Mayonnaise and the Anteater “which I might add is untrained and from the wild “

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-12 19-25-19-125

10:20pm Willow and Zach
Willow is worried about Kevin and pilar, but not right now.
Willow says she would nominate Godfrey and Sarah or maybe Godfrey and Pilar. She wants to Backdoor Bobby.
Willow – I want to get into this game I don’t mind getting blood on my hands.
Zach – you have to win to actually play the game.
Zach hopes that Bobby throws the HOh to him.
She tells him that Bobby will throw the HOH to him.
Zach says what would she do if he puts her up as a pawn.
Willow will put him up next week.
Willow tells him Bobby is really into Ashleigh he follows her around.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-12 19-25-39-840
10:25pm Bruno and Bobby
Bruno saying if someone used the POV he would have to put up Kevin and Pilar. if kevin had won the POV he would have put up PIlar and Brittnee.

Bobby points out that the entire house knows the plan is to backdoor Kevin.
Bobby is going to tell Zach the Chop shop is where they have to have their heads at.
Bobby – You want the money and this awesome glory the glory that lasts forever.. the glory suparsses the money for me.
Godfrey says Zach and Jordan are very close
Bobby mentions how he’s given Zach so much in this game. (Slop pass)
They contemplate if Zach will make a move. this early.
bobby doesn’t think so because Zach can get further with them than the other side.
Bruno is loyal to the chop shop but he’s more loyal to Bobby and him. Bruno says Bobby is the one person he trusts 100% (Said this to Godfrey to)
They agree Zach and Ashleigh are 100% and Willow sees it to so they can bring her in.
Bobby’s perfect final 6 is the chop chop and godfrey, “we gang up on the showmance”.
Bruno says for their game the best is for Kevin to leave followed by JP or Zach
Bobby – If we take a stab at JP Zach think something is up it will have to be a backdoor.
Bruno – I almost think it’s better to get Zach first If we get Zach out first JP will crawl to us
Bobby – we can take out Zach’s army..
Bruno – If we go after Zach’s army he’ll catch on
Bobby – who is his army .. Sarah and Britt
Bruno – he’s close to Britt.. Ashleigh and JP
Bobby – that is why he’s selling Sarah and pilar to put up instead of Sarah and Britt.
Bruno about Zach – you ever notice how he disappears with people .. him and Ashleigh get together him and JP get together.
They count Zach’s army, Britt, Ashleigh, Jordan and Zach that’s 4 if Zach gets Pilar and kevin that is 6 people.
Bruno isn’t sure wher Kevin is but think Zach has 5. “5 people it’s not good”
Bobby wants to take out britt first “Its the least amount of blood” (Jeepers Bobby… )
Bruno warns that Sarah is dangerous
Bruno says during the POV power reveal jordan was staring at Zach ‘Why is Jordan sweating so much..”
Bobby – JP is playing a really floaty game.. really floaty
Bruno – I know what I say to him he’ll run and tell Zach he’s Zachs little puppy

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-12 19-52-52-487

10:55pm – 11:45 Slurping..
Pilar says she doesn’t trust Willow anymore. She feels betrayed by her. (Willow is worried about the couples).
Pilar thinks if Willow wins the HOH she’ll go after the boy and they don’t want that. Asks him who he would put up if he won HOH. Kevin – The Diapers would have to meet up and we’ll decide together… I only think of one thing at a time”
He tells her she’s very smart she’s going to go really far.
Pilar thinks she’s really bad at this game, “I trust everyone”
Kevin hopes she trust him
Pilar – I believe you and I trust you 150%.. do you trust me
Kevin – Yeah
Pilar – You’re like my brother .. that came out wrong.. You’re chill
Pilar – Godfrey is such a nice person but I don’t trust him.. I don’t
Kevin – He tells us lies for fun

Pilar says Godfrey told her something about Graig but she can’t remember what it is, “I’m just going to make something up” After some rambling she says “I’m really good at reading people.. I know when people are lying”
Kevin – You’re good at areading people
PIlar – I don’t knoww why
kevin – It’s a skill
Pilar – sometimes I picture something and it happens.
She goes on to explain she knew there was going to be a power during the POV Ceremony.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-12 20-05-17-590

11:03pm Willow and Bruno Hockey Talk
Willow hates Boston Bruins mentions how there isn’t many Canadian teams in the running. Thinks maybe Calgary and Vancouver but Calgary made it through.
Bruno says the Habs have a good chance.
Willow – I was going for the leafs last year.. not two years ago.. I was like is this what it’s like to be a Leafs fan this Sucks .
Bruno – you could feel the momentum shift.
There is a bit of game talk Bruno tells her he needs a HOH win out of her. Willow mentions how Zach is hoping Bobby throws the HOh to him

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I’m RAFLMAO at Pillar and Kevin conversation, especially the part about do you trust me lol.


Players like Pilar or Victoria (BBUS16) are a sheer embarrassment and should never be picked to play in this game.At least Victoria showed a little bit of personality and, at times, she was fun to watch. Whereas Pilar …


What if robyn kass actually got older players and not young ones. It has been proven that older players make wiser desicions, are smarter, and arnt soo arrogant, hence donny, bruno, derrick, and all the casts before bb9


Look at the target demographic for Big Brother. It’s mainly younger women. A cast full of Derrick’s would lead to cancellation, I promise you that. This cast may be on the young side, and I’m not against a more balanced cast, but if they were all in their thirties, no one would watch that. No matter how wild and zany they are.


That’s not true at all. Have you seen the ratings for this show? They’re in the toilet. A house full of Derricks and 30-somethings would provide an intelligent game. The “target audience” you talk about only care about “hawt guys,” romances and booze-filled parties. Pathetic.


not true. i’m a younger woman and would prefer a cast of thirtysomethings because that makes for much more interesting season. i’m an avid watcher of all english language big brothers and i’ve noticed the most riveting seasons are usually filled with older houseguests. give me real strategists and game any day over ‘hawt boys & hook ups’.


I’m so lost as to who is loyal to who. Everyone seems to want their own alliance members out. So confused.


Most are playing more than one side or angle. The only one not so far is Godfrey…and maybe Pillar (but most don’t know if she is aware a game is going on).


Bobby is such an idiot, he somehow managed to talk Bruno out of making such a big move and it’s gonna bite him in the ass next week, I can’t wait to watch his reaction when they nominate him. Bruno is making all valid points about Zack and Jp constantly talking and Zack having all these allies, and yet he doesn’t think he needs to get him out yet? And what is all this nonsense Bobby is spurting about how epic it would be to make it to the end? You’re not the Brigade stop trying to be, he better go next week he is probably a dumber player then Pili, and that isn’t easy to do. I want Naeha back in this house on Wednesday, want her to win HOH, make an alliance with her Sarah, Brittnee, Bruno, and Godfrey and get out everyone else. Probably won’t happen but hey, a guy can dream.


It’s a good dream. At least it would potentially give the diapers and the bro-triangle a bit of a run.


Zach, listen to Johnny, you have the numbers. I don’t like the diaper alliance, however at least this would shake up the house!


I’m not seeing how it would shake up the house. Newport presently has the house on lock and they will just proceed with their in the middle plan.


The Bromudas are underestimating Sarah so much, not that she is a threat with her competition record but she is really good at reading the house dynamics. Same with Bruno, but he is aligned to one of the stupidest person in the game right now.

Next week is a toss up on who will go, it could either be Bobby, Kevin, Zach, Sarah or Godfrey. Either way the person who’ll come back (hopefully Naeha) will bring so much chaos in the house dynamics.I just hope it’s not Cindy with an S (she’ll just blindly join the diaper alliance) or Graig (who’ll send Sarah and Brit out).


I wonder how Big Brother would affect job opportunities after? Like i’m a student and although BB seems really really cool, the fact that potential employers could see me say things that i’d rather them not. For example: I don’t normally swear, but after some wine and when I hang out with friends I can talk like a sailor- which is fine in private but not for employers haha.


I guess it would depend on the industry. If you want to work somewhere where your (future) boss is likely to watch big brother, maybe it would affect it. I would bet for 95% of all jobs though that wouldn’t be the case, and they would place more emphasis on how you were in the interview and other contact with them instead.


No worries. BBCan seems scared to inject a lot of booze into the game after the Allison melt down last season.

The Walking Dead

Why oh why is this whole cast so stupid? When in the fuck did BB become such a fucking G rated Disney clubhouse that all just votes cutely together? Time to make some moves!!! Especially on the arrogant giraffe (Zach) and his little sarcastic weasel wannabe BB legend Jordan.

It’s just getting so ridiculous with that floating waste of space PILI hanging off of Kevy Wevy… Barf spare me and the giggling is just the beyond pathetic.

All in all this cast is by far the MOST DISAPPOINTING and COWARDLY of all…This BB fan is tuning out and could give two fucks who wins because it’s all a huge joke this year.


Who the hell is there to root for after this week?
Sarah throws her only real ally (Britt) under the bus multiple times a day now, for no legitimate reason other than jealousy. Britt worked her social relationships while Sarah didn’t, and they happened to pay off this week. Sarah keeps crying about how it’s not fair and how no one is playing for her like this is some sort of team game. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with her. And her sanctimonious attitude isn’t helping anything.
Britt had a breakdown over a lack of male attention today, after being hypocritical and hating on Ash/Pilar for “thinking they’re on the bachelor”. She’s proven herself to be super petty, kind of catty, and bitter. But I still think she has it in her to at least target JP/Kevin/Zach.
Johnny is decent, blinded by his love for Kevin, but he’s gone this week anyway.
Kevin is an enigma to me. I keep thinking he’s smarter than he’s proving to be. He doesn’t seem particularly worried about anything and it’s confusing. At this point he’s just playing for JP and Zach, just like Pilar and Ashleigh.
Willow, Bobby, and Godfrey are straight up messy.
Bruno could have made a HUGE move this week and didn’t. He’s a flop.
And as far as players coming back, I never had a hard-on for Naeha like a majority of the BB fandom. She had a couple hours of good strategy one night where she tried to flip the house and it proved fruitless, but other than that, she just sat around looking grumpy not contributing to pretty much anything. Her social game was terrible and that was the reason she was a target so early on.
Risha and Graig are automatic no’s for me.
And I feel like Sindy would just become the sixth member of the Diaper Alliance before being voted out again.
Why is no one in this cast entertaining on a personal level and also intelligent on a strategic level? I’m trying to stay positive about this season but damn, it’s getting hard.


You are spot on


your 97% right, but you forgot to mention how spiteful and petty Johnny is (that little freebie is on me).
I have faith in bruno and Godfrey because it takes a good player to know when their are beat…Give bruno and god some credit they figured out the diaper alliance and that, they don’t have the numbers to take out a big player like zac. The best part is that bromuda/diaper alliance have no clue that they are on to them and thats good game play. You better know when to hold and when to fold them and bruno and god do .


Good Job Johnny, Zack was a total sponge… body language was speaking volumes.


Let’s be real here, Willow is more interested in Sarah than she is in Zack.


I don’t feel bad that Johnny spilled the beans to Zach to save himself. Good for him. I blame Sarah, who told her entire game plan to Johnny (the guy who is on the block with her). tsk tsk tsk Sarah. The sad reality is Zach knows Johnny is telling the truth, b/c Johnny’s story was too detailed, gummy bears and all.


good for Jonny for trying to stay .. but ouch, throwing Sarah under the bus big time!


Really good play by Johnny, wonder if it’s enough to get rid of Sarah. Having said so, the disadvantages that they will get by keeping Johnny is greater than the advantages. They will definitely expose their diaper alliance because only those in that alliance will vote to keep Johnny. Also is it really worth it to switch the votes right now? Sarah is one hell of a weak player in competition in comparison to johnny. In theory if they decide to switch the votes Sarah is a complete goner.

Votes to evict Johnny: Britnee, Godfrey, Bobby, Willow (?)
Votes to evict Sarah: Kevin, Jordan, Pilar, Ashleigh, Zach


While Johnny was giving good intel, he was digging his own grave deeper. Although he was trying to exhibit allegiance to Zach he illustrated that he is willing to sell out his closest allegiances to stay. Dangerous player to have in the house.


I hate how everyone is so quick to just think Godfrey is effed up for being goofy. God, his “would you rather” game pales in comparison to how strange and messed up the options are when my male friends play that game. It sucks that all these house guests just write him off as being too out there. I for one think he sounds like a fun loving guy! I hope he gets his moment to shine!

another name

okay. I don’t blame jonny for running to kevin and Zach to try to save his skin. that’s part of the game, so I appreciate it. but on a human level, I lost a lot of respect. if he stays, his situation doesn’t improve. he’s still the sixth in a five person alliance. he didn’t just sell out sarah (all’s fair, they’re both on the block), but also britt. so when britt does run to the other side, there’s another group that won’t protect him. so short term you get to stay, as the completely expendable person on one side, and a target on the other. and now, he can’t use the plan sarah shared with him.
way to improve Zach and kevin’s games.


if he stays, i would guess his plan is to flip on them at first opportunity.

Axel Foley

I really like Kevin. I also like the weasel Jordon haha (good name) But I think *the giraffe* is taken by Risha. Also I like Zach. I like to watch people who can acutally compete. If we get rid of all the people we want to see, we will be stuck with people like Godfrey (I don’t want him winning this game at all…..Ant eaters and them licking ball sacs jeez man ) and Willow even though I don’t mind her I don’t want her winning. Ashliegh or how ever you spell it bugs me too. Im glad people want Johnny out because they think hes a good player and not annoying. Poor blindsided Bobby, its funny but I feel bad for the jealous little puppy.(Ick that kiss)
I would really rather no one come back in but if it has to be one of those lame shits that have already played their game, I hope its nae too. A little aggressive but we like that 🙂 .
I think Bruno could win this whole game if they are not careful with him.

*What? Y’all the second team?*


Great. Now Bruno and Bobby are trying to come up with a name for their new, two-man alliance. I think every people combination in the house has now been covered by an alliance.

I’m finding Jordan more and more annoying with his talk of, “I’M going to win HOH and I’M going to backdoor Bobby, so YOU just wait and watch ME do it.” Jordan actually makes me LIKE Bobby and I hate him for that.

Godfrey or Bobby had BETTER win HOH and they had BETTER get over their cowardice and go after Zach next. Bruno was right (and that kills me to say about the coward) when he said that if they take Zach out, Jordan will come crawling to them. And I want to see Jordan crawl.


Well, I’m finally up to Gold Status on Global’s BB site. It wasn’t easy because I can’t watch the clips, even though I can watch full episodes and Live Feeds. And it won’t let me vote on Fan Feed cameras, but I can vote on furniture, vetoes, and other things. Something is wrong with those parts of the site for me. Even though I live in the U.S., I access the site with Hola, so I have the permissions. I just can’t enter the contest to go into the house, which stinks. Let me in for five minutes so I can throw my own grenade into the game. (One that Bruno can’t mess up!)

By the way, does anyone know what “You have earned points for SECRET 1x today” means? I get that every day but have no clue what it means or if I can do something with it. Thanks.


Fred, the secret points are hidden around the different point grabbing segments. I’m not sure how many you get when you hit the site where they are hidden. They mostly seem to be hidden in the photos, blogs and live feeds. But basically you gain points if it pops up.

And voting is sometimes messed up for those residing in Canada, so I think it is a site fault and not the means of getting to the site.


Thank you very much, Anonymous, for taking the time to explain all of that to me. I appreciate your kindness. It makes sense now that the Secret Points are just random points you happen on. I’ve gotten the Secret Points every day, so I know they’re NEVER hidden in the video clips because I can’t watch them for some reason. It’s ridiculous how the voting is so screwed up. I haven’t been able to vote for Fan Feeds except in the first week. Thank God the Live Feeds are free because if I had to pay for them, I’d be requesting a refund. Thanks again!


This is so frustrating! We keep getting teased with game changing moves, but they never work out. Naeha has a plan to backdoor Bobby, but the instant eviction messes it up. The double veto could have shaken up things, but it flops. Now Johnny is derailing Sara’s plan to take on the diapers before it starts. I guess watching Bobby get backdoored next week will be good. (If it actually happens.)

Johnny……I know he’s just trying to do whatever he can to stay in the house, but I’m ticked off at him anyway. Bad move on Sarah’s part, I guess, for trusting her plan with someone who is fighting to stay in the house.

another name

I made a comment earlier. a comment about jonny selling out sarah and britt to hopefully stay in the house. it doesn’t fit with my usual concept that if ur on the way out the door, scorch the earth. I totally endorse the idea of selling out the people that betray you to their enemies. but that’s not what jonny did. jonny sold out the loyal to the betrayers. that’s why I feel like I lost respect for him. sorry for rambling, it bothered me why jonny’s spilling the beans didn’t make me like jonny more. just figured it out.


Exactly….if he wanted to do a scorch the earth fine..but he is just dumping on his only allys and helping peeps who do nothing for him…its ridiculous…hes a moron


He’s probably counting the numbers differently than you are. If the Diapers have Brit’s vote, which is pretty certain, then they have six to four. He doesn’t know what Willow would do either. He doesn’t have the votes to flip with Bruno at least in his mind.


Johnny really disappointed me. Instead of taking the info Sarah was strategizing with him about to SAVE HIMSELF he chose to not even try and then went to Zach and completely blew up Sarah and Britt’s game. What a dick.

If he really was a super fan he would have seen that the Bromuda Zach/JP/Kevin did NOTHING to save his ass this week, but his ally Sarah (who WAS on the block beside him) spent all night trying to figure out a way to save him.

IMO he’s no better than the love struck Ash/Pilar for pulling this move and he deserves to leave just for that move alone. It justs feels like the whole thing has production behind it, b/c WHY would Johnny tell Zach that but not use the same intel with Bruno in an effort to save himself.

So incredibly disappointed by the lack of good game play in the house. Just hand Zach and JP the money b/c obviously anyone with a brain (Naeha, Sarah, Britt) are going to get the shaft by TPTB (the powers that be) to make sure their golden boy wins.

What do you want to bet TPTB don’t do a Canada nomination this season b/c it would put Zach/JP in jeopardy.

I’m so mad … Johnny: hope you come to this forum and read what an asshole move that was and you ARE NOT a super fan player b/c taking down your ally’s game who tried to help you is the lowest of lows! Glad you won’t make jury now b/c THIS SELL OUT is what you need to be remembered for! BOOOOOOOOOOOO


Spot on…he’s a sell out lil bitch…scorch the earth if you want…instead he scorches the only peep trying to think of how to save them both….hes a freaking moron


People do desperate things in desperate times. As smart as Johnny is credited with he should have known that this would not save him. This proved that his read on people is not as good as Sarah’s b/c he should have been able to read through all the placating he has been getting from Jordan, Zach and Kevin. It also illustrated that he is not trustworthy.

Oh well.


go Johnny go, go!!


If I was Johnny I would have run with those gummy bears to bru/ god/bob/will and told them the plan. Then I would have asked kev n pilli so throw me a pity vote coz I dont want go out like G. BAM! He would have stayed….