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If you are anything like me, you’re missing Big Brother Live Feeds and wishing we could just fast forward to July 2012 so that Big Brother 14 would premiere already! Unfortunately there isn’t anyway to speed up the premiere date and highly unlikely there will be another writers strike, so if you are looking for more Big Brother news, SuperPass has started posting videos “A Day In The Life.. ” of our favorite past house guests.  Every week they post a new Missy interview with a different BB Alumni, such as, Lydia Tavera, Andrew Gordon, Shelly Moore, Casey Turner, and Michelle Costa.  Each of the videos are between 45 minutes to an hour long so you get a good long look into their lives after being in the Big Brother House.
Andrew Gordon a day in the life interview

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Casey Turner a day in the life interview

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Countdown till BB14!
Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012
-Howie Gordon (BB6 & BB7)
-Jun Song (BB4)
-The Four Horsemen Alliance (BB5 & Jase W. (BB7))
-The Brigade (BB12)
-Jeff Schroeder (BB11 & BB13)

BB King

Captain, one quick question. Who decided that these people were worthy for consideration in this supposed BB Hall of Fame? Was there a poll done, and if so I would like to see the poll. Or is this just your fantasy, you know like fantasy football? If it’s the latter I don’t have a problem with it, but you’re being disingenious when you call this a Hall of Fame. You should qualify that statement with “Captain’s Choice for BB Hall of Fame,” or something close to this.

Hall of Fames (be it the Baseball Hall of Fame or Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame) are not decided by a man but a committee, so in that spirit if this is simplly your subjective whim it is really not a true Hall of Fame.

I have no problem with you doing it though if this is what entertains you.


If it more than 10 inductee. we will have a poll. So, better induct you past favorites.


I don’t have any problem with Captains stats, but his hall of fame is based on his own personal likes and dislikes.
It is easy to make the criteria fit those he likes and at the same time exclude those he doesn’t, for all we know if their name starts with a letter J they are in or if you are the daughter of one of the house guests you aren’t eligible.
I feel Captain should start his own web site to promote his fantasy hall of fame.


What are you talking about? Daniele will be only one will be inducted. Not the Alliance. Just her alone.

BB King

I keep on asking you for the rules and criteria that determines eligibility and you keep dodging this request by changing the subject. You also said that Simon has the rules, well that’s fine but what’s keeping you from telling us publically? In other words you don’t really care for the rules governing eligibility because you make it up to fit your likes and discard your dislikes.

That’s fine with me, but be honest and simply say this is my fantasy hall of fame, and I wish to induct whomever I feel like inducting.


If I was every given the rules I have forgotten them. We can put all this to rest by having an official poll for the big brother hall of fame.

We may need to first pick top players by season then compile the top 3 from those polls and make the hall of fame poll

whatever makes everyone happy


Simon this will be my last comment on this subject.
I feel by allowing him to post this “hall of fame on” your site you lend credibility to his whims.
Everyone has their favorites and it takes an unbiased person to do something like this, he clearly is not that person.
Should someone come across this web site and read his HOF they might believe this site was created by cat people for cat people and no one else.


I disagree on this one. Are you refer to Daniele’s whims. I know you refer of Dog People. Beside, I’m not doing favorites. We are based on stragdy play and how many times they appeared in. SQUABBLE, GET YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT. KALIA & PORSCHE NOT QUALIFY UNLESS IF THEY WILL COME BACK. Simon, this is my last comment. BIG BROTHER HALL OF FAME BASED ON THE RECOGNITION OF OVER PAST FEW YEARS. I know Squabble needs a wake-up call and stop obesses with sniffy Daniele’s underwear. Big Brother Hall of Fame deals with former houseguest who set the record or how many times in Big Brother House. Squabble, let me ask you a smart question? How many HOH’S and POV’S RECORDS HAVE Been Broken of KALIA or PORSCHE Attempted?


Only thing worse than your admiration of Jeff is your use and understanding of the English language. Maybe you should take some time out of your hero worshiping of “Big Jeff” and learn how to use our language.
Answer your own question how many records for HOH or POV has Jeff won? Porsche won more in one season than that douche bag.
You can’t ask me a “smart question” since you don’t know how to phrase one, read that mess of sentence you wrote and try to understand it.


I totally agree with you. Not A PHD Student and NAME Should stop worshipping douchbag Daniele and speak our language. I’m really concern of NAME and Not A PHD Student kept obessing Daniele’s personal stuff. Not A PHD Student has English Language Problem. For NAME, please stop worshipping Daniele. She not your type. That’s gross and disgusting. squabble don’t like it and so am I.



Simon, top 3 is not a good idea. TOP 10 Only. Top 10 fail deadline will automatic inducted. Right now 5 will be inducted.


Funny how Jeff made the list when he has never even sniffed final two but Porsche who made final two and lost by one vote isn’t eligible. Go figure.


Squabble, I understand that Not A PHD Student has a English Language Problem but we both agree that you admiration of Not A PHD Student has a English Language Problem. Beside, Are you agree with me of Not A PHD Student has a English Language Problem.
Simon, can you remind squabble that everyone don’t have English Language Problem. As myself, I was born in the United States and I speak English correctly.
squabble, i know you hate Daniele so much. You been sniff her underwear.


Simon, were you able to get a Superpass subscription and be able to post the interviews with Missy? I had thought the
Jeff and Jordan were being interviewed by last week.