Ian tells Boogie if its the spelling competition a word he might spell is masturb*te..

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


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The Power of Veto Players are: Shane, Boogie, Frank, Ian, Jenn, Ashley

POV Host: Danielle

10:45am Boogie, Frank and Britney are talking in the arcade room. Boogie explains that just because he said her name, doesn’t mean we are going after you, our only target is Dan. This power of veto draw was a dream draw. Mike brings up how carefully Dan chose his words last night and he is not like that he was deflecting blame. He is playing that catholic school boy routine. Mike keeps telling Britney that she isn’t their target and that they would still like to work with her. We are a unique twosome, we don’t hold a grudge against you or Shane. We are playing for the veto to be used and that we come off the block. They talk about the draw again. Britney says that it’s good that they did the bag dump too because if they hadn’t people would have said that draw was rigged. Frank says that he talked to Mike and wanted to bring you (Britney) and Shane in on the plan to get Dan out a week ago. Boogie says that we are not holding you or Shane responsible for this, we know it was Dan and he kind of came to a gun fight with a knife. Boogie tells Britney that if he wins he is going to make a scene and go off saying I am still in this motha fu*ker and that it isn’t directed at her. Britney leaves. Boogie says the more conversations we have the more paranoia we have. Frank says we can’t tell them too much though, because if they know they’re going after floaters next they might not vote with them.


11am – 11:15am Ian talks to Mike in the living room. Ian says that never in the history of big brother have the two nominees picked house guest choice. He says and Shane picked Ashley. Ian says that it might as well just be three people playing today. Ian tells Mike that he Danielle thinks it will be the spelling competition. He tells Mike that a word he was think of to spell was masturb*te. Mike and Ian laugh. Ian says that would be comedy gold. Ian says that it could be the prize / punishment competition too. Mike tells Ian that they are cool with Shane right now. They head into the have-not room to talk. Mike tells Ian that they are playing Shane and Britney right now. Mike says that there is a slight chance that one of us come down and we get him to put up Dan. Ian says what?! Mike explains last nights conversation to Ian. Mike tells Ian that he told Britney that if he wins he is going to make a scene and go off saying I am still in this motha fu*ker and that it isn’t directed at her. Ian and Boogie leave the room and head into the kitchen.
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11:20am Shane and Britney are up in the HOH. Shane says that he just wants to tell her about the conversation he had with Frank and Boogie. They talk about how couldn’t have been a worse draw for the POV. Britney says that she thinks its shaddy that Dan wasn’t telling us stuff, he knew stuff and wasn’t telling us. He was trying to put himself in a better position. Britney says that Dan is getting thrown under the bus for something he didn’t do though, it was Ian that told us. Britney says that they told Dan about it and he told her to tell us. Shane talks about how he doesn’t believe Frank or Boogie. Britney says that Dan is being punished for something Ian did, and now Ian is going to go out there and throw the veto. He told me he threw that one last week. Shane wonders if they should call Ian out. Britney says no because we need him. Shane says that he doesn’t trust Frank or Boogie and wants both of them out. They talk about how they think this competition will be physical because they have been setting up for so long. Shane and Britney say that they would rather Boogie wins it than Frank. Britney says that Dan has no choice he is backed into a corner; he has to work with us, even if we didn’t trust him last week. Britney says that she will tell Ian that if he throws this competition or they think he throws it then we are done. Britney says that Ian does tell us a lot of information and they think they can trust him. Shane agrees and says that he will threaten to put him up if he does that. Britney tells Shane he has to win it. Danielle joins them. Britney says so how about that draw. Danielle says she hates playing Russian roulette with that bad. Shane starts talking about what word he would spell, professional, professionalism, etc.


11:30am Ashley and Frank are talking in the arcade room. Frank explains why he didn’t use the veto last week and how he really wanted to use to back door Dan. Frank tells Ashley that Dan is the target and that he picked her for a reason to play in the PV today because if one of the others one you would be put up on the block.


11:40am Up in the HOH room. Dan joins them. Britney talks about how if Ian takes a punishment and throws this veto I am going to be livid because we are all up here protecting him. Dan asks if Ashley knows why she was picked. She needs to know why they picked her, because they don’t think she can win it which is so insulting. Britney talks about how Joe is on a permanent orgasm because all of us are fighting and he isn’t a part of any of it. Dan says that he is 150% confident with everyone in this room and 98% with Dr. Terry. Dan says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Boogie tells everyone to vote himself out and say welcome to the jury so that Frank can stay.


12pm – 12:10pm Dan says that he doesn’t want them to feel bad if they are smearing me, I almost feel more comfortable that way in this game. Britney brings up how both Frank and Boogie have said separately that you told them that they are your Memphis. Dan says yeah right, they aren’t half the person Memphis is. Ian joins them and he tells them the conversation he had with Boogie. Britney tells Ian that she is worried that he will throw the veto today. Ian says that is not going to happen I am playing hard today. Dan asks what he will say if you don’t use it, that you just can’t choose. Ian says yeah that’s all he can think of to say. Britney says that we need you to play hard for HOH next week too. Ian says he will. They tell Ian that right now he has safety from both sides and that we are protecting you right now. Not once have we thrown your name under the bus and we could have 100 times. Dan says that if Ian wins he won’t come talk to him so that in the public eye it looks like you will use it on one of them. Ian tells them that if it is a spelling comp, Mike says that he will give me letters so that I can use it and have Joe put up in his place. They wonder if it will be a competition to guess the amount of balls in the carnival game. Ian says that he thinks there are 580 balls. They talk about how Ashley thought there were over 700 but Ian explains that she didn’t account of the void space and you need to account for 28% less. Dan explains that if it is counting you need to keep in mind if it’s a similar example. They talk how they think if Boogie wins he will use it save Frank.

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12:10 – 12:30pm They continue to guess what the competition might be and discuss strategies to win each one. Danielle gets called to the diary room. They say its time. They talk about how if it’s an ultra-physical competition then they know production wants Frank or Boogie to win. Ian says yeah because frank didn’t even play yesterday so he isn’t sore. Britney says and they knew Frank and Boogie were being nominated. They all head downstairs and say good luck to Ian and Shane. Meanwhile, Frank and Boogie head into the bathroom and comment on how Ian is up in the HOH room talking with them. Frank says to Boogie what if Ian is the one who rated us out?! Boogie says no, no. Frank says but what if he was? Boogie say then we might as well pack it in now. Soon after Big Brother switches the feeds to TRIVIA..

1:25pm TRIVIA .. Power of Veto Competition is still happening right now..

2pm TRIVIA..

2:25pm TRIVIA continues..

2:45pm TRIVIA..

3:20pm MORE trivia..
3:45pm MORE trivia.. yo
4:15pm MORE trivia.. yo
4:45pm INSANE MORE trivia.. yo
5:15pm INSANE MORE trivia.. yo
5:45pm MORE trivia..
6:16pm MORE trivia.. WTF *&^*&%@&^%@(#%^@)*#^
7:22pm MORE trivia.. WTF *&^*&%@&^%@(#%^@)*#^


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Who got picked to play for the POV?


Ian(house guest choice)
Jenn(House guest choice)


It will be hilarious to see Ian win it. He wins and Mike expects him to use the POV on himself and Ian doesn’t use it. I would like to see his reaction of another surprise.

Zingbot Fan

That would be so sweet to see Boogie with that turd in the mouth look.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

no one is talking about how that d-bag AG stuck her nose into the veto picking. So she take Dan and Brittney’s name out of the bag and put in 2 houseguest choice making it seem better odds for Frank or Booger to win and mix things up.

AG you are such a d-bag, nice try but you have been busted again. Just waiting for pandora’s box. I’m sure a veto will be shown but it will go to one of the houseguest not the HOH. The HOH will get the something bad.

AG is a d-bag


Brit said they dumped the bag.


Ian’s going to throw the POV competition. I know the rest of the Quack Pack threatened him, but I think he’s going to figure out a way to throw it without making it look like he’s throwing it.


Jenn and Ian, Mike and Frank, Shane


I think it’s Shane, Boogie, Frank, Jenn, Ashley, and Ian?


Ian Ashley Jenn useless people plus hoh and Froogie( Frank and Boogie)


B/F must be ecstatic that all people who they think will use the veto are actually playing today. I don’t think either of them will, which should be another shocker for just how much they miscalculated their place and influence in the house.


BTW, I don’t have an opinion on this either way.

One thing that I find odd though is that HGs commented on the dumping of the bag afterwards and apparently this is the first time they have done that.
I always wondered if Prod. could put things on certain chips for certain people… like maybe a slightly raised font, some substance to make them a little sticky, etc.


it’s not the first time… they did it each time this season. Janelle talked about it…


Thursday Ashley said she had to wait for production to tell her who to vote for, and then the feeds were cut off.


I think that was related to their run through that they do before every live show. They vote for different characters – not real people during their run through


Bet it’s hard for them to keep the HGs from accidentally exposing them…..


it’s called a non-disclosure agreement, and breaking it costs lots of money. not too tough to abide by…


Just read on another site that Frank admitted to cheating when picking Veto players! If this is true and BB still keeps him in the game then I am done with this show. I mean they save some players for wrong doing and cheating but boot out other players for absolutely no reason. Alison Grodner stinks with all her cheating that she does on this show. I guess cheaters stick together. Boogie and Frank need to go ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen W

How can they cheat at this? I’ve often wondered this myself but can’t see how they would do it. I like that this time I’m reading they dumped the bag because I’ve suspected before that certain names were left out of the bag. Has any other cast dumped the bag before, anybody know?


That’s what I want to know. I would assume that they empty the bag after they pick to make sure all names were in or, at least, that’s what I would do each time if I were one of the contestants.

production rigged it

frank said that he kept the houseguest choice token or whatever you call it in the palm of his hand then he reached into the bag so apparently he had already be given the token ahead of time and this could work as long as they didn’t dump the bag before they picked dumping the bag only works after the fact.


For all the people that are whining about Trivia , I just read somewhere that there is a medical emeregency and that the competition has been put on hold.


Boogie, Boogie, Boogie. Shake my head. You continue to show us why you need Will around. You are being duped by a 21-year-old!!!

On another note, Ian is playing such a good game, he has some people on this board, that know what is actually going, thinking that Dan is behind all of this, when it is actually Ian. lol.


i have to totally agree .. I am enjoying how Ian is playing this game .. no lies, no slander, lol… would love to see Ian win this year. would also love to see BOOGER wiggle is butt out that door …

MU Tigers

I agree with everything you said. I find it shocking that there are people that are openly rooting for a millionaire to win more money. Especially an arrogant millionaire with an entitlement complex. Mad at Dan for doing what he was going to do to Dan the next week? I had to laugh out loud when he said that.


Just for the record, Boogie is involved in a whole lot of financial lawsuits and a few sex scandals right now. You can look it up on the internet. Janelle also spoke of it briefly in the beginning. I don’t know if she was asked to ceases abd desist by productton for legal purposes. I grew up in a town very close to Concord, NH. Trust me, he’s a jerk. I know people he went to high school with.


Sorry about my spelling. I can’t find my damn glasses!


Ok, I got moderated cause I really didn’ use a bad word, but I apologize for my spelling, because I can’t find my glasses. You guys seem kind of fussy about that stuff


What the heck is wrong with A. Grodner in letting Mike Boogie back on this television show. This man is being sued for embezzlement and all kinds of sex scandals. Sorry, but he should not of been allowed back on this show. Sounds like he is the scum of the earth and yet they kick the Hantz guy off. Boogie should of been banned from the beginning. GAG he is a nasty man!!!!!!!!


Agree 100%


I was surprised to see him in the BB house because of the law suits. One says he spent his restaurant money on male prositutes. I don’t know if it is true, but he is not seen with women very much at functions. He should be content with himself gay or straight. I they can get out Frank because he was the muscle in the dual. Boogie didn’t even try to protect them during the HoH comp…


Simon, here is a link to an article about the lawsuits. I don’t know if you allow it but here it is:


I guess that explains his hatred of women.


Ian wasn’t my favorite player and i really thought he would be the first out lol but he has really surprised me the fact that he is the one that caused everything and dan is taking the blame is funny. Ian’s game is reminding me of how Dan played his in his season but if shane puts up dan it will be shane’s worst move in this house becuase boogie and frank will come after them andI hope Ian get the pov only because i would like to see what he would actually do and boogie just told ian he is playing shane and brit and now he going to run and tell them. Dumb move boogie


Ian came very close to his whole game being outed, and depending on the results of the POV, it still could be. It was Dan that decided to spare Ian and take the blame himself. If Dan had revealed that Ian was the leak, and not him, Ian would be taking the heat right now. Instead he’s sitting pretty.

Bad Horse


Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.


it should be noted that you spelled Losers wrong. lol


don’t get me wrong i like boogie but i agree


Biggest fail speller ever?


we all need to do that sometimes.


Someone needs to let Mike in on the fact that Ian isn’t on his side at all. Damnit, production. Could you give the man a little heads up?

Boogie spills it all to Ian just for the little rat to go take that information back to his “Quack Pack”. That boy wants to fit in so bad.


What!? Screw Production game rigging bastards.


Biased much? We all bitch and moan about production rigging shit in this game, and you make a post asking them to do it!!! So what if your boy boogie gets played by a 21 year old, he needs to be knocked down a peg or twenty. Plus in reality he doesn’t care, he just wants to put on a show then go on back to his millionaire life. Don’t cry him a river, he sure isn’t!!


At the end of the day, we can all sit here and bitch and moan about the game being rigged, but the fact of the matter is that there will be rigging regardless of whether we like it or not, and our comments here won’t change anything.

A lot of people here are biased in regards to who they like. Why? Because they like them. Why would I root for the person trying to take them down?

The thing is that the more Boogie speaks to Ian, the more it not only screws over his game, but Frank’s game as well, and i’m rooting for Frank.

I’m not a fan of the Quack Pack, but that’s obvious.


SO TRUE!!! If you heard him last night, he said something like, “I don’t care if I go home, I just don’t want to look dumb.”


Too late. He already looks like an idiot, he just doesn’t know it yet.




Gotta admit, Ian is playing the smartest game I’ve seen in a really long time. It doesn’t hurt that he has that cute. little school boy, puppy dog look, but that kid is a genius. Dr. Will predicted he’d win and Jeff Schroeder agreed. I really questioned him in the beginning, but now, he’s outplaying everybody.


Boogie for the LOSS! YO


frank for the loss!


Do you think Shane will backdoor Dan?




I highly doubt it ( you don’t go after your own allience) for one thing shane still seems to be defending dan and he knows that dan wasn’t behind what boogie is all bent out of shape about and for another at this point he needs dan if he is to make to the finals. He can’t trust boogie and frank when all is said and done shane will be his first target after dan not to mention shane has a final 4 deal with brit,dan and danielle which he doesn’t seem to want to break and even boogie said how loyal shane is so unless dan does something major then i don’t see it regardless of who wins one of them are going home


I hope not. Best thing for his own game is to win POV and let noms remain the same and get Boogie out the house. If Dan is backdoored, then Shane will truly leave in the Double Eviction next week. Dan and Shane are Boogie’s and Frank’s next target. With Boogie gone, Frank will come off his high hore and form alliances with the other newbies


Yes, he has no choice to backdoor Dan.


You keep saying he has no choice as if, by your word, it makes it true. There are lots of other people in the house that he could nominate and I don’t understand why you think that he has “no choice”. Only in your mind.


boogie just completely baited the line for ian.

ian will go tell whoever he tattles to

it will get out

boogie will roast ian along with dan if he gets the chance. I actually think boogie might be able to take ian with him if he wants to and finds out about ian


I do think you right about the bait, If Shane and Britney shut up until veto is determine and who replaces is someone comes down Boogie is probably second guessing Ian but in the end if he goes home he wants to know why a kid or Dan I bet if Boogie lets Frank wins veto he thinks he could con every to put out the pawn watch


yeah his big issue is his ego, but part of me thinks hes lying about that 10k. I think he thought to himself “we have so many people, Im probably going to get taken out in a double eviction, 10k is 1/5th of the 2nd place prize…..with 10 people left…its not a bad move when people already see me as greedy”…something to that extent. it was a good move, but at the same time he could have gone for HOH, I just doubt he would have been able to beat shane, no matter what he says about that

the thing is, its been stacked against boogie since the reset, there was zero chance for him. then he took out janelle, but even that only bought him a week since it seemed to bond people together instead of breaking them up. this week seems to be breaking them apart finally, but not at the cost of saving mike boogie

I think mistakes are being made by dan. he needs to see the big picture, boogie MUST be in the game for a clean easy win. Its crazy to me to take out the guy who does nothing but go for prizes and already has money so therefore wont be getting a 2nd win via votes unless they somehow allowed him to make f2 with freaking jenn


The fact is even if one of them gets off the block the other will go home boogies whole plan is hinged on shane putting up dan which he won’t do because that would be a dumb thing for him to do and i think boogie biggest problem is his ego. He can’t see that he doesn’t have control over everyone he is so set of blaming dan that he mist the real culprits around him


oh please. ian is NOT throwing these challenges. the kid would LOVE a win. he wants to be on wikipedia.

he has just made a massive error here. he should have played both sides, since they BOTH were letting him do so, but instead hes told things to the quack pack that totally took out his other side. it was too early for that, and in my opinion an error in judgement. he wants boogie gone, and frank in the game, again, an error in judgement.

ian is playing a very emotional game, to him its all about how he was treated, and not the smart game move. if mike boogie gets some special power via some guess like all stars, he better watch out. the game will turn on its head if dan goes.


ian has actually played a worse game than jenn.



Wow tell Ian Quack pack your still will go after Shane and Britney after Dan see ya Boogie
or burn Frank if Boogie wins POV what a foul telling people shit now before POV
Ian will never save either if he doesnt want to stir the pot on floaters when the heat is on Coaches and Frank



Carol & Steve

If Ian shares this info with the Quack Pack then I want him in the final 2!


and he doesnt throw the comp for Veto


I hope Ian keeps this info to himself until after the POV, so if someone does come off the block he can use the info to get Shane not to backdoor a QuackPack member (Change that name please!!!) I’m still laughing at Boogies comment when he said “If Dan scumbags me, I will look him in the eye and say good move” I do hope he is just playing this up and that he and Dan are the true Chilltown in disguise but I think that is getting a little far fetched.

I also am not sure Shane really needs convincing not to backdoor someone. He is the one that says over and over he wants one of Frank or Boogie out and he’s doing one hell of a job dodging the blame TWICE and actually having the two of them basically thank him for putting them up and offering him the moon and stars. Well played Shane, well played…

King Silva

Shane better not replace Frank/Boogie with Dan..

One of them needs to go.


@King Silva What if Frank or Mike Boogie wins PoV? Shane has no choice of Backdoor Dan.


Yes he has choice to no backdoor Dan. Shane not make move for boogie game. I write your way to help you understand ok?


Now you make yourself. Frank wins PoV, Shane has no choice to backdoor Dan. That would be a smarter move. End of story.


Correction: Difficult


Of course he has a choice. He could put up Ashley. No one is going to vote out Ashely, certainly not Joe. So they still would get one of these two out. Even if Jenn and Ian vote with their orginal alliance Frank/Boogie would still not have the votes. At best it would be 4/3 vote and whoever is remaining on the block will go home.


That’s not true he could put Jenn, Ashley or Joe up as a replacement nom. The quack pack have the numbers this week.


Not going to happen! He will backdoor Dan!


Seems you think that if you say it enough, it will happen. Can’t wait until you are proven completely wrong, AGAIN.


Why does this season seem boring in comparison to others (in terms of Diary Room sessions). The only one that has made me laugh so far is Joe & Boogie (at times).
Maybe because there’s no one that the house as a whole dislikes.

BB12 was the funniest season to date, IMO.
BB11 had its moments too.


if ian wins and doesn’t use it or throws the comp then whoever stays will see he is the leak feel bad for what”s coming for him


Not a going Happen. Ian will probably get the punishment, again. Like 24 hours phone call from home. Jenn $5000, Ashley unitard, Shane Veto Ticket (again), Mike Boogie trip, Frank wins veto.


Ian, is going to be outted soon. VERY SOON,. in this POV competition. Then, Boggie will know he can’t trust IAN and IAN might become the replacement nominee. Both sides happy.

Eric CA

Now comes the shocker.
It is gift or punishment and Ashley wins because she just does not care.
At least Boogie should get a trip or some money, if it is gift or punishment.
He would be so secure Ian or Jen would save Frank, and backdoor Dan.

Who knows he may actually play to win this one.
Jen is like Boogie, bring on the prizes and free gifts.


Shane needs to win POV!! Go SHANE!! Get one of those arrogant idiots out!!


I hope Ian wins POV and does not use it. That would be an awesome slap to Boogers face.


Bye bye Frank ‘n Beans!!!!!! Double eviction week, hope you both go!!


That would be so funny if Boogie and Frank both got sent out the door in a double eviction and had all that time to sit around and think what the HELL happened.


I’m not a fan of floaters. However, does anyone else notice how invisible Jenn has been throughout this game?

The invisible floater Jenn might make it to the Final without winning any comps or making any serious side deals. That in itself would be a remarkable feat (as sad as it sounds)!


Yep! I mean, I don’t even call her a floater because she’s never going anywhere. She has been in 0 meaningful conversations, gets no camera time, and if we we ever see her, it’s in some random diary room shot that no one cares about. Good for her, I guess. Why float to the power when you can literally go unnoticed?


Who is Jenn? LOL

Eric CA

Jen is that thing you see from the corner of your eye, that no one believes is really there.


Jenn will scare the fuck outta you if your not payin attention, she’s a ghost


Ian was playing a very good game, but if he gets caught and doesn’t win the POV, he is done. Boogie and Frank will campaign to get Ian out and Dan will manipulate his people to get the pressure off him and put Ian up. Very risky.

However, Dan is right on the edge until further notice. It is not inconceivable for Shane to flip on Dan at this point.


If Ian can’t win at Trivia, the one thing he seems to know more than anyone in the history of BB, then either he’s throwing the comp. or the questions just aren’t geared toward him. My God, this kid memorizes by color blocking- this is what some Mensa members do!


What frank doesn’t realize is even if he back doored Dan him and boogie still would have been up on the block. Boogie would have never win that comp. Shane would have still won and then because frank and boogie went for Dan Shane and them would have put boogie and mike up anyway. These guys are admitting they were going to do this next week anyway. Stop being a bunch of bi****s and just say you got got. These 2 would whine and cry even if the core 4 had won the rest of the HOHs until the final 6 and then if the 2 of them were put up with 6 left they would still do the same thing cry and whine. They are the true bullies in this game. If frank wins HOH next week he can only get 1 out so he’s done any way. The sad thing is frank could have been so much better without boogie. If it wasn’t for boogie I think frank wouldnt have been such a punk sometimes.


I can’t believe all the crap Boogie told Britany, Britany knows full well it was not Dan that told people Boogie & Frank were going on the block. And here Boogie is telling her how they want to throw Dan out, I hope this is an even bigger eye opener for Britany to realize what turds Boogie & Frank are.

I’m sure Ian will run to the quack pack and tell them all about the conversation with Boogie.

If Boogie or Frank win the veto, do you really think Shane would put up Ian? I think they should put someone else up. The quack pack owes Ian a solid.

I think Britany and Danielle are well aware that Dan was not the leak, so they would vote him out.

I am concerned about Ashley, Joe and Jenn…..

What do you think?


LOL. yeah, boogie and frank are turds for looking for ways to “screw over” the people who just SCREWED THEM.

what terrible people


If Frank or Mike Boogie wins PoV. Then Shane, If I were you better backdoor Dan. Because I respect Dan’s gameplay but he needs to go.




I always be right! Frank can Fight this & win.


Yes Frank can win to take him off block but then boogie go. You not always right, you are 90-10 wrong. One of your boys going home, accept and go on. Shane not there to do boogie bidding. Understand what I’m speaking to you?


What are you talking about? I know i’m 100 percent correct. Even I listen to my friend advice. Frank wins PoV, Shane has no other choice to backdoor Dan. If he continue a two time winner. He needs to take him out now.


I also disagree even if frank wins pov and takes himself off shane would be an idiot to put up dan you don’t take out your allies shane knows that boogie and frank can’t be trusted and once they get rid of dan who do you think they will target? The only reason frank and boogie think they have a shot is because shane wan’t being truthful with them and taking responsiblity for what he did he blamed brit and then let dan take the blame but i see zero chance he will nominate him if anything he will put up jen or ashley to ensure boogie goes if frank wins and vice versa if boogie wins putting dan up makes no sense to shanes game


You are just as arrogant and self-centered as Boogie.


will never happen. boogie or frank will go home. for sure. the only possible version of both of them staying is, production gonna save them once again.


It will happen. Frank or Mike wins PoV and take himself off the block & Backdoor Dan. End of story.


@ ‘Captainwedgiearchnemesis’…in your wildest dreams. Hhahahahahahahhahahahaaa!!

Love how Boogie laughed at Frank’s idea that Ian might be the rat. This is the best ever! Can’t wait for these arrogant sh*t heads to get evicted.

And don’t you just love how Production cuts to fish whenever the Quack-pack{mainly Britney}starts talking about how the competition will be for sure physical because and thus favor Boogie and Frank because ‘Big Brother’ knows they’re the ones on the block…


Then that would be the dumbest move shane will ever do in this game and he mays as well just pack his bags now becuase next week who do you think they will be targeting?


It is about time that frank and boogie start to get a clue that maybe just maybe it isn’t dan that back stabbed us but ian

Nicole N.

Ian will have the throw the veto unless he wants to be found out. If he wins it and doesn’t use it Frank and Boogie will be on to him. If he wins it and uses it the quack pack will be mad at him. Really his only option is to throw it. Unfortuately I think Shane will also throw it because he is so pathetic. I don’t think he wants any blood on his hands or Frank and Boogie to be mad at him. The thing is if Shane throws it he might as well hand Boogie and Frank the pov because they then have a good chance of winning it and taking one of them off the block then all hell will break loose and the idiots aka Frank and Boogie will talk there way off again. p.s. Who else thinks production stuffed that bag with houseguests choice since I know they don’t want frank or boogie to leave.


Production strikes AGAIN… just like that Pandora’s box julie forgot to mention to the audience(because it was never planned) which saved the entertainment a.k.a Rachel


Of course Ian is going to throw the POV Competion (if Ian has a chance of winning it). He wouldn’t be able to keep ‘playing’ everyone if he had to publicly pick an alliance.


I live how boogie laughs Abd thinks its awesome if Ian was the one who told. This season has been so much better then the last few


Shane will put up Ashley of one of them wins. Mike or frank need to go. Hopefully back to back in the double evict


A-men to that Mike…Amen!


All the power players are going to knock each other out of the competition because of bickering and somebody like Jenn and Ashley are going to win this game


Almost always happens!


Im almost positive Jenn will be in the Final 2.
When you see Jenn, you would think it would be hard to miss her (the tattoos/hair,etc), but that girl is the one that is the most lowkey.

Honestly, I always forget she’s in the house.

She is going to skate on by.

Team Boogie YO!!

You all think Ian is playing smart but he is f****** himself.. If he rides with Frank and Boogie as long as he can he will be in a final 2/3/4 but with the 4 douche bags he is the odd man out and is not realizing it. Assuming Boogie and Frank leave Ian is screwed and after the double eviction if Frank and Boogie leave it hands unfortunately gives Dan a great chance at the win… Lets go save FROOGIE!!!!!!!!!


This is the highlight of the season so far… the Boogmeister, out-Timed, out-smarted and out-played, is wailing and squealing like a stuck pig. Huzzah!


Yes! And loving every minute of his desperation and humiliation. Sounds like he lives his real life like he is in the BB house and lies, cheats and steals thinking that, since he is MIKE BOOGIE, he is above reproach and the law. haha


I propose a poll: Does Chiltown 3.0 survive this week?

The thing I ask this question is normally the odds would be so small, but they are now large despite Boogie not even playing a good game.


if “production” has anything to say about it, yes shittown will survive


Since they let Frank cheat (or gave him the token so he could cheat), production is going to do everything it can to save the 2 d-bags. I wonder how much AG will threaten/pressure the other house guests not to vote one of them out. The fix is in and it is so obvious.


If Ian somehow pulls this all off, he’ll be good but I have a feeling that won’t happen.

The only issue is that people still view Ian as this little boy, so I don’t think anyone would ever yell at him or go off on him like they did the sneak, Ronnie BB11.

When it happens, I don’t even know what he’ll do or how he’ll take it. He doesn’t seem like he would handle any type of pressure well.


I think that if the comp is one that Ian should be able to win and it appears that he tanks it, he may get outed to Boogie and Frank to burn those bridges. In order to earn the protection of protecting his name he needs to perform for Quack Pack. Dan won’t protect him any longer if he thinks Ian threw the comp.


Boogie is a moron frank pretty much put it out there ian is the leak and boogie is like i don’t think so. What an idiot he already didn’t listen to frank once about putting up dan now this.


absolutely agree.


Shane won’t throw the comp because he knows regarless of what frank/boogie say they are coming after him and he is way to much of a competitor as for ian most of the time i would say he would throw it but if he does the quack pack will know he did it and shane will put him up so unless boogie and frank are out i and he can throw it to shane i don’t see it happening. The veto aside regarless of who wins one of them will go home because they only way boogies plan will work is if he puts dan up and i don’t see that happening because right now with dan they control the house if he gets rid of dan then he has two players that want him out that makes no sense so if it does happen and frank wins he will put either ash or joe to guarantee boogie leaves


Shane doesn’t trust Boogie – never has. He still (dumb as a soap on a rope that he is) thinks Frank is straight up. I think that he will stay true to his alliance because of the rest of the house being behind this move and if he doesn’t he has an even bigger target on his back.


ian has put himself in a tight spot if he wins the pov and doesnt use it than the survivor of the block will go after him if he wins and does use it than the rest of the quack pack go after him (stupidist alliance name ever btw)seems his only choice is to throw it but not make it look that way cant wait to see who wins


can not wait to hear the complaints if pandoras box saves chilltown. Which is stupid since people only have a problem with it if it’s given to someone they hate but as soon as the player they like gets it they don’t complain. Which allows production to continue to blantely show there involvement on who they want to win. Fans should just take the stance that they hate it no matter who gets it and they hate productions over involvement in the game.



No one was complaining when Jeff got the coup d’etat. Why? Because everyone was rooting for him. I’ll be the first to admit I was jumping up and down when he got it too, lol.

But then people were complaining when production rigged it for Rachel & Jordan, as if production never did it before. They did it before, it was just that their (our) like for the player clouded the obvious rigging that was going on.

I’m at the point to where I know that production is never going to stop rigging whether it be competitions, or telling players things in the DR. It’s one of those things that if you watch BB, you just have to deal with.

Now if the player that I like is in a tough spot, of course i’m going to hope something happens to where they are able to stay.
The large majority of us did when Jeff was on the block, but it’s a problem when I do it now (not to you, put other posters on here).


i have to admit i was jumping for joy as well when jeff got the power that is why i don’t bother complaining because production is going to continue like this and get worse. So i feel if a power is given to save someone that has worked in the game then good because some seasons need some spicing up because the cast is so useless at comps or so boring in the social aspect like this season besides willie and janelle leaving it has been a bore.


If he throws it they are going to know he throw it because he was dumb enough to tell brit that he throw the last couple and she is already suspicious of him doing that and it could backfire and he will be on the block


I don’t think Ian would have been able to fool Boogie this way if Boogie had not been Ian’s ‘coach’. It appears that Boogie still thinks he has Ian under Boogie’s wing (so to speak).

And, in the same way, Ian might have figured that Boogie was a great person to go to the F2 with (Ian could win), but Ian (and Jenn) seem to have not gotten over the fact that Frank was always Coach Boogie’s main guy. Ian let jealousy of Frank’s relationship with Boogie cloud his judgment.

Nicole N.

Hahaha wow Boogie as much as you claim to be the best player you are getting worked by a 21 year old kid lol this show has gotten crazy and I love it. Boogie is so focused on his hatred of Dan he can’t see the main person stabbing him in the back is his second allie!


Ian certainly isn’t going to be the same young man going back to Tulane as the one he came in as!! No matter how it turns out, he has certainly learned alot about human nature (and some other things too)!

VA Vet

Methinks there is a lot more going on in Ian’s head than everyone is giving him credit. So far, he has everyone where he wants them. The test will come when he has to shift gears in order to get past the final five.

Ian FTW!


Okay, so doesn’t this mean that Frank was nominated every single week excluding those where he was HoH?

This man has 1000 lives.

Really hope he stays.

I don’t know how long he’ll last in the house if Boogie happens to leave this week though being that Boogs is the brains of the operation (although he’s been doing a piss poor job lately).


why do you want frank to stay?


Whatever makes whining viewers whine more. I enjoy crazy fans complain.


Finally Frank and Mike are realizing the rat is Ian. What a selfless little prick.

Ken, Anonymous Big Brother Coordinator

Wow just found out Boogie gets $100,000 regardless when he gets evicted. Boogie complained in the Diary Room to production after the reset that he signed up to be a coach, not a player. He threatened to walk out on the game because the contract was already signed but production tried hard to convince him to stay. Alison managed to persuade Boogie to keep playing by offering him a $100,000 deal because he was the only player not to hit the reset button and an agreement he would not tell anyone in the house at anytime. Their worry was if Boogie had left, Big Brother ratings would fall. As of today, the ratings are the lowest since season 1. I really thought this show was one of the most genuine shows in the world and I was working for a top organization but unfortunately, I am wrong. There is definitely some strategy being used by Big Brother management, with the unusual number of boardroom meetings this year. I feel like I am part of another Big Brother game with this company, having to lie, cheat, and deceive the viewers who pay Big Brother’s bills. I just wanted to bring this out in the clear with others around the world watching the show. I will definitely be leaving my position at the end of this season and I am truly sorry you all have to watch this “game” that Alison and other management are putting on. Until then, I will float behind the scenes and live happily knowing I told the truth to Big Brother viewers.


I see how its rigged for Mike or Frank to win this year. I believe this Thursday Mike and Frank will pull another rabbit out of the hat, I can see Mike throwing a tantrum w/ the whole reset thing and threatened to leave and production doing anything thing to keep Boogie in the game. Big Brother over the last few years have interfered w/ the game so much like last year Rachel winning we could have seen that coming. I guess Production was worried after Willie left and Jeanell if the lose Mike to the season would be boring I dont forsee Mike leaving anytime soon


I am glad BB sees Boogie brings in ratings not these other useless coaches like Britney and Dan who float to the end and stir the pot.


Dan? A floater? Did you see season 10?


People may start watching the program because of people like Boogie, Janelle, Dan and Brit, but they soon develop attachments for the other players. If BB production is catering to Boogie and manipulating things beyond what they did last year for Rachel for these two tools, not only will Big Brother not be on my watch list next year, but CBS will be off my DVR. To promote these two hateful, misogynistic douchebags is to give them a pass on all the unacceptable garbage they spew. Boogie is a bully – CBS: Do you support bullying? Personally, I find what Frank and Boogie have said and expecially how they tried to intimidate Danielle and spoke to Brit last night as just as bad an offense as what Willie did. Frank can’t seem to get a sentence out without swearing. Boogie is a legend in his own mind. Add to that, the fact that those of us who watch the feeds saw Willie try to enter the DR (he pushed the button numerous times) when his anger was escalating and he was refused just shows to what lengths production will go to manufacture drama. I actually believe that the fact the coaches twist landed on Shane’s HOH, the zingbot zing to Danielle, etc. are meant as punishment because these two were not fully on board with the “Showmance” storyline. Is production so desperate to have a showmance that they had to then try to push Ashley and Frank together? THat whole date thing was degrading to watch. I felt sorry for Ashley as I think AG put her in that position. Can you say AWKWARD?

I think that this will be the last season I watch the feeds and, if things go like I think they will, the last I watch BB. There are MANY alternatives than watching the garbage that this show has become.


As always ‘Cruizin596’, I couldn’t have said it better!

Eric CA

Well said, but I do not think I could point out anybody in a line up from last Season except.
Jaff, Jordan, Rachael, Dani, Brendon and Evil Dick.
I vaguely remember Kalia, Portia (who is starting to blend in with this Seasons Ashley.), Shelley and Adam

I think if you really want a new player, to become the next big thing. Stop having these All Star Noob Seasons.
It really prevents us from seeing them play, and keeps people in the house who would have gone fast, any other Season.
Takes out early people who would have been focal players to the end.

Just imagine this Season without the coaches.
Frank, Shane and Kera
Joe and Danielle would be gone

JoJo would have a side alliance with Jenn and Kera
Will would still be there but probably up for elimination.
Willie might even be in the house still, screaming at like he was Russell.
There might have even been two people no one even knows of.

With the All Star and Noobs it messes up the getting to know you stage.
Which is the foundation of any good season. Instead you get Hero Worship and morons.


Spot on Cruizin!!


Right On


The problem is just with the casting of the new people, not the inherent interest in a vet. The 8 new people were horrible casting choices. PT was alright and Shelly was fun to root against. However, I HATED Kalia. Adam, Keith, Cassie, and Lawon were wastes. Portia just took up space. Hating Kalia so much made me want to root for the veterans. I liked Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel on their original seasons. If Jeff was part of season 12, I would have rooted for both brendon and rachel then.

This season was not that much better in the new person department. Ian is fun to watch but has potential to be an Adam 2.0; luckly, Ian is much younger so it is more endearing. I HATED Willie and Wil. I used to hate Joe but his hometown helped his edit a little bit. Jen is a waste. Ashley is space like Portia. I wish Kara stayed longer. Frank would have been better to watch without Mike. Jojo was too much. I wish Kara stayed longer. Who is Jodi? Danielle is exhausting but she does play somewhat. Shane is just going for Mr. America.

But there are no personalities or good looking people. Do they purposely not want someone like a James Rhine so that the veterans will have it easy and the fans will root for them?


Wonder why the temptation for Hoh was 10,000 and Mike went for it not safety


Also the olympics were on I rather watch people who really give their all for a medal, than a scripted BB season


Jenn and Ashley won’t side with Boogie/Frank because they got Will out.


If this POV is the one where people get points for shaving there head then this show is semi-rigged every time a big strong competitor is about to be evicted BB throws that comp out there. Think about it. Of course a girl is not going to win that. A girl would have to be crazy to shave her head or sit in fish guts or give away all there clothes. If production saves frank again then they might as well just write him the check. It’s probably set up that if they don’t win POV and it’s not used then pandoras box will be something like frank automatically goes to the final 2 while everyone else has to fight it out. Make it somewhat fair BB


ian is srewed if he wins and doesnt use it the survivor of the block and all the floaters will be after him if he wins and does use it the core four are after him his only chance is to convinceingly throw the comp


its gonna be funny when they find out ian is the one that told them…boogie wont even be mad he will probly just be like good play….but frank is a crybaby and so is boogie…im hoping shane wins the HOH …and takes down boogie….i would hate for ashley to float to the end so im hoping at some point she wins or jenn wins SOMEHOW..by some fivine intervention and they put up danielle…i cant stand her…id rather see danielle go than anybody…her lies and thrid grade schoolgirl attitude is getting on my last nerve….ashley has no chance at winning anything but i think jenn could maybe pull off an hoh….joe is worthless too, i hope its britney, shane, dan, and ian in the final four…dan has to know danielle is a threat in the end of the game because the pig girl might be able to pull off some wins, i dont care what anybody says i hope dan wins this game, and if he doesnt i would like to see shane win…hes the only one with blood on his hands….danielle talks a bunch of shit but if boogie and frank confronted her she would have cried and said i didnt know what i was doin , she would have probly thrown someone under the bus….im surprised she didnt in the arcade room…GO DAN GO SHANE THE REST OF U GRAB A LIFE VEST

Aqua Bernie

Ian can just tell Frank “noone comes between me and my woman!”


Let me get this straight. Britney is pissed at Ian for telling her about Mike and Frank considering backdooring Dan last week (and then going after her and Shane), but SHE tells Shane, and now its all Ian’s fault? This is just like when she told Willie that the coaches might come into the game, and when everything hit the fan, she washed her hands of it. And she has the nerve to threaten Ian, that he better try to win, because they are saving his ass. All he did was give them some information, which Dan didn’t see fit to share with them, and he’s the one with the question mark over his head? Granted, Dan is taking a lot of the heat, but it’s kind of his fault for not sharing with the alliance. Unreal. Britney really needs to look at herself, before she starts judging other people. I love to look at her, and she is really funny at times, but she should know better, this being her second time on Big Brother.


Are you serious?

She can never take responsibility for anything that she does.

When she knows she’s at fault, she finds some way to put the blame on someone else.

And who is she to threaten anybody, when she hasn’t done jack shit in this game so far.

This girl continues to get on my nerves lol.

Aqua Bernie

Oh by the way did anyone notice last nite that happened that cracked me up! All the commotion going on up in BB, Ashley comes roaming in the arcade room and Danielle goes to talk about it and Ashley says I don’t want to talk game I just want to lay down here with people around. Where does this dingbat thinks she is.? At a resort. That just killed me!


Ashley just makes me laugh lmao.

Did you see her in the HoH competition? It was like she wasn’t even trying lol.

Im not even sure that shes aware that shes in the BB house.

Aqua Bernie

She cracks me up too! But she does not belong there. I think she thinks she on vacation, and cant figure out why her hotel is so busy.


Lol !

I agree.


Lmao so true could not of said it better. At first I thought it was a act her being blonde and dingy but NO its really her it still amazes me how clueless she really is and know what will be the kicker she wins the whole Damn thing like Jordan Lol


She thought she was going to a crystal goddess spiritual retreat, and ended up on this game, um, it’s about seeing how many guys you can date, or something like that. That last competition she looked like she was doing some new agey ritual, carrying an incense burner to offer up to the goddesses.


Thanks that just made me belly laugh….Ashley is such ditz!!

Aqua Bernie

Thanks everyone just stating an obvious. But maybe she did think she was on “the dating show”. She’s still looking around for that goofy theme song and she’s confused.


Hey, VoicesinDanielleshead how about the VoicesinAshleyshead.


wanted someone to comfirm if true convo between Frank


didn’t get to finish post if convo was had where between Frank


where boogie and frank said prodution rigged the pov pick to their favor and frank palmed the choice chip. I believe it was camera 3 at 12:05


I was just reading that too (on twitter and then a blog they’d linked to) about how Frank said he had palmed the HG’s choice chip in the POV pick. He said he put it in the palm of his hand and then reached into the bag b/c he “thought that’s what they (aka: production) would want me to do.” The feeds cut for a second, and then when they came back Boogie was saying “Don’t talk about that again” and “I know.”

12:06 BBT (I don’t have the feeds myself, this is just what I saw on twitter and another blog.)

I’m sorry Simon and Dawg…please don’t hate me because I went to another blog! (I feel like such a traitor.) :(


Eric CA

I can not believe tat you seeing other blogs. You tramp.


It was just the one time! It didn’t mean anything, I swear. OBB is the only one for me. I made a mistake, in a moment of weakness…I’ll never do it again! Look…I bought a shiny new monitor for OBB. Please forgive me and give me another chance to prove how much I love them? Pleeeeaaase?

Lol ;)

Eric CA

Ok Ok, but if even see you near that Joker.