Dan tells Danielle she is a samurai warrior, she passed the test and didn’t crack under pressure.

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


12:50am Britney and Danielle are in the arcade room talking. Dan joins them. Britney asks him if she ever said her name upstairs? Dan what? The witch hunt, no! Dan says that in hind sight, he thinks he should have just admitted to saying it, even though he didn’t. Danielle says that she was told by Boogie the people to sign the check would be Frank, Shane, and Danielle. Britney says I didn’t name you, I did say you were good at the game, but that isn’t what I said. Danielle says that they asked her how it feels to not even be let in the HoH, to not be part of the conversation. If you don’t vote for us (swing vote) you and your little man are going up. You can join us, but you have to leave your little buddies behind. She says that they said also, your boy Dan, has been talking sh*t about you.

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Danielle says that they said Dan played sports before, don’t you think he would be a little better at physical competition, he is throwing them. Dan says that Frank will try to get to Ashley and that Boogie will try and get Joe. Dan says that they will try to get to Ashley, make sure she isn’t mind warped. Dan says that he now has to go sleep next to Frank. Britney looks at the carnival game, points and says what about that thing? Danielle asks why did Shane shut the door in my face twice? Dan says I don’t think he was thinking, it was chaos up there. Danielle says you know how that makes me feel? I am the last person like they were saying, it was rude. Britney says that she doesn’t think it was anyone’s intention; it was just crazy up there. Dan says that he really hopes Frank goes out then asks who will Mike work with?! Danielle says that she hopes its endurance. She says BB you want a good show then make it endurance. Britney says that she will die before she comes down. Danielle starts talking about Frank’s body odor and how he doesn’t use deodorant. Dan suggests a girl’s alliance with Jenn and Ashley. He tells Britney and Danielle to ride with that. He says get information and influence the other girls to put up Joe and Mike. Dan says that Shane executed this poorly. Dan gives Danielle props for sitting through Boogie and Frank and not cracking. Britney gets called to the diary room and leaves.
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1:15am Dan and Danielle are in the arcade room talking alone. Dan says that each day, things get more real in here. Dan tells Danielle she is a samurai warrior, she passed the test and didn’t crack under pressure. Danielle says that she is just real mad. Dan asks why? Danielle says because of Shane. Dan says that whole thing was just executed poorly, I’ll take full blame. Danielle says no, I’m talking about Shane shutting the door in my face. Dan says yeah, I’d be mad too. Danielle starts talking about what Boogie and Frank said about her boy Dan. Dan gets called to the diary room. Britney and Danielle continue to talk in the arcade room. Danielle continues to talk about the door in her face and about how Frank and Boogie said that Dan did not tell her everything. Britney starts talking about Dan knowing about and talking about putting her and Shane up and that he didn’t even telling her. Danielle says that instead he told me and I told you, he didn’t want to go up there. Britney says that she is in 3 alliances and that Danielle is in every one of them. Danielle laughs. Britney says that she and Danielle will ride this storm out and that they are each other’s only hope. They talk about how they are the only part of the quack pack keeping it together. Britney and Danielle leave and ask Shane if they can use the HOH bathroom. Shane says yes. Britney and Danielle head upstairs.


1:30am Up in the HOH room Britney and Danielle are getting into the bath tub. They talk about how great Frank and Boogie were with information about what Dan was doing. Danielle and Britney both think Dan turned on them. Danielle talk about how Dan told her about Boogie wanting Britney and Shane out. Danielle says that Boogie is lying. Boogie went to Dan for a final two deal. Britney says that it makes sense because Boogie was saying the one time he was against a nomination was when Dan was going to being back doored. Britney says that she is mad at Shane because he started it and that she is mad at Dan for not saying what he knew. Britney says that if Dan was ever faltering, he is now and that there is no way he can work with Boogie or Frank now. Danielle and Britney come up a new name for their alliance, they call it Alpha, Omega, Bye.


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1:45am Dan, Shane and Joe are in the kitchen talking. Joe tells them that he has made a clear cut decision to work with them. Shane asks Dan where he’s sleeping. Dan says with Frank. They laugh. Dan says that he is okay with it. Dan says that he can separate the game. Shane says that the ratings must be up this week. Joe says it’s a great season. They talk about how Frank is a great person when he’s on the block and how he is a sh*tty person when he is off the block. Joe says that if only he could be the same person, things would be good. They talk and joke around about how Boogie will handle it if Frank or Mike don’t win veto. Joe says that Boogie will say suck it to everyone. Dan starts talking about Jerry from his season. He says that this game repeats itself. Dan says talk about how Jerry was one guy who hated him he had to sleep in the same bed. Dan says that he said goodnight to him every night and that Jerry called him Judas. Dan says that at this point he expects screaming in his face. Shane says that he will back up Dan. Joe agrees and saying he will be loyal and that he is a protector. Dan says that Jerry said the reason he voted for Dan in the end was because Dan treated him with respect. He says that Dan said goodnight to him every night, even when other house guest’s wouldn’t talk to him. Dan says that he had to treat Jerry that way; he was the age of Dan’s Grandfather. Dan tells Joe that Boogies plan will be try to try get Joe on his side. Dan, Shane and Joe head upstairs and say good night to Britney and Daneille and then Joe and Dan go downstairs to go to bed.


2:16am Down in the kicks room, Dan and Frank are in bed together. Dan tells Frank goodnight. Frank says night.


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Meanwhile, Shane, Danielle and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. Danielle starts going off on Shane for shutting the HOH door on her and blocking her from the HOH room. Shane says that it was in the moment and that he went downstairs to make sure she was okay. Shane says that you can be mad if you want, it is what it is. Britney explains that they were not up there as the silent six, she was up there because they had yelled at her. Dan was there because they wanted to confront Dan and that Shane was there because it is his room and because he got me in trouble. Shane tells Danielle that she doesn’t have to look at him. He says that he can see she’s mad. Shane says that he and Dan wanted to talk to Ian, so we called him up but you came up. Danielle asks well, why did you call Ian up before me? Shane says because you were in the arcade with Frank and Boogie! Shane apologizes and says that it was really about Boogie and Frank calling Dan out. Shane says that it would have been awkward to have you come in the middle of the argument. Britney says that everyone in the house knows about our group now. Danielle says that it doesn’t matter, what are they going to do? They start talking about the Veto competition tomorrow. Shane wonders who he should pick. Danielle tells him he should pick her. She says it’s a numbers game. Britney says that thinks it was set up quickly and doesn’t think it is a numbers game or how bad do you want it. Shane says sorry and that he in so much about the final four with them. Danielle says that she is too even though she might be angry and not want to talk to him. Britney heads downstairs to go to bed.


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2:40am – 3:30am Danielle and Shane are in the HOH room talking. She is crying. Shane rubs her back and tells her that she can sleep up in the HOH room so that she doesn’t have to go down there with them. Shane questions if he can trust Dan after Boogie and Frank told him they had a final three deal. Danielle says that he is full of sh*t and says they want you and Britney out. She says that they made her feel like she has no one in this game and that I need them. Danielle says that she feels like Dan sold her out and that she doesn’t have anyone. Shane says that he doesn’t think Dan sold her out, he says that Dan would never sell her out no matter what. Danielle says that she hates Boogie and Frank. Shane says that they are manipulators and that they sweet talked us into getting Janelle out. Danielle says that she wanted Janelle out. Shane says that Joe told him how Frank was bragging about running the game last week. Shane tells Danielle that he and her made a final two deal back in week one and that he won’t go back on it. Shane gets called to the diary room. When Shane comes back he gets into bed. Danielle asks for a massage and gives her one. Shane asks her if she would open Pandora’s Box? Danielle says that she would and says that she thinks it would be something good. She tells Shane to do what he wants though. They go to sleep with her head on his chest. After laying there for awhile Danielle heads down stairs to her bed.


6:25am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Team 10K

So I’m a bit confused on who the actual traget this week is, Boogs or Frank?


It doesn’t seem like Shane thought far enough to figure out an actual target. (Although Shane’s manipulators, Britney and Dan, obviously want Frank to go).


Frank is. I think Britney and Dan will push for Frank to be voted out. Cos they won’t say it out loud but they know keeping Boogie is good for them. If Mike leaves, they’ll be the only oldies left and even with Shane and Danielle, they’re still huge targets. And I really think they have the best chance of winning with each other or Boogie at the end. Simply cos these newbies are completely dumb and will 100% vote emotionally and won’t want to give a previous HG money.

shane is a pimp

i love how shane is controlling danielle….he basically slapped her in the face and within the next hour she is all over him again….shane could literally punch danielle in the nose….danielle would win HOH the next day, and still shane would manage for danielle not to put him up…she is obsessed with a guy that cant stand her…hes playing her good


It’s too bad he’s not playing the game as well as he is playing her. The only reason he has control over the dumb bitch is that she is thinking with her nether region and not her head. I am so surprised he caved the way he did to Boogie and Frank. Any alliance of 6 people is not going to last, so he should have stood on his hind legs, been a man and owned the fact that he wanted to take the first shot. If your going to get blood on your hands own it. I was kinda liking him (he is easy on the eyes) but now I think he is a douche that just may have wrecked his own game. I’m liking Ian or Dan for the win. Love the position Ian is in and just hope (and I think so) he is aware of that position and uses it to his advantage. Don’t care too much who goes home Frank or Mike as long as its one of them. Finally, things are getting interesting might be time to get the feeds although the feeds get so boring toward the end. A huge shout out to Simon and Dawg for the amazing job you guys are doing. Been following you guys since Season 12 and love the site.


It was Britney who wanted to take the first shot, not Shane. And it is Dan who wants Frank out, not Shane.


Ya whoever may have influenced Shane is another thing. It is his HOH not Brits or Dan’s and he should man up and take the credit and the fallout for his actions. Lost all respect for him when her totally wimped out and threw Brit under the bus…..even if it is true. He has no integrity and shows poor character. He’s lucky he has that pretty face.


I agree that Shane should take responsibility for his decisions. But, he should have started before that, and not let anyone else (Britney, Dan) bully him into making the worst possible decision (for Shane’s own game) in the first place.

Trey Gorman

Shane can expect zero loyalty from either Brittany or Danielle. They have effectively isolated him. Brittany has been riding Shane like a horse since week two and he is extremely naive about her intentions. The real question is: Where does Danielle’s ultimate allegience lie?. I believe it is shifting from Dan to Brittany. Br has been pushing the “no woman has ever won BBrother when against a man in final two” line hard and now is playing Danielle’s unnaturally large sense of paranoia. Brittany, contrary to (and partially because of) her overblown protestations of being wronged is in the best position in the game. Shane (unbelievablely), Danielle and Ian all see her as their primary playing partner. The real question is: Does Dan recognize Brittany’s current strength in the game and what does he intend to do about it?


Frank should better win that PoV. However, none outgoing HoH survived the double eviction. If I was Shane, I would better watch your back because If Frank wins 3rd HoH, then Shane will end up going to the Jury. So, Shane better think twice of making Big move which will cost you to be double eviction.


I cam already see DDBS cracking, which will be the downfall of all of them. Regardless of the bs Frank and Boogie are trying to sell, these 4 have been loyal to each other and would be idiots to turn on each other now. Yes, Dan heard some things from frank and boogie that he didnt share w/ everyone else, but it wasn’t pertinent at the time and Dan likely knows he can’t tell brit, shame and Dani everything b/c they can’t keep everything to themselves and play it cool like Dan is able to. If Dan is 1 thing, he is loyal to those that are in his TRUE alliance. Right now they have got to stick together. At this point if any 1 of them let boogie sway them into turning on Dan, I will almost guarantee that shane, brit, and Dani will be next and boogie will walk to the final 2 with someone he know will win against, either Ashley, jenn, or joe, possibly Ian. They know boogie is dangerous, yet they keep letting him get in their heads! If he pulls off getting the alliance to turn on janelle and Dan then he deserves to win the whole thing, b/c right now DDBS are sitting pretty as long as they keep tight.


It seems that DDBS has never actually been Dan’s main plan-alliance, Dan is just fooling all of them and using them as votes. Dan wants to take Boogie to the end (which is Dan’s only chance at winning). Dan obviously has no intentions of being in the F2 with Danielle, Shane, or Britney (who have never won before, and could make a case, true or not, that they have been a good game player).

Hopefully Danielle can stop her drama long enough to remember that she figured out that Dan was would never take her to the end.


While I would normally agree with you. I believe Boogie knows he has absolutely has no chance to win this game even if he goes against Dan he simply doesn’t have the jury votes. He knew he didn’t have a chance to win, hence not hitting reset. I think it feeds his ego more if he can get Frank to the end to win as a player he coached so I think he somehow gets Frank to stay and gun for Dan and the rest. I’m just really hoping they can pull this off because it’ll become boring until the final 4 due to the fact the pack just have the numbers to rule the house. Nights like tonight just make for better entertainment than like last week.


oops this was supposed to be to you on my comment about Boogie and Dan. Sorry


Dan wanted to keep his options open. He was always more inclined to go with the Quack Pack and after yesterday he has to choose that side. Shane and Britney handled all of this badly. Having this “blood” on your hands should not matter to them. One of Froogie is going home and QP has the numbers in the next HoH. None of the three outsiders gives one fuck that they were nominated.


Yeah but wait till it cracks of DDBS. Dan will turn on Danielle or Shane turn his back on Britney. DDBS won’t survive this because they want to make it Final 2 themselves. So, let the cracks began. DDBS will turn against each other.

my name is not kelly

Boogie and Frank need to light a fire under the floaters, starting with Ian.
-DDBS are a four pak anyone else who joins them are guaranteed no better than 5th place- if they don’t win any comps.
-If they go with Frank and Boogie, they could win= Boogie can’t win, so any of them are in a much better position for the big money with Frank and Boogie
-Whoever wins POV needs to use it on Frank or Boogie and then vote to evict the replacement
-They stick together and pick off DDBS

After POV, Frank and Boogie should meet with Shane and lay the cards out- tell him what they want and what they are prepared to do
-If Frank and Boogie can unite the floaters and secure their votes, they can offer one week of safety to Shane if he agrees to backdoor Dan

Ian should be smart enough to do simple math and see his chances are better with Boogie. Ian thinks he can win and he wants his claim to BB fame is knocking out big bad boogie and beating Dan in final 2. Flip that scenario Ian and knock out Father Dan and beat Boogie in the final.


Froogie pulled the trigger too soon on their plan to call Dan out and try to break-up the Final 4 alliance.
Now they(Brit/Danielle/Shane) can’t get themselves to fully trust him, but there is no way they choose Froogie over Dan.


That’s really sad, since at least Boogie/Frank’s word is worth something for a certain period of time, whereas Dan cannot be trusted for a second.

Dan is just pretending to be trustworthy to manipulate how people vote. I used to be in favor of Dan winning, now I hope he is the next to leave.

The “Judas” title definitely is an accurate description of Dan.

Red Lampshade

Team Britney/Danielle


Well, well….if BRIT was half the coach Boggie is, than she would have told Shane “not to rock the boat” like Boggie did last week. So., SHE should man up and tell Boggie, that it was HER and HER team that put them up. No., she just blames everyone else. Shane did EXACTLY what SHE told him to do. Fun weeks ahead and for the record, I’m not a Boggie fan and they should have backdoor Brit last week.


MagicMan, I totally agree. It was Britney’s stupid move and she is not admitting it. Apparently, Britney has figured out that there is no longer a benefit to Shane winning (since she’s not technically his “coach” anymore).

But, sadly, Shane hasn’t figured out that he is totally disposable to Britney and that his only value is as a vote she can manipulate.

And I totally agree about Britney’s lack of ‘coaching skills’, and although it would still be boring, it would have been better for Shane to pick off the newbies (who will be more than happy to vote with Boogie or Frank to get rid of Shane).


“Everyone in the house knows about are group now!”, “So what? What can they do about it?”. Exactly. It will be a snorefest from when frank or boogie leave. The DDSB + I is just going to roll until the end. Oh well, the season started great and last night was pretty entertaining.


So who is in the best position in the housecnow? Im thinking Ashley.




Poor Britney… Shane didn’t pretend that it was all his idea and that Britney didn’t influence him.. WAAAAA Apparently Britney was looking for a repeat of Danielle getting out Janelle, so Britney could float along and pretend to be ‘with’ Frank/Boogie just like she conned Janelle.

And Danielle a warrior?!?!?!?!? Yeah, I guess so, if a warrior spends all their time thinking of reasons to be an emotional basket case. Danielle made a fool of herself to Frank and Boogie (who know that Danielle is nothing to the rest of the house except a vote).

It would be great to see Frank win POV, take himself off the block, and then see Shane nominate Dan, and then see Dan go home. And, seeing Britney go home during the fast-forward would be icing on the cake.


Frank and Boogie are the only 2 players in hte house that actually make the game interesting!

Shane is such a bore and has NO social game. I hope he’s the next to get evicted.

Dan is sneaky and will turn on anyone to further his game. It’s obvious. Boogie and Frank were right to call him out. Dan is only out for himself. He is the least trustworthy person in the house.

Brit and Danielle would be stupid to trust Dan, going forward. In fact, they SHOULD backdoor Dan – and blame it on Boogie & Frank. They already know Boogie & Frank’s game. They didn’t know Dan’s game until now. So why trust Dan, a person who stabbed them in the back? Backdoor his ass!

My prediction is if they do not backdoor Dan this week, he will win BB.

Just my 2 cents.


@NELSON, Actually, it a good idea of Backdoor Dan. Have Frank win PoV & Remove himself on the block and replacement Dan. We have to take out a winners of Big Brother. Either Dan or Mike Boogie wins Big Brother again. That why Frank better win PoV and take yourself off the block.


Who is “we?” We aren’t playing. Shane is. He handled the Froogie discussion badly because trying to shift blame offered great risk and little reward. It causes dissension among those he should trust the most so that one jury member won’t believe that he was the one to send the other half of his bromance home.

When you’re in power and have to target someone, Big Brother is not a game of who you can trust. It’s a game of who you can trust the longest. Everything both Shane and WE have seen tells us he can trust Quack Pack (even Dan) to not target him before Froogie.


If I was Shane, I have no choice of Backdoor Dan. Take out the two winners of Big Brother will opportunity to get in the Final 2. If we take out Dan now then in double eviction to take out Joe in double eviction & leave Shane the outgoing HoH in tact. So, there no option to backdoor Dan. Frank better win the PoV.


Yes backdoor Dan and in so doing destroy your alliance and lose all the trust you’ve gained with them and remove the person that was MOST likely to be backdoored by Froogie last week for them. They will of course then NEVER consider Shane/Britney their next target. Brilliant!



@GGG, soon or later. Frank will win PoV and Shane has no choice to backdoor Dan. There is an options. So, don’t get so cocky.


I respect everybody’s gameplay but I think that Mike Boogie or Frank can pull this off. Just keep fighting Frank, I know you can do it.


Poor Shane, taking another hit for the team, but someone had to soothe Danielle and make her feel included, so she finally got to spend the night. She was sooooooo mad that she wasn’t going to even look at him, and an hour later she’s in his bed. Unfortunately for Shane, she is forcing him to play along. He obviously doesn’t want her, but she is capable of putting him up for not caving to her advances, because she plays the game based on personal feelings. I thought Frank was a smart guy, but last night during the meeting, Boogie was throwing him under the bus in front of him, and Frank didn’t even get it. Boogie should have tried to win the HOH to keep Frank safe, but he went for the money, and now both are on the block. Frank should be uber pissed, but instead he has tender thoughts about Boogie and his hats. I was wrong. Frank is more of an airhead than Dani and Ashley combined. Hoping that the veto isn’t used and one of these douchebags goes home. Yesterday I would have said Boogie was the best move, but after last night, I agree that if Frank stays he could rally team tits and Joe. If Frank leaves, Boogie will have nobody to work with because nobody in their right mind would trust him. I would like to see Boogie as first jury member. That would really piss him off. At least Janelle got to go home to her hubby and baby.


“The winds of shit are blowing. It’s a category 5 shit-icane.”


I’m a little confused. I wish I had live feeds. Did Shane put up B&F on his own? Boogie & Frank are so sure Dan is the culprit, although they are putting the impression out that it was Brittany.

It appears Ian is giving out info to Dan. So who is he going to vote along with? Boogie & Frank or Dan’s group.

What makes Boogie & Frank so sure they can both get out of going home? Frank is a big fool. Boogie would sell him out in a hot minute. Frank isn’t playing this game or making decisions, Boogie is doing it for him. Boogie is using Frank’s muscles, definitely not his brain!


Shane, Britney, Dan, IAn and Danielle are in an alliance they decided to take out Frank or Boogie. The ultimate decision was Shanes but it was highly influenced by the group


I hope b&f find out it was Ian snitching and convince him to come back to their side by telling him he’s being used for info and he’s not in there final four. Britney and Danielle are on my last nerves with their complaining. Britney is hiding behind Shane and Danielle is wedged up his ass. I’m glad Shane diverted some of the blame off himself. He should roll with boogie and frank they have done the least lying and they kept their word last week none Britney and Dan got him to do the dirty work which puts in in harm’s way and b&f weren’t even going after Shane this week. Not much of a fan if anyone but they are all getting on my nerves with the he/she lies when they are all liars to some degree. Frank is playing the most honest out of them all. Shane so also believe boogie that if wanted to go after him why wouldn’t he go after hoh instead of the money.


I hope Frank and Boogie find out about Ian, too!!!!!! Dan and Ian are both the least trustworthy houseguests, and it would be great for that to come out sooner rather than later! Ian seems to be the only newbie (other than perhaps Jenn) who has figured out that his “coach” isn’t his coach anymore.


Oh, and why to Boogie & Frank think that the one of them that is going to be voted out this week, that the one staying will be right after him? For some reason they think they can sway votes. Hmmmmm……..

I hope Pandora’s box doesn’t screw this eviction up. One of them has gotta go.

Shane has the muscle, but he seems to be a little short on brains!


Pardon the typos


hopefully booger goes home, woohoo


Oh boo hoo Mike Boogie! Running around trying to find out the “mastermind” that really put him up on the block. Oh, it can’t be Shane cause this is his first time playing. And Lord knows it can’t be Brit cause she’s not capable of coming up with the idea. And no, not Dani cause she’s really not all there. So it has to be Dan! Really? It was a combination of things, and Mike should be able to figure that out, but he’s not capable because he only thinks of himself. What arrogance! And Frank just buys whatever Boogie is selling. I can forgive Shane for cracking under Boogie’s pressure, but he has to regroup and stand firm with the decision HE made. I wish people could see what Boogie really is, a game manipulator! Right now he’s got them all fighting each other. So far Dan may be the only one that sees what Boogie is doing. I guess we’ll soon see whose side Dan is really on!


We already know whose side Dan is on: Dan wants to be in the final two with Boogie (Dan’s only chance to win).

Shane’s only chance at winning would have been for Shane to be (stay) on the Boogie/Frank team. The “big targets” could have stuck together and picked everyone else off one by one, while the “big targets” kept winning all the competitions.

Most of the newbies would have continued to vote the way the people in power wanted them to vote, thinking that the newbie would be ‘safe’.

The saddest thing about this Coach twist is that the newbies are still letting their former coach ‘coach’ them. The only one benefitting from this is Frank (because he has a great coach). Trusting their former coach will be the downfall of Shane and Danielle.

VA Vet

Both Dan and Mike are master manipulators. If the rest of the players were smart, they would evict Frank followed by Mike and then Dan.

Zingbot Fan

That is what I would do if I was in the house and after that I would get Shane out. That sure would make all of the competitions a true toss up.


That’s a BIG if!!


I think this is how Boogie is playing. He did it in all stars when he became a target. He went right after the other side and exposing cracks in the alliance. Now if Frank wins veto I truly believe there’s a chance he talk Shane in putting up Dan by playing the either way you get a powerful player out me or Dan, don’t waste it on a floater and have 2 wasted HOH this season. He has a tendency of playing on people’s egos. I think Boogie also knew from the beginning he didn’t have a chance to win, hence him not pushing the reset so he doesn’t care as much. I’d like to see him win the veto, use it on Frank since he knows how hell bent B/S/D/D are on getting Frank out then try to play the uber loyal card against whoever he is up against. This is going to be a boring rest of season if they go, picking off floaters one my one. I want to see a Boogie vs Dan alliance battle for the rest of the season


There will be no “real” Boogie VS Dan (because both Boogie and Dan know that they only chance either of them winning is if they are both F2, otherwise the jury will give the money to someone who has not won it before).

Boogie and Dan are playing all the newbies and Britney. The big question is whether anyone will figure it out in time to do something about it.


Ian might be in the best position due to dan falling on the sword Ian better “preech” wonder if anyone trademark that yet . Shane was right to again put Frank up see the whole truth is coming out Britney you bettter realize it and Dan too Danielle wil get lost in the shuffle wanting to know everyones thought at every moment and play with your emotions Play cut throat like Dan I think Shane does have the better hand though with strength and brains Remember when Boogie had Frank and Ian in the DR the brains and the braun what a joke he didn’t choose Shane first he would have it all without having to work so hard. Wow Boogie welcome to the game, you play it before and done exactly the same thing Shane is doing you were ,so Cocky yet you wanted Frank to go after other coaches so you can control the castaways next first Janielle, than Britney, but Britney winning safety thru the plan into overdrive I hope Boogie goes cause Frank will need someone to work with or they wont trust him alone on the island I would say. Hope the veto is OTEV making them run for names to questions Ian should rock on that one. guaranteeing his safety otherwise want to see Ian the next name Froogie start to throw out there.


@RHONDA, It will never happen? Frank can pull of the upset. He can do it? Just stay calm & win the PoV.


It is possible that Frank will win POV. But it is equally likely that Shane, Dan, Danielle, Boogie, Britney or Ian could win it.


@WW Frank can do it! Just stay positive and never give up. I know I’m not Frank fan but I will count on Frank to win it.


Shane has lot of room for improvement in the brains department. Otherwise he would have realized that it was really stupid to attempt to get rid of a ‘big target’ this soon. But no, instead Shane let himself be conned by Britney and Dan. What is Shane’s plan for when Shane is the only ‘big target’ left in the game when he is greatly outnumbered?

The voices inside Danielle's head

Told y’all I wasn’t crazy. Look at that shot of me and Shane laying there. How cute are we? I really can’t believe he shut that door in my face. I mean really, why keep playing hard to get, I already got ya? Are y’all listening to me? Wasn’t it rude that Shane shut the door in my face? I do love his backrubs. His touch sure makes me a happy girl, even if I am still mad as hell at him for shutting that door in my face. Did y’all see me fall on my ass during the HOH?

Whose a lucky girl? MEEEEEEE


you know you are wrong,wrong wrong.LOL


I can’t believe no one has mentioned this could be double eviction coming up. Especially since a few HG’s thought it might be last week. Last season they seemed to know each week what kind of competition it would be. Maybe they are so focused on thinking the clue means Pandora’s Box they haven’t considered anything else.

VA Vet

If Shane had any balls he would have told Mike and Frank that he (Shane) knew they were planning to evict him and that the only question was—- when—–so I (Shane) have made the decision for you.

Zingbot Fan

I agree with you about this and I think if he would of he really would of gained the respect of the other housemates.


Agreed VA.


Idiots, absolute idiots, I want Production to rig the next HOH for whoever stays.


.What time is the veto competition?


I heard 1:30 in passing on the feeds really late last night..


Hopefully Shane can get his brain started by the time of the Veto Competition and figure out that Shane would be better off if he was aligned with the other ‘power players’ (Frank and Boogie), who are at least smart enough to know that keeping the strong players is a good strategy for now (so Shane isn’t the only strong player left).

Zingbot Fan

I think Jenn, Ashley, Ian,and Joe are the big winners this week since all the drama and lack of trust has put targets on Frank, Boogie, Dan, Dani’s, Shane and Britney backs. Their stock has really increased because all three of the pairs will be working hard to form alliances with Jenn, Ashley, Ian, and Joe to gain control of the house. This POV competition will be awesome.


I think Jenn might be part of the set design crew that got accidentally locked in the house at like 30 seconds to game time. This has been like “night at the museum” with her locked into the game, wandering around looking for odds and ends to build her next escape plan. All we are missing are “help me” spelled out with dirty laundry in the back yard or blundering escape attempts (over the wall or digging her way out). All of her DR sessions are about the next attempt (i.e. “it’s day 36 and no one’s noticed the rope ladder I’ve fashioned out of franks back hair”) so they’re never shown.


Omg, that’s funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t care which one of the F/B team goes home as long as one of them are gone. I want DDBS to go to final four.

I have liked Shane this season but his only “Game” is to win comps. He won’t make it past a final four nor does he have a chance at winning unless it is against Dan. I think several would give some props to Dan if he did make it to final two. That would be quite the feat considering everyone had knowledge of his “game”.

I’ll go ahead and say that a Brit/Danielle F2 would be ok.
I also have to say that I couldn’t tolerate Danielle’s insecurities.

I like Ian. I am not impressed with his cockiness.

I am liking Brit this season although I couldn’t stand her during her season.

I hope Danielle wins POV so the noms stay the same.

SO glad the season is getting a little more interesting.


There is no way DDBS will be final 4 now. Their only chance was to stay with the Silent Six until the rest of the newbies were gone. Now, the tide has changed to breaking-up-the-couples (starting with Boogie/Frank).


Britney thinks that Danielle and her are the only one’s in their allliance that are keeping it toghether.Huh?I guess Britney forgot that she just went to Boogie&Frank and basically begged them not to be mad at her.She gave them information that she souldn’t have,all because she can’t control her emotions.Shane threw Britney under the bus.The only person in their alliance and in the entire house who’s keeping it togehther is Dan.He(Dan)has all the heat on him and he’s still staying cool.He’s trying to get his alliance back on track.If production dosen’t save Boogie&Frank in the double eviction.Then Dan will be just fine.


jw, why is Dan trying to get Mike out now when he wanted to save Mike earlier?


I don’t think Dan actually does want Mike out, that’s just Dan’s phony act to con Danielle into thinking that Dan is on Danielle’s side so Dan can continue to manipulate and control Danielle.


Couldn’t have said it better…albeit I find Brittany very entertaining, she did lose it last night.

MU Tigers

Wow, I didn’t think that anyone was more delusional than Danielle. But there seems to be a group that are. They would be the Boogie fan’s who seem to think that anything Boogie says or does is just game, but if the same is done to him it’s a stupid move or that those players are shady liars. Anything said or done to Boogie isn’t anything that he hasn’t said or done to someone else. I honestly can’t understand rooting for a millionaire to get more money. I don’t hate Boogie, but I don’t care for his personality and he isn’t someone that I can root for. I do like Frank, and I would prefer to see Boogie go home, but I suspect for Frank that his 4th time on the block will be his last.


Shane appears to be a tool in my opinion… Dan is without question a tool.


Brit is dead on. What a perfect time for endurance. Pull out the pressure cooker or something simple. No hanging. Just stand there with a finger on a button in a cramped up space or something. How bad do you really want it?

Boogie would probably throw it after 5 minutes still I bet…


I would love the pressure cooker comp.

Big Game Move

You have to love fans in here. Frank and Boogie fans are railing Dan and hoping he gets backdoored by saying he is only in it for himself. Well guess what folks, this is BIG BROTHER! There is only 1 winner and it is a game to be in it for yourself. This game is about lying, manipulating, and turning on your alliance. Most true fans in here have seen this EVERY season, except for the most forgettable season 1, where everyone just was cool hanging out and giving the $$$ to the man with 1 leg. Dan was close to being gone last week so he should be nervous and want Frank out. In fact Frank is the dumbest player in the world for admitting that it was Boogie that talked him out of backdooring Dan last week. He basically said if Boogie gave anything close to the okay that Dan would have been backdoored. I think Boogie is actually playing a solid game. Its refreshing how honest and open he is during the confrontations. He calls a spade, a spade. Of course he still lies and manipulates but that is part of the game. Shane and Danielle are idiots. Brittany is playing a decent game as she should just sit back and let the bigger guns take each other out..I love how everyone is afraid of floaters when out of 14 season, how many floaters have won?? Floaters arent the issue and why would anyone create a target for themselves when there are so many in the house that are willing to do that themselves? I did love last night when Boogie asked Frank to leave. Boogie knew that Dan had his number and Frank was losing it and gonna keep saying more to dig his own grave. Frank cant get over on Dan. Its gonna be a great week either way it goes. Great for entertainment. I cant remember the last time I was pissed that Showtime BB shut off at midnight. Oh yeah, the night evil dick and jen were going at it.


Britney Over-reacted and She handled it Worse than Shane! .. Dan came n and showed why he is the #1 greatest player-EVER! … Shane was right to share the “blood”. His alliance told him they wanted Frank n Boogie out, but they leave HOH comps to him to win! … Danielle is so Cute in a Crazy way! … But, WHY would 2 grown women get in bathub (naked?) together and share their Nasty water juice?!?- Never understood that! .. Frank is primary target this week and Boogie is secondary target! .. MY Final 4 are Shane, Danielle, Dan and Ian!


Next time production does this type of bb again… will you only bring SINGLE not married coaches…. they play better because if brittt were daniele Donato she would have slept in the hoh room with shane too and get back rubs….. and stalker would have gotten so jelous of her….


They got one thing right, this season is a snore fest.


This is the most boring bb ever… I remember what kind of suductress janelle was before….now shes married she couldnt do much flirting or kissing a guy anymore ….thats why production should have brought Daniele Donatp instead of Brittney…. and hayden moss instead of Dan…. can you imagine the chemistry between Donato and shane he already mentioned he liked her… STALKER would have been so jelous those fights would be awesome to watch ….i can see stalker getting in donatos face….


Shane didn’t tell Boogie/Frank anything they didn’t already know. Everyone knows that Britney has Shane’s ear, and Shane wouldn’t nominate anyone without Britney’s approval, just like Danielle wouldn’t nominate anyone without Dan’s approval and Frank wouldn’t nominate anyone without Boogie’s approval. The 6 of them already know this. Even if Shane said that Britney had nothing to do with his nominations, Boogie/Frank would just think that he’s lying to protect Britney. By overblowing Shane’s “throwing under the bus” of Britney, Boogie is trying to divide them, which is working very nicely. Boogie is a master manipulator.


I’m confused… Is Shane gay or not????


UGH! I want Danielle to get OVER herself!!!! OMG!!!