Mike says that he will salt Dan’s motha fu*king game like Joe Arvin’s cooking!

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Dan gets up and says to himself big day today, big day. Dan heads to the kitchen and to eat breakfast. Frank and Ashley are up and in the bathroom. Ashley then heads back to bed. No one is talking to each other.


Frank goes into the arcade room and says what can I say express passers I said not even a week ago I should have back doored Dan. I can’t blame Mike he thought he could trust him. I can still get out of it though, even if I don’t win today, but even if I do Boogie will still be on the block. I am a little disappointed in Dan, I came in here with my integrity and I will leave with it.  Let’s see how many lives I have in this game. I would love it if one of us can get off the block and the other one get the votes. Frank says worst case scenario I go home and Mike stays here. It just pisses me off, well disappoints me that I had the chance to get out Dan twice. Even thinking about if I had done it I would not have done it. I don’t want to blame it on Mike, I can only blame myself. If any two people can get out of this spot, it’s me and Mike, we can pull it off, we are going to pull it off. I might be whispering, but only because I don’t want people to hear me, I am not defeated. C-G-R Clean Game Running. I get scewed in this house on the reg! Yo! If I do pull this off and get off, and Britney and Shane don’t put up Dan, then my hit list will grow by two. At the very least if I am here next week and Mike goes home, I will make sure they don’t make it to the end. I am better at this game than them, I say that while I am on the block. You have to have confidence in this game or it all falls apart.

Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!


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9:05am – 9:20am Joe and Ashley are in the storage room. Joe tells Ashley to sit tight, lay low and we are in the final 6. This is huge for our game. Don’t say anything to Jenn or Ian. Ashley talks about how screwed and paranoid Jenn is right now. Ashley says this is the best thing that could have ever happened to us. They leave the room. Frank calls joe into the arcade room. Frank tells Joe that there is one person he wants put up on the block as a replacement, Dan! Frank says that Joe’s name has never come out of his mouth up there and that he only wants Dan out. Frank says that if I am leaving before I go I will make sure Dan’s game is so soft, that everyone knows Dan can’t be trusted and if he hasn’t lied to you yet he will. Joe asks did you want me and Ashley out. Frank says that we thought about it but we didn’t want to. Joe asks how why do you think they turned on you? Frank says that Dan has lied and made deals with everyone and it has come back to bite him. Just know that whichever one of us is left you need to work with us because they will go after you when they get the other one of us out. Joe says that Dan did play both sides, and his plan was to get all you big players fight it out. Frank talks about how Shane is a pretty loyal guy. Joe says so he got influenced. Joe leaves.


9:20am Dan, Ashley and Joe are in the living room making small talk. Ashley comments on how stuffy it is in here. Dan asks are you sure its not the awkwardness and tension that you’re breathing in? Ashley and Joe agree there is a lot of tension. Dan asks Joe what Frank wanted to talk to him about. Joe says that he will tell him later. Dan says I am sure they just want my head on a stick, I am used to it!


9:35am – 9:50am Mike and Jenn are in the arcade room talking. Mike says that no matter what happens one of us is staying and will be going after them and we need you to assemble with us. Jenn brings up him having a deal with Shane. Mike says that he did have a deal with him but that he thought it was stronger than it really was. Mike says that they took the shot a week before I was going to and they beat me to it. I trusted Dan and realize now I shouldn’t have. Mike says if Frank or I can win the veto, one of us comes down and someone else goes up. If we can get them out then its and and we will go after them. Mike talks about if he can he will pick Ian. Jenn says that physically she is at 80% so if the POV is physical it wont be good for her. Mike talks about how he is a threat in the house and you can use us as a shield. They both talk about how dangerous Dan is in the game. Mike says that he will salt his (Dan) motha fu*king game like Joe Arvin’s cooking! Frank joins them. Mike says that Dan is dangerous he lulls people into sleep and lays in the back ground and then stabs you in the back and he will be sitting at the end. Mike ends the conversation that he would pick a healthy Jenn in a heartbeat for the POV but that it is bound to be a how bad do you want it competition and Ian will do whatever it takes, he will shave his head or whatever. Mike says and I know you wont shave your head. Jenn agrees. Jenn leaves the room. Mike and Frank talk about if they get the POV who it would be better to have on the block against them for the other to stay. The settle on thinking it would be better to be up against Joe. Mike says you see Dan reading his bible all the time now. Frank says if your guilty go to church. Mike says he is calling Dan Judas in the diary room.

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Frank says on Thursday he thinks he should say if you are not Dan, then vote for me because the only person I am going after is Dan, if you are Dan, don’t vote for me because I am coming after you if I stay! Mike says if we get to pick Ian and he wins let him use it on you and take you off the block. In honor of you knowing and wanting to get Dan out earlier, its my fault we are in this mess.

9:55am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA.. Power of Veto Players are most likely being picked now..


The Power of Veto Players are: Shane, Boogie, Frank, Ian, Jenn, Ashley

POV Host: Danielle

10:30am Shane is up in the HOH room. Frank and Boogie come up and say bad draw, bad draw. (Sarcasm) Mike explains that he knows that it is all Dan and that it isn’t him. Mike says I really still hold out hope to work with you as a final three. Mike says Dan is playing the catholic school boy routine. We are going after him, we aren’t going after you. We are sure if Ian wins he will use it on us and pretty sure if Jenn wins it she will use it on us too. Mike talks about how he called out Dan and what he realized is that we don’t give a fu*k and will call him out in front of people. Right now if we go home you move up to the top target. Right now its Frank, then you, then me and with my anger I will probably move up to the top. Mike says that could not have been a better draw! Frank tells Shane that if Dan wins HOH next week he will put up you and whichever one of us that is left. Mike says that we will go to work for you if you put him up. We all know that when Britney said 100 times it’s not her HOH, she was saying blame you. They hug and leave the HOH room.


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GET EM BOOGIE. bring some great TV and keep that man from winning the game

how they handled this week’s “blindside” of frank and boogie is pathetic. look at how its done, watch boogie orchestrate janelle’s backdoor. want to know how its not? watch dan and shane put this together without ANY what if’s in place about what if boogie comes up and asks this etc.

dan. the game is NOT OVER when you remove chilltown, something boogie understood last week in reverse when it came to removing dan. there are still so many in the game. dan thinks he is SO clean in all of this. my gosh dan, you are now ASKING for eviction on a double.

please, BB…let mike boogie bring the heat before he is evicted, Id LOVE IT if he took dan down with him. it would be justice, sweet justice.

and dan, even if you get rid of boogie/frank, you arent winning this game. keeping boogie happy should have been a priority, dan made a biiiiig mistake here.


And, speaking of sweet justice, Britney should definitely be following Dan right out the door.


This will be the worst season ever if Mike or Frank go home this week. Everyone is a wuss except for them.


so true.


About time people are saying this, Boogie and Frank MAKE THIS SHOW!


Dan is going to win this game if someone doesn’t do something about him now.

He knows how to lay low and get people to do what he wants for him; no blood on his hands because everyone views him as this nice, chill guy when he’s the absolute opposite.

Boogie gets my respect over Dan any day, because the man calls it like he’s sees it with whoever he doesn’t like. It is what it is with him; both him and Frank are like that.

Its funny that Brit & Dan are using the whole ‘You all were going to put us up which is why we did it.’ Um, no. Right after the HoH comp, they all were talking about getting them out and how much they didn’t trust them. They already had it in their minds to screw Frank and Boogie over, way before the idea of them going up even came into play.

They screwed their alliance over, not Frank or Boogie.


Hello, I totally agree with you. Boogie and Frank didn’t do anything to them, they definitely did it to themselves.

Now the house will switch to separating the “couples”, so goodbye Dan and Britney.


Boogie just said in his convo w/ jenn that they struck a week before he was going to strike on them. And frank had every intention of backdooring Dan last week. They weren’t going to keep the alliance so why should DDBS be expected to???


Yeah! i mean what’s a week Shane has got balls before they would’ve been cut off. So its TRUE the Quack Attack Rules!


EXACTLY, Frankie the Tranny and Booger The Evil Elf was going to do the same thing to the others last week, IF it could’ve benefited them. Now that Shane strikes the blow 1st, they’re whining HAHAHAHAHAHA Welcome to Big Brother Booger & Frankie……….. TO ppl crying about what happened, wasn’t you waiting for the drama a.k.a ENTERTAINMENT to begin?? WELL it HAS


According to Boogie, they were supposed to do EXACTLY as he told them to do, no matter what he would do to them. Somehow, he believes everyone owes him loyalty when he given none to them. Such an idiot because he has been saying he already won for weeks now. Apparently, they are all supposed to play Boogie’s game just because he thinks he is so awesome. Who is he to DEMAND answers from anyone? And calling Dan “son” is like calling Britney “sweetheart” & “honey”. He gets condescending when things don’t go his way and thinks he has a right to know what everyone said. Bye Bye, a**hat.

Now he is TELLING, not asking but TELLING that strange rocker chick (who is she again?) what to do. Oh, & I thought that, since Danielle is like a game controller, he had her under his thumb too. His arrogance will do him in.

And he only did well in both of his seasons due to Dr. Will. I hated them both but give Will props. Boogie was just 2nd banana and he can’t stand that being his legacy. He may have won, but not due to his special skills or anything.


It appears there are 2 JJ’s on this site now so I have switched my handle because even I am getting confused! lol Great name JJ and I agree with you totally!


How do you figure the Dan and Brit screwed over Frank & Boogie? Frank wouldn’t have backdoor Dan last week if it wasn’t for Boogie and b4 you say “See Boogie saved Dan” he didn’t. HE WANTS DAN OUT he just felt that last week wasn’t the right time because he knows that Dan is a bigger target then he is. He wants Dan there until after double eviction week. So how isn’t this screwing over the alliance that FRANK AND BOOGIE suggested?


Disappointed is Simon and Dawg, was looking forward to an entire entry revolving around Joes cooking show and Joe learning pilates….plus plenty of team POWERHOUSE pilate pics! *Sigh*

Now for the rest of the house-
Frank- Have you ever seen someone so self-righteous in your life? And he is an undercover ahole who is slowly letting it leak out when he shouldn’t. When he snaps at people I so badly want someone to put him in his place. And the fake woe is me is even worse. So hoping to watch him walk out and talk to his “homegirl” this week and then never have to listen to him again.

Boogie- He is still good at manipulating, playing the “how could you betray me” card. But in the end…he got played before he could do it himself!

Shane- what a dillweed, I was pulling for him but I seriously thought he was smarter and just playing the dumb jock. Maybe he is and it’s all part of his game, but he sure brought a ton of shit down on that house last night (Good to watch, Bad for alliances).

Brit- Pulling for her too, understand her being upset but she has to curb her emotions.

Dan- Yeah he lies. But it’s game so F it, they man is good have to hand it to him.

Ian- Time to man up and show where his loyalty lies.

Joe, Jenn, Ash- Not worth a mention, they embody floater.

Danielle- Still crazy after all these years…..oooooh Still crazy after all these years….(PLEASE STOP SINGING).


Gotta agree here. Shameful that Simon and Dawg turned their backs on Team Powerhouse!!!!!!


Apparently I’ve missed some important details: Who is team Powerhouse?


Thank you Dawg! :)


Couldn’t agree with you more.

say what?

This is what cracks me up.. Boogie says Dan beat him to the move by a week.. so what is he so pissed about? that he was out smarted? That is the thing that gets me about Boogie and Frank.. they would put one of them (silent 6) up in a minute.. I think they are pissed that dim wit Shane is the one that put them up LOLOLOLOLOLOL.. cry babies… *shaking my head..


Yes , Last night show was the Best! I’ve seen all season! Go Shane Go Quack Attack! Ian smelling like roses!

Boogie can’t remember even saying anything but Ian the one who told Britney and Shane ! So, I hope when

he talks to Julie she tells him it was Ian that did it. Not Dan. Boogie and Frank did it too themselves.

Now , its time to take them out I hope that One of them Get the next HOH and get out either

Frank or Boogie who ever’s left. Then it’s time to have Coach’s Out! then it’s only Dan, Ian, Ashley, Jenn,

Danielle, Shane and Britney. The first one to go would be Dan then Britney and they last 2 should Be Shane

and Ian and you know Who i want to win Go Shane !


Damn Dawg! You and Simon continue to impress the heck out of me…you guys are simply the best!!


Didnt they do this last season when porsha opened pandoras box. Both rachel and jordon were on the block. They played the veto in pairs and if one of them won they were both safe. Do you think they will do this again. Only time will tell but it looks like pandoras box will happen and shane will open it

Danielle needs mental help

Boogie and Frank are so annoying! I hope they are both sent home on double eviction. It would be great to see Frank voted out first, then see Dan win HOH and send Boogie packing as well! I like Shane but he is an idiot. All he had to say was, “its a game, and Im trying to win and you two big threats, are in my way.” THATS IT.


Dan getting rid of Boogie would be a great plan for Dan, if Dan’s goal is just to last longer in the game than Boogie. (Because if Boogie goes, Dan will go soon after).

On the other hand, if Dan’s goal is to actually win, then Dan’s only chance is to be F2 with Boogie (the other guy who has already won the game before).


It seems like Boogie and Dan both figure out early on (and discussed with each other) that the only way either of them would win is if they were both the F2 (so they aren’t up against any people who haven’t won yet). And Dan and Boogie both seem to think that one of them could win against a floater who hasn’t played the game (other than to just vote the way the powerful people want the floater to vote).

I’m not totally convinced that this ‘fight’ Boogie and Dan are having is genuine. It could be for the sole purpose of making sure no one figures out that Boogie and Dan want to be F2 together. Boogie and Dan are the only 2 in the house who are not playing the game in panic-reaction mode.

And there is also a 3rd person: Ian. Both Boogie and Dan seem to be foolishly trusting Ian, who is the real mastermind of the current plot. Ian is the one who got Britney to get Shane to nominate Frank and Boogie.

Britney probably won’t like it very much when, after Ian uses Britney to get rid of all the strong players, Ian uses the newbies to get rid of Britney.

At this point, it looks like Ian’s game to win, since it will only be Ian and floaters at the end (unless one of the floaters comes to life and starts winning competitions).


Dan = Judas the Traitor!

Dan exposed his game big time. Britney and Danielle are now onto him. As dumb as Shane is, I’m not even sure he fully trusts Dan. Boogie may be sneaky, but he’s playing a more honorable game than Dan.

Dan’s a devil in disguise. If they don’t backdoor him this week, than Dan will win BB (as much as I hate to admit it)!

Dan wants to evict Boogie & Frank because they are the only two serious challenges to his game. With Boogie and Frank gone,Dan will play everyone else.

He can easily manipulate Danielle, Shane, and the floaters to do his bidding. Britney may be the only person left in the game (besides Boogie and Frank) who may not let Dan manipulate her.

Britney & Danielle NEED Boogie & Frank to backdoor Dan. Trust me!


Haha. First of all, it’s a game. Second of all, in this very post, Boogie said they were beat to the punch and were going to do the same thing next week. Third, and most important, Ian is playing Dan’s MO of playing both sides better than Dan.


wow .. i got to read two jokesters comments… BOOGER AND FRANKFER are a couple of cry babies, and ego chasers … and i am being nice ..

Nicole N.

Haha I think it’s funny how Boogie is very after Dan because he thinks it;s all his fault. Earth to Boogie yes Dan had a hand in it but everyone wants you or Frank out, get a clue. Boogie is just mad because he thought no one would put him up and he slide into next week and either backdoor Shane, Britney or Dan. If Boogie was at all smart he would just shut his mouth it’s not smart to be doing this witch hunt and pissing everyone off just because his ego can’t believe they put him up. I understand he’s usually a good player but he’s never gonna win with the attitude he has. Plus he should just lay low since everyone really wants Frank out this week and I’m pretty sure he knows this. The only way Frank is staying is if he wins veto, so if I was Boogie I would not want him to win veto because then he will be going home.

Team 10K

LMAO! Whatch Boogs work his magic…AGAIN!…


Does Boogie really think Ian Ashley or Jenn will use the power of veto ot them They would be so stupid to think Boogie has their back so piss off the hoh and have Britney pissed too come on get real Boogie You got GOT first Shane is so pissed Boogie took the money without concern and he wont change his mind because if he did it once a temptation he will screw you too and say oops I thought we had a deal


It seemed you were insinuating Dan was behind everything last night. So was it Ian or Dan who told Britney that she was being targeted?




The only best way either Frank wins PoV for himself or Have Mike wins PoV and take himself or Frank off the block. That way, backdooring Dan is a good idea.

VA Vet

Great job Simon & Dawg! Just sent a donation in appreciation for all you guys do. Thanks!!!


Thanks VA Vet.. Much appreciated.

Team 10K

So who’s going, Frank or Boogs? I’m still in the dark on this…


OMG Boogie is going to feel like an idoit when he gets out of the house he is going after dan so hard core when in fact he didn’t he even do what they are accusing him of and they are relying on the person who is the one who actual stab them in the back it is kinda funny and i bet janelle is at hope thinking that they deserve it. I kinda hope ian wins the pov only because the look on there face when he doesn’t use it will be priceless


lol it would be hilarious if shane, daniellie, and britney backdoor dan

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

I cant stand Boogie and am glad to see his ego take a hit by getting out-played but even happier that smary sanctimonious Father Dan got his game busted – I only hope someone will spell out to Brit that this sh!t storm happened when she thought she could sweet talk Boogie and Frank and got her arse handed to her.


One the things that always gets me about BB are how fans rail on one HG for how he/she acts and then defends it when another HG acts in a similar fashion. We all have our favorites but it’s funny to see how even people on the outside looking in can get misted.


How is Boogie playing an honorable game? He treated Ian poorly, which in turn caused Ian to join the quack pack. He threw Dan under the bus all night, and will continue to do so. News flash, playing the game honorably is playing to the best of your abilities what ever they may be. Playing the game dishonorably isn’t going against a fan’s favorite player. It’s just a game.


Lmao… So Jenn’s at 80 percent of what she normally is. That means there must be a negative in front of whatever that number is, right?;)


Jenn? Who?


That’s what Boogie gets for going for the money, No one ever 100% safe. Especially if the person you trust the most isn’t playing for the hoh.This is what happen when you think you are smarter then everyone else. I think it was a great move. I just hope Shane stick to getting one of them out. Then lets see what happens. Now it is exciting. The game has started.

Team 10K

Dan is a bible thumper and hypocrite…


Remember……this is just a game…..Mike has been played and he don’t like it, but if it was reversed he would be jumping for joy in the diary room. Dan is covering for Ian, and that says a lot for his integrity. GO DAN HE’S OUR MAN. He is playing the game as well as being friends with everyone, so what’s wrong with that? Have you heard him say one bad thing about anyone in the house? He does mention who is dangerous, but has never said an unkind word or has degraded anyone. Boogie on the other hand has said plenty, and Frank agrees with him. Get Frank and Boogie out of the house please.


What if Frank or Mike Boogie wins PoV? He has no option to backdoor Dan.


There ARE several other people in the house. I would put put up a floater as long as they have the agreement that F/B is the one going home.


Dan talked about covering for Ian, he hasn’t actually done it yet. And he’s not hypothetically covering for Ian out of the goodness of his heart, he’s doing it because he knows Ian is a jury vote should Dan make it to the Final 2.


Froogie told shane that Dan is their #1 target, why would Shane put Dan up on the block this week? Huh??


That always gets me. haha. They said the same about Jan two weeks ago.


Because trust in Dan from his own alliance is starting to falter.

Team GB

Firstly, thanks to Simon and Dawg for the spoilers . This is our best chance of followingvdaily events in the house from England, UK.
I don’t believe that Frank & Boogie are upset that they are on the block. They had at different times told Ian, Joe, Dan and Ashley about putting up Shane and Britney. Frank was serious about backdooring Dan. Boogie stopped him because he had an alliance with Dan. Boogie had a chance to play for HOH but he chose 10,000 dollars. Frank should be cross with Boogiec and nobody else. They are outplayed now because the quark group got to know and beat them to their plan.They only took their own pills. Dani & Brit should drop Dan & Shane as soon as it is safe for them. Dan is an absolute Judas and Shane has no sense of social aspect of this game.

Team 10K

Say what you want to, but Mike is a straight-shooter, unlike Jesus freak–Dan…He’s a real POS how he reads his bible and does some of things he does in this game…


Exactly. Boogie told Janelle straight up that he didn’t like her.

Dan hides behind other people & his Bible, playing innocent.

I prefer a villain that’s up front, rather than one that is a punk & hides in the background.

VA Vet

I prefer a double agent in the game of BB. Poor Mike is being played like a fiddle and doesn’t even have a clue. The master has met his match LOL.


Bad Horse

Mike is the biggist lying crybaby bully this game has ever seen. Sraight shooter my a$$!


Lol, boogie is a saint? C’mon, he got got before he was goin to get. He freely admits it, so now he’s going on a tireless rampage against Dan who didn’t even rat him out. Dan reads the bible because that’s who he is in real life, in the game you can’t be that if you want to win, so there is no hypocrisy there. Trust me, I’m not rooting for Dan, and him taking this heat will be his downfall. But I don’t have blinders on when it comes to Boogie and Frank. I’ll keep it real.


My issue is with Dan & Britney pulling the strings and then running and hiding behind other people when things go crazy. Dan does pretend to be a chill, nice guy when in fact, his game is speaking of something entirely different. I don’t for a second think Boogie is a saint, but the man speaks his mind & I prefer that over the crap that Dan’s doing.

Boogie is an asshole, but I prefer that over an asshole that is trying to portray himself as a saint. Just saying.


Simon or Dawg, when should POV be played? Do you think Shane is buying any of Boogies crap?


It would be great for Ian to win POV and see the look on Chilltown Wannabe’s faces when Ian decides to leave Noms the same!


@BOBBY, I don’t see Ian wins PoV if it a puzzle or memory comp. I would love to see Frank or Mike Boogie win this one so he can easily backdoor Dan.


Backdoor not happening. Do you really think the quack pack will do Boogie & Frank’s bidding when they have ZERO power? Really????


Dan is going to win this game if someone doesn’t do something about him now.

He knows how to lay low and get people to do what he wants for him; no blood on his hands because everyone views him as this nice, chill guy when he’s the absolute opposite.

Boogie gets my respect over Dan any day, because the man calls it like he’s sees it with whoever he doesn’t like. It is what it is with him; both him and Frank are like that.

Its funny that Brit & Dan are using the whole ‘You all were going to put us up which is why we did it.’ Um, no. Right after the HoH comp, they all were talking about getting them out and how much they didn’t trust them. They already had it in their minds to screw Frank and Boogie over, way before the idea of them going up even came into play.

They screwed their alliance over, not Frank or Boogie.

Carol & Steve

Just thinking about the whole thing – so many times they play this do ya wanna have a fight to throw people off thing. Boogie is all about giving a show so I just wonder if he’s really not that mad at Dan. And since he told Frank not to backdoor Dan last week, it makes me wonder if Boogie & Dan do have a final 2 deal. Remember Dan & Memphis – everyone thought they hated each other too & in no way were working together.

And why should they have given Boogie & Frank a heads up before the HOH comp so Boogie could’ve played for the HOH instead – ridiculous! That’s what happens when you let your guard down. Perhaps he should’ve played for safety instead….

Will be interested to see who wins POV & if Ian wins will he man up & not use the POV like Boogie & Frank think…. I like how Boogie is now saying they’ll have Ian take Frank down, but I think Boogie knows Ian would use it on Boogie, leaving Frank up on the block, which would pave the way for Boogie to keep Dan in the game if Dan was the replacement nom.

Going to be fun for another night, maybe 2. LOL!!


wasnt it Ian thats the snitch not Dan so Ian needs to go… not Dan


I just read that Boogie and Frank both drew players choice in the POV pick. Is this true? Does that normally happen or is the start of productions Operation: Save Frank and Boogie? Bet they pull another Pandora like the one that saved Rachel and Jordan.


Boogie and Frank are the biggest hypocrites! They would never think twice about backstabbing someone and it sucks for Dan that he is taking all the blame for this..Shane will be so dumb if he back doors Dan because if Dan leaves Boogie and Frank will roll through the house


I truly wish that Shane had an ounce of game play because Mike could simply make the point that him and Frank are greater allies that Britney & Dan could ever be. He could play on Britney & Shane’s argument and tell Shane that he’s been carrying his whole team, week after week, and that he doesn’t need to be aligned with such weak players. Tell him that the the coaches that he’s aligned with are hiding behind him as to not get blood on their hands and it isnt fair. Tell of the Final 3 deal Dan made with them. Talk to him about how Frank, Shane & him would be unstoppable in the game; Frank & Shane are the competitors, while Boogie is the brains (master manipulator).

I mean, there are just so many options.

This, all would work if Shane wasn’t such a damn female & wouldn’t go back to Britney every time something happens or someone told him something.

Shane has yet to realize that Britney is just one more person stopping him from getting the $500,000. He still views her as a coach, and that’s going to be his downfall in the game. He doesn’t realize that she’s using him as a free ride to the end.


Lots of options, but really go with Boogie & Frank? They are in scramble mode, offering final 3 with Shane, Danielle, Britney. It’s a farce, he has ho choice but to choose the lesser of two evils. I know Shane is a piss poor strategist, but this one is too obvious, even for him.


I don’t think that Shane has even thought about the “lesser of two evils” thing. He’s not that smart.
He’s simply going with Britney, because she was his coach. He truly still views her as his coach but he doesn’t realize that shes playing for the same prize that he’s playing for.
He needs to tell her to step it up and put in some work because it’s unfair for him to be target number one in their alliance, while no one else does jack shit.

I understand what you’re saying. I would just hate it for Shane to carry Britney all the way to the end, which is what it seems like is going to happen.


LOL. this is gettin really funny. both of them getting HG choice. production strikes again.


Oh brother, BB. So Britney, Dani, and Joe, could have been picked, but the weakest were. The fix is in!

Here’s my thing. While Jeff did get the coup d’etat, I do not remember him getting any other extra benefits in the game. It really started with Brendan and Rachel, in the last two seasons. Remember in BB 12, when both of their names were picked, even though they were not on the block?


Dan taking the fall for Ian says a lot about him as a person. However, this is not typical of his game play. I think he is safe for this week, even if one of Froggie wins POV, but am concerned for Double Eviction. I’m sure he is drumming up a plan, Dan style, but the Dan vs Boogie thing has officially started.


Before anything I am a Dan fan. But in my opnion i think he screwed himself this week. In his best interest is to keep Frank and Boogie together for a couple more weeks because that will make Dan less of a target, the other houseguest will be targeting Frank and Boogie before Dan. Obviously Frank or Boogie is gonna stay and one is gonna leave, and the one that stays is gonna target Dan obviously if they win HOH, so what Dan did was make the target for himself bigger. Even if he didnt have anything to do with Frank and Boogie going up he knew he was gonna get blamed for it, what Dan shouldve done was try to talk Shane into not putting them up because of Frank and Boogie won HOH next week they wouldnt back door Dan they would back door either Shane because of physical threat or Britany because of trust issues, Frank would like to back door Dan but Boogie wouldnt let him. So in my opnion bad move by Dan this week and i wouldnt be suprize if Boogie works his magic again this week or of Dan leaves thursday due to double eviction.

Bad Horse

Wouldn’t it be great if Ian won POV and on Monday, when he leaves noms the same says “I was the one that ratted your game out, Boogie. Maybe you should have spent more time with other people than Frank.” Or something like that.


@Bad Horse. I don’t see Ian wins PoV but if he does and keep the nomination a same. Mike Boogie or Frank will go after him. So, the best way is Frank win the PoV take himself off the block & Backdoor Dan.


Some of yalls comments are absurd. It drives me crazy that Boogie and Frank are so mad at Dan when SHANE was the one to nominate them. And of course, pretty boy Shane is getting off free. So annoying. Instead of letting his alliance members get thrown under the bus, he should step up and own his nomination decisions. Either boogie or frank will for sure be going home, so I don’t get why people are freaking out over the wrath of the only one remaining. It’s only one person vs. the 5 quack pack members. Grow some balls people!


it seems to me that the veto will be used this week unless shane or ian wins and even then their both so stupid when it comes to this game that they can manipulated into using it . on another note it kinda seemed like frank was talking to the camera in riddles this morning does he already have the power to save himself or boogie ? if so maybe winning the veto takes them both off the block oh the fireworks would continue for weeks if so rest assured mike and frank fans they will both be saved by production this week


I want to see Ian, Danielle and Shane in the final three; Shane and Danielle in the final two; couldnt care less who wins then. It is not even that they are my favourite people. I want a newbie to win and I just think these are the ones that have played for it. Shane and Daniele have won competitions, played the game (alliances); Ian’s done a good job of inserting himself into strategic alliances even if all have been using him.

Eric CA

Shane handled this the worse.
Brittney and Dan really Bad.
Holy Crap, Danielle handled this situation the best.

What should have gone down is simple, Brittney, Dan and Danielle, should never have left their weakest mental link alone with Boogie and Frank. As a matter of fact they should have all just stayed in the HoH or around the house together at all times until PoV. They should never have met with Boogie and Frank alone with any of them, there is safety in witnesses when it comes to Boogie. They left too many manipulation holes.

The second that the crap and the finger pointing was all done. Simple fix, go down stairs start what looks to be an argument, Then say.

“For Gods sake, Everybody went to Shane and said get Boogie and Frank out. It wasn’t just Dan or Brittney. Joe did, Ashley did, Ian did, Danielle, Dan did, I did, and Shane so did you, hell for that matter Boogie did , when he got greedy. So Frank and Boogie you are on the block because everybody wants one of you out and Mike decided to get cocky and greedy, exposing his alliance. Lets face it, who here wants Boogie in the jury house, with Frank in the final two, exactly, I thought so.”


@ERIC CA. Exactly what? You are very confident. However, If Frank or Mike Boogie wins the PoV and backdoor Dan. I will say Dan will be exposed & leave Big Brother House. So, don’t be so cocky.


You seem to think that whoever wins the veto gets to choose who goes on the block. You’ve said it over & over again. Not true. Shane will choose and he will not backdoor Dan right now as he is part of his alliance. Plus, I don’t think he would have the votes to get Dan out right now.


Boogie and Frank are disgusting people. Dan may be sneaky but he lies just like both of them. To see them bitching about getting lied to, it’s BIG BROTHER. Boogie is such a fucking hypocrite. He makes no sense. The Quack Pack beat them to the punch. Dan isn’t Judas. Saying that is just taking this game to a whole new level. Frank needs to go get a job, put on some deodorant, and cut his hair. Boogie needs to go be a father instead of playing games.


shane is an idiot. thats what bugs me about the new casting process, you get people like shane that just want to be on reality tv and they aren’t smart enough to play a game like this. i dont think there has been anyone as dumb as him in BB history.


The reason “everyone” was telling Shane to put up Frank and Boogie is because IAN was telling “everyone” to tell Shane that.

Ian is the one who has done the math and figured out that the former coaches need to go while the newbies still have the numbers.

And, Ian also wants anyone physically stronger than himself out so Ian will have a chance to win in the end.

The best thing that could happen this week would be for IAN’s scam to become public knowledge in the house before the POV ceremony. Then Ian could be put up as replacement nominee and sent home.

Hopefully the Silent Six will get t together and figure out that none of them should be trusting Ian.


I am getting sick of shane not taking responsiblity for is own choices first he blames brit now dan come on own your own choices and boogie is being a real baby it is ok for him do whatever he wants but someone does it to him he starts crying about it.


Dan is such an annoying fan boy. The whole time he playing he’s thinking everyone on big brother message boards gonna worship me. Him and his fucking one word answers his fucking act is getting old. Bowie said it perfectly boogie has a life outside of big brother he doesn’t obsess about it like that pussy Dan. Guys whole life is bb and motivating losers who have no self worth or drive. Bottom line guys a fucking frog looking tool


“Mike says that they took the shot a week before I was going to and they beat me to it.”



Frankie nd Booger look so stressed out in those pics, now if the roles were reverse they would be jumping for joy and doing that retard chilltown bullshit in the DR, they were intending to do the same thing if they won next week….. Pretending like you were wronged and was loyal? bitch please if anything Frankie should stay Booger is a millionaire he don’t need the money and neither did Janelle she’s married to one…………