown

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 20-24-48-909

8:23pm Nicole and Paulie
Nicole asks if Da’Vonne is trying to talk him into keeping Tiffany. PAulie says no
Nicole says Da’Vonne is trying to talk her into keeping Tiffany but she doesn’t want to
Corey joins them.
Paulie talked to Da in the hammock told her Tiffany has got to go.
Paulie – when I talked to her Bronte was never an option
Nicole – she convinced me to keep her.. She just wants to make Frank mad.. I don’t want to make Frank Mad
Nicole – be careful.. I trust you, Corey and Z
Paulie warns them about the chance of a PAul, James, NAtalie, Bridgette, Bronte, Da alliance.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 20-34-07-712

8:32pm Paul and Nicole
Paul asks if Tiffany is getting into people’s head. Nicole says he’s fine, “I’m voting her out and she’s on my team”
They go over the plan next week. Paul is talking about who he needs to put up to so they can backdoor Frank, he would put Bridgette up and one of their own.
Paul – IF Bridgette picks a player she’ll pick Frank..
Nicole suggests putting Natalie up.
Paul – I’ll do what I ahve to do.. but I have to do it in a way that works
PAul explains if he puts Bridgette and Natalie up Frank will be like what the f**.

Frank walks by Paul asks if he’s “Hundo” on eviction night.
Frank – don’t worry one bit hommie.. you’re 100% for the next few weeks easy
Frank tells them they are doing Tiffany a favor she’s a nervous wreck inside the house.
Paul leaves…
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 20-46-27-778

8:43pm Frank, Corey and Nicole
Nicole is worried that Paul is really gung ho on winning the HOH, “HE’s like I’m going hard”
Frank says they’ll guarantee to Paul he won’t go up and they’ll put up “Those two girls”
Frank – I gotta talk to James tomorrow..
Nicole tells Frank that James and Da’Vonne are very tight, “I didn’t know until recently”
Corey confirms.
Frank didn’t think so.

Frank says ideally they put Da’Vonne up as a roadkill nomination if they don’t get roadkill they backdoor her.
Nicole asks her if Frank is willing to be the one to take out Da’Vonne
Frank says he would nominated Da’Vonne if he has to.
Frank – the three of us and Bridgette one of us will win the roadkill..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 20-52-46-460

8:54pm Corey and PAul
Paul – Dude there’s going to be 4 dude and that’s not good..
Paul is saying he can’t put Bridgette up because she’ll pick Frank to play in teh veto. Paul explains the best scenario is for him to nominate Paulie and Natalie. Paul adds Natalie will pick Bronte to play in the POV so it’ll be PAul and PAulie against Bronte and Natalie. They’ll win the POV and put up Frank.
Corey thinks that’s a good plan.
Paul – Paulie can’t win HOH because then Frank is safe.

Corey says Zakiyah really trusts DA’Vonne.
Corey – I like Bronte and Natalie… but Natalie is bad news..
Corey says Tiffany is so sketch

Tiffany joins them, she asks if she’s good.
Corey – yeah.. everything should be good..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 21-14-21-162
9:15pm HOH Natalie, Bronte, James, Bridgette and Frank (James is rubbing Natalie’s back)
Natalie asks Frank and JAmes if when they came out after their seasons were they “Normal”
Frank jokes says he had PTSD
They mentions Da’Vonne didn’t wake up until 5pm today

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 21-25-37-368

9:23pm Bathroom PAul, Paulie and Zakiyah
Paul telling them about Frank saying “you’re safe for a few weeks”
Paul – oh thank you god
Paulie – next week is going to be fun
Paul tells them about his idea of putting up Natalie and a strong guy from their pool. HInts that it’s PAulie and Natalie. They can get Natalie to pick James as POV player.
PAul – that would be clutch

Paul leaves, Nicole joins.. Paulie says Paul is going over next week stuff saying he’s thinking of putting Natalie and me or COrey.
Paulie – I would be like f** it put BRidgette up.. if she picks Frank he still has to win.
Nicole leaves..
Paulie is suggesting to Zakiyah and Nicole need to stay close to Da’Vonne
Paulie – I know her and James talk..

Paulie says she needs to convince Da that Zakiyah will choose Da over Paulie.
Paulie says their final 5 is “Me, You, Corey, Nicole and Michelle
Nicole comes back.. says she went up to the HOH and felt like she had to spend 5 minutes up there. It was really hard to be around them all. Nicole likes Bronte the most because she doesn’t giggle a lot the other girls “giggle at everything”
Zakiyah leaves..
Nicole – IS Z voting out Tiff this week
Paulie – Yeah.. James it too
Nicole – Me too
Paulie – me too

9:43pm Kitchen Frank and Bridgette
Frank says she needs her to try extra hard in the roadkill.
Frank says they might start working with Corey and Nicole.
Bridgette likes Nicole.

9:50pm in the bathroom Zakiyah, Nicole, Michelle and James.
Talking about voting out Tiffany. (Sounds like that’s the plan as of now)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 22-03-23-744

10:00pm Poolside Frank and Nicole
Frank – I really do think Bridgette’s good for us
Nicole – do you think she wants to work with me
Frank thinks she will the only problem is she said she didn’t know Corey.
They talk about getting rid of Da’Vonne next week. Frank says it’s ideal they do it with the road kill but if not they’ll backdoor her and pull in Michelle.
Nicole says they can’t tell Michelle anything about this plan until they are just about to pull the trigger.
Frank is confident he can get the votes to evict Da. Thinks he can get Michelle and Paulie’s vote but not James.

Nicole doesn’t get the vibe she gets from Da’Vonne.. Nicole always gets a feeling DA is lying to her.
Frank wonder if Da and James have a final 2
Nicole – for sure

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 22-07-42-458

10:07pm Hammock Michelle and Zakiyah
Michelle says she can’t be around Tiffany it’s too hard.
Zakiyah says she tried to keep Tiffany but it didn’t work.
Zakiyah sounds upset about Paulie telling her they need to stop spending so much time together. Frank is being blamed for saying something that brings the showmance to light.
Zakiyah “I didn’t come here with no dude.. but whatever.. ”
Michelle thinks nobody cares about the showmance.

10:42pm JAmes and Da’Vonne London room
They’ve figured out that Frank is coming after Da’Vonne next week.
Da – that’s why I need to win this HOH
James – that would be cool
Da – Little bastard..
THey’re worried PAulie and Frank are going to try and “Beast it” to win the HOH.
Da – he wants to get one of us next week.. Me or you it won’t work we got the votes for both of us..
James- ya

James points out Frank and Nicole are always talking. They agree they don’t have the votes to keep Tiffany.
Da – everyone is so chicken sh1t
James says Paulie was dead set against keeping Tiffany.
James brings up Nicole was arguing them to keep Tiffany.
Da’Vonne thinks PAulie wants Frank and Tiffany out so bad because then he would be running the house.
James- Paulie is starting to be a diator like he’s calling the shots.. Which is not bad. If like he’s .. a team player about it.. But if he’s up they’re doing what Frank does he’s got to go to
James- I win HOH i’ll put Paulie and Corey up

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 22-50-52-777
10:46 Corey and Frank
Corey is worried Natalie is going to pull James away, “She’s playing him bad dude.. “
Corey says he likes James doesn’t want to hurt him but feels he should know the truth.
Frank says the boot order should be Da, Bronte, Natalie in that order.
COrey says Paul is good he’s with them they can get him to do whatever you want for weeks.
Corey brings if Paul gunning for the HOH. If Paul wins HOH he won’t put Bridgette or Bronte up he would put up Natalie. Frank says he’ll talk to Paul that he doesn’t have to win the HOH Corey does because in order to get Natalie out they need to put BRonte and Natalie up.

Bridgette joins them

11:27pm Hammock Zakiyah and Nicole
talking about showmances. Zakiyah says her and Paulie cuddled she thought it was nice.
Nicole talk about her and Hayden how she cuddled Cody more than Hayden because they wanted to hide the showmace, “We kissed but nobody knew”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-12 23-41-28-649

11:41pm backyard Frank finds a giant moth
Bridgette – I think he’s my new best friend..
On the Hammock Nicole and Zakiyah are talking about their shwomances. Nicole brings up Corey telling her she would make a “Good breeder”
Nicole says she’s not cute enough for Corey.
Zakiyah is pissed at her for saying this “Nicole i’m about to shake you.. ”
Nicole – he’s a solid 10 he’s the cutest thing ever .. he’s too intimidating
Zakiyah says she’s crazy
Nicole – he’s the cutest guy i’ve seen in my life..
Zakiyah says they will make the cutest couple.
Nicole says she didn’t thin Corey was cute at first then she got to know him and realized he’s a good F***G dude
Nicole mentions that Corey wants to have athletic children he’s not going to get that with a girl whose 5′ 2″

11:55pm In the safari room Tiffany and Paulie are talking about movies..

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Nicole is the most insecure paranoid person in the house not Tiffany. She reminds me of Andy the rat

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Nicole is being smart. Da is going to be Nicole’s enemey down the road in the game. Why not let Frank go after Da?


Well, Andy won the game so I’m pretty sure she’d be fine with that comparison.


I agree! Why do people root for Nicole? is it cause she is a vet? She is so paranoid and insecure. Now she is siding with Frank cause she is scared smh.


Nicole is the biggest two-faced snitch in that house. From day one, Day has had her back. Cory do not want Nicole and he amps up stuff Natalie says to him, because he knows Nicole will get jealous and target Natalie. She’s playing the same way as she did her season before. Insecure, paranoid, wants the cute guy attention and a down-low snitch.


I had high hopes for Nicole this season. Then she starts a showmance with a guy who thinks its so funny that his friends set a live goat on fire. Cause torturing animals is always an enduring quality–UGH! Nicole has turned into Rat Christine. Every time I hear her whining “I don’t know” I cringe. Send Nicole home soon!


Well said! Anyone still interested in Corey after the goat story demonstrates poor character! Send Corey and Nicole out the door prior to jury!


Nicole AKA Ratcole on the feeds. Smh she really is the most paranoid in this house. Hope she gets booted. And do not even get me started on follower Michelle. Ugghh


Nicole is just ridiculous. Why are you talking to Frank? I rooted for her hard on her season, but now I want her gone.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Just because you as a viewer don’t like Frank. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a good move for her to keep Frank around to go after Da.

We all know Da will cut anyone’s throat to advance in this game. Nicole knows this as well.


IMO there are two reasons Nicole is (justifiably) suspicious of Davonne going all out to save Tiffany.

1. Davonne is *supposed* to be allied with Nic/Corey/Paulie/Zak. Tiff is outside that group – so there’s really no reason for Davonne to be campaigning for her, unless she doesn’t trust that group. Which she doesn’t. But the campaigning makes it obvious. Nicole sees this and that makes her distrust Davonne in return.

2. By Davonne showing her cards of how much she hates Frank – enough to risk blowing up her whole game just to spite him with this vote – she makes it tempting for Nicole to play the middle, and let Frank and Davonne go after each other.

Basically Davonne and Frank are both playing way too hard and Nicole is just trying to ride it out and pick up the pieces. She doesn’t trust either of them nor should she.


I think you are giving Nicole too much credit here.


Nicole is so desperate to please Corey, she’ll do whatever he wants even though he’s a moron. As soon as he said they shouldn’t keep Tiffany, she rolled. She knows Frank has tossed her and Corey’s name as targets.


There’s a majority here that get angry at people who play the game. They watch very personally, emotionally, and side with who they like or relate to….which says a lot that any of these HG’s are found to be relatable…

I think Nicole is actually pretty smart about the game, at least compared to her competition. Sure she’s insecure and paranoid, but her response to that weakness isn’t to talk too much or try to control the uncontrollable, she just makes certain to build that personal relationship wherever she feels is a soft spot.

If I were her, I’d try to bring the tension to a simmer…if Paulie, Frank, and Da want to plot against each other that’s great, however success in this means they’ll pick new targets, which is danger. Nicole isn’t comfortable taking that risk, so she lets them vent, and it could still work for her…or it could backfire, where she finds the best vehicles to get to the end are picked off.


Getting rid of Frank is not just about dislike about his actions, it is that they have realized he’s running the game, playing all sides, they are being his minions, and his record shows he wins a lot of comps. He is a threat. Sometimes big threats are kept in too long. Of course, with this new twist, chances are he’d come back but only we know that.

Powder Puff Girls

She likes her bread buttered on both sides I do not blame her. She gets lots of information from him so play him!


I don’t like her flip flopping. The idea of keeping Tiffany as a target in front of them is smarter than voting out a non-threat.


Z seems really bitter and angry about paulie telling her they need to cool it down. I thought she said she would be okay with cutting paulie at any time?

It's me

I thought Paulie has a girlfriend back home. Am I mistaken?


Paulie was my favorite newbie from day 1…but unless he is able to change up his game he will never win. He needs to be able to adapt and look at the House as it is. Frank is a walking dead man, even if he survived couple weeks he actually is a shield for Paulie. The moment Frank is out of the House, the number 1 male target is Paulie but unfortunately he is so obsessed with getting Frank out he cant see it. Even if people are making new alliances right under his nose. I dont get why he cant switch up his game, all he has talked is about Frank for the past 10 days. Wake up Paulie please !!!

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Paulie is catching on. He sniffed out James and Da possibly working together. When James led the save Tiff campaign, that lasted about all of 30min.


Sniffing something out doesn’t mean as much as what you do with the info. Paulies downfall is how he’s coming across to people, sort of like Frank. He’s being a bit too bossy and pushy. Essentially painting a target on his back. He needs to learn how to be more smooth with his delivery if he wants other people to follow him. If he keeps talking to people the way he did last night, he’ll be out soon.


James and Da were both part of the 8 pack so why should he care they’re talking. Da already said the way she likes to talk is one alliance member to the other like “telephone” to relay info. There is nothing wrong with looking at another strategy like keeping Tiff as a target in front of them. Tiff would think they’re loyal and Frank would stay after her hopefully.


Paulie needs to learn not to push an agenda so hard b/c people pick up on that. He already knows that Frank is dead set on getting Tiff out. All he needed to do was make a case that it was strange that Day, James, and Mich pushing to save Tiff was strange considering Day was one of the first people labeling Tiff untrustworthy. This would have fed Nic’s doubts about Day. Corey and Z would just go along with Paulie and Nic.


Da game is about to get blown up. She in the same boat as Frank. Nicole is walking a thin line. James caught her in a lie and for sure he doesnt trust her.


What lie? What did i miss? James caught Nicole in a lie?
(although Nicole’s been lying constantly, so i’m not sure which one).


Oh no! Nicole tells lies? We are watching Big Brother aren’t we? They’re all expected to lie. Being honest in BB gets you to jury, if you last that long.


If James of all ppl cathes you in a lie thats a problem coz that means you are a shit liar.


Ugh, I wish these people would stick to one plan! They are making a huge mistake if they vote out Tiffany! Nicole why on earth do you want to work with Frank? He’s going to get all of your people out and coast to final 2…


That’s good for Nicole, having alot of shields: Frank, Corey, Day and Paulie. That’s pure strategic not personal guys. Don’t be hateful just because she went against your favs!


Too many strong shields isn’t good. They can allie up and vote her *ss out too easily. Her best bet to win in the end is against all girls. She admitted she can’t climb the OTIV thing like guys can. Paul has won a POV, he has strength, he should go.


Tiffany – take … those .. frickin .. sunglasses … OFF! How does she not know how sketchy that is to people like Nicole and Michelle?

I would love for her to stay but what the hell. She is not exactly helping herself here.


Wait wasn’t Michelle wearing sunglasses in the house a couple nights ago? Lol. I’m pretty sure she was.

I agree with you but Michelle did the same exact thing she’s gripping about. That’s just how Michelle is though.


and no hats either! She doesn’t want them to compare her with her sister so she should quit looking the part.


Nicole what the hell?! If you don’t want to make Frank mad, when are you ever going to get him out of the house?!


Nicole is ruining her game right now by telling people she doesn’t want to make Frank mad. They’ll start thinking him and her have something secret going on. She’s flipping back and forth too much.


If Tiffany leaves I hope she’s the one that comes back. Frank’s face would be priceless. If he’s still here then that is.


She would have to beat Frank to get back in so your comment is mute. Unless the competition is who can be the most boring & bland fart in the wind or a staring contest, she ain’t winning against the Tank.
Thumbs me down all you want, it’s reality.


You think this get Frank plan is going to work on the first try?
They aren’t putting him up initially, and they aren’t nominating his best chance at a vote, Bridgette. They are hoping neither wins roadkill, but not nominating either of them for roadkill if they win it. They’re depending on winning veto.
So Paulie and Michelle have to throw HOH without getting caught to make it possible. They have to hope Frank doesn’t win roadkill, and doesn’t get chosen for veto. Then they have to hope they have the votes and that nobody does anything shady.
I doubt Frank will have to worry about competing in the return comps. He’ll just be the casualty when the returning person comes back with a week of safety.


Awww look Frank’s lover is finally revealed. How sweet.


Just FYI it’s not mute it’s moot.

Paul 4 Life

Glad Paul is playing the game. Like rooting for the underdog!

Powder Puff Girls

I am with you!


The game is really starting to pick! i love it!

Allegiances are constantly shifting (this is why you wait to choose allies rather than just picking people week 1). The people over the radar at this point to me are Frank, Day, Paulie, Bridge, and Nic. Paul, Mich, James, Nat, and Bronte are flying under the radar for now. Z is just going to be put off as a target in general b/c most people think she’s beatable in the end. Corey is just eh.

I guess we’ll find out eventually whether Nic is stupid enough to take Frank’s final 4 offer. Corey isn’t going to be much help in the memory comps that tend to pop up at the end of the game. I think Paulie and James are starting to catch onto Nic’s weirdness surrounding Frank. James is starting to rightfully get sketched out by Nic.

If Paul, Bronte, and Nat wade in the waters long enough and allow the top dogs to keep going after each other they could end up in a powerful position towards the end of the game. Like Danielle Reyes said just sick back if you’re not a target and let people go after each other, and pick up the pieces at the end.


Nicole made a final 2 deal with Frank on July 28th in the storage room


Wth… Why is Corey telling frank everything on the feeds right now? Knew there was something about him that was sketchy.


Corey confuses me. I wouldn’t listen to any advice he gives regarding the game. He’s one of those players who needs to be told what moves to make. Not convinced (yet) that he’s capable of beasting a comp. Until then he needs to follow the instructions dictated to him by what ever alliance he’s attached to.

Powder Puff Girls

Paul needs to shut up, sit back and enjoy the ride not put a target on his back he is feeling too comfortable.

Powder Puff Girls

I say this as I want him to stay in the game!


My major critique of Paul would be for him to stop saying how strong he is in comps. Luckily most people (Frank/Paulie/etc.) seem to be ignoring this crucial fact because they (keep pushing him back as a target and) want to get out weaker physical competitors, like Bronte/Nat, who aren’t as socially savvy as Paul is becoming. I’d also think Paul should be careful showing how smart he is around Paulie. That could be dangerous b/c Paulie is a fairly perceptive player.

I love how Paul is playing the role of a loyal follower for the time being. I’m not sure how much he trust Bronte, but the other night I felt like he was trying to hint for her to do the same so they could continue flying utr while the top dogs take each other out.

Hal 9000

Paulie is a douche too. He’s slowly turning into Frank. Once Frank leaves he will be the one running the show.


Nicile is such a flip flopper rhis season. Not liking her as much this season as I liked her in BB16




Well tiff is leaving what a pleasant surprise. … anyways paulie seems to be out of it focusing on frank not thinking in long term sure when tiff leaves it will be simple no it won’t what happens when frank leaves and possibly comes back what will you do if frank wins the battle-back and gets evicted again what will you do your the next dominant male other than frank and it would help if you would wake up and get a clue before it’s too late.
Nicole . I’ll give her this she is focused on her game what will help her the problem is what it would always come down to and maybe her downfall is the guys are you still believing the final 2 with Frank because no he’s already decided who his final 2 is the one with no vets ( Nicole , James, Day) the one with no kids ( James,Day) the one he can easily manipulate ( the spy girls ) which is bridgette. Corey isn’t going to last any longer to make final 2 and paulie isn’t taking her to the final two he probably wants a guy with him and trying to develop a relationship with James by getting rid of all the woman that are associated or close like ( Nat and Day maybe Michelle. ).
When tiff leaves on Thursday day needs to win HOH to be safe and not to be the one that leaves next Thursday .
James was keeping it low-key until now the good news is there are other target in the house so he’s good.
Michelle is in a good position honestly the only person that is gunning for her zak idk she’ll only go so far maybe evicted at 6 or 5 she’ll be in jury for sure .
Bridgette better watch out they’ll get rid of her if they can’t get rid of frank.
Bronte,Natalie,and Paul are good for now until the other side decide it’s ok to get rid of them because they’re disposable at this point .
Frank … there’s nothing he can do at this point but try to win HOH or someone from his team wins and if none of those happen try to veto if you get picked .


Was Nicole always this paranoid?! Can’t wait to watch her game blow up!!


Frank is being blamed for shining a light on the showmances?!?!?
Really??? These people don’t think them being in a showmance might be what’s making people notice they’re in a showmance??
Maybe Frank is at fault for the National debt as well. How about solar flares?…. Or global warming?… Plate tectonics??
Everyone wants to blame/focus on Frank so much that they haven’t even noticed Paulie’s 20 foot tall soap box he’s been shouting orders from.

Powder Puff Girls

lol lol lol


This is what I’ve been saying all along. Frank has done nothing more, but do what everyone else is doing, just singulary.


Z is pathetic. She gets jealous when girls simply stand near Paulie. And now she is mad because he wants a little time apart? I can’t. Y’all aren’t even together. She’ll get taken to the end too because she’s only here to win a man…


“I didn’t come here for no dude.” Pretty sure that’s exactly what Z came for…


Good. God. These. People.

I mean, I can sort of see reasoning from all sides as to why to vote Tiffany out this week/keep her, but holy balls, I just can’t with some of these HGs right now. I’m trying to be optimistic in believing Frank will get ousted next week but I can’t shake the feeling that Tiffany being voted out will help Frank become the target that never actually gets booted because people are either afraid of him or want to use him as a meat shield. I could see him getting all the way to the end with that.
If Tiffany does in fact get the boot Thursday I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that Frank sends her out with the incredibly rude goodbye message he’s been planning. I then want to see that message fill her with enough rage to win her way back into that house and make some of these people rue the day (not Da). I really didn’t care for the way her sister played the game but I can’t help but feel bad for her right now. She is not her sister. I’ve got to give the girl some credit, too, for not saying f*ck it and calling a house meeting so she can stand on the dining room table and ask everyone WTF their deal is. I’m not saying she’s my favorite or that I want to see her win this thing, but every time she walks into a room and people obviously stop talking and/or leave the room, I cringe so hard. She may have given people some legit reasons to want her out but come on. If every other time you ask if you’re safe people say yes (or just keep saying “I mean…yeah I mean…” Looking at you, Corey) and you then watch them bail from the room so fast you’d think their underwear was on fire, I don’t know how this wouldn’t give you the nervous breakdown that everyone is already accusing you of having. Oi, I could never play this game, I’d snap after a week.

I do wish that someone would take away all her sunglasses though as it’s beyond irritating when people wear sunglasses inside in general but also not helping her shed the title of BB18 Miss Paranoia 2016. Come on girl, how do you not realize this hurts you more than helps!

Pull my finger

Anyone else notice how Paul has become less of a douche since Victor and Jozea are gone?


I don’t think I’ve heard him loudly threaten to chop his own balls off since Victor followed Joz out the door. This pleases me greatly.


I am sure his balls are relieved as well! At least while being a have not and taking cold showers they were able to hide out and fly under the radar.


He’s still the biggest douche in the house


Yes he is. I can’t deal with a guy that calls a female a c*nt. Idk why but I hate that disgusting word more than anything. Especially calling someone that who has been nothing but nice to you, even when you’re not around.

Paul is only on his best bahvior because he’s on the block. Once he’s off or hoh he’ll be the same ol douche everyone remembers.


Coury is so gay that’s why he’s telling Frank everything


Nicole and Cody kissed in that season? Da and Frank are annoying, finally this season will get interesting next week the battle between Frank and Da it’s been so predictable lately!


No she’s saying she kissed Hayden and was using Cody as a shield to distract people from their showmance.


I think I’m showing my age. Watching BBAD is like watching a frat house party with all the f- and s-bombs from several boys and girls. Paul is the worst f-user.

I heard him tell one of the girls that he was smarter than her because he went to college and she didn’t. I didn’t go to college and I’ll match my IQ against him any day. Egotistical ass.


Is Z really talking about how her babies would look with paulie ? I really had high hopes for her! I thought she would be the first woman to play a dude and not vice versa. She’s turned into a jealous girl. And talking about James and Natalie, so she’s the only one who can have a “showmance” and her showmance is so much more real than James and nats ?


Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought James and Natalie said they would tell others they are not a couple in order to be not voted out. However in the Diary room where truth is around 95% Natalie did say that James is the type of guy she would date outside the house. Only reason I ask is it seems constantly we see that Corey is saying that Natalie does not like James but yet her diary sessions indicate the complete opposite…


I know! WTF? Corey seems obsessed with telling people that Nat is making all these overt passes at him. All concerned about James (I don’t think he cares a fig) getting his feelings hurt. Is he mad because she doesn’t think he is the bomb? Is it strategy to F with Nicole? Is it strategy to get in with Frank who loves to slut shame? Is he over compensating so no one questions his preferences? Whatever it is it’s not a good strategy.


I’ve wondered if she does really like him or if what she is saying in the DR is to appease America so she won’t come off as another Liz. Since she was a recruit, she may not be aware of Liz, but I think she is concerned enough about public perception to think of that on her own. That said, maybe she would date a James-type outside the house because he is safe and would (in her opinion) be the grateful type. Don’t we all know someone who seeks out someone who they consider a level below them thinking that person will worship them and put up with all their BS? (I am absolutely not saying that James is a level below her, but it would seem that Natalie places herself above all others.)


I think she said she is coming from a breakup and was hurt, so she has found James who listens to her tedium without rejecting her. She has found a safe place to fall. James on the other hand is probably rolling his eyes having to listen to it all but all he can see is her boobs so he stays in it to win it.

Calling whatever Josea did a “breakup” is weird IMO. Maybe a little borderline cra cray.


Big Brother should have changed the rules and if a team is safe one week, then the next week they should Not be allowed to play in the next HOH competition.

They don't know what we know

I would be find for Paul or Tiffany to go. For the HGs, they don’t know what we know and so what they are doing right now may sound stupid to us but for them –they might consider it as a good game move.

In terms of James calling Paulie a dictator –seriously? I’m not sure if he’s serious or not. I wonder if he thinks that way because he was unable to convince Paulie that Tiffany should stay. I don’t have feeds so I’m wondering if he even tried to make a case to get Paul or Bronte out? Its an easy sell. Tiffany wouldn’t go after him (Paulie) but Paul and Bronte plus Bridgette and Natalie could easily start targeting him. If he mentioned something like that, then that probably would have gotten Paulie’s attention.

By the way, I thought Paulie and James wanted to work together because no one would expect it? Right now, it looks like James and Da are more in the same page.

In terms of the targets next week:
— Frank is Da and James’ target (Tiffany too if she stays)
— Paulie seems to be Franks’ target but that would mean that he would want someone else to put up Paulie since they are still in teams.
— Paulie seems to be Paul’s target too? I don’t think that Frank is targeting Paul so he might play it safe and target someone that Frank wouldn’t mind targeting (as in Paulie or Corey as an alternate)
— Da is an alternate target to Frank? (Or did he just say that just cause?)
— Corey might be the alternate target to Paul if he can’t get Paulie out.

Based on what I’m reading, a few people who are definitely not being targeted, are: Zakiyah, Natalie, Bridgette, Nicole, James, Michelle, Paul (if he stays), Bronte (if she stays), Tiffany (if she stays –although it looks like she is leaving).

Hmmm… I guess it’ll be interesting next week. Either Frank or Paulie will be targeted. If Frank gets a wiff though that he is being targeted by Da and James, Da might be a target too.

The alliances:
Out of all the alliances, even though they are silly, the spy girls seems to be the one that is most solid. The 8 Pack could have easily taken over the house but they fractured and they are now starting to target each other first.

Bye Tiff :(

Not even going to take the bait. Tiff will be voted out. It would be great drama if they flipped but I don’t see how you blow up your game like that. All Frank has to do is win HOH. He will get one of them. And how I hope to see the good soldier Paul win HOH. Coming from such a rough start where the house and the viewers couldn’t stand him to where he is now. I really would love to see what he did with some power. i think he will keep it low key for now but I would love for him to feel safe for w week. I think he has paid his due.


The logic errors these people are missing are astounding.
So getting rid of Tiffany would warn Frank. but throwing HOH ten minutes after eviction won’t send up a red flag at all. I mean, at this point they’re saying they’d just caleb it. NO, that won’t be a warning.
So keeping people that are/were on the other side is good now. Because they couldn’t just be playing nice. of course not.
So once Frank isn’t able to dictate hoh, you can’t nominate Frank and you can’t nominate his sidekick Bridgette because she’d choose Frank to play if she got the one in twelve winfall of having her own name picked.
So you’re going to throw HOH, and not nominate your primary or secondary targets. Like, until after veto…. ummmm. Does anyone see a problem with the logic? I mean roadblock, Frank’s name is in the veto bag just like everyone else’s, there’s less people…
Okay. I can see getting rid of Tiffany out of fear of Frank / fear of Paulie wetting himself thinking she’s going to instantly become her sister…. just to make nice. Silly for everyone else to allow one or two people to call shots when you all have a secret vote, but hey, be that way.
But now they’re talking about nominating each other to stack the deck in the veto. Gee, and you don’t think Paul is playing you? oh you morons.


If Tiffany goes i hope she tells and YELLS out to Frank on her way out the door what his group is planning for him.

Tiffany has penis envy

Nicole and Bronte should keep flying under the radar, so far they aren’t anyone’s target. Although Bronte has become a professional pawn, she’s not the target. So far men are the targets, first the male newbies, then the male veterans. Go spy girls, go!


Wow, It has been 4 weeks and there are 13 people still in the game and the vets are turning on each other. It looks like James/Da vs Frank/Nicole. I think I know why these fools lost the first go round. The newbies should be assessing their potential as collateral damage. Unless something drastic happens Bridgette, Nat, and Corey will get taken down. When the vet battles are over I predict F4 Paul, Bronte, Z and Michelle. Paulie will get his a$$ handed to him after he takes down Frank because he will be the last douche standing. Oh nice knowing you Tiff. You and your sunglasses will be slightly missed. Only wild card left is who will win the buy back.


a monkey wrench of stupid may have occurred overnight.
Frank and Bridgette spill all the beans of the plans to MIchelle of all people. Michelle, the one Frank has been threatening to send home for what, a week?
So Michelle tells Da. Nicole enters to find she’s been named by Frank as the author of the conspiracy to get Da.
Once all starts coming out Paul is tangentially raving. Corey is saying I want to confront him, Paulie is saying Bridgette. got to get Bridgette. Nicole is saying you trust me right. James is saying why we got to nominate my team all the time. Michelle is saying we have to get Bronte. Da agrees. She’s on the block right now… but I don’t think any of them are even thinking it’s wednesday early morning there’s still 2 days until the next hoh.


Monkey Wretch is right…I still think I need someone to explain all that to me. From the updates I read, Michelle really threw Frank’s (and Nicole’s) plan out there so she will probably be moved up on Franks list. Nicole won’t be happy either. Too bad Paulie is so set against keeping Tiff because Nicole and Corey aren’t really on his side from what I have seen.


Nicole tried to cover her ass with Frank, and target Da. Enter Frank’s micromanage overshare. Enter Motormouth Meech. Exit Nicole’s credibility in some ways.
Now she’s been at least in part revealed to have been going behind the alliance’s back. Anyone that thinks Da isn’t thinking of ways to smear Nicole right now and turn public opinion against her? She trusts Motormouth Big Meech more than Nicole. She saw Frank and Nicole talking for a while and talked to James about it about the same time Nicole was telling Frank that James and Da have a final two. Nicole in that convo kept trying to get Da to say that she believed Nicole wasn’t plotting, and Da kept saying ain’t she sweet when she’s all worked up.
Look at Paul’s reaction to finding out Brigette revealed Paul tells Bronte and Bronte tells Bridgette everything. Paul is a really bad liar. I swear. The houseguests that weren’t saying we know you did it but it’s okay, for now and actually believed him deserve their fate.
So if you are Michelle are you worried? If you’re Michelle you are on the outside of the inside with the Paulie crew, on the outside of the inside with the Da James crew and on the outside of the inside of the Frank team. If every fifth wheel stood up at once and formed an alliance it would be Michelle as a group of one (exaggeration, but close).


I see James & Paul & Spy Girls going deep in the game, at this pace, it’ll be Tiff, Frank, Da’Vonne, even Pauli getting evicted.
Before they know Paul, Bronte or Nat will get an HoH and Corey, Nicole will be in some trouble.


Bridgette is a disappointment. She and the PP girls had a plan and never seemed to discuss it or work it. Is all her slobbering over Frank fake or has she fallen under his spell?


Paul ignoring Frank & making nachos anyway was so great lmao SIT DOWN FRANK. Not your house or your food.