“It’s what the house wants”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bayleigh, Janelle, Enzo yo
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
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Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Enzo wins picks Chritmas
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1:55 pm Dani and Da
Dani about Enzo using the safety suite on Christmas “Maybe just to throw people off”
Da – it’s really random
Dani – did you ask to make it you
Da – yeh I talked to him .. he was blah blah blah I wanted to do it.. I guess it’s a good thing though
Dani – she didn’t even seem happy.. wasn’t that weird.. it was really weird..
Dani – that one caught me by surpsie to
Da – you were so close
Dani – he [Enzo] was so good oh my god

1:55 pm Enzo and Tyler
They’re talking about a Da’Vonne being pissed he didn’t pick her for safety suite. Enzo explains he told them it was going to be either Da or Christmas. He told her why is she so worried she’s in an alliance with them.
Enzo – why are you worried yo.. you’re safe.
Enzo – Christmas is going to win sh1t she’s a beast
Tyler mentions tell her you didn’t want to out the alliance.
Enzo – stop blabbing your mouth and win sh1t yo.. I’m telling you, you, me, Cody, and dave .. that’s it.
Enzo – I like Bayleigh. . . She opens up.

Christmas comes in .. They chat about the competition.

After Christmas leaves.. Enzo yo’s right out..

They talk about Da’vonne being paranoid.
Enzo – that’s what they say Da always gets paranoid and she blows everything up
Tyler – yeah yeah
Enzo says She said there was a guys alliance when there wasn’t and now there is “you forced it”
Tyler – this week is so straight forward people are going to try and play two three four weeks ahead
Enzo – I got your back yo..
Enzo says whoever survives this week he’s putting them up next week

Tyler – if Da keeps talking and trying to stir sh1t up and blow us up then that’s what’s up
Enzo – yo yo yo yo .. dave’s a solid guy yo yo yo yo
Enzo brings up that Memphis is a good guy YO.. Tyler agrees says that they need to keep Memphis in the house for a while because that is the type of player that sooner or later someone else is going to evict them just because It’s Memphis (AKA he’s an a$$)
Enzo – we’re good yo yo yo yo you killed that sh1t to YO
They talk about the HOH
Enzo says during the HOH Da’Vonne was going crazy cheering for Janelle.
Enzo – you know what I mean.. like, stop… yo.. that’s a sign you’re playing the whole house right now.
Enzo says he was cheering for anyone..
Enzo – Ian with his little dance to… chillax chillax yo
Tyler- Janelle got 11 if I didn’t get that 12 they would have won
Tyler says Kaysar came up like a guilty dog.. He owned that he talked a lot of sh1t and Janelle didn’t
Enzo warns that Janelle would come back in if there was a battle back.
Tyler brings up what if Kaysar leaves and next week there’s a power vote to her..
Tyler – we can’t play around with twists.. we can’t play beign scared of twists..
Enzo – just stay loyal yo

2:30 pm working out.. Chit chatting about past season.. Plenty of cuts to stars.

Nominations are later today. Janelle and Kaysar going up. I assume Janelle is Tyler’s target

2:37 pm Kaysar and Janelle
Kaysar says always being on is exhausting for him “I need to self reflect and collect myself. have to come to terms that everything happens for a reason and go with it.. Such is life”
Kaysar – you good
Janelle – I talked to Tyler and he’s super nice he said he has to do what the house wants
Kaysar – we’ll see what happens.. the house wants what the house wants.. the hard part is really people just kinda avoiding you like you have some sort of disease.
Janelle – are they avoiding you
Kaysar – yeah
Janelle – that’s sad
Kaysar – people do that because they don’t want to be associated.. everybody knows we’re going up.. they don’t want to be associated when we’re safe how about when we’re not
Janelle – about to do on the block together again
Kaysar – together again
“it’s what the house wants”
they laugh..
Kaysar – I don’t buy it for one second they were not coming after us
Janelle – I don’t thin Tyler and dani was
Kaysar – don’t you think the subject would come up.. I think Cody was and Cody was in power and they were associated. How do you play that Cody’s in power and wants to take us out.

Kaysar brings up Tyler telling him that they played safety suite the first week and made themselves targets

Kaysar says there’s a 10% chance Jaenlel and Memphis will go up
Janelle – it’s me and you.. the whole house said to put me and you up
Kaysar – he mentioned us
Janelle – yeah
Kaysar – Okay.. cool
Janelle – don’t let it get you down we’ve been nominated before

Kaysar – it’s hard if it really is the entire house you got to figure out how you can fig yourself out ofg this hole
Janelle mentions the good side of this the person that stays will be in a much better position.
Kaysar – they can’t stand the fact the two of us are in a house toether.. it never works.. the whole thing about picking Christmas was to send a message.
Janelle said she knew Christmas was going to be picked.
Kaysar – they found out that we told her that they were coming after her. They called us liars and pulled her.
Ian comes in .

3:10 pm Tyler and David
Tyler says he let J/K know they’re going up. He points out that Kaysar “owned it” but Janelle didn’t.
They talk about how close they are and nobody knows.

3:11 pm Enzo and Cody
Enzo – this is allstars season you better win yo
Cody – I don’t like the whole thing with her running around paranoid..
Enzo – why not make an ally with someone with this power. I’m in good graces with Christmas.
Enzo – you’re making an alliance with Janelle who’s days are numbers in this house.

Enzo – Even Tyler was like what is her problem.
Enzo – do you think I care if you blow up my alliances? I’m in four of them blow one up I don’t care.
Cody says this is what Da’vonne does she gets paranoid and blows up and her alliance cuts her.

Enzo brings up that Dani is saying that Da is paranoid as all yell, “Bay she’s cool”
Enzo says Dani doesn’t trust Da

Enzo – if da wins HOH can we trust her
Cody – that’s the problem.. I know if you win I don’t gotta worry.. if Dani wins I don’t gotta worry
Enzo – I never thought I would be beefing with people in my alliance this early (you said it yourself you are in 4 alliances you’re with everyone)

Cody says if Janelle goes Da’Vonne will put up Memphis and Kaysar.
Enzo – we need to have a meeting with Tyler tonight
Cody warns they have to get J/K out first. This week one goes the next week the other, He stresses the nominations have to stay this week.

Enzo talks about the competition today and how his trick was to squish the ball so it would go into tight places.
Enzo says last season he threw everything, “I’m in alliances with Women, I’m winning shit.. I’ve changed my whole game up”
Enzo – Two Italian kids from jersey winning the whole thing..

3:30 pm David and Cody
David says he just had his first HOH shower.

3:35 pm JAenlle and Ian
Janelle apologizes for saying that Dan should have won.. She knows it upset him

3:43 pm Kevin and David
David says he’s close to Da and Bayleigh but he feels like he’s the third wheel.
Kevin says it’s better to be 3rd than 7th.
Kevin saying that many of the people in the house know each other outside. Either their friends, they played in a previous BB season or they played in some other reality show together
Kevin says the newer generation players have connections and they are deep. The older players have moved on with their lives. “it falls off quick”
Feeds cut..
4:47 pm feeds down.

(Nomination Results will be Janelle and Kaysar )

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Team Janelle

See what I mean about old school? Janelle is calm as a cucumber. If it was NicF going on the block with the entire house gunning after her, she’d be in the corner crying her eyes out. Smh.

I can’t stand these soft lazy cry baby players. But It seems like that’s what big brother has become. It’s a shame because it was an exciting game. 🙁


Even if she wasn’t nominated but heard her name was “mentioned” by the HOH or heck even if she had won safety suite you know NicoleF would still be crying, “I can’t believe they’re targeting me. its so unfair, blah blah” CANT STAND HER or her “gameplay”.


Nicole F. is unable to use her typical calming technique…

Brain G

All in good time she’s a back woods ho being with Victor means nothing.she stays to long she’ll find someone to “cuddle”

Joanne Engel

Get nicole f. Out I can’t stand her crying and feeling sorry for herself plays pity party!!!!! Open yo dam eyes people!!!


You should see the ratings…each season tanking more and more. Not even 4 million viewers now and football has not started, an we are in Covid times with nothing new to watch. Maybe next season we get new producers. If this All Stars can’t bring the viewership back near the 7 or 8 million they were pulling during the OLD SCHOOL days, we are close to the end of BB.

Team Janelle

This is truly a sh!t show. What a shame.

Brain G

No one around here still watches. Production interference has destroyed the game. Actually people make fun of you for watching around here. I haven’t watched in years but I’ve followed on internet because kayser and Janelle. I’m shocked it’s still on. If Julie wasn’t married Moonves it would be cancelled with out a doubt

Houka Inumuta

Ian will make history for being a two time winner in BB. MARK MY WORDS


Didn’t you originally pick NicA?


Alright it’s my favorite prediction artist Houka. Can’t wait to see all your posts, they are always spot on. LMFAO

Miss Impression



This is going to be a rough week.


It’s annoying because instead of playing the “game” they signed up for, they all just want to stay on TV for as long as they can to help improve their social media numbers or become full time reality stars. It’s like watching a bunch of high school-ers pretending they are adults while playing house.


NickF is always mentioning she doesn’t want to lose followers and doesn’t want people to hate her. Well that is too late missy.

Brain G



Agreed! I’m so fed up with this crap. Imagine how awesome this season could’ve been with just old school Allstars, no whining like a baby, no mob mentality, no 11 person alliances. It’d be just straight up game play, awesome every damn week. Instead we have this flaming turd.


As soon as Tyler said, “Its what the house wants” I lost all respect for him. I liked Tyler the year he played and thought he played well, except too many fake fights with Bay, and finals. I thought he was introducing a new way to play, but I was wrong. he is no different than Cody, Enso, Dani, NickF and Day.


Tyler will put up J & K, but the better move would be to take out NF. Make up some sh#t to his own alliance why she has to go. They’re stupid enough to forgive him. Meanwhile, he could build something with J & K on the side.


I wish Janelle and Tyler would work together, they were probably the two I was rooting for the most when the season first started, but sadly I don’t think it will happen.

We can dream at least!


I really wish kaysar and janelle didn’t start saying Tyler was in an allowance with Cody on day 2 because Tyler was really willing to work with them and that was my ideal trio. Technically tyler was working with everyone lol. However He even vouched for kaysar to Cody and when Cody heard that he didn’t have Tyler in any of his alliances. Then when Tyler found out from Dani that kaysar and janelle had his name in their mouth connected with Cody he broke off working with them. Once Tyler broke it off with them Cody started inviting him into alliances and including him. Taran had a great breakdown of this on twitter. Tyler legitimately didn’t know they were Cody’s targets pre safety suite. Then kaysar won safety suite tyler vouched for him to Cody (sketching cody out). Kaysar saw them talking after safety suite and him and janelle told dani Cody and Tyler were in an alliance. Tyler felt betrayed and here we are now. We were so close to them working together and Cody not including tyler because he vouched for jaysar but once Dani told him what kaysar and janelle were saying that ruined it. Great play by Dani to let them know to make sure he didn’t align with them. Wish tyler and kaysar talked to each other about it instead of getting to where we’re at now.

another name

I think if Tyler really wanted to work with Kaysar and Janelle, Tyler wouldn’t have been in on the talks with Cody and Enzo to target them, before the safety suite, and given them a heads up instead of an i think ur good nobody is targeting you chat.
Then again I think if Tyler really wanted to work with them he would have called them and arranged something with one of them preseason the same way he did with Angela’s friend Christmas, and Bay and David.
Everyone walked into the house like they’d had that first ten days without feeds where everyone made their secret arrangements.
So if we’re hearing otherwise, it’s for TV and image.


Hell yes! NicoleF and Dani on the block, can you imagine the tears and breakdowns?!?! I really hoped Tyler would play with Janelle and Kaysar, it could’ve been an awesome season, smh


Playing the game is one thing, To actively avoid people is another.

I got nothing else lol except all the respect for Janelle and Kaysar 🙂

Bayleigh's Tampon

Kayser and Janelle came to play. Everyone else came to play house and suck up to whoever’s HOH.


Hate this mob mentality of BB now “ the house wants it” Hoping for a veto win or a miracle coup d’etat, anything….. can’t stand these smug bastards and the resident mean girl squad of Shitmas, Dani,& frazzled Franzel

All Stars???

I think Amanda and McCrea came up with “It’s what the house wants” and it is one of the reasons I couldn’t stand them.


Tyler what a chicken sht disappointment he + his HOH. What the house wants? I think he meant to say its what XMAS wants.


Too bad we can’t get the planes flying banners like in the old seasons to warn Tyler to align with J and K


Where’s the bullhorn guy when we need him?

another name

I’m not hoping for a mystery power that saves anybody.
I’m hoping for a veto win for one of the two nominees.
I’m hoping for a cohesive campaign that changes this season power structure.
I’m old school that way.

My worst misgivings for a returning cast season are pretty much playing out.
It’s why I’ve been saying don’t hope for an All-Stars it will ruin your image of your faves because of how the show is changing.

I don’t like production as a strategy. i don’t like production interference. I don’t like blatant production manipulation with D/R as another house guest. That has been my BIG problem with seasons 18 to now. My biggest hate-ons are the house guests that we hear on feeds are using or being aided in that fashion.
I don’t want production to openly do these things.

But then again, I don’t want a high school reunion season. That’s what we’re seeing. A bunch of kids returning a few years after graduation, and regressing to childish mentality and old grudges instead of actually growing up. The old school are the teachers in this scenario.
Really bad knockoff of a John Hughes parody film remake by the Grod.

Keesha was the office secretary everyone in the class of Grod thought was just a pale copy of Janelle the phys ed teacher all the boys used polish the fixtures fantasizing about at night, and all the girls were jealous about. Memphis is that autoshop teacher everybody thought was a dick, even though he thought he was one of the guys. Kaysar is that psychology teacher everyone at the reunion assumed was dead.

So now we’re watching the former A crowd, who have already made sure that everyone else at the reunion remembers are the ones that run this school. A bunch of affluent upper middle class boys in their varsity jackets with a couple of Ms. Janelle knock off wannabes they can do while still thinking of Ms. Janelle. Shockingly Ms.Janelle brought dead Mr. Kaysar to the reunion as her date, and now they both have to go. And of course, all the Alpha guys want to be the King of the Reunion, just to prove they matter. Just ask class clown Enzo, he’s been going to school here so long and left back so often that he’s pretty much older than the teachers. Or ask transfer student Dani, but don’t talk about her dad… I hear he’s really mean and like an ex con or shhhhh i heard a criminal or in the mob shhhhh or something… she doesn’t like to talk about it.

In the background we have the B squad. those kids that weren’t really in with the Alphas, but were tolerated to a point. Do join the reunion Da’vonne and Bayleigh and bring your little brother David if you want. (oh my god, did you see what they’re wearing? gross i can’t believe she wore that…. oh come here girl, you look so goood i just love you).

Finally the math-a-letes have arrived as well. Still wondering after all this time why they aren’t admired for their achievements… but THIS time it will be different. It won’t be different.

There. You’re up to date on this season.

Starry night

Last night Dani told Nicole that Tyler has to go soon because he’s too good. Tyler is already leery of Dani. Nicole has that as ammunition now. If it gets back to him….she’s toast.


When Cody was HOH, he told Dani Tyler only comes to him to make sure everything is ok, but he never brings any info. And Cody also told Dani is the game Tyler plays, he`s good and buddy buddy with everyone. Dani could also use this info.

Team Jaysar

There needs to be a coup d’etat this week. Something to keep Janelle and Kaysar in the house

another name

Or one of Janelle or Kaysar could win the veto, and then push for a house divide in order to save the other from the block through campaigning in order to save the other.
The way the show should be.
If they can’t, they can’t.


This season was about to be epic and now these lazy/scared players are just taking the easy way out. K & J play amazing genuine big brother games. They play big brother the way it started and was intended. Now it’s all these fame hungry kids trying to play when really they’re just all trying to survive. Nicole F has to go.

another name

Let’s all be clear on something.
If any house guest this season actually wanted to work with another house guest, they would have called them. The same way they called the others.
There are so many in the house that have openly mentioned pregame talks and the basis of their real world connections, that it would be asinine to believe otherwise.
Saying otherwise is for the viewer’s and their own image sake.


Tyler in all of Big Brother history has always been and always will be the biggest coward to play in my eyes and same goes for the new school players taking the consistently cowardly approach of “It’s what the house wants” and “vote with the house.” They have ruined what was once a great game and frankly, I am getting sick of this game every year.
They have also taken the crown of rat to a whole new level from Ronnie. Kudos.
And half of these people on here are not anything even remotely close to All Stars. What a joke this season has become!