“I broke her leg and I put her on the block to try and kick her out” – Jason

12:10pm Justin and Kevin Backyard
(these walks are so Funny)
Kevin saying if he didn’t have kids the age of some of the kids on the show he wouldn’t be able to talk to them.
Kevin brings up one of the “kids” on the show saying (or asking) that Canada was another state and they had a “College degree”
Kevin – That college degree is written on toilet paper..

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12:15pm Jason and Alex HOH

Jason talking about how funny Kevin is.
Alex asks him why he was up so late.
Jason – the DR
Alex – there’s nothing to do.. Other than the temptations
Jason – until Thursday

Jason – Alex, nobody wants HOH.. nobody wants to win..
Alex – why
Jason – you tell me nobody wants to be the boss
Jason – If I win it I’m putting up Jessica and Dumbbell
Alex – Yeah (NO!)

Alex – would you actually put up Josh…
Jason – I dunno.. Matt or Raven..
Jason – who should I put up ..
Jason – I would really like to put up Jessica and Christmas..
Alex – Xmas we can get out any time
Jason – no we can’t she needs to f*ing go

Jason – she talks shit about everybody..
Alex – she knows she can’t do anything..

Paul comes in, “Josh is sh1ting his brains outside.. “
Paul says he’s going to try and win the HOH, “I still don’t like Ramses”
Jason asks if Matt is throwing competition.
Alex – no
Jason says Matt’s hands are too soft..

Jason says he’s putting up a floater and a competitor
Paul – Jessica is a good competitor

Paul – Josh said some funny sh1t yesterday.. At one point he got her (Jessica) when he said you are re-inserting yourself
Alex says Best case is if JOsh wins, worst case is Jessica wins.

Jason – I’ll win HOH … F* it..
Jason says he’s not sure how he feels about Christmas’ leg, no matter what she says I know she’s pissed at Jason.
Paul and Alex both tell him if Christmas wins the HOH he might be in trouble. “She hates you”

Jason saying if he wins HOH maybe he should use Christmas as his target.

Jason – I broke her leg and I put her on the block to try and kick her out
Alex – all is fair in Big Brother
Jason says last night he tried to talk to her but he gets bad vibes..

Jason brings up that nobody else in the house wants to take her out.
Alex – she’s a easy target dude
Jason – she running around telling everyone what they want to hear

Alex – everyone knows she’s lying about the vote
Paul – yeah

Alex says he should take out someone that is “Quote un-quote one of their friends now”
Jason “like” Mark/Elena, Raven/Matt, Matt/Mark Elena/Raven.. , “That? They all gotta go”

Paul says if he can he’ll throw the HOH to Jason.
Jason – Done..
Paul – don’t f** me

12:34pm HOH Alex and Jason

Jason – how about you rub my back for a hour
Alex – how about you s**k my t1&y little Asian C***
Alex – how about that

Jason – I don’t think Kevin will vote against us
Alex – I don’t think he will either but I do think he’s doing something shady
Jason – you can relax on him a little bit don’t you think
Alex – No because now he’s starting to remember what happens in the real world..
Alex – you f* a mobster boss you die, I think he’s getting nervous
Alex – he thought Yeah it’s just a stupid little kid game no he realizes the stupid little kid, the 5 foot girl is in charge.. so you better fall in line or we’re going to cut your B@**s 0** send them to your family and you’re d$ad.

Jason feeding the Fish complains that Josh messed up the packaging..
Jason – that kid could f* up a Wet D***m

1:13pm Nothing much going on… .exercising.. shooting the sh1t

1:30pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin is going to tell Dom later tonight he’s not doing the show.

1:50pm Christmas is back with a black cast.

2:32pm Snap chat time

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The Ultimate Final 2

Andrew and Justin have made a final 2 deal, book it they are going all the way!!!!!!


You better take someone else Justin or you’ll lose


Who is Justin ?

Curse Josh

Or Andrew?

We'll be right back

It’s Justin Bieber and Andrew McCarthy they’re talking about.


I’m in the backyard with Kevin


Who is Justin??

Dr seuss

It’s not funny anymore


Fun called and asked why do you get to decide what is fun and isn’t? Don’t be a party pooper!

Botox Pelosi


Josh can look forward to spending time sitting on a couch talking to a man wearing a hand puppet.


He is still making those victim noises!

Andrews Momma

Dr Seuss is dead. How is that funny?

Arya Stark Badass

I look at the players left and I only see two people who seem capable of winning. Paul and Alex.

I hope Cody is the returning player. That will really stir the pot.


With the way recent seasons have gone, my pick is still Ramses and I’m not straying from it.


Andrew is worthless in this game.i said it

Team Andrew

Them are fight in’ words!


Go Jessica. BB Babe of all time.

Hit like if you agree, dislike if you would date Jessica and don’t reply if you want her to win.


Hahaha. Very funny! Thumbs up or thumbs down, it’s a win-win for your comment.

Leaky nipples

Kevin looks like a sex offender.


Get bent.

The Mirror

The mirror never lies and if you think Kevin looks like a sex offender I would hate to see what your mirror reflects!

Dixie Rekt

I’m starting to think Raven fell down those stairs on purpose. She seems like a psycho that will do anything for attention.


Raven is a scammer and an entitled snot. Both she and Matt are just background noise. Useless. I was such a Jason and Alex fan but they are fools to not only keep Jessica on their side but letting Paul manipulate them. So darn disappointing! I can’t wait until Cody gets back .. I just hope he sees what’s really happening. He bought into Ravens exaggerated illness.


No she fell after flirting with Matt she was feeling we are frisky about herself that she was going down the steps and she had something in her hand so she couldn’t catch her grip and she slipped

The Stairs

I tripped her up. Shhhhhh, don’t tell the others.


OK…I’ve officially had it with Alex. Showing a bigger ego than Paul (if that’s even possible!).

And Jason! These 2 think they own the game! Now I’m starting to hope Cody gets the battle back & teams up with Paul. He’d definitely go after them if that happened.

Kevin for the Hex Temptation!


I hope the next temptation curse is Paul leaving the same way he came in.


If Paul did disappear out of the game. Most of the house would probably be walking around dazed and confused and end up deciding to just wait and see if he comes back.


Serious, Alex now? Are we just gonna hate every houseguest once they become HOH?

When an underdog is in peril, they’re a favorite and rooted on to flip the house. But when they earn power and start to display confidence in their own game, we say their ego is too big and we’re fed up.


Who got the temptation

Botox Pelosi

It will be fun watching them react to the returning houseuest. I think Cody would be the only one willing to target Paul so I hope he returns. That would up the drama.

Matt's nonexistent personality

My thouhts on the Houseguests this season. Josh is retarded. Or mildly retarded. Christmas looks like a recovering meth addict. Mark looks like he’s been hit in the head too many times playing football. Elena looks like a porn star that has a bad food allergy. Kevin looks like a creepy old mobster who’s in the process of a sex change. Whistlenut is just nuts. Probably kicked in the head too many times by a horse and bull. Ramses doesn’t even know Wyoming is a state.( So I’m sure he’s the one who thinks Canada is a state) Matt is a pussy. Probably in the closet. Raven is a trailer trash con artist. Jessica is a high class hooker with really bad hair extensions. Dom is your typical angry black girl who uses God and the race card in every conversation. Paul is your typical loud mouth short guy syndrome doofus who always thinks he’s the coolest and would probably suck his own d!ck if he could. And Cody (who will be coming back into the house) looks like the purge would be his favorite Holiday if it were real.


I read the first line of your comment and stopped. Anyone using the word “retarded” is perceiving reality from that state of being and well…the retarded one is you!


And you are a typical stupid a$$hole who don’t have a life so you spend all of your time on the internet acting like you know other people’s lives based on what you’ve seen on a tv show. No one asked you your opinion on how you feel about anyone or why you feel that way. Everything you said was asinine and you seriously need help. Dumb a$$! The people who gave you thumbs up need help as well. Miserable motherf&@kers!


Who “don’t have a life”? Your grammar is hurting my eyes.

Capt. Obvious

Dude gets on here to post how dare you state an opinion about people on a tv show that you don’t know…. then ironically calls a bunch of people he’s never met a ‘stupid a$$hole’, ‘dumba$$’ & ‘miserable mother f&@kers’….
Got it.

Another Typical Angry Black Girl

Help me understand, what is a “typical angry black girl”? You complain about her using the race card but make a point to use a negative stereotype associated with her race. You’re a jack ass.

Another Typical Angry Black Girl

Another typical girl

Drop the angry and black and you will just be another girl.


Jess is not a high class hooker. One step from corner girl. Have you been to Vegas? VIP Concierge? Translate.


Try to Google “VIP Concierge”. It’s a legit company, not an escort agency. She may look like a hooker, but don’t class her as one based on her employer. Pretty girl, didn’t do herself a favor by getting with Cody.

True Hooker

Those that think Jess is a hooker are those that just know Jess would never look their way in a night club. Even if Jess was a hooker, that would be her choice. I can’t believe how many people call others names because they can’t accept the fact they choose their own choices.


This is seriously hilarious! On point.


No shit Jessica is trying to get back in with everyone in the house. What is she supposed to do just sit there by herself all day, everyday?

halting hex

i wonder what the consquence wil be halting hex and who will get it?i sorta hope paul xmas or alex get the consquence


These two (Alex and Jason) are really starting to bother me. Their new “friends” will be their friends for as long as they are in power.


“Kevin brings up one of the “kids” on the show saying (or asking) that Canada was another state and they had a “College degree”
Kevin – That college degree is written on toilet paper..”

LOL! Kevin not a great player but at least he says funny true things. Which one was it that said that?


I am sorry but there are no likeable hgs this year.


I would hate to meet you and your personality if you can’t find one likeable person on BB. Stay under your bridge and troll away there!


Since there’s so much confusion about the halting hex and this week’s eviction, here’s what we know
Someone is definitely getting evicted this week
Julie’s words:
Julie: “You (Cody), Cameron, Jillian, and next week’s evictee will get the chance to battle back your way into the game. You game?”
The Den of Temptation winner won’t be shown until Sunday’s Episode
From bigbrothernetwork:
During last night’s reveal Julie teased, “In a Big Brother first, the Houseguests will get the chance to stop their return to the game.” Hmm. What’s this little twist about?
Okay, so we know the Temptation voting for the Halting Hex, the last in the series of this season’s twist, will keep votes open until next Wednesday. That means we won’t see the winner revealed this Sunday, but instead next Sunday in the episode after the Battle Back show.
So what they could end up doing is having the Halting Hex’s “curse” side effect allow a HG back in to the game, that HG being the winner of the Battle Back. This way we will see the Battle challenges play out no matter what but then do a cliffhanger for whether or not that he or she actually returns until Sunday’s show. We don’t know for sure, but will find out eventually.
Thursday’s episode will be a normal eviction episode with a cliffhanger about the battleback and the den of temptation. They probably won’t even film the den of temptation until Thursday night/Friday morning when the last battle is happening outside and the feeds are down. Whether the DoT is shown Sunday or Friday, it seems likely that it won’t happen until after Thursday’s eviction.


Come on Yet! You just popped my Happy thought bubble 🙁 I don’t want to wait another week for Cody to return. Ugh


Oh my! Alex is on a bad power trip. She needs to realize she’s hoh this week only and cannot participate next week!! Listening to her she will get ride if everyon in one week.

online player

Anonymous wouldnt it be stupid for the player that wins the halting hex not to take that temptation to stop evictions, including their own, even to prevent cody to come back as the consequence.

Peter Pan

Paul moves around this house like Frankie Grande.


@Lilystark: Just in case you’re not an “old enough” Canadian to know :)…I didn’t invent the joke about Mr. Dress Up’s Tickle Trunk:


So the hex will stop the person probably Cody from coming back in the house is that what the temptation is this week


I like the Alex, Jason combo, they need to stop telling Paul so much because he will absolutely be telling the other side. Kevin needs to find a good time to come clean on the votes, I want him to stick around, he’s the best “old” player since Donny.


Old(er) player, if you please 🙂


I’m concerned about Kevin coming clean about the votes while Paul is still in the house. If he pins the blame on Paul for asking him to vote a certain way, Paul could easily out Kevin for taking the $25K that brought Paul back in the house. If the other house guests realize Kevin has that money, it may put a bigger target on his back. I think Paul is going to be a downfall for Kevin’s game in the long run.


Agreed – he will definitely have to keep that under his hat until Paul is gone – which is partly why I want him gone so badly! That being said, I don’t *think* will Paul will deliberately be Kevin’s downfall as I agree with others who feel Kevin is one of Paul’s “locks” for F2. If only BECAUSE he has the “goods” on Kevin. I’d like to see Kevin get some solid “goods” on Paul to even the playing field. I also think he could likely trust Jason with this IF Jason separates from Alex. Jason would believe Kevin. I don’t think Alex would, not at this point anyway.


i have been watching bb since season 1 this by far is the WORST bb i have ever seen, come on guys pick better ppl, not quitters or immature lil kids

BB 19 Called

You may be a long time watcher but maybe it is time to turn off BB if you just want to complain about it being the worst. Pack it up for the summer, turn off the TV and complaining and see you next year for BB20. No one is forcing you to watch it…..right? LOL @complainers you just make your world more miserable.


Couldn’t agree more, however BB needs to layoff constantly moving the puppet strings to determine the outcome….


Christmas needs to go. It really is getting old. Give her a settlement and get her out.

Christmas Is Staying

She is staying, get over yourself. What is really getting old is people wanting her to leave when ultimately it is Christmas’ choice. Accept it or ignore it all the whining is just insanity on your part (and all the other Christmas haters)

Ms Chris

Here’s to hoping the house flips and Jessica is voted out. Cody comes back and teams up with Alex & they take Paul out!


consquence for halting?

Arya Stark Badass

I’m surprised that the bottom feeders have not aligned.

Club H.O.H

When will live feeds be down and till when? I read online if the temp is accepted the curse is the return of a past houseguest. Let me know if this is true because if so then Dom (who I don’t want in the house but if it’s Cody’s fate and last chance to come in…she can stay) or Jess need the temp so please vote them if this is true.
Kevin and Jason always have me laughing with their morning walks also when they were talking about bleaching butt holes was too funny.
I’m liking Jess getting all the girls jealous on a daily. Seeing Matt the way he looks at Jess (que song Hungry Eyes) and the way Elena (porn start with allergic reaction was too funny of a comment) and Fraudven look at Jess- priceless! Can’t wait for Cody to return (hope Jess doesn’t change) and everyone’s expressions.


Bahahaha! Alex thinks she running sht and the mob boss and that Kevin gives a fk or even thinkin’ bout her delusional ass thinking she runs shit here.

Alex: Oh we can get Xmas out later. We can get Paul out later. A rude awakening coming. You Cat Ears are going out SOONER!


Why is Alex rated at the top of the favorite ranking grid? Do people really think she is entertaining or a compelling competitor? She is just blah.


I think she’s at the top because (I’ll speak for myself) I like her feisty, fierce, independent personality. She DOES seem to be kowtowing to Paul NOW, but wasn’t when HE was HOH. She’s a tough physical competitor and I also like her friendship with Jason (and Kevin previously, but there’s some trust lost there). She’s not a “make-up girl” (Kevin’s words) and she’s not there for a showmance. She had/has Cody’s respect and did work to help him a bit, so a lot of Cody fans like her as a result I imagine. She does have a mouth on her, no question, but I find it (most often) funny. She’s got moxie, and she’s an original in a house with many, many, other “blah” HGs.


The mouth on Alex is such a turnoff.

Jess's eyelash

I don’t care for Paul, but I’m going to say I want him to win because everyone in the house is letting him. Why aren’t they trying to target him (I know he is safe) but no one is talking about taking him out. They all deserve to be evicted for being so dumb. Cody comes back, goes after Paul, then what…Cody wins because these people can’t even play the game.


I don’t think it would take much to flip the house in the next two days. Dom has isolated herself and she’s alone but Jess has clearly started to get back in with her former group. But by flirting with the guys she’s not doing herself any favors bc Elena & Raven could easily get Matt/Mark to flip. Plus Josh already doesn’t like her. And even if it came to a 5/5 split Alex could vote her out and just say sorry later. I really want to see these ppl shaken up and it will take a comp winner like Cody to help get out Paul. And if Jess is in the house that isn’t gonna happen. It will be a repeat of last season with the couples making it far. Ugh. Wake up and get Jess out ppl!!


Jess already said she is just out for revenge. So actually if Cody comes back they can flip the house upside down together. Jess isn’t going to try and talk Cody out of much if he comes back.

Hung Dong

Simon, when Alex says, “s**k my t1&y little Asian C***” — is the last letter of the C*** a “t” or a “k”?


Everyone assumes Cody will come back. It could be Cameron or Jillian. I hope Cody doesn’t come back. I want Jess to play her own game and Cody creeped me out. He just would sit and stare with a look of wanting to kill someone. He wasn’t fun to watch imho.


Looks like we’re back to the orange shirt today! Lol…


Is it true that yessica is a hooker?


Some low key racism going on in the house.
Subconsciously perhaps.
But it’s bordering…


Did someone ask for watermelon or fried chicken?!


She may have a mouth on her…but Alex turned that one right ’round on Jason. “How about you rub my back for an hour”…why? Because she’s a she? Because she’s Asian? (Yeah, I went there. SHE went there when there was math in the Flight Delay for the Vero comp…”I’m not one of THOSE Asians!”) Because you usually ask your female friends to massage you?

She told him in no uncertain terms…NO!…in a language he could understand “S**k my d**k!”

He got the message instead of a massage. And I got a good laugh.


I dont get why thier all up pauls butt should be trying get him out.this bb so damn rigged.kevin even said feels like a puppet with production telling them what to do.


I don’t think Christmas should be in this game anymore. If it was anyone else but her or Paul they would have made them leave the show. It just isn’t fair she gets a “break” from the house.