“I think you, Me, Bridgette, Frank would be the strongest alliance in the house” – Nicole to Corey

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

(Very few of them if any were up before 12)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 14-36-31-862

12:06pm Main Bathroom Michelle and Natalie in the bathroom doing hair
Michele – I heard stuff that Paul and Bridgette said about me.. They said I wish I died
Natalie – that’s a lie.. (See image above)
Michelle adds Bridgette was saying she would resuscitate her and then shave off her eyebrows (When she had passed out off feeds)

Natalie – that’s f***ed up..
Michelle talked to Paul about it and he said he never said that so she’s not sure.. She’s not hung up on it, “Jozea brings out the worst in people”

Natalie says this is a game people shouldn’t talk bad about people, “I’m not going to be here and make fun of someone.. Why would I do that I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me”
Michelle – ya.. Someone can be a target but you don’t have to talk bad about them .. (side eye)

Natalie – I can’t believe they said that are you sure Bridgette said that
Michelle didn’t hear it, “I love you I love Paul I love Bridgette”
Michelle thinks they’re was a lot of things said were exaggerated

Natalie tells her she loves being in the house with Michelle, she’s one of her favorite players, “You’re funny”
Michelle says James is always bringing up how much Natalie likes her.
MEECH – I would like to see James go far
Natalie – He’s a good guy
Big MEECH – a good guy
Natalie – he’s so much fun he’s got a great personality
Michelle – he’s like my brother we get into fights all the time..

Natalie says it’s nice to have someone like james in the house makes it less stressful
Natalie – “He’s teaching me to trust a guy in a untrustworthy situation”
Michelle – he’ll protect you.. He has protect you why do you think Bronte is always on the block
Natalie – I don’t want him to ruin the game for me

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 14-50-25-771

1:23pm Bridgette in the HOH

Bridgette’s – I think it should go Paulie, Da’Vonne, James, Natalie.. Then we’re in Jury

Bridgette – that leaves… Me, Frank, Bronte, Paul, Nicole, Zakiyah, who would go next.. Michelle .. who am I missing… corey (wow what a nightmare scenario.. )
Bridgette – does Nicole even like Corey… that’s soooooo silly..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 14-54-52-306

2:55pm Paulie, Nicole and Zakiyah
Paulie doesn’t like Paul’s plan to backdoor Frank by putting up him and Bridgette. PAulie thinks they should put Bridgette and Frank up and just beat Frank in the competitions.
Nicole and Zakiyah agree.. (Let Paul take all the risk)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 14-56-26-205

2:57pm Corey and Nicole
Corey saying he would put Frank up against Bridgette.
Nicole – I would be scared.. I’m a little girl.. But that’s the only way to guarantee one of them goes home…
Nicole now saying putting them both up wouldn’t be smart.. Corey now saying the best thing to do would be win the roadkill.

Nicole – you want him gone
Corey – If he genuinely trusts us than no..
Nicole – working with him is so hard..
Corey – he doesn’t care he’ll throw us under the bus in a heartbeat
Nicole – he’ll save us if he needed to
Corey – especially if we told him the whole house wanted him out..

Nicole – me you and Zakiyah we’re solid and then we would have Frank, Bridgette .. that’s a solid group..
Nicole – but then he goes and runs his mouth

Nicole is surprised how close Michelle and Da are..
Nicole – Her number 1 is da.. She ran right to Da and didn’t even consider..

Nicole says Frank legitimately trusts them it would be stupid to throw that away.
Nicole – I think you Me, Bridgette, Frank would be the strongest alliance in the house.. Those two are gold to work with but if he’s bringing Michelle in the mix it’s not going to look good..

They agree if Natalie goes James will be so much more loyal to them and more focused.
Nicole says to her showmance if James being with Natalie is more important than winning the game then he can go do that, “Love of his freaking live go for it.. I can’t rag on him for it.. whatever I think it’s just silly” (Good work Nicole)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 14-56-14-301

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 15-43-58-068

James, Bronte and Natalie HOH
James says he’s been going around trying to figure out what is going on with the house. He’s getting them information.
Bronte – is everyone still voting Tiff out
James – well…. That’s why I came up here..
Bronte – oh my god..
James laughs says he’s joking.. The girls laugh back.. “JAMZEEEE”

Natalie starts talking about her work back home, She works for an entertainment company, it’s seasonal and only on weekends.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 15-48-54-963

3:48pm Frank and Paulie
Frank says he’s got to talk to James about the HOH tomorrow. They need James to throw it, he’s too worried about Natalie going home.
Paulie doesn’t think Natalie is in any danger there’s plenty of other people to send out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 15-54-18-642

3:53pm Chit chat in the LIving room, Frank, Da’Vonne, Bronte, Zakiyah and Paulie
Paulie says he gets a manicure once a month and a pedicure once every 2 months
Zakiyah gets a pedicure every 2 weeks
Bronte get’s a manicure every 2-3 weeks
Da gets and Manicure and pedicure every 2 weeks

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 15-59-06-703

3:59pm Da’Vonne and TIffany
Da says that Frank is coming after her he’s hoping to get roadkill to put her up.
They complain about Bridgette walking around like she runs the place.
Da’Vonne- his a$$ has got to go and she’s got to be right after
Zakiyah says she’s not going to make Bridgette a cake on her birthday.
Nicole joins them says she won’t either because she was ‘Yelled at” for not making it the right way when she made Zakiyah’s cake.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 16-20-42-870
4:08pm Frank and Nicole
Frank says Bronte and Natalie are going to put PAulie up if they win HOH. Bronte is going to try hard.
Frank – they can’t beat us.. we just got to talk to James.. we need to make him realize that Natalie won’t go home it’ll be either be Bronte or Paul
Nicole – he doesn’t want her to go up
Frank – well f*** it… I won 2 road kills to keep his a$$ safe

Nicole – he’s not even good with her being a pawn
Frank – who f***g cares..

Nicole – I think he’s going to sacrifice himself..
Frank – I need to talk to him one on one
Nicole – yesterday he said he’s just doing it for fun…
Frank says the girls mindset are so juvenile they just want to send boys home, “There stupid little girls.. I hate to say that but they annoy me.. Paul is annoying me.. I’m getting tired of pissed and friendship every 5 minutes.. I told him to put pants on.. I tood him the reason Jozea went home was because he walked around with is underwear all the time.. ”

Frank says it’s disgusting he wants more than one piece of fabric between the house and Paul’s ball sweat.
Frank blows a giant fart and the conversation is over..
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 16-33-19-848

4:28pm Frank and Da’Vonne
Chatting game knowing they are targeting each other.

Frank says Bridgette is trustworthy
Da’Vonne – she’s never rubbed me the wrong way..
Frank wants Paulie gone before Corey because he’ll do better in the endurance competitions.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 16-47-47-381

4:43pm Nicole and Da’Vonne
They talk about Frank trying to get them on the BRidgette train. Da’Vonne says if James wins the HOH he’ll put up Paulie and Corey.
Nicole says she only trusts 3 people, DA, Zakiyah and Michelle
Da’Vonne says Tiffany keeps rubbing people the wrong way she would rather Tiffany in the house over Bronte. Nicole thinks Tiffany is a vote thats it.
Nicole – Corey is hiding from her..
Da’Vonne says Frank is making dumb moves it’s almost like he’s given himself up he wants to go home.
Da’Vonne – to be honest i’m excited to send him home but more excited to see how she (Bridgette) reacts
(LOL it’s like Bridgette is the devil)
Nicole says she loves Paul but he’ll have to go soon.
Da’Vonne asks “What are we doing for us.. You guys and me or are we doing me ,you, Zakiyah and Michelle “ (Nicole didn’t answer because she wants to showmance it to the end)
Da’Vonne points out that Tiffany’s feelings will be really hurt and she doesn’t want to send bitter people to the jury.
Corey joins them.. Da’Vonne fill him in that Frank is trying to get Corey out. Frank wants Bronte to win to nominate COrey, Frank wants this so they can “Pull in” Nicole.
Corey doesn’t understand why Frank is trying to get everyone to target everyone else.
Da’Vonne mentions again that he’s making stupid moves and it’s almost like he wants to go home. (to be fair Da is also overplaying but maybe not as much 😉 )

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An ornery mouse

Corey and Natalie in the kitchen.

Natalie- “Corey, can you please pass me that peanut butter but not the jam, I don’t really like jam.”
Corey- “Sure, here you go.”
Natalie- “Thanks!”

Later, Corey talking to Nicole

Corey- “Natalie totally made a pass at me earlier, she said I had a nice butt and tried to touch my nuts. Then she told me that she doesn’t really like James…. and thanked me for being so hot.”


I’m really disliking Nicole this season, she keeps on changing her mind and alliances every 5 minutes. I hope she gets evicted soon (of course after a few rats go first- Frank, Brigette, Corey)


nicole has been slipped dollars by production to try and save franks game – the longer frank stays = extra drama

seems really fishy to me that she is so keen all of a sudden to risk her own game so much to try to bail his sinking ship out


I’m disappointed in Nicole too this season. She’s a big Flip Flopper


Nicole “I’m just a little girl”. That’s encouraging to women. She wants to work with Frank even knowing that he’s targeting Corey. Corey will go along with it bc he’s an idiot. James and Nat don’t care about winning and the Spy girls with Paul just want to make it to jury. Z is riding Paulies coat tails and Da is gone next week. Frank and Michelle are the only two worth watching. Bye Tiff you unfortunately were chosen to play with mindless children!

Pinocchio Obama

Not just Nicole. It seems like the entire house changes alliances every hour.


corey is being dumb

instead of trying to make the 2 girls jealous, why doesnt he suggest a 3way alliance?

oh thats right he wears pink slip on shoes

Corey's slippers



F*cking win.

Unbattled Block

Nicole…. He just isn’t into you ..Not that there’s anything wrong with that…LOL (Seinfeld moment )

Nicole and Corey should be onboard with voting Paul out. If the team concept remains the same 1 more week then Tiffany helps keep you safe

Canadian Kev

Nicole is an idiot. I liked her, because she seemed sweet and shit.
But she’s a fucking moron.

Frank is already talking about sending Corey and Paulie home.
But you know – stick with Frank. Because yes, the entire house wants him gone – but you know, it’s good for your game to align with him.

I want Frank out, because i’m tired watching and reading about him.
But Nicole deserves an early exit too – because she did not learn a damn thing from the last time she was tossed out.


That’s the dumbest thing ever knowingly aligning yourself with some one (Frank)who the whole house wants gone!! Newsflash : If that can’t get the original target, then you will be the next casualty of War. Guilty by association. Nicole you played BB before, you should know this!


Why would Nic and Corey vote Paul out over Bronte or Tiff? Paul’s telling them everything they could want to hear for next week. They don’t trust Bronte or Tiff all that much. Bronte (if she could win something) and Tiff will come for the showmances before Paul. Paul’s employing his best play for now which is wading in the waters and letting people go after each other while he strokes all their egos.

All 3 people on the block are threats to Nic/Corey, but 2/3 are more immediate threats if Frank is successfully taken out next week.

conservative white male

Zakiyah can be my first lady and Da can my side piece of extra crispy.
Dark and Milk chocolate, how can you go wrong.


How shocking! Another conservative that’s racist, SMH


Hey, Simon. Last year, you gave me ads for Filipino dating sites. This year, it’s Meet Ukrainian Women. Why the downgrade?

Min O'Pause

This reminds me of a joke but I sure as he’ll ain’t tellin’ it on here.


Oh Nicole…I’m starting to remember why I didn’t root for her at the beginning of her season.


Agree, are used to like Nicole but she’s become such a flip-flopper that I can’t stand her anymore,I want her gone !!!


If The House was a living, breathing being, Nicole would be Colon Cancer. She is slowly killing this season.

Min O'Pause



It’s just a healthcare analogy, Min. Pull your claws in.

Judd's Granny

Nicole reminds me of this young girl I hired to do some work around the farm. She seemed so sweet, but she smoked up all of Judd’s meth, gave him the clap, and stole 2 of my chickens.

Min O'Pause

I think I just pissed myself!!! Hilarious!


Hey Baby

Nicold World

OMG you ain’t shit lmaoooo


I am absolutely blown away with how easily Frank’s bullshit and lies have been swept away. They honestly are giving him the benefit of the doubt excusing his behavior with the mere delusioned notion that he is a competition beast and somehow “loyal”. Had Dae/Tiff done half of the shit Frank did they would have never theorized that or given her the benefit of the doubt.


Yes frank is terrible and playing an awful game but so are most of the other HGs, everyone in the house has side deals and tells people different things so they arent really doing much worse than frank, other than the bullying and “popping butts”


Apparently, I’m logged in as Simon……hehe

Misty Beethoven

Michelle: someone can be a target, but you don’t have to talk bad about them.
I eyerolled so hard I saw my brain!


LMFAO …. Hilarious but sooo true

She doesn't have to

But she does.

Your Boy Patty

Your boy was loving Nicole but now your boy just wants Nicole and her pretend showmance to shut up!


Nic would be a real fruit loop dingus to align with Frank. She repeatedly talks about being a “little girl”, and yet wants to take Frank as deep as final 4 in the game?! And Bridge has shown she’s good at memory comps (which always pop up in the end).

I wanted to be able to give Nic credit for not playing Day’s rather obvious game (going after the showmances after Frank is gone), but now she’s totally playing out of fear and paranoia. People keep calling her a Snake, but that’s an insult to actual Snakes (Will, Jun, Dan, Andy, etc.) who played the game strategically rather than out of fear.

I hope Paul throws this HOH to Corey or anyone really. He doesn’t need to do other people’s dirty work, he just needs to pretend to be a loyal soilder and keep voting these top dogs out.

Honestly I’m sitting here asking myself why things went from 0 to 100 so fast in the house. It was simple. Vote Tiff out to let Frank think he’s still in control, slap any combination of SG’s up on the block as pawns. Even if Franl won RK and put Day up the veto could be used on one of the SG’s to BD Frank. Even if Frank won PoV you can still get rid of a SG. It’s not rocket science! Nic isn’t the only person playing out of paranoia though.


I think I am just gonna say …watching Nic and Corey is like watching Nic and Christine….except for Nic is now Christine and Corey is Nicole…either way, no way either see final 2


That is actually a fair comparison except Nic doesn’t want to cut Corey… yet.

Minus the Cody flirting I respected the fact that Christine played Nic like a fiddle, but Christine also allowed herself to be played by the boys (I mean did she really think they were going to take her to the F5 over Victoria? Come on now).

Perhaps Nic is so paranoid of working with girls b/c of Christine that she think she needs guys around to help further her game. But to be fair Day has been plotting against her showmance status. However Frank would crush Nic in the end game if she let him get that far.

Corey is just about as clueless as Nic was during BB16 though lol. That much is abundantly clear.


Wow just wow


She is a worthless player..both seasons. She’s cute to look at and thats it. I honestly would rather Audrey be the returnee than Nicole. She’s a thirsty hi and thats all her role is. If she had any game play she wouldn’t be so far up Corey’s dick hole. At least Audrey would be entertaining.


Not even that cute really. She’s built like a surfboard.


I don’t know about Audrey. Cant take hearing the word Empirical again


I want Nicole on the block soooooo bad! I want her game to blow up in her face!


Wouldn’t surprise me if Nicole is the one to spill the beans to Frank about his imminent overthrow. She probably thinks it’ll prove her loyalty to Frank and guarantee him taking her to the end. I’m very disappointed in her gameplay.


LOL at Nicole thinking that the house would not turn against her if she sided with Frank. It would be really amazing if she became the casualty of the war against Frank and him staying.


teams will need to religment soon

Pinocchio Obama

I hope they just dump the whole team thing.


everybody wants frank out franks win hoh in every body turn on each other cause great tv drama
or frank goes home next week in win battle back comp in come back in the game with people worry of what he going to do they already know he could win comp one more thing the target change every week even if frank gone it be a new target


The folks here really get into rooting for people, where it’s far more important than being entertained…and I think BB caters to this audience, which is why the cast has been a certain way for quite awhile now.

Nicole is simply playing the game. She’s feeling out who she finds reliable, who she doesn’t, who she thinks can advance her and who would get in her way….WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF BEING THERE!!!…but she’s terrible for this? I guess it’s better to be obsessed with a “villain” of the house or just “wanting to make jury” and then the majority here will love you.

Powder Puff Girls

I like Nicole!

Bolt Uprite

She’s not terrible for it, she’s just terrible at it.


After all that went down last night with Da, James, Nic and Michelle last night I thought the house would be buzzing today. Does Paulie or Frank even know about it????

As to Nic and Frank, I seriously think that she believes that F2 deal she made with Frank a week or two ago is solid….Geez I hope not!

Tiny trump hands

Simon, Seems like you guys are losing interest this year? Only popping in on the feeds for a couple minutes every 1.5 hours. Are you over it?


That guy must have no idea how much work it must take to watch hours of feeds, summarize and post it all. Being Canadian I so appreciate what you do Simon and Dawg as we here have been cut off from getting the live feeds. Yeah, I know about the ‘hide my ass’ thing but dont need it thanks to Online BB. Can also get some videos on You Tube.

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks for all you do Simon & Dawg. This is the best BB site on the entire web.

One Drop

This year is the best in a while.


“Frank blows a giant fart and the conversation is over.”

In Frank’s language it means “hello” and “goodbye”.


I laughed so hard at that! Frank the stank machine polluting everyone’s air worried about Paul’s ball sweat. Saying THAT is disgusting?! Screw that. I hope there are 1000 layers of cloth between his nasty tooter and every surface in the house!


If any veteran thinks that a newbie is going to take them to the end better think again; And vice versa

Froot Loop Dingus

These HGs have no concept of strategy. They should vote out Bronte. That splits the Spy Girls. The. They have the HOH while Frank is stunned by the vote. Michelle and Paulie throw it. No matter what other team wins HOH you put up Frank and Bridgette. Then it doesn’t matter who wins roadkill. Even if it’s Frank the votes will be there to vote out Frank, unless he wins POV. If that happens you vote out Bridgette.
So even if Frank is safe, Natalie is now a free agent, and you just repeat the same process the next week. Any time Frank doesn’t have HOH, he’s at risk of going home. If you can’t get him out you eliminate another threat.
Too much back and forth and rehashing strategies. You can’t rely on a back door to get everyone out. There are too many variables.
Plus the teams will probably disband after a couple more evictions and then it’s a whole new game.


With Nicole’s flip flopping, Frank may last longer than I had hoped. However, everyone except Nicole and Bridget still seem to want Frank out so if she wins HOH and doesn’t put him up she may move up a spot as the next target.
I still don’t think Frank will win but things change on the daily so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. If he doesn’t win, he has no one to blame but himself. His natural personality is loud and aggressive and it’s very off putting. He should have tried to tone it down. He obviously tried to play too hard too fast as if to prove that he could choreograph all the ‘big moves’ in the house. For some reason he assumed that everyone would confide in and trust him but that there wouldn’t be any other people that trusted and talked to each other so he shared all his information and who his targets were. A second timer should know better than that.
His biggest mistake, in my opinion, is the Boogie factor. Frank is not a member of Chilltown and Frank is not Boogie, nor should he want to be. Boogie was not a great player and when he was in the house he was an ass. Season 2 he was actually a fairly decent guy but he didn’t make it that far. Season 7 he was an in your face, confrontational a**hole. The difference between him and Will was that Will’s insults always had some humor. He would say something terrible but do it with a wink and a smile. Boogie never had that charm. But in season 7, Boogie did have Will and I firmly believe that is the only reason he was able to win the game. In season 14 he was solo. He no longer had Will by his side. His confrontational style was at it’s peak. His insults were cruel and vulgar and, once again, he didn’t make it that far. To Boogie’s credit, it was always about the game and it was never personal to him. As soon as he walked out the door the game was over and he didn’t hold a grudge. When he found out that Ian was responsible for his eviction he tipped his hat to Ian and had an ear to ear smile like a proud father that had taught his son well. He was actually proud that Ian had made what was probably his smartest, and ultimately, winning game move.
Frank is trying so hard to be aggressive and unapologetic like Boogie but he still takes everything personally which is very obvious any time he talks about Britney, Ian or Dan. But he never stopped to consider that it only worked for Boogie when he had Will by his side. Frank should have studied what went wrong for Boogie and what went wrong for him after Boogie left. He should have come in this season trying to play a new game. Instead, he came in playing the same game on steroids.


SIMON, DAWG What day of the week do you put up your weekly polls?

One Drop

It’s weird that Zakiyah thinks she can have Italian babies.

Juliana from New York

How is that weird? I’m Brazilian and my husband is 100% Italian. Our daughter is half and half and she’s learning both Italian and Portuguese. So yes she can have Italian babies. Don’t be a hater. And Paulie is not even full Italian.

One Drop

The living room seems like it gets used more this year. Doesn’t the furniture have a new orientation?


cant stand Nicole and Corey


Watching TV episode. Loved the phone conversation between James and Natalie, reminded me of my teenage years.

Min O'Pause

Wish I could remember mine but they were intercepted by the glittery disco ball, Saturday Night Fever, a couple of lines surely won’t make my brain fry years and the next thing I knew it was the 90’s.


Lol, Min. My teenage years were bell bottoms and peace signs and instead of disco balls and lines I was raising a family. But I can relate to lost years.

Min O'Pause

Hip hugger bellbottoms and fringe vests. I remember those well.


If you remember the sixties…you were’nt there. lol.


That was really fake…and I still dont know why people still like James… He does not play the game, he should go to the Bachelorrete instead…


I totally became a Natalie fan after watching tonight’s show. She unlike Bridgette (Dufus Spy) has Frank’s number. AND she can keep a confidence. Hope she goes far.


Just because she’s pretty and knows it, allot of people hate her but she’s also self deprecating. And I think she genuinely likes James, maybe not as a boyfriend but as a good friend that could develope into something later. I don’t want to see her win, she has no strategy, but I do like her.

Pinocchio Obama

I agree. She really surprised me.

Too bad her Spy Girl partner Bridgette is so lame.


I know what i didn’t like this episode is when Paul mentioned Frankie Grande for a second with the screen capture of him, god i almost purged my dinner out.

Min O'Pause

Just like a bad 50s B horror movie – “Frankie..the Thing That Wouldn’t Die.”

Save Tiffany

I want Tiffany to stay and Paul to go home. He’s BORING and I CAN’T TAKE THE UNDERWEAR. Put some pants on bro!!!!!! ugh. Gag. #savetiffany

Powder Puff Girls



Nicole never was that good of a player, like most fan favorites she’s remembered for being fun to watch rather than being great at the game. People loved her on BB16 because she was on Donny’s side and one of the least hateable people that year. I still like her but her gameplay this season is turning out really bad, I wish she would’ve stayed loyal to the Fatal5.

Min O'Pause

I find myself wanting to slip quarters into Nicole’s nostrils, pull her left arm and see if I her eyes come up double cherries.

Misty Beethoven

OMG, that made me snort-laugh!!


Does anyone remember when the competitions start being shown, if only in fragments, on the feeds?


Has anyone else found this season to be boring so far? Where is the drama?

Powder Puff Girls

I think Frank is the drama this season. The HG’s are all over the place, no loyalties, no true alliances (with the exception of Nat and James – maybe Cory and Nicole) , constant flip flopping from hour to hour… day to day. I prefer this season to last due to Vanessa’s behaviour, her treatment to others stressed me out. I found HG’s were bullied to frightened to play against her which = bad gamesmanship. I am enjoying this year and have no front runner.


LOL, Bronte trying to use her boobs to get James to spill who was roadkill winner. I was like WTF?! Is she? Is she? Oh good God she is! I lost it when she scooped them up with both hands before putting on a shirt. It was not subtle. It was not sexy. I’m sure James is like thanks for the free show but how dumb do you think I am?

Min O'Pause

I’m shocked. Bronte has boobs?!

Powder Puff Girls

Have you ever gone back a few days read your own comment and given it a thumbs down? I change my mind like these players.


Every time Frank farts or slaps an ass, it’s comedy gold. The ratings go up half a point. You’re welcome CBS.

Min O'Pause

This may have replaced beer pong as a drinking game.


Dawg and Simon, this is without a doubt the best conversation yet in the BB House this season.

“Frank says it’s disgusting he wants more than one piece of fabric between the house and Paul’s ball sweat.
Frank blows a giant fart and the conversation is over..”

Still ROTFL…… Kudos to you both for making this site so enjoyable for me when I do not have the time to watch the feeds…