Memphis about Ian “That little f***er he’s gotta go”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bayleigh, Janelle, Enzo yo
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
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Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Enzo wins the safety suite picks Christmas as his Plus one.
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8:43 am Kevin talking to himself.. muttering that he needs to “bring David back”
Kevin talks about how people in the house have outside relations.
Kevin – they’re hoping to be on the challenge together. they’re hoping to be on the amazing race together.. they have this extra leverage look out for me..
Kevin says he doesn’t have that “I can’t be like YO when we do the amazing race together.”
Kevin – Kaysar has to go, Janelle stays and make it work with the five.
Kevin says he needs to nurture relationships with Cody, Enzo, Dani, Christmas, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne

Kevin – what I can do is saying that Janelle is saying they are in an alliance so I can be like I’m looking out for you give me the information.. Say that to Cody
Kevin goes on to say he thinks Tyler will win this season. (yup .. the final three will be Christmas, Cody and Tyler)

9:23 pm Enzo and Memphis
They bring up the fight last night with Nicole and Janelle.
Memphis – Nicole knows what she’s doing.. attentions is drawn on Janelle if Janelle ends up on the block.. Nicole’s smart.

Memphis asks who he would pick if he won the safety Suite. “Christmas?”
Enzo says he’s always playing with Da’Vonne he’s thinking her he’ll say he wanted to see her in the costume.
Enzo says he’s going to avoid a guy to deflect from the Guys alliance rumors

Memphis – Da’Vonne is easy..
Enzo – I was thinking Christmas too…
Enzo says his options are Christmas and Da’Vonne
Memphis – that little f***er he’s gotta go.
Enzo agrees..
Memphis says Ian is the person if you blink he’s at the end.

9:53 am Kaysar and Tyler
Kaysar – I wanted to come to chat with you out of respect. I don’t have anything specific to talk about I respect your nominations whichever way you go..
Tyler – thank you. I feel like you and I have been closer than I am to other people in this house.

Kaysar – I don’t know hat you are going to do I didn’t come up here to barter beg. I figured my name is being tossed around
Tyler – everyone in the house just for the record.
Kaysar – I think you guys are putting me up
Tyler- no you guys. this shit it’s me.. me and you were close.. there’s alliance being tossed out there and have my name in it hurt my feelings.
Tyler asks why did hKaysar and Janelle come to him about an alliance weeks ago
Kaysar – I felt that we were being targeted.. that was the only reason
Tyler – you weren’t being targeted by me I told you that man
Kaysar – I think you are an amazing dude.. I got the sense I didn’t want to be stupid and be double-cross.. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.. it wasn’t personal
Tyler – its just a game.. I was so straight forward focus on people first and alliances come after .. all of a sudden I’m being thrown into alliances.
Tyler says it could have messed up his whole game because people are believing he’s in these alliances.
Tyler wants Kaysar to stay in the game “you’re a cool dude and you are here for the right reasons”
Kaysar – I believe you .. Maybe I jumped the gun. I felt the first week. I know it had nothing to do with you you weren’t in power. I felt I was being targeted and I was told I wasn’t.. I saw associations. I saw how close ou and Cody are and I jumped to conclusions

Tyler – I would have told you if your name was tossed around
Tyler says the first week he was also close to Kaysar.
Kaysar says he’s not coming up there to offer Tyler something only because he’s in power. “if you decide you’re not putting me up and you decide based on what has happened you still want to come to a point where we rebuild that trust I’m for it”
Kaysar – BB put me with Janelle in this house I didn’t know where else to go

Tyler says he swears no on in the house linked Kaysar and Janelle together. says that before Kaysar played in the safety suite they weren’t targeted not by him he adds.
Tyler – you didn’t have to throw my name out there I had you we were tight.. like really tight
Kaysar – LIke I said if there is a path forward..
Tyler – nothing is set in stone

Feeds cut to animals (safety suite?)

Dani, Enzo, Memphis, Nicole playing.

11:47 am Feeds still down
1:02 pm Feeds down

1:52 pm Feeds return
Enzo wins the safety suite picks Christmas as his Plus one.

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Crap on a stick. Who to root for if J and k are gone.


Maybe Tyler. At least he’s somewhat likeable and seems like a decent human


100% on Dani. I really, really, really wanted to like her this season. If she had teamed-up with Janelle instead of Frankelstein, then I’d be her biggest fan.

I was a Tyler fan in BB20. Despite his mistake of making 18 Final 2’s in a house of 16 people, he played a great game that season. I could root for him again. Of course, I may not be the best judge of character. I also liked Paul in his first season, and we all know how that turned out.

Guy From Canada

Victor In season 18 tempered Paul’s shittyness, Paul was on the outside, and that’s why I like him as well in season 18. 19 he was the worst….

Linguini Pants

Paul, you either loved him or hated him as a player. Seems to be hardly any gray area there. I thought he should have won both of his seasons and got robbed by the jurors who voted by emotion rather than the fact he just outplayed them. Someone else brought up Survivor and how most jurors there vote for the best gamer, even if they got outplayed. Paul outplayed both winners in his seasons, IMO. Let the downvotes begin! 🙂


Well he should have been voted off 3x in his 1st season.
And he should have brought James to the Finals.

He was given an unfair advantage in 2nd season along with a group of stans to play with.
He stupidly had no idea what Josh Closet was doing and forgot all about goodbye messages.

Seems to me that he rightfully lost 2x.

Just Sayin'

I don’t mind Tyler, but I feel like he is making a lot of the same mistakes he did last time.


Dani was one of my pregame picks and now I can’t stand her.


na Tyler will be a miserable prick without Angela there.

Team Janelle

If it keeps my interest enough to continue watching I’ll have to stay with the old school players minus Dani. Dani is like a grown mean woman pretending to still be a mean girl in high school. I just can’t support her.

My 2 cents

I tend to root for the people who keep me entertained. So I’m hoping Enzo yo (altho he does get tiresome), Da and Kevin stick around just so there are some laughs. But i hope ian wins the game.

Linguini Pants

This is a hard one. I like Ian, but he’s with the slithering snake, and I abhor her gameplay. Same with Dani. Like her, but she’s attached to that snake too. I want someone to root for that’s playing the most strategic game, in the least assholish way. Too much to ask for? Maybe. I think it’s too early yet to see how that is because of all these alliances and quasi alliances and…arghhhhh. So for now I’ll go with Tyler. I can’t stand Christmas. Why she was brought back, I don’t get it. She just annoys the fu*k out of me, as do Memphis and Cody. I’m really starting to dislike this season. I wish they would have brought back an even number of Old versus New School so Jaysar weren’t thrown to the wolves.

Guy From Canada

I feel like sh!tmas and David were alternates for Josh and Kaycee


Ian or Tyler


I think Enzo and Bay.


And I know others don’t…but I like Memphis too.


Can’t get behind Ian as long as he’s with Franzel

My 2 cents

But if he backstabs her, wont it be worth it?! Lol

Team Janelle

Yes. Now that would be awesome. But I don’t think he will.

The Beef

I like Ian. I also still like Tyler, even though I don’t like the people he’s aligned with. I also like Bayleigh a lot more this season than the last season she played. The rest can go kick rocks.


Ian already won

Purple Aki

Memphis haha, can’t wait to see him make fun of these crybaby new school players

In Memphis and/or Ian we trust


How Kaysar buy anything that Tyler is trying to sell him?

The Beef

What’s a man going to say when he’s sitting there looking at the guy holding on to his lifeline in the game? “You know you are lying to me right now!”? No, he can’t say that. He has to sit there and eat that sh@t sandwich and try and make the best of it. That’s all that he can do. If he doesn’t go up and talk to him, he gets chastised for being aloof and thinking he is “better” than the HOH or something, so he just has to do it. It’s just part of the game.

Just Sayin'

Reading how Kaysar acts in the HOH about possibly being nominated makes me miss the “old school” players, who were there to play and not act like whiny babies all the time. Like if you put me up it is what it is, its a game and I’ll deal with it. NcioleF would be crying all week….


I really miss the old school seasons, this new school stuff blows


Totally agree but the strategy changes as the show “grows”. Every year will employ the same new strategy until rules are drastically changed. Happens in sports too.


Agree.. no victim whinny entitled brats wanting recognition for doing nothing. Reasonable mature adults playing BB is refreshing. Unfortunately it will be short lived unless Tyler sees the light and doesn’t follow the idiot sheep. If I hear David say the word “painful” one more time ……and I refuse to torture myself listening to shitmas Whinny rat Nicole and Dani! They are officially GREEN with envy and jealousy.

Just Sayin'

One of the best parts of playing games is getting to be competitive while still managing to keep it fun, can you imagine playing Risk or Monopoly with NicoleF or most of these people lol?


Memphis is a man obsessed, Geez!!!


Yep. This avenging Dan fixation is going to get him evicted, hopefully with Ian as the HOH who nominates him. 🙂

Linguini Pants

That would be Golden!!!!


He just doesnt like the guy


Praying to the BB gods that Tyler ditches Cody, NF, Christmas, and Dani.

C’mon production… make the season interesting… I haven’t gotten behind the 184 alliances formed thus far, but I’ll get behind Tyler, Kaysar, Janelle, and Ian.

Hoping, praying, building shrines.

The guy

Yeah too many alliances in my opinion…. If I were in the house is play the game as “you’re an ally but I’m not stupid…”


I pray this happens too, I highly doubt it though. In reading the conversation with Tyler and Kaysar, Tyler comes across as a real a*hole. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but for him to say his feelings were hurt that Kaysar thought he was in an alliance is freaking gross and unnecessary. I mean if Tyler is putting up Janelle and Kaysar, fine just do it, but to makeup a bullsh*t reason and act like you’re offended that someone said you were in an alliance (which you are in by the way, along with several others) is just a bs doucher move. The fact that he said no one thought Janelle and Kaysar were together in the beginning is freaking laughable too, just unnecessary crap.


Finally. Someone with some sense!

The Beef

Yeah, it was a bit much and maybe the first signs of HOHitis we see from Tyler this week. Just seemed unnecessary to act as if, oh no you were never in any trouble at all that first week, when we all know Cody was certainly considering putting one or both of them on the block, before Kaysar won the safety suite and saved Janelle. Yes, lying is part of the game, but why lie when you don’t have to? It just destroys any chance down the road of the other person ever trusting you, even if the possibility of working together is remote.

Jan Nan

Thank you. All this my feelings were hurt is a bunch of bullsh*t. Grow up Tyler. When does a man whine that his feelings were hurt in Big Brother? I swear it’s just week 3 and I’m sick to death of these people minus Janelle and Kaysar


That conversation between Tyler and Kaysar insulted me. They don’t even want to play with Janelle + Kaysar and it’s clear as day.

As a millennial who grew up on BB each season get worse and worse AND WORSE.

Once Janelle, Kaysar and Ian are out I am out. I say this every year, but last year I stuck to it and I’m not going to waste my time watching a circle jerk of mean girls Dani + Nicole + Xmas (who has been quite tame thus far I am surprised), and the bros — Bayleigh, Day, David, and Kevin do nothing for me.

I loved this game for the strategy, backstabbing, lies, manipulation (not gaslighting and emotionally/psychologically group think attacks), and thirst to be the BB champ. This sh!t is lame as f_ck.

Just disappointing. If my top 3 go out I would be fine with Enzo or Tyler, but that isn’t worth the my time or energy.


dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

Kaysars grey joggers

Chilltown, it doesnt look like the Zoom chat is gonna happen tomorrow while we’re kicked back, relaxed with a couple of beers waiting on veto results. Simon’s pretty busy , he said possibly later on in the season he may be free to do it. You have awesome views on this game, would you like to set one up & leave the link & pass code for us to join? Hopefully some of the other guys with great perspectives on the game could join us like EricCa, Nurk, and TmM.


You are giving me a sketch vibe. I’m out


True Story 1,000 percent!!


I’d be weary about putting J/K up because either way, one of them stays.


tyler doesnt need to be weary about it, the one who stays would have to win next hoh, and j/k already made nicole and cody their primary targets. tyler is just dumb making the move for nicole and cody


Why play a game of alliances if no one trusts the alliances or even knows who is in their alliance?
Everyone is talking about what’s best for their game based on what everyone else is doing versus thinking about who they really need to go in order to win!
J and K have not put up the best performance with “loyalty and old school” and the old school ways fall by the wayside as the comp beast of J seems of yesteryear and K can’t wrap his head around how the game has changed so he tries to mold to the “new way” which looks bad on him and it doesn’t seem to be working.
It’s clear that no trustworthy alliance has worked thus far and All Stars need to just play for the sake of their own game.
Can someone tell me what Ian did to piss off Memphis? Did I miss something? Or is Memphis on some sort of head trip this season??
So far Tyler is the only possible stand out. Who will come out and try to play with him? For real not fake play!


Ian beat Dan Ghesling and won. Memphis is good friends with Dan and he’s trying to get revenge.


Dan beat Dan, sour jury.


Dan never should have been in the Final


What in the actual f*ck does Victor see in that whiny ass Franzel? She must be a good “ tugger?”


he saw that $500k she won

My 2 cents

I’m wondering why Victor wasn’t cast instead of NicF. He was an AFP plus legendary for his comebacks. Speaking of AFP’s, they voted out 2 of 3 in the house, back-to-back. The 3rd is current HOH. If Janelle had won instead, Tyler could have been the third AFP leaving. Figures this crew would get rid of nice, likeable people first…


Janelle’s comment – she’s a snake – is completely accurate. So disappointed to see Fanzilla yet again. I’ve despised her every appearance on BB. I’ll be dancing when she’s gone.


Another funny: all the HGs who are “influencers” and need social media, and have been about the followers are the ones saying that Janelle is in the house for that!? Janelle wants to play the game, she’s 40 and is successful without needing social media. These f^*@ing kids…
Then they think that new school BB is a kind and clean game while old school is mean? When did all the bullying tactics begin? When did the isolate one HG begin? It all started with the huge alliances in the new school age. Again, these f^*&ing kids!
But it goes to show, before BB Tyler and Bayleigh had already appeared on CBS shows and that’s why they were cast. Xmas doesn’t watch. NicF no wonder you have to have your brother as the maid of honor, she has no real gfs…always stay away from women who have no real female friends, there’s a reason for that!

Linguini Pants

I agree with everything you said. And why production keeps trying to sell Nic F as this sweet, little Midwest victim getting picked on by the older, more sophisticated, Janelle, when she’s a slithering snake rat betraying the females for the boys every time she’s played, is like WTF?!? What’s their interest in doing that? Viewers that only watch the broadcasts are getting snowed, nothing new here. But with social media and great spoilers sites, like here (Thanks Simon and Dawg!) the truth is out there. I don’t see the point in it.


Memphis is ruining his games and focusing on a personal bro vendetta. He would regret it later in the future.


Seems several players are in the house with an agenda that has nothing to do with the strategy and mental aspects of the BB game. It’s disappointing but seems to be in line with the polar divide in the world these days. Sometimes I feel like I’m not on planet earth anymore.

Expecting Nothing

Tyler is/was fine. it’s just boring to see him in another big alliance playing out the same as before. if he wanted to make things interesting he could put up NF and Ian under the pretense they are both past winners telling NF she is the pawn to backdoor Janelle. and then backdoor Xmas instead! yes, keep the big targets in the house but get rid of Xmas who is thirsty to compete and flying under the radar at the moment. it’s not gonna happen tho, he will play it safe, and who knows who will win safety suite. my guess is we see Bey go home or possibly Kevin. YAWN, wake me up in three weeks…

Expecting Nothing

or if Memphis can get in Tyler’s ear then goodbye Ian. i am interested to see if Tyler will play for himself or let his alliance control him.


I had hope for Tyler but so far I’ve set my expectations too high. Seems Tyler is going along with the bros and definitely showing a side to his personality that’s disappointing.


Why is for Da’Vonne to announce that she cannot vote out David because she wants an African American to win. If a white player announced that they wanted a white player to win, everyone would shit themselves


White contestants wins all the time. It is nothing new. She is just commenting on giving a chance to someone outside of the major group becauase rarely is there more than two AA in one season. Voting them off early gives them less oof a chance. So she is tryinng to keep them all in as long as she can to increase the odds. I doon’t think that is a stretch even if the chances this seasoon is slim.


Davonne is an African American who has been given once in a lifetime opportunities on multiple TV shows… give me a break she is your classic wannabe victim. She never wins because she is a terrible player


I’m not saying who is or isn’t a good player. I am saying this could be the reason. Give us a season with more people of color %wise and maybe things might look different. I am not making judgments on game play. Only giving a possible explanation.


The percentage of non-white competitors on BB has always been skewed in their favor. There’s 3 blacks and a mixed, so that’s nearly 30%, when the AA population is only 13%. And you’re saying you want an even higher skewed percentage?!?! That’s SOOOO racist!


They cast towards demographics. Over 60% of the US population is white. Most seasons 60-70% of the cast is white.


The representation should match demographics each season, that way no bitching. Well there shouldnt be bitchin at least.


Why keep whining about it? Its not even relatable to this thread. Says more about you.

Julie's gerbils

I wonder would NicA have gotten boo’s had there been an audience or would they have been kind to her


Kind..sympathetic..regretful…and slightly embarrassed


I think its pretty ridiculous people on this forum get more upset about nicole F then they do about davonne… say what u want about nicole Fs personality, but she is a pretty good bb player. On the other hand davonne is a terrible bb player while being openly racist at the same time. Everyone is obviously scared to talk about it because today’s society is full of sjw babies who are detached from reality


She’s more entertaining because she is a train wreck lol… u can’t deny nicole F is 10 fold a better bb player, even tho that’s not saying much because day is so bad


Davonne is nowhere near the level as a Big Brother game player as NicoleF is.


Maybe people are tired of the constant whining. I find her the most annoying of the females left. But I guess I have always felt her whine was annoying. As a teacher, I hear too much whining so my breaking point is low tolerance for that kind of stuff.


At least neither of them have made themselves bleed yet….

Guy From Canada

She does the same thing over and over again in a boring way. Let’s break some obvious down.

Why is Dr Will so liked? He had fun throwing stuff. Did it twice and was entertaining. Why is Dan liked? Cause he was boring his first season, but in 14 manipulated (Production) the hell Out if his other housemates to make it to he end he second time.

why is Nicole hated? She hides behind better players, to play the rat game and sell them out down the road. She gaslights hatred, which is not entertaining to watch.

why is Paul hate? Same reason, gasliting, bully, targeting one person as a mob.

why is Janelle loved over the other side Nicole? Janelle, while on the outside still does nice things because that’s who she is. Nicole whins, Cry’s, belittles others to the point where the others break down and belittle back. Bam, target.

yes, repeatable results makes a good player, and one could argue Nicole F is a good player in that regard. However, she is anything but likeable for many because of how she wins.


100% accuracy


I don’t call what she does “good playing”. That’s like saying every politician is great because they won the vote…


Victims of racism always come across as being the racist ones, but NicoleF is still a whiney bitch.


Ideally, I would like Tyler to flip, shake up the whole house and save both J/K, but we all know that it wont happen.

My ideal alliance would be a Janelle, Tyler, Ian and Kaysar but Ian is too close to Nicole F so that will never happen and Tyler wont want to make waves with the rest of the house.

Praying some miracle happens though and maybe something like Janelle, Kaysar, Tyler, David & Bay can form some type of gorup, include Day for a number and maybe Christmas would go with them…..but who am I kidding, either J/K will be out by next Thursday and the other will remain the prime target.